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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Reel for a crop harvesting device
Dental diet for reducing tartar
Selective animal feeding apparatus
Floating fish snaring device
High protein tortillas
Watch head removably attachable to glove
Hanger attachment
Shoe sole having improved flexibility and method for making the same
Footwear insoles
Buckle for tensioning the straps of fins or the like, having quick and simple fastening and unfastening means
LED lighting system for patio umbrella
Writing instrument with enclosing structure
Lighting unit
Multi-media workstation having a master rail system
Tool support unit
Portable seating device
Product display and fronting assembly
Grab bar for shower and the like
Scrubbing device attachable to a mop
Hermetically sealed imaging system for medical applications
Universal gonioscope-contact lens system for observation and intraocular laser surgery
Method of correcting for phase error induced by a down sampling routine
Instrument for determining intratesticular dose and method for determining a dose
Apparatus and method for root canal obturation
Attachment devices and methods for a dental appliance
Screw device for orthodontic treatment
Absorbent article with front and rear supporting members
Wearing article
Noncylindrical stent deployment for treating vascular bifurcations
Method and apparatus for improving mitral valve function
Intercalary prosthesis, kit and method
Ankle-foot orthotic device and method
Receptacle for a male incontinence device
Aromatherapy herb pack
Method for calculating refractive correction amount in corneal refractive surgery
Ultrasonic apparatus for therapeutical use
Poly(diallylamine)-based bile acid sequestrants
Coloring agent for keratin fibers
1,3-Dihydroxybenzene derivatives and colorants containing said compounds
Process for producing an oral sustained-release preparation of fasudil hydrochloride
Light therapy device
Golf club holding rack
Golf club holder
Portable, Foldable goal assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for removing 2-butanol from tert-butanol/water mixtures
Methods for mixing fluid in a rotating container
Methods and apparatus for mixing fluids
Device and method for production of carbon nanotubes, fullerene and their derivatives
Oxygen-absorbing compositions and method
Alumina and methods for preparing the same
Reagent addition system and method
Method to solve alignment mark blinded issues and technology for application of semiconductor etching at a tiny area
Method and apparatus for separating material
Low pressure fuel injector nozzle
Sprayer for cleaning exterior surfaces
Method for removing impurities from porous materials
Method for producing a torsional vibration damper housing, especially a housing for a viscosity torsional vibration damper
Clamp assembly for hydroforming die
Welding method and tubular member and gear pump made using the welding method
Pressing tool and pressing process for extruding press fittings
Work transfer method for transfer press and work transfer apparatus for transfer press or press
Ejector drive hub apparatus and method
Powder metallurgy lubricants, compositions, and methods for using the same
Tool holder with integral coolant channel and locking screw therefor
Face milling cutter
Cutting tool for rough and finish milling
Contacts for electrochemical processing
Friction stir welding of metal matrix composites, ferrous alloys, non-ferrous alloys, and superalloys using a superabrasive tool
Apparatus for installing a length of wire
Method and device for producing molds for toothed belts
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for abrading a workpiece
Portable sharpening system for a dual-knife cutting machine
Media transport device providing stable flow of media
Hex-axis horizontal movement dynamic simulator
Alignment device
Brazed diamond tools and methods for making the same
Silicon micro-mold
Optical switch microfilms
Microstructure fabrication and microsystem integration
Injection molding apparatus
Method of preparing a molded cross vehicle beam
Blow molding method and apparatus
Method of making resilient structure including inserting heated coil spring through side surface of fiber batt
Method of manufacturing a mold for use in the manufacture of an optical element comprising optical sub-elements mutually arranged in a pattern, and device for implementing such a method
Setter, method for manufacturing ceramic substrate, and ceramic substrate
Plasma treatment of porous materials
Internally piped print cylinder and method for making same
Apparatus for clamping and holding a printing plate on an exposure drum
Display device having pagewidth printer
Portable printer device having a plurality of paper rolls
Recording medium discriminating method and recording apparatus
Semiconductor device for liquid ejection head, liquid ejection head, and liquid ejection apparatus
Liquid ejector and liquid ejecting method
Systems for regulating temperature in fluid ejection devices
Method for creating printing data applied to a printer capable of generating ink droplets of different sizes
Firing pulse duration control
Recording-head substrate, recording head, and recording apparatus
System and method of evaluating print shop consolidation options in an enterprise
Ink pad holder for self-inking stamp
Device, system, and method for applying a product
Compound steering mechanism
Curved vehicle door having a function carrier providing side impact protection
Transfer trailer
Hybrid powertrain system including smooth shifting automated transmission
Method and device for adapting a cargo container to directly interface with an aircraft cargo bay
Vehicle safety system
Active knee bolster with adaptive force response system and method
Method and device for folding up air bag, and air bag
Twist prevention apparatus and method for an inflatable airbag curtain
Control method for suppressing blow-up phenomenon during power-on 2-3 upshift of automatic transmission
Shift lever device
Overhead suspended transportation system and method
Shock absorbing steering column of low tilt type
Seatpost with vibration isolation member
Wheel assembly
Straddle-type mesh seat
Bottom pan for a snowmobile
Convertible personal watercraft
Dock bracket
Fishing kayak with a deployable fan-tail
Personal flotation device and method for same
Device for bracing a shell in an aircraft fuselage
System and method for storing and discharging hydrogen
Lower guide track for down packing press apparatus and method
Device for screwing screw-type closures onto containers
Rolled film and pallet construction
Nestable containers with reversibly deformable closures
Spout assembly having a plurality of fluid passages
Leak-resistant polymeric foam containers
Disposable oral care device
Garment bag pocket assembly
Hub posts for mounting information-bearing disks
Apparatus and method for protecting floating roof tanks from the effects of lightning strikes
Track-and-trolley conveyor guidance system
Filament winding apparatus and methods of winding filament
Hand device for working robot
Handle assembly for providing a controllable discharge stream direction from a pressure container while maintaining a stable center of mass of the pressure container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of preparing anhydrous manganese chloride
Yellow dyes for ink jet inks
Methods and compositions for efficient gene transfer using transcomplementary vectors
Electrodes linked via conductive oligomers to nucleic acids
Crystal-structure-processed mechanical devices and methods and systems for making
Textiles; Paper
Catalytic growth of single- and double-wall carbon nanotubes from metal particles
Molded fluoroelastomer with excellent detachability and process for producing the same
Integrated granule product
Temporary wet strength resins
Fixed Constructions
Elastic permeable pavement comprising waste-polyurethane chips for use on new roads and a paving method using the same
Drainage channel installation device
Fence rail mounting clip
Two piece swivel assembly for handcuff
Automatic sliding door closure device
Window frame
Assembly providing a water restrictive barrier and an unobstructed passageway for a doorway
Cutting elements of gage row and first inner row of a drill bit
Apparatus and method for expanding a tubular
Methods of placing expandable downhole tubing in a wellbore
Procedures and equipment for profiling and jointing of pipes
Apparatus for and method of anchoring a first conduit to a second conduit
Apparatus for retaining two strings of tubulars
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cellular materials
Scroll-type expander having heating structure and scroll-type heat exchange system employing the expander
Control device for a gas exchange valve in an internal combustion engine
Permanent magnet electromagnetic actuator for an electronic valve actuation system of an engine
Additive-containing, dissolvable coating on engine part that contacts oil
Internal combustion engine with oil temperature sensor
Method of reducing exhaust gas emissions during cold start conditions and an internal combustion engine in which the method is used
Combustion chamber of gas turbine with starter film cooling
Rotary pulse detonation system with aerodynamic detonation passages for use in a gas turbine engine
Thrust reverser utilizing integrated structural bypass duct
Idling opening degree control apparatus in intake air control apparatus
Low-profile intake manifold
Variable control orifice member and fuel injector using same
Method and apparatus for controlling a fuel injector
Method for controlling an injector with verification that plunger movement has occurred
Pressure washer having oilless high pressure pump
Vented high pressure shaft seal
Valve having junction type housing
Bearing unit for wheel drive
Hydraulic energy intensifier
Vehicular steering control device
Monitoring valve, rock drilling apparatus and a method for controlling at least two hydraulic actuators to such a monitoring valve and rock drilling apparatus
Anti jerk valve
One-way clutch device and method for manufacturing the same
Brake slack adjuster
Adaptive energy absorber
Air-spring vibration isolation device
Four-wheel drive hybrid vehicle
Distributor transmission having at least three shafts
Continuously variable transmission
Single seal with resilient member
Low-friction seal
Toggle locked coupling
Pre-expanded connector for expandable downhole tubulars
Common-rail injection system for diesel engine
Hollow doorframe including electroluminescent illumination system
Method and apparatus for directing light from a light source
Reflector for fluorescent lamp
Reflector lamp with reduced seal temperature
Temperature conditioning apparatus for the trunk of a human body
Pressure testing and refrigerant recharging conduit assembly for automobiles
Built-in type outdoor unit for air conditioner
Downhole sorption cooling and heating in wireline logging and monitoring while drilling
Heat dissipation device having thermally conductive cover board
Heat pipe having wick structure
Tube feature for limiting insertion depth into header slot
Gun holder apparatus
Magnetic tip for tape measure and method of use
Probe for high speed scanning
Two-wire sensor for measuring a physical parameter
Evaluation method for coefficient of thermal expansion of ultra-low-expansion glass material
Sensing element for determining a physical property of a gas mixture
Detecting interactions at biomimetic interfaces with liquid crystals
Optical module for bi-directional communication system
Image projector
Resist for photolithography having reactive groups for subsequent modification of the resist structures
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device optical mask therefor, its manufacturing method, and mask blanks
Method of producing conductive or semiconducting structured polymers
Image forming method and image forming apparatus for same
Imaging member having a dual charge transport layer
Imaging members
Reversibly color changing undercoat layer for electrophotographic photoreceptors
Toner and image-forming system
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Techniques for distributed management of wireless devices with shared resources between wireless components
Information processing apparatus, power source control method thereof, program thereof, and storage thereof
Data center power adjustment
Efficient frequency boost operation
Apparatus and method for storing and assigning error checking and correcting processing of data to storage arrays
Apparatus and method of managing databases of active node and standby node of main memory database management system
Network system and management server
Low power LDPC decoding under defects/erasures/puncturing
Method of system for detecting abnormal interleavings in concurrent programs
Connectivity fault notification
Isolation of faulty links in a transmission medium
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Interactive analysis of a security specification
Method and apparatus for maximizing data recoverability using coupling updates by parties
Video object placement for cooperative caching
Data storage using bitmaps
Storage system, storage control apparatus, and storage control method
Switch-based hybrid storage system
Apparatus and method to selectively provide information to one or more computing devices
Information processing apparatus and start-up method of the apparatus
Solid state device write operation management system
Reading files stored on a storage system
Efficient multi-level software cache using SIMD vector permute functionality
Caching data objects on a client side using a prototype chain
Efficient support of multiple page size segments
Storage system, backup storage apparatus, and backup control method
Distributed push-to-storage system with redundancy
Aggregate communications with intelligent sourcing
Method and apparatus for managing an electronic messaging system
Displaying comments on a secret in an anonymous social networking application
Data server, system, and data transfer bandwidth control method
Method and system for optimizing power consumption and reducing MIPS requirements for wireless communication
Automated file distribution
Method and system for integrating content and services among multiple networks
Information processing apparatus and controlling method thereof
Processing apparatus, processing method, and communication system
Forecast-less service capacity management
Reallocating resource capacity among resource pools in a cloud computing environment
Apparatus and method for virtualizing of network device
Data transmission/reception apparatus and method for inserting and extracting maintenance management data
Apparatus and a method for modifying a command message in a digital multimedia network
Address server
Remote management of boot application
Rebooting infiniband clusters
Method and system for generating a network monitoring display with animated utilization information
Capture and display of digital images based on related metadata
Method for privately filtering and partitioning a set of photographs of a social media site user
System, method, and computer program product for filtering a data stream utilizing a plurality of contexts
Systems and methods for graphical search interface
System and method for generating homogeneous metadata from pre-existing metadata
System and method for creating, managing, and publishing audio microposts
Grid based replication
Method and system for storing data in a database
Difference analysis in file sub-regions
Minimizing state lists for non-deterministic finite state automatons
Apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium for assigning patient studies for peer review
Method and techniques for determining crawling schedule
Systems, methods and computer program products for discovering a text query from example documents
Content receiving apparatus with search query generator
Generating data access operations based on a data model using a data services model
Expanding high level queries
Image forming apparatus, controlling method and program
Layout assessment method and system
Innovative verification methodology for deeply embedded computational element
Method for selectively modeling narrow-width stacked device performance
Application-specific integrated circuit equivalents of programmable logic and associated methods
Stacked die network-on-chip for FPGA
Wiring-optimal method to route high performance clock nets satisfying electrical and reliability constraints
Current-aware floorplanning to overcome current delivery limitations in integrated circuits
Inspection data generator, inspection data generating method and pattern inspecting method
De-pop on-device decoupling for BGA
Overhead highway billboard and marketing method
Method and apparatus for processing biometric information
Frontend system and frontend processing method
Access restriction in response to determining device transfer
Automated role adjustment in a computer system
Grid security intrusion detection configuration mechanism
Generalized identity mediation and propagation
Information processing apparatus, broadcast receiving apparatus and information processing method
Pictorial keyboard with polysemous keys for Chinese character output
Retrieving status information from a remote device and corresponding host system
Programmatic information transfer
Automatic removal of sensitive information from a computer screen
Digital broadcast receiver
Modifying numeric data presentation on a display
Smart window creation in a graphical user interface
Moving object on rendered display using collar
3D tag clouds for visualizing federated cross-system tags
Dynamic self-reorganizing trees in a user interface
Dynamic de-identification of data
Method and apparatus for open management of multi-media services
Predicate pushdown with late materialization in database query processing
Access control to resource content
Content storage mapping
Scalable algorithms for mapping-based XML transformation
Enhancing password protection
Software factory health monitoring
Comprehensively testing functionality of a computer program based on program code changes
Programming model and software system for exploiting parallelism in irregular programs
Fake check-in entries posted on behalf of social network users
Framework for a software error inject tool
Firmware updating system and method
Recording and playback of system interactions in different system environments
Automated caching and mirroring of immutable data in distributed virtual machines via native interface components
Method and apparatus for implementing a bi-endian capable compiler
Automatic control system and method for executing control program in parallel
Processing reified generics in object-based programming environments
Compilation and placement of instructions in a memory system
Method and system for assembling information processing applications based on declarative semantic specifications
Optimization of virtual appliance deployment
Optimizing a file system interface in a virtualized computing environment
Estimating migration costs for migrating logical partitions within a virtualized computing environment based on a migration cost history
Launching a software application in a virtual environment
Lock control in multiple processor systems
Storage apparatus and load distribution method
Program execution with improved power efficiency
Secure environment management during switches between different modes of multicore systems
Method and apparatus for determining resources consumed by tasks
Small debug print
Burden free shopping
Compact or convenient transaction cards
Apparatus for reading a color symbol
Enhancing smart card usage for associating media content with households
Hinge and binding apparatus for displaying procedural information cards in the workplace
Reading unit and marking card for optical mark reader
Control of platform power consumption using coordination of platform power management and display power management
Document authentication method and apparatus
Magnetic recording disk with antiferromagnetically-coupled magnetic layer having multiple lower layers
Systems and methods for storing data on an optical disk
Memory testing with selective use of an error correction code decoder
Decoding failure management
Fabricating method of plasma display panel
Organic electroluminescent device
Cationic conductor
Ion exchange assembly for an electrochemical cell
Method for adhesion of wound electrodes or electrode lamination for use in a lithium-ion secondary battery
Lithium salt, ionic conductor and liquid electrolyte
Method of operating phosphoric acid fuel cell
Separator for solid polymer type fuel cell and process for producing the same
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Electrical connector box
Miniaturized electrical connector with improved crimpability
Power source device
Connector system with polarization and latching features
Non-defeatable fluorescent adapter for incandescent fixture
Engine spark plug grounding structure, grounding wiring apparatus, and grounding wiring method
Power transmitting mechanism and power transmitting method
Sign equalization in iterative decoding of sparse graph codes
Method of controlling biometric authentication system, non-transitory, computer readable storage medium and biometric authentication system
Protocol for controlling access to encryption keys
Ticket-based spectrum authorization and access control
Two-stage anonymization of mobile network subscriber personal information
Security for future log-on location
Method and system for downloading content to a content downloader
Social networking and peer to peer for TVs
Apparatus and method for continuous video advertising
Content transmission device, program, parental level determination method, and content transmission system
Dynamic configuration of mobile station location services
Method of producing an electrical plug-in-connection
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