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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Millet cultivar GG102
Elastin-based compositions
Angiogenic growth factors for treatment of peripheral neuropathy
.beta.-sheet mimetics and use thereof as inhibitors of biologically active peptides or proteins
Illumination system with field mirrors for producing uniform scanning energy
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Sterile parenteral nutrition compositions
Thiazole derivatives
Substituted pyrroline kinase inhibitors
Cross-linked derivatives of hyaluronic acid
Aza-peptide macrocyclic hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Methods of identifying inhibitors of GADD45 polypeptide activity, and inhibitors of such activity
Anti-pathogen treatments
NIMA interacting proteins
Peptide-based angiogenesis inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Lipid-based nanotubules for controlled release of healing agents in golf ball layers
Utility iron golf club with weighting element
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mass spectrometer
Electro discharge machining a passage using a backing member
Method for repairing a hole in a metallic workpiece
Sub-micron adjustable mount for supporting a component and method
Waterproof/breathable technical apparel
Apparatus and method for printing image and information associated therewith
Printer using hybrid reflex writing to color register an image
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Alkoxysilane dryer for crosslinkable polymer compounds
Method and device for driving an electric actuator unit
Dimming mirror with blind zone sub-mirror and indicator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Porphyrin-metal complexes and oxygen infusions containing the same
Method of reducing toxicity of retinoids
Butene oligomer derivatives having terminal 1,4-butanediol functional groups
Process for preparation of 1,3-propanediol
Purification of glycerin
Method for the production of fatty acids having a low trans-fatty acid content
Class of cytodifferentiating agents and histone deacetylase inhibitors, and methods of use thereof
Compounds derived from benzoic acid esters, composition containing said compounds and use thereof
Thiazoline acid derivatives
Benzothiazepine derivatives for the treatment of hyperlipidemia
Process for the preparation of thioxanthones
Hetero diels-alder adducts of pentacene as soluble precursors of pentacene
Penicillanic acid derivative compounds and methods of making
Process for preparing highly viscous organopolysiloxanes
Genes for heat resistant enzymes of amino acid biosynthetic pathway derived from thermophilic coryneform bacteria
Upstream control elements of the proopiomelanocortin gene and their use
Viral sequences
Purification of antigen-specific T cells
Water-soluble chitosan having low endotoxin concentration and methods for making and using the same
Atom or group transfer radical polymerization
Polyol fatty acid polyesters process and polyurethanes therefrom
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Paint compositions for elastomers
Method of improving viscosity stability upon addition of a colorant component
Method for producing nanosilica plates
Very low density polyethylene blends
Azo compounds
Methods for the preparation of polyol esters that are light in color
Functional substances derived from oligoolefins having functional groups at the ends
Bleach compositions
Method for the production and purification of adenoviral vectors
Process for the preparation of angiotensis converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and its use
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a transmembrane serine protease 7, the encoded polypeptides and methods based thereon
Directed evolution of microorganisms
Presenilin enhancers assays
Codon-optimized genes for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous yeasts
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of effecting heating and cooling in reduced pressure atmosphere
High altitude oven
Simple high efficiency optical coherence domain reflectometer design
Measurement of complex surface shapes using a spherical wavefront
Heterodyne frequency modulated signal demodulator and method of operating the same
Pulse shifted array
Encoder scale error compensation employing comparison among multiple detectors
Optical absorbance sensitivity and reliability improvement via rotation of sample container
Spectroscope confocal optical system using the same, and scanning microscope
Microarray scanning
Sample handling tool with piezoelectric actuator
Frame transfer prober
Voltage measurement device
NIMA interacting proteins
Methods for detection of disease-associated antibodies in urine
Digital multi-meter with operational error prevention technology using LED and microprocessor with input sockets
Circuit configuration having a load transistor and a current measuring configuration, method for ascertaining the load current in a load transistor, semiconductor component, and measuring configuration
Precision wideband 50 Ohm input and 50 Ohm output or 100 Ohm output differential reflection bridge
Construction structures and manufacturing processes for integrated circuit wafer probe card assemblies
Test apparatus, test method, electronic device, and electronic device manufacturing method
Integrated three-dimensional magnetic sensing device and method to fabricate an integrated three-dimensional magnetic sensing device
System and method of utilizing positioning receiver hardware for network-based transceiver applications
