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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agriculture bale accumulator
Fishing rod holder with hook setting capability
Herbicide delivery apparatus
Electric deterrent device
Medical access shirt
Adjustable fitting helmet
Helmet with neck roll
Elastic wristband
Crib set with stationary and moveable crib
Multi-functional pillow device
Hydraulic atuator device for raising and lowering a seat and lid
MRI method
Rotational X ray device for phase contrast imaging
Method and apparatus for treatment of cardiac tachyarrhythmias
Power supply monitoring for an implantable device
Methods and apparatus for cochlear implant signal processing
Breakaway electrical connections for defibrillation electrode package
Performing Operations; Transporting
Endoscopic duct cleaning tool
Method for assembling an electromagnetic gas valve, and electromagnetic gas valve
Penetrator and method of manufacture same
Method for assembling lens module
Belt wrench for cam gear and method of use thereof
Apparatus for fastening a mounting rail to a threaded shaft
Foldable handle
Rotating device and robot arm device
Blade lock and release mechanisms for utility knives
Cranking torque control apparatus
Method for regulating the charging state of an energy accumulator for a vehicle comprising a hybrid drive
Method for controlling a drive train of a motor vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Manufacturing method of a sheet glass material for magnetic disk, manufacturing method of a glass substrate for magnetic disk
Method for producing glass body and method for producing optical member for EUV lithography
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable drain assembly
Device for connecting prefabricated concrete sections
Cushion material fastening structure for interior trim part
One piece corner fitting
Modular solar racking system
Roof shingle assembly
Panel assembly for mounting to the facade of a building
Spool lock
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine engine system with water recycling feature
Thermoacoustic engine
Waste heat recovering device
Energy recovery system in a gas compression plant
Infinitely variable reciprocating transmission apparatus
Control device for an automated gear shift transmission
Transmission device
Compressor and/or expander device with rolling piston seal
Portable hygenic ice chest for medical supplies or the like
Mop wringer
Method of, and apparatus for, treating the waste air from heated laundry machines
Apparatus for drying hoofs on hoofed animals
Removable firing pin and safety for revolvers
Retractable bipod assembly for firearm
Junction box locator
Slew bearing system
Missing child reporting, tracking and recovery method and system
Route optimization
Method for determining the speed at which an aircraft breaks free of the ground effect
Tire force detection apparatus
Method and device for measuring dust concentration in flowing gas
Environmental testing device
Automatic sonic/ultrasonic data acquisition device and system
System, device and method for determining power line equipment degradation
Electrical anomaly detection method and system
Concurrent transmission of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals
Low-power and area-efficient scan cell for integrated circuit testing
Optical backplane
Modular, resealable fiber optic high fiber count packaging
Zoom tracking controller, compound-eye imaging apparatus, and method of control by zoom tracking controller
Image forming system, control apparatus, and image forming apparatus having toner transfer rates for first and second faces of a recording paper
Image forming apparatus
Charge element, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and cover sheet conveyance system incorporated therein
Dismounting and mounting methods for coupling and electrophotographic photosensitive drum unit
Sleep mode selection employing a semi-markov decision process
Recording medium, method for manufacturing the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Method for compensation of gyroscopic forces of a rotor in a helicopter
Power factor correction device and method with off time prediction for critical mode operation
Vehicle operating pedal device
Cooling appliance rating aware data placement
Diagnostic and managing distributed processor system
Run-ahead approximated computations
Information processing apparatus and method of operation of data transfer circuit
Computer wake up circuit
Method for implementing thermal management in a processor and/or apparatus and/or system employing the same
Application recovery in a file system
Storage controller and data erasing method for storage device
Apparatus, system, and method for link maintenance
Distributed residue-checking of a floating point unit
Intelligent write caching for sequential tracks
Transactional memory system with efficient cache support
Data migration methodology for use with arrays of powered-down storage devices
Storage system storing electronic modules applied to electronic objects common to several computers, and storage control method for the same
Systems and methods for destaging storage tracks from cache
Application and tier configuration management in dynamic page reallocation storage system
Method and system for storage of data
Storage apparatus and data management method
Method and system to generate and deliver auto-assembled presentations based on queries of multimedia collections
Efficiently implementing a plurality of finite state machines
Using a migration cache to cache tracks during migration
Method, system and computer program product for generalized LRU in cache and memory performance analysis and modeling
Volume selection method and information processing system
Storage apparatus to which thin provisioning is applied and including logical volumes divided into real or virtual areas
Computer system and reclamation control method
Techniques for managing data in a storage controller
Management of multipurpose command queues in a multilevel cache hierarchy
Secure encrypted boot with simplified firmware update
Managing thermal condition of a memory
Expansion card and motherboard for supporting the expansion card
Implementing cache offloading
Distributed trace using central performance counter memory
Storage apparatus mounting frame, storage extension apparatus, and method of controlling storage apparatus
System and method for improving throughput of data transfers using a shared non-deterministic bus
Methods for enhancing SDP preconditions signalling for IP multimedia sessions
On demand email response
Systems and methods for subscription management in a multi-channel context aware communication environment
Configurable system for using Internet services on CE devices
Systems and methods for enhanced user communications
Desktop extension for readily-sharable and accessible media playlist and media
Information collecting system, communication terminal and information collecting method
Universal architecture for client management extensions on monitoring, control, and configuration
Scalable publish/subscribe messaging systems and methods
Processing communications events in parallel active messaging interface by awakening thread from wait state
System and method for managing maintenance of building facilities
Start-up control apparatus and method
Computer implemented methods and systems of determining matches between searchers and providers
Database element versioning system and method
Appliance with dispenser
Rich text handling for a web application
Method and system providing interpreting and other services from a remote location
Method and system for processing text
Selectively organizing a recipient list based on external group data
System and method for automatically generating systematic reviews of a scientific field
Enhanced data collection techniques
Method and system for scheduling and controlling backups in a computer system
Apparatus and method for creating and managing personalized services in communication system
Intelligent adaptive index density in a database management system
Monitoring hashtags in micro-blog posts to provide one or more crowd-based features
Converting metadata for applications having different metadata formats
Methods and physical computer storage media for transferring de-duplicated data organized in virtual volumes to a target set of physical media for forming a bitmap and creating a volume map
Web service discovery via data abstraction model augmented by field relationship identification
Data dependency managing apparatus, design data dependency managing method and program
Network flow based datapath bit slicing
Enhanced analysis of array-based netlists via phase abstraction
Automation of interconnect and routing customization
Method, computer program and computing system for optimizing an architectural model of a microprocessor
Thermal relief automation
Best clock frequency search for FPGA-based design
Apparatus, method, program, and recording medium for supporting arrangement of operation areas layout
Insertion of faults in logic model used in simulation
Graphic rendering of circuit positions
Method to automatically add power line in channel between macros
System and method for parametric intercoupling of static and dynamic analyses for synergistic integration in electronic design automation
Control device for internal combustion engine
Scheduling method and system for synchronization of material flows in batch process industry
Method for searching for homing endonucleases, their genes and their targets
Power savings through cooperative operation of multiradio devices
Information security apparatus, security system, and method for preventing leakage of input information
Parsing an identification document in accordance with a jurisdictional format
Electronic device, unlocking method, and program
Menu bar providing method and information browsing screen configuration file creation program
Apparatus, methods and computer program products supporting automatic network identification for power supplies
Name service object clustering
System and method for selecting weighting for searching and for presentation of search results
Method and system of a human-machine interface
User-friendly display of data
System and method for data compression using a field programmable gate array
Scalable search system using human searchers
Organized data removal or redirection from a cloning process to enable cloning a larger system to a smaller system
Rewriting system for a vehicle
System and method for two-way data filtering
Method, system and apparatus for accessing stored spatial data
Methods, systems and program products for classifying and storing a data handling method and for associating a data handling method with a data item
Enterprise evidence repository providing access control to collected artifacts
Decimal floating point multiplier and design structure
Method of modeling the socio-spatial dynamics of extreme urban heat events
Automatically making changes in a document in a content management system based on a change by a user to other content in the document
Access control in data processing systems
State machine-based filtering of pattern history tables based on distinguishable pattern detection
Method, device and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for masking the end of life transition of a electronic device
Computer apparatus and method for charging portable electronic device using the computer apparatus
Method and apparatus for executing processor instructions based on a dynamically alterable delay
Work packet forecasting in a software factory
Resuming a prior debug session
Benchmark profiling for distributed systems
Portlet template based on a state design pattern
Identification of a protocol used in a message
Mapping between stress-test systems and real world systems
Dynamic migration of virtual machine computer programs upon satisfaction of conditions
Method and apparatus for generating memory models and timing database
Optimized buffer placement based on timing and capacitance assertions
Dynamic run time allocation of distributed jobs with application specific metrics
Apparatus abnormality monitoring method and system
Computerized imaging of sporting trophies and method of providing a replica
Image editing apparatus, image editing method, and computer readable medium
Integrating auxiliary detection and voting algorithms into clinical CAD workflow
Methods for reading a feature pattern from a packaged die
Film marking detection system
Automated placental measurement
Method and apparatus for creating stereo image according to frequency characteristics of input image and method and apparatus for reproducing the created stereo image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and imaging apparatus
Apparatus and method to align a manufacturing device having an end effecter and fixture in a parallel manner
Digital image and video compression and decompression methods
Image processing using stability criteria for window of pixels
Image processing device and method, data processing device and method, program, and recording medium
Method for scheduling the operation of power generators using factored Markov decision process
Predicting dynamic transportation demand with mobility data
Determining the progress of adoption and alignment of information technology capabilities and on-demand capabilities by an organization
Auditing of electronic device and packaging
Method and apparatus for providing and processing installment plans at a terminal
Computer program product, system and method for providing social services to individuals by employing bi-objective optimization
Method for a payment transaction associated with two corresponding declarations of intent
Rule-based bidding platform
Secure E-mail billing
Method for detecting ineligibility of a beneficiary and system
Method and apparatus for providing and processing installment plans at a terminal
Method and system for automatic scoring of the intellectual properties
Power management of wireless protocol circuitry based on current state
Driving support apparatus for vehicle
Event reminder system
Connecting piece for a freestanding portable display sign
Musical instrument effects processor
Method and apparatus for extracting prosodic feature of speech signal
Synchronization of multiple real-time transport protocol sessions
Method for decoding an audio signal that has a base layer and an enhancement layer
Turn table having a clamping plate with a locking protrusion
Storage system and method for generating file system in the storage system
Methods and devices for preventing media errors due to media scratches
Method of manufacturing a magnetic disk
Method of, and apparatus for, recording address information to disc medium
Method of generating tracking error signal, optical pickup device, and optical disc drive device adopting the method
Multilayer optical recording medium
Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus
Optical pickup device and method for manufacturing the same
Methods, systems, and computer program products for correcting repeatable runout
Storage element and storage device
Method and apparatus for generating a sequence of clock signals
Method for controlling threshold value in nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Detachable nuclear reactor fuel assembly component
Setting of power amplifier control voltage
Iron core, iron core manufacturing method, alignment apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Converter device and method for controlling a converter device
Power supply device and image forming apparatus
Switching power source apparatus
Antenna measurement system and method
Oscillator circuit, radio communication device and semiconductor integrated circuit
Cancellation of spectral images in communication devices
Wake up device for communications system and methods
Wireless transmitter having frequency translated bandpass filter
Despreading circuit and electronic apparatus
Optically-connected system for exchanging data among industrial automation devices
Apparatus and method for adjusting optical signals
Transmitting system and method of processing digital broadcast signal in transmitting system, receiving system and method of receiving digital broadcast signal in receiving system
Repeater for radio frequency signals, and for digital television signals in particular
Frequency block allocation apparatus and method, and computer program
Digital broadcasting system, and broadcasting transmitter and monitoring device for use in the system
Methods and apparatus for managing multicast traffic through a switch
Video stream measurement method and system
Frame transfer apparatus and frame transfer method
Methods and systems for utilizing a multicast/broadcast CID scheduling MAC management message
Method and apparatus for transmitting system information from a base station supporting an improved system
Apparatus and method for transmitting coexistence beacon protocol in a cognitive radio system
Radio apparatus, radio communication system, and radio information notification method
Methods and apparatus for supporting tunneling related to wireless downlink signaling flows
Power amplifier and semiconductor integrated circuit
Communications device using measured signal-to-noise ratio to adjust phase and frequency tracking
System and method for exchanging channel, physical layer and data layer information and capabilities
Apparatus having packet allocation function and packet allocation method
Selectively enabling packet concatenation based on a transaction boundary
Node based path selection randomization
Resilient provider link state bridging (PLSB) virtual private LAN service (VPLS) interworking
Terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network
Performing a scatterv operation on a hierarchical tree network optimized for collective operations
Methods and apparatus for supporting tunneling related to wireless uplink signaling flows
Enterprise contact server with enhanced routing features
Telephone system, telephone exchange apparatus, and connection control method used in telephone exchange apparatus
Domain specific PLMN selection
Transmit power control utilizing loopback error vector magnitude thresholds
Secure non-invasive method and system for distribution of digital assets
Method and system for veryfying the authenticity of a first communication participants in a communications network
Secure key management
Software component, software component management method, and software component management system
Method for authorizing contents play rights in use of a recording medium
Network system and method for operating network system
System and method for an uplink acknowledgement transmission in carrier-aggregated wireless communication systems
Cryptography methods and apparatus used with a processor
Source-of-leakage detectable E-mail address forming, sending and detection
Communication device
Mobile telephone equipped for activation of an emergency mode
Dynamically reconfigurable distributed interactive voice response system
Apparatus and method for physical interaction over a distance using a telecommunication device
Real time tracking at home network of data usage on roaming GSM network
Telephone call screening and routing device and related method
Communication networks in which an application server and multiple directory numbers are used to provide internet protocol like features to time division multiplexed phone lines
Method and apparatus for routing a call to a subject matter expert via a packet network
Telephone call handling
Variable length coding table selection based on block type statistics for refinement coefficient coding
Picture encoding method and picture encoding device
Encoder rate control
Broadcasting system and program contents delivery system
Recording apparatus/method/medium and reproduction apparatus/method
Quasi-constant-quality rate control with look-ahead
System and method for motion vector collection for motion compensated interpolation of digital video
User interface system, scene description generating device and method, scene description converting device and method, recording medium, and sending medium
Systems and methods for monitoring, troubleshooting and/or controlling a digital television
Control apparatus, content transmission system and content transmission method
Apparatus pertaining to a cover-attachment assembly for use with an audio-annunciating housing
Electroacoustic transducer
Speaker unit and portable information terminal
Ribbon microphone unit with symmetrical signal paths
Hearing aid
Position-based automatic configuration of portable device
Assessing call integrity of calls communicated via a mobile device
Handover relation identification utilizing network events
Mobile communication method and radio base station
Telecommunications network access rejection
Method for dynamically setting the number of HS-SCCH channels to be used on a cell
Dynamic load control for downlink signaling channels
Dynamic switching between MIMO and DC HSDPA
Cell reselection enhancement
Method of transmitting and receiving carrier configuration information
Method and apparatus for transmitting sounding reference signal in radio communication system
Timing synchronization methods and apparatus
Hands-free system and vehicle having same and mobile telephone integrated with same
Methods and apparatus for flow data acquisition in a multi-frequency network
Heat generator
Insert and a heater element for electrical furnaces
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Expired Patents Due To Time
Rubberized and ribbed wiping area for a glove or mitten
Lunch carrier
Dog girdle
Baby bottle
Chopping board
Laundry iron
Electric steam iron
Domino coaster
Cutlery holder
Utility knife
Translucent scale for a pocket tool
Adjustable open end wrench head
Pneumatic tool
Impact wrench
Pneumatic tool
Upper sash bracket for single hung window
Supporting bracket
Mounting bracket
String roller for kite
Revolving hook
Shepherd's hook
Combined brush comb and roller cleaner
Feeding bottle nipple cleaning apparatus
Cable combination lock
Combination padlock
Container with cap
Refillable reusable liquid soap to foam dispenser
Small-item container
Outer cover for one-time-use camera
Spoon blank with detachable spoons
Opaque front transparent back flexible beverage container
Trash bag
Novelty container
Safety waistband
Can end
Dispenser head
Case for a remotely controlled toy vehicle
Indicating instrument, e.g. a clock
Watch case
Watch case
Face plate for a timepiece
UV leak detector
Cartridge for fluorescent dyes and lubricants for servicing air conditioning and refrigeration systems
Personal security and communications unit
Motion sensor head
Finger ring
Lobed ring
Model of ancient tomb
Novelty item
Automobile body
Dirt bike stand
Bicycle handlebar bar ends
Interior door panel for a vehicle
Automotive wheel
Wheel cap
Car accessory
Hitch mountable combination ski and snowboard carrier
Hitch mount combination ski and snowboard carrier and hitch cover
Car top carrier
Exterior surface configuration of a cabinet for a vehicle
Power tool battery pack
End style three-position battery cable termination
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Receptacle connector
Electrical connector
Surge and lightning suppressor with fault lamp indicators
Electronic control module
Controller front face
Electrical toggle switch blocker
Lighting control faceplate
Ceiling-mounted monitor system
Video tape recorder
Video recorder
Combined disc and tape player
CD player
Tape player
Combined amplifier and radio receiver
Speaker box
Stereophone ear plug
Image display housing
Computer network appliance
Data input device
Portion of an electronic computer
Communications equipment enclosure
Desktop cradle
Radiotelephone antenna
Pickup for optical disc player or recorder
Corner indicator for caller ID display device
Housing for portable communications device
Combined telephone and calculator
Linesman test set
Airless spray pump
Portable pump
Reciprocating compressor
Fuel dispenser interface
Frame portion for a laundry enclosure panel
Cap for washing machine additive dispenser
Vacuum cleaner tool storage area
Handle for floor care apparatus
Sewing machine
Eyeglass frame tracer
Frame and a structure of supporting an apparatus that fabricates a worksheet movably mounted thereto
Bushing cover with sight window
Combined video tape recorder and camera
Oil cartridge
Pull-out extension tray
Diving goggles
Eye glasses
Combined front, top and top right side of a printer
Document shredder
Cutting mat
Writing instrument
Magnetic board
Dynamic display ornament
Game machine
Snowman construction devices
Golf ball
Grooved putter head
Driving iron-type golf club head
In-line roller skate
Sport training device
Volleyball net
Entertainment globe
Hockey stick handle
Bottom portion of a golf club head
Fixed rear sight for revolvers
Fish handler
Gas spray gun
Water filter
Shower head
Interchangeable customizable shower system
Valve seal
Sanitary faucet
Toilet cover
Raised toilet seat
Oval-shaped sanitary water tank
Heater for use with a ceiling fan
Outdoor unit for air conditioner
Controlled humidity holding cabinet
Air purifier
Air freshener container
Incandescent bulb with scent dispensing ring
Fragrance frame
Suction swab with distal suction port
Medical stand with articulating arm and monitor for imaging mammalian tissue
Capillary tube holder
Self-cleaning holster for electrocautery tip
Combined applicator device and discharge nozzle for dental material placement
Dental applicator
Therapeutic treatment device
Suction-irrigation handpiece
Garment fastener for a disposable absorbent article
Garden area edging unit
Roof tile
Architectural panel
Framed shutter
Protective cover for secondary containment
Self-service facility
Grandstand seat board
Step for climbing wall surface
Outdoor lighting fixture
Housing for a pole top luminaire
Round concrete bollard luminaire
Light fixture
Lighting fixture
Suspended luminaire
Wall mounted light fixture
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture bowl
Lamp glass shade
Night light
Task light fixture
Lamp base
Multi-function cigarette lighter
Lamp glass shade
Cigarette lighter
Flavor infuser for cigar humidor
Razor handle
Massage device
Foot massage device
Pet bed
Tray to prevent tracking of cat litter
Molded casket dish
Human Necessities
String and string trimmer operation
Baler for harvested crops
Rotational raking device
Automatic watering device for potted plants
Lopping apparatus having handle compartments for stowing blades during periods of non-use and associated method
Flower pot system
Bulb casing for proper positioning, feeding and protection of plant bulbs
Hibiscus plant named `Morrison-Gilberg (II)`
Chrysanthemum plant named `White Refocus`
Geranium plant named `Baldesvio`
Hesperozygis plant named `Sunminbu`
Geranium plant named `Balfanpish`
Geranium plant named `Balsholila`
Variety of geranium named `Patriot Cherry Rose`
Variety of geranium named `Jessica`
Bromeliad plant named `GUZ 202`
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprilene`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yolucy`
Geranium plant named `Balcolav`
Geranium plant named `Balcolink`
Alstroemeria plant named `Stalsimo`
Shrub rose plant named `JACbow`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACnepal`
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprivina`
Azalea plant named `Christine Matton`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Delhi`
Nectarine tree named `Regal Pearl`
Fish lure
Scent tab for fishing lure
Fishing line clamp
Method for evaluating a fishing lure
Data acquisition apparatus and system for flying insect light traps
Multifunction monofilament fly swatter and broom
Sock pair retention apparatus
Athletic garment with inner thigh guards
Pants separable at crotch for style mixing
Baseball chest protector
Insulating garment
Removable applique apparatus
Cut-resistant knitted fabric
Shield structure of helmet
Shoe outsole having a stability ridge
Shock-absorbing cushion
Leash for infant footwear
Metatarsal safety guard for footwear
Buckle assembly
Method for mounting a slider mechanism to recloseable flexible packaging
Three-section type retractable handle
Modular attachment system
Measuring instrument with a holder
Brush-ware with adjustable bristle hardness
Toothbrush and method for its manufacture
Sleeper sofa with an air mattress
Bed sheet securing device
Mattress vents
Lying surface with lamellar grid
Wraparound orthotic base, composite adjustable cushion using same and method of measuring fit of the adjusted cushion to the user's shape
Infant positioning device
Height adjustable bed and method of operation thereof
Posting device
Decorative covering for a flower pot
Protective container for a potlike or boxlike container
Portable hand cleaning device
Portable sink apparatus and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Pressure hinge device for glass door or panel
Bathing implement
Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner
Patient positioning device for radiation therapy
Powered lift toilet seat with armrests
Invalid lifting device
Pharmaceutical tablet designed for easier breaking
Terminal sterilization process for filled syringes under an auxiliary pressure
Goalkeeper's glove with a latex layer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for testing transducer horn assembly debubbling devices
Restriction indicator for air cleaners
Power generation method including membrane separation
Exhaust gas purification apparatus of internal combustion engine and catalyst for purifying exhaust gas internal combustion engine
Internal-combustion engine system having a nitrogen oxide storage catalyst and an operating process therefor
Anode useful for electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas
Methods of and systems for vapor delivery control in optical preform manufacture
Slimes treatment
Finishing section of a single-strand wire rolling train
Method to make housing for rolling stands and housings obtained with this method
Multi-strand finishing block
Apparatus for controlling a rolling mill based on a strip crown of a strip and the same
Method of preadjusting cold deforming plants
Method for manufacturing a poppet valve from a .gamma.-TiAl base alloy
Multi-axis roller hemmer
Bending method and bending apparatus
Method of and device for finishing cage windows
Process and device for manufacturing a gear part with outer teeth
Method and apparatus for forming rivet joints
Cold deep hole forming device
Battery powered circular saw
Evaporator plate assembly for use in a machine for producing ice
Alignment device for use in welding
Pierce nut mounting die
Heat shrink tool holder cooler
Tool for crimping contact elements
Drill handle cover
Four blade bi-directional razor structure with flexible guard system
Razor blade system
Utility knife
Process and device for the electrical connection of two electrical components to each other
Shaped polymeric articles
Making printheads using tapecasting
Control system for mobile air conditioning apparatus
Window-regulator module for a motor-vehicle door wherein a lower end of a slider projects beyond a lower end of at least one rail
Goods storage area
Windshield wiper frame and connector assembly
Wiper blade for vehicle window panes
Mirror cleaning system
Hydraulic pressure boosting apparatus
Process for manufacturing a vehicle body shell
Locking apparatus for fifth wheel king pin
Bicycle steering lock
Fastening tension strap with integral handle extensions
Transportation propulsion system
Method for hermetically bagging material, e.g. lumber pieces, in a tubular plastic tube
Method and apparatus for transversely welding and severing a thermoplastic wrapper sleeve
Process and packing machine for manufacturing filled drinking cups
Process for can delivery and removal at a textile machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and plant for mechanical and thermal dewatering of sludges
Pre-atomized fuels and process for producing same
System and method for reducing particles in epitaxial reactors
Textiles; Paper
Spinning machine having a plurality of spinning stations
Transport belts for transporting yarn
Process for manufacturing a wire reinforced monolayer fabric stent
Apparatus for needling non-woven fiber fleece webs
Apparatus for assembling washing machine lid assembly
Method and apparatus for drying a load of moist fibrous material, particularly a load of laundry
Dryer vent elbow and method of assembly
Self-attaching rope
Pressing apparatus having chamber end sealing
Continuous drying apparatus for porous web
Dryer apparatus for fiber webs
Fixed Constructions
Dustless regenerative air sweeper
Prefabricated concrete element for building a civil engineering structure having an arched wall
Putty plate for faucet fixture
Bidirectionally interlocking, hollow brick wall system
Panel arrangement
Shear reinforcement system for a slab floor
Structural tie-down apparatus
Construction using aluminum cans
Building elements
Composite structural member and method of fabrication thereof
Drop-out fire vent
Rain gutter covers and roof line protectors
Barge board system
Shade cover with evaporative cooling
Glazed roofs
Backerboard for ceramic tiles and the like
Apparatus for supporting reinforcement bar
Modular niche construction
Simulated time ship dining and entertainment arrangement
System and method for fabricating enclosures
Liquid storage tank apparatus and method of forming same
Fastener assembly serving as a product, or combined with other components as a product allows automatic controlled movements in one direction and prevents movements in the opposite direction when forces are applied
Tornado shelter
Mounting clip for a removable locking core
Child and pet security gate
Balance shoe for reducing the size of a pivotable window sash assembly
Hinged and sliding door assembly for vehicles
Foot released open door holder
Water-proof window flange
Molded door frame and method
Wood rot preventing wood casing end grain moisture barrier assembly and method
Modular mobile drilling system and method of use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbomachine and method of use
Method for supporting a ceramic liner cast into metal
Method for improved service of engine mounted accessories
Turbocharger control management system throttle reserve control
Control system for the supercharging pressure of a supercharging internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling air-fuel ratio of internal combustion engine
Stirling machine with heat exchanger having fin structure
Stirling engine
Thermoelectric actuator
Liquid level sensor
Safety hook
Energy supply chain with extra tough core chain links and method for the production of one such chain link
Flexible energy conducting guide chain and process for producing same
Fluid flow controlling device
Clamp assembly
Multishear fuel injector
Enhanced duty cycle design for micro thermoelectromechanical coolers
Method and apparatus for condensing and subcooling refrigerant
Environmental test chamber fast cool down system and method therefor
Combined thermodynamic power and cryogenic refrigeration system using binary working fluid
Ice maker assembly in refrigerator and method for controlling the same
Integrated cryogenic and non-cryogenic gas mixture separation
Air separation and combined cycle power plant
Dryer assembly
Cold/heat exchangeable drying machine
Fluid bed system for cooling hot spent anode butts
Firearm having chamber status indicator and firearm retrofitting method
Rapid brake device for a tap rule
Square holding device
Coordinate measuring apparatus having a bridge configuration
Overhead scanning profiler
Brake mechanism for computerized grade rod
Process and device for determining the characteristics of a motor ' vehicles built-in shock-absorbers
Integrated ethanol gas sensor and fabrication method thereof
Apparatus and methods for measuring permeability and conductivity in materials using multiple wavenumber magnetic interrogations
Sand testing method and apparatus
High frequency measuring circuit
Device, particularly reduced, for the elasticizing of an ear-piece for spectacles
Virtual storage system and method
Rotatable and illuminated display device
Drive-by restaurant order stand with illuminated rotating menu
Portable, modular, graphics-display system
Decorative amusement device
Method for producing a transponder coil
Alcohol vapor dryer system
Battery mounting apparatuses, electronic devices, and methods of forming electrical connections
Method of manufacturing commutators for electric motors
Process and apparatus for determination of the quality of a crimped connection
Connector for circuit board and method for producing a connector
Method for inserting wires into a telephone jack connector
Wire stripper apparatus
Clamp for a cable duct
Dynamoelectric machine and processes for making the same
Compensating for non-linear effects in signal processing with active devices
Terminal authorization method
Circuit-component mounting system
Method for manufacturing a device for burning off thermal energy produced by electronic components embedded in a printed circuit card, and resulting device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew