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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Highly tunable, low jitter optical clock generation
Human Necessities
Crate for transporting animals
Dual hopper animal feeder device
Reversible garment for providing high-visibility when riding a bicycle and low profile when not riding a bicycle and method of using reversible garment
Portable fishing lure cleaner
Power dental cleaning appliance with actuator system for producing a short bristle stroke
Transparent shelf guard
Expandable pillow
Base assembly for sweeper
Scratch-off card surface remover
Method and apparatus for mounting a data transmission device in a communication system
Method to diagnose and measure vascular drainage insufficiency in the central nervous system
Detection of deception and truth-telling using fMRI of the brain
Reconstructing a tomographic image with reduced artifacts
System and method for tracking a deceased body
Connecting apparatus and methods
Transcutaneous neurostimulator for modulating cardiovascular function
Multimodal auditory fitting
Determining operating parameters for a stimulating medical device
Portable negative pressure ventilation device and methods and software related thereto
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for single hand attachment of drywall corner beads with staples
Wedge drive
Hinge replacement system and method
Method and apparatus for producing magnetic attachment system
Nut member strike adapter and method of utilizing the same
Carpet knife
Wheel suspension for a vehicle
Gas generator
Microfluidic flame barrier
Attitude control device for in-space propellant depot
Food tray and method
Infant positioning kit assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing molten glass, glass-melting furnace, process for producing glass products and apparatus for producing glass products
Microwave plasma processing apparatus, dielectric window for use in the microwave plasma processing apparatus, and method for manufacturing the dielectric window
Plasma film forming apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Self-closing hanging system
Method and apparatus for anchoring beam
Method for installation of roof insulation and membrane roofing
Attachment system of photovoltaic cell to fluoropolymer structural membrane
Solar cell module
Lattice tower and an erection method for a wind turbine with a lattice tower
Natural disaster shelter
Controlled closure system for a hinge
Safety box
Window or door element
Method and apparatus for analying fracture fluids in a drilling operation
Variable throat venturi flow meter having a plurality of section-varying elements
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems, methods and devices for the management of heat removal within a compression and/or expansion device or system
Work machine with easily serviceable exhaust aftertreatment device
Vehicle exhaust waste heat utilizing system having a heating pipe mechanism
Pump apparatus
Method for operating a compressor
Method for controlling a fuel injector of a diesel engine
High-temperature radiator storage yard generating apparatus
Heat engine apparatus and method
Hydraulic system for construction equipment
Hot-water supply system having dual pipe
Portable cooler
De-cocking mechanism for striker-fired semi-automatic pistols
Multi component reactive metal penetrators, and their method of manufacture
Method for measuring and/or testing waviness of a planar textile
Rotary position transducer assembly which compensates for radial play
Adjustable grade finder
Apparatus and method for gyroscopic propulsion
Fluidic oscillator flowmeter for use with a subterranean well
Avatar Kimchi refrigerator
Magnetic suspension supporter of direct tension test apparatus
Method for determining optimum intraocular locations for drug delivery systems
Vehicular door closing-inspection apparatus and vehicular door closing-inspection method
Topology aware MANET for mobile networks
Determining collocations with an access transport management system (ATMS)
Determination of the gap size of a radial gap
Wavefield extrapolation modeling for internal multiple prediction
Determining borehole corrected formation on properties
Rain gauge and irrigation system
Projection lens system
Zoom lens system
Method and system for fast three-dimensional structured-illumination-microscopy imaging
See-through optical system
Non powered concepts for a wire frame of fluid filled lenses
Optical element for transmitting ultraviolet light and light source device including same
Release mechanism and transceiver module using the same
Attenuator apparatus
Combined optical and electrical flexible wiring and production method therefor
Lens module
Beam steering device
Methods and apparatus for flash intensity value management in a photographic environment
Both side screen for combined use of 2D/3D images
Image output device, image output method, and computer program product
Toner supply method, development device, process unit, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including transfer roller mechanism
Transfer and fixing device using radiant heating and image forming apparatus using same
Image forming apparatus with first and second gloss modes
Image forming apparatus provided with function to calculate charge based on the number of sheets printed, print system including image forming apparatus, method for counting the number of sheets printed executed by image forming apparatus, and program for counting
Methods and computer program products for remotely managing power demand
Power metadata transfer over power lines
Space solution search
Method and apparatus for warming up integrated circuits
Power supply system of electronic device with improved power saving in S5 state
Electronic device with multiple power ports
Hard disk device
Serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module device assembly
Electronic device with interlatched front cover and back plate
Fire resistant enclosure for a data storage device having heat sink capabilities and method for making the same
Mounting apparatus for PCI card
Computing device and method for managing motherboard test
System and method for managing information stored in semiconductors
Grille control mechanism for vehicle
Smart optimization of tracks for cloud computing
Method and system for distributing multiple storage devices to multiple tiers in a storage apparatus
Network on chip with caching restrictions for pages of computer memory
Storage apparatus and method of controlling storage apparatus
Overflow handling of speculative store buffers
Apparatus and method to protect metadata against unexpected power down
Storage control apparatus and storage control apparatus memory control method
Synchronous extent migration protocol for paired storage
Method for reliably updating a data group in a read-before-write data replication environment using a comparison file
Label-based taint analysis
Variable data preservation prewrite
Systems and methods for configuring mobile devices for printing to wireless printers
Method, system and software for dynamically extracting content for integration with electronic mail
Adaptive screen painting to enhance user perception during remote management sessions
Server system and method for controlling information system
System and method for delivering web content to a mobile device
Methods and systems for authoring of mixed-initiative multi-modal interactions and related browsing mechanisms
Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same to mediate the transfer of a process request from a client to a file server
Data processing system using geographical locations
Systems, methods and media for distributing peer-to-peer communications
System and method for transmission of data
Transaction processing using multiple protocol engines
MPLS VPN fault management using IGP monitoring system
Bootstrap system for dual central processing units
Selective tunneling based on a client configuration and request
Generating simulated containment reports of dynamically assembled components in a content management system
Signal processing apparatus, digital filter and recording medium
Data de-duplication in a distributed network
Financial-service structured content manager
Memory management in a token stitcher for a content search system having pipelined engines
Computer method and apparatus of information management and navigation
Method and device for rights management
Sales of collections excluding those already purchased
Desktop, stream-based, information management system
System and method of sub-surface system design and installation
Spare latch distribution
Automation of tie cell insertion, optimization and replacement by scan flip-flops to increase fault coverage
Programmatic auto-convergent method for "physical layout power hot-spot" risk aware ASIP architecture customization for performance optimization
Method, system and computer program product for management of roping contestant entries
Method and system for optimizing the layout of a robot work cell
Visualization technique for biological information
Systems and methods for identifying biometric information as trusted and authenticating persons using trusted biometric information
Communication management system and communication management method
System, method and apparatus for simultaneous definition and enforcement of access-control and integrity policies
Receivers for television signals
Mobile device messaging application
Bus traffic profiling
Interface device for input device
Device for analysing variable magnitudes by simultaneous multiple windowing
Hardware accelerator module and method for setting up same
Method and system for storage of unstructured data for electronic discovery in external data stores
Method and device for controlling access to a shared document in station-to-station communication network
E-mail based semantic web collaboration and annotation
Structure based storage, query, update and transfer of tree-based documents
Simplified entity relationship model to access structure data
Method and system for preventing unauthorized reproduction of electronic media
System and method for authenticating a user of an image processing system
Method, device and computer program product for random number generation in a meter
Preinstalled operating system instances stored on removable storage devices
Optimized scalar promotion with load and splat SIMD instructions
Apparatus and method for performing an over-the-air software update in a dual processor mobile station
Systems and methods for providing feedback for software components
Multiple java ME MIDlet execution in single-instance CLDC JVM
Monitoring changes to data within a critical section of a threaded program
Automated attachment of segmentation data to hot contact leads for facilitating matching of leads to interested lead buyers
Converting program code of a multi-threaded program into program code causing less lock contentions
System and method for performing designated service image processing functions in a service image warehouse
Policy-driven detection and verification of methods such as sanitizers and validators
System and method for integrating software schedulers and hardware interrupts for a deterministic system
Selection of server for relocation of application program based on largest number of algorithms with identical output using selected server resource criteria
Reducing queue synchronization of multiple work items in a system with high memory latency between processing nodes
Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Inter-thread data communications in a computer processor
Efficiency of static core turn-off in a system-on-a-chip with variation
Method and apparatus for generating stereoscopic image from two-dimensional image by using mesh map
Authentication system and portable medium for authentication
Multimedia coding and decoding with additional information capability
Spot quantification apparatus, spot quantification method, and recording medium
Focus finding and alignment using a split linear mask
Biometric authentication device and computer product
Alignment method and examination apparatus
Three-dimensional display system with depth map mechanism and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for performing feature extraction using local primitive code
Method of tracking the position of the head in real time in a video image stream
Method for controlling the quality of printed documents based on pattern matching
Image analysis processes and methods for the evaluation of tampon performance
Allocating commodity shelves in a supermarket
System and method for managing data within a calendaring framework
Executing a business process by a standard business process engine
System of distributing commissions within a relationship network
Automated transaction machine
System, method and computer program product for transferring money
Peer to peer database
Method of conducting operations for a social network application including activity list generation
Forming multi-user packet based groups using response behavior
System and method for influencing an on-going event
Automatic polarity adaptation for ambient noise cancellation
Motor and optical disk drive using the same with chamfered and fractured parts on rotor case
Recording medium manufacturing device and method
Memory apparatus including programmable non-volatile multi-bit memory cell, and apparatus and method for demarcating memory states of the cell
Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
Memory programming using variable data width
Monitoring method and monitoring program for boiling water reactor, and acoustic damping method for boiling water reactor
Opcode counting for performance measurement
MgB.sub.2 compound sheath superconducting wire and manufacturing method of the same
Rapidly switching dual energy X-ray source
Box for housing an electrical meter
Load center with branch-level current sensors integrated into power buses on a unit with on-board circuit breaker mounts
Battery system
Protection circuit for hard disk
Appartus and method for protecting signal and communication lines from very high voltage and transient pulses
Power supply circuit
Power supply circuit with spike suppression circuit
Bidirectional signal conversion
Signal characteristic adjustment apparatus and signal characteristic adjustment method
Ultra-wideband communication system for very high data rates
Communication device employing binary product coding with selective additional cyclic redundancy check (CRC) therein
Turbo decoder employing ARP (almost regular permutation) interleave and arbitrary number of decoding processors
Multi-zone audio amplification system for multimedia
WCDMA terminal baseband processing module having multi-path scanner module
Technique for searching for a preamble signal in a spread spectrum using a fast hadamard transform
Wireless terrestrial communications systems using a line-of-sight frequency for inbound data and a non-line-of-sight frequency for outbound data
Cellular handheld device with FM Radio Data System receiver
Telephone computing system and devices
Front end module with tone injection
Optical transmission device, transmission and reception module, optical transmission system, and wavelength dispersion compensation method in optical transmission device
Suppressing noise in an audio signal
Base transceiver station and channel rate control method based on radio quality, channel quality and CPU load
Wireless USB device and wireless USB communication system
Method of power negotiation between two contactless devices
MEMS based multiband receiver architecture
Power controlled communication system between a source, repeater, and base station
Timeslot sharing protocol for wireless communication networks
Methods and apparatus for RF channel switching in a multi-frequency network
Method and system for speed negotiation for twisted pair links in fibre channel sytems
Mobile radio communications device and related method of operation
Wavelength-multiplexed optical controller using a ring architecture
Mutual wavelength locking in WDM-PONS
Combined simulcasting and dedicated services in a wireless communication system
Arrangement for synchronizing access points in WLAN using direct-sequence spread spectrum signaling
Fast generalized decision feedback equalizer precoder implementation for multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission systems
Apparatus and method for processing failure of component carrier in multiple carrier system
Method, system and program product for processing requests
Adaptive enterprise service bus (ESB) runtime system and method
Methods and apparatus for managing multicast traffic
Sonet add/drop multiplexer with packet over sonet capability
Method and apparatus for enabling customer premise public branch exchange service feature processing
System for and method of validating a VoIP telephone number order
In-band address tunneling
Apparatus and method for dynamic detection and attenuation of periodic acoustic feedback
Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal within a predetermined spectral mask
System and method for non-crystal-based communications
Constrained hopping in wireless communication systems
Power-saving apparatus used for wireless communication receiver and system, and method using the same
Peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction scheme for wireless communication
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Devices, systems, and methods for enabling reconfiguration of services supported by a network of devices
Method, device, and computer program product for differentiated treatment of emails based on network classification
Server and method for password recovery
Wifi hotspot arrangement
Weatherproof radio receiver
Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, and base station
Method and apparatus for delivery confirmation of a message
Mobile terminal
Method and device for secure phone banking
System and method of identifying the association relationship between a smart card and a mobile phone
Systems and methods of filtering an audio speech stream
System and method for providing customer activities while in queue
Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing data in the transmitting/receiving system
Video reproduction method, video reproduction device, and video distribution system
Portable recording medium, video recording/reproducing apparatus, video recording/reproducing method, video reproducing apparatus, video recording apparatus, video reproducing method, and video recording method
Video processing apparatus and control method thereof
Apparatuses and methods for processing video signals
Method, apparatus and system for dynamic grouping and content distribution
Decoder with dynamic range compensation
Method and apparatus for assigning a virtual number during porting of a primary number
Driver assembly for loudspeakers
Electronic device with cover having internal protruding portions for dispersing of sound
Apparatus and method for a complete audio signal
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method in communication system
Method and apparatus for cell change order
Method, system and apparatus for updating a terminal profile
Intra-donor cell coordinated multi-point transmission with type 1 relay
Scheduling method in wireless communication system using relay station
Wireless communication system, base station and transmitting method
Mobility mechanism for service continuity with core element failure
Wireless network brokerage method and system
Method for automatic standby response to reduce pilot workload
Communication control method and its applied base station
Method and system for shared communication medium in wireless communication systems
Methods and apparatus for facilitating network-based control of a forwarding policy used by a mobile node
Mammography apparatus comprising a rotatably mounted fixture for at least two X-ray receivers
Method of attaching an electronic module power supply
Mounting apparatus for expansion card
Back panel for video display device
Server assembly with removable server module
Hard disk drive mount and hard disk drive assembly using same
Fastening device for data storage device
Handle structure of electronic device enclosure
Low-cost transformer assembly
Electronic device with replaceable rear cover
Foldable keyboard
Mounting apparatus for removable module
Mounting apparatus for heat dissipating member
Electronic device with expansion cards
Power supply
Enclosure of an electronic device
Server assembly
Electronic device
Electrical connector assembly
Mounting apparatus for fans
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bra strap converter
Garment fastener
Molding of fastening hooks and other devices
Shoe fringe clamp
Adjustable buckle device
Two-piece lock with hidden locking mechanism
Method of producing a nonwoven material
Yarn blowing device
Broken piece collecting assembly for fastener setting tool
Vision target based assembly
Method of making a hollow-tube brachytherapy device
Stand alone swage method
Method for manufacturing long, slender lamina stack from nonuniform laminae
Method of aligning small components using self-aligning end effector
Method and apparatus for lifting tabs of a laminate from a substrate
Method of manufacturing armature of motor using hoop member
Manufacturing method of a suspension
Method of producing a slider
Tube expanding machine
Method of making chip scale package with heat spreade
Multilayer laminated substrates with high density interconnects and methods of making the same
Method for making vehicular wire harness having juxtaposed wires
Method of reducing the gap between a liner and a turbine distributor of a turbojet engine
Static ventilator including a corrugated portion
Plain bearing with overlay
Chestnut's friend
Utility knife
Cord-type grass-cutting head with means for lengthening the worn cord
Spherical cutter and cutter holder arrangement
Scoring tool
Spectacle lens shape measuring apparatus
Steering lash and suspension play testing system
3D laser leveler
Linear encoder with a modular scale and a method of producing same
Automatic foot sizing apparatus
Apparatus and method for calibrating a wafer blade
Non-contact surface roughness measuring device
Position sensor
Cover cleaner handle
Vacuum-type automatic dehumidifying and drying apparatus for powdered or granular material
Room air gel dryer
Corn dryer
Method for controlling a freeze drying process
Method and apparatus for continuous dehydration of sludge
Method and apparatus for drying wood particles
Shoe sole structures
Insole with an opening
Snowshoe with pivotable harness hinged on a semi-rigid decking
System for controlling a snowplow and other vehicle accessories
Non-motorized machine for throwing snow or other debris
Removable blade assembly for trencher machine
Assembly connectable to an operating arm of a machine for performing work functions
Frame for mounting on a boom mounted quick change bracket
Steam iron with scale deposit repression
Machine-foldable display having superimposed, spaced-apart image panels
Motion toy
Simulated rock numerical display device
Display device and array
Expandable artists' frames and preloading springs therefor
Sign holder
Vehicle-mountable picture frame
Backing and support assembly for a decorative element
Frame element for a picture frame
Repeating rifle with magazine adapter
Device for reducing firearms trigger pull weight
Gun having a rapid fire trigger assembly and the assembly therefor
Heated firearm stock
Protective cover
Portable hunting blind
Fishing lure with interchangeable tail
Fish hook
Live animal and fowl trap with transfer capability
Device for trapping pests
Pest control system including compartments having areas for receiving pest control materials of differing physical consistencies
Biodegradable and biocompatible agricultural mulch and method of preparing same
Biological material embedded in hydrogels, a process for the embedding thereof, and its use as artificial seed
Portable side pet door
Cable control device for sectional overhead door
Device for automatically controlling opening and closing of a vehicle slide door
Deck connector
Adjustable linkage
Cinematic theater and theater multiplex
Dry deck rain trays
Roof gutter guard
Hip and ridge sealing and attachment system and method of using same
Three dimensional guide
Compressive/Tensile-Load-Type Damper made of lead and seismic isolation apparatus using the same
Architectural glazing panel system and retaining clip therefor
Window having an improved window frame structure
Raised access floor
Method to produce elongated objects of wood
Reinforced steel stud structure
Slabstone positioning device
Fixed vacuum insulation panel
Resilient flooring
Reinforced exterior siding
Clamp for securing assemblies other than snow retention devices to a raised metal seam roof
Fiber-reinforced molded plastic roofing unit and method of making the same
Reinforced foam block wall
Flexible radiused corner key for insulated glass assemblies
Formliner for decorative wall
Heater assembly for automatic tablet sorting and counting machine
Method of improving the raw stock keeping of photothermographic films
Cartoner with ink jet coder
Method and apparatus for packaging
Container with dispensing spout and method for making same
Method and apparatus for opening an envelope in an inserting machine
Method and apparatus for assembling and packaging medical devices
Device for packaging groups of (Individual) packages
High speed machine for inserting sheets into envelopes
Method and device for cutting film used to wrap groups of products
Quick release apparatus
Multiple blade brush-cutting mower
Apparatus for wrapping round bales
Machine combination, a rake and pick-up and displacing member, as well as a method
Retractable hay and bean fluffer
Synthetic non-metallic rope for an elevator
Machine for the spinning and texturing of threads by false twisting
Dynamically uncoupled low nox combustor with axial fuel staging in premixers
Combined cycle electric power plant
Gas turbine generator having reserve capacity controller
Arrangement for damping combustion-chamber oscillations
Multi-expansion ejector nozzle with diverging walls
Combustion chamber/nozzle assembly and fabrication process therefor
Fuel-injecting apparatus for ramjet engine cooled by transpiration
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine and shield arrangement therefor
Apparatus and method for emissions containment and reduction
Method and arrangement for desulfurization of NOx reservoir catalysts
After treatment system for a variable displacement engine
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Knuckle joint for an exhaust system
Variable pressure hydraulic systems
Hydraulic drive system for construction machine
Hydraulic pressure type booster
EGR delivery and control system using dedicated full authority compressor
Method and apparatus for matching a secondary steam supply to a main steam supply of a nuclear or thermal renewable fueled electric generating plant
Method and apparatus for adapting steady flow with cyclic thermodynamics
Combustor bulkhead with improved cooling and air recirculation zone
Steam cooling type gas turbine combustor
Thermoelectric cooling assembly with thermal space transformer interposed between cascaded thermoelectric stages for improved thermal performance
Thermal link device for a cryogenic machine
Cryogenic liquid heat exchanger system with fluid ejector
Cryogenic treatment of silicon nitride tool and machine parts
Apparatus and method for flushing a refrigeration system
Process for regulating a refrigerating system, refrigerating system and expansion valve
Air conditioner with air cleaner
Liquid temperature regulating apparatus
Motor cooling
Method of controlling air distribution in a container
Air conditioner
Apparatus for the cleaning of waste streams
Method for recovering condensable gas from mixed gas and condensable gas recovering apparatus
Method and apparatus for recovering xenon or a mixture of krypton and xenon from air
Needle actuation device for knitting machines
Method and apparatus for seaming edges of knitted articles
Knitted fabric having elastomeric yarn
Knit necktie and method of producing the same
Method for manufacturing a dressing item with a circular knitting machine, and item obtained with the method
Two face terry knit raised surface fabric with face to back color differentiation
Housing construction for rotating dial combination padlocks
Portable locking device for protection of stringed instruments
Frameless glass door lock
Door lock
Device for securing a spare tire
Key with built-in transmitting element
Key handle
Method for improving the contour of rolled material
Method of and apparatus for measuring planarity of metal strip
Method and device for measuring a mechanical characteristic of a long metallic product method of continuously producing a long product, and product obtained
Press apparatus
Radius crimping tool
Hydro compression tube forming die apparatus and method for making the same
High load non-lubricated cam follower in can necker machine
Method of operating a rolling mill stand of a rolling mill train
Bending device for two working rolls of a roll stand
Adjustment and tension control device for a multipass wire drawing machine
Variable-speed pipe bending
Compensation device for a press brake
Cam slider and a cam unit using the same
Gas module valve automated test fixture
Inclination sensor and method of measuring the accuracy thereof
Calibration disk having discrete bands of calibration bumps
Control method for antilock braking systems with stress sensor and measurement device of wheel operating force
Detector and method for the production thereof
Oil seal orientation detection
System and method including multiple test chambers for automated testing for holes in prophylactic device
Fuel system leak detection
Surface property measuring device
Detection of malfunction in gas concentration detection system
Earth formation pressure measurement with penetrating probe
Well flowmeter and down-hole sampler
Apparatus, method and formula relating to total-wind statistics
Apparatus and methods for monitoring system environment of outdoor base station
Electromagnetic measuring system for meteorology
In-ground receptacle for fluid meter and valves
Capacitive liquid level indicator
Method and apparatus for pre-processing of semiconductor substrate surface analysis
Balanced vibratory gyroscope and amplitude control for same
Method and device for the structure analysis and/or for detecting the position of layered objects
Device for the investigation of boundary layer areas using ultrasound
Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) inspection of tubes for surface defects
Self aligning dial for instrument gauge
Pressure test gauge assembly
Solid state transducer for Coriolis flowmeter
Gas delivery sensor and respiratory aid appliance comprising such a sensor
Air flow measurement device
Tip flow barrier for a pitot tube type of fluid flowmeter
Method and device for solid phase microextraction
Liquid sample and method
Test device for ozone-ultraviolet cleaning-stripping equipment
Adjustable link motion press
Motorized actuator for vehicle wing mirrors
Shifting device for synchromesh-type transmission
Vehicle steering apparatus
Composite selector fork arrangement adapted to cooperate with a selector sleeve
Column tilt actuator assembly
Device for reducing cable flop
Adjustable pedal with cable assembly
Electronic treadle gear design
Window operator
Bicycle crankset
Device for rapid securement of a shoe on a bicycle pedal
Motorcycle flywheel assembly
Integrated solenoid circuit assembly
Band saw blade sharpener
Hose clamp tool
Process for mechanically removing the encapsulating material from a fiber-optic ribbon cable and tool for implementing the process
Threaded stud setting tool
Tube spinner
Low-profile ratchet wrench having magnetically retained thin-walled sockets
Ratchet wrench having gear driven pawl
Tool magnet holder
Socket mounting arrangement
Semi-automatic screwdriver for collated screws
Screwdriver used for screw tightener and screw suitably tightened by the screwdriver
Tool handle having tool members receiving structure
Multi-spindle CNC lathe
Computer controlled portioning machine
Method and arrangement for operating rotating starting shears
Woodworking accessory for making tapered cuts on a workpiece
Pilot device for a suspended knife of a cutting machine for cutting sheet material
Method and apparatus for cutting and removing patterns from a fabric ply mat
Submarine deployable vertical launch spar buoy
Container for belted ammunition
Vehicle seat ballistic shield
Actuating device for automation of a manual transmission of vehicles, especially motor vehicles
Brake booster with alternate activation by rotary electric motor
Reaction mechanism for booster
Braking device of linear moving operating devices
Jack for bolting and unbolting
Diaphragm retainer for spring brake actuator
Reciprocating pump/compressor with self-aligning piston
Heated water dispensing system
Tea infusing device
Single serving beverage maker
Corn popping kettle assembly with damping mechanisms
Popping kettle assembly
Cooking rack with center release
Method and apparatus for continuous tempering of chocolate-like mass
Press for food products, such as fruits or vegetables, and kitchen robot comprising such a press
Knotter for balling apparatus
Apparatus for calendering paper
Printing machine with rotatably mounted object-carrier supports
Apparatus for imprinting an unmarked endless foil
Method and apparatus for web steering
Stamp unit
Drawing apparatus having fixing member for clamping material on drum and method of mounting material
Remotely controllable clamping and tensioning device on a printing-unit cylinder
Image forming apparatus and controlling method thereof
Method and device for controlling the temperature of an ink duct roller in an inking unit of a rotary printing press
Igniter for vehicle airbag inflator
Shotshell basewad
Reinforced hopper car structure
Convertible table
Painter's mobil workstation
Laptop computer work station and accessory storage system
Pallet with non-slip load-carrying and ground-engaging surfaces
Dual-height shelf divider
Rotatable shelf
Folding table
Supine activity table
Security vault
Rotary burner for solid fuel
Method for reducing unburned carbon in low NOx boilers
Regulator for nurse induction unit on air seeders
Method and device for planting plants
Buttonhole darning sewing machine
Arch clamp foot lifting apparatus
Method for forming a trim cover assembly of a donut-like or annular headrest for a vehicle seat
Method for sewing stretchable cloths by using stretchable cloth tape, and stretchable cloth
Process and configuration of protruding embroidery
Air bearing pontoon system for shipping containers
Passive system for mitigation of thruster wake deficit
Insert for marine fitting
Automatically operating dump valve device for a boat, particularly a life raft
Offshore turret with circle of bearing devices
Jack-up platform with storage tank and method for installing such a jack-up platform
Hydrofoil supported water craft
Device for jettisoning an object into the water from a vessel
Inflatable watercraft
Lightweight folding boat with tent and trailer
Location identification balloon system
Semiconductor wafer processor, plasma generating apparatus, magnetic field generator, and method of generating a magnetic field
Multiple coil antenna for inductively-coupled plasma generation systems
Method of regulating the vacuum level in a milking apparatus, and a milking apparatus
Milking inflation
Method for treating aquatic pests
Pet restraint harness
Remote release muzzle
Intermediate fluid type vaporizer, and natural gas supply method using the vaporizer
Control device for the coolant and heating circulation circuit of an internal combustion engine
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Free piston internal combustion engine with piston head having a radially moveable cap
V-shaped plural cylinder two-cycle engine
Reciprocating piston engine with a swivel disk gear
Actuators operating device for electromagnetic valve actuation in internal combustion engines
Method for setting valve lift
Switchable cam follower
Mechanism for transmitting the movement of cams
Oil passage construction for an engine with an oil pressure control device
Diesel engine starting controller and method
Engine balance apparatus and accessory drive device
Scraping ring and sealing ring used with a cylinder liner in an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine piston assembly and method
Auxiliary apparatus for a vehicle
Quasiturbine zero vibration-continuous combustion rotary engine compressor or pump
Method for enhanced split injection in internal combustion engines
Feedback load control for power steering
Magnet coil used in a fuel injection pump
Fuel feeder
Pressurizing a gas injection type fuel injection system
Exhaust gas recirculation valve assembly having an integrated check valve
Exhaust gas recirculation fault detection system
Ball throwing machine and electrical control therefor
Manual tile cutter
Heating apparatus
Apparatus and method for heating fluid
Inhaler carrier
Accurate dose nitric oxide pulse delivery device with monitoring and alarms
Audio guided intubation stylet
Taste-based approach to the prevention of teeth clenching and grinding
Wound protecting device
Applying high energy light and heat for gynecological sterilization procedures
Method of making and/or treating diseases characterized by neovascularization
Methods for restoring and/or enhancing accommodation in pseudo phakia
Device and method for forming a circumferential conduction block in a pulmonary vein
System of implantable devices for monitoring and/or affecting body parameters
Position-adjustable control console
Spring enhanced cigar cutter
Smoking method
Cigarette filter containing dry water and microcapsules
Mechanized hair braiding apparatus
Double-sided safety straight razor
Retracting hairholder device
Support element in the form of a helical tension spring, applicable to hair or sheet material
Packaging device for a powdery or product, or a product in the form of a gel
Movable dental floss
CVD apparatus with high throughput and cleaning method therefor
Method of removing waxy/fatty soils from ware with a combination of a nonionic silicone surfactant and a nonionic surfactant
Cleaning and drying apparatus for objects to be processed
Modular cleaning facility
Ion extraction apparatus for single side wafers
Substate-treating device
Filter cleaning basin
Collapsing mechanism of automatic fourfold collapsible umbrella
Slim rib assembly for umbrella
Mobility assisting device
Non-circulating, rapid, hot tap water apparatus and method
System and method for handling multiphase flow
Liquid filling device
Priority type flow dividing valve
Pressure regulator for watering system
Purge valve
Low-high flow rate valve
Oversized air valve for use with inflatable devices and method
Apparatus for use in manufacture of sump basins
High temperature rotating union
Sewer pipe cover assembly
Valve locking system
Automatic shut-off device for a pipe
Damper valve for hydraulic power steering device
Liquid flow regulator for use in infusion sets
Pressure relief latching solenoid valve
Solenoid valve control system
Adjustable quick closing disk check value with flow indicator
Fuel tank of a motor vehicle and a level metering device for the fuel tank
Device for introducing encapsulated products into water
Meter-out flow control valve
Three position retaining valve
Generally T-shaped valve and valve assembly
Valve having a flow blocking rotary body
Channel-switching valve and method of controlling the same, and refrigerating cycle and method of controlling the same
In-line magnetic water manufacturing apparatus
Convection heat trap
Reed valve retention
Manifold solenoid valve driven by serial signals
Hydraulic capacity with controlled pressure absorption
Plumbing apparatus
Corrugated pipe with foot
Method of forming a woven textile
Method and apparatus for temporarily activating a brake in a weaving loom
Pneumatically supported weaving shuttle
Method and apparatus for adjustable weft thread insertion in rapier weaving machine
Method and apparatus for verifying an encapsulation of quick-setting adhesive in small reservior cups
Sealable recovery vessel system and method for accessing valved containers
Flexible fluid containment system
Dual chamber fluid exchange apparatus
Condiment receptacle holder
Method and arrangement for introducing fluorescent dye into a system to be leak tested
Machine for cutting plates from timber
Method and device for preventing or releasing a blocking caused by logs fed to a chipper through a feeding chute
Precision-balanced cutter head and method
Wood surfacing head and method
Pneumatic tire for passenger cars having shoulder recess
Pneumatic tire
Brush finishing machine
Low pressure actuated labeling apparatus
Apparatus for manufacturing adhesive layer, apparatus for manufacturing double-sided substrate, and apparatus for manufacturing multi-layered substrate
Equipment for manufacturing laminated metal sheet
For an automatic labeling machine for packers in bags of mesh or the like
Laminating mechanism for producing a laminated composite
One-way insect screen
Top-down-bottom-up shade having an improved lift system
Fabric window covering with looped fabric vanes
Track assembly for supporting fabrics
Apparatus for electromagnetically braking a molten metal in a continuous casting mold
Strip casting apparatus
Automotive air conditioning apparatus
Heat sink for portable electronic devices
Door mounted heat exchanger for outdoor equipment enclosure
Enhanced heat exchange tube
Plate heat exchanger for three heat exchanging fluids
Heat exchanger
Sample conditioning system for an off-gas monitor panel
Thermostat having a multiple color signal capability with single indicator opening
Apparatus and method for manipulating an auxiliary tool within a subterranean well
Triple action pumping system and method
Downhole packer system
Pressure-compensation system
Process for the enhanced recovery of petroleum oil
Method for clearing debris in a bore
Drive source for feeding extinguishing medium into spray head for extinguishing fire
Pyrotechnical device and process for extinguishing fires
Fire extinguishing system for automotive vehicles
Method for producing a plurality of cultivated spots for planting of trees and a rolling spot cultivator
Automatic depth control system and method
Multistage push button for a pneumatic tool
Electropulse method of holes boring and boring machine
Core sampling method and core sampler therefor
Method of determining characteristics of a rotary drag-type drill bit
Fixture for the production of bores with single or double rods
Percussive drilling apparatus
Impact tool
Drill bit with rows of cutters mounted to present a serrated cutting edge
Cutting structure for rotary drill bits
Traveling operation device for a working vehicle
Vehicle for traversing external curved surfaces
Transporting device
Track-type carriage system for heavy vehicles
Hybrid powertrain controller
Ground effect ship
Control of pump for hydraulic front wheel drive
Security system
Radial torque drive system
Steering gear box mounting structure
Multiple-axle steering system for agricultural harvesting machines
Electric power steering apparatus
Plenum mounted, flat panel masking loudspeaker system and method for mounting a masking loudspeaker in a ceiling plenum
Wax guard membrane for hearing aids
Exhaust gas muffler
Suppression of acoustic cavity resonance induced by fluid flow
Folding sawhorse
Automotive lift apparatus
Hydraulic control apparatus for industrial vehicles
Procedure and apparatus for the deceleration of an elevator
Procedure for closing an elevator landing door, and a door coupler
Elevating work platform structure
Mechanical seat lock with translating rod that does not rotate
Multi-directional locking arrangement for a vehicle
Disc brake assembly
Method for assembling a disk brake with a lacquer-coated sealing ring and a disk brake assembly
Vented rotor for caliper disc brakes and the like
Shock absorber with bypass damping
Large recreational equipment luggage transport system and method of transporting same
Wrap around spring clutch
Parking apparatus for continuously variable transmission
Wrap spring shade operator
Modular pneumatic pop-up units for conveyor system
Stopper cylinder
Roller or belt conveying device for sheet-like or plate-like workpieces of low specific gravity
Apparatus for feeding articles
Device for feeding pieces of dough to dough trays of a pre-proofing cabinet
Apparatus for transporting profiles
Modular structure for a plate for receiving products as they come off a carry section of an endless chain-type conveyor
Indexing drive
Adjustable control roller apparatus and method
Thermoplastic connecting pin
Conveyor for individual units
Skin cleansing device with re-sealable container
Multi-part, multi-fold, multi-compartment portable carrying and storage case
Tobacco wrapping paper
Packaging for smoking articles with sealed enclosure
Decorative compact disc display device
Data disc box
Portable container for saw blade and other table saw accessories
Magazine for the fixation of small components
Refill pack
Non-resealable bottle and container therefor
Cosmetics case
Personal optical care container
Bulk container
Apparatus and method for storing semiconductor objects
Process for classifying particulate hydrophilic polymer and sieving device
Method and apparatus for isolation of trace materials from a heterogenous sample
Filter cartridge having a filter element inserted in a flexurally rigid frame
Method for the separation of a first liquid from a second one
Coin operated bicycle locking rack
Rack for a switchgear cabinet
Protector for hockey player
Portable male urinal
Deodorizing toilet seat pad
Sanitary clip-on handle and method of using
Plunger apparatus
Auxiliary stall shower strainer
Self-adjusting control device for flushing system mechanism
Hand held bidet and organizing storage cabinet assembly
Shower curtain apparatus
Folding RV furniture
Blanket elevation device
Trauma table top
Chair bed
Articulated table for supporting a person
Supporting article
Load supporting apparatus for a person
Removable mattress top assembly
Air sac for oscillating low air loss bed
Pneumatic mattress assembly
Multi-function tool combining a writing implement with a letter opener and a staple puller
Locating structure of expandable magnetic rod of screwdriver
Washing machine
Dock leveler
Device for cleaning tubs which contain liquid in working conditions, and use of the device in a washer chamber
Control system for floor care machine
Cleaning apparatus for disk-shaped workpieces
Garment with magnetic vent closure
Elasticized top garment
Palmar springs for spacesuit gloves
Removable weather guard for headwear
Simulated shoulder for costuming
Free-size hat
Article of clothing with embedded magnet
Paint brush accessory
Wiper system with translational motion
Split-pin hinge with wire extending therethrough
Device for coupling a cover with a scanner body
Hinge device for casing
Process, using ammonia rich water for the selection and enrichment of nitrifying micro-organisms for nitrification of wastewater
Human Necessities
Tie retaining device
Suspenders-- and method of suspending trousers
Handle for luggage
Rotating brush for surface treatment of working pieces
Bristles with surface structure, method for their manufacture and interdental cleaner or brush manufactured therefrom
Soil processing machine
Method and apparatus for securing pleasure crafts
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-purpose paper clip
Swivel caster assembly with releasable lock mechanism
Wiper blade with wedge shaped neck
Boat saver
Textiles; Paper
Feeding device for advancing fiber material to a fiber processing machine
Fixed Constructions
Hidden hinge for use with composite materials and a cabinet made therefrom
Vehicle door hinge
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