Apparatus for tracing an optimal direction to receive satellite signal in active phase array antenna system
Harmonic ambiguity resolver and inter array harmonic tracker
Image pick-up apparatus and manufacturing method thereof, radiation image pick-up apparatus, and radiation image pick-up system
Generator for generating time-variable magnetic fields and magnetic resonance device
Neutron detection based on boron activated liquid scintillation
Objective lens and optical head device provided with the same
Objective with fluoride crystal lenses
Anti-reflection film and microscope having optical element with the same anti-reflection film applied thereto
Two-stage variable power binoculars
Taking lens having focus determination optical system
Lens structures, goggles employing same, methods of forming same, and machine programmed for forming same
Method and apparatus for optical pulse characterization using simplified chronocyclic tomography
Quantum computer and quantum computation method
Visible spectrum modulator arrays
Reflective liquid crystal display device having cholesteric liquid crystal color filter and controlled liquid crystal black matrix in the non-display region
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device using the same
Liquid crystal picture screen with collimator having microprisms
Liquid crystal projector comprising a plurality of light shielding members fixed between the lens array and the polarized light generator
Light source device including a planar light source having a single, substantially continuous light emission area and display device incorporating the light source device
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device including a black matrix with slit around the pixels and method of fabricating the same
Exposure apparatus and method
Print processing method, printing order receiving machine and print processing device
Method and system for automated process correction using model parameters, and lithographic apparatus using such method and system
Apparatus and process for determination of dynamic scan field curvature
Lithographic apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Positioning device and device manufacturing method
Electro-holographic lens
Radio wristwatch
Apparatus for correcting current value of three-phase electric motor and correcting method
Higher order slope compensation for fixed frequency current mode switching regulators
Method and device for controlling photovoltaic inverter, and feed water device
Preamplification circuit
Optical latch based on lasing semiconductor optical amplifiers
Information processing apparatus issuing job to peripheral device and method for issuing job to peripheral device
Method for enabling a photolab to process digital images and related data
Ink jet recording apparatus and control method therefor
File based request queue handler
Printing control apparatus and system, method of controlling same, printing apparatus and printer driver
Multi-function IC card
Network print system for merging data with template data for printing or display, subject to applicable restrictions
Color quantization and method thereof and searching method using the same
Graphics memory system that utilizes detached-Z buffering in conjunction with a batching architecture to reduce paging overhead
3D image synthesis from depth encoded source view
Method and apparatus for high speed block mode triangle rendering
Interactive horizon mapping
Efficiently determining storage locations for the levels of detail of a MIP map of an image
Method and device for the activation of large quantities of security elements for the electronic article protection
Circuit and method for prioritization of hazardous condition messages for interconnected hazardous condition detectors
Tactile cueing system and method for aiding a helicopter pilot in making landings
Network status animation tool
Remote access to electronic meters using a TCP/IP protocol suite
Linear electric encoder with facing transmitter and receiver
Display panel with phosphorescent and fluorescent pixels
Plasma display panel with constant color temperature or color deviation
Current signal output circuit and display apparatus and information display apparatus using the current signal output circuit
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device, image processing device, image display apparatus with these devices, signal input method, and image processing method
Liquid crystal display apparatus, its driving method and liquid crystal display system
Lamp driving apparatus, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
Combining raster and vector data in the presence of transparency
Data input devices and methods for detecting movement of a tracking surface by detecting laser doppler self-mixing effects of a frequency modulated laser light beam
Electrode driving apparatus and electronic equipment
Image display device
Forming modulated signals that digitally drive display elements
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Graphic processing method
Operating device and image processing system using same
Audio wave data playback in an audio generation system
Apparatus for patterning recording media
Magneto-optical recording medium and method for producing the same
Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disks, apparatus and method for recording data on optical disks, apparatus and method for reproducing data from optical disks, and optical disk formed with pit strings and mark strings
Optical disk apparatus and method for adjusting optical disk apparatus laser power
Disk drive employing a multi-stage pulse width modulated voice coil motor driver
Slider for a data storage device including transducer level micro-positioning and method of fabrication therefor
Thin film magnetic head including heat dissipation, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic disk drive
Spin valve magnetoresistive element having pinned magnetic layer composed of epitaxial laminated film having magnetic sublayers and nanomagnetic interlayer
Multi-stage actuator disk drives, methods, and computer program products for seeking and then maintaining a transducer on track
Servo track address channel code for d=1 magnetic recording
Information recording method and apparatus with additional recording function
Programmable control of leakage current
Semiconductor device, system device using it, and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
Readout circuit, solid state image pickup device using the same circuit, and camera system using the same
Active termination control
Semiconductor memory device for low power system
Semiconductor device
Integrated semiconductor memory with sense amplifier
Apparatus for emulating asynchronous clear in memory structure and method for implementing the same
Electrooptic system array, charged-particle beam exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
Wiring structure, and fabrication method of the same
Cryogenic capacitors
Capacitor and method for producing the same, and circuit board with a built-in capacitor and method for producing the same
Self-retracting fully compliant bistable micromechanism
Switch blocking apparatus
Imaging energy filter for electrons and other electrically charged particles and method for energy filtration of the electrons and other electrically charged particles with the imaging energy filter in electro-optical devices
Technique for lensless optical positioning with a plurality of light collectors
Solid-state image pickup device and fabrication method thereof
Increased light extraction from a nitride LED
Method of crystallizing a nitride III-V compound semiconductor layer on a sapphire substrate
Robust Group III light emitting diode for high reliability in standard packaging applications
Method for fabricating liquid crystal display device
Mixed orientation and mixed material semiconductor-on-insulator wafer
Methods of forming capacitor devices
Reverse tone mask method for post-CMP elimination of copper overburden
CMP process leaving no residual oxide layer or slurry particles
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of depositing low K barrier layers
Bis-o-nitrophenols derivatives and poly-o-hydroxyamides, polybenzoxazoles, materials, and microelectronic devices made therefrom
Nonvolatile memory
Method for forming hybrid device gates
Method for fabricating a self-aligning mask
Multi-step chemical mechanical polishing of a gate area in a FinFET
Compensation component and process for producing the component
Methods of encapsulating selected locations of a semiconductor die assembly using a thick solder mask
Circuit device and method of manufacturing the circuit device
Semiconductor device and method for the fabrication thereof grinding frame portion such that plural electrode constituent portions
Circuit device and manufacturing method of circuit device
Etching method
Method for producing an optical emission module having at least two vertically emitting lasers
Inclusion of low-k dielectric material between bit lines
Method for forming an opening for an interconnect structure in a dielectric layer having a photosensitive material
Fabrication method for microstructures with high aspect ratios
Flip-chip sub-assembly, methods of making same and device including same
Varied-thickness heat sink for integrated circuit (IC) packages and method of fabricating IC packages
Dielectric anti-reflective coating surface treatment to prevent defect generation in associated wet clean
Air gaps between conductive lines for reduced RC delay of integrated circuits
Compensating the workfunction of a metal gate transistor for abstraction by the gate dielectric layer
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for implementing electro-static discharge protection in silicon-on-insulator devices
Small memory card
Microelectronic packages including nanocomposite dielectric build-up materials and nanocomposite solder resist
Rectification chip terminal structure
Semiconductor device
Miniaturized contact spring
Test structure for a single-sided buried strap DRAM memory cell array
Devices having improved capacitance and methods of their fabrication
Memory circuitry
Thin film transistor display device with integral control circuitry
Method for forming a metallization layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Raw material kit for electrolytic composition, electrolytic composition, and dye-sensitized solar cell
II-VI/III-V layered construction on InP substrate
Semiconductor device having El layer and sealing material
Wafer-level moat structures
Light-emitting diode and its manufacturing method
Actuator element and device including the actuator element
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film-type device
Piezoelectric ceramic-reinforced metal matrix composites
Control method of piezoelectric actuator, position control equipment, and disk device
Capacitor with carbon nanotubes
Multi-passivation layer structure for organic thin-film transistors and method for fabricating the same
Conversion LED having a phosphor component based on an agglomeration of phosphor particles and pores
Bus signaling through electromagnetic couplers having different coupling strengths at different locations
Antenna module and electronic apparatus having the same
Slot coupling patch antenna
Beam forming phased array system in a transparent substrate
Integrated antenna module with micro-waveguide
Microstrip antenna having slot structure
Dipole antenna
Non-uniform dielectric beam steering antenna
Device for transmission of electromagnetic radiation through a wall
Integrated circuit waveguide
Array antenna system and weighting control technique used in array antenna system
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and manufacturing method thereof, light module, light transmission device
Ring geometry diode laser arrays and methods
Drive circuit for switching device
DC/DC Converter with input and output current sensing and over current protection capable of interrupting the input power supply
Method and apparatus for balancing multi-cell lithium battery systems
Rotary electric machine with stator having an annular array of poles
Electric motor assembly
Electrostatic actuator including stable electrode column and wall
Interface circuit with power converter with interface circuit and electric vehicle with power converter
Motor driver
Multi-phase realigned voltage-controlled oscillator and phase-locked loop incorporating the same
Method for aligning feed forward loops
Multi-band feed-forward amplifier and adjustment method therefor
Arrangement and method for controlling an amplifier circuit corresponding to energy uptake in the amplifier circuit
Electronic circuit
Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) method and circuit for improving the performance of a D-class audio amplifier
Delay mismatched feed forward amplifier system using penalties and floors for control
Distributed gain network
Integratable, controllable delay device, use of a delay device, as well as an integratable multiplexer for use in a delay device
Memory interface phase-shift circuitry to support multiple frequency ranges
Increasing performance of planar inductors used in broadband applications
VPA interconnect circuit
Configurable logic circuits with commutative properties
History-based slew rate control to reduce intersymbol interference
Peak detection circuit with double peak detection stages
Differential inverter circuit
System and method for frequency and phase modulating data on a SCSI bus or a serial SCSI link
Voltage controlled oscillator amplitude control circuit
Inverter control device and inverter control method
Circuit calibration system and method
Self-powered switch initiation system
Methods and systems for filtering unwanted noise in a material metering machine
Method and system for selecting grammar symbols for variable length data compressors
Digital filter for reducing voltage peaks
High performance wireless receiver with cluster multipath interference suppression circuit
Method and apparatus for cell search for W-CDMA with effect of clock offset
Method for base station compressing and transmitting high speed data
Single user detection user equipment
Single user detection user equipment
Single user detection base station
Single user detection user equipment
Method and apparatus for transmitting messages in a wireless communication system
Single user detection base station
Scalable system and method for reliably sequencing changes in signaling bits in multichannel telecommunication lines transmitted over a network
Label switched communication network, a method of conditioning the network and a method of data transmission
Dynamic radio link adaptation for interference in cellular systems
Routing packets across multiple forwarding elements
Method and system for transmission and reception of asynchronously multiplexed signals
Apparatus and method for integrated computer controlled call processing in packet switched telephone networks
Managing packet voice networks using a virtual switch approach
Digital subscriber line communicating system
Interleaver and method for interleaving an input data bit sequence using a coded storing of symbol and additional information
Method of coding/decoding a digital data stream coded with bitwise interleaving in multiple transmission and reception in the presence of intersymbol interference and corresponding system
High speed source synchronous signaling for interfacing VLSI CMOS circuits to transmission lines
Apparatus for and method of measuring clock skew
Apparatus and method for performing a specific process based on a setup condition, and a storage medium for such a program
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Scanner, lighting apparatus, and scanning method
Linear guiding mechanism
Protecting printed items intended for public exchange with glossmarks
Back-porch clamp
Method and apparatus for modifying the color saturation of electronically acquired images
Device and method for tracking phase error in digital TV receiver
Autofocus strobe control in image sensing apparatus
Solid-state image pickup apparatus having a hermetic seal portion and fabricating method thereof
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and recording medium
Video conferencing device and method
Sensing with defective cell detection
Rapid white balance method for color digital images
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
System and methods for providing organic electro-luminescence elements
Lamp assembly, back light assembly having the same, display device having the same, and method of driving lamps
Digital electronic ballast control apparatus and method
Frying hob arrangement with induction heating
Adapter board for stacking Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) chips
Printed circuit board for avoiding producing cutting burrs
Display device having panel display unit
Modular platform system and apparatus
Electronic packages, assemblies, and systems with fluid cooling
Combined chip/heat-dissipating metal plate and method for manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method, a device, and a work piece for producing a heat transfer member
Portable single car test device
Air filter restriction indicator gauge
Universal-joint vectoring system for a turbojet-engine exhaust nozzle
Fastening an exhaust manifold to an engine cylinder head
Stirling cycle cryocooler with optimized cold end design
Method of killing organisms and removal of toxins in enclosures
Kit of elements and a method of using the kit for flashing a roof-penetrating element
Structural member for roof structure or deck
Method for providing a multi-layered decoration cover for a flower pot
Connecting structure for covered wires
Four sensor system for wheel alignment
Method for two dimensional adaptive process control of critical dimensions during spin coating process
Label with collectible hologram premium
Article securing system
Free floating castor
Final tensioning device for laced closure
Resilient unitary lighting clip
Method for repairing studs fixed to a cover for a transmission torque connector
Strip for providing simplified type garments and method for providing garments
Portable restroom having molded base assembly with internal tank
Pheumatic cradle
Power tip toothbrush with ball joint
Process for shaping a work piece
Method and arrangement for integrity-testing of a tube-set for use in a cycler for peritoneal dialysis
Integrally molded, pool table structure with a perforated array surface
Diaphragm for infant feeding bottle
Combined electric iron and base
Tetrahedral plastic film bag for use in fabric care processes
Bag holder
Collapsible cart with a container
Ornamental surface pattern for a casino card game
Shroud for elliptical exerciser
StrikePal soccer ball
Gun trigger
One-piece gun boot bracket
Posi-action beavertail grip safety
Fishing jig
Baitcast fishing reel
Advertising structure or the like
Water sprayer
Threaded collet assembly
Hydraulic fluid tank
Plate for a wastewater treatment plant
Pot for water purification
Faucet body and escutcheon
Combination unit for heating, lighting and debugging an area
Combined ceiling fan motor housing and light fixture unit
Combined ceiling fan mounting canopy, motor and switch housing, blade irons and light fixture bracket unit
Ceiling fan motor housing
Air filter
Golf ball sports portable fan
Oscillating fan
Quadrant dental model base having a double row of apertures
Projecting pin dental model base with detachable articulator attachment bar
Glucose sensor
Electrode connector
Quadrant attachment plate
Encased stone dental model base
Needle assembly
Needle assembly
Chromatic chart
Hair remover
Drip chamber with four outer axial ribs for infusion or transfusion medical lines
Needle assembly
Diaper for newborn infants having internal sling with opening for umbilicus
Billiard ball image on an adhesive bandage
Orthopaedic casting blank
Modular retaining wall block
Sarepta fence post finial
Staggered look shake siding panel
Manhole shield retainer
Service station canopy rim
Environmental enclosure for vending machines
Tripod hunting stand
Steel guard rail post safety delineator-pedestrian
Table lamp
Counter light fixture
Night light
Lamp head assembly
End cap of a pipe-type lamp
Lighting fixture back plate
Arm for lighting fixture
Combined article holder and cigarette snuffer
Eye shallow case
Hair parting device
Disposable razor
Massage device for feet
Combined soap holder and scrub pouf for bathing children
Hockey pad
Inhalation device
Nestable mailbox
Human Necessities
Chrysanthemum plant named `Regal Yolompoc`
Geranium plant named `Fiscoral`
Sanvitalia named `Santis 999-3`
Bidens ferulifolium plant named `Bidtis-1`
Verbena plant named `Vertis`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisson Gold`
Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Deep Orange`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Salmon`
Syngonium plant named `Glo-Go`
Petunia plant named `Balrufvein`
Strawberry plant called `Ruby`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Purple`
Dahlia plant named `Gallery Monet`
Verbena plant named `Wynena`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Rose`
Begonia plant named `Bacchus`
Dahlia plant named `Gallery Cobra`
Lilac plant named `Bailbelle`
Swamp cypress `Cascade Falls`
Spinal fixation device
Adjustable dual-detector image data acquisition system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vial filling apparatus
Drag conveyor system for particulate material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
1-(arylthioalkyl, arylaminoalkyl, or arylmethylenealkyl)-4-(heteroaryl)piperazines and related compounds useful as antipsychotics and analgesics
Diffraction anomaly sensor having grating coated with protective dielectric layer
Logic synthesis method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Alpha blending palettized image data
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Integrated circuit protected against electrostatic discharges, with variable protection threshold
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew