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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Maize variety hybrid X08B787
Maize variety hybrid X08A132
Maize variety hybrid X95B323
Transformed plants or algae with highly expressed chloroplast protein BPG2
Soybean isopentenyl transferase genes and methods of use
Substituted heteroarylamine carboxamide analogs as mGluR5 negative allosteric modulators and methods of making and using the same
Method for modulating claudin mediated functions
Cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Aryl-quinazoline/aryl-2amino-phenyl methanone derivatives
Plant disease controlling agent and controlling method
Topical and intravaginal microbicidal and antiparasitic compositions comprising quassinoids or quassinoid-containing plant extracts
Household appliance
Casting machine and casting machine valve
Candy and process for producing the same
Method for closing the end of folded tubular casings
Method of treating carbohydrate rich foods for reducing their glycemic indicies
Biopsy device with vacuum assisted bleeding control
Delivery systems and methods for PFO closure device with two anchors
Spine distraction implant and method
Bone anchoring device
Electro diagnostic functional assessment unit (EFA-3)
Intravascular ultrasound pigtail catheter
Rotatable endodontic instruments and methods for their manufacture
Hydrophobic polysaccharides with pendent groups having terminal reactive functionalities and medical uses thereof
Article having improved fecal storage structure
Oral administration device
Methods of manufacturing linearly expandable ureteral stents
Articulating trials for prosthetic implants
Methods of achieving increased fluid distribution with and patient kits for resuscitation systems
Compounds derived from taurine, process of their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing these
Dermatological/pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzoyl peroxide, at least one naphthoic acid compound and at least one polyurethane polymer
Aliphatic amino acid biosynthesis inhibitors and a method of synthesizing the same
Compositions and methods for inhibition of hepatocyte growth factor receptor c-Met signaling
Compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Imidazopyridine compound
Compounds and compositions as LXR modulators
JNK modulators
Biaryl-spiroaminooxzaoline analogues as alpha 2C adrenergic receptor modulators
2-(cyclic amino)-pyrimidone derivatives
PI3K (delta) selective inhibitors
Compounds and their administration for treating a neurodegenerative disease as well as a method for identifying a compound capable of inhibiting a kinase, such as LRRK
Azepino[4,5-B]indoles and methods of use
Adenosine analogs and their use
Organic compounds
Method of producing silane-modified cationized cellulose
Production and extraction of procyanidins from plant cell cultures
Process for producing enriched fractions of tetrahydroxycurcumin and tetrahydrotetrahydroxy-curcumin from the extracts of Curcuma longa
Peptides and peptide mimetics to treat pathologies associated with eye disease
Plasma protein effective for suppressing cough
NMDAR biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury and other disorders
Preparation of phalloidin and its derivatives
Soluble non-depot insulin conjugates and uses thereof
Lys K endolysin is synergistic with lysostaphin against MRSA
Chimeric hirudin proteins
Protease inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Compositions and methods of topical application and transdermal delivery of botulinum toxins with reduced non-toxin proteins
Method for generating immune responses utilizing nucleic acids encoding fusion proteins comprising CD4 minimal modules and invasin polypeptides that are capable of binding to the HIV envelope and exposing cryptic neutralization epitopes
Staphylococcus aureus antigenic polypeptides and compositions
Virus-modified bacteria ghosts
Hydrolysis resistant organomodified silylated ionic surfactants
Therapy selection method
uPAR-targeting contrast agents
Anti-aging cosmeceutical composition
Homogeneous gas-evolving composition
Infant stimulation and environment sterilizing device
Programmable implantable pump design
Devices and methods for low shearing local delivery of therapeutic agents to the wall of a bodily lumen
Patient alignment system with external measurement and object coordination for radiation therapy system
Dihydrobenzoxathiazepine compounds, a process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Strength training workout bench
Golf ball with cover having zones of hardness
Golf swing training device and method
Batting tee system for bat-and-ball games
Apparatus for covering a game console
Networked gaming system communication protocols and methods
System and method for multi-player online Faro game
System gaming
Method and system of managing a game session
Track segments providing a convoluted path
Sound emitting domino system and the sound emitting domino
Performing Operations; Transporting
Evaporator and fuel reformer having the same
Biosafety cabinet filter removal devices, systems, and methods
Sorbent compositions and processes for reducing mercury emissions from combustion gas streams
CO.sub.2 recovery system and CO.sub.2 absorption liquid
Method of making SAPO-34 membranes for use in gas separations
P/S-TM-comprising zeolites for decomposition of N.sub.2O
Device for cooling and distributing mixed charges on fixed catalyst beds
Method of making golf ball with thermal sprayed layer
Method for manufacturing coated pipes
Superhydrophilic coating compositions and their preparation
Mono-layer and multi-layer nanowire networks
Directly fabricated nanoparticles for raman scattering
Material removing tool
Heat treatment apparatus
Circular glass article forming apparatus
Stone article with patterned trim
Tire vulcanization mold manufacturing method and tire vulcanization mold
Control and actuation system for machine for producing expanded-grain cakes
Universal auxiliary controller for an injection moulding machine
Polymer-based sausage casing
Extended wear ophthalmic lens
Creping methods using pH-modified creping adhesive compositions
Metallic laminate and manufacturing method of light emitting diode package using the same
Waterproof/breathable moisture transfer liner for snowboard boots, alpine boots, hiking boots and the like
Molded product and manufacturing method thereof
Ceramic composite wall covering
Process for producing spherical particles of furfuryl alcohol resin, spherical particles of furfuryl alcohol resin produced thereby, and spherical carbon particles and spherical activated carbon particles obtained using the same
Gas barrier film laminate
Housing and method for making the same
Housing and method for making the same
Housing and method for making the same
Housing and method for making the same
Optical writing unit and image forming apparatus for performing enhanced optical writing
Ink ribbon cartridge
Retractable instrument having a two stage protraction/retraction sequence
Multi-function vehicle light assembly
Gear shift control device for hybrid vehicle drive system
Mooring system for floating arctic vessel
Railway car door operator assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gas generator for gasifying solid granular fuels by applying pressure
Porous carbon material and a method of production thereof
Carbon catalyst, method of producing same, and electrode and battery each utilizing same
Hydride compounds with silicon and germanium core atoms and method of synthesizing same
Method for making silicon for solar cells and other applications
Method of manufacturing solid acid catalyst
Intercalated layered silicate
Hydrocarbon compound synthesis reaction unit and operating method thereof
Aromatic carboxylic acid derivatives for treatment and prophylaxis of gastrointestinal diseases including colon cancers
CCR9 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Paraxylene production process and apparatus
Conversion of saponifiable lipids into fatty esters
Process for preparing alpha-hydroxycarboxylic esters
Pyridazine compound and use thereof
Method for preparing halofuginone derivative
White-emitting compounds using excited-state intramolecular proton transfer, organic electroluminescent element and laser material using the same
Process for making trans-1-((1R,3S)-6-chloro-3-phenylindan-1-yl)-3,3-dimethylpiperazine
Process for producing ethylene oxide
Method for carrying out oxidation reactions using inductively heated heating medium
Crystalline pyridazine compound
Method for treating a homeostasis-related disease or glaucoma by administering a 1,2,3,4-tetrahyroquinoxaline compound
Carboxamide compounds and their use
Heterocyclic urea derivatives and methods of use thereof
Method for preparing entecavir and intermediate used therein
Intermediate and process for preparing entecavir using same
Bis(tetrahydrofuran) compound, method for production of the compund, and use of the compound
Process for the preparation of tetrazole derivatives from organo boron and organo aluminium azides
Directed synthesis of oligophosphoramidate stereoisomers
Efficient cell culture system for hepatitis C virus genotype 6A
Engineered pertactin variants for vaccine use
Secreted proteins
YS68 polypeptide involved in primitive hematopoiesis
Receptor activator of NF-kappaB
Targeted binding agents directed to sonic hedgehog homolog and uses thereof
Capture compounds, collections thereof and methods for analyzing the proteome and complex compositions
Amino acid mimetic copolymers and medical devices coated with the copolymers
Highly reactive polyurethane compositions containing uretdione groups
Preparation of polymer conjugates of therapeutic, agricultural, and food additive compounds
Method of making structural members using waste and recycled plastics
Elastic particle foam based on polyolefin/styrene polymer mixtures
Biodegradable material composed of a polymer comprising a porous metal-organic framework
Soluble complexes of curcumin
Blue phase liquid crystal composition with reduced hysteresis behavior
Liquid crystal material, liquid crystal display device, liquid crystal optical space modulation device, and liquid crystal shutter
Vapor compression cycle utilizing ionic liquid as compressor lubricant
Methods of using polysaccharide based cement additives
Method and apparatus for efficient production of activated carbon
Method for control of instability in a de-ethanizer tower in fluid catalytic cracking units and delayed coking units
Isolation of chlorophylls from intact algal cells
Liquid hard surface cleaning composition
Photo bioreactor with light distributor and method for the production of a photosynthetic culture
Method for encapsulation of microparticles
Nitrate and carbonate concentration for high glucose content in microalgae
Fungus having activity of controlling disease of gramineous plant, controlling agent using the same, method of controlling and biological material
Method for the preventing and/or treating IL-1 beta lung pathology in mammals by administering a uric acid reducing compound
Post-exposure therapy of influenza A infections
Generating transgenic potatoes with novel resistance to potato cyst nematodes by silencing nematode parasitism genes of CLE -1 and CLE-4s
B.sub.12-dependent dehydratases with improved reaction kinetics
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Nerve regeneration promoters
Method for producing retinal neurocyte from neural stem cell derived from iris tissue
Thermolysin variants and detergent compositions therewith
Subtilase variants
Microorganism and method for producing canthaxanthin
Production of stilbenoids
Materials and methods for the production of biodiesel
EGFR polymorphisms predict gender-related treatment
Method for reducing the appearance of false positive bands in SDS-page analysis of proteolytic digestion of a sample
Multiplexed luciferase reporter assay systems
Sorting system for cattle
Methods of nucleic acid synthesis using particular crowding agents and concentrations
Substances causing differentiation
Compositions and methods for diagnosis and treatment of tumors
Process for producing basic lead carbonate
Plasma processing apparatus and method for using plasma processing apparatus
Method of manufacturing a magnetic read sensor having a low resistance cap structure
Apparatus and method for treating aqueous solutions and contaminants therein
Seed holder for crystal growth reactors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Flanged bearing ring for the hub of a motor vehicle wheel
Wrap-around braking device for planetary gear trains and planetary gear train having a wrap-around braking device
Sealing valve arrangement for a shaft furnace charging installation
Light diffusion and condensing fixture
Device for lighting and extinguishing candles
Frangible payload delivery apparatus
Smart crimp tool system for electrical contacts and terminals which are controlled and monitored by a central database manager
Method of regenerating diffraction signals for optical metrology systems
Optical multiphase flowmeter
Power grid abutting a photoreceptor element and having a break in a geometric location to shift power flow of the grid
Filters, illuminants, and customized spectral profiles for reducing perceptible changes in appearance
Optical measuring cell and gas monitor
Disk, and counting observation apparatus for counting and observing cells through optical microscope by use of the disk
Electrode for electrochemical measurement apparatus and electrode for biosensor
Systems and methods for isolating nucleic acids
Antibody categorization based on binding characteristics
Analyte-releasing beads and use thereof in quantitative elispot or fluorispot assay
Method for prenatal diagnosis
Methods of diagnosing, preventing and treating cancer metastasis
Device for detecting a capacitance variation and capacitive sensor for detecting the presence of a user using such a device
Semiconductor inspection apparatus, semiconductor wafer positioning method, and semiconductor wafer inspection method
MRI image distortion reduction for MRI images of a recipient having an implantable medical device
Providing measurements to enable determination of electrical resistivity anisotropy of a subterranean structure
Optical fiber connector having strengthening unit
Liquid crystal lens
Electronically-controllable polarization independent liquid crystal optical medium and devices using same
Active matrix substrate, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display unit, liquid crystal display device and television receiver
Mobile electronic device having camera
Method of manufacturing mask for depositing thin film
Image processing apparatus for data compression, control method, and computer-readable medium
Method for washing device substrate
Process for preparing a polymeric relief structure
In-vehicle wireless system
Temperature detecting system
Motor controller
Pulse width modulation fan controller
Switching power source apparatus
Scanner device and scanning method
Electronic equipment system, electronic equipment, and optional apparatus
Extendable touch stylus
Image display device
Method for fully automatically aligning quality of image
Print job management system for managing prohibition information
Image processing system, device, and method having a data management table storing print job setting data for multiple users
Image forming apparatus with an identification control unit having an identification signal line, a data line, and a period signal line
Image forming method and system using XHTML-print data
Image forming apparatus, file delivery system, and file delivery method that may easily associate a meta data file with an image data file in units of a page, easily confirm the final page in the image data file, and rapidly deliver the image data files
Biometric imaging using an optical adaptive interface
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer program product for processing an image based on the type and characteristics of the recording medium
Image forming apparatus including hard disk storage unit, and data display method
Image forming apparatus and access control method between an image forming apparatus and a device external to the image forming apparatus
Printing system, printing apparatus, printing method, control method and computer-readable medium relate to a technique that gives a printing instruction to a printing system in which a plurality of printing apparatuses are series-connected physically and generates one printed product on one printing medium
Providing sensory feedback indicating an operating mode of an interpretive bios machine
Rack server system
Electronic device and method for noise alerting
Method for detecting gross vehicle weight overload
Centralized route calculation for a multi-hop streetlight network
Plasma display device, and apparatus and method for driving the same
Plasma display device and method of driving the same
Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
Electronic paper display device and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic equipment including LED backlight
Liquid crystal display apparatus with wide viewing angle
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Navigation device providing sensory feedback
Plasma display device
Image display apparatus for controlling an external data transmitting device using a USB connector and a method thereof
Process of inheriting colors in a customer relationship management (CRM) application from operating system colors
Method and system for enhancing color saturation
Stringed musical instruments and related methods
Tremolo structure for stringed instrument
Method for manufacturing optical information recording medium, and optical information recording medium
Measurement system with thickness calculation and method of operation thereof
Transparent conductive film
Glass frit for forming electrode, and electrically conductive paste for forming electrode and solar cell, utilizing same
Touch panel fabricating method
Complex machine including a classical simple machine and a magnetic system
Multi-level magnetic system
Interlock apparatus for solid insulated switchgear
Electromagnetic switch
Air circuit breaker
Key switch structure
Magnetic actuator circuit for high-voltage switchgear
Diamondoid monolayers as electron emitters
Organic light emitting display having a single-layered anti-reflection layer of aluminum fluoride and method of fabricating the same
Method of forming mass image
Two-dimensional solid-state imaging device
Nano-devices formed with suspended graphene membrane
Method for fabricating a microelectromechanical sensor with a piezoresistive type readout
Flexible III-V solar cell structure
Method and system for carbon doping control in gallium nitride based devices
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Low temperature dielectric flow using microwaves
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Flash lamp annealing crystallization for large area thin films
Three dimensional integration and methods of through silicon via creation
Laser material removal methods and apparatus
Method of light dispersion and preferential scattering of certain wavelengths of light-emitting diodes and bulbs constructed therefrom
Multiple die in a face down package
Semiconductor device
MOSFET-Schottky rectifier-diode integrated circuits with trench contact structures
Secure anti-fuse with low voltage programming through localized diffusion heating
Semiconductor device and display apparatus
Organic field effect transistor
Semiconductor device having vertical MOS transistor and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
High efficiency thermoelectric materials and devices
Bipolar transistor integrated with metal gate CMOS devices
Vertical transistor having first and second tensile layers
Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the same
Sensor and method for fabricating the same
Junction box
Multi-terminal photovoltaic module including independent cells and related system
Diode bolometer and method for producing a diode bolometer
Light source apparatus using semiconductor light emitting device
Light emitting diode package
Silicone resin sheet, producing method thereof, encapsulating sheet, and light emitting diode device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device and illumination device
Piezoelectric actuator
Phenanthrene derivative, and material for organic EL element
Battery having a plurality of single cells
Lithium ion secondary battery
Regenerative ion exchange fuel cell
Cathode material for fluoride-based conversion electrodes, method for the production thereof and use thereof
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and lithium secondary battery using same
Ultra wide pass-band, absorptive band-reject filter
High-frequency transmit antenna system
Antenna device and mobile device
Antenna matching circuit control device
Leaky-wave antenna
Central processing unit socket
Push-push mechanism, in particular for card readers
Electrical connector
Card connector
Power plug having a terminal with soldering arms clamping a soldering tail of another terminal
Waterproof joint section forming method and wire harness provided with waterproof joint section formed by the method
Method and arrangement to control an AC system
Car parking administration system
Hot swappable synchronous buck regulator
Surface mount type crystal unit
Multiplexed photocurrent monitoring circuit comprising current mirror circuits
Variable duty cycle generation for out-phasing and PWM power amplifiers
Amplifier assembly having controlled return of power loss
Control circuit for connector
Inverter, NAND gate, and NOR gate
Differential hysteresis comparator circuits and methods
CDR circuit
Digital to analog converter circuits and methods
Digital-to-analog converter implementing hybrid conversion architecture
Wireless underwater hull inspection system
Deep focus image reading system and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus for reading adjustment document used for image adjustment, image forming apparatus with image reading apparatus and adjustment document used in image reading apparatus
Scanner, has tab comprising tab body extending from bottom panel and resilient absorbing portion connected to tab body, and resilient absorbing portion resisting loading panel to prevent movement of loading panel
Digital halftoning method and method for constructing class tiling map
Image forming apparatus
3-dimensional display device with slidable lenticular lens
Image pickup system, image pickup apparatus and sensitivity control method for correcting sensitivity of an image pickup apparatus using an electron multiplying-charge coupled device
Multi-functional modular digital imaging system
System and method for processing image data relative to a focus of attention within the overall image
Solid-state imaging device
TV set and method for video messaging thereof
Digital picture display device
Imaging apparatus
Automated wireless three-dimensional (3D) video conferencing via a tunerless television device
Wireless audio transmission system, receiver, video camera and audio mixer
Display of generalized anaglyphs without retinal rivalry
3D image control apparatus and control method thereof
Programming a universal remote control via a point-of-sale system
LED driver circuit and LED driver system
Lamp control circuit
Light emitting apparatus using AC LED
Induction heated buffer gas heat pipe for use in an extreme ultraviolet source
Charged particle accelerator and charged particle acceleration method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Three dimensional deer cookie
Zipper puller
Ball cap with tassel and removable button
Sun visor with an integral radio
Footwear tread
Combined shoe bottom and periphery
Sandal upper
Footwear upper portion
Pouch for an absorbent article
Thigh mountable pouch
Pocket wallet
ID window front pocket wallet
Storage box
Carrying case
Laptop computer bag
Protective cover for a vehicle mirror
Object holder and organizer
Infant toothbrush
Combination toothbrush and toothpick
Bath brush
Make-up brush
Picture frame
Mirror with light
Mirror with light
Storage bag hanger
Upholstered air cushioned loveseat
Plant and flower support
Portable desk
Computer workstation
Retractable desk
Clothes closet with drawers
Dog biscuit
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Saddle for a golf shoe upper
Decorative sock
Military clutch
Footwear upper portion
Athlete's accessory carrier
Chest pouch
Magnetic pad for handbag strap
Hair brush
Barber's clipper holder
CD storage sleeve
Storage rack for holding articles
Bedside piece of furniture
Retail product display
Merchandise display stand
Curved checkstand counter
Drawer panel
Garment hanger having offset clamps
Pants hanger
Head and back support pillow
Sports rug
Plant stand
Insulated jug
Long-necked drinking container
Storage tray
Portable cook stove
Handle for knives
Steam iron
Picnic/party cooler
Garden tool
Handle for pneumatic excavation tool
Cutting device
Square drive wrench
Pneumatic coil magazine framer nailer
Pneumatic stick magazine framer nailer
Leg for a window repair fixture
Mounting bracket for non-rectangular railing
Door lock knob
Beverage bottle
Synthetic cork for a liquid container
Product dispenser top
Packaging system
Watch case
Wrist watch with manometer
Tape measure
Tape measure
Straight tube coriolis flowmeter casing
Nail ring
Star bow
Christmas nativity light decoration
Inflatable water craft
Inflatable water craft
Bicycle frame
Tricycle body
Motorcycle shock
Pillar cover for a truck
Five blade propeller hub
Magnetic fender cover
DC-AC inverter for automobile
Electrical adapter
Electrical connector
Cable connector
Surface mount box
Processor-based system
Soft baseball cap design computer mouse
Case for semiconductor element
Icon image of a software game for a computer display screen
Set of icons for a computer screen
Computer printer
Printer with input and output trays
Horn antenna
Wireless telephone
Docking module for a portable phone
Telephone set
Mobile phone
Vacuum cleaner
Handle for floor care apparatus
Handle for floor care apparatus
Dust collection member
Facade for a paper-making machine
Combined video tape recorder and camera
Combined video tape recorder and camera
Electric still camera with printer
Eyeglass and hat connector
Book with attachment means
Curvilinear molded plastic binder
Game machine
Hand held electronic game
Electronic learning aid housing
Golf putter head
Golf putter head
Iron golf club head
Golf club head
Golf driving range tee divider
Trigger lock for lever action air rifles
Front sight for revolvers
Two piece rear sight assembly for handguns
Adjustable rear shotgun ghost ring sight assembly
Scope ring mount
Fishing lure
Fishing buoy
Sanitary faucet
Shower control assembly
Combined ceiling fan motor housing, brackets and light fixture unit
Subdural vacuum port
Dental material placement and applicator device
Dental tool
Foot orthosis
Acupuncture needles band for wrist of pilots
Whirlpool bath
Corner waterfall for spa or pool
Whirlpool bathtub
Front surface of a retaining wall module
Fluid-containment wall segment
Retaining wall block design
Landscape edging border
Bumper for columns and corners
Table lamp
Glass shade
Light fixture
Garden lamp
Square concrete bollard luminaire
Luminaire housing
Infra-red illumination device housing
Lamp glass shade
Lower bumper attachment exhibiting teardrop shaped headlamp openings
Vitamin tablet
Razor handle
Shaving razor
Shaving part for shaver
Foldable nail file
Finger protection device
Pet feeding dish
Blender jar and lid
Human Necessities
Variety of petunia named `Trumpet Red`
Regal pelargonium plant named `Dandy`
Apricot tree named `Gabriel`
Apricot tree named `Vulcan`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Miami`
Dahlia plant named `Dapaor`
Nectarine tree named `Candy Sweet`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Medina`
Delphinium plant name `Plagu Light Purple`
Nectarine tree named `Candy Gold`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Vienna`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACchamp`
Variety of geranium named `Global Neon Cherry`
Dahlia plant named `Dapawhi`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Colombo`
Nectarine tree named `Crimson Pearl`
Regal pelargonium plant named `Maiden Petticoat`
Variety of petunia named `Trumpet Pastel Pink`
Rectal plug and method of introducing same into a slaughtered animal
Direct to digital oximeter and method for calculating oxygenation levels
Age-based heart rate target zone method and apparatus
Cardiac mapping and ablation systems
Open structure breast coil and support arrangement for interventional MRI
Tamper resistant programmable medicine dispenser
Epicardiac pacing lead
Method of positioning an implantable cochlear electrode array within a cochlea
Hook shaped spinal cord electrode assembly
Layered rate controlling membranes for use in an electrotransport device
Functional neuromuscular stimulation system
Power consumption reduction in medical devices by employing pipeline architecture
Microprocessor capture detection circuit and method
Circuit and method for implantable dual sensor medical electrical lead
Defibrillator having a monitor with rotatable screen content
Selective ablation of glandular tissue
Performing Operations; Transporting
contact member for an ultrasonic transducer
Punching tool provided with tool identification medium and punch press provided with a tool identification medium reader cross reference to related application
Tactile feedback apparatus using electromagnetic attraction for remote control robot
Metal master for producing optical discs
Imaging apparatus and improved exit device therefor
System for determining passability of vehicle
Module of a circuit arrangement which is preferably contained in a drive for a railroad vehicle and is of modular construction
Vehicle velocity detecting device
Road friction coefficient detecting apparatus and method thereof
Obstacle detection system
Device for determining a steering angle of a motor vehicle
Monitor and malfunction predictor for textile machines
Point of purchase gasoline analyzing/blending
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Biological membrane voltage estimator
Biosensor and method for producing the same
Cooled basket for steel plants
Chemical process for the recovery of metal from an organic complex
Fabrication of group III-V nitrides on mesas
Fixed Constructions
Door hinge
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Display base
Method to process fumes and relative device
Stereoscopic sensor
Integrated optical circuit
Route guiding device for vehicle
Navigation system for a vehicle
Method for controlling transport and travel operations
Method and arrangement for representing data in vehicle navigation systems
Method and system for scrolling a map display in a navigation application
Radio navigation emulating GPS system
Process and device for aiding aerial navigation
Aircraft flight correction process
System and method for unified telephone and utility consumption metering, reading, and processing
Signal detector and methodology for monitoring sound signals having frequencies over a selected frequency range
Method of and apparatus for analyzing linear object and recording medium having linear object analyzing program stored thereon
Monte Carlo scatter correction method for computed tomography of general object geometries
Beam scattering measurement system with transmitted beam energy detection
Optical sensor for in situ measurement of analytes
Detection of unusual waveforms
Programmable impedance output buffer drivers, semiconductor devices and static random access memories provided with a programmable impedance output port
Method for calibrating variable delay circuit and a variable delay circuit using the same
System level IC testing arrangement and method
Method of producing a test pattern allowing determination of acceptance and rejection of a semiconductor device without causing a timing problem
Apparatus and method for doubling speed of random events generator
Input-output pad testing using bi-directional pads
Method for cost-effective production testing of input voltage levels of the forwarded clock interface of high performance integrated circuits
Built-in self-test circuit for read channel device
Semiconductor testing equipment
Compensation for line bias variation
Method and apparatus for code synchronization in a global positioning system receiver
Method for determining the speed of a terminal equipment and a receiver
Virtual beam system
System and method for detecting and displaying wind shear
System, apparatus, and method for geographic positioning of marine fauna
Screening apparatus and method
Beam expander for ultraviolet lasers
Valve for light pipe
Micro-mechanical variable optical attenuator
Control apparatus for image blur prevention
Optical waveguide for UV transmission
Scanning near-field optical microscope using the probe and recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the probe
Waveguide type optical integrated circuit element and method for fabricating same
Passive process for fitting connectors to optical elements with an integrated optical circuit and template for embodiment of the process
Optical transmitter/receiver interface for sealed environments and method of using same
Chirped waveguide grating router as a splitter/router
Article comprising an optical pulse compressor
Optical switch
High powered laser diode
Semi-transmissive liquid crystal display device free from reversal of display on screen
Optical waveguide switch having peltier junction control elements
Camera with quietly operating manual film winder and anti-backup device
Retainer support for closing device which closes light lock in film cartridge is movable to permit assembly/disassembly of closing device in one-time-use camera
Camera magnetic reader having shield member and grinding reference surface, and methods for forming and positioning same
Camera with partial exposed frame film detector and battery monitor
Photographic orientation device and method of photography
Contact charger having charging performance enhancing particles existing at a contact portion between the contact charger and the member to be charged
Image forming apparatus
Image forming devices, fusing assemblies, and methods of forming an image using control circuitry to control fusing operations
Multi-functional copier and printing apparatus which provides various options from which to read in, output and display images
Process cartridge for storing compressed information detachably mountable to a main assembly of an image forming apparatus, and an image forming apparatus including such cartridge
Tandem tri-level xerographic apparatus and method for producing highly registered pictorial color images
Developing unit having developing roller with restraining blade
Charging device and image forming apparatus
System for cleaning discharging wires in an image forming apparatus
Image-forming machine equipped with an exchangeable developing unit
Image forming apparatus using a developer of a given polarity and an externally added additive of an opposite polarity
Liquid developing apparatus having cleaning electrode for removing toner particulates
Electrostatic image forming apparatus capable of reducing defective image transfer caused by free toner particles deposited on a corona discharger
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge electrophotographic image forming apparatus and positioning there between
Process cartridge and an image forming apparatus using the same process cartridge and a method of manufacturing the same process cartridge
Remotely activated alarm clock system
Method and control system for changing the state of a plant
Numerically controlled machine tool
Apparatus and method for creating parts removal order and recording medium recording parts removal order program
Integrated iconic display for power plants by displaying plurality of process icons corresponding to all operating heat engines in one single computer screen
Guidance system for automated vehicles, and guidance strip for use therewith
Start up circuits and bias generators
Software vault
Method for granting accesses to information in a distributed computer system
Technique for producing privately authenticatable cryptographic signatures and for authenticating such signatures
Method of selecting between multiple clock drive sources for a backplane clock signal
Portable computer with strap connectors
Display screen assembly apparatus and method
Apparatus for interconnecting logic boards
Heat dissipation enhancing device
Computer with automatic power cut-off function and control method therefor
System and method for re-starting a peripheral bus clock signal and requesting mastership of a peripheral bus
Data processor
Dynamic clocking apparatus and system for reducing power dissipation
Apparatus and method for power management of embedded subsystems
Method and system for replicated and consistent modifications in a server cluster
Method for communicating a software-generated pulse waveform between two servers in a network
Method and apparatus for recording and viewing error data generated from a computer simulation of an integrated circuit
Computer system UE recovery logic
RAM based error correction code encoder and syndrome generator with programmable interleaving degrees
Method and circuit for backing up memory and calender
Process for the automation of informatic procedures and device therefor
Method and apparatus for file system disaster recovery
Method of powering up or powering down a server to a maintenance state
Method for hot adding a network adapter by identifying and executing the adapter driver based upon the logical board number of the network adapter
Method and apparatus for sampling multiple potentially concurrent instructions in a processor pipeline
Method of monitoring the operation of a computer
Diagnostic methodology for debugging integrated software
Distributed automated testing system
Method and apparatus to identify a storage device within a digital system
Method and apparatus for transferring data over a processor interface bus
Two level address translation and memory registration system and method
Data storage system with trained predictive cache management engine
Method and apparatus for round-robin flash channel arbitration
Minimum refractory period in a multiple agent resource sharing environment
Methods and apparatus for providing multi-processor access to shared memory
DSP interrupt control for handling multiple interrupts
Streaming memory controller for a PCI bus
Method and apparatus for non-concurrent arbitration of multiple busses
Memory managing method for use in a data communications system
Hot plug port adapter with separate PCI local bus and auxiliary bus
Apparatus for receiving data from a synchronous random access memory
System, method and computer program products for determining compliance of chemical products to government regulations
Programmable finite impulse response processor with scalable dynamic data range
Integrated authoring and translation system
Network information searching apparatus and network information searching method
Communication navigation system which easily finds person who is interested in the same topic
Object-to-relational data converter mapping attributes to object instance into relational tables
Efficient and effective distributed information management
Check data operation for DB2
Method and apparatus configured according to a logical table having cell and attributes containing address segments
System and method for exchanging data and commands between an object oriented system and relational system
System and method for reducing location conflicts in a database
Probabilistic web link viability marker and web page ratings
Method of saving a web page to a local hard drive to enable client-side browsing
Image retrieval system
Multimedia search and indexing system and method of operation using audio cues with signal thresholds
Conformal meshing for electromagnetic analysis of planar circuits
Method and apparatus for optimizing transistor cell layout with integrated transistor folding
Method for verification of RTL generated from scheduled behavior in a high-level synthesis flow
System and method for verifying the identity of a person
Dynamic disablement of a transaction ordering in response to an error
High speed servo data interface system for transferring high resolution servo position data through a data bus
Sequential data transfer circuit
Efficient data transfer mechanism for input/output devices
High accuracy estimates of elementary functions
Modular arithmetic coprocessor comprising an integer division circuit
Writing of instruction results produced by instruction execution circuits to result destinations
Processor with programmable addressing modes
Method and apparatus for using a driver program executing on a host processor to control the execution of code on an auxiliary processor
Method and apparatus for balancing load vs. store access to a primary data cache
Computer processor with a replay system
Non-stalling circular counterflow pipeline processor with reorder buffer
Object model for Java.TM.
Pattern for instantiating objects of unknown type in object-oriented applications
Method and system for designing, generating and storing applications
Interface and method for facilitating writing and modifying of lines of programming code
System and method for transparent, global access to physical devices on a computer cluster
Language processing apparatus for converting source program into object program
System and apparatus for condensing executable computer software code
Emulation of an instruction set on an instruction set architecture transition
Dynamic communication between computer processes
Dynamically disabling and enabling of devices in consumer system with multiple communication protocols
Method and apparatus for managing timer objects in an event driven system
Telephone equipment protection circuit
Wireless serial port transceiver
Method and apparatus for recognizing images of documents and storing different types of information in different files
Histogram equalization method and device in contrast enhancement apparatus for image processing system
Medical item dispensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for simplified and flexible selection of aggregate and cross product levels for a data warehouse
System for monitoring and controlling production and method therefor
Method and device for generating a single-use financial account number
Virtual point of sale processing using gateway-initiated messages
Technique for controlling and processing a section of an interactive presentation simultaneously with detecting stimulus event in manner that overrides process
Computer apparatus and method for generating documentation using a computed value for a claims cost affected by at least one concurrent, different insurance policy for the same insured
Method and apparatus for embedding authentication information within digital data
Backprojection with a multi-color rendering engine
Method and apparatus for outputting an image of a tabbed document
Digital interpolating system and method
Method of image processing
Automatic process for detecting changes between two images
Hybrid image compressor
Method of data reduction by means of fractal image coding
Method for digital image compression
Motion vector field coding
Equipment and method for compressing picture data
Motion picture encoding system for either intra-frame encoding or inter-frame encoding
Apparatus and method for providing robust error recovery for errors that occur in a lossy transmission environment
Method and apparatus for encoding a contour of an object
Paper discriminating apparatus
Coding device, decoding device and IC circuit
Coin escrow apparatus with relay switch contact simulator
Wireless spread spectrum ground link-based aircraft data communication system with variable data rate
Pitch shift apparatus and method
Text-to-speech using clustered context-dependent phoneme-based units
Subband normalization, transformation, and voiceness to recognize phonemes for text messaging in a radio communication system
Non-interactive enrollment in speech recognition
Speech recognition method and system for recognizing single or un-correlated Chinese characters
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, recording apparatus, and reproducing apparatus
Adaptive rate system and method for wireless communications
Magneto-optical recording medium and magneto-optical recorder using the medium
Method of adjusting the position of a prerecorded magnetic tape during manufacturing, and the magnetic-tape apparatus suitable for carrying out the method
Disc chucking mechanism
Device for storing and selectively playing disc-shaped information carrier
Optical disc reproduction apparatus and method capable of correcting a characteristic of an equalizer
Signal detection method of data recording/reproducing apparatus and device therefor
Disk having read-only and read-write areas
Crosstalk eliminating method for use in a recorded information reproducing apparatus
Supporting mechanism of a magnetic head slider employing a lubricant between the surfaces of the slider and portions of the mounting gimbal
Aerodynamic propeller latch for a disc drive
Head loading device and method in a hard disk drive
Inertial latch mechanism for actuator of disk drive device
Recording method having temporary buffering
Optical recording medium having the physical address of sectors monotonically change along spiral tracks
Optical disk writing control device
Resonance dampening actuator bearing assembly
High moment bilayer first pole piece layer of a write head with high magnetic stability for promoting read signal symmetry of a read head
Vertical magnetic head having a magnetic circuit with a non-embedded part and having an integrated coil surrounding the non-embedded part
Thin film magnet head with improved performance
Magnetic head with spin valve effect magnetoresistive element and its manufacturing method
Actuator having MR element protecting means
Piezoresistive position sensors embedded in disc drive microactuator
Method and apparatus for writing and reading optical recording medium
Focus servo apparatus for multi-layer disc and method for operating the same
Track servo control apparatus for optical disk
MRAM device using magnetic field bias to improve reproducibility of memory cell switching
One transistor EEPROM cell using ferro-electric spacer
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with large internal bus width, including memory and logic circuit
Bit line cross-over layout arrangement
Static-random-access-memory cell
Clocking to support interface of memory controller to external SRAM
Method for performing analog over-program and under-program detection for a multistate memory cell
Memory for storing encoded mask and data bits
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device having improved program/erase/over erase verify
Flash memory wordline tracking across whole chip
Semiconductor integrated circuit data processing system
Circuit for parallel programming nonvolatile memory cells, with adjustable programming speed
Common flash interface implementation for a simultaneous operation flash memory device
Semiconductor device with antifuse
Programmable latches that include non-volatile programmable elements
On-chip test circuit for evaluating an on-chip signal using an external test signal
Method and circuit for compressing test data in a memory device
Synchronous semiconductor memory device which can be inspected even with low speed tester
Memory card which is thermally controlled
Memory with high integrity memory cells
Charge pump circuit for integrated memory devices
IC with enhanced low voltage start-up
Semiconductor memory remapping
Dynamic random access memory device with the combined open/folded bit-line pair arrangement
Semiconductor memory device having a common column decoder shared by plurality of banks
Memory with combined synchronous burst and bus efficient functionality
Semiconductor memory device including plural blocks with a pipeline operation for carrying out operations in predetermined order
Layout for a semiconductor memory device having redundant elements
Output circuit of semiconductor memory device
Synchronous semiconductor memory device
Methods and systems for column line selection in a memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory having multiple redundant columns with offset segmentation boundaries
Architecture, method(s) and circuitry for low power memories
Core plate and reactor internal pump differential pressure lines for a boiling water reactor
Process for the production of antihydrogen
High resolution x-ray imaging of very small objects
Shaped target for mammography
Integrated circuit chip to substrate interconnection
Heating device of the light irradiation type and holding device therefor
Apparatus and method for ex-situ testing of performance parameters on an electrostatic chuck
Heat spreader for ball grid array package
Stress relief substrate for solder ball grid array mounted circuits and method of packaging
Hybrid module and methods for manufacturing and mounting thereof
Terminal mounting structure for a printed circuit board
Semiconductor mounting system and semiconductor chip
Protective circuit
High frequency transmission line capable of improving an intermodulation distortion characteristic in a high frequency device
Method and apparatus for automatically extracting and retracting an antenna in a wireless telephone
Signal selecting circuit
Cable storage compartment for network computer
Auxiliary component connector including microphone channel
Method and apparatus for producing twisted solitons
Laser for generating an optical comb
Optical fiber raman laser
Article comprising an optical fiber cascaded Raman resonator
Optical communication system using multiple-order Raman amplifiers
Regulation of emission frequencies of a set of lasers
Laser system for rotating amplitude distribution of output light
Transfer switch with optional power inlet and meter panel
Circuit breaker
Rush current limiting device for power circuit
EMI filter for an inrush relay
Inrush current limiter with output voltage detection for control of input current level and activation of current bypass path
Low-voltage test signal path protection circuit with extended bandwidth, overvoltage and transient protection
Switchgear cabinet monitoring installation
Damping of an oscillation in a plant for transmission of high voltage direct current
Switching power supply for generating DC voltage by synchronous rectification
Asymmetrical DC/DC converter having output current doubler
Elevator DC motor drive with unity power factor, including regeneration
Oscillator and communications device
Negative self-bias circuit for FET mixers
Tuning module for a dual frequency PLL synthesized tuner
Broadband frequency synthesizer
Receiver with controllable amplifier means
Digital parametric equalizer with symmetrical cut and boost spectrums
Facility for reducing a data rate
Method of reducing coefficient leakage noise introduced to an equalizer during steady state operation
Method and apparatus for compliance to multiple frequency plans
State dependent synchronization circuit which synchronizes leading and trailing edges of asynchronous input pulses
Synchronization element for converting an asynchronous pulse signal into a synchronous pulse signal
Differentiator, rectifier, mixer, and low-pass filter circuit
Phase-locked loop circuit and radio communication apparatus using the same
Data communication method and system
Message encoding with irregular graphing
Communications accessory with improved vehicle ignition sense
Broadband, low power FM/FSK transceiver for wireless communications systems
Apparatus for and method of improving efficiency of transceivers in radio products
Cellular phone with a logarithmic detector
Broadband modem transformer hybird
Digital communication system for high-speed complex correlation
Spread spectrum transmitter, spread spectrum receiver, and spread spectrum communications system
Code synchronization unit and method
Method for measuring received signal quality in a mobile wireless communication system
System and method for echo cancelling and mobile communications device
Bus station and bus system
CDMA power control error reduction via predictive filtering
Closed-loop power control method
Communication system and a communication apparatus
Portable satellite communication terminal system
Method and apparatus for system acquisition for a subscriber unit
Satellite packet terminal and method for transmitting packet data from the same
Code allocation in CDMA
Broadcast data radio system and receiver apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for an optical bi-directional line switched ring data communications system
Synchronizing a central timing unit to an external link via a switching network
Network element for use in synchronous digital communications system and central clock generator
Transmission system for switching connection from a working channel line to a protection channel line while avoiding instantaneous cutoff upon failure
Low-power state-sequential viterbi decoder for CDMA digital cellular applications
Source/channel encoding mode control method and apparatus
Autobaud/autoecho method
Error compensating method and apparatus and medium storing an error compensation program
Method of re-sending incorrectly transmitted data
System and method for managing the exchange of information between multicast and unicast hosts
Data monitoring apparatus
Data communication apparatus and method
Port aggregation protocol
Selective cell discard system in ATM switch
Firmware controlled transmit datapath for high-speed packet switches
Transmission system with line status determination independent of received packet order
Message tracking system
System and method for preserving delivery status notification when moving from a native network to a foreign network
System and method for data transfer across multiple clock domains
Method and apparatus for data detection with an enhanced adaptive threshold
Methods and apparatus for verifying transmit power levels in a signal point limited transmission system
Split-architecture modem
Packet inspection device, mobile computer and packet transfer method in mobile computing with improved mobile computer authenticity check scheme
Network system having plural multimedia servers for different types of data
Application dispatcher for seamless, server application support for network terminals and non-network terminals
Network system extensible by users
Adaptive fast path architecture for commercial operating systems and information server applications
System and method for establishing unique sequence identification in an information exchange of a system network
Packet network
Token based source file compression/decompression and its application
Server for notifying items of interest and delivering locally accessed video in a WAN to client stations on demand
Packet data transferring method for mobile radio data communication system
Dynamic addressing of devices on a shared medium network with a keyline
Telephonic handset apparatus having an earpiece monitor and reduced inter-user variability
Call yourself BERT testing of ISDN line
Interactive graphic payphone
Method and apparatus for interfacing a mobile phone with an existing audio system
Method for registering portable unit in cordless telephone system by using both wire and wireless links
Communication server apparatus and method
Communications data terminal capable of performing a plurality of communication controls
Automated fraud management in transaction-based networks
Way finding with an interactive faceplate
Service unit for supporting the establishment of calls, as well as switching center, service control point, communications network, and method of establishing a call
System for providing virtual called party identification in a voice mail system
Communication system including a client controlled gateway for concurrent voice/data messaging with a data server
Optimizing call-center performance by using predictive data to distribute agents among calls
Distributed voice processing system
Methods and apparatus for providing comfort noise in communications systems
Scanning status indicating device for automatic document feeder
Voice-code-image-attached still image forming apparatus
Communication apparatus using telephone line
Method for low complexity low memory inverse dithering
Image processing circuit
VSB HDTV transmission system with reduced NTSC co-channel interference
System and method for retrieving capability parameters in an electronic imaging device
Combined video/audio signal player with a squelch function
Multi-head video teleconferencing station
Integration of telephone return link using fiber and cable media
Video encoder having reduced memory bandwidth requirements
Additional information signal superimposing and detecting system additional information signal superimposing and detecting method and additional information signal detecting method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for receiving and/or reproducing digital signal
Apparatus for synchronized playback of audio-video signals
Apparatus for a synchronized playback of audio-video signals
Method and apparatus to throttle connections to a H.323 multipoint controller by receiver terminals in a loosely-coupled conference
Method for selecting virtual channels based on address priority in an asynchronous transfer mode device
Network adjusts cell transfer capacity in response to a change in the actual bit rate relative to the nominal bit rate
Monitoring OAM cell assisted method of detecting bit errors occurring in ATM useful cells on an ATM transmission link
Virtual path shaping
Configuration method for auxiliary resources
Method and apparatus for routing calls placed to a virtual telephone number
Network restoration
Methods and systems for solving the paging problem for a multiline fixed cellular system
Method and system for data transmission
Telecommunication network with mobile voice conferencing system and method
Delivery of subscriber digital data messages in a dual mode cellular telephone network
Automated warranty registration
Method for assigning communication resources
Two way radio communication system and method for establishing communication
Method and apparatus for standby state cell selection in a cellular telephone system
System and method for adaptive reservation of radio resources for cells belonging to localized service area
Random access in a mobile telecommunications system
Adaptive threshold scheme for tracking and paging mobile users
Mobile location estimation in a wireless communication system
Caller identification in a radio communication system
In-band signaling for a hand-over operation in a mobile telecommunication system
System and method for providing location information of a mobile station in a communication system
Link setup method for a narrowband cellular communication system
Mobile communication system and mobile communication method thereof
Circumaural ear cup audio seal for use in connection with a headset, ear defender, helmet and the like
Low-distortion loudspeaker
Induction oven for melting metals
Housing for electronic assemblies including board-mounted components and separate discrete components
Thermal attachment bracket for mini cartridge package technology
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield for electrical components, an internal EMI barrier, and a storage enclosure for electrical/electronic components
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