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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for improving the environment within soil embedded culvert and bridge systems
Fence support
Drosophila clipped FRT (cFRT) chromosome insensitive to P transposase, generating method thereof, and application thereof
Methods of controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem and progenitor cells
Method and apparatus for meat cut classification of fat thickness for downstream trimming
Seasoning recovery and recycle
Insertable thermotic module for self-heating can
Areola pad
Modular helmet
Dress shoe with improved heel counter
Shoe for a casted foot
Ultra-flat box for insert
Framing system for securing and displaying flat sheet materials
Absorbent towel with projections
Convertible vacuum cleaner
Body weight managing apparatus
Rare gas polarizer apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system
Method for manufacturing 3-D high aspect-ratio microneedle array device
Ultrasound transducer assembly
Reticulated absorbent composite
Flexible endoluminal stent and process of repairing a body lumen
Method for employing an extendible stent apparatus
Longitudinally flexible expandable stent
Dynamic lumbar brace
Method for reducing the inflammation and inducing an analgesic effect and compounds thereof
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds, their production and use
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Compositions and methods for tumor-targeted delivery of effector molecules
Modified annexin proteins and methods for preventing thrombosis
Immunologically significant herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for identifying and using same
Production and use of novel peptide-based agents for use with bi-specific antibodies
Hair dye composition
Use of sphingomyelinase to increase the levels of skin and mucosal ceramides, and dermatological and cosmetic compositions suitable for topical application containing same
Vascular access port with needle detector
Crosslinkable biomaterial compositions containing hydrophobic and hydrophilic crosslinking agents
Wound repair dressings and methods for their preservation
Reinforcement implants for tissue sutures
Target drive ventilation gain controller and method
Single access dialysis needle
Compact pendant sprinkler head
Aquatic exercise device
Exercising apparatus
Mini-face blade putter
Interactive winter recreation facility
Playing figure of table soccer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Plastic molded center tube assembly
System for simultaneously removing dust and volatile toxic organic compounds
Magnetic stirring apparatus having low rotational speeds
Activated alumina formed body and method for producing the same
Porous composite product particularly with high specific surface area, method for preparing and electrode for electrochemical assembly formed with a porous composite film
Process for the synthesis of highly active modified carbon supported palladium catalyst
Fixed-bed process for producing chlorine by catalytic gas-phase oxidation of hydrogen chloride
Pressure swing catalyst regeneration procedure for Fischer-Tropsh catalyst
Thermal cycler including a temperature gradient block
Apparatus and method of separating medium-sized materials from garbage for collection
Venting assembly for dip coating apparatus and related processes
Method of high pressure treatment
Sludge inerting method
Lightweight bicycle wheel rim and method for producing it
Heat-resistant, creep-resistant aluminum alloy and billet thereof as well as methods of preparing the same
Rotary seal for directional drilling tools
Brazed sheets with aligned openings and heat exchanger formed therefrom
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Device for accommodating flat materials during separation by a separating device, and a separating method
Power tool
Open-end adjustable ratcheting wrench
Combination tool with hammer head, crescent wrench and pipe wrench
Method of making an inductor coil unit including steps of pouring resin between frames
Double-sided digital optical disk and method and apparatus for making
Extruder mixer
Method of manufacturing tubular film
Device for sticking protective sheet on substrate surface
Structural ply of a paperboard core, a paperboard core made thereof, and a method of improving the stiffness of a paperboard core
Carrier device for thermal transfer medium, discrimination method using the same, and printer
Inkjet recording head, method of manufacturing the same, and inkjet printer
Ink supply device
Method of warning a user of end of life of a consumable for an ink jet printer
Liquid detecting apparatus, liquid-amount detecting apparatus, liquid detecting method, and liquid-amount detecting method
Cover unit and recovery apparatus
Method of producing a piezoelectric resonator
Mode switching control device of vehicle air-conditioning apparatus
Roof storage cover for a convertible vehicle
Vehicular two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive switching system
Snow removal system
Vehicular lamp
Open circuit detection for vehicular lamp
Moisture resistant fluorescent light fixture
Vehicle mirror assembly
Outboard motor
Adjustable safety bumper
Barrier system
Arrangement for permitting vehicle foot pedal retraction, and vehicle incorporating same
Mechanical steering transmission unit
Hollow beams for incorporation in automotive vehicle frames
Collapsible utility trailer
Front derailleur for a bicycle
Methods and apparatus for handling fragile bars
Produce packaging system having produce containers with double-arched ventilation channels
Universal bottle cap
Bundling tie
Roller and sheet delivery unit
System and method for measuring a horizontal deviation of a load receiving element
Steering device for industrial truck
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hardened calcium silicate having high strength
Nanoparticles having a rutile-like crystalline phase and method of preparing same
Contaminant skimming device
Process for preparing unsymmetrical biaryls and alkylated aromatic compounds from arylnitriles
Diaryl ether derivative, addition salt thereof, and immunosuppressant
C13 alcohol mixture and functionalised C13 alcohol mixture
Diacetylenic materials for sensing applications
Low shrinkage thermosetting resin compositions and methods of use therefor
Process and intermediates for resolving piperidyl acetamide steroisomers
Process for the preparation of 4,4-dimethyl-6-ethynylthiochroman
Salt and polymorphs of desloratadine hemifumarate
Triazole-derived kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
1-phenyl-2-heteroaryl-substituted benzimdazole derivatives, their use for the production of pharmaceutical agents as well as pharmaceutical preparations that contain these derivatives
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine compounds
Crown ether derivatives
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Fusobacterium nucleic acids, plasmids and vectors
Treatment of neovascularization disorders with squalimine
Chimeric flavivirus vaccines
Hybrid Bacillus thuringiensis .delta.-endotoxins with novel broad-spectrum insecticidal activity
Process for production diphtheria toxin
Compounds and methods for immunotherapy and diagnosis of tuberculosis
Protein for blocking platelet adhesion
Methods and compositions relating to a cardiac-specific nuclear regulatory factor
Modification of interferon alpha production
Methods for modulation of cholesterol transport
Monoclonal antibodies specific for the extracellular domain of prostate-specific membrane antigen
Method of producing a bio-based carpet material
Toner fabrication process
Method for preparing substrate for flexible print wiring board, and substrate for flexible print wiring board
Polymers of a hydrophobic nature, filled with starch complexes
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation, process for producing the same, and semiconductor device
Sulfoderivatives of indanthrone, lyotropic liquid crystal system and anisotropic film on their base
Ink compositions containing quaternary-substituted lightfastness agents
Method for sealing rocker cover
Fuel for use in a fuel cell system
Lubricating compositions
Application of glucose transport mutants for production of aromatic pathway compounds
Sugar chain synthesizer
Enzymatic synthesis of polymers
.alpha.-1,3 fucosyltransferases and expression systems for making and expressing them
Mass defect labeling for the determination of oligomer sequences
Alloy type thermal fuse and wire member for a thermal fuse element
Method and device for depositing in particular organic layers using organic vapor phase deposition
Low dielectric constant layers
Methods of conditioning direct methanol fuel cells
Textiles; Paper
Electric resistance heating/warming fabric articles
Device for separating air from flotation foam
Headbox for a paper machine, board machine, pulp machine or equivalent
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for grooming a baseball infield
Coupling device for equipment implement
Hybrid machine with hydraulic drive device
Expansion joint cover
Masonry attachment pin and method of use
Filter accessory for use in swimming pool water flow system
Pool heating system
Mobile ladder stand
Wedge activated underreamer
Rotary drill bit compensating for changes in hardness of geological formations
Cutting elements with improved cutting element interface design and bits incorporating the same
Subsea wellhead landing clamp and slip bowl assembly
Underbalanced well completion
Sleeve piston fluid motor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System for sealing off a gap
Gas turbine power generation system
Variable valve timing control device
Exhaust manifold for four-cylinder engine
Engine casing
Automated transmission system control with zero engine flywheel torque determination
Energy generation mechanism device and system
Moineau pumping device having a ball coupling
Bearing for fuel pump, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel pump
Microvalve for controlling fluid flow
Connecting corner for knock down racks
Fluid trap for oil migration
Continuously variable transmission and pulley
Vehicle shift control device and control method therefor
Gasket for flange connections
Waste water valve system
Display apparatus with adjustable supporting device
Inflation gas generation devices and methods utilizing joule-thomson heating
Method and apparatus for controlling combustion in a furnace
Process and apparatus for the separation of air by cryogenic distillation
High-speed drying apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining the length of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Normalization apparatus for panel detector PET scanners
Use of non-interdigitated commutation sensors on Opto-ASICS to achieve low CPR non-standard encoder resolutions
Multi-resolution reflective optical incremental encoder
Electromagnetic flow meter
System and method for optically sensing defects in OPC devices
Use of spatiotemporal response behavior in sensor arrays to detect analytes in fluids
Analog signal measuring device and method
Operation of semiconductor devices subject to hot carrier injection
OBIRCH dual power circuit
Testing interface for railroad signal relays
Semiconductor element having a semi-magnetic contact
Position location and data transmission using pseudo digital television transmitters
Radiation detection device and system, and scintillator panel provided to the same
Camera provided with eyepiece
Recirculation of reflected source light in an image projection system
Polarization conversion system
Reflexive optical screen, and viewing system incorporating the same
Auxiliary frame for spectacles
Semiconductor device having a storage capacitor
Integral lens for high energy particle flow, method for producing such lenses and use thereof in analysis devices and devices for radiation therapy and lithography
Debris mitigation device
Scanning exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus
Thermostat for an automatic hydraulic transmission system
Power supply apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Position information input apparatus and method
Automated banking machine apparatus and system
Contactless IC card
Anticollision protocol with fast read request and additional schemes for reading multiple transponders in an RFID system
System for providing an open-cavity low profile encapsulated semiconductor package
Authentication in a secure computerized gaming system
Portable warning light apparatus
Apparatus and method for driving a plasma display panel
Vertex data processing with multiple threads of execution
Drum and head diaphragm adjustor for drum
Single reel tape cartridge with tape reel centering features
Sublithographic nanoscale memory architecture
High accuracy foamed coaxial cable and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for ESD protection
Process for manufacturing a read head
Magnetic anchoring module with a system for enabling/disabling and adjusting the magnetic anchoring force and related assemblies
Microelectromechanical device using resistive electromechanical contact
Electrode structure for a light-emitting element
Image-forming apparatus and spacer
Gated electron emitter having supported gate
Method of manufacturing an electroconductive film, and an apparatus including it
Voltage applying apparatus, and apparatus and method for manufacturing electron source
Integrated circuit insulator and method
Films doped with carbon for use in integrated circuit technology
Wire-bonding method for chips with copper interconnects by introducing a thin layer
Method to reduce photoresist mask line dimensions
Non-volatile semiconductor memory having a decreased gate length
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor film and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Apparatus and manufacturing process of carbon nanotube gate field effect transistor
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Apparatus for and method of transferring substrates
Wafer-level hermetic micro-device packages
Flip chip integrated package mount support
Heat dissipation assembly with retaining device
Vertically mountable and alignable semiconductor device assembly
Photo-sensor array for motion detection
Photovoltaic element
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit with a diode string
Avalanche photo-detector with high saturation power and high gain-bandwidth product
Methods for manufacturing a light-emitting device
Low-temperature fabrication of thin-film energy-storage devices
Inductively-coupled antenna array
Electrical switch with placard and remote use indicator
Housing of motor
Power converter and power unit
Motor control device and motor control method
Controllable oscillator with amplitude stabilization
Predistorter for phase modulated signals with low peak to average ratios
Wideband amplifier
Low cost splitter
High noise rejection voltage-controlled ring oscillator architecture
Image reading apparatus and method
High-speed image sensing device
Device for heating air, fluids and materials, in dry or wet environment, powered with low voltage current or alternating or direct very low safe allowable voltage
Frequency synchronization device for LCD lamps
Discharge lamp operation apparatus
Induction heating of a workpiece
Plasma arc cutting torch nozzle
Expired Patents Due To Time
Instrument panel passenger side air bag door
Steering wheel with integral air bag pad
Airbag apparatus for motor vehicles
Vibration absorbing apparatus for steering wheel with an airbag
Steering wheel
Steering wheel
Bag for inflatable belt
Device for detecting the type of occupancy of the passenger's seat of a motor vehicle
Airbag device
Gas bag restraint system
Detachable cleat for use with stabilizers
Steering device for automobiles
Deflection fitting with automatic adjusting device
Seat belt pretensioner device
Numbering apparatus for documents, and numbered documents
Reinforced thermoplastic pipe couping
Exhaust coupler
Hose fitting
Combination of pipes and gasket for connection thereof
Sweep elbow tube connector and method of fabrication
Step bearing race swivel joint assembly
Adjustable safety and rapidly assembled connector
Energy management device
Dog waste receptacle and disposal device
Glove box door with integral latch mount
Seat structure for vehicle
Convertible with a top structure having at least one top part and a rear window part
Flexible top with air cells
Emergency exit window of a vehicle with a window pane
Energy dissipating body panel assembly
Wind deflector for a vehicle sunroof
Guide link for sliding panels in slide-and-lift sunroof constructions for motor vehicles
Vented and heated seat
Seat back support mechanism
Seat cushion for shopping carts
Rotating shower seat
Vehicle seat fitted with a pivoting mechanism, and memorization mechanism for such a seat
Foldable seat having removable panels
Detachable passenger arm rest for two wheeled vehicles
Folding chair
Method of mining a soluble mineral
Tool mounting assembly with tungsten carbide insert
Skate wheel and method of applying indicia to a portion of a skate wheel
Anti-theft system for use on a tractor/trailer land vehicle
Automotive brake system
Pressure controlling device for vehicle
Hydraulic braking systems
Vehicle hydraulic braking system having reservoir for storing fluid discharged from brake cylinder through pressure control valve device
Vehicle brake control system
Tracked wheel assembly
Switching cabinet with a rack
Stacking sterilizing tray system
Multilayer protective film
Image forming apparatus with changeable recording means and method of forming image
Oil based computer printing system
Active accumulator system for an ink-jet pen
Ink container with an inductive ink level sense
Method and device for monitoring the operational state of a reservoir, for example an ink reservoir
Ink jet recording method and apparatus
Ink-jet printer method and apparatus, color filter, display device, apparatus having display device, ink-jet head unit adjusting device and method, and ink-jet head unit
Recording apparatus and method of controlling same
Liquid discharge method and liquid jet apparatus
Method for user alignment of a color printer
Automated test pattern technique using accelerated sequence of color printing and optical scanning
Ink jet printer with wiper blade and vacuum canopy cleaning mechanism and method of assembling the printer
Ink jet print head maintenance method
Optical sensor system to calibrate a printhead servicing location in an inkjet printer
Liquid discharging recording apparatus with elastic head cleaning member
Device having scanning-type carrier and printing apparatus
Recording apparatus and method for detecting the presence of a boundary between images and recording an image in accordance therewith
Apparatus for printing proof image and producing lithographic plate
Re-coding of ink print heads
Method for producing an electrostatic actuator and an inkjet head using it
Toner quantity detection and replenishment system for an electrostatic ink jet recording apparatus
Sheet adhering conveying apparatus and recording apparatus
Heater chip module and process for making same
Liquid discharging head with a movable member opposing a heater surface
Solid-state actuator and ink jet head
Ink refilling container and ink refilling method using same
Automatic ink refill system for disposable ink jet cartridges
Ink jet recording apparatus having a driving wheel mechanism for pressurizing tubes of a tube pump
Adapter and mating bottle cap for coupling bottles to ink supplies
Replaceable ink cartridge and seal structure thereof
Ink cartridge and ink jet printer using the same
Compact print cartridge with oppositely located fluid and electrical interconnects
Ink for ink jet cartridge and method of ink jet recording using the same
Ink-jet printing apparatus and printing method using ink improving liquid
Eyeglasses with magnetic attachment lens
System for removably attaching lenses to eyeglass frame
Angle adjustable device for eyeglasses
Color-imparting contact lenses with interference coating and method for making the same
Corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus
Ophthalmoscopic viewing system
Image display apparatus
High temperature transistor with reduced risk of electromigration and differently shaped electrodes
Self-contained lighted marking device
Dimming mirror assembly
Motor-vehicle rear view mirror having an anti-glare shape memory actuating device
Antiglaring film
Electromagnetic rafiation concentrator system
Circadian clock seat
Drop down emergency lighting unit
Illumination sources and systems
Back light unit for a liquid crystal display device
Backlight source device
Sound responsive decorative illumination apparatus
Refractive coaster
Illuminated footwear with acceleration responsive random output selection
Universal key holder with light
Centerpiece station
End mount ballast- socket bridge
Asymmetrical compound reflectors for fluorescent light fixtures
Optics for separation of high and low intensity light
Reflective materials for manufacture of reflective lighting elements including parabolic louvers and the like
Portable lighting system
Stackable housing
Fold-up navigation light
Truck light bar and mudflap holder apparatus
Illuminated door handle for a vehicle
Lighting device for a motor vehicle
Fastening arrangement of a cover disk as a component of a motor vehicle headlight
Three-dimensional data input device
Counter-flow asphalt plant with independently rotatable dryer and mixer
Vented single stage barrier screw with a gas vent hole and axial bore in the screw for venting gases
Extruder assembly with improved screw removal capability
Electric food processor having at least three mutually concentric output drives
Static fluid mixing device with helically twisted elements
Watch having rotatable bezel
Modular jewelery item, particularly a ring, earring, pendant or timepiece such as a watch
Tuning a substrate temperature measurement system
Fiber optic hygrometer apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for measuring viscous heating of viscoelastic materials
Temperature sensor and a method of manufacturing the same
X-ray examination system particulary for computed tomography and mammography
Flexible, self-supporting storage bag with hinged, framed closure
Dual compartment stand-up pouch
Valve bag and method for making a valve bag
Garbage bag with elastic rim edge support
Stable, flexible, easy open pouch
Resealable spout for side-gusseted packages
Aerostatic airbearing
Support for a machine tool portal driven by linear motors on both sides
Bearing shell
Pendulum sliding bearing
Rolling bearing for high-speed rotating equipment
Ball bearing assembly
Low friction ball-bearing holder device for small motors
Wall mounted coupler for optical fiber cables
Split sleeve for optical connectors
Opto-electronic hybrid integration platform, optical sub-module, opto-electronic hybrid integration circuit, and process for fabricating platform
Integrated microelectromechanical alignment and locking apparatus and method for fiber optic module manufacturing
Removable fiber optic module
Camera with changing unit
Ensuring consistency of an instruction cache with a store cache check and an execution blocking flush instruction in an instruction queue
Method, apparatus, and product for dynamic software code translation system
Camera having a lens barrier unit opening/closing mechanism
Tripod, particularly for photographic uses
Power transmission apparatus
Processing photographic material
Apparatus and method for transporting a web
Imaging parameter detection
Process and circuit for printing a print image
Gloss control apparatus and method
3D printing and forming of structures
Roll-shaped image-receiving sheet for thermal transfer printing and process for forming images thereon
Keyboard device having a resin-coated connector held in improved fixed state
Ergonomic housing for a handheld device
Automatic cutting device apparatus and method including a reversible motor
Writing instrument with finger gripping device
Pen with self-contained illumination
Cap with extendable applicator
Fluid regulator for supplying a consumer element with fluid from a fluid reservoir
Folding album page
Joint assembly for car steering systems
Bearing set for a ball joint assembly
Container coupling tool
Rotating locking arrangement
Cycle seat clamp
Interlocking barrier system with multiple securing mechanisms
Aggregate hauling, spreading and compacting machine
Erosion retardation structure
Prefabricated vertical earth drain with relief protrusions
Device for influencing a flow of waste water
Portable dike having air inflatable reinforcement
Mine stopping having a swinging door
Method of production of large tank, system using such large tank and submerged tunneling method using the tank
Double-wing deformable stop-end pipe for forming the joining surfaces of concrete-cast wall elements
Sheeting device
Trench shield directly ridable and movable on a constructing pipe
Cutting tool
Formed rotary cutting tool having varying diameter and constant clearance angle, and method of forming groove by using the same
Cutting inserts
Drilling tool for drilling in solid metal
Method for producing and controlling a fillet on a gear
Machine tool
Snowmobile tie-down mechanism for a trailer
Returnable packaging system for elongated members
Anchor with spreading elements
Insert fastener
Bolt with integral locking member
Screw for joining thin workpieces
Self-lubricating cap nut
Plastic nut for connecting panel-like parts
Trumpet-shaped automotive trim fastener
Feeding and distributing device for rotary platforms, particularly for rotary-hearth furnaces
Freight loading system
Self-contained and automatic chock for immobilization of vehicles and modular immobilization device utilizing these chocks
Method and apparatus for integrated wafer handling and testing
Trailer hitch mounted lifting attachment
Trash container lifting and transporting device
Adjustment for tow dolly
Manhole cover removal apparatus and method
Disk transfer apparatus
System and method for palletizing packages
Method and device for operating turbocompressors with a plurality of controllers that interfere one with each other
Controlling stall margin in a gas turbine engine during acceleration
Turbine vane mounting arrangement
Assembly for brazing a stator component of a gas turbine engine and method brazing articles such as an abradable material to a stator of a gas turbine engine
Flow metering turbine
Regulating valve for engines operated by a medium under pressure
Adjustable blade turbines
Sealing structure for first stage stator blade of gas turbine
Radial fan
Housing assembly for a fluid-working device such as a rotary pump
Low aspect ratio compressor casing treatment
Hollow airfoil for a gas turbine engine
Dust resistant airfoil cooling
Cool tip blade
Simplified anti-vibration suspension device for a helicopter
Method of applying wear-resistant materials to turbine blades, and turbine blades having wear-resistant materials
Multiproperty rotor disk and method of manufacture
Helicopter blade aerofoil
Propeller and impeller blade configuration
Perfusion system with control network
Curvilinear peristaltic pump having insertable tubing assembly
Flow control valve for a pump for conveying a medium
Mobile thick matter pump
Piston and drive assembly for use in a pump
Control valve for variable displacement compressors
Variable displacement compressor
Process for venting a hydraulic assisted steering system
Pump with openable seal
Refrigerant compressor with cooling means
Apparatus for regulating flow of a pumped substance
Compressor wheel assembly for turbochargers
Aquarium pump for use both as an air pump and a water pump and aquarium apparatus with a passage aquarium
Method of measuring a pressure of a pressurized fluid fed through a diaphragm pump and accumulated in a vessel, and miniature pump system effecting the measurement
Sealed type compressor
Walking beam compressor
Vertical reciprocating pump having easily installed piston with flap valves
Compressor provided with an improved piston
Hand pump with automatic and manual inflation devices
Scroll pump
Scroll type compressor in which a soft starting mechanism is improved with a simple structure
Displacement type fluid machine having an orbiting displacer forming a plurality of spaces
Rotary engine having enhanced charge cooling and lubrication
Internal geared wheel pump without crescent-shaped [sickle] piece
Random error generation of tooth index to eliminate pump noise
Vacuum pump rotor and method of manufacturing the same
Ball grid array (BGA) encapsulation mold
Safety apparatus for a vertical injection molding machine
Extrusion die system with removable insert
Adjustable curling screw mechanism for a lip rolling machine
Device for producing spunbonded nonwovens
Apparatus for simultaneous production of a plurality of construction panels
Apparatus for injection compression molding thin disc substrata
Method and mold to make plastic articles having reduced surface defects and assembly for use therein
High pressure injection nozzle
Disk substrate injection mold
System and method for removing ash deposits in a combustion device
Transducer for gas flare pilot flame detection
Safety system for gas range
String-attached cap
Storage container with self-retaining lid
Insulated snap fit container lid
Container lid
Integral telescoping vessel joint and method for using the same
Insulated jacket for a beverage container and blank and method for fabricating same
Self sealing drinking dispenser
Carousel feed
Storage and dispensing package for batteries and other objects
Pneumatic product vending system and product loader therefor
Readily deformable pressure system for dispensing fluid from a container
Oil recovery method
Liquid dose dispenser with device for counting a large number of dispensed doses
Metered dispensing device
Soap dispensing mechanism
Paint colorant dispenser with notched gauge rod
Pump dispenser
Paint colorant dispenser and valve therefor
Method of removing air from liquid channel of liquid filling apparatus
Device for dispensing a fluid contained in a hermetically closed container
Variable volume silo for in-bulk supplied articles
Closure for liquids
Clothes hanger extender
Harness for carrying a rigid case
Adjustable scoreboard mounting arrangement for a golf cart
Boat rack with selectively engageable gripping surface
Vehicle rack systems and methods
Ergonomic bookpack
Nosepiece shield for combustion powered tool
Apparatus for moving a stapler to a stapling position
Apparatus for manufacturing rectangular frames
Motor driven stapler with staple leg holding mechanism
Micro-manipulator for ultrasonic bonding with orthogonal tool support slides
Movable selective debridging apparatus and method of debridging soldered joints on printed circuit boards using same
Soldering apparatus and method
Seamless, ring-shaped brazing material and method for producing same
Wire bonding method and apparatus
Method of bonding a sputtering target to a backing plate
Robust thick film conductors
Method of fabricating generator main lead bushings
Method of manufacturing a thick film circuit with constrained adhesive spreading
Electronic component and method of manufacture
HIP-bonded body and method of producing the same
Continuous hot rolling method of metal blocks, as well as a metal block joining apparatus, a table roller for conveying the metal blocks, a poor joined portion removing apparatus and a metal block cooling apparatus which are used to carry out said method
Paper-based cooler
Automatic variable position mailbox
Check writing point of sale system
Self service terminal
Disk carrier with transponder
User interface card for use with a device
Power transmission system, power transmission/communication system and reader and/or writer
Point of sale automatic savings program contribution system
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Price maintenance system and method
Plant inventory, distribution and display system
Apparatus and method for determining types of recorded data cards
Optical scanners
Methods and systems for providing human/computer interfaces
Method and apparatus for decoding unresolved symbol profiles produced from a reduced data set
Method of deciphering bar codes
Adjustable illumination system for a barcode scanner
Code reader for converting two dimensional information into a one dimensional format
Optical reader controlling operation between different scanning modes
Method for checking the compatibility of a mobile station and a functional unit; a mobile station and a functional unit
Methods of creating a tamper resistant informational article
IC card with shell feature
Fault detection and modification circuit
Radio frequency identification transponder having non-encapsulated IC chip
Formation method of two-dimensional code
Heat recovery system and heat exchanger therefor
Pressure atomizing type burner for an engine independent heating system in a vehicle
Riser device for creating an elevated structure for artificial landscapes
Portable snow making system for home use
Fluid temperature control for a heated fluid cleaner with multiple outlets
Recirculating paint system having an improved push to connect fluid coupling assembly
Agricultural crop spraying apparatus
Lawn applicator module and control system therefor
Rotary atomizing head type coating device
Rotary type swingable sprayer
Converging exhaust nozzle fitted with translating cold flaps
Apparatus for cleaning or de-icing a vehicle window
Spray nozzle apparatus
Water ejecting structure of pistol nozzle
Gas and fluid jet apparatus
Device for applying free-flowing material to a substrate, in particular for intermittent application of liquid adhesive
Flexible shower arm assembly
Self-supporting reconfigurable hose
Recovery of precious metals from circuit boards
Apparatus and method for recycling gypsum wallboard
Paper shredder capable of sharpening pencil
Mill, in particular for pepper or salt
Self-seating cover assembly for a removable food receptacle
Reel for fishing which stably and easily performs fishing operations without imparting shock to fishing line
Spool having a surface treatment for use in a fishing reel
Spool of spinning reel for fishing with selective reinforcement
Method for floating tape spools in fixed center drives
Yarn feeding device having a yarn brake that is self-centering via a u-joint
Low noise self-compensating vehicle sensor and retractor
Enhanced storage system for electrical appliances, powercords and adapters
Method and a unit for feeding a strip of sheet material
Winding machine
Roll storage apparatus
Support drum assembly with cross-shaft linkage for variable backlash control
Drive device for rotating hollow elements
Reel assembly
Centerline landing gear for aerocraft
Variable body helicopter with tandem lifting rotors
Ground-effect flying boats also applicable to aircraft, drones, and spacecraft
Container having a door
Aircraft smoke extractor
Device for braking the fall of a load
Helium actuated airplane parachute
Designs of and methodology for inward or outward, and partially inward or outward turning flow hypersonic air-breathing and rocket-based-combined-cycle vehicles
Using reflected solar radiation pressure to provide stationkeeping maneuvering of a spacecraft
Adaptive control surface apparatus
Aerofoil profile with variable profile adaptation
Device for detecting the positions of pivotable parts of a point
Railroad switch machine
Railroad frog assembly with multi-position holdback
Base mounting structure
Pipe clamps
Brake line captured band clamp
Low profile golf bag stand system
Adjustable portable bag holder
Ladder leveling chock system
Utility pole anchor for restoration cable support
Concealed cantilever shelf support
Quad-motion device
Support with a compression spring arranged in a tubular arm
Portable pole anchor
Mounting frame using an operating vibration damper at a recessed side surface of a disc drive housing
Corrosion resistant machine foundation
Fruit hanging display stand
Hanger and pin assembly for displaying merchandise
Joining method and joining structure as well as form for concrete products
Bi-directional sealing ram
Apparatus for adjusting operating speed of fluid-driven equipment
Simplified piezoelectric valve
Compact expanding gate valve
Throttle valve control device
Expansion valve and refrigerating system
Compactly storable, mobile engine hoist
Apparatus for holding a workpiece
Device for hydraulically actuating winches in a pipe-laying machine
Self-locking slat with fins for chain link fences
Outdoor railing system and rails
Portable humidifier with water treatment substance dispenser
Carburetor with elliptical venturi
Method for the preparation of a carbonate spring
Multiple size wafer vacuum chuck
Adjustable tooling pins
Milling machine bench vise
Printed circuit board fixture
Foil remover with improved gripper
Automated banking machine with currency recycling canisters
Apparatus and method for measuring a dimension of an object
Apparatus for directionally reorienting sheets
Document separating mechanism of automatic document feeder
Banknote centering device for a validator
Lateral paper position correcting mechanism
Method of modifying electronics contained in a controller box of a pinball machine
Gaming machine
Ball game machine
Casino wheel game system
Dominoes starting template
Board game
Method and apparatus for playing a game with numerical result
Match the dealer card game
Fishing toy structure
Stacking game of balance and dexterity
Method and arrangement for sealing off a separating gap, formed between a rotor and a stator, in a non-contacting manner
Turbine nozzle interface seal and methods
Seal device
Hydraulic seal
Piston rod seal
Rebuildable radial lip seal
Cylinder head gasket
Metal gasket
Bidirectional metal to metal seal
Kinematic coupling compatible passive interface seal
Vehicle suspension system with continuously adaptive shock absorption
Adaptable cycle
Skate blade and skate blade assembly
Hydraulic brake for an in-line skate
In-line skate base with replaceable wear pads
Tracked cycle
Portable cart
Hockey equipment bag transporter
Suspension control for all terrain vehicle
Adjustable wheelbase wheelchair
Front suspension for a motorized trike
Variable reduction cross-linkage for rear suspension bicycle
Bicycle antitheft control device, shifting device and shifting system
Non-rotating wheel disk and attachable accessories
Spare wheel assembly for trailers
Hitch socket cover
Automatic hitch coupler
Snowboard binding
Load transporting trailer
Fastening structure for interconnecting parts of a vehicle occupant protection apparatus
Storage rack
Pull-out gravity feed shelf
Tool display rack
Device for supporting objects
Sports equipment rack
Butcher's cart with removable modules for transporting meat
Free-standing modular slat-wall system
Jib positioning with hydraulic adjustment cylinder
Thermal insulated bottle
Hermetic seal and wide-mouthed bottle sealed by the seal
Tamper-proof pharmaceutical container
Metal bottle cap
Bottle with integrated grip portion
Electrical box for fan or fixture support
Collapsible container
Combined mortise and tenon joint feature
Disposable cutting board
Internal floating roof tank and peripheral seal
Can lid with stay-on-tab
Human Necessities
Beverage container/drinking vessel
Performing Operations; Transporting
Paint roller spin spray shield for buckets
Deployment door for air bag module
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