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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and device for milking an animal
Hand tool for stuffing pitted or cored produce
Portable beverage aeration device
Use of polyphenol compounds or derivatives thereof as free-radical scavengers in cigarette filters
Dispenser for the controlled release of volatile substances
Credit card holder
Table with tabletop corner support
Container data center
Automated robotic system for handling surgical instruments
Garage storage systems
Locking module and support stand for display device using the same
Rack mechanism for server
Medicine feeding apparatus
Mounting apparatus for expansion card
Collapsible intravenous fluid pole system
Counter display for securely displaying merchandise
Modular stackable shoe organizer kit
Clamping device
Protective casing
System for continuously producing edible product filled with liquid material at center
Method and instruments for treating GERD
Device and method for examining the eye fundus, especially the photoreceptors
Optical system and method for in-vivo transcranial examination of brain tissue of a subject
Shock wave imaging system
Quantitation of sample properties using contrast enhancement from saturation transfer
Method for estimating scattered ray intensity in X-ray CT and X-ray CT apparatus
Inhalation device for drugs in powder form
Electromagnetic stimulation in patients with osteoporosis
RF rejecting lead
Methods of using a guide wire stylet
Diagnosis, treatment, and research of brain disorders
Synergistic use of medical devices for detecting medical disorders
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator with automatic switching to a pre-set pacing mode following delivery of a shock
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hydrocarbon sequestering product
Vertical mill
Piezoelectric device, inkjet print head and method of manufacturing the same
Closed case oscillating sprinkler
Coating device and coating method
Syringes and methods of syringe manufacturing
Evaporation material cleaning apparatus
Method and system for uniformly applying a multi-phase cleaning solution to a substrate
Ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, ultrasonic cleaning method, and storage medium storing computer program for executing ultrasonic cleaning method
Locking mechanism of nail gun
Ink-jet head, ink-jet apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same
Ink-jet apparatus
Exposure device and image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method
Brake assembly for a portable generator
Self-supporting pneumatic tire
Roll angle control device for remote-controlled two-wheeled vehicle
Vehicle hydraulic system
System and method for controlling engine revolutions for hybrid construction machine
Stroller seat pod
Illumination device having a display module and a detecting module associated therein
Reverse radar with vehicle approaching alarm
Apparatus for transmitting data acquired from bus-connected plural on-vehicle sensors to processing unit
Wheeled K-12 book carrier and organizer
Independent rear drive system
Trailer-mounted platform
Bicycle saddle and a bicycle including the same
Diver propulsion assembly and method
Cable protection device
Fuel filler apparatus of vehicle
Electric hand-held binding apparatus
Spout adapter system
Two-piece shipping tray
Openable and closable container
Folding box with a blister pack contained therein
Roofing product
Lower frame for a product holder, holder and operating procedure
Adjustable part loader
Conveying system having endless drive medium, method for identifying carrier thereof, and carrier
Hand grip for electronic devices
Toilet users rollable desk
Sheet feeder, original document transport device, image forming apparatus, and sheet feeding method
Arrangement for compensating the rope forces of a traction sheave elevator
Tire lift
Liquid dispensing apparatus
Procedure and system for dispensing depilatory wax in a regulated manner for its immediate application
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hyperbranched polymeric dispersants and non-aqueous pigment dispersions
Fixed Constructions
System for supplying fertilizers via irrigation water
Partition panel
Portable work platform
Sill or hob moulding system
Pole mount for portable canopy assembly
Fold away magnetic door stop
Overhead gate systems
Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutting elements and bits incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for running casing in a wellbore with a fluid driven rotatable shoe
Device and method of lining a wellbore
Fluid isolating pressure equalization in subterranean well tools
Downhole tool
Gelled liquid hydrocarbon treatment fluids and their associated methods of use
System and method for managing a subterranean formation
Wellhead change-out flange and method of use thereof
Shield control device for carrying out the longwall function of a longwall unit in the longwall face working in a mine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Environmental friendly two stroke engine
Vehicle engine
Sensor self-calibration system and method
Bicycle with bidirectional input and one-way output transmission combined with crank hole thereof
Flow divider for hydraulic circuits
Multipartite mechanical press for flanged connections with wedge-actuated movement mechanism
Portable drilling pad
Mounting apparatus for fan module
Tripod-supporting device and supporting member for supporting a tripod
Chain lubricating apparatus and method
Street lamp using LEDs
Emergency illumination device and method of operating an emergency illumination device
Illumination device with LED and one or more transmissive windows
Assemblies and methods for securing a riser brace
System and method for creating multizones from a single zone heating system
Heat exchanger for connection to an evaporator of a heat transfer system
Heat sink assembly and light
Incapacitating high intensity incoherent light beam
Projectile launching device
Optical characteristic measuring apparatus
Measurement method and apparatus, exposure apparatus
Measuring device and method for measuring the arching of an elongate body
System and method for measuring length of camera lens
Harmonically matched diffraction grating pair
Navigation apparatus and processing method of the same
Route data base generation procedures and systems, processes and products relating thereto
Controller for work implement of construction machinery, method for controlling construction machinery, and program allowing computer to execute this method
Structure for supporting sample to be subjected to surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopic analysis and method of manufacturing the same
Centralized management unit and management system of facility equipment
System and method of detecting entangled photons
Wander gamut display
Probe microscope and measuring method using probe microscope
Probeless DC testing of CMOS I/O circuits
Contact alignment verification/adjustment fixture
Manufacturing method and controlling method of electronic device
Voltage fault detection and protection
Test apparatus and performance board for diagnosis
Test data generator, test system and method thereof
System and method of constant power biasing circuit
Method for ephemeris assisted global positioning
Method for measuring distance and position using spread spectrum signal, and an equipment using the method
Relative measurement method and relative measurement system using satellite
Non iterative shimming in magnetic resonance imaging in the presence of high LIPID levels
Probe configured for NMR apparatus and NMR apparatus using the same
Apparatus and method for measuring micro-resistivity anisotropy
Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, and control program for implementing the method
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Imaging lens system with high resolution and compact size
Image display apparatus and image display method
Light scanning device and image forming apparatus
Programmable optical processing device employing stacked light modulator elements in fractional Fourier planes
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the lens
Optical coupler
Coupling-enhanced surface etched gratings
Two piece Bowden cable assembly with one motion connection and adjustment
Optoelectronic module
Lens module and optical module incorporating the same
Methods of filling a liquid-filled lens mechanism
Image display device
Liquid crystal module with U-shaped light source
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display cell
Common electrode panel, manufacturing method thereof, and liquid crystal display including the panel
Transflective liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
Modulized display component and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Imaging system utilizing spatial image oscillation
Automatic focusing structure and digital camera module with same
Lens module and camera module using the lens module
Image stabilizing apparatus and optical apparatus
Finder device and camera
Camera system, lens unit and accessory device
Substrate processing method and substrate processing system
Configurable integrated circuit with a 4-to-1 multiplexer
System and control method for generating an image having a latent pattern with or without a background pattern
Image forming apparatus and sheet heating apparatus
Developing device driver and an image forming apparatus using the same
Transfer unit and image forming apparatus
Heater, fixing unit and image forming apparatus having power supplied from chargeable auxiliary power supplying unit varied per unit time
Image heating apparatus
Cleaning blade, and cleaning apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using the same
Cleaning device, and process unit and image forming apparatus including the cleaning device
Lunar phase display mechanism
Control system having verification module
Controlled material processing device, controller and method
System and method for controlling a function using a variable sensitivity receiver
Sectioned flow device
"Natural modulation" for maximizing efficiency in power converters
Switching power supply with protection function
Constant current circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit and activation method of the same
Computer systems having apparatus for generating a delayed clock signal
Methods for generating a delayed clock signal
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Data storage device carrier assembly
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Test output compaction with improved blocking of unknown values
Method and apparatus for testing logic circuit designs
Method for generating, from a test cube set, a generator configured to generate a test pattern
Program control system, program control method and information control program
Method and apparatus for assigning alias node names and port names within a tape library
Gaming machine with secure fault-tolerant memory
Flash-memory card for caching a hard disk drive with data-area toggling of pointers stored in a RAM lookup table
Storage system with mainframe and open host performing remote copying by setting a copy group
Maintain owning application information of data for a data storage system
Functional module card for transferring digital broadcasting signal using a clock generated based on a synchronous signal extracted from a received data signal
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Serialized bus communication and control architecture
Image processing method, image processor, storage medium and program
Printing control apparatus, printing management apparatus, printing system, printing control method, printing management method, printing control program, and printing management program
Printing controlling method and printing control program thereof
Modular printer system with logically and physically interconnected modules
Overlay networks
System and apparatus for pre-routing network events
Wireless information transmission system and method
Timing decision apparatus and timing decision method
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for an HPNA network
Filtered email differentiation
Presence data management method
Distributed file serving architecture system with metadata storage virtualization and data access at the data server connection speed
Image forming apparatus, setup method therefor and program for implementing the method
Device retrieving a name of a communications node in a communications network
Method for managing networks by analyzing connectivity
Server apparatus, method for controlling the same, and computer program
Locator and tracking service for peer-to-peer resources
Dynamic network device reconfiguration
Method for reproducing configuration of a computer system in a remote site
Method of automatically baselining business bandwidth
Regression analysis apparatus and method
System for tax data collection
Systems and methods for hybrid text summarization
Management apparatus, program and method for controlling data included in bill of material
Method and apparatus for constructing a failure tree from a search tree
Method and apparatus for managing file systems and file-based data storage
Logical grouping and management of redundant objects in storage systems
System and method for classifying objects
Computer implemented system for luminaire design
Methods and apparatus for making placement sensitive logic modifications
Method and mechanism for using systematic local search for SAT solving
Method of controlling quality for a print controller
In-cylinder pressure detection device and method for internal combustion engine, and engine control unit
Vehicular ejector system and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for chemical genetic programming
Cryptographic control and maintenance of organizational structure and functions
Data transmission apparatus, data reception apparatus, data transmission and reception apparatus and data transmission and reception method
Information providing device and method for index information for scene changes
Method and a system for establishing a connection with identification and group information
Closed-loop sensor on a solid-state object position detector
Information processing apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus, image formation apparatus, image processing system, memory area sharing method for image reading apparatus, and memory area sharing method for image processing system
Central processor integrated circuitry for a print controller of a pagewidth printhead
Method and apparatus for reducing data events that represent a user's interaction with a control interface
Data transfer method and system, input/output request device, and computer-readable recording medium having data transfer program recorded thereon
Performance management system and method
Service retrieval apparatus having automatic change function for retrieval conditions and method therefor
Method and apparatus for performing a binary search on an expanded tree
Method, apparatus, and program for retrieving data
Technique to read special mode register
Data processor
Arithmetic circuit for calculating a cumulative value as a result of parallel arithmetic processing
Image processing apparatus for determining whether a scanned image includes a latent pattern and a background pattern, and an image processing method therefor
Laser print apparatus that generates pulse width value and justification value based on pixels in a multi-bit image
3D fingerprint and palm print data model and capture devices using multi structured lights and cameras
Diagnostic imaging system and method providing information regarding blood flow in an anatomical anomaly
Tactical image parameter adjustment method for stereo pair correlation
Method and apparatus for dynamic image contrast expansion
Method for identity verification
Identify authentication device
Image transforming device and method based on edges
Web service application based optical character recognition system and method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium thereof to smooth tile boundaries
Method and system for acquiring and displaying 3D light fields
Method and arrangement for image representation of two-dimensional image data
Image processing apparatus and its method
Adaptive sampling region for a region editing tool
Method for developing a process model
Automatic auction method and system on server-client system
Periodic rate reset security with a conversion feature
Method and apparatus for evaluating optimal access providers for long haul communication providers
Method and arrangement for variably generating cryptographic securities in a host device
Data-driven layout engine
Graphics image rendering with radiance self-transfer for low-frequency lighting environments
Automated banking machine that operates responsive to data bearing records
Radio tag evaluation system and method
Interactive interface within a monitoring and control device
Flag pole device
Plasma display device
Pixel circuit and driving method for active matrix organic light-emitting diodes, and display using the same
Liquid crystal display device, liquid crystal display control method, program thereof, and recording medium
Touch panel
Program, information storage medium, image generation system, and image generation method for generating an image for overdriving the display device
Integrated system and method for mobile audio playback and dictation
Ranking parser for a natural language processing system
Robust quantization with efficient WMSE search of a sign-shape codebook using illegal space
Decoding of predictively coded data using buffer adaptation
Optical disc apparatus
Optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus capable of recording data early
Recording medium with intermittent or alternate wobbled pits and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
Dissipation of liquid droplets in a magnetic disk drive
Disk drive including a post attached to a disk drive base and a cover for limiting rotation of an actuator
Reproduction apparatus and method capable of calculating error between designated time point and time stamp
Method and apparatus of reproducing data recorded on recording medium and local storage
Magnetic disk drive with isolation wall
Tape guide system and tape drive system implementing same
Magnetic head slider supporting device including conductor for reducing crosstalk between lines
Data storage device with load/unload tab inclined towards a disk
Head gimbal assembly and head stack assembly having accurate dimensions
Method of identifying a type of an optical disc and the device therefor
Optical storage medium, optical read/write apparatus, and optical read/write method
Optical pickup device
Thin structured slot-in type optical disk apparatus
Pickup apparatus and disk apparatus including the pickup apparatus
Diffraction element and optical pick-up apparatus having the same
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method, apparatus and system for global shared memory using serial optical memory
Method, apparatus and system for N-dimensional sparse memory using serial optical memory
Semiconductor memory device with refresh trigger
Semiconductor memory device
Embedded memory databus architecture
Latency control circuit and method thereof and an auto-precharge control circuit and method thereof
High-dielectric constant metal-ceramic-polymer composite material and method for producing embedded capacitor using the same
Insulated metal grounding bracelet
Tunable, superconducting, surface-emitting teraherz source
Clipping communication device
Antenna assembly for portable terminal
Two-branch broadband antenna
Enhanced back assembly for Ka/Ku ODU
Providing a suitable output current to a laser diode
Method for controlling a temperature of a thermo-electric cooler and a temperature controller using the same
Laser resonator comprising an internal beam splitter
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Universal energy conditioning interposer with circuit architecture
Manufacture including shield structure
Method and apparatus for providing input EMI filtering in power supplies
Power generation control device for controlling power generation system of movable body and power generation control method
Driver circuit for electronic components
Frequency synthesizer and method for constructing the same
Channel estimation for a communication system using spectral estimation
Joint signal demodulation in a low and high data rate channel environment
Amplitude shift keying (ASK) demodulation circuit based on a self sample as a basis application in an organism implantation microsystem
Voltage generating apparatus and methods
Delay circuit with reference pulse generator to reduce variation in delay time
Variable tuning circuit using variable capacitance diode and television tuner
Circuit for converting a voltage range of a logic signal
Power-on detecting circuit
Analog to digital converter and recording medium
D-A convert apparatus and A-D convert apparatus
Multi-standard analog-to-digital data conversion
Communication apparatus and method for preventing interference with information transmitted from another communication apparatus
Transmitter non-data-related direct current (DC) offset cancellation scheme
Method for active Gm-C filter gain control
Voltage controlled oscillator band switching system
Radio frequency communication network having adaptive communication parameters
Data transmission method and a system thereof
Optical transmission apparatus
Optical receiver and discrimination-threshold generating method
RZ-DPSK optical receiver circuit
Power level management in optical networks
Method and system for time-sharing transmission frequencies in an optical network
Space-time-frequency sensing of RF spectrum in cognitive radios
System and method for providing an adapter module
Wireless transceiver pair disposed within a process control system
Dot-tag visibility IP protocol
Reduced complexity sliding window based equalizer
Radio receiver and radio receiving method
Method and system for recognizing call switch-over from 1xEV-DO system to 1X system
Cellular system
Broadcast receiver with selectively storing channel and antenna information
Method for establishing a communication connection in a direct communication network
Secure analog communication system using time and wavelength scrambling
Method and system for compensating for optical dispersion in an optical signal
Add/drop node for an optical communications network
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving communication and broadcasting data using multiplexing at transmission convergence layer
Packet data service over hyper transport link(s)
Packet transfer apparatus performing address translation
Apparatus and method for processing digital signal in an OFDMA wireless communication system
Phase noise compensation for MIMO WLAN systems
Method for packet data transmission
Network device and address learning method thereof
QoS channels for multimedia services on a general purpose operating system platform using data cards
Network controller and control method with flow analysis and control function
Method and apparatus for controlling route in network
Multicast communications system with mechanism for updating multicast trees
Optimizing switching element for minimal latency
Mass multimedia messaging
Local soft switch and method for connecting to and providing access to a TDM network
Methods, apparatus, and systems for reducing interference on nearby conductors
Mitigation of interference in cell search by wireless transmit and receive units
Segment-wise channel equalization based data estimation
Quantum key distribution method and communication device
Access control apparatus, access control method, and access control program
Radio modem terminal for mobile communication
Methods and apparatus for reducing data capture and storage requirements for call and transaction related message monitoring and fraud detection
Methods and apparatus for implementing voice messaging using E-mail
Identification and management of automatically-generated voicemail notifications of voicemail and electronic mail receipt
High capacity advanced 8YY mass calling event network architecture
Charging in communication networks
Method and apparatus for automated billing and crediting of customer accounts
Wireless communication system, server and mobile station therefor
User confirmation for retransmission of compressed e-mail attachments
Contact area-sensor
Document reading apparatus that reads a document image with a CCD image sensor
Scanning apparatus that scans one job among a plurality based on image data on either side
Imaging apparatus
System and method for digital image identification and distribution
Heterogeneity-projection hard-decision interpolation method for color reproduction
CCD camera with a plurality of sensor areas and corresponding output channels correcting image using a clamping process
Optical viewfinder system of camera
Image processing apparatus with easy switching between playback and still and moving image modes
Recording apparatus, recording method, and recording medium using an index file
Configurable hardware based digital imaging apparatus
Signal processing device, method, and program
Driving controlling method for image sensing device, and imaging device
State-setting changing apparatus for television receiver
Apparatus and method for calculating source image coordinates
Recording apparatus for recording sound and image on a recording medium
Motion image recording device with compression ratio control
Recording device and method, salvage device and method, and program
Method and apparatus of recording graphic data on a recording medium
Recording and reproducing apparatus, and editing method
Recording medium, and method and apparatus for reproducing data from the recording medium
Coding apparatus, coding method, program and information recording medium that can suppress unnatural degradation of image quality
Fast multi-frame motion estimation with adaptive search strategies
Two-way broadcasting system allowing a viewer to produce and send a program
Network system and electronic device
Solid-state image pickup apparatus with high- and low-sensitivity photosensitive cells, and an image shooting method using the same
Frequency shifter for use in adaptive feedback cancellers for hearing aids
Sound collector
System and method for providing integrated voice and data services utilizing wired cordless access with unlicensed/unregulated spectrum and wired access with licensed/regulated spectrum
Method and apparatus for dormant mode support with paging
Panel assembly structure
Portable electronic device
Air guiding plate
Heat dissipation device with rotation-locked heat sink
Memory module assembly including heat sink attached to integrated circuits by adhesive and clips
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Molecular methods of hybrid seed production
Soybean cultivar 962241801121
Soybean cultivar 9597972420
Soybean cultivar 9323119511180
Soybean variety 94B45
Soybean cultivar 738907
Soybean cultivar 61598277
Wireless pet confinement system
Bacterial infection-preventive agent for fish and shellfish larvae, and method for breeding them
Agent for dehydrating corneas in organ culture
High fructose insecticide bait compositions
Seed vigor by pre-harvest defoliation of maize plants
Premixture compositions for application of pesticides to agricultural acreage
Method for removing parasites and in particular ectoparasites of vertebrates, in particular of mammals, and compositions for the implementation of this method
Substituted N-aryl nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds
Herbicidal composition
Herbicidal composition for the control of annual bluegrass
Fractionation of triglyceride fats
Clarified konjac glucomannan
Toy that provides an indication when an end user consumes a consumable substance
Drive system for a frozen food product dispenser
Frozen food product
Absorbent article
Method of and apparatus for ascertaining at least one characteristic of a substance
Hybrid protective composite
Alert system for handicapped individual
Furniture incorporating a percussion instrument and method for forming the same
Cup luminous apparatus and its control method
System and method for communication using eye movement
Scintillation camera and sensor for use therein
Compression sponge for wound care
Folded fluid absorbing strip
Urine detecting and signalling device for use in a diaper
Areal implant
Medical treatment to lower uric acid levels
Benzenesulfonamide inhibitors of PDE-IV and their therapeutic use
Cysteine protease inhibitor
Inhibitor of atherosclerotic intimal thickening
Synergistic combination therapy using benazepril and amlodipine for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders and compositions therefor
External ophthalmic preparation containing vitamin D
Skin wash composition
Use of spiramycin for treating gastrointestinal disorders caused by H. pylori
Uses of BPI protein products
DNA encoding insulinotropic hormone
Methods for treating arthritis using collagen type II, glucosamine chondroitin sulfate, and compositions
RXR-agonist polycyclic aromatic compounds, pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprising said compound and uses thereof
2-imidazolinylaminoindole compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Treatment of negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia with D-serine
Use of an NK-1 receptor antagonist and an SSRI for treating obesity
Photostable aqueous solution comprising benzyl alcohol derivatives
Method for transferring genes to the heart using AAV vectors
Foaming oil-in-water emulsion based on nonionic surfactants, a fatty phase and a crosslinked cationic or anionic polymer, and its use in topical applications
Active oxygen scavengers containing pterin derivatives
Stable active-ingredient combination for the disinfection and cleaning of contact lenses, and packing and process for the preparation thereof
PCB decomposition process
Catalytic decomposition of perfluoro-compound
Performing Operations; Transporting
Foam control granule for particulate laundry detergent compositions
Continuous process for polymerizing a vinyl monomer
Method for producing a catalyst component-carrying titania fiber
Process for dehydrogenating secondary cyclic alcohols
Acid catalyst composition
Arsenic promoted vanadium-antimony-oxide based catalyst for selective paraffin ammoxidation
Preparation of pyrroles
Heterogeneous organotin catalysts
Tin catalysts, a process for their production, their use and cross-linkable mixtures containing them
Organometallic fluorenyl compounds, preparation, and use
Phosphine ligands
Process for recovering cobalt carbonyl catalysts used to produced N-acyl-alpha-amino acid derivatives by amidocarbonylation
Purification of Indium 111
Process for regenerating a catalyst contained within a bubble-column reactor with draft-tube and process for the production of a hydrocarbon
Electro-kinetic air refreshener-conditioner with optional night light
Inspecting sorting machine for finished products of plastic film capacitor
Metal-regulated transporters and uses therefor
Bending angle detection system
Apparatus and method for non-destructive, low stress removal of soldered electronic components
Process for operating a plasma arc torch
Method and apparatus for controlling forging force during flash butt welding of railway rails
Method of welding projection nut and apparatus therefor
Structure of and method for laser welding metal members and fuel injection valve
Method and apparatus for laser cutting materials
Laser maintaining and repairing apparatus
Spacer plate solder ball placement fixture and methods therefor
Stud welding gun
Method and apparatus for selecting input voltage for a power supply
Portable power tool with a heat screening means
Method for fabricating semiconductor wafers
Robot controller
Heater clamp
Cyanate ester based thermoset compositions
Degradable polymers
Sheath for bunch of wires
Secondary amine-functional silanes, silane-functional polymers therefrom, and resulting cured polymers
Printer and method of forming multiple image pixel sizes on photosensitive media
Method of correcting light quantity in an optical writing apparatus
Multi-beam scanning optical apparatus
Image scanning and recording apparatus
Thermal head printer and method of using same to print on a thermoplastic medium
Green dye mixture for thermal color proofing
Microlens array and method of forming same and solid-state image pickup device and method of manufacturing same
Tire valve and associated tire pressure sending unit
Drive device for a movable part that can be displaced between end positions in a vehicle and method for the production thereof
Vehicle equipment control device
Apparatus for controlling state of charge/discharge of hybrid car and method for controlling state of charge/discharge of hybrid car
System and method for controlling a position sensorless permanent magnet motor
Method and drive system for controlling a permanent magnet synchronous machine
Brake light apparatus
Method and apparatus for guided parking of a vehicle using ultrasonic position detection
Device for detecting obstacles, for use in vehicles
Imaging apparatus, distance measurement apparatus and method for measuring distance
System and method for sensing objects on surface of vehicle
Memory mirror system for vehicles
Structure of electric equipment for vehicle
Key-less entry system
System and method for vehicle theft prevention and recovery
Electrical drive unit
Pump actuation motor for automotive antilock brake system
Torque maximization and vibration control for AC locomotives
Railway locomotive ECP train line control
Sensor, drive force auxiliary device using the sensor, and torque sensor zero point adjusting mechanism of the drive force auxiliary device
Method and apparatus for the control of gantry machines
Infrared solid-state image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing a micromechanical relay
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Substrate glass and plasma display made by using the same
Glass for rigid disk substrates
Color cathode ray tube and water resistant glass frit
Photochromic glasses
Barium titanate powder, semiconducting ceramic, and semiconducting ceramic electronic element
Composition for producing light plaster, production of the foaming agent used therefor and its use
Reinforced concrete containing antimicrobial-enhanced fibers
Process for the manufacture of bisphosphine oxide and bisphosphonate compounds
Dispersants and dispersant viscosity index improvers from selectively hydrogenated polymers: free radically initiated direct grafting reaction products
Manufacturing method for perfluoroethane
Olefin oligomerization and processes thereof
Process for preparing cyclopentadienyl compounds
Inadone and tetralone compounds for inhibiting cell proliferation
Fluorinated xanthene derivatives
Process for preparation of the pharmaceutically desired (S)-oxetine enantiomers
Anti-mitotic agents which inhibit tubulin polymerization
Process for production of N-cyclopropylanilines and intermediates therefor
2-Phenoxyaniline derivatives
Process for the preparation of 4-carboxy-5, 8,11-tris (carboxymethyl)-phenyl-2-oxa-5, 8 11-triazatridecan
Tricylic amino-acid derivatives
Process for the preparation of amido acid phenyl esters
Method of preparing 4,5,6-trichloro- and 2,4,5,6-tetrachloropyrimidine
Process for halohydrin preparation
LTA.sub.4 hydrolase inhibitors
Method for producing aromatic nitriles
Production of mercaptans using heterogeneous acidic catalysts
Pharmaceutical compositions containing HIV protease inhibitors and methods of their use
Betaketosulphones derivatives suitable to the use as polymerization photoinitiators and photopolymerizable systems containing the same
Preparation of [4S-(4.alpha.,7.alpha.,10a.beta.)]-4-amino-octahydro-5-oxo-7H-pyrido[2,1 -b] [1,3]thiazepine-7-carboxylic acid, methyl ester and salts thereof via novel disulfides
Method for producing thiochloroformates
Process for the preparation of tetrabromobisphenol-A
Naphthalenedicarboxylic acid particles and process for the production thereof
Unsulfurized alkali metal-free, additive for lubricating oils
Process for preparing aqueous dispersion of higher fatty acid zinc salt
Method for producing .alpha.-alkoxy-.alpha.-trifluoromethyl-aryl acetic esters and -aryl acetic acids
Processing for producing allyl 2-hydroxyisobutyrate
Process for co-production of dialkyl carbonate and alkanediol
Process for preparing 2-(2-methylphenyl)-3-methoxyacrylic acid methylester
Crystalline imidazole complexes as carbapenem intermediates and synthesis
Endothelin antagonists
Multi-substituted fullerenes and methods for their preparation and characterization
Bisimide compounds
Process for preparing the d-threo isomer of methylphenidate hydrochloride
Process for preparing pyridinecarboxylic esters
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido heteroaryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metaloproteinase and tace inhibitors
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamide heteroarly hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and TACE inhibitors
Process for the preparation of imidazolones
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Antibiotic for methicillin resistant bacteria
Process for the preparation of pyrimidine compounds
Process of preparing tetraacetic acid derivatives
Carbamate derivatives of diaryl 1,3,4-oxadiazolone
Thiadiazole compounds useful as inhibitors of cysteine activity dependent enzymes
Genipin derivative having anti hepatitis B virus activity
Initiators for cationic polymerization
(3R,4R)-.DELTA..sup.8 -tetrahydrocannabinol-11-oic acids useful as antiinflammatory agents and analgesics
Crystalline form of the S-enantiomer of omeprazole
Thio acid derived monocyclic N-heterocyclics as anticoagulants
Method for preparing N-substituted heterocyclic derivatives using a phase-transfer catalyst
Taxane derivatives having a pyridyl substituted C13 side chain, their preparation and their use as anti-tumor agents
Xanthene and acridine derivatives
Pyrazole derivatives, their preparation and their use in pharmaceuticals
Pyridylthio compounds for controlling helicobacter bacteria
Antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone
Indol-3-yl-cyclohexyl amine derivatives for the treatment of depression
Ellipticine compounds
Process for the reduction of pterins
Process for heterocyclic sulfonyl chloride compounds
Ansa group 4 metal bis (u-substituted) aluminum metallocenes
Preparation of alkali metal tetrakis(.sup.F aryl)borates
Pesticidal compounds
N-(pyrimidinyl)-aspartic acid analogs as interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme inhibitors
Preparation of fagopyritols and uses therefor
Erythromycin derivatives
Erythromycin derivatives, method for preparing same and use thereof as drugs
Process for preparing lipophilic oligosaccharide antibiotics
Stereoselective synthesis of endothelin receptor antagonists
Peracylated insulin compositions and process for making the same
Mutant Rev transdominant repressors of HIV replication
Immunoglobulin binding proteins derived from L protein and their uses
Plant transformation methods
Recombinant vasoactive protein from salivary gland of the black fly
Vesicle transport protein
17q-linked breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene
FSH and LH separation and purification process
Human HNEAA81 receptor
Recombinant vertebrate activin receptors
Human BNP-specific antibodies
Generation of Xenogenetic antibodies
Manufacturing method for intraveneously administrable immune globulin and resultant product
Inhibitors of interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme
Derivatives of K5 polysaccharide having high anticoagulant activity
Highly crystalline polypropylene
Methods for forming amorphous ultra-high molecular weight polyalphaolefin drag reducing agents using a halohydrocarbon
Multi-axially orientated amorphous PTFE material
Preparation of novel homo- and copolymers using atom transfer radical polymerization
Silicone rubber compositions for high-voltage electrical insulators
Method and composition for incorporating radiation-absorbing agents into polymers
Heat resistant emulsion resins
Copolymers which contain hydroxyl groups and a method of producing them
Purification of polystyrene recycle streams
Method for producing a shaped piece suitable for optical purposes
Crosslinking of polypropylene polymers by irradiation
Rubber-modified styrene polymer
Aromatic vinyl-conjugated diene block copolymer and production process thereof
Block copolymers interpolymerized with in situ polystyrene and process for preparation thereof
DI-(alken-1-yl)-substituted borinic acids and borinates as oxidation inhibitors for carbon composites
Polyvinyl alcohol
Waterborne polyurethanes with urea-urethane linkages
Curable resin composition for overcoat of flexible circuit
Polyfunctional liquid urethane composition
Gas barrier composition and molded resin
Semiconductor encapsulating epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Catalyst mixture and polymerizable composition
Polyester polyols and their use in two-component polyurethane lacquers
Water-dispersible block copolyesters useful as low-odor adhesive raw materials
Impregnation, sealing and coating compounds
Method of making silicone polyether copolymers having reduced odor
Soluble polyimide resin having a dialkyl substituent for a liquid crystal alignment layer, the monomers and manufacturing methods thereof
Hydrophobically modified comb copolymers
Method and device for the recovery of linear polyester
Process for making polyester/platelet particle compositions displaying improved dispersion
Reflective composition of particles with resinous binder and process for preparing same
Ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer and composition, and film, laminate and electrical insulating material comprising same
Thermally conductive thermoplastic
Composite bearing with iron oxide additive
Low nitrosamine systems for rubber vulcanization
Preparing NBR rubber seal products with phosphite and phosphate additives
Solvent based interactive polymeric compositions containing a substantially non-gelled composition
Flame retardant polyolefins for molding applications
High-frequency-weldable polymer mixture
Polyolefin compositions used for making embossed sheets with improved grain retention
Thermoplastic moulding compounds
Waterborne acrylic polymers containing polymeric fluorescent compounds
Thermoplastic molding compositions based on star polymers with thermoplastic elastomers and polyarylene ethers
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives based on compatibilized blends of elastomers
Waterfast dyes for making ink jet permanent inks
Radiation curable coating composition
Granulated powdery paint and process for producing the same
Pressure-sensitive adhesive which can be applied while hot
Carpet latex compound
Printable adhesive composite
Fluorescent luminous device
Driving method for a distorted helix-ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
Bauxite filler for carpet backings
Encapsulated breakers, compositions and methods of use
Method of treating resin materials to yield oils
Stability Fischer-Tropsch diesel fuel and a process for its production
Oil additives and compositions
Lubricating oil compositions suitable for use in medium speed diesel engines
Anhydrous liquid cosmetic compositions comprising glycerin and polyalkylene glycol
Detergent having improved color retention properties
Automatic dishwashing tablets
Process and composition for detergents
Detergent compositions containing cellulase compositions deficient in CBH I type components
Paint and coating remover
Light-duty liquid or gel dishwashing detergent compositions having beneficial skin conditioning, skin feel and rinsability aesthetics
Liquid detergents containing proteolytic enzyme and protease inhibitors
Deprotection of RNA
Modified starch from plants, plants synthesizing this starch, and processes for its preparation
Hepes based basal nutrient medium for the isolation and culturing of stem cells
Polypeptide of human-origin hyaluronate synthetase and DNA encoding the same
Positional cloning of soybean cyst nematode resistance genes
Method of manufacturing a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Low work function, stable thin films
Method of forming gate electrode connection structure by in situ chemical vapor deposition of tungsten and tungsten nitride
Platinum source compositions for chemical vapor deposition of platinum
Semiconductor processing using vapor mixtures
Use of an asymmetric waveform to control ion bombardment during substrate processing
Cold cleaning composition based on alkanes or cycloalkanes and an organic compound comprising a ketone group
Gas shielding during plating
Method for producing an epitaxial silicon single crystal wafer and the epitaxial silicon single crystal wafer
Method of epitaxy on a silicon substrate comprising areas heavily doped with arsenic
Textiles; Paper
Flame retardant cloth
Woven floor coverings
Paper coating lubricant
Fixed Constructions
Anti-pinching system based on modification of the light conductivity of an optical fibre for automatic car windows
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of avoiding low cycle fatigue failure of turbochargers
Adjustable speed gas turbine power generation apparatus and its operation method
Fan operation detection circuit for a DC fan and method of operation thereof
Probe position actuator with an elongated stroke
Duty driven solenoid valve
Backlight for liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus incorporating the same
RMS energy conversion
Integrated heatsink and heatpipe
Navigation system for spinning projectiles
Fiber optic laser detection and ranging system
Method of, and apparatus for, measuring position of hole
Interferometer with tilted waveplates for reducing ghost reflections
Off-axis coupled etalon interferometers
Time-tagging electronic distance measurement instrument measurements to serve as legal evidence of calibration
Rotary laser irradiating system
Head up display and vision system
Navigation system with anti-alias map display
Position and speed sensors for a rotating shaft
Flush-mounted multi-channel printer
Apparatus for weighing hard gelatine capsules or the like
Device for measuring noise
Spectroscopic time integrative correlation for rapid medical diagnostic and universal image analysis
Dual sensor atmospheric correction system
Pegs for joining modular translation stages and other optical test bench hardware
Device for determining the dissolution time of medicaments in pressed form, like tablets, pills or capsules
Method for controlling and optimizing xylene isomer separation and isomerization process using near infrared analyzer system and apparatus for carrying out same
Urine pH indicator system and associated methods
Battery having a built-in controller
Ionization detector system having linearized output signal
Method for removing interfering substances from a urine sample using a chemical oxidant
Determination of % glycated hemoglobin
Transporting apparatus for semiconductor device
Temperature compensated vertical pin probing device
Fast AC sensor for detecting power outages
High performance dual mode multiple source/local oscillator module
Electrical circuit tracing apparatus using modulated tracing signal
Insulation tester for squirrel cage rotors
Adjustable tooling pin
Directed self-heating for reduction of system test time
Charged particle beam test system
Process for sort testing C4 bumped wafers
Semiconductor device
Digitally driven analog test signal generator
Input buffer and input-output buffer in full compliance with IDDQ testability
IC testing method
Multifunction reset for mixed-signal integrated circuits
Electrical connection for electronic battery tester
Process for determining the state of charge and the peak current loadability of batteries
Magnetic field sensor
Small scale NMR spectroscopic apparatus and method
Magnetic apparatus for MRI
Nuclear magnetic resonance pulse sequence for optimizing instrument electrical power usage
Method and system for correcting errors in MR images due to regions of gradient non-uniformity for parametric imaging such as quantitative flow analysis
Ionospheric correction for single frequency GPS receivers using two satellites
Method of determining the ability of a medium to absorb electromagnetic waves and a sensor for detecting foreign bodies in the medium
Pulse transmitting non-linear junction detector
Distance measuring apparatus
Calibration and integrated beam control/conditioning system for phased-array antennas
Apparatus and method for locating an emitter using RF carrier or PRF measurement ratios
Radio wave receiving apparatus having an improved antenna resolution
Radiation detector, radiation detecting method and X-ray diagnosing apparatus with same radiation detector
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for determining the horizontal and vertical resistivities and relative dip angle in anisotropic earth formations
Apparatus and method for making nuclear magnetic measurements in a borehole
Optical isolator and optical part having heat-resistant anti-reflection coating
Lens system and image pickup apparatus
Optical system
Variable magnification optical system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Optical system for non-flexible endoscopes
Light-weight three-element clinical viewer
Image reading apparatus
Devices for taking motion pictures from an aircraft
Tracking system for stereoscopic display systems
Optical head, optical component for use therein, method of manufacturing the same, and optical disk apparatus
High output reflective optical correlator having a folded optical axis using grayscale spatial light modulators
Lenticular image bearing member with variable line spacing to improve image quality
Chemically stabilized light selective element for imaging applications
Filter device and backlight device, each filter sheet having only one holding portion which is bonded to a frame member
Method for producing a hologram and a display device using the same
Method of fabricating an expanded beam optical waveguide device
Adjustment structure for fast locating zoom lens
Zoom lens barrel assembly for a camera including a rotating barrel capable of selecting one of several zoom positions as well as focusing
Portable video camera with adjustable motor driving signals for optimizing power consumption
Automatic focus adjusting device
Voltage applying apparatus facilitating adjustment of a driving voltage for a light signal emitter
Structure of a reflection-type light diffuser in a LCD
Method for fabricating a reflective liquid crystal display panel having a reflector with an inclined surface and devices made
Display and method of producing the display
Active matrix LCD with insulating film having apertures for limiting movement of spacers
Liquid crystal display device having the driving circuit disposed in the seal area, with different spacer density in driving circuit area than display area
In-plane switching array of TFT liquid crystal display in which an electrode on the same side of an insulating layer is made thinner than the source and drain
Liquid crystal display with enhanced gate pad protection and method of manufacturing the same
Image display apparatus
Display apparatus with a built-in driver
Active matrix substrated, liquid crystal apparatus using the same the display apparatus using such liquid crystal apparatus
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device including liquid crystal display material preventing generation of viewing-angle-dependent coloration of display screen
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display and backlight heater
Method and apparatus for wavelength multipexing/demultiplexing
Wavelength converting device and method of fabricating wavelength converting device
Rear projection screen
Photo lab with transport arrangement
Image recording apparatus and application device thereof
Operation control device for photography printing and developing machine
Apparatus and method for in-situ adjustment of light transmission in a photolithography process
Devices and methods for offset and similar printing systems
Process for fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit utilizing an exposure method
Method and apparatus for performing a double shift print on a substrate
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Mercury lamp of the short arc type
Plane position detecting method and exposing method and exposure apparatus using same
Film forming method
Alignment apparatus, aberration measuring method and aberration measuring mark
Exposure method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus for controlling the period of rotational driving of each toner image carrier
Line-type heater
Method and apparatus for holographic data storage
Electronic device
Device for the high-precision control of a physical quantity such as the temperature or humidity in a household electrical appliance
Method for controlling electric actuator and apparatus for the same
Apparatus and method for controlling communication in an electronic control and monitoring system
Learning to compensate for randomly occurring shocks
Start-up circuit for voltage regulators
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having recovery accelerator for changing bias circuit from standby mode without malfunction
Clock loss detector
System including phase lock loop circuit
Input device for a laptop computer
Information processing system using portable terminal unit and data communication adapter therefor
Power supplying system with a delayed closing device for delayed closing of a heat-dissipating fan
Method for operating an information handling system
Remotely updatable PDA
Median calculation using SIMD operations
Method and apparatus for managing personal identification numbers in interactive information distribution system
Key input device
Window displaying system with displaying of set of window graphs showing overlapping state of windows
Method and apparatus for dynamically grouping objects
Touch sensitive screen and method
Method and apparatus for minimizing visual artifacts caused by the pixel display of a video image
Arrangement for longitudinally immobilizing a data medium in a data interchange device
Image forming device
Photofinishing utilizing modulated light source array
Linerless label tracking system
Method and apparatus for radiometrically accurate texture-based lightpoint rendering technique
Method, system, and computer program product for shading
Method and apparatus for providing real-time animation utilizing a database of postures
Self-synchronizing animations
Method and apparatus for improving the quality of a video image
Multi-view point image transmission method and multi-view point image display method
Optical sensor with planar wall
Method for providing print output security in a multinetwork environment
Motion detection system
Security system having event detectors and keypads with integral monitor
Laser lighting system
Circuitry for electrical device in multi-device communications system
System for remote data collection
Remotely controlled dimmer
System and method for speed limit enforcement
Route guidance apparatus
Electronic locating system for locating vehicles at assembly plants
Finger placement sensor for stringed instruments
Workstation comprising a braille reading line
Compact visual simulation system
Process for detecting and adjusting the synchronization of video signal for displaying
Portable radio information terminal, screen scroll method, recording medium and microcomputer
Adjustable spring brush
Adjusting structure for musical instrument supporters
Bongo drums
Method and apparatus for making trombone slide positions
Music apparatus with various musical tone effects
Automatic composition apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Electronic upright piano and a method of manufacture thereof
Linearly-positional, multi-configurational, stringed musical instrument pickup
Head switch operations in a magnetic disk system
Method and apparatus for controlling a motor in a mass storage device
Method and apparatus for increasing disc drive performance
Interleaved analog tracking timing and gain feedback loops for partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) data detection for direct access storage device (DASD)
Charge pump circuit for phase locked loop free from spike current
Disc drive positioning system with variable deceleration curve
Information-signal multiplexing transmission apparatus using a cassette having a recording medium housed therein
Synchronizing signal detector for magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus and synchronizing signal detecting method thereof
Storing and reproducing digital video and audio on a magnetic tape having stored a signal readable by VHS analog apparatus
Magnetic reproduction apparatus having MR head in which electromigration occurring in MR head is suppressed
Signal amplifier apparatus and magnetic disk storage apparatus using the same
Magnetoresistive head with minimal electromigration
Azimuth magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and method employing waveform equalization
Method and apparatus for demodulating a servo burst signal in a hard disk drive
Loading and unloading a flying lens
Objective lens driving device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing SRAM cell
Semiconductor non-volatile memory device having a NAND cell structure
Digital buffer circuits
Impedance controlled output driver
Shifted-plane core geometry cable
Nonlinear resistor with electrodes formed by plasma spraying
Chip-type electronic device
Micromagnetic device for data transmission applications and method of manufacture therefor
Fast variable RF network inductor
Coil and method for magnetizing an article
Rotationally symmetrical high-voltage pulse transformer with tesla resonance and energy recovery
Toroidal current transformer assembly and method
Multi-directional operating switch
Vacuum circuit interrupter with contact structure including support pins
Puffer type circuit breaker with arcing chamber, auxiliary shunting contacts and exhaust structure with pressure relief valves
Method for producing fuse element and fuse element produced by the same
Device for quick frequency tuning of a microwave tube using a direct sensing means
Electron gun with specific grid electrodes
Color cathode-ray tube
Cathode ray tube having high and low refractive index films on the outer face of the glass panel thereof
Field emission cathode
Field emission type cold cathode and electron tube
Permanent magnet ECR plasma source with magnetic field optimization
Microwave plasma generating apparatus with improved heat protection of sealing O-rings
Tapered or tilted electrodes to allow the superposition of independently controllable DC field gradients to RF fields
Reflector-type lamp assembly having a multi-purpose closure member
Process of patterning conductive layer into electrode through lift-off using photo-resist mask imperfectly covered with the conductive layer
Method and system for accurately marking the backside of the die for fault location isolation
Method for reducing capacitance depletion during hemispherical grain polysilicon synthesis for DRAM
Method of defining a conductive layer
Method of making semiconductor device
Integration of a diffusion barrier layer and a counter dopant region to maintain the dopant level within the junctions of a transistor
Channel implant through gate polysilicon
Field effect transistor with improved source/drain diffusion regions having an extremely small capacitance
Method for fabricating semiconductor structures having metal silicides
Semiconductor device having insulation film whose breakdown voltage is improved and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Amorphous silicon gate with mismatched grain-boundary microstructure
Method of manufacturing MOS gate utilizing a nitridation reaction
Semiconductor device with a composite gate dielectric layer and gate barrier layer and method of making same
Method of forming a composite interpoly gate dielectric
Method for removing contaminants from integrated circuits
Self-supported ultra thin silicon wafer process
Process for wet etching of semiconductor wafers
Low dielectric constant film and method thereof
Method of forming capacitors having high-K oxygen containing capacitor dielectric layers, method of processing high-K oxygen containing dielectric layers, method of forming a DRAM cell having having high-K oxygen containing capacitor dielectric layers
Films doped with carbon for use in integrated circuit technology
Method to form a DRAM capacitor using low temperature reoxidation
Cleaning compositions for high dielectric structures and methods of using same
Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming a MOSFET with raised source and drain, saliciding, and removing upper portion of gate spacers if bridging occurs
Method of forming a metal gate electrode using replaced polysilicon structure
High speed bump plating/forming
Circuit board with primary and secondary through holes
Semiconductor device having opposite-polarity region under channel
Method for fabricating thin film transistors
Method of manufacturing multiple aluminum layer in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of forming semiconductor device
Method for forming a DRAM capacitor
Porous silicon dioxide insulator
Porous insulating compounds and method for making same
Method of forming a trench isolation structure in a semiconductor substrate
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric memory device
Methods of forming field effect transistors having self-aligned intermediate source and drain contacts
Method of forming capacitors having high dielectric constant material
Method of fabricating a data-storage capacitor for a dynamic random-access memory device
Integrated circuit bonding pads including intermediate closed conductive layers having spaced apart insulating islands therein
Method for joining a semiconductor chip to a chip carrier substrate and resulting chip package
Method of manufacturing DRAM capacitor
Die paddle clamping method for wire bond enhancement
Method for making MIS transistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a lightly doped contact impurity region surrounding a highly doped contact impurity region
Field ring to improve the breakdown voltage for a high voltage bipolar device
High breakdown voltage semiconductor device
High voltage transistors and thyristors
Multi-depth junction formation tailored to silicide formation
Method of fabricating a transistor with a dielectric underlayer and device incorporating same
Method of fabricating a feature in an integrated circuit using a two mask process with a single edge definition layer
In-situ boron doped polysilicon with dual layer and dual grain structure for use in integrated circuits manufacturing
Ammonia annealed and wet oxidized LPCVD oxide to replace ono films for high integrated flash memory devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having oxide-nitride gate insulating layer
Controlled cleavage process and resulting device using beta annealing
Semiconductor material characterizing method and apparatus
In-situ method for preparing and highlighting of defects for failure analysis
Packaging die preparation
Semiconductor device having pads for connecting a semiconducting element to a mother board
Semiconductor device and method for making same
Substrate support element
Method and apparatus for controlling a workpiece in a vacuum chamber
Chemical treatment for preventing copper dendrite formation and growth
Method to optimize copper chemical-mechanical polishing in a copper damascene interconnect process for integrated circuit applications
Semiconductor device having a metallic fuse member and cutting method thereof with laser light
Method of forming thin polygates for sub quarter micron CMOS process
Integrated circuit including source implant self-aligned to contact via
Method for forming integrated circuit memory devices with high and low dopant concentration regions of different diffusivities
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a self aligned contact for a capacitor over bitline, (COB), memory cell
DRAM cell with a fork-shaped capacitor
System and method for forming an inter-layer dielectric in floating gate memory devices
Semiconductor apparatus having wiring groove and contact hole in self-alignment manner
SRAM cell
Trench-gated vertical combination JFET and MOSFET devices
Method for generating limited isolation trench width structures and a device having a narrow isolation trench surrounding its periphery
Method of fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit device having an interlevel dielectric layer with voids between narrowly-spaced wiring lines
Unlanded via process
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Simple small feature size bit line formation in DRAM with RTO oxidation
Method for forming metalization for inter-layer connections
Method of preventing misalignment of selective silicide layer in the manufacture of a DRAM device and the DRAM device formed thereby
Semiconductor device fabricating method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor processing methods
Method of making a semiconductor device with an etching stopper
Multilayer wiring structure and semiconductor device having the same, and manufacturing method therefor
BGA type semiconductor device and electronic equipment using the same
Method for fabricating a surface mounting type semiconductor chip package
Method for manufacturing a package structure having a heat spreader for integrated circuit chips
Semiconductor package utilizing a flexible wiring substrate
Multi-chip semiconductor encapsulation method and its finished product
Stacked structure of semiconductor package
Method for forming a fuse in integrated circuit application
Via alignment, etch completion, and critical dimension measurement method and structure
Energy-absorbing stable guard ring
Semiconductor device having electrostatic discharge
High Q inductor realization for use in MMIC circuits
Semiconductor device package and semiconductor device module
Dissipation of heat from a circuit board having bare silicon chips mounted thereon
Light emitting element module with a parallelogram-shaped chip and a staggered chip array
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and circuit for lowering standby current in an integrated circuit
Differential devices and differential transceiver
Reduced parasitic leakage in semiconductor devices
Structure and process for a gouge-free stacked non-volatile memory cell with select gate
Method of fabricating flash memory
Semiconductor device
Monolithic interconnected module with a tunnel junction for enhanced electrical and optical performance
MOS imaging device
Photoelectric transducer
Amplified photoelectric transducer amplified solid-state image sensor and method for driving amplified photoelectric transducer
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an LDD structure with a recess in the source/drain region formed during removal of a damaged layer
Thyristor manufacturing method and thyristor
Imaging support for removably mounting an imaging device
Metallization of buried contact solar cells
Solar cell module and method of manufacturing the same
Nighttime solar cell
Photovoltaic element
Triangular-barrier optoelectronic switch
Lead frame attachment for optoelectronic device
Double heterojunction light emitting device possessing a dopant gradient across the N-type layer
White light-emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of light emitting device
Driving circuit of ultrasonic motor
Organic electroluminescent device having a particular substrate
Temperature compensation of the pressure cutoff of charging of a pressurized-gas storage battery
Dielectric filter and dielectric duplexer
Waveguide with signal track cross-over and variable features
Non radiative dielectric waveguide having a portion for line conversion between different types of non radiative dielectric waveguides
Antenna device for transmitting and receiving RF signals
AM upper/FM defogger grid active backlite antenna
Wireless local loop system using patch-type antenna
Multilayered helical antenna for mobile telecommunication units
Multi-band antenna suitable for use in a mobile radio device
Flexible dual-mode antenna for mobile stations
Multimode, multi-step antenna feed horn
Loop antenna device
Circularly polarized cross dipole antenna
Method of attaching an electronic device to a coaxial cable and an electronic device to be attached thereto
Electrical junction box for wiring an automobile
Electrical connectors, lamps and lampholders
Signal conductor
Dispersion compensating fiber and optical amplifier using same
Method and apparatus for suppressing transients in optical amplifiers
Optical wavelength converter
Armored electrical cable connector
Voltage sensing arrangement
Power supplying apparatus for a vehicle and an intensive wiring apparatus
Electronic apparatus for stopping supply of power to load during voltage detection operation
Battery charging status indicator apparatus
Power supply circuit and a voltage level adjusting circuit and method for a portable battery-powered electronic device
Transistor driven wall charger
Device for setting the output voltage in a three-phase alternator
Method and apparatus for providing standby power from a generator using capacitor supplied voltage
Motor generator including interconnected stators and stator laminations
Reciprocating motor with arcuate pole faces
Linear motor with commutation coil
Circuit for supplying a load with a direct voltage
Multi-sync monitor power supply system with harmonic eliminating means
Charge pump
High voltage detector to control a power supply voltage pump for a 2.5 volt semiconductor process device
Boost converter with reduced switching loss
Temperature compensation circuit for semiconductor switch and method of operation thereof
Power supply apparatus and method of controlling power supply circuit
Current-mode controller for switching DC/DC converter having a reduced output ripple current
Injection molding machine
Method of controlling the starting, stopping and speed of an AC induction motor
High-efficiency electric motor of electronic commutation type
Electronically commutated motor and method of controlling such a motor
Simple back emf reconstruction in pulse width modulation (PWM) mode
Sensorless speed control method of high speed motor
Rotary induction machine having control of secondary winding impedance
Oscillator with power conservation mode
Method and apparatus for achieving low standby power using a positive temperature correlated clock frequency
Millimeter wave modulator and transmitter
Frequency/phase modulator using a digital synthesis circuit in a phase locked loop
Phase-shift keying electronic circuit with distributed structure
Demodulation of angle modulated carriers using a noncoherent reference
High-frequency amplification device
Cascode amplifier with positive feedback for high frequency performance and method for operating and optimizing such amplifier
Amplifier and a method of power amplification
Feed-forward amplifier with improved linearity upon initial activation
Active load circuit with low impedance output
Amplification circuit and integrated circuit having such and controlling method of the amplification circuit
Buffer amplifier with frequency selective mechanism
Analog signal amplifier
AC-coupled driver with wide output dynamic range
Operational amplifier
Wideband operational amplifier
High-voltage, series-biased FET amplifier for high-efficiency applications
Linearizing structures and methods for unity-gain folding amplifiers
Variable gain amplifier
Log-linear variable gain amplifiers and amplifier control apparatus and methods
Power amplifier system
Integrator-filter circuit
Surface acoustic wave device having a langasite single crystal substrate
Twin dual mode filters with reflectors between transducers being electrically connected between DMS tracks
Piezoelectric resonator
Method and apparatus for providing station and programming information in a multiple station broadcast system
Gate driver device for GTO thyristor
Overvoltage/undervoltage tolerant transfer gate
Apparatus for improved operation of MOSFET devices in cryogenic environments
Method and apparatus for implementing adjustable logic threshold in dynamic circuits for maximizing circuit performance
Data output circuit with reduced output noise
Pull-up and pull-down circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having output buffer
Voltage level transfer
Low noise method for interconnecting analog and digital integrated circuits
CMOS tri-state control circuit for a bidirectional I/O with slew rate control
Programmable logic device with selectable schmitt-triggered and threshold-triggered buffers
Efficient interconnect network for use in FPGA device having variable grain architecture
Method for generating an FPGA two turn routing structure with lane changing and minimum diffusion area
Low-noise frequency divider
Frequency divider circuit and digital PLL circuit
Self-timed latch circuit for high-speed very large scale integration (VLSI)
Level converter and semiconductor device
Writing signal timer output circuit which includes a bistable timer signal generator
Hysteresis comparator circuit consuming a small current
Negative pulse edge triggered flip-flop
Current-controlled p-channel transistor-based ring oscillator
Latch circuit capable of reducing slew current
Temperature compensated delay chain
Micropower delay circuit
Integrated circuit with hardware-based programmable non-overlapping-clock-edge capability
Noise detection circuit
PLL circuit and method of controlling the same
High frequency RF driver
Phase frequency detector having instantaneous phase difference output
Phase locked loop (PLL) circuit
Successive approximation analog to digital converter with bit error correction
Differential voltage digital-to-analog converter
Method of direct current offset cancellation
Digital-to-analog converter in which an analog output of low order bits is attenuated, and added to an analog output of high order bits
Thermometer coding circuitry
Hybrid low-pass sigma-delta modulator
Signal processing circuit and signal processing method
Optical signal transmitter, system and method of transmission
Cable branching unit
Distributed intelligence wavelength division multiplexed network
Frequency generator for generating two independent FSK signals
One bit digital phase shift keyed carrier recovery and demodulator circuit
Digital camera including a printer for receiving a cartridge having security control circuitry
Apparatus and method for automatic scanning
Integrated and auxiliary light for image scanners for scanning transparencies and method of lighting transparencies for image scanning
Multi-resolution transmissive and reflective optical scanner
Transmission device capable of coping with external light intruding in the same
Image sensing method and apparatus
Digital photofinishing system including digital image processing of alternative capture color photographic media
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Electronic apparatus and method for independently resetting functional mode units of a multi-functional mode system
Photoelectric conversion device and driving method therefor
Apparatus and method for converting an optical image of an object into a digital representation
Electronic camera that transfers signals to an external device
Multiple-mode videoconferencing arrangement
Electronic programming system and method
Apparatus and method for recapture of realtime events
Linear multi-output optical transmitter system
Projection-type color liquid crystal display device having non overlapping pixel images
Dot crawl reduction in NTSC/PAL graphic encoder
Selective call receiver with improved setting of test mode
Continuous duty direct current heated windshield with ambient temperature limit switch
Protecting device for a string of series connected lamps
High-pressure discharge lamp lighting apparatus system
Starting circuit for low-pressure discharge lamp
Resonant frequency induction furnace system using capacitive voltage division
Furnace for the high-temperature processing of materials with a low dielectric loss factor
Plasma arc torch
Insulating foil circuit board with rigid and flexible sections
Cable entry shield (EMI-RFI) for electronic units
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