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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods and apparatus for guiding harvest residue
One piece tall feed drum
Self-sizing cap with diverse headband segments
Shoe insole apparatus
Surf boot with passive draining
Dryer extension and method of drying an object
Vibrating hair brush having isolator support system for controlled vibratory movement
Table with edge support structures
Apparatus for applying motion simulating a moving vehicle to an infant's carrier
Terrace comforter
Retractable rotating spa speaker system
Dental shower water pick
Scraping system
Linear agitator for wet extractor
Patient support and method for studies of lumbar vertebra rotation
Control apparatus using brain wave signal
Backboard with improved stiffness characteristics
Patient positioning device
Nebulizing drug delivery device with increased flow rate
Systems devices and methods for opening receptacles having a powder to be fluidized
Flexible retinal electrode array
Method for increasing the therapeutic ratio/usage range in a neurostimulator
Multiprogrammable tissue stimulator and method
Addressing recurrent atrial fibrillation
Cardiac resynchronization system employing mechanical measurement of cardiac walls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for coating printed circuit boards
Protective device for holding a printing stencil
Concrete edger and keyway device
Method for manufacturing a coiler drum and a coiler drum
Cutting tool, method of making the same and method of using the same
Method of manufacturing fluid dynamic bearing assembly
Heat sink in the form of a heat pipe and process for manufacturing such a heat sink
Method of manufacturing flow channel substrate for liquid ejection head
Reinforced plastic foam cup, method of and apparatus for manufacturing same
Portable work bench
Articulated robot
System and method for cutting granite or similar materials
Tip holder
Labelling machine
Printing system using shape-changing materials
Framing square apparatus
Wiper blade
Slip control device of four-wheel-drive vehicle
Driving force distribution control device for vehicle
Forced air cavity and control system for watercraft
Failsafe steering device for steer-by-wire system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Float glass process for making thin flat glass and thin flat glass substrate made with same
Textiles; Paper
Device for designing tubular knot fabric and method of designing
Fixed Constructions
Dual-action breakaway gate safety system
Break-away concrete form stake with self-sealing feature
Roof anchoring system
Beam and truss structure for a canopy
Portable riser apparatus having a lifting and locking assembly
Crawl space access door assembly having frame with removable ribs in rib receiving grooves
Automatic storm shutter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stroke adjusting device for valves of a combustion engine
Controlling two cam phasers with one cam position sensor
Exhaust bypass valve remote linkage
Optimized NOx reduction system
Self-priming portable device
Multi-piston camwheel engine
Integrated coal gasification combined cycle plant
Low profile attachment hanger system for a cooling liner within a gas turbine engine swivel exhaust duct
System and method for operation of an engine having multiple combustion modes and adjustable balance shafts
Dynamic engine pumping work estimation algorithm
Plastic cover having metal reinforcement for internal combustion engine applications and method of construction
Exhaust gas recirculation system module with integral vacuum
Air bypass apparatus in fuel injection apparatus
Motor vehicle braking system with spring adjusted brake pedal feel
Vortex valve
Hydrostatic-mechanical transmission
Range design for surface temperature control
Air-conditioning system
Refrigeration appliance with a water dispenser
Reaction chamber for a direct contact rotating steam generator
Airflow heat dissipation device
Multiple sight gun sight assembly
Multi-spot adjustable reflex bow sight
Process for producing flexible panels comprising laminates of unidirectionally arranged polymeric tapes
Gyro sensor module and angular velocity detection method
Combined parallel and sequential detection for GPS signal acquisition
Navigation apparatus
Retaining element for a portable computer device
Pointer with a contrasting edge for a gauge or similar, and a method of fabricating such a pointer
Method of producing a connection between a measuring tube and at least one flange
Method for the determination of the stresses occurring in wood when drying
Method of displaying gene data, and recording medium
Micromachined sensors
Cascade fiber-optic grating-based sensor apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device
Semiconductor optical amplifier, and optical module using the same
Semiconductor optical device
Optical device with lightwave circuit element
Non-imaging optical corner turner
Polarization-maintaining optical isolator
Apparatus and method for directing a light beam to a target
Optical multiplexing method and optical multiplexer, and optical amplifier using same
Optical crossbar switch
Lens barrel and optical apparatus
Tone reproduction curve and developed mass per unit area control method and system
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for manufacturing the electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus using the electrophotographic photoreceptor
Developing device and process cartridge with predetermined magnetic force for an image forming apparatus
Intermediary transfer apparatus, fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Fuser member with reinforced slot
Fluoroelastomer members and curing methods using biphenyl and monofunctional amino hydrocarbon
Image forming apparatus featuring upward and downward toner carrying paths
Process cartridge, positioning mechanism therefor and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
System and method to predict the state of a process controller in a semiconductor manufacturing facility
Power generation plant remote operation system
Redriving a data signal responsive to either a sampling clock signal or stable clock signal dependent on a mode signal
Power analysis resistant coding device
Method and device for synchronizing integrated circuits
Method for correcting a program running on a computer system
System and method for self-diagnosing system crashes
System and method for generating real time errors for device testing
Method for entering circuit test mode
Non-uniformity pattern identification systems and methods thereof
Method for analyzing performance information
Proximity communication system, proximity communication method, data managing apparatus and data management method, storage medium, and computer program
System and method for multiplexed data back-up
Consolidation of unit attentions
Flash memory management method
Offsite management using disk based tape library and vault system
Hardened extended firmware interface framework
Storage having logical partitioning capability and systems which include the storage
Coherency techniques for suspending execution of a thread until a specified memory access occurs
Prefetching hints
Method and system to adjust non-volatile cache associativity
Using transfer bits during data transfer from non-volatile to volatile memories
Storage device and information management system
Method and system of measuring latency and packet loss in a network by using probe packets
Access control apparatus and access control method
Performing memory RAS operations over a point-to-point interconnect
Command issuing apparatus for high-speed serial interface
Method and apparatus for reducing errors in screening-test administration
System and method for managing documents having formula based documents links
Correlating information between internet and call center environments
Communications relay device, communications relay method, communications terminal apparatus and program storage medium
Communication proxy device
Stateless distributed computer architecture with server-oriented state-caching objects maintained on network or client
Delivering electronic content
Verification of image data
Network element terminal data interface system and method
Computer networking system, device, and method for improved speed in web page rendering
Messaging service
System for and a method of providing an online time period reserving service, which can protect an excessive load from being applied to a communication system, in order to provide a stable communication to a user
PC configuration fault analysis
Message multicast method and computer
Method and apparatus for two-phase commit in data distribution to a web farm
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Method and apparatus for distributing requests among a plurality of resources
Semiconductor device comprising transition detecting circuit and method of activating the same
Method and system for improving computer system boot reliability by executing an application specific test during a boot prior loading an operating system
Gene expression programming algorithm
Reconfigurable VLIW processor
Data processor
Method and device for operating a combustion engine
Method for generating pay-per-page pricing data for managed printer services
Apparatus, system, and method for postage stamp generating
System and method for using agent-based distributed case-based reasoning to manage a computer network
Methods and apparatus for expediting detecting collision between any of N objects
Performance optimized approach for efficient downsampling operations
Automated analyzers for estimation systems
Image search apparatus, image search method and storage medium
Component electronic catalog
Method and apparatus for mapping objects to multiple tables of a database
Apparatus and method for document processing and management
Data base for persistent data
Transaction tracking, managing, assessment, and auditing data processing system and network
Device searching method, device searching client, device, device searching server, device searching system, device searching apparatus, and storage medium
Method for reducing reticle set cost
Method for optimizing a number of kernels used in a sum of coherent sources for optical proximity correction in an optical microlithography process
Method and system for estimating manufacturing target bias
System and method to analyze low yield of wafers caused by abnormal lot events
Controllable object remote control and diagnosis apparatus
Generation/management apparatus of production processing structure in factory production management system
Product design system and method
Fabrication monitoring system
Customizable remote order entry system and method
Method for managing contents of a web site
Documents control apparatus that can share document attributes
Method and apparatus for managing a database and processing program therefor
Monitoring system for a corporate network
Instruction control device and method therefor
Information processing apparatus with multiple operating systems
Concurrent in-system programming of programmable devices
Method and apparatus for developing web services using standard logical interfaces to support multiple markup languages
Intellisense in project upgrade
Interfaces for an open systems server providing tape drive emulation
Hierarchical server system
Image outputting apparatus, control method for the image outputting apparatus, image outputting system, and storage medium product
Device to assist in quantifying a product and its use
Fingerprinting and recognition of data
Method for tracking motion of a face
Active fiducials for augmented reality
Integrated image registration for cardiac magnetic resonance perfusion data
Image processing method, apparatus and program
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program for executing image processing method, and storage medium that stores program for executing image processing method
Electrostatic capacitance detection device
Vectorized image segmentation via trixel agglomeration
Image alignment method, comparative inspection method, and comparative inspection device for comparative inspections
Method for stopping a fragmentation of digital images
Image coding apparatus and method, image decoding apparatus and method, and recording medium
Image processing apparatus and method, program, and storage medium
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the composite image, and for spectral demultiplexing of the composite image by use of an image capture device
Systems and methods for automatically editing a video
System and method for adaptive video fast forward using scene generative models
Crystal structure of WW domains and methods of use thereof
Method and system for acquiring branded promotional products
Data processing system for complex pricing and transactional analysis
Recording medium, recorder, reproducer, cryptocommunication system and program license system
System and method for selecting and protecting intellectual property assets
Use of left-handed metamaterials as a display, particularly on a hob, as well as display and display method
Method and apparatus for speech synthesis without prosody modification
Interactive system, interactive method, two-way interactive system, two-way interactive method and recording medium
Image data recording apparatus
Front panel driving apparatus
Method for reducing off-track gain for a disk drive actuator
Method for recording address information on optical recording medium, optical recording medium including address information recorded thereon by the same method, and method for detecting address information recorded on the same optical recording medium
Optical pickup head adjusting mechanism for optical disc drive
Test method and test device for electronic memories
Fuel element for a pressurized water reactor
Rotary anode type X-ray tube
Method for fabricating a through-hole interconnection substrate
Method of making through-hole vias in a substrate
Redundant path communication methods and systems
Bad frame indicator for radio-telephone receivers in GSM mobile systems
Method of configuring transmission in mobile communication system
Device and method to carry out a viterbi-algorithm
Method and encoder for implementing a fully protected multidimensional linear block code
System and method for processing digital data while buffering digital data in a buffer memory
Method and apparatus for reduced intermodulation distortion in a radio transceiver
Scanning antenna diversity system for FM radio for vehicles
Proactive gain control system for communications receivers
Accumulator controlled prescaler in a phased locked loop
Digital down-converter
Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
Designing antenna systems
Method and system for compensating for side effects of cross gain modulation in amplified optical networks
User perception of wireless improvement technology
Radio terminal equipment
Receiver circuit, particularly for mobile radio
Audio noise cancellation system for a sensor in an automotive vehicle
Method and system for providing accurate service record using phone line detector
Fiber optic tunable add-drop multiplexer/demultiplexer
Method of adjusting power for a wavelength-division multiplexed optical transmission system
Method for transmitting at least one first and one second data signal in polarization division multiplex in an optical transmission system
Methods and apparatus for implementing multi-tone receivers
Apparatus and method of implementing multicast security between multicast domains
Method and apparatus to protect media existing in an insecure format
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information providing medium, information decryption apparatus, and information recording medium
Data protection via reversible data damage
Communication device
Method and system for reducing the effect of signal-interference in null areas caused by one or more antennas
Communication terminal having caller identification information display function
Automatic answering telephone set with individual answering and method thereof
Voice-activated call placement systems and methods
Method for operating a billing system associated with a mobile radio network for billing for tariffable use of data, and data transmission network
Method and apparatus for using Caller ID information in a browser of a mobile communication device
Systems and methods for integrating analog voice service and derived POTS voice service in a digital subscriber line environment
Methods and computer program products for providing communications in emergency situations
Secondary subscriber line override system and method
System and method for providing advanced telephony services using a virtual telephone number
Internationally accessible communications
Hybrid circuit for a broadband modem
Image data compression
Reserved program record setting method and apparatus for a program preview
Content processing apparatus and content processing method for digest information based on input of a content user
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Three-stage menu processing for digital disc recorder
Mobile originated interactive menus via short messaging services
Baseband circuit incorporated in direct conversion receiver free from direct-current offset voltage without change of cut-off frequency
Intermediation computer system
Apparatus and method for determining paging alert mode in a mobile communication system
Method for determining field strength
Error correlation for wireless networks
Private branch exchange system
Acoustic vibration system with speaker for air mattresses
System and process for robust sound source localization
Area exposure dosimetry and area absorbed dosimetry
Radiation image taking system
Method of disposing an electronic device on an electrode formed on substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Removable tread device for footwear
Removable cleat
Sandal upper
Pair of medium-heeled open-back shoes
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe outsole
Portion of a shoe outsole
Removable tread device for footwear
Removable tread device for footwear
Novelty buckle
Slider for slide fasteners
Footwear upper portion
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Basket with tubular handle
Eleven compartment tray
Ten compartment tray
Workbelt hammer holder
Bottle brush
Sling back chair
Sling back chair
Furniture unit
Disk holder
Paint container holder
DVD holder
Towel bar
Office desk
Furniture trim piece
Towel bar support
Towel bar support
Side structure for casegoods
Combined chair seat/backrest
Picture frame
Trainer cup
Drinking cup
Combined coffee and espresso machine
Coffee machine
Football cooler
Egg container
Utensil handle
Front panel for a microwave oven
Sandwich maker
Condiment dispenser
Fluid dispenser support
Gecko shaped bottle opener
Taper scissors
Tool clamping seat
Windshield repair bridge
Winch horizontal mounting bracket
Welding gun handle
Rope retainer
Tool for removing a sewer pop-up valve cap
Door handle
Profiled closed disc for securing to a cylinder lock
Door lock
Clinch nut
Magnetic fastener
Cord tightening device
Cord end
Golf ball display cabinet
Link for steel rolling door
Bottle and top
Combination container and retention device
Condiment cup
Lidded container
Transparent display and storage box
Combination of a tray and an arrangement of shrimp
Beverage cooler box
Sandpaper package
Dishwashing machine sachet
Package for flowable food product
Gel dispensing device
Can end
Motorcycle motor clock
Dual face alarm clock
Travel alarm clock
Clock with thermometer and humidity meter
Solid metal clock
Watch and glass-made ring for a dial of a watch
Casing for a watch
Watch case
Watch case
Timer controller
Attachment structure for an accelerometer
Slim profile tachometer
Adjustable measuring spoon
Probe thermometer
Light detector
Audible signal for alarms
Jewelry stone assembly
Stool with a hanging banner
Surface configuration of a vehicle and/or toy body
Body for electrically powered vehicle
Baby stroller frame
Baby bottle holder
Forward facing portion of baby stroller seat with seat belt
Dressing chair for the handicapped and infirmed
Foldable stroller
Baby stroller frame
Decorative surface of a tire sidewall
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire for wheels of heavy vehicles
Inner tube valve stem positioner
Tire tread
Tire for motorcycle
Deer head shaped ball cover for trailer hitches
Propeller hitch cover
Automotive wheel
Bumper of motor vehicle
Front face of a wheel
Front bumper for an automobile
Vehicle wheel
Automobile sun filter
Side-by-side stroller
Charger for wireless telephone
Adapter connector
Power strip
Housing for variable electric power probe
Electrical connecting plug
Set of cables
Fiber optic 45 degree corner
Arrangement of aluminum foil coils forming an inductor of a resonant frequency identification element
Combined key rack and locator
RF wireless modem
Digital audio player
Alarm clock with radio
Mouse pad calculator with wrist rest
Electronic computer
Computer generated image for display panel or screen
Personal computer
Personal computer
Image compression transmission control equipment
Portable display device
Portable memory card for storage of personal information
Integrated circuit memory card
Portable memory card for storage of personal information
Portable memory card for storage of personal information
Wall phone component
Pay telephone
Wall phone component
MP3 player
Transmitter and receiver for video including a camera
Radio remote control unit
Push-button matrix
Front cover for a handset
Radio receiver
Cup-holder speaker phone
Parabolic antenna
Front panel for an in-car entertainment system
Outboard motor
Piston for refrigerant compressor
Compressor for a vehicle air conditioner
Freezer with drawer below
Extruder plate for diamond shaped extruder insert
Automatic watch rotator box
Toner cartridge
Toner cartridge
Photosensitive drum cartridge for an electronic copying machine
Integrated hand grip/battery cover for a digital camera
Postage meter device
Expandable envelope with a closure flap
Notepad holder
Changeable character stamp
Pad holder for paper pad having releasable sheets
Hand stamp
Quarter collector's book
Address book
Fountain pen
Pen roller for highlighting, or for applying correction fluid or adhesive material
Writing instrument
Fan-folded pad holder with wall clip and pen holder
Combination pen and bookmark
Writing instrument
Bathroom toilet paper roll and magazine holder
Hand-held electronic game machine
Portion of an electronic housing
Game pad cover
Memory cartridge for electronic game machine
Lighted knife handle
Rolled product dispenser
Glass holder
Rolled product dispenser
Air vent
Combined ceiling fan motor housing and blade irons unit
Food waste disposer
Human Necessities
Generalized user identification and authentication system
Network device for supporting multiple redundancy schemes
System for updating data in a multi-adaptor environment
Restoring checkpointed processes including adjusting environment variables of the processes
Testing apparatus and method for preventing a disk unit from being damaged
Capturing and identifying a complete and consistent set of checkpoint files
Method of remote access and control of environmental conditions
Test results checking via predictive-reactive emulation
Disk storage apparatus and power supply control method for the same
Branch prediction method using a prediction table indexed by fetch-block address
Branch prediction architecture
System for canceling speculatively fetched instructions following a branch mis-prediction in a microprocessor
Software inventory control system
System and method for automatically instantiating classes in a virtual machine
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a global registry object for mapping registry functions in a windows operating system environment
Secure server utilizing separate protocol stacks
Method for data preparation and watermark insertion
Method and apparatus for securely transmitting and authenticating biometric data over a network
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew