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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Excavation system and method
Vehicle mounted edging wheel system
Universal mower blade
Device for treating fodder and reaping machine which uses such device for treating fodder
Fishing reel
Preservative compositions for wood products
Method and apparatus for removing fat and skin from meat parts
Apparatus for making patties
Athletic shoe with improved heel structure
Automated canopy positioning system
Automatic hand fans
Cleaning apparatus and system
Table with integral receiving members
Imaging device having stand connection
Seating system and method of forming same
Method and apparatus for securing a caster wheel
Seat structure
Drummer seating system
Foldable highchair framework
Battery rack and system
Hanger and backcard for packages
Durable sealing curtain
Drink-extracting bag equipped with holding element
Incinerating commode
Dental wipe
Wiper plate for a cleaning implement
Disposable laryngoscope blades
Detachable aneurysm neck closure patch
Surgical stapler
Joint replacement methods and apparatus
Color vision deficiency screening test resistant to display calibration errors
Method for determining airway obstruction
Doppler ultrasound method and apparatus for monitoring blood flow and hemodynamics
Dental alignment instrument
Tooth elevator
Slotted plunger
Electroactive polymer based artificial sphincters and artificial muscle patches
Joint treating method
Artificial intervertebral disc
Formulations useful in the treatment of male and female impotence
Group B streptococcus polypeptides nucleic acids and therapeutic compositions and vaccines thereof
Immunstimulating lipid formulation
Bacteriophage-mediated immunisation
Method of treating graft versus host disease by administration of a Fas antagonist
Preserved and stable compositions containing peptide copper complexes and method related thereto
Emulsions for in-situ delivery systems
Emboli and thrombi filter device and method of using the same
Angiographic injector system and method of use
Syringe-type container for liquid medicine
Methods and devices for obtaining and assaying mammary fluid samples for evaluating breast diseases, including cancer
Methods and systems for providing quantitative assessment and relaying of fighter performance
Golf ball
Adjustable weight training belt for a baseball bat
Card game for displaying images based on sound recognition
Bingo game sheet
Modified poker with bonus match card
Performing Operations; Transporting
Strainer for collecting debris from a drain
Process for separating 2-butanol from tert-butanol/water mixtures
Configurations and methods for water purification
Crystallisation of materials from aqueous solutions
Disintegrator with rotative disk cutters
Method and apparatus for fluid delivery to a backside of a substrate
System and method for irritating with aerated water
Sprayed preforms for forming structural members
Surface pre-treatment method for pre-coated precipitation-hardenable stainless-steel ferrous-alloy components and components pre-coated thereby
Method for making thermally tempered glass comprising a non-abrasive, porous, SiO.sub.2 antireflection layer
Method for fabricating film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) device
Parts washing apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming parts from a continuous stock material and associated forge
Diaphragm support and a method for initial sealing in a pressure cell
Circular and oval flanged rings for ducting and method of making
Double action punch assembly for hydroforming die
Forging work method
Investment casting slurry composition and method of use
Plunger tip for die casting machines
Locking chuck
Machine tool
Method of permanently joining first and second metallic components
Method of manufacturing spring assembly
Device for installation of signalization spheres and verification of the status of a lightning-rod cable
Tool for disconnecting a fuel line from a fitting
Support system of a tabletop vise
Machine tool
Method and apparatus for attaching a rod member to a remote surface
Stackable bag roll dispensing system
High pressure split die and associated methods
Underwater granulator with a water pipe mounted in a swivel joint
Cooling mechanism for cooling electric driving part of injection molding machine and cooling method for the same
Control system for an injection molding machine and a method for controlling the injection molding machine
Biaxially oriented multilayer polymer tube for medical devices
Programmable imprint lithography template
Tire curing bladder
Catheter having improved curve retention
Composite component for fusion reactors
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Biaxially oriented polyester film which is matt on one side, process for its production and its use
Gloss coated papers having optimized properties for improving image permanence and a method of printing the gloss coated papers in an electrophotographic apparatus
Automated sheet folder or booklet maker which applies sticker closures
Ceramic composite body, method for fabricating ceramic composite bodies, and armor using ceramic composite bodies
Silicone coating composition and release sheet
Ink-jet recording medium and image forming method
Printing processes employing intermediate transfer with molten intermediate transfer materials
Microactuator and fluid transfer apparatus using the same
Printhead assembly with data and power board
Ink distribution assembly for page width ink jet printhead
Printing apparatus and ink cartridge therefor
Recording liquid container, ink jet recording apparatus, and cartridge collecting apparatus
Color inkjet print apparatus capable of changing orders of inks squirts
Microfluidic inkjet control method
Calibration of a multilevel inkjet process
Printer controller with printhead feedback
System and method for ink jet printhead detection
Positioning apparatus provided with a register for flexible printing plates
Applicator for applying an oxidative hair dye
ATV radial tire
Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing the tire
Rear trunk lid for a convertible vehicle with foldable roof
Adjustable collapsible seat assembly
Vehicle seat having a lumbar support system
Dunnage bags
Tailgate position indicator
Automobile compound taillight
Ingress and egress lighting integrated to sun visor systems
Cargo box assembly and method of use thereof
Cushion for air bag systems
Support device
System and method for adaptive brake application and initial skid detection
Method for controlling magnet type fan clutch
Tilt device for vehicular steering column
Fork lift truck with a laterally removable battery block
Grip/mirror combination for bicycle
Snowmobile rear suspension system
Watercraft compensation system
Device for and a method of fixing and lifting vertically installed cargo pressure tanks in ships
Method for producing a floating base
Dock floatation system
Throwable emergency response automatic inflatable personal flotation device
Tilt and trim system of outboard drive of propulsion unit
Receiving pit dust control device and method of use
Device for dispensing flowable material components
Hydrogen fueling system
Laterally displaceable guide track for a bulk material baler apparatus and method
Convertible pill container
Carton transfer unit
Unitary slot valve actuator with dual valves
Workpiece transport apparatus
Method and apparatus for splicing a web material
Sheet registration deskew improvement system with a centrally pivotal baffle
Manual marine winch with compound handle
Impregnated applicator tip
Chemistry; Metallurgy
NF3 production reactor
Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate production from nahcolitic oil shale
Dispersed zero-valent iron colloids
Purifying device
Method of manufacturing molded glass objects, method of manufacturing press molded articles, and method of manufacturing glass optical elements
Method for cutting the edges of a continuous glass ribbon, a device for implementing said method, and a glass plate cut using said method
Electrically conductive Si-Ti-C-N ceramics
Optical film comprising support and polarizing layer
Bio-reactor device
Cells engineered to contain genes of interest
Targeted system for removing tumor cells from cell populations
Plant caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferase homologs
PiggyBac transformation system
Crystal of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 in complex with fibroblast growth factor
Export systems for recombinant proteins
Hybrid enzymes
Process for the isolation of polyhydroxybutyrate from Bacillus mycoides RLJ B-017
Methods for use of apoptotic cells to deliver antigen to dendritic cells for induction or tolerization of T cells
Method for manufacturing a nucleotide detector
Loop probe hybridization assay for polynucleotide analysis
Tumor suppressor designated TS10q23.3
Compositions and methods for detecting severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus
Fire resistant ceramic part
Compositions having enhanced wear resistance
Cutting tool
Sterling silver manganese alloy compositions
Polyimide as a mask in vapor hydrogen fluoride etching
Electropolishing method for removing particles from wafer surface
Method and composition for polishing a substrate
Thin-film crystal-structure-processed mechanical devices, and methods and systems for making
Process for depositing III-V semiconductor layers on a non-III-V substrate
Textiles; Paper
Heat-shrinkable polyester film having excellent crystallinity
Belt for a papermaking machine
Fixed Constructions
Working vehicle
Subfloor assembly for athletic playing surface having improved deflection characteristics
Insulated stud panel and method of making such
Hand-held void-forming system and anchor applicator
Tent ventilation structure
Internal building pressure apparatus and method
Locking device for steering shaft and steering apparatus having the device
Non-glass-cutting and adjustable automatic positioning hinge for a glass door
Dual display type portable computer and control method for the same
Apparatus and methods for facilitating the connection of tubulars using a top drive
Method for the removal and recovery of the oily component from drill cuttings with liquid CO.sub.2
Cutting tool and method of cutting an object in a well
Method and apparatus to selectively reduce wellbore pressure during pumping operations
Method and apparatus to selectively reduce wellbore pressure during pumping operations
Treatment of a hydrocarbon containing formation after heating
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine stator
Rotor blade for a flow machine, and an associated pulling-off tool
Valve lifter body
Electromagnetic actuator and control
Method for operating a nitrogen oxide storage-type catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine, particularly of a motor vehicle
Method for controlling the heat in an automotive internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus to provide oxygen enriched air to the intake manifold of an internal combustion engine
Air intake apparatus for internal combustion engine
Combustion engine
Combustion chamber
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Autochoke controller
Throttle body in fuel injection apparatus
Injection nozzle for internal combustion engines, which has an annular groove in the nozzle needle
Method and apparatus for engine torque disturbance reduction during cranking
System and method for exhaust heat generation using electrically actuated cylinder valves
Separating arrangement for treatment of fluids
Solar thermal energy conversion system
Self-winding generator
Centrifugal fluid pump apparatus
Sliding member
Assembly for use in underground mining
Frictionally engaged driving belt
Dual path electrically-variable transmission
Failsafe hydraulic circuit
Compound differential dual power path transmission
Sprocket for chain
Gearshift mechanism
Water-hammer preventing unit for check valve
Peltier based freeze-thaw valves and method of use
Flashlight lens cover
Temperature activated pressure relief mechanism for flashlights and batteries
Luminaire reflector
Back light apparatus
Vapor compression system startup method
Composition for leak stopper and sealer
Nitrogen rejection method and apparatus
Control method of clothes dryer and apparatus thereof
Methods and systems for processing a substrate using a dynamic liquid meniscus
Nested attachment junction for heat exchanger
Dimpled projectile for use in firearms
Automated method and apparatus for distance measurement
Measuring method on an electric motor and measuring device for an electric motor for determining the fly height and/or axial play
Contact pressure sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Method for monitoring a rotational speed sensor
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Method and apparatus for detection of fluid level in a container
Thermistor probe assembly and method for positioning and moisture proofing thermistor probe assembly
Diagnosis method for liquefied petroleum injection fuel pump
Diagnosis system for liquefied petroleum injection fuel pump
Wind tunnel testing
Modular film sensors with record memory for a modular automated diagnostic apparatus
Dust testing facility for motor vehicles
Quantitative method of determining beryllium or a compound thereof in a sample
Peptides and their utility in modulation of behavior of cells expressing .alpha.3.beta.1 integrins
Methods of identifying g-couple receptors associated with macrophage-trophic HIV, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Actuator for rear-view mirrors
Bipolar optical connector
Lens barrel and camera having the same
Method of producing image display device and image projector apparatus
Display device and display optical system unit
Light source device and projector
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Photo-polymerization type photo-sensitive electrode paste composition for plasma display panel and fabricating method thereof
Silicon-containing polymer, negative type resist composition comprising the same, and patterning method for semiconductor device using the same
Electron beam lithography method
Fabrication method of a three-dimensional microstructure
Method of forming holographic grating
Chemically amplified resist composition and method for forming patterned film using same
Photosensitive resin compositions
Optical data storage system and method
Differential pressure valve
Monitoring circuit and method
Methods for acquiring hyper transport timing and devices thereof
Power circuit for data storage device to prevent data loss
Reliability-aware disk power management
Dynamically reconfigurable 2D topology communication and verification scheme
Multiple-queue multiple-resource entry sleep and wakeup for power savings and bandwidth conservation in a retry based pipeline
Utilizing auxiliary variables in modeling test space for system behavior
Reclaiming discarded solid state devices
SVC cluster configuration node failover
Data transfer method
SVC cluster configuration node failover
Partial fault processing method in computer system
Identifying whether an application is malicious
Testing and operating a multiprocessor chip with processor redundancy
Storage system group including scale-out storage system and management method therefor
Computing device system and information managing method for rearrangement of data based on access characteristic related to a task
Data storage apparatus and method of calibrating memory
Memory control device and cache memory controlling method
Enabling throttling on average write throughput for solid state storage devices
Recovering data segment contents in a distributed shared memory
Managing remote data replication
Storage apparatus and storage apparatus control method
Information recording apparatus and copy management program for caching content data of digital content
System on chip with reconfigurable SRAM
System and method of executing instructions in a multi-stage data processing pipeline
System and method for obtaining responses to tasks
Efficiently distributing video content using a combination of a peer-to-peer network and a content distribution network
System and method for enabling IP marketplace APIs
Two-level management of locks on shared resources
Two-level management of locks on shared resources
Information processing device, computer system and program
Bootable covert communications module
Conversion of a collection of data to a structured, printable and navigable format
Page creation system
Managing remote data replication
Locally optimized coloring for cleaning lithographic hotspots
Method and device for checking a circuit for adherence to set-up and hold times
Small, adaptable, real-time, scalable image processing chip
Wiring inspection apparatus and wiring inspection method
Standard cells having transistors annotated for gate-length biasing
System and method for audio interface and navigation for generating a paper record
Mask based challenge response test
Authentication method
Data processing device for multiple hardware systems, switching method and computer program product
SAS expander system and method for dynamically allocating SAS addresses to SAS expander devices
Product design system and method
Increasing resilience of a network service
Method and system method and system for exception-less system calls for event driven programs
Selection list of thumbnails
Content sharing application utilizing radially-distributed menus
Network-management device, network-management method, and computer program product
Scalable high-performance interactive real-time media architectures for virtual desktop environments
Telecom web browsers, and methods for defining a telecom web browser
Method and system for generation of dynamic password
Mitigating branch prediction and other timing based side channel attacks
Providing secure dynamic role selection and managing privileged user access from a client device
Configurable tape loader with internal hard-disk
Method and apparatus to support booting despite deficient resources
Capturing multi-component trace for unit of work
System and method for applying a sequence of operations code to program configurable logic circuitry
Refactoring programs for flexible locking
Computer method and apparatus for providing model to model transformation using an MDA approach
Scheduling synchronization in association with collective operations in a parallel computer
Decoupling components of a software system at compile time and load time
Calculating migration points for application migration
Method and program product for costing and planning the re-hosting of computer-based applications
Compiling method, program, and information processing apparatus
Packet draining from a scheduling hierarchy in a traffic manager of a network processor
Scheduling a parallel job in a system of virtual containers
Quality of service scheduling for simultaneous multi-threaded processors
Application hibernation
Increasing parallel program performance for irregular memory access problems with virtual data partitioning and hierarchical collectives
Scheduling MapReduce jobs in the presence of priority classes
Concurrency identification for processing of multistage workflows
Integrating flow orchestration and scheduling of jobs and data activities for a batch of workflows over multiple domains subject to constraints
Speculative task reading in a traffic manager of a network processor
Workload placement on an optimal platform in a networked computing environment
Integrated environment for execution monitoring and profiling of applications running on multi-processor system-on-chip
Effective management of blocked-tasks in preemptible read-copy update
High performance virtual Converged Enhanced Ethernet with persistent state flow control
Interactive simulation of a pneumatic system
Three dimensional mobile converted from two dimensional object
Two piece calendar holder
Digital video disc player
Nanoclustered magnetic materials for high moment write pole applications
Multilayer magnetic recording media including composite layer with discontinuous magnetic phase and continuous non-magnetic phase
Three dimensional (3D) memory device sparing
Partial-maximum distance separable (PMDS) erasure correcting codes for storage arrays
Semiconductor memory device and information processing apparatus including the same
Soft lithographic process for fabricating integrated ITO electrode-liquid crystal alignment layers
Reduced power magnetoresistive random access memory elements
Multiple elliptical ball plasma apparatus
Failure analysis vehicle for yield enhancement with self test at speed burnin capability for reliability testing
Separator for solid polymer fuel cells, and production process thereof
Cell comprising a power-generating element fastened by sheets
System of retaining a plurality of batteries for an electric/hybrid vehicle
Method for producing a rechargeable electrochemical element
Cable holder
Interconnection device and system
Land grid array socket having accessorial pressing members
Electrical socket assembly and plug connector coupled thereto
Elongated electrical outlet
Electrical adapter with reinforcing member
Connector system and method for securing a cable in a connector system
Systems and methods for erasure correction of iterative codes
Controlling decoder iterations based on measurements of physical variables
Packet communication apparatus and packet communication method
Method for authenticating a communication channel between a client and a server
Automatically authenticating a host key via a dynamically generated certificate using an embedded cryptographic processor
System and methods for distributing trusted time
Operating device, control panel, and image forming apparatus including same
Multimedia content fusion
Mobile terminal and coupon managing method thereof
Method for setting TV environment through user authentication and apparatus thereof
Information processing unit for acquiring television program-related information
Second screen content
Method for manufacturing light-emitting device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Seat belt positioner
Portion of a shoe upper
Bag clip
Multi-way cache expansion circuit architecture
Multiprocessing system with automated propagation of changes to centrally maintained configuration settings
Method of reading, encrypting and transferring data
Fault tolerant computer employing double-redundant structure
Fast metric calculation for Viterbi decoder implementation
System and method for performing substitute fulfillment
Distributed server for real-time collaboration
Generic operating system usage in a remote initial program load environment
Programmatically providing direct access to user interface elements of an application program
Address type determination for an I2C EEPROM
Measurement device and measurement method for measuring internal quality of fruit or vegetable
Method and apparatus for electronic circuit model correction
Method and system for selective incentive point-of-sale marketing in response to customer shopping histories
Technique for centrally tracking transactions in an electronic billing system
Techniques for improving index searches in a client-server environment
Arrangement and a method relating to a radio unit
Method and apparatus for radio power allocation to a channel during channel assignment based on current system conditions
Method for monitoring growth disorder therapy
Microwave applicator for therapeutic uses
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Pair of high heeled shoes
Pair of high-heeled shoes with toe cap and surface ornamentation
Shoe upper
Breakaway buckle
Ring for placement between a hairbrush handle and head
Textile pattern
CD stand
Cabinet for use in an audio production, satellite uplink and radio broadcast studio
Water purification component housing
Organizer rack
Towel bar post
Double door merchandiser
Seat back backcover
Bucket seat cushion
Horizontal bottom bar for a horizontal blind
Display stand
Refrigerated display case
Beverage dispenser
Electric espresso machine
Pinched trainer cup
Cooling container
Two-handled mug
Milk jug
Disposable plastic kettle
Double rolling cooler with CD and cassette player
Waffle iron
Electrical power cooker
Lid handle for an article of cookware
Microwave oven
Can opener
Convertible cooler stand
Handle for garden utensils
Handle mounting element for a hand tool
Screwdriver handle
Knot tying tool
Tile spacer remover tool
Mold produced design for a thumb screw
Clinch nut
Clinch nut
Mold produced design for a thumb screw
Snack packaging
Snack packaging
Toothbrush packaging
Snack packaging
Toothbrush packaging
Snack packaging
Toothbrush packaging
Cup shaped container
Cup shaped container
Holding and carrying device for two handled shopping bags
Clock with movable advertisement signs
Casing of a clock
Watch with bracelet
Coil over plug adapter
Audible signal for alarms
Audible signal for alarms
Audible signal for alarms
Siren speaker
Precious stone
Wedding ring holder
Surface configuration of a vehicle and/or toy
Foldable stroller frame
Tire tread
Surface configuration of a radiator grill for a vehicle
Boat fender
Pair of six-gun handlebar riser clamps
Surface configuration of a trunk lid for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a rear fender for a vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Plough anchor
Grille of a truck vehicle
Display apparatus
Paper holder
Paper towel holder
Post for bath accessory
Post for bath accessory
Plunger and caddy
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew