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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X13B630
Maize variety hybrid X08A150
Extended release excipient and its use
Anti-inflammatory agent and cancer-preventive agent comprising canolol or prodrug thereof and pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food comprising the same
Use of low molecular weight amino alcohols in ophthalmic compositions
Amino triazoles as PI3K inhibitors
Pyrazolo piperidine derivatives as NADPH oxidase inhibitors
Substituted imidazopyrimidin-5(6H)-ones as allosteric modulators of MGLUR5 receptors
Active compound combinations having insecticidal properties
Protective shield for protecting skin on a digit from UV radiation
Optical spectroscopy device and method for its manufacture
Method and attenuator for detection and iterative attenuation of spikes in complex signals
System and method for reconstructing and viewing cardiac electrical activation
Optical analyzer
Auscultation apparatus with two optical microphones
Thiazoles, imidazoles, and pyrazoles useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Inhibitors of HCV NS5A
Substituted heterocycles and their use as allosteric modulators of nicotinic and GABA.sub.A receptors
Heterocyclic compounds and uses thereof
Morphine and morphine precursors
Morpholin-4-ium 4 methoxyphenyl (morpholino) phosphinodithioate (GYY4137) as a novel vasodilator agent
Hydrophobically enhanced aminoglycosides
Macrolides and their use
Eye drops
Diphtheria toxin variant
Compositions and methods for inactivating or suppressing inflammatory cells
Pharmaceutical solution of non covalently bound albumin and acylated insulin
Methods of treating infectious diseases
Cardiac electrode anchoring system
Neurostimulation system and method for providing therapy to patient with minimal side effects
Esthetic device useful for increasing skin beautification and methods thereof
Method and apparatus to implement multiple parameter sets in an implantable device
Rectal stimulator device and use thereof for the treatment of rectal, fecal and/or urinary incontinence
Resuscitation device with expert system
Method of treatment for immunogenic treatment resistant cancer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Orally administered adsorbent, method of producing the same, and drug produced by using the same
Hydrogenation catalysts
Ammonia oxidation catalyst, exhaust gas purification device using same, and exhaust gas purification method
Catalyst for synthesis of hydrocarbons from CO and H.sub.2 and preparation method thereof
Irreversible color changing ink compositions
Removable timed windshield deicer sheet
Method for communicating a deviation of a vehicle parameter
Direction indication lamp control device, direction indication device and wire disconnection detection method of the direction indication device
Casting compound suitable for casting an electronic module, in particular a large-volume coil such as a gradient coil
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for converting biogas to a gas rich in methane
Process for producing fluorinated alcohols
Process for preparing 1,6-hexanediol
Vegetal oil derivatives
Wnt pathway antagonists
Compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Crystal modifications-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)-4- [4-methyl-piperazin-1-yl)-quinazolin-4-yl] -pyrrole-2, 5-D ione
Method for preparing adenine compound
Optically-detectable enzyme substrates and their method of use
Heteroaryl-substituted hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Compounds for use as ligands
MicroRNA fingerprints during human megakaryocytopoiesis
Identification of a novel BHD gene
Conjugated proteins with prolonged in vivo efficacy
Depsipeptides and their therapeutic use
Chitosan beads and filler comprising such beads
Polyethylene and process for production thereof
Process for producing a composite material
Fluorinated sag control agent and use thereof
Toner resins for electronic copying purposes
Method of selectively forming a reaction product in the presence of a metal silicide
Hydrosilylation curable compositions
Rapidly curing compound having good adhesive properties
Antireflective coating compositions
Molecules carrying associative groups and use thereof as plasticisers
Self healing composite material and method of manufacturing same
Method for down-regulating gene expression in fungi
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device for internal combustion engine, vehicle, and control method for internal combustion engine
Integrated generator device for producing energy from zero-emission renewable alternative sources respecting and preserving the environment
Optical devices for controlled color mixing
Reservoir fluid heating devices and methods of heating
Computing device and method for scanning edges of an object
Method and apparatus for testing valve control system
Motion smoothing in 3-D position sensing apparatus
Method for estimating location and apparatus using the same
Orientation device and method
Navigation apparatus
Aerial, landing, and takeoff aircrafts crash avoidance system
Position detecting system and position detecting method
Nanowire arrays comprising fluorescent nanowires
Infrared non-destructive evaluation method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for detecting glycol
Differential temperature source NDIR gas sensing methodology
Radiographic device
Methods, systems, and products for quantitatively measuring the degree of concordance between or among microarray probe level data sets
Estimation of neural response for optical stimulation
Method for testing trap density of gate dielectric layer in semiconductor device having no substrate contact
Adaptive quality of service policy for dynamic networks
Device for detecting and locating electric discharges in fluid-insulated electrical equipment
Interference avoidance method and apparatus for supporting same in a wireless LAN system
Method of enabling a packet loss measurement in a packet transport network
Method and apparatus for congestion control
Multicast implementation in a link state protocol controlled Ethernet network
Contact structure for inspection
Simultaneously tagging of semiconductor components on a wafer
Magnetic resonance method and system for phase correction of magnetic resonance signals originating in mixed tissue
Vehicle-mounted radar device
Hybrid positioning using synchronous and asynchronous techniques
Cooperative systems and methods for TDOA-based emitter location
Radiographic imaging apparatus
Method for compressing the dynamic range of measured signals
System and method for remotely controlling down-hole operations
Method for communicating with logging tools
Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Binocular system
Vibrating mirror element
Optical input/output device for photo-electric integrated circuit device and method of fabricating same
Optical printed circuit board and method of fabricating the same
Optical waveguide splitter on a waveguide substrate for attenuating a light source
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Voice coil motor and camera module using the same
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Display device having a barrier section including a spacer arrangement
Lens module with infrared absorbing filter
Methods and apparatus for controlling dispersions of nanoparticles
Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
Reflective film interface to restore transverse magnetic wave contrast in lithographic processing
Diffuse reflection output conversion method, attached powder amount conversion method, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developer regulator, development device, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Fixing device, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and method of heating fixing member
Fuser and temperature control method of fuser
Support for display member of a timepiece movement
Sunrise alarm clock
Interval timing device
Motor drive control apparatus
Current control discharge lamp system and method for controlling current of discharge lamp
Power circuit
Power supply apparatus
Power system controlling and monitoring power semiconductor devices employing two serial signals
Mobile communication system and transmission-side node
Restoration path calculation considering shared-risk link groups in mesh networks
Sharing computer data among computers
Enhanced garbage collection in a multi-node environment
Image processing method, image processing device, and display apparatus
Reducing latency and cost in resilient cloud file systems
Systems and methods for federating open social networks for analyses
System and method for providing an early notification when paging a wireless device
Electronic communication work flow manager system, method and computer program product
Methods and systems for tracking shared content
Method for selecting a master device in a coexistence system
Apparatus for secured distributed computing
Apparatus and method for generating virtual game clients
Network auditing tool
Tracker in P2P systems with DVD functionalities
Intelligent message routing and delivery in a telecommunications network
Methods and systems for verifying server-storage device connectivity
Programmatically selecting a service provider based on assured quality of service attributes
Information collection device, information collection program, and method
Optimized data communications in a parallel computer
Allocation of central application resources based on social agreements
Method for communication between a terminal and a server
Tensor trace norm and inference systems and recommender systems using same
System and method for classifying communications that have low lexical content and/or high contextual content into groups using topics
Parallel segmented index supporting incremental document and term indexing
Computing correlated aggregates over a data stream
Distributed file system logging
Tagging method and apparatus based on structured data set
Organizing versioning according to permissions
Method and system for managing clones of replicated storage
Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
Building information technology services from a library of elements
Processing of streaming data with keyed aggregation
Communication device and method of controlling operation of communication device
Similarity calculation apparatus
Analytic comparison of libraries and playlists
Data flow cost modeling
Control system design simulation using switched linearization
Systems, methods and apparatus for fabricating an orthopedic implant
Keyboard having touch input device
Method, medium and apparatus for browsing images
Capacitive stylus with disc tip
Display device, image display system, and image display method
User identification based on body-coupled communication
Touch tracking device and method for a touch screen
Low power touch screen overlays for providing tactile feedback
Resistive touch screen displays and systems
Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable medium
Print data processing apparatus for consolidating print objects
Image forming apparatus and method of transferring administrative authority of authentication print data
Method and system for printing from web applications, a corresponding computer program and a corresponding computer-readable storage means
Print processing apparatus and control method
Wireless diagnostic module and wireless diagnostic system using the same
System, method, and computer program product for analyzing and decomposing a plurality of rules into a plurality of contexts
Computing and applying order statistics for data preparation
Managing enterprise data quality using collective intelligence
File server for migration of file and method for migrating file
Method for controlling the operation of a means of mechanically coupling the first and second axles of a motor vehicle
Methods and apparatus for predicting an underflow condition associated with a floating-point multiply-add operation
Consumption energy calculating device
Broadband analog radio-frequency integrator
Method and system for predicting the effect of microbes injected into an oil-bearing reservoir
Contact defining device, contact defining method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
Method for computer-aided simulation of operating parameters of a technical system
Traffic data services without navigation systems
Print control apparatus, method thereof, and medium storing a program, that control a print processing based on number of sheets required by a print job
Sample identification device and sample identification method
Model-based coronary artery calcium scoring
Method and apparatus for determining a similarity or dissimilarity measure
Systems and methods for 2D image and spatial data capture for 3D stereo imaging
Obfuscating the display of information and removing the obfuscation using a filter
Image enhancement using modulation strength map and modulation kernel
Image processing method
Environment recognition device and environment recognition method
Two level cross-correlation based system for watermarking continuous digital media
Virtual viewpoint image synthesizing method and virtual viewpoint image synthesizing system
Self-optimizing analysis window sizing method
Method and system for generating an output image of increased pixel resolution from an input image
Method for fast, robust, multi-dimensional pattern recognition
Image processing device producing a single-viewpoint image based on a plurality of images viewed from a plurality of viewing points, image processing system producing a single-viewpoint image based on a plurality of images viewed from a plurality of viewing points, and image processing method producing a single-viewpoint image based on a plurality of images viewed from a plurality of viewing points
Web-based computer-supported work order and specification management process
Forecasting and analysis tool
System for categorizing a seller relative to a vendor
Outline font compression method and outline font decompression method
In-betweening interactive states
Animal monitoring system
Facility sanitization management
Mine personnel carrier integrated information display
Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal
Three-dimensional input sensing system
Data collection process for optical leak detection
Display device, and apparatus using the display device having a polygonal pixel electrode
Liquid crystal display
Method for driving liquid crystal display device
Providing augmented reality information
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and medium for storing information processing program
Image display device displaying image by applying laser light
High efficacy lighting signal converter and associated methods
Color adjustment system for display device and printed material
Electronic device and method of character selection
Cymbal holding structure, cymbal stand having the holding structure, and fastener used in the holding structure
Jazz flat ride and methods of making the same
Handset intelligibility enhancement system using adaptive filters and signal buffers
Receiver intelligibility enhancement system
Methods, devices, and computer program products for providing real-time language translation capabilities between communication terminals
Reducing total seek time for determining an access sequence of data stored on a tape medium
Method and apparatus for reading a storage medium
Apparatus and method for inter-track interference cancellation from reproduced data based on polarity and ratio of bits
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Head rotator assembly for tape drive
Perpendicular pole head for servo writing magnetic media
Method and read module for adjusting a frequency at which a converter samples a read signal based on movement of center of a rotating storage medium
Tapered pole heads for magnetic media
Apparatuses and methods for loading a head onto a disk medium
Medium, method of fabricating a medium, recording system and method of controlling a recording system
Optical pickup apparatus having diffractive element for focusing and tracking plurality of light types
Method for driving storage element and storage device
Flexible memory and its fabrication process
Semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device having latency counter to control output timing of data and data processing system including the same
Systems and methods for treating material
Power converting apparatus
Circuit device, electronic apparatus and power supply circuit
Electrolytic capacitor interconnect
Keyboard mounting apparatus
Scanning transmission type electron microscope
Apparatus preparing samples to be supplied to an ion mobility sensor
Phosphor system for improved efficacy lighting sources
Self-ballasted lamp and lighting fixture
Display device
Film forming method, pretreatment device, and processing system
Self-aligned silicide bottom plate for eDRAM applications by self-diffusing metal in CVD/ALD metal process
Ta--TaN selective removal process for integrated device fabrication
Pattern forming method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and coating apparatus
Dislocation engineering using a scanned laser
Signal path and method of manufacturing a multiple-patterned semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device comprising thin-film terminal with deformed portion
Diode and electrostatic discharge protection circuit including the same
Thin semiconductor-on-insulator MOSFET with co-integrated silicon, silicon germanium and silicon doped with carbon channels
Thin-film transistor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
High-voltage transistor device with integrated resistor
Package substrate, module and electric/electronic devices using the same
Semiconductor component having a transition region
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Ordered supramolecular system for organic photovoltaics
Ultra-efficient energy conversion device for converting light to electricity by rectifying surface plasmon polaritons
Solar cell sealing material and solar cell module produced using the same
Method for forming compound epitaxial layer by chemical bonding and epitaxy product made by the same method
Photonic device with a conductive shunt layer
Method for fabricating a monolithic integrated composite group III-V and group IV semiconductor device
Photoelectric conversion device and image sensing
White light LED with multiple encapsulation layers
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
LED package module structure
Thermoelectric converter with projecting cell stack
Methods for high figure-of-merit in nanostructured thermoelectric materials
Signal converter including a conductive patch for converting signals between a hollow waveguide and a dielectric waveguide and method of manufacture
Broadband planar inverted-F antenna
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal
Multi-band antenna and methods for long term evolution wireless system
Laser oscillator
Laser light source
Computer system with space for guiding cables
Electrical circuit with redundant trunk
Signal-powered integrated circuit with ESD protection
Switched reluctance motor
Electrical drive unit for a motor vehicle
Efficient and powerful electric motor integrated with a generator
Drive device
Power supply device for solid state drive
DC/DC converter, and electric generating system using solar cell having the same
System for driving elongated electric machines
Motor driving device
Pre and post-acquisition tap quantization adjustment in decision feedback equalizer
Equalization of transmissions
Connector based compensation of via stub effects
Integrated standing-wave voltage controlled oscillator with dual-mode coplanar waveguide resonator
Power tracking circuit and semiconductor apparatus including the same
Digital delay-locked loop circuit using phase-inversion algorithm and method for controlling the same
Apparatus, systems and methods for for digital testing of ADC/DAC combination
Sequential analog/digital conversion and multiplication
Reciprocal mixing noise cancellation system
Digital upgrade system and method
Method and system for integrated wireless power and data communication
DC offset cancellation
Discrete digital transceiver
Remote controller
Transponder, repeater, and terminal equipment
System and method for determining the envelope of a modulated signal
Measurement apparatus
Systems and methods of device calibration
Scheme for monitoring battery of machine type communication device
Methods of transmitting pilot tones and data in spatial multiplexing transmission
Use of proximity sensors with near-field communication
User apparatus, base station apparatus and communication control method
System and method for seamlessly switching a half-duplex session to a full-duplex session
Power control method for a GERAN system to increase GERAN network capacity
Device and method supporting multi-carrier waves
Split-cell relay application protocol
Gain control metric computation in a wireless repeater
Method of retransmission to reduce the overhead
Optical transmission method and apparatus using OFDM
Optical de-multiplexing device
Method and apparatus for interaction of cell-specific and user-equipment-specific sounding reference signal periodicity and offset
Transferring data between asynchronous clock domains
MIMO and SDMA signaling for wireless very high throughput systems
PDCCH monitoring method and apparatus in a carrier junction system
Concatenated transmission system and concatenated transmission method
Transmission method, transmission device, receiving method, and receiving device
Method and apparatus for allocating a sounding channel in a wireless communication system
Method, system, and computer program product for providing network data flow analysis and routing
Relay apparatus, communication system and communication method
Managing starvation and congestion in a two-dimensional network having flow control
Method and user equipment for transmitting uplink control information
Apparatus and method for generating topology tree
Sliced routing table management with replication
Method for supporting coexistence considering while subchannel allocation in a broadband wireless access system
Method for providing selective service by selective service module and home gateway using the same
Indication of multicast control information
Method for communication in a wireless network comprising a local area network
In-line packet processing
Methods to route, to address and to receive a communication in a contact center, caller endpoint, communication server, document server for these methods
Use of orthonormal transformation for improving performance of digital transmission under heavily faded channels with doppler effects
Method and system to measure and compensate undue DCO frequency peaks at GFSK ramp down
Wireless communication system, communication device, communication method, and program
Selective quantization of decision metrics in wireless communication
Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for communication
Method for protecting a control device against manipulation
Method for controlling low-power state in mobile handset
Secure wireless device area network of a cellular system
Method and device for reducing vectoring-enhanced noise in copper telephone loops
Automated vehicle intrusion device
Automatically updating meeting information
Network server emergency information accessing method
System and method for the management of credit-debit operations in accounts related to telecommunications services
Source selection for conference bridges
Telephone number groups
Automated electronic telecommunications order translation and processing
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, image scanning apparatus, and control method and program for image processing system
Image processing apparatus, an image processing method, a medium on which an image processing control program is recorded, an image evaluation device, an image evaluation method and a medium on which an image evaluation program is recorded
Image quantization for digital printing
Information processing apparatus that prevents unauthorized access, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Image coding method and image decoding method
Computer graphics video synthesizing device and method, and display device
Stereoscopic image playback device, stereoscopic image playback system, and stereoscopic image playback method
Systems and methods for training an active random field for real-time image denoising
Modular camera and printer
Image sensor compensation
Multi-core processor for hand-held, image capture device
Frame to frame persistent shadow reduction within an image
Method for real-time processing of a video sequence on mobile terminals
Digital camera with communications interface for selectively transmitting images over a cellular phone network and a wireless LAN network to a destination
Multimedia data recording/reproducing device
Recording apparatus for simultaneously recording the same moving image to a plurality of recording media
Video concept classification using audio-visual grouplets
Playback apparatus and playback method
Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
Method and apparatus for motion adaptive deinterlacing
Decoding method for decoding an incoming bitstream and method for performing the same
Encoding image data
Image transmission method, image receiving method, image transmission device, image receiving device, and image transmission system
Black level adjustment control device and solid-state imaging device
Method for zooming picture with single key
Video processing system
Mass participation movies
Audio speaker frame for multimedia device
Portable vibration speaker
Acoustic spatial projector
Audio towing handle
Condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone
Secure remote control of notification operations of communication devices
Method for monitoring entities
Mobile device metrics management
Radio communication system, radio base station, and communication control method
Systems and methods for speed and location based network access and features control
Mobile communication terminal, mobile communication system, and mobile communication method
Wireless data communications employing IP flow mobility
System and method of communication
Techniques to assign identifiers in a wireless network
Method, device and mobile terminal for switching network connection automatically
Wireless apparatus for a multi-carrier system
Method and apparatus for fast assistive transmission operation
SCIM peering
Bit soft value normalization
Method and apparatus for supporting co-located coexistence mode
Wireless communication methods and components that implement handoff in wireless local area networks
System and method for subcarrier allocation signaling in a multicarrier wireless network
Airliner-mounted cellular base station
CDMA mobile communication system and communication method
Fast data-link connection method for saving connection time in CDMA 2000 network
Mobile subscriber information transmission over multiple uplink frames
Network controlled device to device / machine to machine cluster operation
Sending BCCH modification info/ETWS information to UEs in enhanced cell PCH in one DRX cycle
Method and system for managing transmit power on a wireless communication network
Radio access technology interworking
Wireless communication device capable of efficient network search
Heating articles using conductive webs
Current regulator drive circuit shunting current by voltage-dividing load
Circuits and methods for driving light sources
Method for controlling high intensity discharge lamp and supply system for high intensity discharge lamp
Extreme ultraviolet light source
Radiation source and method for lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board, method for manufacturing printed circuit board assembly sheet, printed circuit board, and printed circuit board assembly sheet
Circuit board and process for producing the same
Printed wiring board, build-up multi-layer board, and production method therefor
Transceiver power distribution network
Multilayer wiring board
Attachment/detachment mechanism for electronics unit, electronics unit, power supply unit, and electronics apparatus
Mounting structure of electronic component and method of manufacturing electronic component
Display panel mounting adapter for industrial control system
Electronic component
Telecommunication cabinet with airflow ducting
Fluid cooling system and associated fitting assembly for electronic component
Two-phase, water-based immersion-cooling apparatus with passive deionization
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sock holding pin
Ironing board
Container having recessable neck
Snack packaging
Forklift truck
Tray mountable to a sliding frame for mounting to a vehicle bed
Battery booster
Remotely switchable power supply for network device racks having eight power outlet openings and sixteen network port openings
Battery cover
Electric connector
Amplified control keypad
Electric connector
DIN clip for housing unit
Connector for printed circuit boards
Aerial cable connection enclosure
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Fuse assembly
Microphone array
Wireless LAN card modem
Combined radio receiver and clock
Computer monitor
Computer mouse ramp
Portion of a keyboard
Portion of a keyboard
Optical mouse
Portion of a computer input device
Liquid crystal display module
Liquid crystal display module
Liquid crystal display module
Glass funnel for a cathode ray tube
Liquid crystal display
Support board for mouse and keyboard
Wireless communication device for a personal data assistant
Wireless communication device for a personal data assistant
Video controller
Pancake hub for winding magnetic tape
Steam-cleaning appliance
Upstanding open air cooler with side waves
Adhesive application system
Desktop robot
Remote control for a vertical digital projector
Printer associated with a telephone
Laser imager
Lever portion of video camera
Lens barrier for a camera
Frame of eyeglasses
Paper clip dispenser
Clip dispenser
Desktop accessory
Wall-mount letter holder
Hangable calendar base mat
Folder with spring clips
Portion of a book with bells implanted therein
Writing instrument
Ball-point pen
Container with extendable rod shaped solid
Ball-point pen
Stuffed bear having a power bead necklace
Penguin roman stuffed toy
Penguin wizard stuffed toy
Penguin doctor stuffed toy
Penguin fireman stuffed toy
Portion of an electronic housing
Pitch and putt lawn golf game
Putting green repair tool
Door for gaming machine
Expandable police baton
Unicorn knife
Adjustable fishing pole support and tip-up
Fishing lure
Floating fishing bait container
Fishing float
Offset filter housing
Euro large wall-mount shower head
Pump thermal protector device
Toilet base spacer
Heating element
Heating element
Range hood
Range hood
Apertured air conditioner panel with movable door
Glass ceramic panel
Cradle for analyte monitoring device
Modular medical gas services column
Full arch dental model base having a double row of apertures
Full arch dental model base having a single row of apertures
Projecting pin dental model base
Neck brace
Control unit
Menstrual pad with center flap
Jet massager
Acupressure device
Head frame extrusion
Jamb frame extrusion
Grapes-type light bulb string
Night light
Fluorescent night light
Twin-unit asymmetric distribution luminaire with uplight
Track lighting fixture
Arm for lighting fixture
Piezoelectric lighter
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Tray for a hair-removing appliance
Manicure device
Combined soap holder and scrub pouf for bathing children
Combined soap holder and scrub pouf for bathing children
Full-face helmet
Toy for pets
Human Necessities
Lawn aerating and weeding tools
Bedding plow featuring a center-cut disk assembly having resilient relief means
Rake assembly
Mower deck
Front drum adjustment mechanism for a feederhouse on an agricultural combine
Wheel rake spring assembly
Unloading system for particulate materials bins
Mulching structure with irrigation apertures
Grapevine-neptune cultivar
Kalanchoe plant named `Purple Jaqueline`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Festive New Yoorleans`
Bracteantha plant named `Florabella Pink`
Camellia plant named `Elina Cascade`
Bracteantha plant named `Florabella White`
Sambucus plant named `Gerda`
Double impatiens plant named `Cameo Salmon`
Kalanchoe plant named `Riet`
Kalanchoe plant named `Yellow African`
Kalanchoe plant named `Molly`
Kalanchoe plant named `Red Jaqueline`
Kalanchoe plant named `Soft Katharina`
Kalanchoe plant named `Cora`
Kalanchoe plant named `Josefine`
Feeding device for feeding animals
Convertible garment
Shower cap with elastic strap suspension device
Protective helmet restraint and head and neck stabilizing system
Footwear with energy storing sole construction
Buckle joint
Structure of the main shaft of an umbrella
Wind-resistant umbrella
Face shade
Prefabricated tiled panel system
Stand for an electric pot
Device for preparing beverages from water-reconstitutable foodstuffs
Arrangement of a plurality of food-preparation apparatuses
Reversible clamping member for a rotisserie
Process and a system for distribution, recovery and handling of bulk edible oil and other fluids
Rotisserie oven having a heat shield
Air freshening toilet seat
Fold-up bathtub
Dust collect device for an eraser
Deformable scaffolding multicellular stent
Wrench for an implant
Parallel mechanism
Remotely interrogated implant device with sensor for detecting accretion of biological matter
Apparatus and process for forming a laid fibrous web with enhanced basis weight capability
Stretcher having a motorized wheel
Visual stimulation cane for Parkinson's Disease sufferers
Emergency apparatus for evacuating air from the body cavity
Heat and moisture exchanger comprising hydrophilic nylon and methods of using same
Front load pressure jacket system with syringe holder
Cardiac pacer which compensates for effects of abrupt changes in heart rate
Frame for rescue device
Fall protection system and method
Height safety system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Faux finish applicator
Brush alignment platform
Brush scrubbing apparatus
Three dimensional metal structural assembly and production method
Method of making formed bodies
Lubrication system for metalforming
Caulking method
Dismounting method for fastening member, dismounting device for fastening member, attachment construction of fastening member and production system using the dismounting method for fastening member
Apparatus and method for automatically compensating for lateral runout
Circular saw cutting machine
Heat exchanger assembly utilizing grommets and integral cast tanks
Clamping device for machine tools
Contouring sanding system
Planetary ratchet wrench and pipe cutting tool
Ultimate nut driver
Ratchet screwdriver with rotation control mechanism
Compact head power driven ratchet tool
Chuck for bits or the like
Apparatus for driving screws mountable on a drive unit
Tool for mounting disk valves in motor cylinder heads
Dock leveler apparatus
Adjustable squaring tool
Adjustable safety utility knife with easily removable blade holder
Scapel blade having high sharpness and toughness
Rocket engine thrust chamber assembly
Printing machine using laser ejection of ink from cells
Method for activating a dampening apparatus
Vehicle air conditioning system
Condensing apparatus for use in a refrigeration cycle receiver-dryer used for said condensing apparatus
Refrigerant loss detection
Frame for a sliding window having a movable track section for removing the window
Door window mounting and regulator assembly and method for assembly
Driving force control device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Pedal assembly with non-contact pedal position sensor for generating a control signal
Tire slip control device
Method for engine control
Hybrid electric vehicle incorporating an integrated propulsion system
Receptacle for sound-damping accommodation of a unit which can be installed in a motor vehicle
Method of determining the length of electric wires for use in constructing a wire harness, and method of constructing a wire harness
Hinge assembly for automobile hoods
Apparatus and method for securely mounting a firearm to a support structure
Engine with hydraulic fuel injection and ABS circuit using a single high pressure pump
Vacuum toilet system for a vehicle
Railroad car tub
Dead lever lug
Beam arrangement
Rack bushing for fluid power assisted rack and pinion steering gear assembly
Flexible barge
Apparatus and method for filling
Scissor lift control apparatus and method
Safety support
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Resilient well cement compositions and methods
Compression system for cryogenic refrigeration with multicomponent refrigerant
Method and apparatus for tracking hydraulic fractures in unconsolidated and weakly cemented soils and sediments
Method and apparatus for using free radicals to reduce pollutants in the exhaust gases from the combustion of a fuel
Steel for gear drive plate gear and method for producing the drive plate gear
Vacuum processing and operating method
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
Process for making and finishing a stamped part having colored, textured surface
Textiles; Paper
Blower with orifice clearing member for lifting insulation pack
Buffalo hair yarn and fabric and method of making buffalo hair yarn and fabric
Circular knitted fabric and method for forming article from the same
Sewing machine with improved frame drive device
Monitoring control device with real time data sampling for machine used in the cable industry
Fixed Constructions
Gangway system
Hydraulic circuit for turning excavator
Drain cover locking device
Prefabricated building wall structure
Stacking bracket for partitions
Structure for reinforcing concrete member and reinforcing method
Free access floor
Method and apparatus for erecting wall panels
Insulated ceiling for metal buildings and method of installing same
Dwelling structure adapted to enclose an oversized vehicle
Safer school module and assembly
Lock box mounting bracket
Anti-jam locking mechanism for electronic security system
Translating door with disengageable seals
Sash mount system
Window storm panel brace
Articulation, especially for connecting sidepieces of ladders
Sealing bearings in drill bits
Superhard drill bit heel, gage, and cutting elements with reinforced periphery
Automated dog-type riser make-up device and method of use
Pack-off bushing
Method of removing wellhead assemblies and cutting assembly for use therein
Formation treatment method using deformable particles
Method and apparatus for testing a well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil sump buffer seal
Control device of an internal combustion engine
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle exhaust
Diagnostic equipment for an exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
Methods of operation a dual-fuel injector for a gas turbine with simultaneous liquid and gaseous fuels injection during transients
Control device for direct injection engine
Apparatus and method for enabling the calibration and/or monitoring of a combustion process in a combustion engine
Cylinder head-integrated cylinder block and process for manufacturing the same
Cylinder head casting with gusset ribs
Erosion resistant rocket nozzle
Internal combustion engine fuel management system
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Evaporative emission control system for internal combustion engine
Evaporative emission leak detection system including vacuum regulator with sensitive seal
High-pressure injection system with common rail
Method for the cylinder-selective knock control of an internal combustion engine
Method and system for increasing cryopump capacity
Cylinder liner securing apparatus
Refrigerating unit
Protection of downwell pumps from sand entrained in pumped fluids
Hydraulic system with shadow poppet valve
Variable valve timing control system
Adaptive cooling system control system
Plate chains with wear-resistant chain joints
Scotch yoke mechanism for secure track sliding
Burner for operating gas turbines with minimal NOx emissions
Structure for facilitating assembly of an air conditioning unit having a removable chassis
System and method for controlling an HVAC system using a flash mini-card
Method of operating a refrigerating unit with a refrigerant fluid circuit
Apparatus and method for achieving temperature stability in a two-stage cryocooler
Application of a chiller in an apparatus for cooling a generator/motor
Operation control apparatus for a refrigerator
Device for regulating the temperature of a container
Method and apparatus for producing nitrogen from air by cryogenic distillation
Door for ear corn dryer
Evaporator and loop-type heat pipe using the same
Heat sink with flanged portions and spaced apart metal radiating fins
Missile support and alignment assembly
Torque balanced bow quiver
Blast shield apparatus and method of assembly for a revolver
Mine stripper
Method of blasting using air tubes charged in a blasthole
Gauge for measuring large diameter
Photothermal modulation for oscillating mode atomic force microscopy in solution
Method and system for scrolling a map display in a navigation application
Coriolis flowmeter having a casing enclosed in a veneer
Magnetoelastic torque sensor
Oil-filled pressure transducer
Method of detecting expansion vessel leakage
Tire testing apparatus and method
Process and apparatus for testing containers
Liquid sampling tool
Dynamic sag monitor for drilling fluids
Friction material testing apparatus
Stream-cleaned differential reflection coefficient sensor
Resonant nonlinear ultrasound spectroscopy
Tension/compression fatigue cracking grips
Method and apparatus for calibrating a dissolved oxygen analyzer
Customized electrical test probe head using uniform probe assemblies
Electronic article surveillance tag for eyeglasses and a method for attaching the electronic article surveillance tag to a pair of eyeglasses
Heuristic processor
Garment dispensing and receiving apparatus
Promotional product
Magnetic head positioning method
Method and apparatus for subjecting a device to rotational vibration
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Mass spectrometer system and method for matrix-assisted laser desorption measurements
Heat sink
Heat sink assembly
Method for making a modular integrated apparatus for heat dissipation
Method of shrink fitting crystalline sapphire
Method and apparatus for stripping and removing the shielding from a cable
Portable power supply
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