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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Harvester having a transfer means
Conveyor device
Compositions and method for modulation of plant cell division
Spinning reel handle assembly
Medicament for the prevention and treatment of influenza
Green tea formulations
Ketomethionine ketals and derivatives thereof
Collapsible balikbayan box apparatus
Compact portable toothbrush
Method of cutting bristles of a cosmetic applicator brush
Stackable modular personal computer structure
Candle box
Portable tool rack
Insertion devices and method of use
Drill guide and method for placing a fixation device hole
Surgical instrument and method for use thereof
Adaptive sequential wavefront sensor and its applications
Method for determining haemodynamic parameters
Virtual remote monitor, alert, diagnostics and programming for implantable medical device systems
Systems and methods for determining blood pressure
Ultrasonic monitor with a biocompatible oil based transmission medium
Device for introducing an object into a vagina with sanitary finger mounting means
Device for local administration of solid or semi-solid formulations and delayed-release formulations for proposal parenteral administration and preparation process
Apparatus and method for assisting in the removal of a cardiac valve
Orthopaedic joint prosthesis
Flexible vertebral implant
Receptacle for a male incontinence device
Method of obtaining a firming active principle, active principle thus obtained and uses thereof
Fungus-induced inflammation and eosinophil degranulation
Chimeric tymovirus-like particles and process thereof
Method of treating a pathological syndrome and a pharmaceutical agent
Food and feed supplement and its use
Compounds, compositions and methods for medical imaging of neuropsychiatric disorders
Hydroxyalkyl starch derivatives
Enhanced bonding layers on titanium materials
Antiperspirant aerosol composition
Cosmetic composition containing microcrystalline cellulose
Hair spray formula and method
Quick dissolve compositions and tablets based thereon
Steam sterilization system for sterilizing medical waste
Device for treating a wound
Emergency medication pump injection system
Method, apparatus and software program for measurement of a parameter relating to a heart-lung system of a mammal
Multilayer medical devices
Mid-stream flushing adapter assembly
Method and device for reversing lines in the procedure of hemodialysis
Syringe adapter system and method of cleaning the adapter
Injection apparatus
Hair coloring compositions
Dry pipe valve for fire protection sprinkler system
Health machine
Weight stack selector
Swimming flipper
Golf club head and method of manufacturing
Golf club head
Stringing channels for a lacrosse head
Mirrored feedback system for revealing head movement during golfer's backswing
Computer printable jigsaw puzzle
Water amusement park conveyor barriers
Soft sculpture and method of making the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Desalinization by evaporation from capillary material
Grafted photo-polymerized monolithic column
Hot-gas pressure-filter apparatus
Device for detachably securing a dust filter bag in dust aspirating equipment
Connector apparatus and system including connector apparatus
Method of mixing and distributing a liquid phase and a gaseous phase
Microfluidic reaction apparatus for high throughput screening
Device and method for producing hydrogen
Method and apparatus for producing carbon nanostructures
Porous organo-metallic skeleton material containing an additional polymer
Production of biofuels and biolubricants from a common feedstock
Reactor for generating moisture and moisture generating and feeding apparatus for which the reactor is employed
Liquid dispensing device
Apparatus and method for handling fluids for analysis
Ice shaving machine
Method for controlling process parameters of a cone crusher
Dual-filter electrically enhanced air-filtration apparatus and method
Centrifuge having pivotally supported door
Method for preventing voltage from escaping fluid interface for water base gravity feed applicators
Catheter having polymer stiffener rings and method of making the same
Condensed phase conversion and growth of nanorods and other materials instead of from vapor
Centrifugal method for filing high aspect ratio blind mirco vias powdered materials for circuit formation
Production process of light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment device and photographing apparatus
Apparatus for cleaning stacked vessels with low head clearance
Laminar flow well
Electrolyte retaining on a rotating platen by directional air flow
Pad conditioner
Apparatus for aligning and/or retaining pallet to be repaired and/or pallet elements
Combustion type driving tool
Method for compression molding plastic articles
Composite mandrel
Processing apparatus
Process and device for producing horizontally tamped coal cakes
Method for producing conducting polymer fibers with vinyl and conducting polymer fibers with vinyl produced thereby
Manufacturing process, such as three-dimensional printing, including solvent vapor filming and the like
Optical film, manufacturing method of optical film, optical compensating film, manufacturing method of optical compensating film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display
Forming sheet, lenticular lens sheet production method, and their production apparatus
Window film assembly and method of installing
Polyamide membrane with coating of polyalkylene oxide and polyacrylamide compounds
Non-stoichiometric nanomaterial compositions with distinctive shape and morphology
Black matrix for color filter and its method of manufacture
Liquid-discharge-failure detecting apparatus and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus
Print element de-prime method
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus having a plurality of ink flow paths
Image forming method and apparatus
Element body for recording head and recording head having element body
Droplet discharge-condition detecting unit, droplet-discharging device, and inkjet recording device
Recording medium, production process of the recording medium and image forming process using the recording medium
Recording medium and image forming method using the same
Medical imaging leveling
Present invention relates to a vehicle seat support mechanism
Liner for cushioning and securing rolled coils and other cylindrical objects in a transverse trough of a railway car
Motor vehicle rear light assembly
Light module for a vehicular exterior mirror assembly
Hitch mounted carrier
Multipurpose work site utility carrier
Track belt assembly
Dual taper knuckle and dual taper adapter sleeve
Securing device for a bicycle front fork
Amphibious utility trailer that receives marine propulsive power and/or steering control from a ferried vehicle
Magnetic capture docking mechanism
Leaf catcher
Packing filler for container
Laterally flexible reinforced structure
Device for grouping individually packaged goods
Apparatuses and methods for dispensing magnetic cards, integrated circuit cards, and other similar items
Wipes container particularly configured to be retained in outerwear, bags and other gear
Compact structure device for extracting sheets from two trays and respective printer
Sheet finishing apparatus and control method
Device for manufacturing thread-stitched book blocks which comprise folded printed sheets
Vehicle parking apparatus and elevator apparatus
Cable organizing device
Lifting station in a surface treatment installation
Personal squeeze bottle dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing polycrystalline silicon
Method for recycling construction and demolition fines
Method of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and pharmaceutical kit for use in such method
Process for depositing a thin layer and product obtained thereby
Treating agent for forming a fluoride coating film and method for forming a fluoride coating film
Polyvinyl alcohol fluid loss additive with improved rheological properties
Optimized coke cutting method for decoking substantially free-flowing coke in delayed cokers
Waste treatment apparatus
Temperature controller for structure
Process for producing pellets containing entrapped microorganisms
Cancer specific promoters
Method for isolating and culturing multipotent progenitor cells from umbilical cord blood
Preparation of fibroblast-populated connective tissue substitute
Chemoenzymatic process for the stereoselective preparation of (R)-.gamma.-amino-.beta.-hydroxybutyric acid or (R)-carnitine from 3,4-dihydroxybutanenitrile
Apparatus and method for detecting live cells with an integrated filter and growth detection device
Genes of an otitis media isolate of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae
Method of minimizing reagent consumption in microplate-based reactions
Method for in vitro molecular evolution of protein function
Identifying organisms by detecting intronic nucleic acid or encoded proteins
TLE3 as a marker for chemotherapy
Water-cooling method of steel material
Doped iridium with improved high-temperature properties
Method of production of steel soft nitrided machine part
Method and system for dry etching a metal nitride
Pool chlorinator cell ultrasonic cleaner
Textiles; Paper
Three-dimensional carbon fibers and method and apparatus for their production
Fixed Constructions
Expansion-sealed flood control gate
Movable acoustic shell assembly
Partly retractable construction platform
Pool skimmer adapter
Door closure assist assemblies
Door closure assist assemblies
Latching mechanism
Process and apparatus for subterranean drilling
Spiral ribbed aluminum drillpipe
Device for storage of tubulars, apparatus for handling tubulars and a method for disassembling a pipe string
Wireline entry sub
Sand control screen assembly and method for use of same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Steam turbine
Channel form for a rotating pressure exchanger
Electromagnetic clutch apparatus
Reverse sprocket transfer case
Multi-speed transmission
Arrangement of a planetary gearset in a transmission
Method and system for releasing hydraulic pressure of automatic transmission
Camshaft drive system for internal combustion engine
Valve arrangement
Fitting for metal pipe and tubing
Coupler for cable trough
Device and method for high visibility emergency signaling
Method for calculating out an optimum arrangement pitch between each two LED chip package units
Direct-lit backlight having light recycling cavity with concave transflector
Illuminating hand-held power tool
Ultra-thin backlight
Variable flow heat exchanger system and method
Multi-site infrared thermometer
Method and apparatus for determining the oxygen permeability of a polymer membrane
Test element with nanofibers
Passive electronic devices
Storage container for detecting presence of checmical elements
Modified freeze fracture direct imaging apparatus and technique
Multiple immunochemistry assays on an element
Methods and compositions using stearoyl-CoA desaturase to identify triglyceride reducing therapeutic agents
Method for quantitative analysis of interactions between HIF-1alpha C-terminal peptides and CBP or p300 proteins and method of screening inhibitors using the same
Methods for diagnosing and treating pediatric neoplasms
Nanobioprocessor for protein and cell therapy
Projector having digital micromirror device with thermoelectric cooling chip attached thereto
Lithography masks for improved line-end patterning
Imageable printing plate for on-press development
Hologram recording material, hologram recording medium and hologram recording method
Method of determining a fire guidance solution
Dynamic discount card tied to price curves and group discounts
Method for making an electronic label and electronic label obtained by said method
Electronic tagging system for tagging a plurality of luggage items transported through a transportation system, using electronic-ink display tags for displaying real-time information regarding said luggage items, and remotely programmable by activator modules installed throughout said transportion system
Cash dispensing automated banking machine deposit printing system and method
Home decorating system
Method for manufacturing semi-hard magnetic material and semi-hard magnetic material
Magnetic alloy and method for producing same
Methods and apparatus for packaging electronic components
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
MEMS processing
Light emitting diode package and fabrication method thereof
Organic electroluminescent device
Electronic equipment containing a fuel cell
Enzyme electrode, enzyme electrode producing method, sensor and fuel cell each using enzyme electrode
Anode material for lithium ion secondary battery
Fuel cell
Direct liquid feed fuel cell
Method for stopping power generation of fuel cell system and fuel cell system including power generation stopping unit
Fuel cell using a hydrogen generation system
Fuel cell apparatus having fuel cell stack and controller, and method of manufacturing same
Metal-air battery system with programmed-timing activation
Fuel cell system
Electrical connection box and method of assembling the electrical connection box
Electric connector assembly
Electromagnetic coupler registration and mating
Storage device with a casing with a plug movable parallel to a second plug in the casing
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with improved stiffener
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly
IC socket
High-speed cable assembly with protective member
Jack mount with jacks with normal contacts and vertically staggered jack bores
Spotlight for illumination in film, studio, event or theatre environments
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Medical procedures and apparatus using intrabody probes
Diagnosis of edema
Personal monitor and method using identification to minimize interference
Scanning module for imaging through scattering media
Electromagnetic imaging and therapeutic (EMIT) systems
Method and apparatus for imaging instruments during interventional MRI using asymmetric spin echo sequences
Method of improving the quality of a fluoroscopic image
Radiographic diagnosis apparatus, radiographic diagnosis method, plate member, and position detecting method
Apparatus and method for a pitch state estimator for a personal vehicle
Apparatus and method for medication dispensing and messaging
Method of exciting photosensitive material
Hair regrowth method and apparatus
Augmentation of electrical conduction and contractility by biphasic cardiac pacing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for monitoring advanced separation and/or ion exchange processes
Off-line teaching method for correcting robot model by revising teaching data on basis of difference between actual and target position
Systems and methods for customizing user messages in a printing system
Print recording apparatus having modular autoduplex mechanism
Imposition process and apparatus for variable imaging system
Acoustic device
Vehicular run controlling apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Velocity calculating device and hood raising system
Roll over detection for an automotive vehicle
Efficient high density train operations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for inspecting steam traps, and management system for managing steam traps
Test equipment for color printing
Method and system for measuring multiphase flow using multiple pressure differentials
System and method for analyzing signals of rotating machines
Thermally isolated probe for biomedical apparatus and method of communicating energy there through
Luminescence detector with liquid-core waveguide
Method for generating test files from scanned test vector pattern drawings
Electronic battery tester
Method and data receiver device for reception of a radio signal containing correction data for a global navigation satellite system
Geological data acquisition system
Optical probe having and methods for uniform light irradiation and/or light collection over a volume
Beam splitting ball lens, method for its manufacture, and apparatus for its packaging
Optical fiber
Optical slab waveguide for massive, high-speed interconnects
Optical fiber ribbon cables with controlled bending behavior
Optical attenuator, plane waveguide type optical circuit having the same and optical attenuation system having the same
Modulator and method for manufacturing of such a modulator
Focus detecting device and automatic focusing camera
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method of producing photographic print
Camera with vibration compensation device varying the compensating action in accordance with the focal length of a lens and the distance to the subject
Multicolor image forming method and apparatus using an intermediate transfer belt and apparatus having plural developing units for the same
Image forming apparatus including a charging power supply and a neutralizing device
CRU/toner bottle connector assembly
Image forming apparatus with residual toner detection and collection features
Passive management of transfuse belt temperature distribution
Neural network based automatic limit prediction and avoidance system and method
Robot controller
Evaluation system for determining a percent a product is defective using a network
Software distribution system and software utilization scheme for improving security and user convenience
Method for recovery of useful areas of partially defective synchronous memory components
Recovery mechanism for L1 data cache parity errors
UART automatic parity support for frames with address bits
Capturing and displaying computer program execution timing
Method for estimating statistics of properties of memory system transactions
General event stamping scheme
IR code instrumentation
System and method for developing test cases using a test object library
N-way raid 1 on M drives block mapping
Method and system for virtual memory compression in an embedded system
Allocation for back-to-back misses in a directory based cache
Method and apparatus for modifying memory accesses utilizing TLB entries
Method and apparatus for paging data and attributes including an atomic attribute for digital data processor
Multiprocessor computer system employing a mechanism for routing communication traffic through a cluster node having a slice of memory directed for pass through transactions
Autohost controller
Self-contained queues with associated control information for receipt and transfer of incoming and outgoing data using a queued direct input-output device
Multiprocessing system configured to perform efficient block copy operations
Appearance and positioning annotation text string and base text string specifying a rule that relates the formatting annotation, base text characters
System for connotative analysis of discourse
Chart parsing method and system for natural language sentences based on dependency grammars
Apparatus and method of implementing fast internet real-time search technology (FIRST)
Technique for annotating media
Management information base attribute discriminator
Method for creating browsing data of an information searching apparatus and method for searching information
Structured document preparation apparatus and structured document preparation method
Method and system for automatically harmonizing access to a software application program via different access devices
Information communication system
Method and apparatus for providing media-independent self-help modules within a multimedia communication-center customer interface
Method of accessing multiple services from multiple service providers
Domain name system lookup allowing intelligent correction of searches and presentation of auxiliary information
Portable terminal
Printing apparatus with job interrupt capabilities and control method thereof
Computer controlled display system using a graphical replay device to control playback of temporal data representing collaborative activities
Methods for shipping freight
Arithmetic unit and data processing unit
Vector register addressing
Digital signal processor with bit FIFO
Cumulative lookahead to eliminate chained dependencies
Method of creating and using system-independent software components
Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing a run time subsystem for run time libraries
Accurate invalidation profiling for cost effective data speculation
Java virtual machine hardware for RISC and CISC processors
Hybrid just-in-time compiler that consumes minimal resource
Multithreaded batch processing system
Method and apparatus for communication in a multi-processor computer system
System and method for managing data retrieval bandwidth
System and process allowing collaboration within and between enterprises for optimal decision making
Document image recognition apparatus and computer-readable storage medium storing document image recognition program
Method and apparatus for sorting and comparing linear configurations
Invariant, Eigenvalue based, non-degenerate data structure characterization, storage and retrieval indexing method
Parallel associative learning memory for a standalone hardwired recognition system
Text influenced molecular indexing system and computer-implemented and/or computer-assisted method for same
Integrated document development method
System and process for inter-domain planning analysis and optimization using model agents as partial replicas of remote domains
E-mail processing method
Financial transaction system
Method and system for utilizing a psychographic questionnaire in a buyer-driven commerce system
Personal electronic settlement system, its terminal, and management apparatus
Method and system for managing magazine portfolios
System and method for a targeted payment system discount program
Systems, methods and computer program products for providing time and location specific advertising via the internet
System and method for ordering sample quantities over a network
System and method of providing multiple level discounts on cross-marketed products and discounting a price-per-unit-volume of gasoline
Automated methods and apparatus for programmed periodic replenishment of principal with annual adjustment to future interest rates
Providing termination benefits for employees
Method for embedding and extracting digital data in images and video
Methods and apparatus for tilted helical reconstruction multislice CT
Fast hierarchical reprojection algorithms for 3D radon transforms
Mouth shape synthesizing
Image processing device
Image processing method including steps for the segmentation of a multidimensional image, and medical imaging apparatus utilizing this method
Feature-region extraction method and feature-region extraction circuit
Image processing device
System and method for enhancement of image contour fidelity
Multiple watermarking techniques for documents and other data
System for detecting skin-tone regions within an image
Color extraction apparatus and method
Gaming machine payout controlling system and method
Train handling techniques and analysis
Noise-absorption structures and walls constituted thereby
Adjustable CODEC with adjustable parameters
Speech synthesis method
Broadcast speech recognition system for keyword monitoring
Transcription system for multiple speakers, using and establishing identification
Data recovery system having offset compensation
Disk drive control without identification fields
Synchronizing signal detecting circuit
High-speed error correcting apparatus with efficient data transfer
Recovering and relocating unreliable disk sectors when encountering disk drive read errors
Low power system and method for playing compressed audio data
Digital signal reproducing apparatus
Data reproduction apparatus and data storage medium
Method of correcting a read error in a disk drive
Ultrasonic examination of shroud weld from top of shroud flange ring
Grid strap for a nuclear fuel assembly, and a grid including such straps
Photoelectric conversion device, manufacturing method thereof, and x-ray imaging system including the device
Gas laser oscillator
Excimer laser oscillation apparatus and method, excimer laser exposure apparatus, and laser tube
Diode-pumped gas lasers
Small format optical subassembly
Demodulating and amplifying systems of lasers with optical gain control (DAS-LOGiC)
Transmission system using a semiconductor laser and a fiber grating discriminator
Apparatus and associated method, for operating on receive signals received at a receiver
Fuzzy filtering method and associated fuzzy filter
Time division equalizer using system clock signal faster than symbol clock signal in high-speed communication
Time discrete filter
Dual-processing interference cancelling system and method
Serial data transceiver architecture and test method for measuring the amount of jitter within a serial data stream
Method for a general turbo code trellis termination
Data transmitting apparatus and data transmitting method
Integrated antenna switch having amplifier
Partially matched filter for spread spectrum communication
Synchronizer and method therefor and communications system incorporating same
Dispersion compensation apparatus
Analog discrete-time filtering for unshielded twisted pair data communication
Method and apparatus for detecting failures in a communication device BV signal metrics
Apparatus and method for grouping carriers to minimize the occurrence of call blocking in a satellite-based communications network
Discontinuous receive operation in a wireless terminal
Scheme for spread spectrum multiple access coding
Apparatus and methods for providing high-penetration messaging in wireless communications systems
Method for converting a signal data rate, and a transmitter
Intelligent roaming in AGV application
System for recipient control of E-mail message by sending complete version of message only with confirmation from recipient to receive message
Data communication system, apparatus and controlling method thereof
Channel synchronization and impulse sounding in the presence of frequency offset
Method and apparatus for generating a line impairment learning signal for a data communication system
Automatic frequency control in FSK receiver using voltage window deviation
Customer web log-in architecture
Data processing apparatus with communication function
Method for providing communication services over a computer network system
Method for matching distributed transactions and machine-readable recording medium with method programs
Arrangement for improving availability of services in a communication system
Multiple mode wireless telephone
Personal communicator telephone system
Adaptive interface apparatus and method for data terminal elements in a communication network transmitting and receiving ethernet over a shielded twisted pair cabling system
Use of distinctive ringing in a wireless communication system to inform a called party of an increased billing rate
Nonreusable cellular telephone and method of making cellular telephone calls
Integrated telecommunication system and method with voice messaging and local area paging
Apparatus and method for multi-station conferencing
Method and apparatus for storing and printing digital images
Data encoding method and apparatus, data decoding method and apparatus and recording medium
Moving image composing system
Motion prediction apparatus and method
Method of coding image data
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding data in a lossy transmission environment
Information reproduction apparatus and information reproduction method
Circuit arrangement for processing a video signal, including means for avoiding a vertical color shift at horizontal color transitions
Convenience features in a method and system for providing enhanced caller identification
Method and apparatus for routing emergency services calls in an intelligent network
Method of and system for providing services in a communications network
Receiver device and receiving channel setting method
Emergency number dialing from a fixed cellular terminal
Method and system for identifying and analyzing downlink interference sources in a telecommunications network
Service area expansion method for mobile communication system and method of processing calls between service areas
Process for controlling the establishment and operation of paths of transmission (bearers) in a wireless telecommunication system, in particular in a dect-specific RLL/WLL system bound into an ISDN-system as a local information transmission loop
Bass management system for home theater equipment
System and method for producing pulsed monochromatic X-rays
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew