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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Use of epothilones in the treatment of neuronal connectivity defects such as schizophrenia and autism
Method for improving adsorption of a drug from ethylene oxide derivative
Pesticidal compositions
Correlated magnetic belt and method for using the correlated magnetic belt
Wound shield
Correlated magnetic prosthetic device and method for using the correlated magnetic prosthetic device
Agmatine and agmatine analogs in the treatment of epilepsy, seizure, and electroconvulsive disorders
Fatty alcohol drug conjugates
Medicines and medicinal kits
Compounds and compositions as TPO mimetics
Carboxyl- or hydroxyl-substituted benzimidazole derivatives
Substituted amides
Method of treating neutrophil-related diseases with topical anesthetics
GRP119 receptor agonists in methods of increasing bone mass and of treating osteoporosis and other conditions characterized by low bone mass, and combination therapy relating thereto
Aryl and heteroaryltetrahydrocyclobutapyrroles as nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ligands
Apoptosis inhibitors
5,6-dimethylthieno[2,3-di] pyrimidine derivatives, the preparation method thereof and the pharmaceutical composition comprising the same for anti-virus
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising NEP-inhibitors, inhibitors of the endogenous endothelin producing system and HMG CoA reductase inhibitors
Materials and methods relating to immune responses to fusion proteins
Oral immunostimulation of fish from (1-4) linked .beta.-D-mannuronic acid
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multiphase mixing process using microchannel process technology
Polyoxyalkylene-alkyl functional siloxane resins and aqueous compositions thereof
Device for stripping outer covering of cable
Thermoplastic composition for wallpaper and the wallpaper including the same
Printable identification medium for use with thermal printers
Optical user interface system for automotive modules
In-vehicle computer system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the preparation of chloromethane using recycled hydrogen chloride
Long chain n-alkyl compounds and oxa-derivatives thereof
Direct catalytic conversion of cellulose materials to ethanol
Phenylcarboxylic acid derivatives and use thereof for the treatment of diabetes
Direct and selective production of acetaldehyde from acetic acid utilizing a supported metal catalyst
Process for the production of esters of mono-, di- or polycarboxylic acids
Asymmetric imine hydrogenation processes
Vinyl-phenyl derivatives for inflammation and immune-related uses
Analogs of ansamycin and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Derivatives of benzimidazole and imidazo-pyridine and their use as medicaments
Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
P70S6 kinase modulators and method of use
Condensed heterocyclic sulfonyl urea compound, a herbicide containing the same, and a method for weed control using the same
Amine derivatives
Method of preparing a hydrocarbylated metal-organic compound
Inosine derivatives and production methods therefor
siRNA targeting proto-oncogene MET
Authentication of biologic materials using DNA-DNA hybridization on a solid support
Ordered biological nanostructures formed from chaperonin polypeptides
Human G protein-coupled receptors
Compositions and methods for inhibiting drusen complement components C3a and C5a for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration
Antibodies that selectively bind HDAC9
Conjugates of hydroxyalkyl starch and an active agent
Polysaccharide gum and process for its manufacture
Process for producing polyethylene
Composite compositions
Modified asphalt binders and asphalt paving compositions
Polymer membrane for fuel cell, method of preparing the same, membrane-electrode assembly including the same, and fuel cell system including the same
Structures incorporating polymer-inorganic particle blends
Surface-modified precipitated silicas
Flame-retardant polyamide composition
Superabsorbent polymer compositions having color stability
Ink composition
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for harvesting energy from ocean waves
Method and device for energy generation
Electric generation system including multiple motor/generators
Electromagnetic sensor systems
Angle detector including distinct magnetic stator portions
Rotation angle detecting unit
Temperature compensated crystal oscillator
Socket and electronic appliances using socket
Gas insulated switchgear and method for detecting arc damage in a gas insulated switchgear part
Radar apparatus, method for controlling the same, and vehicle including the same
Method and apparatus for relative navigation using reflected GPS signals
Polarization beam splitter and projection apparatus having the same
Power supply circuit using insulated-gate field-effect transistors
Method and apparatus for regulating voltage
Switching regulator
Apparatus for sensing button-pressed state and method therefor in mobile device
Mouse having composite switch device
Low voltage mixer with improved gain and linearity
Remote controller for in situ reaction device
Cabled and cableless interface method for connecting units within a rack
System and method for effectively determining a physical location of a remote control device
Object detection framework for set of related objects
RFID enabled multiband antenna
Method of controlling operations and electronic device implementing the same
Cooling apparatus of plasma display panel and method for stabilizing plasma display panel
Plasma display apparatus
Plasma display apparatus having enhanced discharge stability and driving thereof
Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
Method for driving a gas electric discharge device
Plasma display having electrodes provided at the scan lines
Light emitting device and electronic device
Semiconductor device, display device, and electronic device
Image display apparatus, signal processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Liquid crystal display panel, method for driving the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Membrane switch, keyboard, and electronic apparatus having keyboard
Electronic keyboard musical instrument having key actuators
Extreme ultra-violet lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
LED apparatus with temperature control function
Apparatuses and methods relating to precision attachments between first and second components
Device and method for enabling a cover to be attached to and removed from a compartment within the device
Correlated magnetic container and method for using the correlated magnetic container
Semiconductor device
Selectively configurable relay
Single-pole double-throw MEMS switch
Bi-directional power converters
Dielectric electron emitter comprising a polycrystalline substance
Planar light source device and liquid crystal display device having the same
Bi-directional system for mass spectrometry
Selective deposition of amorphous silicon films on metal gates
Semiconductor structure including laminated isolation region
Component packaging apparatus, systems, and methods
Wiring material, semiconductor device provided with a wiring using the wiring material and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Substrate treatment system, substrate treatment method, and computer readable storage medium
Semiconductor memory device
Ultra shallow junction formation by epitaxial interface limited diffusion
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate and semiconductor substrate manufacturing apparatus
Interconnect for a GMR memory cells and an underlying conductive layer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Plasma deposition apparatus and method for making polycrystalline silicon
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for forming SrTiO.sub.3 film
Transmission/reception semiconductor device with memory element and antenna on same side of conductive adhesive
Device structures including backside contacts, and methods for forming same
In-situ hybrid deposition of high dielectric constant films using atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition
Multi-step epitaxial process for depositing Si/SiGe
Field effect transistors (FETs) with multiple and/or staircase silicide
Semiconductor device comprising capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming inlaid interconnect
Solder connector structure and method
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor
Insulating buffer film and high dielectric constant semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Film forming method, fabrication process of semiconductor device, computer-readable recording medium and sputtering apparatus
Process for improving the reliability of interconnect structures and resulting structure
Semiconductor-element mounting substrate, semiconductor device, and electronic equipment
Method for fabricating an ultra thin silicon on insulator
Methods and apparatus for producing semiconductor on insulator structures using directed exfoliation
Surface treatment of inter-layer dielectric
Methods of making semiconductor fuses
Multimode signaling on decoupled input/output and power channels
Structure, method and system for assessing bonding of electrodes in FCB packaging
Semiconductor device with gate dielectric containing mixed rare earth elements
Low-cost FEOL for ultra-low power, near sub-vth device structures
Detector for detecting electromagnetic waves
On-chip decoupling capacitor structures
Integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing integrated circuit device
RF nanoswitch
Ball grid array package construction with raised solder ball pads
Organic memory device and fabrication method thereof
Integrated trench MOSFET and Schottky rectifier with trench contact structure
Segmented pillar layout for a high-voltage vertical transistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Trenched MOSFET device with trenched contacts
Array substrate and display apparatus having the same
Photoelectric conversion device with isolation arrangement that reduces pixel space without reducing resolution or sensitivity
Thin film transistor array and method of manufacturing the same
Embedded package structure module with high-density electrical connections and method for making the same
Semiconductor device
Orange-yellow silicate phosphor and warm white semiconductor using same
Wiring pattern, electronic device, organic semiconductor device, layered wiring pattern, and layered wiring substrate using the wiring pattern
Hermetically sealed package and methods of making the same
Silsesquioxane-based compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
Circulator canceller with increased channel isolation
Dual polarized multifilar antenna
Microwave antenna and method for making same
Beamformer using cascade multi-order factors, and a signal receiving system incorporating the same
Seismic cable connection device
Stove knob timer device
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Electronic device, and system for DC voltage conversion
Battery charger for portable equipment
Method of charging rechargeable battery and protection circuit for rechargeable battery
Thermosyphon cooled superconductor
Dual motor
Method and device for energy generation
Method for judging a status of varnish impregnation
Motor and control unit thereof
Cooling device of electric motor for vehicle
Vehicle driving system
Control apparatus for automotive alternator with function of initialization state detection
Lookup table generation method and related device for a predistorter
Switching amplifiers
Signal generating apparatus and class-D amplifying apparatus
Switching audio power amplifier with de-noise function
Cooperation circuit
Multiplexer circuit
Voltage translator
Signal transmission circuit and signal transmission system using the same
Variable width writing to a memory of an IC
Ramp generator and circuit pattern inspection apparatus using the same ramp generator
Driver with driving current interruption
Power-on reset circuit
Phase interpolator with adaptive delay adjustment
D/A converter
Attachment system for attaching an electric cable to a glass pane to provide electricity thereto
LED device having diffuse reflective surface
Light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Double-shielded electroluminescent panel
Dimmable instant start ballast
Inductively heated clothing
Method and apparatus for microwave assisted high throughput high pressure chemical synthesis
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Foot analyzer
Method and apparatus for taking visual images
Video game system with coprocessor providing high speed efficient 3D graphics and digital audio signal processing
Display control apparatus display control method and presentation medium
Electronic television program guide schedule system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thermal printhead and method of making the same
Method for protecting on-chip memory (flash and RAM) against attacks
Mobile locator system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Two stage reciprocating compressors and associated HVAC systems and methods
Monitoring system for bearings
Lighting element including light emitting diodes, microprism sheet, reflector, and diffusing agent
Outdoor range finder
Thickness measuring apparatus, substrate processing method, and substrate processing apparatus
Light interception structure for an automatic focus detection surveying instrument
Direct broadcast imaging satellite system apparatus and method for providing realtime, continuous monitoring of earth from Geostationary Earth orbit
Deeply-integrated adaptive GPS-based navigator with extended-range code tracking
Interferometer for monitoring wavelength in an optical beam
Method and apparatus for surface inspection
Method for optically inspecting an intermediate layer of an at-least three-layer, large-area article
Short circuit detection method and apparatus and motor drive incorporating same
Method and apparatus for rapidly estimating the doppler-error and other receiver frequency errors of global positioning system satellite signals weakened by obstructions in the signal path
Motion detectors and occupancy sensors based in displacement detection
Zoom lens system
Reflection optics reference beam telescope
System and method to compensate for data defects within a magneto-optical computer memory device
Frequency tunable resonant scanner
Virtual image optical system
Image display system
Optical interference coating capable of withstanding severe temperature environments
Optical polarization beam combiner/splitter
Large aperture optical image shutter
Optical circulator
Liquid crystal display and method for forming the same
Flat panel display device and manufacturing method thereof
Differential amplifier, operational amplifier employing the same, and liquid crystal driving circuit incorporating the operational amplifier
Liquid crystal device with composite layer of cured resin pillars and liquid crystal phase and method of producing the same
Method of making a liquid crystal device
Arrangement and method for electrically controlling the intensity of unpolarized light
Optical member, cell substrate and liquid-crystal display
Reflection light absorbing plate and display panel for use in a display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and driving method therefor
Liquid crystal projector with an illumination optical system
System for producing time-independent virtual camera movement in motion pictures and other media
Projection display system
Image reading apparatus
Order apparatus for print including recording order information on developed film, a card reader for reading the order information, or confirming the order information
Stage apparatus, scanning type exposure apparatus, and device produced with the same
Portable devices and transmitting/receiving systems including the portable devices
Communication control apparatus
Semiconductor device including voltage down converter allowing tuning in short period of time and reduction of chip area
Integrated surface-mount pointing device
AC adapter for a module bay in a computer system
Electronic book with automated look-up of terms of within reference titles
Collapsible keyboard
Computer docking station with anti-theft locking mechanisms for removable components
Controller assembly having a base unit with a dockable processor unit
Structural and electrical connections for stacked computer devices
Power sub-frame for a system unit
Integrated breakpoint detector and associated multi-level breakpoint techniques
Method and apparatus for electronically distributing and viewing digital contents
System on chip (SOC) four-way switch crossbar system and method
AFP to postscript conversion
Video skimming system utilizing the vector rank filter
Method and apparatus for connecting computer to satellite antenna
Display control for software notes
Intelligent scrolling
Printing system and method for avoiding unnecessarily repetitive operations while preparing print data
Method and apparatus for providing remote access, control of remote systems and updating of display information
Object-drag continuity between discontinuous touch screens of a single virtual desktop
Apparatus, method and system for pulse passgate topologies
Packetized command interface to a graphics processor
Real-time multimedia visual programming system
Method of updating software in a video receiver
Encoded data printing apparatus and method for printing a code and an image on the same medium
Pattern output apparatus and method for converting form data and input data to intermediate data to form an overlay pattern
Image processing method and apparatus in which a table stores by a scan line unit memory addresses at each of which a function is stored for developing an image for one line into a memory
Controller for image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing a three dimensional object on live video
Display terminal user interface with ability to select remotely stored surface finish for mapping onto displayed 3-D surface
Method and apparatus for electronically distributing motion panoramic images
Programmable computer graphic objects
Method and apparatus for accelerating animation in a video graphics system
Graphic display apparatus, synchronous reproduction method, and AV synchronous reproduction apparatus
System and method for digital color image processing
Method for providing an improved run-length encoding algorithm for data compression
Personal data storage and transaction device system and method
Traffic control signal with displayed time-elapse
Image expansion display and driver
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Display apparatus capable of adjusting the number of subframes to brightness
Thin-film transistor liquid crystal display devices that generate gray level voltages having reduced offset margins
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Optical storage apparatus and recording and reproducing method of optical storage medium
Backward compatible head and head positioning assembly for a linear digital tape drive
Disk-rotation control apparatus
Magnetic tape cartridge with elastic member for removably holding leader pin
For recording by modulating the width of pits in accordance with a predefined information stream
Magneto-resistive head read amplifier
Write head impedance termination in magnetic recording
Magnetoresistive head using a magnetoresistive element as a magnetic detector
Microactuated disk drive suspension with heightened stroke sensitivity
MTJ MRAM series-parallel architecture
Magnetic random access memory using a series tunnel element select mechanism
Non-volatile MOS RAM cell with capacitor-isolated nodes that are radiation accessible for rendering a non-permanent programmed information in the cell a non-volatile one
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for using the same
Content addressable memory cell and design methodology utilizing grounding circuitry
DRAM based refresh-free ternary CAM
Non-volatile semiconductor memory capable of storing one-bit data or multi-bit data
Intelligent ramped gate and ramped drain erasure for non-volatile memory cells
Positive gate erasure for non-volatile memory cells
Write protect input implementation for a simultaneous operation flash memory device
Method and system for embedded chip erase verification
Error correcting circuit for making efficient error correction, and involatile semiconductor memory device incorporating the same error correcting circuit
Synchronous semiconductor memory device having redundant circuit of high repair efficiency and allowing high speed access
Determination of misalignment for floating gates near a gate stack bending point in array of flash memory cells
Circuit for storing and latching defective address data for a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having redundant function
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having data parallel/serial conversion function and capable of efficiently performing operational test
Semiconductor memory device and layout method thereof
Monolithic ceramic capacitor
Multilayer capacitor, electronic device and high frequency circuit using the same
Multi layer ceramic capacitor
ESD-protected interface panel and associated methods
Combination current sensor and relay
Radio frequency power device improvement
Apparatus and method for assembling semiconductor device and semiconductor device thus fabricated
Stackable ball grid array package
Apparatus and method for securing a heat sink to an electronic component in a computer system
Paired multi-layered dielectric independent passive component architecture resulting in differential and common mode filtering with surge protection in one integrated package
High-precision blooming control structure formation for an image sensor
Flexible vehicle antenna
Satellite antenna enhancer and method and system for using an existing satellite dish for aiming replacement dish
Multi-wavelength light source and discrete-wavelength-variable light source
Phase leg with depletion-mode device
Charge-redistribution low-swing differential logic circuit
Semiconductor device
Simplified cellular array structure for programmable Boolean networks
Customizable and programmable cell array
Circuit and method for unlimited range frequency acquisition
Signal conversion method and signal converters
Self-trimming current source and method for switched current source DAC
Auto-ranging digital densitometer with lookup table
A/D conversion through dithering
Highly linear sigma-delta modulator having graceful degradation of signal-to-noise ratio in overload condition
Wideband data converter with adaptive segment shuffling
Huffman decoder using two priority encoder to reduce circuit scale
Network switch failure restoration
Optical system for reduced SBS
Method and apparatus for operation, protection and restoration of heterogeneous optical communication networks
User data indicator for discontinuous transmission
Spatial interferometry multiplexing in wireless communications
Unifying slot assignment protocol multiple access system
Method and system for bundling data in a data-over-cable system
Chaotic digital code-division multiple access (CDMA) communication systems
Multiple line framer engine
Multicast switching
Dynamic generic cell rate algorithm for policing ABR traffic
Connection control system and method in a switch
Telecommunication network with variable address learning, switching and routing
Termination circuits and methods therefor
Method for synchronizing network address translator (NAT) tables using the server cache synchronization protocol
Circuits system and methods for synchronization word detection in bitstream communications apparatus
Communication apparatus selectively preventing production of a callers voice
System and method for downloading internet based information to an ADSI phone slot
Method and apparatus for stitching scanned image segments together to form an oversized document
Coded data output apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically generating single-channel critical color transformations
Method and device for arranging digitized image signals or data in orthogonal rows and columns
Motion compensated de-interlacing
Decoding device and method
Generic label encapsulation protocol for carrying label switched packets over serial links
Multiplex transmission method and system
Method and network component for switching low bit rate connections between input modules and output modules in a communication network
Switching equipment capable of transferring priority information and priority connecting method
Telecommunications network with store for data associated with an area code
Method for resource allocation and routing in multi-service virtual private networks
Enhanced sleep mode in radiocommunication systems
Expansion circuit board retainer
Portable retractable static electricity shield
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew