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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mower with foldable mowing units
Method and system for automated tracing of an agricultural product
Assembly for harvesting shellfish such as scallops and alike
Reversibly disengaging slidable strike indicator, positioning system, and method of using same
System and method for activating uniform network resource locators displayed in media broadcast
Shoe sole with foot guidance
Shoes with leveling instrument
Chair rail picture frame
Securing bath seats
Dust receptacle having ultraviolet (UV) transmission window and a vacuum cleaner having the same
User-retainable temperature and impedance monitoring methods and devices
Structure and method for connecting cremation ashes with living plants
Maximum pacing rate limiter implemented using the evoked response-T-wave interval
H-bridge circuit for generating a high-energy biphasic waveform in an external defibrillator using single SCR and IGBT switches in an integrated package
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of connecting expandable tubulars
Method for manufacturing a throttle valve unit
Methods for creating channels
Oval frame razor
Liquid-crystal polymer film and manufacturing method thereof
Recording apparatus
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium, and program
Electrochromic device having a seal including an epoxy resin cured with a cycloaliphatic amine
Wiper device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fabrication of true apodized fiber Bragg grating using a new two-beam interferometer with polarization control
Textiles; Paper
Iron with actively cooled soleplate
Fixed Constructions
Snap together floor structure
Rain gutter drainage and debris removal system
Housing assembly
Seamless rain gutter system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controlled acoustic waveguide for soundproofing
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Automatic draining apparatus of condensation
Object recognition system
Fused off-axis object illumination direct-to-digital holography with a plurality of illumination sources
Vehicle navigation system having position correcting function and position correcting method
Optical position measuring device
Systems and methods for integrated emissivity and temperature measurement of a surface
Combination thermal wave and optical spectroscopy measurement systems
Method for determining the reflectance profile of materials
Fluorometry and fluorometric device and substrate suitable therefor
Mobile speedometer system and associated methods
Integrated circuit testing system and method
Scan chain design using skewed clocks
Multibeam scanning optical device and image forming apparatus using the same
Light diffusing agent, light diffusing sheet, and nonglare sheet
Image separator and stereoscopic display utilizing the same
Optical unit and image display apparatus
Process for cutting an optical fiber
System and method for a packaging a monitor photodiode with a laser in an optical subassembly
Fiber management frame for securely retaining optical fiber connection trays
Lens barrel
Distance measuring device and a camera provided with the distance measuring device
Liquid crystal display and method of driving same
Device and system for phase conjugate conversion and wavelength conversion
Optical parametric oscillator and method of constructing same
In-situ interferometer arrangement
Systems and methods for current density monitor and control in a copy substrate
Rotary developing apparatus
Charging system utilizing grid elements with differentiated patterns
Charging apparatus having auxiliary charger rubbing against image bearing member
Control system for wiping a corona wire in a xerographic printer
Heating system for a developer housing
Image forming apparatus including first and second auxiliary residual developer charging features
Developer supply container with a plurality of feeding projections
Image forming apparatus featuring a resistance relationship between an image bearing member and a transfer member
Fuser stripper baffle and a printing machine including the same
Thin walled fuser roll with strengthened keyway
Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Vehicle position keeping system
Methods and apparatus for using water use signatures in improving water use efficiency
Content rendering repository
Method and apparatus for adjusting data hold timing of an output circuit
Hand pads for laptop computers and other electronic devices
Electronic board system
Portable computer
Computer power supply startup apparatus
Data transfer control device, electronic equipment, and power supply switching method
Device enumeration current reduction
Data processing unit with access to the memory of another data processing unit during standby
Method and apparatus for parallel execution of conduits during simultaneous synchronization of databases
Recoverable digital content degradation: method and apparatus
Multi-session optical media and methods for recording
Multi-processor type storage control apparatus for performing access control through selector
Method and apparatus for optimizing prefetching based on memory addresses
Microcomputer bridge architecture with an embedded microcontroller
Method and apparatus for posting a computer having multiple video adapters
Clock generation for multiple secondary buses of a PCI bridge
Pipelined packet-oriented memory system having a unidirectional command and address bus and a bidirectional data bus
Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable memory
Intellectual asset protocol for defining data exchange rules and formats for universal intellectual asset documents, and systems, methods, and computer program products related to same
IP routing lookup scheme and system for multi-gigabit switching routers
Systems and methods for communicating across various communication applications using single address strings
Internet device operation for medical testing
Adaptive direct transaction for network client group
Communication system and method
Method and apparatus for adaptive loss-less compression of cell/packet headers
System, device, and method for receiver access control in a multicast communication system
Controlling the response domain of a bootP/DHCP server by using network physical topology information
System and method of creating interactive visual content
Apparatus and method for generating a summary according to hierarchical structure of topic
Human resources information internet accessible database
Method for automatic mask tool translation
Technique for analyzing arrayed signals using quantum expressor functions
Method for target queue time calculation in semiconductor manufacturing planning
System and method for analyzing a thin bed formation
System and method for processing a large data set using a prediction model having a feature selection capability
Methods and apparatus for predicting an underflow condition associated with a floating-point multiply-add operation
Floating point pipeline method and circuit for fast inverse square root calculations
System and method for enabling weak consistent storage advantage to a firmly consistent storage architecture
Method and apparatus for determining colimits of hereditary diagrams
System for transferring customized hardware and software settings from one computer to another computer to provide personalized operating environments
Method, apparatus, and system to optimize frequently executed code and to use compiler transformation and hardware support to handle infrequently executed code
Systems, devices, and methods for acceptance testing a fieldbus component configuration program
Metafarm sizer configuration optimization method for thin client sizing tool
System and method for scheduling a future event
Fingerprint verification system utilizing a facial image-based heuristic search method
Method and apparatus for determining form sheet type
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
Providing decision support based on past participant performance within an electronic marketplace environment
Browser-based email system with user interface for audio/video capture
Valuable cipher information issuing system and issuing method, telephone charge settlement system and telephone charge settlement method, and charge settlement system and charge settlement method
System and method of managing registration, sale, distribution and use of regulated agricultural products and the licensing/certification of dealers and applicators of agricultural products
Image processing apparatus
Source coding to provide for robust error recovery during transmission losses
Method and system for resolution of carrier specific data utilizing a generic data model
System and method for audio fingerprinting
Target pricing system
3-dimensional optically interactive card carrier presentation package
Serving dish for children
Display structure with moving attraction elements
Combined file flagging devices and label holders
Selective processing of data embedded in a multimedia file
Disc device
System and method for controlling interrupts in a control system for an optical disc drive
Disc recording apparatus, disc recording method, and disc recording control program
Information recording method and optical recording medium therefor
Optical recording medium and method for formatting the same with improved compatability and consistency
Method for preventing radial error propagation during self-servowriting of tracks in a magnetic disk drive
Spindle motor having spindle motor stator for increased head stack assembly access
Reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for skimming video data
Method for magnetic recording on laminated media with improved media signal-to-noise ratio
Method of reworking disk drive
Head arm assembly and disk drive device with the head arm assembly having enhanced impact resistance
Method and apparatus for reducing the servo position error signal non-linearity during self-servo writing irrespective of the head width
Method and apparatus for compensating for media shift due to tape guide
Radial dependent low frequency repeatable run out compensation apparatus and method
Optical head apparatus and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and device for a scalable memory building block
Method for testing an integrated semiconductor memory, and integrated semiconductor memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Parallel asynchronous propagation pipeline structure to access multiple memory arrays
Article to be processed having ID, and production method thereof
Method and apparatus for fast automated failure classification for semiconductor wafers
Low power, high speed data communications in vehicles
Periodic calibration on a communications channel
Pre-ionizer for RF-energized gas laser
Automatic gas control system for a gas discharge laser
Solid state system and method for generating ultraviolet light
System and method for VCSEL polarization control
Overheat protection circuit
Differential frequency down-conversion using techniques of universal frequency translation technology
Reconfigurable digital filter having multiple filtering modes
Digital correction method and system
Multiphase retiming mechanism
System and method for interleaving data in a communication device
Noise-reducing arrangement and method for signal processing
Method for receiving a radio frequency (RF) signal and RF receiver
Memory architecture for telephone dialer
AC-coupled burst mode receiver with wide dynamic range
Method and device for waveform shaping of signal light
Signal strength display device for wireless hub
Adaptively configurable class-A/class-B transmit DAC to transceiver emission and power consumption control
Transmission power control method of wireless communication terminal and a base station therefore
Spatial separation and multi-polarization of antennae in a wireless network
Apparatus and method for spreading channel data in CDMA communication system using orthogonal transmit diversity
Coherent synchronization of code division multiple access signals
Method and apparatus for adaptive service interworking
Methodology for improving the performance of asynchronous data traffic over TDD/TDMA wireless networks
Device for interworking asynchronous transfer mode cells
Method and apparatus for transmitting cells across a switch in unicast and multicast modes
Method and device for the serial transmission of data
MAC bus interface
Systems and methods for merging packet lookup results
Method and apparatus for controlling access to a communication channel
Method and apparatus for providing a service level guarantee in a communication network
Multiple address lookup engines running in parallel in a switch for a packet-switched network
Single address lookup table with multiple address lookup engines running in parallel in a switch for a packet-switched network
Packet Switch
Packet filtering system and methods
Method and system for establishing link bit rate for inverse multiplexed data streams
OFDM receiver with adaptive equalizer
System and method for broadband roaming connectivity using DSL
Session error recovery
Method and system for automatic association of a signed certificate with a certificate signing request
Phone apparatus having redialing function capable of surely preventing unauthorized person from intercepting stored contents
Circuit configuration for metering pulse recognition
System and method for sounding a music accompanied by light or vibration
Pots/packet bridge
Method and apparatus for providing variable attenuation to data signals in an XDSL frequency range
Image sensing apparatus and control method therefor
System and method for scan-to-print architecture
Electronic-mail apparatus
Image input/output apparatus, control method of image input/output apparatus, image input/output system, and storage medium thereof
Printer with controller responsive to stored image files and processing information, related method, and recording media having related executable code
Network facsimile system and supervising server therefor
Pixel modulation apparatus and method thereof
Facsimile apparatus and facsimile communication method
Color transformation table creating method, a color transformation table creating apparatus, and a computer readable record medium in which a color transformation table creating program is recorded
Solid-state image sensing apparatus and method of operating the same
Image sensing device, image processing apparatus and method, and memory medium
Image altering device for an image producing apparatus
Method and apparatus for eliminating unwanted mirror support images from photographic images
Image sensing method and apparatus capable of performing vibration correction when sensing a moving image
Method for live view display and digital camera using same
Image processing apparatus which reduces noise by adjusting the transition timing
High resolution imaging lidar for detecting submerged objects
Conditional access system for controlling the access to a data content
Encoding method and device including thresholding pixel-to-pixel differences
Moving image coding device, moving image coding method and program thereof employing pre-analysis
Video frame synthesis
Arrangement of local area network
Method and system for authorization, routing, and delivery of transmissions
Radio base station transceiver sub-system
Method and system for group call service
High-order directional microphone diaphragm
Method for manufacturing a diaphragm assembly
Self-aligned coaxial via capacitors
Methods and apparatus for conductive cooling of electronic units
Expired Patents Due To Time
Abrasive medium with selected density
Sanding apparatus
Abrasive tape, process for producing it, and coating agent for abrasive tape
Method and apparatus for venting/opening, eviscerating/cropping, inspecting and cleaning of poultry.
Coin sorting apparatus
Coin mechanism with cashbox arranged above coin dispensing means
Vent assembly for window/window well cover
Multi-part foundation ventilator of variable preselected width
Method for handling mercury containing lamps
Connection-fighting type game machine and connection-fighting type game methods
Automated system for playing live casino table games having tabletop changeable playing card displays and monitoring security features
Video game slot machine program with output based on operator skill
Method and apparatus for gaming in a series of sessions
Apparatus and process for verifying honest gaming transactions over a communications network
Video game apparatus and memory medium therefor
Torsional vibration damper
Constant velocity universal joint
Drive shaft cover assembly
Sole configuration for golf club head
Illuminated pool cue
Golf swing training apparatus
Golf club air assist driver
Golf club head for controlling launch velocity of a ball
Semi-automatic golf teeing device
Golf putting aid
Hockey training device
Soccer goal
Arrowhead with a pivotal blade selectively positionable in a plurality of different cutting diameters
Figure-eight shaped drive belt
Vehicular transmission
Transmission apparatus and method
Hydraulic tensioner with vent formed with stacked plates
Rotary hydraulic automatic tensioner
Guide assembly for a bicycle
Pulley with belt-wiping surface
Vehicle powertrains
Apparatus and method for demagnetizing a controllable electromagnetically actuated differential
Self-shifting transmission apparatus
Powertrain with a six speed planetary transmission
Powertrain with a six speed transmission
Planetary gear
High-cleanness steel and toroidal type continuously variable transmission including components such as input/output discs, power roller and cam disc using the high-cleanness steel
Speed ratio controller and control method of continuously variable transmission
System for controlling output torque characteristics of an internal combustion engine
Shifting mechanism
System for controlling a clutch and/or a motor of a vehicle
Apparatus and method for training of the respiratory muscles
Recreation deck with central load bearing member
Flexibly coordinated motion elliptical exerciser
Feminine personal trainer
Weight lifting machine
Resistance exercise device
Therapeutic exercise apparatus
Collapsible knee exercise device
Method and mechanism for sensing the position of the top of a stack of paper
Arrangement for manufacturing a can
Process for closing and hermetically sealing a bottom of a container
Method and apparatus for creating a discontinuity in a stack interfolded sheets
Device and method for the slitting of a web and slitter/scorer machine incorporating said device
Folding apparatus
Heart wall tension reduction apparatus and method
Heart wall tension reduction apparatus and method
Cardiac reinforcement device
Cardiac reinforcement device
Controllable multi-directional positioning system
Forceps plug of an endoscope
Otoscope retrofit to allow multipurpose use
Remediation of depression through computer-implemented interactive behavioral training
Acoustic imaging catheter and the like
Method and apparatus for making an image of a lumen or other body cavity and its surrounding tissue
Removably mountable pulse rate monitoring system
Method for diagnosing, monitoring and treating hypertension and other cardiac problems
Fuzzy logic method for an indirect measure of a physical signal to be monitored, and corresponding measuring device
Method and apparatus for measuring continuous blood flow at low power
Apparatus and method for monitoring breathing patterns
Apparatus for facilitating respiratory rhythm control
System and method of interrogating implanted passive resonant-circuit devices
Semi-automatic biopsy device and related method of use
Apparatus and method for localizing and removing tissue
Self-sealing closure for a medical speciman collection container
Remotely steerable guide wire with external control wires
Composite guidewire
Biomedical apparatus
Method for measuring and indicating the extent to which an individual is limited in daily life activities
Apparatus and method for mounting an ultrasound transducer
Body massager
Cervical brace
Lower back and hip support device
Wrist/hand/finger orthosis
Reusable blood lines
Tips for ultrasonic handpiece
Apparatus and methods for control of intravenous sedation
Catheter with a flexible tip and taper and method of manufacture
Single use syringe device
Cassette for intravenous-line flow-control system
Multipathway electronically-controlled drug delivery system
Device and method for fastening a catheter
Needle guard
Lubricious catheter shaft
Gas vent for ostomy bags
Disposable diaper
Sacrificial port for filling flexible, multiple-compartment drug container
Method of using aortic balloon catheter
Soft-tip performance braided catheter
Catheter for injecting therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Embryo-implanting catheter assembly and method for making the same
Trilayer, extruded medical tubing and medical devices incorporating such tubing
Rapid exchange catheter system
Closed system adapter for catheters
Systems and methods for identifying the physical, mechanical, and functional attributes of multiple electrode arrays
Laser dermablator and dermablation
Apparatus and method employing lasers for removal of hair
Expandable vein ligator catheter and method of use
Memory for regulating device utilization and behavior
Instrument for interrupting conduction paths within the heart
RF bipolar mesentery takedown device including improved bipolar end effector
Apparatus for dissecting and mobilizing arterial segments for establishing vascular anastomoses
Alignment guide for insertion of stem prosthesis
Fast detaching electrically isolated implant
Vena cava delivery system
Medical device handle for use in laparoscopic surgery
Apparatus and method for photogrammetric surgical localization
Depilation apparatus with vibration member
Mitral and tricuspid valve repair
Systems methods and instruments for minimally invasive surgery
Method for interconnecting vessels in a patient
Vascular clamps and surgical retractors with directional filaments for tissue engagement
Method of enlarging a lumen of an artery
Apparatus for percutaneously performing myocardial revascularization having controlled cutting depth and methods of use
Microkeratome for performing lasik surgery
Capsulectomy device and method therefore
Ultrasonic treating tool
Method and apparatus for intraocular retinal tack inserter
Vascular embolization with an expansible implant
Intravascular flow modifier and reinforcement device
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Perfusion-occlusion apparatus
Angioplasty apparatus facilitating rapid exchanges
Embolic elements and methods and apparatus for their delivery
Medical device for removing thromboembolic material from cerebral arteries and methods of use
Percutaneous catheter and guidewire having filter and medical device deployment capabilities
Method and apparatus for in situ formation of hydrogels
Absorbable polymers and surgical articles fabricated therefrom
Suture anchor installation devices and methods
Shaped suture clip, appliance and method therefor
Method for improved wound healing
Apparatus for medical ablation use and methods thereof
Method of selectively shaping hollow fibers of heat exchange catheter
Sweatband system
Vascular stent for reduction of restenosis
Self-expandable helical intravascular stent and stent-graft
Expandable stent-graft covered with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene
Expandable supportive endoluminal grafts
System and method for assembling an endoluminal prosthesis
Method of implanting an intraluminal vascular graft
Method for producing heart valves
Human cardiac valve placement with marine mammal ventricular outflow (aortic or pulmonary) valve
Self-cohering, continuous filament non-woven webs
Intervertebral prosthesis
Lordotic spinal implant
Wear resistant surface-gradient crosslinked polyethylene
Method and apparatus for enabling access to an intramedullary canal of a femur through a femoral knee joint prosthesis
Floating bearing knee joint prosthesis with a fixed tibial post
Prosthesis intended to be anchored in a long bone
Retrievable bioartificial implants having dimensions allowing rapid diffusion of oxygen and rapid biological response to physiological change, processes for their manufacture, and methods for their use
Orthosis joint
Attachment construction for prosthesis
Foot prosthesis
Imidazoloazole-containing compositions for dyeing keratin fibers; their use in dyeing as couplers; dyeing process
1,4-diazacycloheptane derivatives and their use in hair oxidation dyes
Dye mixture, process for it's preparation and use thereof
Method and apparatus for securely holding a substrate during dicing
Method of making electrochemical cells with self-imposed stack pressure
Thermally color-changing candles
Low chlorine content compositions for use in lubricants and fuels
Poly(oxyalkylene) pyridyl and piperidyl esters and fuel compositions containing the same
Fuel and lubricant additives
Fuel pellet and method for its production
Aqueous sulfopolyurea colloidal dispersions, films and abrasive articles
Fan-fold filter for a forced air ventilation system
Pleated filter media with strip spacers and method of making
Pleated filter media with crest spacers and method of making
Anti-mold and anti-bacteria air filter
Filter media with fluid stream positioned fibers
Foliar fertilizer and method for using the same
Copper-base sintered sliding material excellent in slipperiness and machaniability
Methods for producing platinum powders
Evaluating precious metal content in the processing of scrap materials
Iron carbide process
Process for the direct reduction of iron oxides
On-line gas chromatograph with sample preparation, concentration, and calibration apparatus for measuring trace organic species from combustor flue gas
Adsorption process and apparatus
Apparatus for removal of volatile organic compounds from gaseous mixtures
Gas concentrator
Chemical-liquid controlling apparatus
Photocatalytically hydrophilifiable coating composition
Corrosion resistant coatings containing an amorphous phase
Water-in-oil type emulsion ink for stencil printing
Aqueous dispersions of hydrophobic material
Pearlescent pigments exhibiting color travel
Water-resistant gypsum composition
Cement additive and cement composition using same
Method for growing single crystal
Method for semiconductor crystal growth
Method of deposition of a single-crystal silicon region
Machine for varnishing easy-to-open covers
Spin coating apparatus
Wafer carrier adapter and method for use thereof
Hardware paint protectors
Process solution supplying apparatus
Temperature controlled process and chamber lid
Closed-loop controlled apparatus for preventing chamber contamination
Equipment for UV wafer heating and photochemistry
Plasma processing apparatus and method
Atmospheric gas generator for heat treatment
Apparatus for preventing plasma etching of a wafer clamp in semiconductor fabrication processes
Method of rinsing and drying semiconductor wafers in a chamber with a movable side wall
Removing thermal grease from electronic cards
Method for cleaning a semiconductor wafer
Method of cleaning toner resin from a printing device
Method for removing glass particles adhered to the inner wall of a glass cartridge of an injection syringe
Method for contaminant removal using natural convection flow and changes in solubility concentration by temperature
Railcar cleaning method and apparatus
Method for inhibiting tarnish formation during the cleaning of silver surfaces with ether stabilized, N-propyl bromide-based solvent systems
Method for the cleaning of delicate surfaces
Diffusion heat treated thermally sprayed coatings
Ferromagnetic tunnel-junction magnetic sensor
Highly corrosion and wear resistant chilled casting
Water-resistant long-life rolling bearing
Cobalt-chromium-palladium-based brazing alloys
Process of producing aluminum fin alloy
Superelastic guiding member
Thixotropic IRFNA gel
Pyrotechnical percussion combustion composition for small arms ammunition primers
Gas-generating liquid compositions (PERSOL 1)
Gas generant igniter composition and method
Process and apparatus for the manufacture of emulsion explosive compositions
Patterned anvil-roll
Method for making digital versatile discs
Process for manufacturing composite bodies made of plastics
Method of joining ceramics
Process for repairing plastic coatings of metal pipes
Method of making tubular pressure vessel having an end closure
Method of making readily removable labels
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting wall cavities of different widths
Process and apparatus for cutting of discrete components of a multi-component workpiece and depositing them with registration on a moving web of material
Multi-component 3-dimensional energetics method and construction
In-press process for coating composite substrates
Method for improving the adhesion of metal films to polyphenylene ether resins
Apparatus and method for removing parts from an adhesive film
Inductively coupled RF plasma reactor having an overhead solenoidal antenna
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Downstream plasma reactor system with an improved plasma tube sealing configuration
Apparatus for performing jet vapor reduction of the thickness of process layers
Reactor for the synthesis of urea
Method and plant for separating soap from black liquor using a pressure screen
Control of refined pulp quality by adjusting high temperature pre-heat residence time
Delignification of chemical pulp with peroxide in the presence of a silicomolybdenic acid compound
Printed, soft, bulky single-ply absorbent paper having a serpentine configuration and low sidedness and methods for its manufacture
Method of sizing
Method of sizing substrates
Polyamidoamine/epichlorohydrin resins bearing polyol sidechains as dry strength agents
Screen plate having a plurality of inclined slots in a digester
Multi-layer headbox and separator vane therefor
Vacuum vessel for continuous or semicontinuous treatment of fatty oils
Facility for desalinating of purifying sea water or brackish water by means of solar energy
Photocatalytic process for the purification of water polluted by odorant compounds containing sulfur
Method for processing wafers with in situ gettering
Multilayer magnetic transducer and structure having a high magnetoresistance and process for the production of the structure
Continuous plating apparatus
Electrochemical half-cell with pressure compensation
Cathode assembly and method of reactivation
Dry etching apparatus
Biosensor device and method
Gas sensor
Semi-dry electrophoresis apparatus and method
Cathodic electrocoat having a carbamate functional resin
Apparatus and method for controlling molecular cluster in fluid
Plating permeable cores
Catalytic film, methods of making the catalytic films, and electrosynthesis of compounds using the catalytic film
Cyanide-free electroplating bath for the deposition of gold and gold alloys
Process for generating bromine compound
Method for removing copper ions from copper ore using organic extractants
Electrochemical stripping of turbine blades
Cathodic protection of concrete
Method of identifying a gas
Process for the production of an internal combustion engine fuel base by hydrotreatment and extraction, and the product produced therefrom
Process for thermal and/or catalytic decomposition and/or depolymerization of low-grade organic substances and device for carrying out the process
Selective purge for catalytic reformer recycle loop
Silica bayerite/eta alumina
Process for dehydrogenating hydrocarbons and oxygenated hydrocarbons
Distribution apparatus and method for patterned feed injection
Filter having a filter element adjustable to a bypass position
Fluid filter having a three way valve construction
In situ microbial filter used for bioremediation
Roof drain cover
Water purifier for a spa
High strength wastewater treatment system
Method and device for dehydrating heavy oils
Apparatus for the filtering and separation of flow media with at least one permeate outlet
Bottle filter cap
Hollow fiber type filtration membrane
Method to solve the swelling sludge problem in waste treatment plants by controlling mycelium bacteria
Shear localized filtration system
Process for removing mercury from industrial and clinical waste water
Method for removing a heavy metal from a waste stream
Method of controlling deposition of foulants in processing equipment used to process products streams produced by the dehydrogenation of aliphatic hydrocarbons
Stable suspensions of solids in metal salt solutions for use in water treatment
Pressure screen monitoring apparatus and method
Off-shore sewage treating and handling apparatus and method
