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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Automated seed sampling apparatus, method and system
Shoot restraint for use with manufactured seeds
Pet shelter incorporating food and water dispensers
Two dog leash
CUBRA avian shelter
Nectar feeder with float and valve
Nectar feeder having a float with flush stopper
Animal feeding system
Method and apparatus for variable regulatory or conditional use compliance maximizing use of available inventory
Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Microbicidal and antiparasitic compositions
Butchering processes for meat products
Butchering processes for meat products
Acidified dairy food
Cooking device
Glove for player using a game system
Horseback riding training glove
Decorative element for medical devices
Modular organization case
Press-on cosmetic applicator system
Clipping device
Refillable toothbrush and base assembly
Outdoor tables with heater access
Adjustable furniture attachment clamp
Universal crisper frame able to accommodate a variety of crisper configurations
Vehicle-seat control apparatus
Folding massage chair
Apparatus for hanging on seatback inside vehicle
Three-dimensional supporting frame
Plate carrier for plate fixing device
Plate carrier for plate fixing device
Bracket for wood shelving
Cooking utensil with extended anti-deformation slots
Infusion press lid assembly
Mop bucket
Vacuum cleaner having dirt cup assembly with internal air guide
Fiber optic instrument shape sensing system and method
Expandable surgical access port
Seal anchor for use in surgical procedures
Biopsy devices
Self-retaining vaginal retractor with a weighted speculum
Kerrison rongeurs
Kit for reconditioning femur and ilium bones in preparation for installation of a joint implant
Compression-distraction spinal fixation system
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Systems and methods for myocardial ischemia detection
Methods and systems for automatically identifying whether a neural recording signal includes a neural response signal
Suction stabilized epicardial ablation devices
Passive phonography heart monitor
System and method for efficient diagnostic analysis of ophthalmic examinations
Method and system for tissue imaging and analysis
Holding piece for an implant
Methods and apparatus for securing a urethral sling to a pubic bone
Acetabular cup buttress
Multi-component knee implant assembly with multiple articulating and traveling surfaces
Endoprosthesis for vascular bifurcation
Ophthalmic marking device
Undulating bed
Acupuncture point position evaluating apparatus
Apparatus, systems, and methods for augmenting the flow of fluid within body vessels
Composition comprising a solid state hypothiocyanite salt of a cation
Treatment of tumors by ablating bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells
Recombinant factor VIII having enhanced stability following mutation at the A1-C2 domain interface
Compounds and methods for diagnosis and treatment of leishmaniasis
Probe reagent for measuring oxidative stress
Stable dentifrice compositions
Water soluble film for oral administration with instant wettability
Use of a hydrophilic matrix comprising a polyacrylic acid derivative, a cellulose ether and a disintegrant in the manufacture of a medicament for treating female genital disorders
Oral preparation comprising pioglitazone
Bioswellable sutures
Swellable and degradable microspheres
Chewing gum
Method and apparatus for automated active sterilization of fully implanted devices
Method for reducing the number of unwanted molecules in bodily fluids
Catheter systems and methods of use
Drug introduction and placement system
Drug solution preparing kit
Remote status and control device for a cochlear implant system
Systems and methods for detecting an error associated with an implantable device
Peristaltic pump for treatment of erectile dysfunction
Zwitterionic azo dyestuffs for coloring keratin-including fibres
Abdominal exercise device
Adjustment mechanism for vacuum load resistance training exercise apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise apparatus and method
Unbalanced weighted apparatus with a heavy end and a light end
Teaching aid
Golf chip shot training aid and method of using the same
Golf training aid
Golf putting box
Action game apparatus and method
Projectile toy and launcher therefor
Online political prediction game
User device position indication for security and distributed race challenges
Radio frequency controlled aircraft
Repositionable toy-attachment device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Bead fluid treatment self-cleaning apparatus and method
Concrete washout separation system
Upward-type filtering apparatus characterized in laminating method of filtering material
Water-blocking vent panel and air filter therefor
Inline water trap
Clog indicating device in a dust collector
Indirect and direct method of sequestering contaminates
Landfill biofiltration system and methods for removal of gas-phase pollutants and contaminants
Device for moving and treating volumes of liquid
Fluid mixer and apparatus using fluid mixer
Devices, processes and methods for the production of lower alkyl esters
Cyclonic reactor with non-equilibrium gliding discharge and plasma process for reforming of solid hydrocarbons
Self regulating hydrogen generator
Polymorph, polymorph screening system, and polymorph preparing and screening method
Device for conveying honeycomb structural body, method for sealing honeycomb structural body, and method for producing honeycomb structural body
Paint dispensing nozzle arrangement
Method of coating a porous substrate
Wafer separation apparatus, wafer separation and transfer apparatus, wafer separation method, wafer separation and transfer method, and solar cell wafer separation and transfer method
Cleaning methods for improved photovoltaic module efficiency
Gas and liquid extraction system and method
Method of converting a non-rechargeable flashlight to a rechargeable flashlight
Metal-infiltrated titanium--silicon-carbide and titanium--aluminum-carbide bodies
Method for manufacturing copper nanoparticles using microwaves
Method and apparatus for the welding of pipes
Camshaft-grinding machine
Open-close work implement
Robot wrist structure and robot
Grafting pruner
Anvil roll system and method
Container puncturing device
Method for producing transfer structure and matrix for use therein
Labelling plant and method for fixing sleeves around containers
Label transfer device for an IML method
Pressing-on device for pressing on fiber-reinforced thermoplastic materials, fiber arranging device, and method for arranging a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material
Press molding glass material, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing method of optical element
Resin composition, prepreg, and laminate
Apparatus for automatic marking of containers of biological samples
Protective cover plate
Method and system for producing graphene and functionalized graphene
System and method for layer-to-layer compensation and error correction
Fluid ejection using MEMS composite transducer
Multifunctional printer and automatically opening or closing cover device
Inkjet recording device and method for generating drive waveform signal
Movable highlight strip
Multipurpose writing instrument
Tire with a cellular layer
Vehicle receiver assembly with cargo anchor point(s) for supporting and securing cargo, cargo carriers, cargo carrier accessories, and tow-hitch receiver accessories
Actuator that can be decoupled, in particular having an electromechanical drive
Wind deflector for a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle with such a deflector
Method and apparatus for detecting forward/reverse speeds of continuously variable transmission for vehicles
Test method and system for dynamic positioning systems
Vehicle seat
Recreational vehicle with reconfigurable floor plan
Drive units for tarpaulin cover systems
LED lamp
Portable visual display panel mounting device, system and method
Wheel mechanism
Mud flap lifting system
Electric power steering device
Field work vehicle
Method and device for controlling the driving dynamics of a vehicle
Scooter for a handicapped child
Illuminated motorcycle exhaust apparatus
Bicycle frame
Foot propelled vehicle
Ventilated hydrofoils for watercraft
Method for connecting a first material to a second material in aircraft construction
Composite panel stiffener
Elongate composite structural members and improvements therein
Elongate composite structural member
Expendable aerial delivery system
Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Blow-molded plastic infusion container
Tool box for repairing glasses
Cups that add color to liquid content and methods of manufacturing the same
Conveyor for a sheet glass tempering furnace
Paper supply unit and image forming apparatus
Device for correcting an edge portion of a sheet material and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Device for moving and attaching a component between two positions
Method and system for a beverage dispensing assembly
Method and apparatus for volumetrically supplying ice to ice output systems
Child sleeping restraint
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing nanostructure and nanostructure manufactured by the same
Sintering of fused silica to produce shaped bodies comprising crystalline SiO.sub.2
Use of carboxymethyl chitosans as additives in agglomerating compositions
Production of sintered three-dimensional ceramic bodies
Ballistic modifier formulation for double base propellant
Container containing fluorinated organic carbonates
Biodegradable aliphatic polyester particles and production process thereof
Coating formulations for optical elements
Silicon surface texturing method for reducing surface reflectance
Lipophilic antioxidant
Photoalignment compound, photoalignment composition, display substrate having an alignment layer, and method for manufacturing the display substrate
Naphtha based fungible bitumen process
Systems and methods for extracting lipids from wet algal biomass
Generation of patient-specific differentiated cell types by epigenetic induction
Multiple mutation variants of serine protease
Production of isoprene under reduced oxygen inlet levels
Method of producing saccharides containing glucose as major constituent
Increased oil content by increasing Yap1 transcription factor activity in oleaginous yeasts
Genetic variants contributing to risk of prostate cancer
Method of manufacturing thin film which suppresses unnecessary scattering and deposition of a source material
Method and apparatus
Fluorine gas generating apparatus
Fluorine gas generating apparatus
Method of coloring surface of zirconium-based metallic glass component
Mold for casting polycrystalline silicon ingot, and silicon nitride powder for mold release material thereof, slurry containing silicon nitride powder for mold release layer thereof and mold release material for casting thereof
Textiles; Paper
Fabric ironing apparatus
Compositions of fluorescent whitening agents
Fixed Constructions
Dual bridge aircraft passenger boarding ramp assembly and method
Debris shield for geocontainers, method of making, and method of use thereof
Method for terminating an edge of a roof waterproofing membrane
Structure with surface for seasonal selectiveness of solar irradiation absorption and reflection
Assembly system for modular building units
Lightweight housing module and modular building
False floor and method and device for the installation thereof
Insulation building system for a building structure
Photovoltaic roofing systems and methods for repairing them
Vectorized jet fan
System for building formwork for concrete stairs and related methods
Adjustable tree stand hunting blind
Safety device for vehicle handles and vehicle handle comprising this safety device
Combination lock and anti-jimmying device
Gear latch-bolt mechanism
Backrest lid
Ladder accessory quick-mounting base with guide lips
System and method for managing heave pressure from a floating rig
Stripper device with retrieval mounting portion and method of use
Subsea arrangement
Alkanesulfonic acid microcapsules and use thereof in deep wells
Enhanced convection for in situ pyrolysis of organic-rich rock formations
Systems and methods for logging cased wellbores
Downhole sensor interface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compression system having seal with magnetic coupling of pistons
Multi-stage scroll machine
Non-contact labyrinth seal assembly
Test blade
Turbine stator vane with root turn purge air hole
Hybrid fascia mounted exhaust tip assembly
Control methods for improved catalytic converter efficiency and diagnosis
Exhaust gas purification apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Injection system for injecting fluid into an exhaust tract
Preheating of an internal combustion engine
Centrifugal compressor and turbo supercharger
Device for damping of sounds and motor vehicle comprising such a device
Solar power plant with integrated gas turbine
Combined cycle power plant with split compressor
Cylinder block and method of machining same
HF Ignition Device
Wind sail turbine
Impulse wind machine
System for collecting concentrated solar radiation
Fluid servo and applications
Device for controlling the stroke of an actuator
Locking joint for joining structural members
Rolling bearing comprising a sealing gasket and an annular shield
Electrohydraulic actuator with a pump incorporated in the piston
Apparatus for transferring optical element including brake
Disc brake pad cushions
Yoke assembly for power steering rack and pinion gear set
Oil field pump unit hybrid gear reducer
Belt type continuously variable transmission for vehicle
Alignment system for flapper valve
Constricting pressure valve apparatus and methods thereof
Valve actuator
Apparatus for quick connects used in a computing system environment
Articulated gutter downspout fitting
Anti-theft structure for a socket display hanger
Thermal solution for LED candelabra lamps
Light emitting diode bulb with a cup-shaped heat dissipating structure
Pompon having elongate light-emitting-objects
Reflective nanofiber lighting devices
Lighting device and display device having the same
Microcapsules having a radiation-induced or thermal release
Solar air heating device
Structure for lifting and mounting heliostats and trolley for moving said heliostat
Single evaporator refrigeration system for multi-compartment refrigerator appliance with isolated air flows
Method for drying objects of organic material and a dryer
Adjustable gas cyclic regulator for an autoloading firearm
Stabilizing device
Charging handle
Caseless ammunition firing system and device
Automatically adjustable comb for a firearm
Quick-release hand guard assembly for a rifle
Device for producing a gun barrel and a gun barrel
Vehicle chassis, vehicle body and vehicle suspension
Feature-based coordinate reference
Navigation device, method and program
Illumination device for use with survey level rod and method of use
Handheld plumbob cleaner
Wireless lance
Method of joining a pressure sensor header with an associated transducer element
Method for accurately measuring applied torque in a hydraulic breakout machine and a hydraulic breakout machine that measures applied torque
Sensor system for combined speed-torque detection
Monitoring apparatus and method
Support and insert for attaching a module to a tire wall
Method of reacting two-phase solution changing in phase state with temperature change and apparatus for practicing the same
Method and apparatus for fluid loss measurements of wellbore fluids
Air purifier and total organic carbon measuring device using the air purifier
Non-parametric modeling apparatus and method for classification, especially of activity state
Automated laboratory system
Method for the screening of conserved secreted proteins
Method for manufacturing a sensor
Method and system for tracking and budgeting energy usage
Hierarchical test response compaction for a plurality of logic blocks
EUVL process structure fabrication methods
Actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive resin composition, actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive film therefrom and method of forming pattern
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Image forming apparatus having tension-providing mechanism for belt
Double feed sensing device, double feed determining method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and control method of the same
Color image forming apparatus having developing devices with different storage capacities
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method which utilize a wet developer solution
Image heating device
Printing apparatus, control method of printing apparatus, and storage medium
Electrophotographic toner, developer, and image forming apparatus
Electrostatic image developing toner
Toner, toner set, developer, developer set, image forming apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge
Methods to select golden devices for device model extractions
System and method for cortical simulation
Event driven digital signal processor with time constraints
Statistical switched capacitor droop sensor for application in power distribution noise mitigation
Method and apparatus for changing a configuration of a computing system
Method for recovering data processing system failures
Systems and methods for gathering debug information
Digital broadcast receiver
Method and apparatus for identification of program check errors indicating code with high potential for storage overlay
Efficient reduction of read disturb errors in NAND FLASH memory
Allocating files in a file system integrated with a RAID disk sub-system
Timeslot arbitration scheme
System and method for asynchronous clock regeneration
Method of specifying access sequence of a storage device
Reconfigurable memory module and method
Method and system for automatically updating contact information within a contact database
Communication system allowing users to know online or network status of sought users
Apparatus, system, and method for incremental resynchronization in a data storage system
Processor system management mode caching
System and method for performing efficient conditional vector operations for data parallel architectures involving both input and conditional vector values
Real time estimation of rolling averages of cumulative data
Seamless reflection of model updates in a visual page for a visual channel in a composite services delivery system
Method and system for processing a file attached to an electronic document
Effective communication in virtual worlds
Control apparatus and control method
Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric supporting multiple planes of processing nodes
Streaming media encoder with front panel control interface
Method and system for expediting peer-to-peer content delivery with improved network utilization
Controlling data transmission on a data storage network by selecting from multiple transmission modes
Method for the insertion and processing of information for the control, by a node, of the broadcasting of a data stream going through a basic network of a heterogeneous network, and corresponding nodes
Retrieving personal account information from a web site by reading a credit card
Alias management platforms and methods
Clipboard for application sharing
Systems and methods for allocating an asset to interconnected devices
Computer interconnection system
Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus and transmission/reception apparatus for image and/or audio data and other than image and/or audio data
Notifying co-recipients of others currently replying to communications
System and method for displaying digital image files
Distributed virtual system to support managed, network-based services
Enabling remote locale specific operations in multiple locale and user environments
Systems for distributing data over a computer network and methods for arranging nodes for distribution of data over a computer network
Method for discovery of clusters of objects in an arbitrary undirected graph using a difference between a fraction of internal connections and maximum fraction of connections by an outside object
Method for predicting depth distribution of predetermined water temperature zone, method and system for delivering fishing ground prediction information of migratory fish
System and method for designing and producing confectionary arrangement
Method and apparatus for providing cross-benefits via a central authority
Auto configurable transfer and management system
Equalization based on digital signal processing in downsampled domains
Multimedia presentation system
System and method for mail verification
Transient response of a distributed RLC interconnect based on direct pole extraction
Method and system for automatically generating template based spreadsheet pivot tables
Method and system for language identification
Method, system and article of manufacture for rolling back past a boundary generator to a savepoint located in a unit of work
System and method for dynamically exposing SQL statements as web protocols
Predisposition modification
Network control system, network control method, and computer product
Converting SPARQL queries to SQL queries
Polling system and method presenting a received free reply as a answer option to a subsequent respondent
System to associate a demographic to a user of an electronic system
Control of document content having extraction permissives
Integrating line-of-business application data with documents
Server apparatus and control method
Method and system to synchronize updated versions of a document edited on a collaborative site that are under document management control
Method and apparatus for automatic multimedia narrative enrichment
Apparatus, system, and method for implementing an IMS SOAP gateway
Storage management system and method and program
System and method for the support of multilingual applications
Method for managing data access requests utilizing storage meta data processing
Selective privacy guarantees
Accurate parasitic capacitance extraction for ultra large scale integrated circuits
Analysis data judging apparatus, simulation system and simulation program
IC layout optimization to improve yield
Intelligent system and method for monitoring generator reactive power limit using machine model parameters
Redistribution of current demand and reduction of power and DCAP
Architectural level throughput based power modeling methodology and apparatus for pervasively clock-gated processor cores
Method and apparatus for parametric design of custom decorative stonework
Instantaneous voltage drop sensitivity analysis tool (IVDSAT)
Optimum timing of write and read clock paths
Method and apparatus for planning a manufacturing schedule using an adaptive learning process
System for controlling the processing of an integrated circuit chip assembly line
Motor control apparatus and motor control method
Method and control device for guiding the movement of a movable machine element of a machine
Component mounter, warning notification apparatus, and warning notification method
Vibration dosimeter and method for determining the daily vibration exposure
Method and system for managing licenses to content
Electronic musical apparatus for recording and reproducing music content
Personal authentication apparatus
Method and system for internally identifying a specific web browser for displaying a specific web page
I/O module expansion unit and distributed automation system
Input/output module for a programmable controller
Repeat CCW count argument for device command word processing
Network map
Interface apparatus and packet transfer method
Information managing method, information managing apparatus, information managing program and storage medium
Input/Output completion system for a data processing platform
Method for processing consistent data sets by an asynchronous application of a subscriber in an isochronous, cyclical communications system
Efficient multi-protocol software architecture with shared resources for different applications
Provisional load sharing buffer for reducing hard disk drive (HDD) activity and improving reliability and lifetime
Web information processing apparatus and web information processing method
System and method for accelerated web page navigation using keyboard accelerators in a data processing system
Dynamic graphic user interface
Floating action buttons
Problem determination service
System and method for tracking inventory
System and method of using a sales management system to generate printed products
SQL change tracking layer
Apparatus and methods for reputation-based filtering on a communication network
Methods and apparatus for assessing web page decay
Search fusion
Discovering topical structures of databases
Apparatus and method for managing session state
Multiple user authentication for online console-based gaming
System and method for global access control
Method and apparatus for performing two's complement multiplication
Expansion device for BIOS chip
Information processing unit and store instruction control method
Pipeline processing communicating adjacent stages and controls to prevent the address information from being overwritten
Method and apparatus for EFI BIOS time-slicing at OS runtime
Method and system for dynamically determining hash function values for file transfer integrity validation
Processor livelock recovery by gradual stalling of instruction processing rate during detection of livelock condition
Method and apparatus for efficient resource utilization for prescient instruction prefetch
Method, system and program product for generating requirement relationships for designing a solution
System and method for automatically identifying a unit of change requiring upgrade in a database management system
Methods and systems for transferring data over a network
Method for the remote control programming of machine controllers and machine controller for carrying out said method
Method and system for reducing memory reference overhead associated with treadprivate variables in parallel programs
Transfer syntax notational system and method
Processor mode for limiting the operation of guest software running on a virtual machine supported by a virtual machine monitor
Data backup devices and methods for backing up data
Logging lock data
Schedule management apparatus, schedule management method and program
Apparatus and method for redundant software thread computation
Methods and systems for scheduling execution of interrupt requests
Mapping an image to an object using a matrix code
Multiple criteria buying and selling model
Affiliate manipulation system and method
Transaction system with centralized data storage and authentication
Method and system to identify discrete trends in time series
Method, system and program product supporting insurance-funded end-of-lifetime activities for a facility
Method for future payment transactions
System and method for offering a marketing portal only to clients of a financial institution
System and method for providing automated investment alerts from multiple data sources
Object-oriented method, system and medium for risk management by creating inter-dependency between objects, criteria and metrics
One-stop shopping system and method
Application apparatus and method
Data generating device for bulk vending machines
Durable banner and mounting system therefor
Amplifier connected to and identifying plurality of content reproducing devices with respective audio speakers
Method for fabricating a supercapacitor electronic battery
Multi-direction wiring for replacement gate lines
Method for fabricating an image panel for a hyperspectral camera
Method for manufacturing three-dimensionally shaped comb-tooth electret electrode
Extremely thin semiconductor on insulator (ETSOI) logic and memory hybrid chip
LED having a low defect N-type layer that has grown on a silicon substrate
Dislocation engineering using a scanned laser
Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device including fine patterns
Back-gated substrate and semiconductor device, and related method of fabrication
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fixing apparatus for waveguide plate
Reducing the inversion oxide thickness of a high-k stack fabricated on high mobility semiconductor material
Using fast anneal to form uniform Ni(Pt)Si(Ge) contacts on SiGe layer
Diaphragm sheet, method for manufacturing solar cell module using diaphragm sheet, and lamination method using laminator for solar cell module manufacture
Method of making double-sided wavelength converter and light generating device using same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Inorganic solid electrolyte glass phase composite and a battery containing an inorganic solid electrolyte glass phase composite
PCM assembly and prismatic type secondary battery using the same
Membrane electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Nonaqueous electrolyte and lithium cell using the same
Fuel cell system for a vehicle
Method for load following operation of fuel cell system
Electrical connector
Anti-electric shock power socket
Universal serial bus connector
Electrical connector
USB plug connector structure
Connection socket for mobile terminal
Universal serial bus memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Tube lamp and luminaire
Poke-in contact with multiple contact sections to accept and terminate a respective wire from varied directions
USB 3.0 two-way socket jack connector structure
Connector removing jig and connector removing method using the same
Implementing hybrid molded solder-embedded pin contacts and connectors
Image forming system, image processing apparatus, determination device, and image processing method
Addressing strategy for Viterbi metric computation
Transmitting/receiving device having a polar modulator with variable predistortion
Wireless communication system, wireless communication terminal, and wireless communication method
Satellite phone holder
Portable information communication terminal
Path protection method for a WDM network and according node
System and method for monitoring telecommunications equipment
Wireless communication terminal and control method thereof
Method for transmission of data packets by means of an optical burst switching network and network nodes for an optical burst switching network
Information processor having information dispersing function
Method and apparatus for time synchronization in a network data processing system
Method and apparatus for uniquely and authoritatively identifying tangible objects
Efficient retrieval of cryptographic evidence
Securing wireless communications between devices
System and method for deploying application programs
Mobile communication terminal and computer program thereof, IC card and computer program thereof, and mobile communication terminal system
System and method for copying ring back tone transfer sound
Methods, apparatus, and program products for controlling presentation of an experiential data stream responsive to conversations in a shared social space
Methods, apparatus, and program products to support a shared viewing experience from remote locations
Digital broadcast transmission device and method thereof, and digital broadcast reception device and method thereof
Audio and video transmission and receiving system
System and method for gathering information from users of mobile audiovisual broadcast content
Method and system for providing a location-based alert service in wireless communication environment
Selection of a preferred wireless network based on the number of registration messages received
Beacon transmission in short-range wireless communication systems
Wireless communication system, access point and wireless station composing the wireless communication system, and communication load balancing method for access point
Method of making cavity substrate with built-in stiffener and cavity substrate manufactured thereby
Mounting device for cable assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Straw chopper for a combine
Molded plastic pet bowl
Method and apparatus for providing long term protection from intrusion by insects and other cold blooded animals
Tick pheromones and uses thereof
Continuous food processing system
Soybean curd puree, and process and apparatus for preparing the same
Process and apparatus for reduction of microorganisms in a conductive medium using low voltage pulsed electrical energy
Method for processing marine products
Method and membrane system for sterilizing and preserving liquids using carbon dioxide
Self-cleaning spray chamber for livestock and poultry feed pellet processing system
Sporting equipment binding apparatus
Woven slide fastener belt with differently constructed attaching and body regions
Container-applicator system for material for the skin
Container for feeding stick type cosmetic material
Forearm mounted storage pouch for securing articles and utilizing a personal communicator
Toothbrush with multiple pumping systems
Make-up brush and method for manufacturing such a brush
Three dimension body movement device
Portable recliner assembly
Infant carrier mounting system
Hanger storage system
Hockey stick mounting assembly
Method and apparatus for stir-frying
Stable rack for dish washing scrubbers
Biopsy instrument having irrigation and aspiration capabilities
Self-contained double handhold for preventing false urine specimens
Apparatus and methods for off-pump cardiac surgery
Surgical retractor apparatus for operating on the heart through an incision
Apparatus and method for surgical fastening
Surgical stapling apparatus
Medical twisting device and method for forming a surgical closure
Detachable covering for an implantable medical device
Breast biopsy system and method
System and method for stabilizing the human spine with a bone plate
User actuated laser energy device and procedure for forming a channel within tissue
Target-centered stereotaxtic surgical arc system with reorientatable arc axis
Surgical robotic tools, data architecture, and use
High resolution, multispectral, wide field of view retinal imager
Electronic endoscope
System and method for providing patient status feedback via an automated patient care system with speech-based wellness monitoring
Device for measuring physiological state
Method and apparatus for fabricating a pressure-wave sensor with a leveling support element
Pulse wave velocity measuring device
Golf training head gear for detecting head motion and providing an indication of head movement
Hearing test apparatus and method having adaptive artifact rejection
Curing light system useful for curing light activated composite materials
Microwave-based process for dental casting
Automated tooth shade analysis and matching system
Endodontic probe system
Composition for prevention skin irritation caused by fecal enzymes
Basket filter
Protective coating for bodily sensor
Endoluminal vascular prosthesis
Layered endovascular graft
End sleeve coating for stent delivery
Flexible medical stent
Exterior supported self-expanding stent-graft
Bioresorbable ceramic composites
Orthopaedic brace having one-piece cuff
Adjustable back support
Tip for a liquefracture handpiece
Multiple beam laser sculpting system and method
Lightweight motorized wheelchair
Axle mount for wheelchair
Automatic medication dispenser
Dimer amidopropyl dimethyl phospholipids as barrier compounds
Galactosidase modified submucosal tissue
P202 is a tumor suppressor
Wound healing and treatment of fibrotic disorders
LKTA deletion mutant of P. haemolytica
Method for treatment of cancer and infectious disease and compositions useful in same
Methods for high energy phototherapeutics
Targeted diagnostic/therapeutic agents having more than one different vectors
Method and kit for imaging and treating organs and tissues
2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-d-arabinofuranosyl pyrimidine nucleoside
Structurally determined cyclic metallo-constructs and applications
O/W emulsion with a high electrolyte content and its use in dermocosmetics, in particular for treating irritation and/or sensitive skin phenomena
Composition in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion having a changing shear rate
Dentifrice gel/paste compositions
Water-in-oil cosmetic compositions comprising willow bark extract
Controlled-release biocompatible ocular drug delivery implant devices and methods
Injectable depot gel composition and method of preparing the composition
Hydrogel compositions for the controlled release administration of growth factors
Use of copolymers of monoethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids as solubilizers
Powder compositions of unilamellar liposomes
Method and device for producing a parenteral medicament
Solid dose delivery vehicle and methods of making same
Apparatus and method for preparing microparticles
Carbon-substituted diketopiperazine delivery systems
Enteric coated pharmaceutical tablet and method of manufacturing
Food additives which affect conformationally altered proteins
Medical instrument sterilization system
Applicator for dispensing measured quantities with use of controlled suction
Methods for priming a blood compartment of a hemodialyzer
Formation of monodisperse particles
Bleed back control assembly and method
Prefilled, low particle, sterile disposable syringe for injecting preparations and procedure for manufacture
Device for displacing a member in a container
Tooth bleaching compositions
Portable leg exercising device
Golf ball dimples with curvature continuity
Presentation football construction
Wood club head
Multi-function golf bag
Control-rod actuated axle assembly
Casino/lottery/sports styled wagers and games for parimutuel operation
Video game system and method with enhanced three-dimensional character and background control
Tactical tennis
Electronic dice
Electronic gaming device offering a game of knowledge for enhanced payouts
Yo-yo having improved tether tension control and adjustable mechanism
Self inflating noise maker
Bubble generating assemblies
Sandbox with attachable cover
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and equipment for chromatographic separation
Septic tank filtering system
Waste filter and manifold system
Method and plant for tangential filtration of a viscous liquid
Sintered plastic particles filter element
Low turbulence co-current cyclone separator
Coanda water extractor
Fluid extraction apparatus
Device and method for reduction of oxides of nitrogen
Process and apparatus for cleaning exhaust gas
Chemically active filter material
System and method for withdrawing permeate through a filter and for cleaning the filter in situ
Electrodialysis of salts for producing acids and bases
Treatment process for fluorine-containing water
Hollow fiber membrane module
Order-changing microfluidic mixer
Process and apparatus for particle size reduction and homogeneous blending of ingredients in a fluidized change can mixer
Stirring device
Aqueous viscous compositions, whether clear or not, for making soft or hard capsules, and method for making films for such capsules
Spatially addressable, cleavable reflective signal elements, assay device and method
Continuous, chaotic convection mixer, heat exchanger and reactor
Petroleum resid pelletization
Wet granulation method generating sulfur granules
Method of manufacturing a filter
Apparatus and method for wastewater nutrient recovery
Water softener salt formulation
Accessible well for brine tank
Low-temperature autothermal steam reformation of methane in a fluidized bed
Advanced active circuits and devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Remotely programmable matrices with memories
Magnetic material attracting/releasing pipette device and analyzer using pipette
Hammer mill
Apparatus and method for separating particles
Method and apparatus for forming low dielectric constant polymeric films
Brush alignment method
Compositions for providing a chemical to a microorganism
Retarded cooling system with granular insulation material
Biaxially textured articles formed by powder metallurgy
Manufacturing soft magnetic components using a ferrous powder and a lubricant
Method for hot-isostatic pressing of parts
High strength and high rigidity aluminum-based alloy and production method therefor
Compensator for multi-tool boring bar
Monolithically bonded construct of rare-earth magnet and metal material and method for bonding same
Substrate having repaired metallic pattern and method and device for repairing metallic pattern on substrate
Solder paste with a time-temperature indicator
Copper sputtering target assembly and method of making same
Process to produce a high temperature interconnection
Automatic welding machine
Method and apparatus for supporting a polishing pad during chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Automatic drill bit re-pointing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates with metal compound abrasives
CMP pad conditioner arrangement and method therefor
Polishing pad having open area which varies with distance from initial pad surface
Grinding machine
Wood bending jig
Apparatus for connecting wooden components
Log flaking and loading method and apparatus
Concrete extrusion machine and spiral conveyor therefor
Apparatus to manufacture green bricks
Apparatus and method for molding a core for use in casting hollow parts
Plastic lens composition and method for the production thereof
Process of making a molded device
Web transfer belt and production process for the same
Fiber-reinforced composite structure
Method for producing laminated moldings
Insulated sprue bushing
Reinforced polymers
Ink receptive coextruded film
Nonwoven fabric with high CD elongation and method of making same
Method of patterning a substrate with an atomic mask
Printing apparatus and applications therefor
Inkjet printhead having multiple ink supply holes
Ink jet recording apparatus and method with modulatable driving pulse width
Electrostatic inkjet head having an ink drain for draining ink from a slit
Ink recording head and ink injecting method using ink recording head
Drop on demand ink jet printing apparatus
Liquid ejecting head and method in which a movable member is provided between flow paths, one path joining a common chamber and ejection orifice, the other, having a heat generating element
Inkjet printhead with top plate bubble management
Method of manufacture of a buckle plate ink jet printer
Ink jet printing apparatus
Liquid discharging method, a liquid discharge head, and a liquid discharger apparatus
Printhead having varied thickness passivation layer and method of making same
Ink jet recording head and a method of manufacture therefor
Corrosion resistant thermal ink jet print cartridge and method of manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing ink jet recording heads
Unitary one-piece body structure for ink-jet cartridge
Method and apparatus for pressurizing ink in an inkjet printer ink supply using spring force
Inkjet printing apparatus
Techniques for robust dot placement error measurement and correction
Drive arrangement for a writing head
Printing ink composition
Set binding, stapling and stacking apparatus
Global time calculator
Paper forms/documents
File folder with connecting side pieces
Combination pen and tool arrangement
Pneumatic tire containing a vulcanization accelerator
Radial-ply tire with specified belt structure
Structure for supporting cylinders
Vehicle air conditioner with automatical selection of foot mode and foot/defroster mode
Vehicle door with anti-flutter catch assembly, and method of preventing vehicle door flutter
Sliding headliner in a vehicle
Solar motor vehicle roof
Device for driving a folding top for a convertible vehicle
Roof storage compartment assembly for vehicles
Fuel system vent line
Fuel tank filter neck and method of manufacturing same
Apparatus for adjusting the inclination of a backrest of a vehicle seat
Adjustable support apparatus and architecture for adjusting support apparatus
Removable vehicle seat headrest storage in a trim panel socket
Vehicular seats including occupant protection apparatus
Wheel chock for use in transporting a cycle on a vehicle
Flexible lamp mounting
Lighted vehicular mirror assembly
Air bag fold and method
Stabilizer system for trailers
Method and device for controlling an electric actuator activating a functional system
Shock absorbing tow bar for trolley-type conveyor systems
Shock absorbing tow bar for trolley-type conveyor systems
One piece molded ski apparatus
Control wheel assembly for trolleys
Rain canopy apparatus for a stroller
Bicycle training wheel assembly
Mounting device for bicycle component
Conduit guide for bicycles
Wheel guard for two-wheeled vehicles
Flexible core recreational device
Marine engine
Aircraft de-icing system
Link component for aircraft engine mounting systems
Aircraft engine mount
Flexible hoses communicating with a deployable hydraulic power assembly
System for star catalog equalization to enhance attitude determination
Apparatus and methods for in-space satellite operations
Universal mechanical bag holder
Can end with emboss and deboss score panel stiffening beads
Tamper evident closure
Squeeze dispenser
Packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Clamshell package with curved card
Bulk bag for dense materials
Device for connecting containers
Cargo seal
Radius conveyor belt
Sheet feeding machine
Method and apparatus for storing strip material
Splicer for joining thin sheets
Currency recycling system and method for automated banking machine
Sheet feeding apparatus
Recording medium discharging apparatus and image forming apparatus provided therewith
Pin action timing adjustment device in folding cylinder and folding device
Maintenance method for an elevator installation and elevator installation
Elevator behavior reported in occurrence-related groups
Lifting sling system with spaced, bi-directional loops
Barrier lifter
Hydraulic boom for gantry or the like
Lifting apparatus for small vehicles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of solubilizing shortened single-walled carbon nanotubes in organic solutions
Method of forming carbon nanotubes
Manganese oxyiodides and their method of preparation and use in energy storage
Ozone generating apparatus
Method for manufacturing carbon sheet
Method of treating cement kiln dust for recovery and recycle
Composition useful as nitrification inhibiting additive for ammonia producing fertilizers
Gas-generating liquid compositions (PERSOL 2)
Process for producing aromatic compounds by supercritical water treatment
Antibodies specific for vascular endothelial growth factor-B
Protein tyrosine kinase agonist antibodies
Macrophage-infecting parasites expressing a granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor
Polycarboxy/polyol fiberglass binder of low pH
Low emission polymer compositions
Lacquer composition
LCP bonding method
Correction tape having dye migration blocking properties
Aqueous ink composition for ball-point pen
Anti-corrosive pigments
Reusable ice substitute in a car
Mobile genetic elements as tools for genetic modification of L. delbrueckii or L. helveticus
Steel pipe having high ductility and high strength and process for production thereof
Method for preparing gold of high purity
Inert tank for treating oxidizable liquid metal
Process for producing grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
Turbine blades made from multiple single crystal cast superalloy segments
Tantalum sputtering target with fine grains and uniform texture and method of manufacture
VD process and apparatus for producing stand-alone thin films
Bismuth coating protection for copper
Process and apparatus for preventing oxidation of metal
Anodic encasement corrosion protection system for underground storage tanks, and metallic components thereof
Method of making chromium-plated steel
Tin-indium alloy electroplating solution
Method of improving contact reliability for electroplating
Method of electroplating non-conductive plastic molded products
Process for producing solar cell, process for producing thin-film semiconductor, process for separating thin-film semiconductor, and process for forming semiconductor
Textiles; Paper
Ribbon curling machine and process
Bleaching of chemical pulp and treatment with a chelating agent
Method for making soft tissue
Method of increasing retention and drainage in papermaking using high molecular weight water-soluble anionic or monionic dispersion polymers
Printed, soft, bulky single-ply absorbent paper having a serpentine configuration and low sidedness
Fixed Constructions
Corner joint for profile sections
Plastic sheath products for studded steel T-posts, and production
Device for marking swimming pool lane dividers
Z-shaped strut for door panel
Length adjustable foldable door assembly
Holder for a depending architectural covering
Method of fabricating adhesively secured frame assembly
Cordless balanced window covering
Mechanism for constant balance with method for manufacture of variable pitch screw
Cutting tool holder assembly with press fit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll type fluid machinery
Brush seal mounting in supporting groove using flat spring with bifurcated end
Turbine engine bearing
Apparatus and methods for impingement cooling of an undercut region adjacent a side wall of a turbine nozzle segment
Method and apparatus for purging turbine wheel cavities
Doubled bowed compressor airfoil
Coriolis turbulator blade
External dilution air tuning for dry low NOx combustors and methods therefor
Complete fluid exchange system for automatic transmissions
Conduit vibration decoupling device for use in exhaust systems
Fuel injector with turbulence generator for fuel orifice
Two-cylinder pump
Fluid machine having a pair of rotors and a silencer
Wheel hub and brake disc arrangement for heavy vehicles
Form-in-place EMI gaskets
Coupling for flex pipe, rigid pipe and flexible hose
Device which comprises a rapid-coupling part connectable to a system of pressurizable fluid and such a rapid-coupling part
Flat panel display device having a wide adjusting range of a visual angle
Device for supporting a camera on a surface
Motor vehicle lamp
LED luminaire with light control means
Combustion process and apparatus therefore containing separate injection of fuel and oxidant streams
Convertible gas-burning appliance
Premix burner
Dry installation of a radiant floor or wall hydronic heating system, metal radiating plates that attach to the edges of side-by-side boards and provide metal slots for holding hot water tubing
Double-damper apparatus
Device and method for measuring thermal conductivity of thin films
Thermal analyzer and a method of measuring with the same
Sensors for detecting analytes in fluids
Chiral separation of benzoporphyrin derivative mono-and di-acids by laser-induced fluorescence capillary electrophoresis
Methods of separation and detection
Sensor and measuring apparatus using the same
Electrode spacing conversion adaptor
Irradiance redistribution guide
Optical fiber connector using colored photocurable adhesive
Optical transmission member and manufacturing method therefor
Mounting system for a connector assembly to a substrate
Eyeglass holder
Magnetic auxiliary eyewear clip-on lenses
Liquid crystal display
Camera with combined film advance/rewind mechanism
Radio frequency identification system and method for tracking silicon wafers
Image recording device having a reversing section
Electronic labeling systems and methods and electronic card systems and methods
Apparatus for mounting an element
Mounting fixture for CPU of a portable-type computer system
Individual key covers for computer keyboards
Method of driving ink jet recording head
Electronic purse card value system card security method
High resolution laser imager for low contrast symbology
Combined code reader and digital camera using a common photodetector
Integrated code reading systems including tunnel scanners
Error correction enhancement for code 93i and other machine-readable symbologies
Cleaner calculator
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual segmentation and examination
Video numbers game
Device and method for determining the authenticity of documents
Compact table-top vending machine
Method for adaptive training of short term memory and auditory/visual discrimination within a computer game
Apparatus for controlling a remote controlled airplane
Label sheet
Coin collecting card and information relating thereto
Recording and/or reproducing device having a tape pull-out element and a coupling element and having guide means for these two parts
Fabrication of broadband surface-micromachined micro-electro-mechanical switches for microwave and millimeter-wave applications
Enhanced etching/smoothing of dielectric surfaces
Methods and apparatus for thermally processing wafers
Method for forming a gold plating electrode a substrate based on the electrode forming method, and a wire bonding method utilizing this electrode forming method
Conductive adhesive having a palladium matrix interface between two metal surfaces
Transportation system and processing apparatus employing the transportation system
Gridded substrate transport spatula
Process for providing electrical connection between a semiconductor die and a semiconductor die receiving member
Electrical connector having a reduced longitudinal dimension
Apparatus for arranging electrical cords
Structure of a connector for computer peripheral devices
Waterproof connector
High speed modular jack
Electrical component system with rotatable electrical contacts
Electrical connector with reduced crosstalk for high frequency signals
Connector for hard-line coaxial cable
Marking medium area with encoded identifier for producing action through network
System for calibrating image processing characteristics of a printer
Projection-type display device and method of adjustment thereof
LED flashlight
Process for manufacturing hollow fused-silica insulator cylinder
Apparatus and method for mounting electronic parts
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