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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Single disc liquid fertilizer opener
Apparatus for growing plants
Portable retractable batteryless pet leash apparatus with illuminatable light and operable in combination with stationary holder therefor
Pet toy with vent opening
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Water agitation system for water retention structure
Protective cap
Body protector
Dual-purpose neck gaiter
Integral spine structure for footwear
Ornamental shoe
Footwear tensioning system
Connecting system for, inter alia, an earring
Pre-filled contact lens container
Medicament delivery device
Foldable, portable trauma treatment and monitoring patient platform
Universal suspended anchor system
Portable spa
Illuminated shower hook
Pulse oximeter sensor off detector
High-resolution magnetoencephalography system and method
Organ rejection monitoring
External penile prosthesis, combination of prosthesis and loose-fitting condom, and method of using condom
Antidecubital underlay pad and bed pad design comprising an antidecubital underlay pad
Laminar flow jet for pools and spas
Pulse skipping strategy
Method to prevent pacemaker induced non-reentrant VA synchrony using adaptive atrial pacing output
Implantable medical device and method for delivering therapy for sleep-disordered breathing
Selection of preventative arrhythmia therapy based on patient specific histogram data
Pace counter isolation for cardiac resynchronization pacing
Arrangement for and method of monitoring, calibrating and optimizing a control of an electromedical implant
Multilumen body for an implantable medical device
Information carrying device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Substrate treatment method and substrate treatment apparatus
Mason's hand trowel
Heavy material separator
Multiple autofrettage
Method of treating a hole saw to provide efficient slug removal
Solid brazed laminate structures
Bumping electronic components using transfer substrates
Method of reinforcing a plastic foam cup
Tube alignment and joiner device
Multi-function tool apparatus and system
Foam filling member
Portable bimodal tile saw
Stone cutting device
Solar-powered waste compactor, method of powering a waste compactor, and hydraulic unit therefor
Transfer tool
Masking machines
Segmented locking ring in an assembly for mounting a tire on a rim
Pneumatic tire with tread having electrically conductive component underlying and extending through its tread
Rubber composition for tire and pneumatic tire using the same
In-wheel motor capable of efficiently cooling motor
Motorcycle conversion assembly
Power steering apparatus, method of controlling the same and method of assembling the same
Apparatus for covering semitrailer payloads
Battery pack loading structure
Side airbag apparatus
Power output apparatus and vehicle
Electromechanical driving and braking module for a wheeled vehicle and a wheeled vehicle equipped with such an electromechanical module
Adaptive compensation of rear-wheel steering control using vehicle dynamics parameter estimation
Aerodynamic storage element and frame
Transfer device for laboratory containers
Fuel tank structure
Wafer container with cushion sheet
Venturi vacuum generator on an electric component handler
Conveyor and lubrication process for a conveyor belt of a conveyor for bottles or containers in general
Device for diverting products sideways from a conveyor
Web inspection and repair machine with retractable inspection zone
Selective drive mechanism
Method and apparatus for relieving stress in a pre-registration nip
Method of assigning a user to an elevator system and such an elevator system
Hoisting and lowering device having engagement chains
Fluid dispensing system
Apparatus for isolation of racehorse running motion from a sulky cart
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Forming glass sheets with improved shape stability
Plasma processing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Saw-tooth clothing for rollers and/or cylinders of flat cards or roller cards
Fixed Constructions
Stay-in-place concrete footing forms
Toilet tank water purifier
Foam insulation/shading system for transparent structures
Insulated concrete form system with variable length wall ties
Window pane with security element
Roof panel
Doorjamb end cap and method of installation therefor
Work string controller
Wellbore collection system
Apparatus for the cooling of drilling liquids
Monitoring, controlling and enhancing processes while stimulating a fluid-filled borehole
Method of fracturing a coalbed gas reservoir
Parallel fracturing system for wellbores
Subsea drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Poppet cylinder valve operating system for internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing apparatus and control method for the same
Electronic valve system
Lightweight acoustic damping treatment
Method of controlling a drive unit of a motor vehicle
Quick-release hanging device
Hydraulic control valve system with isolated pressure compensation
Automatic stop/start controller for engine
Three-position selector valve
Attachment of an armature to a valve needle in a fuel injector control valve
Floating plug gate valve
Internal diameter coatings for fire protection piping
Suppressing method of wear in friction system between two objects
Method and apparatus for generating combustible synthesis gas
Nozzle system
Vapour compression device and method of performing an associated transcritical cycle
Air-conditioning system and method of installing energy recovery apparatus
Cooling apparatus for vehicle electrical packaging unit
Weapon integrated controller
Portable convertible blast effects shield
Shaped charge and a perforating gun
Method for determining and compensating the scale factor error caused by a wavelength change in a GPS-based inertial navigation system
Remote monitoring system
Valve with inherent enhanced turbulent flow metering device and flow regulation
Method and device for recording characteristic state, amount and composition of a flowing medium
Motor vehicle oil dipstick means
Simulation method for estimating performance of product made of viscoelastic material
Method and structure for a pull test for controlled collapse chip connections and ball limiting metallurgy
Environmental contaminant sampling and analysis
Shower mat for using resonant acoustic and/or resonant acousto-EM energy to augment bone growth
Using resonant acoustic and/or resonant acousto-EM energy to augment a function of a structure by applying a magnetic field to amplify the induced acoustic resonance
High-performance flexible hydrogen sensors
Vehicle sensor
Disc resonator gyroscope fabrication process requiring no bonding alignment
Vibration measuring system
Automatic testing for programmable networks of control signals
Vehicle collision warning system
Optical position sensing apparatus
Supercontinuum emitting device
Optical coupler, beam splitter, and arrayed waveguide grating type optical wavelength division multiplexer
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
Magnetically active semiconductor waveguides for optoelectronic integration
Electronic camera comprising an automatic focus device using a phase-difference sensor and method thereof
Optional apparatuses each displaying unique identifier and image forming apparatus containing same
Recycling system and method of managing reusable components
System and method for remote maintenance, remote configuration and/or remote operation of an electro-photographic printing system or copying system
Color image forming device and color deviation detection device for the same
Method and apparatus for forming image
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of removing residual toner without using a toner cleaning system, process cartridge for use in the apparatus and toner used for the image forming
Process cartridge and electrographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus which presents faulty image when toner image on image bearing member is transferred to transferring medium
Polyaniline filled polyimide weldable intermediate transfer components
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for producing images
Variable torque device for maintaining constant web tension
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle
Multiple transmit data rates in programmable logic device serial interface
Method and apparatus for correlating an out-of-range condition to a particular power connection
Disk array device and method of supplying power to disk array device
Method of managing power of control box
System and method for preserving state data of a personal computer in a standby state in the event of an AC power failure
Method for checking an interface
Automated recovery of computer appliances
Substrate configurable JTAG ID scheme
Method of detecting malicious code
Remote copy method and remote copy system to eliminate use of excess volume for copying data
Controlling access to a control register of a microprocessor
System and method for managing disk space in a thin-provisioned storage subsystem
Apparatus and method for store address for store address prefetch and line locking
Hierarchical directories for cache coherency in a multiprocessor system
Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
Multi-tiered caching mechanism for the storage and retrieval of content multiple versions
Power reduction for processor front-end by caching decoded instructions
Cache memory architecture and associated microprocessor design
Method and apparatus for increasing the performance of communications between a host processor and a SATA or ATA device
Methods and apparatus for providing data transfer control
Low power CD-ROM player with CD-ROM subsystem for portable computer capable of playing audio CDs without supply energy to CPU
Firmware interface integrated system reporting and diagnostic tool
Changing-over and connecting a first path, wherein hostscontinue accessing an old disk using a second path, and the second path of the old disk to a newly connected disk via a switch
Flexible interrupt handling methods for optical networking apparatuses with multiple multi-protocol optical networking modules
Method, system, and program for handling input/output commands
Data transmit method and data transmit apparatus
Scalably presenting a collection of media objects
Dynamically altering web page content based on a page's title properties
Performance control apparatus and method for data processing system
Method and apparatus for editing and processing a document using a printer driver
Method and system for delivering dynamic information in a network
Control plane failure recovery in a network
Request processing switch
System and method for sharing files via a user Internet file system
Caching mechanism using intervening network caching policies
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer over a TCP/IP protocol network
Data communication system using priority queues with wait count information for determining whether to provide services to client requests
Method and system for music distribution
Quality of service in a gateway
Method for monitoring unauthorized access to data stored in memory buffers
Methods and apparatus for detecting and providing notification of computer system problems
Load balancing multicast connection scheduling in 3-stage TDM fabrics
Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide device, and information processing method for electronic guide system
Data communicating device and data communicating method
Storage path control method
Storage network management system and method
Multiple link layer wireless access point
Mobile internet voice service
Determining if a register is ready to exchange data with a processing element
System and method for microphone gain adjust based on speaker orientation
Apparatus and methods for a computer-aided decision-making system
Method to hierarchical pooling of opinions from multiple sources
System for processing electronic documents using physical documents
Data structure for search
Similarity-based search method by relevance feedback
Method and system for managing real time data
Map and data location provider
Rating and controlling access to emails
Semiconductor device having intrinsic precision properties
Simulation management system
Delay distribution calculation method, circuit evaluation method and false path extraction method
Logic generation for multiple memory functions
System and method for manufacturing planning and control
Application unit monitoring and reporting system and method
Command input device, command input method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for managing i/o paths on a storage network
System of path planning for robotic manipulators based on maximum acceleration and finite jerk constraints
Control method for preventing engine speed decrease when closing the lockup clutch of a torque converter of a continuously variable transmission
Control method for an automatic transmission
Evaluating initially untrusted evidence in an evidence-based security policy manager
System and method for maintaining and displaying user ordered lists
Classification method of labeled ordered trees using support vector machines
Method for protecting a firewall load balancer from a denial of service attack
Processor adapted to receive different instruction sets
Managing code changes for software development
Method of managing information in Java
Multi-cycle path analyzing method
Functional replicator of a specific integrated circuit and its use as an emulation device
Gas flow simulation method
Portable scanner for enabling automatic commerce transactions
System and method for image analysis pointing-error correction
Identification system and method for determining the geographic origin of a fresh commodity
Computer system for data management and method for operation of the system
Global electronic trading system
Budget planning
Apparatus for merchandise promotion optimization
System for planning a new product portfolio
One-piece photograph display assembly and methods of use
Force feedback applications based on cursor engagement with graphical targets
Method of manufacturing a magnetic head with integration of a small flash field, zero bias, and non-reactive ion milling for pole tip uniformity
Optimized read performance method using metadata to protect against drive anomaly errors in a storage array
Method of making thin-film capacitors on metal foil using thick top electrodes
Techniques for forming interconnects
Method for production of an antenna core
Integrated wireless/wireline registration
Method of compensating for correlation between multiple antennas
Space diversity receiver, operation controll method thereof, and program
Quadrature generator with image reject mixer
Algebraic decoder and method for correcting an arbitrary mixture of burst and random errors
Using directional antennas to mitigate the effects of interference in wireless networks
Methods and systems for improving frame selection in wireless communications networks
Adaptive beam forming using a feedback signal
Method and system for controlling sleep mode in broadband wireless access communication system
Simple smart-antenna system for MUD-enabled cellular networks
User-based signal indicator for telecommunications device and method of remotely notifying a user of an incoming communications signal incorporating the same
Automotive information system and method of controlling the same, recording medium storing control program, disk playback apparatus, and semiconductor integrated circuit
Bit rate-independent optical receiver
Safety shutdown system for a WDM fiber optic communications network
Determination of received signal strength in a direct conversion receiver
Wireless communication system
Power allocation of wireless transmission apparatus
All optical decoding systems for optical encoded data symbols
Optical transmission systems, devices, and methods
Modular multiplexing/demultiplexing units in optical transmission systems
Using a portable security token to facilitate cross-certification between certification authorities
Communication system including a security system
Cryptographic techniques for a communications network
Apparatus for forming beam in a base station of a mobile communication system
Wireless headset having a local area communication module and being detachable from a communication device
Methods and apparatus for expeditiously releasing network resources for a mobile station based on low battery and lost signal conditions
Caller identification displayed on a personal computer
Telephone which enables timely input and presentation of information
Method and device for decoding a video stream in trick mode
Method for automatically determining the configuration of a multi-input video processing apparatus
Method for implementing fast dynamic channel allocation background interference reduction procedure in radio resource management
Mobile communication terminal capable of executing location-related services
Mobile-originated reconnection of dropped wireless calls
Message transmission system and method, and utilization of the transmission system to investigate services offered
Access terminal identification management
Method and system for establishing communication to a mobile module
Portable information terminal having expandable data input unit
Mobile radio system and a method for channel allocation in a mobile radio system
Method and apparatus for performing position determination in a wireless communication network with repeaters
Integrated circuit device mounting with folded substrate and interposer
Base plate for a dual base plate heatsink
Expired Patents Due To Time
Image synthesizing system with texture mapping
Electrophotographic apparatus
Audio coding method and apparatus with variable audio data sampling rate
Wireless communication packages, a radio frequency identification device communication package, an appendage, a method of communicating, and a method of forming a wireless communication package
Vibration actuated traffic monitoring system
Analog to digital converter using remainder feedback loop
Diagonal supporting conductors for loop antennas
Data interfacing apparatus of AC type plasma display panel system
Position-sensing unit and multidimensional pointer comprising one or more such units
Delay circuit
Semiconductor device using complementary clock and signal input state detection circuit used for the same
Semiconductor device for suppressing current peak flowing to/from an external power supply
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cantilevered manipulator for autonomous non-contact scanning of natural surfaces for the deployment of landmine detectors
Electronic card assembly fixture
Magnetic field generating apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging system
Semiconductor wafer aligning system and method using same
Display apparatus, method and storage medium for display connection status in a network
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew