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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Promoters functional in plant plastids
Garden bean named SB4252
Poultry Derived Glycosylated Interferon Alpha 2b
Antiparkinsonism drugs
Apoptosis inhibitor
Methods for SHP1 mediated neuroprotection
Mandelic acid derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Synergistic effects of amlodipine and atorvastatin metabolite as a basis for combination therapy
Peptide compounds
Method and product for treating cancer in pets
Hydrazide building blocks and hydrazide modified biomolecules
Lipid analogs for treating viral infections
Composition comprising at least one liquid fatty phase structured by at least one semi-crystalline polymer
Linear accelerator with X-ray imaging elements mounted on curved support
Heterocyclic analgesic compounds and methods of use thereof
Dimethylbenzene derivatives
Method for accelerated dechlorination of matter
Golf ball
Automatic performance apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image output device and test chart for the same
Frequency modulation apparatus and frequency modulation method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Irreversible non-steroidal antagonist compound and its use in the treatment of prostate cancer
Bromination process
3-amino-propoxphenyl derivatives (l)
Process for the preparation of stable acid addition salt of 2,3-disubstituted pyrazine compounds
Pyridazine derivatives
Benzene phosphinic acid with improved flowability
Infectious cDNA clone of GB virus B and uses thereof
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as prophylactic, therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Bi-directional dual promoter complex with enhanced promoter activity for transgene expression in eukaryotes
Liver tumor marker sequences
Use of hydrophobic crosslinking agents to prepare crosslinked biomaterial compositions
Methods for selective targeting
Tetrafluoroethylene based resin molding material excellent in high frequency electric characteristics
Method for preparing a biodegradable copolyester
Binders containing an epoxy resin, an ester of a fatty acid, and a fluorinated acid
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Modified polyethylenephosphinic acids and their salts
Mixtures which contain carbamate groups and/or allophanate groups and can be cured thermally and by using actinic radiation
Polyurethanes containing sulphide groups, polymeric mixtures based thereon, production and use thereof
Functional groups-terminated vinyl polymers
Aqueous-aqueous emulsions comprising a dispersed phase and a continuous surfactant phase with rod-like surfactants
Domestic fabric article refreshment in integrated cleaning and treatment processes
Universal chloroplast integration and expression vectors, transformed plants and products thereof
Immunomodulatory formulations and methods for use thereof
Anti-EGFRvIII scFvs with improved cytotoxicity and yield, immunotoxins based thereon, and methods of use thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hybrid electro-mechanical vehicular transmission having multiple modular motor/generators assembled from like components
Metrology system and method for measuring five degrees-of-freedom for a point target
Optical image pickup apparatus for imaging living body tissue
Method and device for preparing a sensor signal of a position sensor for transmission to an evaluation unit
Refractive index determination by micro interferometric reflection detection
Reflection-photometric analytical system
Photoelectric encoder and method of manufacturing scales
Monochromator and method of use
Dual axis fluorescence microscope with modulated input
Device of verifying and reading color, and a process of verifying and reading color in liquids
System and method for rapidly achieving optimum dispersion in optical transmission systems
Low-photon flux image-intensified electronic camera
Methods and systems for determining an adhesion characteristic and a thickness of a specimen
High-sensitivity optical scanning using memory integration
Imaging tomography apparatus with two acquisition systems in different planes and method for determining position correction values for the planes
Radiographic apparatus and radiographic method
True RMS converter board
At-speed on-chip short clock cycle monitoring system and method
Device for detecting interferences or interruptions of the inner fields smoothing layer of medium or high voltage cables
Testing device and testing method of a semiconductor device
Heterogeneous connections on a bi-directional line switched ring
Method for testing analog and mixed-signal circuits using functionally related excitations and functionally related measurements
Methods of improving reliability of an electro-optical module
Multiple antenna radar signal detection and estimation
Acoustic fluid machine
System and method for detecting an acoustic signal in the presence of flow noise
Catoptric optical system
Microscope apparatus
Methods and devices for inhibiting tilting of a mirror in an interferometric modulator
Optical modulator and manufacturing method of optical modulator
Image forming apparatus
Micromirror unit with torsion connector having nonconstant width
Three-dimensional plastic sheet
Reticle-masking objective with aspherical lenses
Prism, projection and optical component
Optical sensor using a long period grating suitable for dynamic interrogation
Corrosion detecting device
Travelling-wave guide electro-optic modulator
Lens holding jig
Optical modulator holder, optical device, and projector
Precision optical intracellular near field imaging/spectroscopy technology
Optical scanning lens, optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optical module
Liquid crystal display device with particular electrode taper using switching devices and a method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Optical sheet and method of assembling liquid crystal display module using the same
IPS type liquid crystal display with protrusive electrodes
Method of fabricating array substrate having color filter on thin film transistor structure
Inert-gas purge method, exposure apparatus, device fabrication method and devices
Exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image printing apparatus and image printing method
real time clock charging circuit
Watch with fly back hand function and corresponding fly back hand mechanism
Control apparatus for feed driving system
Motorized adjustable x-ray apparatus
Lighting apparatus for high intensity discharge lamp
Self-mirroring current mirror
Power supply apparatus having parallel connected switching and series regulators and method of operation
Voltage step-up and step-down DC/DC converter
Variable start-up circuit for switching regulators
Optical implementation of bounded non-deterministic Turing Machines
Differential clock tree in an integrated circuit
Image processing apparatus and method selectively utilizing lower than normal image recording density
Print server apparatus, information processing apparatus, print job reservation management method, reservation job generation method and memory medium
Half-tone dot elimination method and system thereof
Page and subset feature selection user interface
Printing apparatus, method of controlling same, information processor connected thereto, system and storage medium
Image data management system for image processing
Image processing apparatus for color conversion
Method of authenication for steganographic signals undergoing degradations
Systems and methods for authenticating and verifying documents
Capacitive microsensor
Systems and method for automatically choosing visual characteristics to highlight a target against a background
Determining optimal image compression methods for reducing file size
System and method for robust video coding using progressive fine-granularity scalable (PFGS) coding
Apparatus and method of encoding/decoding a coded block pattern
Method and system for reducing noise in signal systems
Method for improving the quality of an image
Methods and apparatus for filtering and caching data representing images
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program recording medium, and data recording medium
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Real time data matching
Electronic assembly for the production of wireless string instruments
Use of normal meshes in three-dimensional imaging
System and method for feature-based light field morphing and texture transfer
Macrostructure modeling with microstructure reflectance slices
System and method for performing domain decomposition for multiresolution surface analysis
Document security system
LC resonant circuit with amplification device
Detector with dust filter and airflow monitor
Display device having a thin film electron source array
Light-emitting device, and electric device using the same
Light-emitting display, driving method thereof, and light-emitting display panel
Light-emitting device
Electronic device and method of driving electronic device
Active matrix display device
Edit tool for line vector data
Sensor patterns for a capacitive sensing apparatus
Device for audiovisual presentation of sound and images
Low power circuits for active matrix emissive displays and methods of operating the same
Color signal processing device and method
Gesture recognition system
Computer input device with multi-purpose light guide
Keyboard musical instrument having keys regulated with stable key balance pieces and process for fabricating keys
Apparatus and computer program for practicing musical instrument
Separate-type musical performance system for synchronously producing sound and visual images and audio-visual station incorporated therein
Magnetic disk apparatus, method of controlling a magnetic disk, and program for controlling a magnetic disk
Magnetic tape cartridge library apparatus having vertically oriented stages
Disk device and unbalance correcting method thereof
Substrate structure of disk array apparatus, disk array apparatus and disk array system
Environmental stress protection scheme for a data storage device
Integrated filter system for a data storage device
Magnetoresistance effect element
Magnetoresistance effect element having a nonmagnetic intermediate layer having a two-dimensional fluctuation of resistance
Side shielded current in plane spin-valve
Head suspension having a displacement limiter
Head suspension assembly and magnetic disk apparatus comprising the head suspension assembly
Two-pass-per-track servo burst patterns
Disk DVD-ROM drive unit with a playback speed control and disk drive method
Mark-length information recording system
Image forming apparatus capable of forming image on optical disk, and image forming method
Adjustable timing circuit of an integrated circuit
Nonvolatile memory with controlled voltage boosting speed
Interleaved mirrored memory systems
Active termination control through module register
Semiconductor device
Low power delay controlled zero sensitive sense amplifier
Divisible true dual port memory system supporting simple dual port memory subsystems
Memory system, method and predecoding circuit operable in different modes for selectively accessing multiple blocks of memory cells for simultaneous writing or erasure
Non-lead jacket for non-metallic sheathed electrical cable
Surface mount magnetic component assembly
Core cooling for electrical components
Movable contact element and panel switch using the same
Drive circuit of switch and relay circuit
Pixel structure for an edge-emitter field-emission display
Electron emitting method of electron emitter
Protected lamp device
Unit for scanning an image and an image forming apparatus for using it
Optical scanning probe system
Light-emitting device, method of manufacturing a light-emitting device, and electronic equipment
Semiconductor light emitting element and method of making the same
Wavelength-insensitive radiation coupling for multi-quantum well sensor based on intersubband absorption
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor film and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by transferring crystallization promoting material in the first semiconductor film to the second semiconductor film through a barrier film
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel for display device
Optical device having micro lens array and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing an IC coil mounted in an information carrier
Planarizing method employing hydrogenated silicon nitride planarizing stop layer
Process for forming polycrystalline silicon layer by laser crystallization
Process for producing and removing a mask layer
Method of depositing an epitaxial layer of SiGe subsequent to a plasma etch
Aluminum phosphate incorporation in silica thin films produced by rapid surface catalyzed vapor deposition (RVD)
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method of forming polysilicon gate structures with specific edge profiles for optimization of LDD offset spacing
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having a low junction leakage current
Method of making a three-dimensional stacked semiconductor package with a metal pillar in an encapsulant aperture
Methods and systems for a stress-free cleaning a surface of a substrate
Method for fabricating an integrated circuit
Method for controlling voiding and bridging in silicide formation
Method for forming bump protective collars on a bumped wafer
Method for forming a multi-layer low-K dual damascene
Process for producing a plurality of gate stacks which are approximately the same height and equidistant on a semiconductor substrate
Integrated dual damascene RIE process with organic patterning layer
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices having trench isolation regions
Method of improved high K dielectric-polysilicon interface for CMOS devices
Semiconductor memory cell and semiconductor memory device
Submember mounted on a chip of electrical device for electrical connection
Structure and method of making capped chips including vertical interconnects having stud bumps engaged to surfaces of said caps
Semiconductor device, semiconductor package for use therein, and manufacturing method thereof
Substrate for semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, semiconductor device, and frame main body
Scribe street structure for backend interconnect semiconductor wafer integration
Method and apparatus for calculating image correction data and projection system
Image pickup device, radiation image pickup device and image processing system
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Ion recoil implantation and enhanced carrier mobility in CMOS device
Light emitting module
CMOS image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor circuit arrangement with trench isolation and fabrication method
MOSFET structures with conductive niobium oxide gates
Method of fabricating a high performance MOSFET device featuring formation of an elevated source/drain region
Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method therefor, semiconductor device, portable electronic equipment and IC card
High concentration indium fluorine retrograde wells
Color image pickup device and color light-receiving device
High voltage semiconductor device having high breakdown voltage and method of fabricating the same
Ultrasonic nebulizer for producing high-volume sub-micron droplets
Control apparatus capable of low-speed driving of vibration type driving apparatus, actuating apparatus using the control apparatus, control method capable of low-speed driving of vibration type driving apparatus, and storage medium storing program including program codes capable of realizing the control method
Crystal unit
Vibration wave linear motor and lens implement using vibration wave linear motor
Dual slot radiator single feedpoint printed circuit board antenna
Electromagnetic gravity drive for rolling axle array system
Twist-on wire connector
Optical amplifier with transverse pump
Temperature control in an optical amplification system
Sampled grating distributed feedback wavelength tunable semiconductor laser integrated with sampled grating distributed Bragg reflector
Fuse box
Switching power source apparatus
Power supply apparatus having control section for controlling quantity of fuel to be supplied to fuel cell
System and method for battery charging
Motor-temperature estimation apparatus and motor control apparatus
Vacuuming motor and vacuuming apparatus
Uninterrupted power supply and the method for driving its converters
Controller apparatus for synchronous motor and controlling method thereof
Load driving circuit with current detection capability
Interpolative varactor voltage controlled oscillator with constant modulation sensitivity
Apparatus for estimating phase information using matched filter in communication system and method thereof
Phase detector for reducing noise
Digital delay lock loop for setup and hold time enhancement
Semiconductor device with floating block
Systems and methods for ramping power amplifier output power
Compound load for differential circuits
Fully differential amplifier with start up circuit
Reflection loss suppression circuit
Method and apparatus for calibrating driver impedance
Chip to chip interface
Apparatus and methods for adjusting performance of integrated circuits
Programmable logic device having a configurable DRAM with transparent refresh
Method and apparatus having a digital PWM signal generator with integral noise shaping
Timing vernier using a delay locked loop
Digital delay-locked loop circuits with hierarchical delay adjustment
Method and apparatus for driving a direct current or voltage controlled oscillator with modulation slope feedback
Superconducting latch driver circuit generating sufficient output voltage and pulse-width
Pipeline analog to digital converter
Digital to analog converter
Interval modulation coding
Vehicle accessory microphone
Apparatus and method for provision of a back-up connection in a telecommunication system
Receiver for wireless telecommunication stations and method
Method and device for frame sync detection using channel combining and correlation
Devices, softwares and methods with improved performance of acoustic echo canceler in VoIP communication
Microprocessor-controlled full-duplex speakerphone using automatic gain control
Transmitter, transmitting method, receiver, and receiving method for MC-CDMA communication system
Digital multichannel multipoint distribution system (MMDS) network that supports broadcast video and two-way data transmissions
System and method for allocating bandwidth in a network node
Method and circuit for de-skewing data in a communication system
Adaptive data rate control for mobile data transfer
Communication device with dynamic delay compensation and method for communicating voice over a packet-switched network
Protecting images with an image watermark
Threshold encoding of frame buffers
Apparatus and method for compensating error for analog quadrature modulator (AQM)
Enhanced call service packet data terminal
Methods for providing voice/data communication systems and voice/data communications via a portal
Method and apparatus for performing high-speed traffic shaping
Multi-layered cross-sectional diagram of a network
Data relay method, its apparatus, and data relay system using the apparatus
Data path architecture for a LAN switch
Data retransmission apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
Digital subscriber line communication method and apparatus
Multiuser detection method and device
Interference dependent ADC headroom adjustment
Method for providing point-to-point encryption in a communication system
Telephone-coupled device for internet access
Headset communication unit
Subscriber line interface circuit
Audio messaging system and method
Door station apparatus with electric lock
Method and apparatus for managing signaling links in a signaling link set
Intelligent network and method for providing voice telephony over ATM and closed user groups
Handset for communication terminal
Systems and methods using secondary signal backchanneling
Image processing apparatus and method with forgery and/or fraud control
Electrophotographic apparatus and image processing program
Image processing apparatus and method
Digital image enhancing system
Electronic device using operating system for overall apparatus control including mechanical operation
Image sensing device for transmitting images
Image sensing apparatus arranged on a single substrate
Liquid crystal television
Monitor case comprising facile detach structure
Telephone unit having telephone directory with picture data and method for generating telephone directory with picture data
Addressable imager with real time defect detection and substitution
Data control system in CDMA mobile communication system providing mobile data and voice service
Rotary canister base
Assembly for thermal and/or thermally-assisted information processing
Silicon oxynitride passivated rare earth activated thioaluminate phosphors for electroluminescent displays
Ballast with braking inductance
Microwave oven
X-ray image taking apparatus and operation control program thereof
Hybrid ground grid for printed circuit board
Resin-packaged protection circuit module for rechargeable batteries and method of making the same
Multi-board optical transceiver
Electronic apparatus
Apparatus and method for transferring heat from control devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
On-screen display format reduces memory bandwidth for time-constrained on-screen display systems
Detachable cleaning device for an image forming apparatus
Side shifting cleaning apparatus and method
Exact region of interest cone beam imaging without circle scans
Transmission cathode for X-ray production
Method and apparatus for providing prepaid telecommunications services
Clip-type microphone
Defect judgement processing method and apparatus
Recorded medium for recording image coding strings
Methods and arrangement in a communication system
Data transmission method between a base station controller and a base transceiver station in a digital mobile communication system
State machine architecture with multiplexed random access memory
Optical device, laser beam source, laser apparatus and method of producing optical device
Image processing system
Power supplying device for plural car elevator
Semiconductor memory device with an internal voltage generating circuit
Semiconductor memory
Seismic cables and a method for manufacturing such
Optical disk, optical disk device, and optical disk recording method
Magnetic signal reproducing device, magnetic signal reproducing method and magnetic recording medium for high density reproduction
Head suspension assembly for a data storage device
Solid electrolytic capacitor
CPU heat dissipation device with special fins
Low loss snubber and transformer reset circuit for forward converters
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Standard for calibrating and checking a surface inspection device and method for the production thereof
Image quality in error diffusion scheme
Electronic equipment for optical communication capable of saving power
Magneto-optical element
Optical lamination sheet
Electronic still camera
Developer container and cartridge
Automatic document-feeding apparatus
Reflection masks, microlithography apparatus using same, and integrated circuit manufacturing methods employing same
X-ray tube
Communication method authenticating a personal station and calculating a fee of a telephone call from the personal station
Method for selecting suitable hair-style and image-map for hair-style
Method and device of object detectable and background removal, and storage media for storing program thereof
Iterative smoothing technique for pre-processing mixed raster content planes to improve the quality of a decompressed image and increase document compression ratios
Frequency division duplexing system which accommodates symmetric and asymmetric channels
Semiconductor circuit with adjustment of double data rate data latch timings
Destructive read type memory circuit, restoring circuit for the same and sense amplifier
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Self-compensating dynamic ball balancer for disk player
Seismic cables and a method for manufacturing such
High density magneto-optical recording medium and production method thereof
Rattle reduction mechanism in a removable cartridge for a disk drive
Disk processing apparatus for reproducing information from a plurality of optical disks having different recording densities
Optical recording medium and optical recording method
Optimum reproduction laser power based on amplitude level of information signal
Optical head having two semiconductor lasers of different wavelength, an objective lens focusing laser beams on different thickness substrates, and an annular phase shifter decreasing focused laser beam spot aberration
Clock synchronous semiconductor device having a reduced clock access time
Memory device with a plurality of common data buses
Method and apparatus for crossing clock domain boundaries
Logic-merged semiconductor memory having high internal data transfer rate
Semiconductor storage device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew