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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and fabricating method of organic light emitting diode using the same
Light source device, optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Direct image-recording device and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Device and method for measuring profiles of electron beam and laser beam
Tuning optical cavities
Iteration method to improve the fly height measurement accuracy by optical interference method and theoretical pitch and roll effect
Two-dimensional spectral imaging system
High resolution optical microscopy featuring fluorescence transient measurement
Scanning optical microscope with long working distance objective
Distinguishing objects
Communications apparatus and communication method
Acknowledging packet receipt based on expected size of sender's congestion window
Sensor for detecting moving object with the aid of a ultrabandwidth sounding signal
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens and camera with zoom lens
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Electromechanical dynamic force profile articulating mechanism
2-channel display system comprising micro electro mechanical systems
Oscillating system and optical deflector
Display device
System and method of grounding fiber storage trays
Nanomover for optical elements alignment without driving electrically
Optical waveguide for touch panel and touch panel using the same
Ultra thin radiation management and distribution systems with hybrid optical waveguide
Method for accessing optical fibers within a telecommunication cable
Lens actuator
Lens module and camera module utilizing the same
Lens module
Liquid crystal display apparatus containing image sensor and process for producing the same
Polarizer with first and second patterns of wires where the first pattern of wires is positioned repeatedly and randomly among the second pattern of wires
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for driving liquid crystal device and driving apparatus for the liquid crystal device
Flash lamp assembly and portable electronic device using same
Image stabilizer
Camera configurable for autonomous operation
Optical apparatus
Lithographic apparatus, excimer laser and device manufacturing method
Optical imaging arrangement
Holder for carrying a photolithography mask in a flattened condition
Camera module
Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus and storage medium storing control program
Shock-activated switch device
Height adjustment mechanism
Personal information management using content with embedded personal information manager data
Trace and debug tool for high speed printer systems
Image processing apparatus and method for faster starting of an image processing apparatus using priority functions
Data receiving-processing apparatus
Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program
Digital image processing without rasterization
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Locating an elongated object in a three-dimensional data array
Method and system for constrained reconstruction of imaging data using data reordering
Embedded interaction code enabled surface type identification
Method of correcting bonding coordinates using reference bond pads
Color noise reduction image processing apparatus
Method and system for generating and using digital fingerprints for electronic documents
Image converting method and image converting apparatus
Characterization of metal particle distributions in a supported catalyst
Apparatus, system and method for person verification
Method and apparatus for discriminating and counting documents
Time-lapse cell cycle analysis of unstained nuclei
System and method for detecting text in real-world color images
Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Method and apparatus for retrieving pattern, and computer product
Regulating data-burst transfer
Image display control apparatus and program for controlling same
Sub-pass correction using neighborhood matching
Portable electronic device
Display device and method for driving the same
Optical disk drive including stepper pointer indicating rotation of stepping motor
Tray controlling method using multiple different voltages
Inspection apparatus and inspection method of magnetic disk or magnetic head
Method and apparatus to correct wobble phase slip in optical recorders
Gain adjustment before zero phase start
Apparatus, signal-processing circuit and device for magnetic recording system
Original disk fabrication method, magnetic recording medium manufacturing method and magnetic recording medium
Optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method for the same
Optical pickup apparatus and beam splitter
Detection method for tilt of optical pickup head
Optical disk medium and optical disk apparatus
Data storage device using magnetic domain wall movement and method of operating the same
Manufacturing method, remanufacturing method and reshipping method for a semiconductor memory device
Flash memory device with split string selection line structure
Motherboard with voltage regulator for supporting DDR2 memory modules and DDR3 memory modules
Memory device having data paths with multiple speeds
Memory device using SRAM circuit
X-ray focusing device
Surge arrestor mounting system
PWM drive apparatus and method for correcting output offset thereof
Laser generator and method of controlling the same
Laser light source device, optical information recording device, and optical information reproducing device
Laser micromachining using programmable pulse shapes
Laser diode pumped solid-state dye laser and method for operating same
High-power, high-throughput microwave discharge singlet oxygen generator for advanced electrical oxygen-iodine lasers
Solid state tesla coil suit
Detachable cable manager
Semiconductor device including ESD protection field effect transistor with adjustable back gate potential
Windscreen wiper comprising a protection device for the electric motor thereof
Method and apparatus for resetting a silicon controlled rectifier bridge
Latch-up protection circuit for LCD driver IC
Energy conditioner with tied through electrodes
Switch gear cell and converter circuit for switching a multiplicity of voltage levels with a switchgear cell such as this
Thermal foldback for linear fluorescent lamp ballasts
Phase shifted H-Bridge resonant converter with symmetrical currents
Apparatus and method for avoiding steady-state oscillations in the generation of clock signals
Enhanced reconditioning equalizer filter for non-constant envelop signals
Integrating receiver having adaptive feedback equalizer function to simultaneously remove inter-symbol interference and high frequency noises and system having the same
Space-time coding method for a UWB pulse-type multi-antenna system
Pragmatic adaptive maximum ratio combining (MRC) and minimum mean square error (MMSE) multiple input multiple output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) receiver algorithm
Editing device and audio signal processing system
Transmission method in a wireless telecommunication system including at least a base station intended to communicate with terminals
Circuit and method for suppressing interference components in received signal
Dual adaptive structure for speech enhancement
MIMO wireless data communication system, MIMO wireless data communication method and MIMO wireless data communication apparatus
Method of transmitting control signals for uplink transmission in communication systems
System and related methods for beamforming in a multi-point communications environment
Data reception apparatus and data distribution system
Adaptive allocation for variable bandwidth multicarrier communication
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
Method and a system for transferring AMR signaling frames on halfrate channels
Amplitude compression of signals in a multicarrier system
Method of generating multi-channel local oscillation frequencies
Matrix switcher and method of controlling matrix switcher
Method and system for managing simultaneous electronic communications
Transitioning between multiple data streams of a media channel based on client conditions
Optimization process and system for non-multiplexed peer-to-peer architecture
Network node power conservation apparatus, system, and method
Method and apparatus for determining arrival time of data packets
Request routing mechanism for distributed multi-participant service application servers in an internet protocol multimedia subsystem network
High speed weighted fair queuing system for ATM switches
Network switching system
Data transmission
Method and apparatus for controlling storage of data
Methods and apparatus for performing network operations on packets of data in response to content of particular user-specified protocol header fields
Fair round robin scheduler for network systems
Internet long distance telephone service
Peak factor reduction unit and baseband signal processing device
Power supply apparatus and power supply method
Channel tracking with scattered pilots
Method and system for minimum mean squared error soft interference cancellation (MMSE-SIC) based suboptimal maximum likelihood (ML) detection for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless system
Data capture technique for high speed signaling
System and method for utilizing a phase interpolator to support a data transmission procedure
Digital transmission apparatus and methods
Maintaining encryption key integrity
Mass call defense
Sheet, display medium unit, sheet attaching device, and sheet detaching device
Method, computer program and printing system for trapping of print data
Image processing and image forming with modification of a particular class of colors
Camera array and method for adjusting a lens with respect to the image sensor
Digital camera and lens barrel mechanism for saving lens groups out of optical axis when lens barrel is collapsed
Camera and image processing method for synthesizing plural images forming one image group to generate a synthesized image
Gain-coefficient acquiring device and image processing device having same
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method to display or record images picked up at high rate in real time
Apparatus and method of generating video-reproducing clock signal from 480p signal
Apparatus and method for synchronizing transport packet in ground wave digital multimedia broadcasting
Method and/or apparatus for analyzing the content of a surveillance image
Method of coding and decoding image
Method and apparatus for embedding data within the vertical blanking interval of video transmissions
Method, medium, and apparatus for 3-dimensional encoding and/or decoding of video
Internet surveillance system and method
Methods and architecture for indexing and editing compressed video over the world wide web
Optical black calibration
Solid-state image-capturing device, driving method thereof, camera, electric charge transfer device, driving method and driving device for driving load, and electronic equipment
Acoustic measuring system for locating noise sources
Method for aggregation of a number of media access control (MAC) frames into a single phyical layer frame in a distributed MAC layer
Method for operating a device in a radio access network of a radio communication system as well as radio access network and device
Transceiver module and PCB structure thereof
Display device with document holding function
Electronic apparatus
Mounting device
Inverter comprising a casing
Peltier-assisted liquid-cooled computer enclosure
Enclosure with integrated heat wick
Motor controller
Heat sink and cooling and packaging stack for press-packages
Heatsink for heat-producing device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Nucleic acids obtained from the envelope coding region of feline immunodeficiency virus molecular clone designated JSY3
Method for increasing plant productivity using glutamic acid and glycolic acid
Non-hazardous pest control
Dicaffeoylquinic acid for treating hepatitis B and the diseases associated with retrovirus, and the new caffeoylquinic acid derivatives
Seed treatments for improving fall seeding survival of crucifers
Substituted aromatic thiocarboxylic acid amides and their use as herbicides
Disubstituted methylidene hydrazinophenyl sulfonylureas, process for their production and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Method for controlling harmful organisms in crops of useful plants
Antibacterial and antifungal peptide
Method for preservation of olive oil
Edible composition containing zinc and linoleic acid
Bacterial galactanases and use thereof
Self-adhesive wire strap and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Wet tissue warmer and tissue lifting plate
Human body detecting device and method therefor
Detector array variable gain amplifiers for use in a laser imaging apparatus
Guidance method for radiation detection
Contactless energy transfer apparatus
Use of divalent cations for inhibiting erythrocyte dehydration in vivo
Use of triaryl methane compounds for inhibiting unwanted cellular proliferation associated with inflammatory disease
Treatment of platelet derived growth factor related disorders such as cancers
N-Hydroxy-2-(Alkyl, Aryl, or Heteroaryl, Sulfanyl, Sulfinyl or Sulfonyl)-3-Substituted Alkyl, Aryl or Heteroarylamides as Matrix Metalloproteinase inhibitors
Active enantiomer of RAR.gamma.-specific agonist
Pharmaceutical preparation comprising eicosapentaenoic acid and/or stearidonic acid
Heteroatom-interrupted analogs of 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid and methods of use
Antipicornaviral compounds, compositions containing them, and methods for their use
Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-.alpha.) inhibiting pharmaceuticals
Use of substituted amino-methyl-chromans for the prevention of neuronal degeneration and for the promotion of neuronal regeneration
N-Alkyl, N-Alkenyl, N-Alkynyl, N-Aryl and N-fused bicyclo or tricyclo thienyl-, furyl-,and Pyrrolyl-sulfonamides and derivatives thereof that modulate the activity of endothelin
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Carboxylic acids and carboxylic acid isosteres of N-heterocyclic compounds
Methods of use of quinolone compounds against anaerobic pathogenic bacteria
Dimeric arylisoquinoline alkaloids and derivatives thereof
Use of 2-amino-3,4-dihydroquinazolines for the production of a medicament for the treatment or prophylaxis of illnesses caused by ischemic conditions
Steroids as neurochemical stimulators of the VNO to alleviate pain
Vitamin D3 analogs
Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants
Method for inhibiting dental resorptive lesions
Method for treatment in gene therapy and use of guanine derivative therefor
Method of promoting mucosal hydration with certain uridine, adenine and cytidine diphosphates and analogs thereof
Sterilizing and disinfecting compound
Methods of treating microbial infection and therapeutic formulations therefor
Prenatal diagnostic methods
Methods and compositions for wound healing
Expression and purification of cloned human alpha-fetoprotein
Use of mCRP to slow cell growth and to promote maturation of cells
Method of enhancing the survival of retinal neurons and treating ocular diseases using FGF-5
Targeted delivery of genes encoding interferon
Method for treating AIDS and HIV infection using select peptides from the beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin
Immune response enhancer
Pharmacological treatment for sleep apnea
Methods of treating and preventing attention deficit disorders
Sulfonamide and sulfamide substituted imidazoquinolines
Pharmaceutical compositions of peptides having low solubility in physiological medium
Pharmaceutical compositions containing a fluoroquinolone antibiotic drug and xanthan gum
Human T cell leukemia cell line designated D1.1
Nucleic acid molecule encoding heavy or light chain of an antibody which specifically recognizes a protein specifically recognized by monoclonal antibody 5c8 (anti-CD40 ligand)
Retinyl carbonate derivatives, preparation process and uses
Preparation for improving hair growth, the skin structure and/or nail regeneration
Grafted rubber-like silicone gel with enhanced oil compatibility and its synthetic process
Organ-specific targeting of cationic amphiphile / DNA complexes for gene therapy
Superabsorbent material and method for producing said material
Device and method for cleaning and sanitizing a food reservoir
Enzyme-mediated modification of fibrin for tissue engineering
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing glucoprotamines
Process for producing single-wall carbon nanotubes uniform in diameter and laser ablation apparatus used therein
Functionalized molecular sieves
Supported single-site catalyst and olefin polymerization process
Preparation of high activity catalysts; the catalysts and their use
In-situ formation of metal-molybdate catalysts
Process for the preparation of high activity carbon monoxide hydrogenation catalysts; the catalyst compositions, use of the catalysts for conducting such reactions, and the products of such reactions
Process for the preparation of benzonitrile compounds
Catalyst system containing a semilabile anionic ligand and a use of such catalyst system to produce .alpha., .beta., -unsaturated carboxylic acids and their esters
Device for selective distribution of liquids
Multiplexed molecular analysis apparatus and method
Faux finish method
Film or coating deposition and powder formation
Surface modification using hydridosilanes to prepare monolayers
Method for forming coating film and coating composition
Method for applying silkscreen pattern to cookware
Decorated polyester tube package for aqueous compositions
Process for etching thin-film layers of a workpiece used to form microelectric circuits or components
Removal of polishing residue from substrate using supercritical fluid process
Alkaline storage battery hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode and method for producing the same
High texture factor
Method and device for producing a powder aerosol and use thereof
Methods for manufacture and repair and resulting components with directionally solidified or single crystal materials
Diode laser, laser optics, device for laser treatment of a workpiece, process for a laser treatment of workpiece
Precision guiding apparatus for laser marking system
Beam delivery system
Use of a metal powder for surface coating by submerged arc welding
Fuel cell operated welder
Electric hand with cushioning mechanism
Guidance system and method for an automated media exchanger
Rollable, single-coated hot melt adhesive film with no interlayer
Wood laminate and method of making
Films having a fibrillated surface and method of making
Nonwoven fabric with high CD elongation and method of making same
Biaxially oriented polyester film
Container liner
Photosensitive lithographic form plate using an image-forming material
Color filter manufacturing apparatus
Imaging transfer system and process for transferring image and non-image areas thereof to a receptor element
Magnetic fan clutch having plastic members
Traction motor drive system
Device and method for operating a rain detector
Bracket assembly, especially for use as a magnetic device in a monitoring device
Storage stabilized oxygen degradable polymer
Magnetic lifting apparatus
Method for manufacturing integrated devices including electromechanical microstructures, without residual stress
Atomic-level electronic network and method of fabrication
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compositions for dissolving metal sulfates
Honeycomb structure and method for preparing the same
Polyvinyl ester dispersions and methods for their preparation
Microwave dielectric ceramic composition
Dielectric porcelain composition for electronic devices
High performance ceramic matrix composite
Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride cutting tool
Refractory composite materials protected against oxidising at high temperature, precursors of the said materials, their preparation
Process for making hexamethylene diamine using ozone-treated adiponitrile that contains phosphorous compounds
Process for producing trifluoromethylbenzylamines
Therapeutically useful 2-aminotetralin derivatives
Aromatic amine derivatives having NOS inhibiting action
Method for manufacturing aminoalcohol
Ether amines and derivatives
Process for preparing 6-aminocaproamide
Hydroformylation process
Process for preparing powdery alkyl sulfates
Process for the preparation of a purified acrylamido sulfonic acid monomer derivative
Process for preparing higher oxo alcohols from olefin mixtures by two-stage hydroformylation
Diaminopropionic acid derivatives
Process for producing lycopene and intermediate thereof
Lipoic acid derivatives and their use in treatment of disease
Intermediates of benzoxazinone derivatives and preparation thereof
Method of production of product acetone of high stability to oxidation
Process for producing 3,4-dihydroxy-3-cyclobutene-1,2-dione
3-heteroatom substituted and two carbon homologs of 15-HETE and methods of use
Pyrrolothiazine and pyrrolothiazepine compounds having serotonin-2 receptor antagonistic and alpha-1-blocking action
Cyanine dye phosphoramidites
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Preparation of 1-butyl-4-piperidinylmethylamine
Heterocycyclic piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
1-aminoethylquinoline derivatives for treating urinary incontinence
Certain 1-(2-naphthyl) and 1-(2-azanaphthyl)-4-(1-phenylmethyl)piperazines; dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
7-substituted quinazolin-2,4-diones useful as antibacterial agents
Triazinylaminostilbene compounds
Heterocyclic analogs of diphenylethylene compounds
Protease inhibitors
Taxoids, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for producing simvastatin
Photochromic spirofluorenopyran compounds
Monomer and a polymer obtained therefrom
Compounds and methods for modulation of estrogen receptors
Indane or dihydroindole derivatives
Heterocyclic compounds and their therapeutic use
Process for preparing 2-alkyl-3-aminothiophene derivative and 3-aminothiophene derivative
Process for preparing 2-alkyl-3-aminothiophene derivative and 3-aminothiophene derivative
1-cycloalkyl-1,8-naphthyridin-4-one derivative as type IV phosphodiesterase inhibitor
Process for the preparation of 1,8-disubstituted-1,3,4,9-tetrahydropyrano (3,4-B)-indole-1-acetic acid esters
Water soluble SDZ RAD esters
Method of inhibiting the proliferation and causing the differentiation of cells with IGF-1 receptor antisense oligonucleotides
Antisense inhibition of tert expression
Positively charged oligonucleotides as regulators of gene expression
Nucleic acid ligands
Nucleic acid ligands to integrins
Processes for preparation of 9, 11-epoxy steroids and intermediates useful therein
HIV envelope polypeptides
Polynucleotides encoding a novel pyrR homolog
Process of expressing and isolating recombinant proteins and recombinant protein products from plants, plant derived tissues or cultured plant cells
Insect resistant fertile transgenic corn plants
Receptor for Mycobacterium leprae and methods of use thereof
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase and NADPH cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase genes and proteins related to the omega hydroxylase complex of Candida tropicalis and methods relating thereto
Plant retroelements
Methods and compounds for modulating male fertility
Promoter smooth muscle cell expression
Cell-cycle regulatory proteins, and uses related thereto
Secreted salivary ZSIG63 Polypeptide
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode T cell inducible factors (TIFS), the proteins encoded, and uses thereof
Preparation of human IGF via recombinant DNA technology
Uses of the 5-HT4 receptor
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode activin-receptor like kinases, expression vectors and cells containing these
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Bone morphogenic protein-16 (BMP-16) compositions
Preparation of human IGF via recombinant DNA technology
Methods of producing immunoglobulins, vectors and transformed host cells for use therein
Substituted imidazolidine derivatives, their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical preparations including them
Amorphous N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
Peptide binding the KLVFF-sequence of amyloid-.beta.
Echinocandine derivatives with antimicrobial activity
Hydrophilic carrier for photosensitizers that cleaves when they catalyze the formation of singlet oxygen
Catalyst for .alpha.-olefin polymerization and process for producing .alpha.-olefin polymer
Polypropylene wax
Solid catalyst components for olefin polymerization, catalysts for olefin polymerization and process for producing olefin polymers
Emulsion polymer having a vesiculated structure and the process for preparing the same
Copolymer of ethylene and of at least one alpha-olefin and method for obtaining same
Elastomeric copolymers of ethylene and propylene
Nitrogen containing acrylic copolymers
Grafting of monomers onto polyolefins in presence of organic peroxides
Non-massing tougheners for polyamides
MBS impact modifiers
Organic-solvent-based photocurable resist composition and resist pattern-forming method
Process for producing blends of syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene and rubbery elastomers with an iron-based catalyst system
Method of preparing carbamate-functional polymers
Azidosilane-modified, moisture-curable polyolefin polymers, process for making, and articles obtained therefrom
Process for producing elastic polyurethane moldings with compact surfaces and cellular cores
Acid catalyzed polymerization of aqueous epoxy resin emulsions and uses thereof
Patterns of electrically conducting polymers and their application as electrodes or electrical contacts
Polyester composition and process therefor
Process for producing poly(arylene sulfide)
Nitrogen-containing silicone useful for compacting nucleic acid sequences and use for transforming cells
Oligomeric organosilanepolysufanes, their use in rubber mixtures and for preparing molded articles
Process for preparing interpenetrating polymer networks of controlled morphology
Surface-decorated foam skin of cross-linked rubbery soft olefin resin
Method for color matching of powder coating composition and process for the preparation thereof
Formulations for making protective paints and coatings
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and its injection moldings
Addition curing type liquid silicone rubber compositions
Resin composition pellet
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and powder and molded article thereof
Cycloolefin copolymer resin composition and process for preparing the same
Organic polymers containing polyethylene or polystyrene polysiloxane diblock copolymers as melt processing aids
Aqueous correction fluids
Low gloss coating
Multilayer adhesive tape
Increased liquid sensitivity during fischer-tropsch synthesis by olefin incorporation
Method for controlling gas hydrates in fluid mixtures
Synthetic diesel engine lubricants containing dispersant-viscosity modifier and functionalized phenol detergent
Corrosion resistant lubricants, greases, and gels
Detergent composition with a softening and protective action of natural fibres
Detergency boosters for detergents
Grease cutting light duty liquid detergent containing lauryol ethylene diamine triacetate
Compact cleaner containing surfactants
Color changing liquid cleaning composition comprising red dyes
Cleaning composition containing a hydrophilizing polymer
Phosphate-free automatic dishwashing detergent
Vacuum device and method for isolating periplasmic fraction from cells
DNA construct comprising a vector for expression of human cytoplasmic Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase in E. coli and method of use of same
Modified full length promoters
Acyl-ACP thioesterase nucleic acids from maize and methods of altering palmitic acid levels in transgenic plants therewith
Genetically engineered mammals for use as organ donors
Method for producing long DNA constructs in agarose
Cumulus cells as nuclear donors
Method for directional stable transformation of eukaryotic cells
Human enbryonic germ cell and methods of use
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Human CDC14A gene
Recombinant protein having bacteriophage endosialidase enzymatic activity
Protease homologs
Maize DIMBOA biosynthesis genes
Hexulose phosphate isomerase gene
L-glutamic acid-producing bacterium and method for producing L-glutamic acid
Saccharide compositions, methods and apparatus for their synthesis
Process for the preparation of aromatic carbonyl compounds from styrenes
Culture medium for microorganisms
Antibiotics and methods of using the same
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Compositions of solvents and high concentrations of nucleic acid analogs
Process for high-throughput DNA methylation analysis
Arrays for identifying agents which mimic or inhibit the activity of interferons
Screen employing fluorescence anisotropy to identify compounds with affinity for nucleic acids
Detection and quantification of human herpes virus 7 by enzymic amplification
Method for detection of drug-induced mutations in the reverse transcriptase gene
Process for depositing diamond-like carbon films by cathodic arc evaporation
Method of producing semiconductor device
Method of film-forming of tungsten
Deposition of low dielectric constant thin film without use of an oxidizer
System and method for rapid thermal processing
Articles with stable coatings having tailorable optical properties
Multilayer electrical interconnection device and method of making same
Textiles; Paper
Alkaline pulp having low average degree of polymerization values and method of producing the same
Multiaxial press fabric having shaped yarns
Wet friction material and process for producing the same
Fixed Constructions
Bonding building blocks using adhesive tapes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine generator unit
Thermoweldable clip for conduits
Method and apparatus for digital communications with multiparameter light fixtures
Lamp having multi-colored radiant output
Sensor component
Pulse drive angle measurement system and method
Explosion proof water flow detector
Explosion proof terminal block housing that may be opened
Drying balance with temperature calibration disk
Tank weigh module with excess motion restraint
Methods for detecting and locating leaks in containment facilities using electrical potential data and electrical resistance tomographic imaging techniques
Hydraulic fluid contamination monitor
Optical sensors and multisensor arrays containing thin film electroluminescent devices
Diagnostic assay system and method having a luminescent readout signal
Examining a diamond
Section formation observing method
Tracers for heavy oil
Reduction of interference of immunoassays by substances derived from the framework regions of antibodies
Method for characterization of the fine structure of protein binding sites
Use of small molecule radioligands to discover inhibitors of amyloid-beta peptide production
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate control
Automatic handler for feeding containers into and out of an analytical instrument
Spaced adaptor plate for semiconductor tester
RMS power sensor with 84 dB dynamic range
Method and apparatus for testing frequency-dependent electrical circuits
Static capacitance-to-voltage converter and converting method
Method and apparatus for wireless testing of integrated circuits
Application specific event based semiconductor test system
Circuit and method for improved test and calibration in automated test equipment
Energy management system for automotive vehicle
Pinned synthetic anti-ferromagnet with oxidation protection layer
Magnetic resonance method and device
MR imaging system with interactive MR geometry prescription control over a network
Electrostatic monitoring
Collection of ions
Room temperature solid state gamma or X-ray detectors
Gas zone evaluation by combining dual wait time NMR data with density data
Reflective optical systems for EUV lithography
Method of fabricating mirrors in polymer waveguides
Method for making a liquid crystal alignment layer
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display
SOI substrate, method for making the same, semiconductive device and liquid crystal panel using the same
Photographic material having enhanced light absorption
Photothermographic element
Semiconductor device production method
Photo-lithography process using multiple anti-reflective coatings
Test object for use in detecting aberrations of an optical imaging system
Patterning method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Exposure methods for overlaying one mask pattern on another
Alignment mark detection method, and alignment method, exposure method and device, and device production method making use of the alignment mark detection method
Correction for systematic, low spatial frequency critical dimension variations in lithography
Pattern forming method
Squeak and deletion resistant imaging member and system
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and its manufacturing method
Developer for electrostatic image
Toner particulates comprising an ethylene propylene wax
Frequency sensing NMOS voltage regulator
Power supplies of ECUs
Series compensator
Bias circuit for control input of power transistor
Secure programmable logic device
Programmable electronic locking device
Object tracking apparatus and method
Automatic control system for security apparatus based on the presence of a user
Method and device for musical reference
Moveable holder structure for the foot pedal of a drum
Rhythm instrument with several cymbals of graduated diameters
Broadband communication karaoke
Amorphous alloy of light rare earth-transition metal and semi-metal, magneto-optical recording layer made of the alloy, and magneto-optical disk adopting the layer
Constant bandwidth, variable gain amplifier, and method
Magnetic recording medium
Patterned magnetic recording media containing chemically-ordered FePt of CoPt
Semiconductor device for reducing effects of noise on an internal circuit
Nuclear decay laser and method
Conductive polymer blends with finely divided conductive material selectively localized in continuous polymer phase or continuous interface
Overhead wire
Primary cable of compressed conductor
Stranded conductor filling compound and cables using same
Thin-film resistor, wiring substrate, and method for manufacturing the same
Bulk amorphous metal magnetic components
Control method and device for a switchgear actuator
Apparatus having a switch which is operable via a dome-shaped elastic cover
Modular switch mechanism
Movable ion source assembly
Inner shield coupling structure for CRT
Color cathode ray tube having a low dynamic focus voltage
Excitation method of laser cathode-ray tube
Image intensifier tube
Inductively-coupled-plasma-processing apparatus
Spectrometer provided with pulsed ion source and transmission device to damp ion motion and method of use
Barium strontium titanate (BST) thin films using boron
Method and structure for reduction of contact resistance of metal silicides using a metal-germanium alloy
Planarization process for semiconductor substrates
Pre-patterned contact fill capacitor for dielectric etch protection
Method to improve adhesion between an overlying oxide hard mask and an underlying low dielectric constant material
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor thin film
Method and manufacturing semiconductor device
Phototonic device with strain-induced three dimensional growth morphology
Doping of spherical semiconductors during non-contact processing in the liquid state
Method of fabricating a flash memory
Formation of integrated circuit structure using one or more silicon layers for implantation and out-diffusion in formation of defect-free source/drain regions and also for subsequent formation of silicon nitride spacers
Method of pattern etching a low K dielectric layer
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices having chamfered metal silicide layers
High density flip chip BGA
Process for underfilling a controlled collapse chip connection (C4) integrated circuit package with an underfill material that is heated to a partial gel state
Multi-layer circuit board using anisotropic electro-conductive adhesive layer
Method of forming a dicing area of a semicondutor substrate
Semiconductor structure useful in a self-aligned contact etch and method for making same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Electrical connection device for forming and semiconductor device having metal bump electrical connection
Post-silicon methods for adjusting the rise/fall times of clock edges
Method for improving peeling issues during fabrication of integrated circuits
Semiconductor processing methods of forming devices on a substrate, forming device arrays on a substrate, forming conductive lines on a substrate, and forming capacitor arrays on a substrate, and integrated circuitry
Electrically conductive structure
Via structure in an integrated circuit utilizing a high conductivity metal interconnect and a method for manufacturing same
Damascene etchback for low .epsilon. dielectric
Process for making low dielectric constant dielectric films
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method to prevent degradation of low dielectric constant material in copper damascene interconnects
Method of fabricating a mom capacitor having a metal silicide barrier
Use of dummy poly spacers and divot fill techniques for DT-aligned processing after STI formation for advanced deep trench capacitor DRAM
Integrated circuitry
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device for desired circuit patterns
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Hybrid circuit and electronic device using same
Fipos method of forming SOI CMOS structure
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor material wafer having power regions dielectrically insulated from circuitry regions
Method for forming shallow trench isolation
Trench isolation structure, semiconductor device having the same, and trench isolation method
Nitridation for split gate multiple voltage devices
Active region implant methodology using indium to enhance short channel performance of a surface channel PMOS device
Chip supporting substrate for semiconductor package, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing them
Leadframes including offsets extending from a major plane thereof, packaged semiconductor devices including same, and methods of designing and fabricating such leadframes
Method of encapsulating thin semiconductor chip-scale packages
Methods of making thin integrated circuit device packages with improved thermal performance and substrates for making the packages
Method for fabricating semiconductor packages using mold tooling fixture with flash control cavities
Push-in type semiconductor device including heat spreader
Semiconductor device having a BGA structure
Method to improve chip scale package electrostatic discharge performance and suppress marking artifacts
Method of fabricating integrated circuit package with opening allowing access to die
Column for module component
High reliability lead frame and packaging technology containing the same
Utilization of die repattern layers for die internal connections
Fuse in top level metal and in a step, process of making and process of trimming
Method of VLSI contact, trench, and via filling using a germanium underlayer with metallization
Titanium-tantalum barrier layer film and method for forming the same
Microwave circuit package and edge conductor structure
Solar cell module having an overvoltage preventive element and sunlight power generation system using the solar cell module
Memory cell with built in erasure feature
Defect compensation method for semiconductor element
Insulated gate semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing a trench gate field effect semiconductor device
Insulated gate semiconductor device and process for fabricating the same
Thin film circuit with improved carrier mobility
Single transistor E2prom memory device with controlled erasing
Variable capacity device with quantum-wave interference layers
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing low power high efficiency non-volatile erasable programmable memory cell structure
Thin film transistor and producing method thereof
Alternate method and structure for improved floating gate tunneling devices using textured surface
Power rectifier device and method of fabricating power rectifier devices
SOI voltage dependent negative-saturation-resistance resistor ballasting element for ESD protection of receivers and driver circuitry
Active matrix display device having at least two transistors having LDD region in one pixel
Installation structure of solar cell module array, installation method of solar cell module, and sunlight power generation system
Solar cell module having a surface side covering material with a specific nonwoven glass fiber member
Photovoltaic cell and method for manufacturing the same
Driving circuit of a piezo-ceramic transformer capable of controlling an input voltage and a dimming control method thereof
Surface acoustic wave motor and apparatus having the same
Battery charger capable of evaluating battery charge state based on the charging history of the battery
Operating system for a fuel cell power plant
Nonradiative dielectric waveguide resonator, nonradiative dielectric waveguide filter, duplexer and transceiver incorporating the same
Dielectric resonator device
Microwave coupler for a monolithic integrated circuit
Electric motor connector module
Mounting system for a circuit breaker
Supplemental battery overcharge protection device
Devices and methods for protection of rechargeable elements
Capacitive induction motor and method
Adjustable generator stator slot wedge system
Electromagnetic driving device
Staggered pulse width modulation apparatus and method for EMI minimization in motor
Amplifier and radio communication apparatus using the same
RF amplifier system having an improved power supply
Linear gain control amplifier
Polling to determine optimal impedance
High-resolution, high-precision solid-state potentiometer
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Control arrangement and method for high-speed source-transfer switching system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having transistor logic and load circuits
Semiconductor device
Voltage translator circuit
On-chip long Josephson junction (LJJ) clock technology
Lock determination circuit of PLL for pulling up intermediate electric potential of lock determination gate
Adapter device for the transmission of digital data over an AC power line
Termination circuits and methods therefor
Thermal warming blanket for patient temperature management
Multiparameter device control apparatus and method
Circuit for detecting near or below resonance operation of a fluorescent lamp driven by half-bridge circuit
Microwave heating apparatus requiring reduced power in a standby state
RF-grounded sub-Debye neutralizer grid
Reduction of blistering and delamination of high-temperature devices with metal film
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