Injection quill for water treatment
Method of preventing air from entering an oil suction filter
Method of forming an array of emitter tips
Plasma etching method
Work surface treatment method and work surface treatment apparatus
Plasma etching method and apparatus
Polysaccharide derivative/magnetic metal oxide composite
Ferrite sintered compact and electronic part comprising the same
Method for transferring heat utilizing heat transfer/cooling fluid having tri-methyl glycine
Viscous liquid deoxidizer, deoxidizing sheet made thereof and manufacturing method for deoxidizing sheet
Process for obtaining cholesteric liquid crystals by stereoselective recrystallization
Useful precursors for organic electroluminescent materials and devices made from such materials
Pilot gas burner
Flue seal for a carbon anode baking furnace
Vertical conveying apparatus, continuous furnace having such a vertical conveying apparatus, and carrier therefor
Rapid cooling down method for regenerative thermal oxidizer
Semiconductor furnace processing vessel base
Orthodontic appliance and bracket
Prophylaxis paste holder ring and method of manufacture
Removal of dental caries with high speed water jet
Fluid delivery dental cleaning device
Trimodular ultrasonic dental device
Dental implant
Selectively transparent map
Historical event reenactment computer systems and methods permitting interactive role players to modify the history outcome
Educational doll
Processing system method to provide users with user controllable image for use in interactive simulated physical movements
Evaluation based learning system
Interactive instructional system using adaptive cognitive profiling
Creativity center apparatus and method for use
Standoff board-mounted coaxial connector
Land grid array connector
System for providing a removable high density electrical interconnect for flexible circuits
Socket for integrated circuit chip
Package socket system
IC socket for holding IC having multiple parallel pins
High density connector
Electrical connecting element
Connecting element
Electrical connector assembly having a grounding clip
Shielding and grounding assembly for electronic equipment
Adapter with an adapter housing and with equipment holders for electrical installation equipment which can be fastened thereon
Adaptable communications connectors
Pick-up for electronic card connector
Slidably attaching type connector
Structure of lever of lever engagement type connector
Zero insertion force sockets using negative thermal expansion materials
Loop back clockspring having adhesive layer
Impedance tuning in electrical switching connector
Portable corner-sitting power strip
Antenna connector arrangement
Electrical connector having a latching device
Zero insertion force socket and method for employing same to mount a processor
ZIF socket with reinforcement driving mechanism
Electrical connector
Electrical connector apparatus
Electrical connector with variable thickness insulation-piercing contact member
Power line connector/tap splice apparatus
Patient cable sensor switch
Cable connector
Cable connector capable of reliably connecting a cable and a method of connecting the cable to the cable connector
Electrical connector for flexible flat cable
Housing accomodating a plurality of flat cables
Desktop extension power and telephone port station
Double-retaining connector
Press-connecting connector
Method and apparatus waterproofing
Connector socket
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Cable end connector
Connector having internal crosstalk compensation
Coaxial cable filter assembly
Connector having safety function for car battery
Connector for a smart card reader apparatus and card reader comprising same
Electrical connector with bottom loaded spacer
Capacitive crosstalk compensation arrangement for a communication connector
Arrangement for preventing mismatching of connector assembly
Card edge connector assembly
Electrical connector
Card connector and a method of mounting the same on an associated printed circuit board
Pedal boat
Pedal driven propulsion device
Marine propulsion and steering unit
Tilt cylinder device for outboard motor
Antifreeze circulating device
Method of manufacturing electron source or image forming apparatus using the same
Decorative covers for medical equipment
Water tank for wireless remote-controlled underwater toys
Illuminated toy for night use by children
Balloon and gondola toy
Loopa tune
Liquid-type rocking ornament
Bob toy device
Four-legged walking toy with improved leg action
Power-driven motorized bulldozer
Dual folding tool and method of use
Two-in-one brassiere for breast enhancement and support
Chemical-mechanical-polishing system with continuous filtration
Golf ball deburring method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using precision polishing apparatus with detecting means
Method and apparatus for processing in cold air blast
Double side grinding apparatus and double side polishing apparatus
Optical fiber end surface polishing apparatus
Polishing machine for flattening substrate surface
Human Necessities
Brassiere for large breasted, athletic women
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for chemical/mechanical planarization (CMP) of a semiconductor substrate having shallow trench isolation
Carrier head for chemical mechanical polishing
Apparatus for localized planarization of semiconductor wafer surface
Monitoring system for dicing saws
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew