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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar 2393321658
Soybean cultivar 5571721658
Amphidiploid aquatic animal and method of breeding the same
Antibacterial phage peptides and methods of use thereof
S1P3 receptor inhibitors for treating pain
Tri-cyclic pyrazolopyridine kinase inhibitors
Methods and compositions for treating fish diseases
Synergistic fungicidal and algicidal compositions including 2-hydroxyphenylaldehyde and 2-hydroxyphenylketone heterocycloyhydrazones and copper
Methods and compounds for treating diseases caused by reactive oxygen species
Modified CEA/B7 vector
Use of stem cells and CD6 depleted stem cells for the induction of tolerance to allogenic transplants and/or for the treatment of leukemia
Method of manufacturing citrus snack using reduced pressure drying
Antispattering agent
Capsule endoscope, capsule endoscopic system, and endoscope control method
Suture instrument and method
Anchoring to soft tissue
Compliant device and method for cutting an intervertebral disc
Stone catching basket instrument and method for producing the same
General-purpose medical instrumentation
Ultrasonic motion detecting device, and image producing device and ultrasonic therapeutic using the detecting device
Linear motion delivery system for female sterilization device
Coatings for implantable medical devices
Implantable prosthesis with depot retention feature
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Replica eye
Methods of application of coatings composed of hydrophobic, high glass transition polymers with tunable drug release rates
Intravenous fluid heater
Method for debriding wounds
Compression device having an inflatable member including a frame member
Methods and compositions for promoting the respiratory development of an infant
Methods for synthesizing glycinols, glyceollins I and II, compositions of selected intermediates, and therapeutic uses thereof
Method of improving animal tissue quality by supplementing the animal diet with oleic acid and selected tocols
Compounds, compositions and methods for preventing skin darkening
Pyrido[3,2-d]pyrimidine PI3K delta inhibitor compounds and methods of use
1,(3,)5-substituted imidazoles, their use in the treatment of hypertension and methods for their preparation
Substituted aminothiazole derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of use
Dual release oral tablet compositions of dexlansoprazole
Crystalline forms and two solvated forms of 4-amino-5-fluoro-3-[5-(4-methylpiperazin-1-yl)-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl]quino- lin-2(1H)-one lactic acid salts
Method for preventing or treating a disease related to the glucocorticoid receptor
Triazole derivatives, their preparation and their application in therapeutics
Pharmaceutical composition containing a fermented, dehydrated material with amorphous crystalline structure
Peptides and pharmaceutical compositions for treating connective tissue
Modulation of platelet aggregation
Polynucleotides and polypeptides involved in gestational malaria, and biological applications
Human-murine chimeric antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus
Exopolysaccharide containing food
RNAi therapeutic for treatment of hepatitis C infection
GABA biomarkers for depression
Iridescent soap bars containing ethoxylated alcohols
Dental compositions with sensitivity relief
Oral tablet compositions of dexlansoprazole
Modafinil oral lyophilizate
Medical catheter assembly including a balloon bolster
Callus-tissue-debridement apparatus
Slotted syringe
Method and apparatus for quantification of cardiac wall motion asynchrony
High blood pressure symptom relief through a laser based medical instrument
Foxp3 peptide vaccine
Oil composition for cosmetics
Air filtration and purification system
Upper body exercise apparatus for stationary bike
Performing Operations; Transporting
Supporting structures for preparative chromatography columns
Dynamic weight balancing of flow in kidney failure treatment systems
Dynamic weight balancing of flow in kidney failure treatment systems
Water filter assembly
Air filter having an air filter housing, use of an air filter, method for designing an air filter, and method for operating an air filter
Methods and systems for removing pollutants from fluid stream
Absorbent solution containing a breakdown inhibitor derived from thiazole or from oxazole and absorption process for acid compounds contained in a gaseous effluent
Water absorbing material
Hydrogen storage material
Use of porous metal-organic framework materials for color marking of filters
Metal hydrazide materials
Catalyst compositions based on nanoparticles of a zirconium oxide, a titanium oxide or a mixed zirconium/titanium oxide deposited onto a silica support therefor
Polymerization catalyst composition for polymerization of isoprene compound
Method for preventing mold formation by using hydrophobic materials, and mold-controlling agent for building parts
Multiple cleaning processes in a single tank
Carrier for manufacturing printed circuit board, method of manufacturing the same and method of manufacturing printed circuit board using the same
Method for the powder-metallurgical production of metal foamed material and of parts made of metal foamed material
Systems and methods to modify gas metal arc welding and its variants
Abrasive compact
Fabrication method of multi-functional composites from pre/post-consumer carpet
Glass fiber-treating agent and glass fiber-treating composition
Composite material comprising two or more superimposed layers of woods
Film for packaging product, especially an envelope
Phyllosilicate composites containing MICA
Automatic spacers mounting system for field emission display and method of automatically mounting spacers
Absorbent composite material and bodily fluid-absorbing article comprising water-absorbent resin particles having specific surface strength
Image forming appartus and control method thereof
Methods of fabricating nanoimprint stamp
Dual tire pressure monitor with equalizer apparatus and tire inflation system integration
Blind spot monitoring system
Vehicle headlamp apparatus and control method thereof
Emergency vehicle video and lighting support
Micropattern transfer method and micropattern transfer device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Semiconductor nanocrystal synthesis using a catalyst assisted two-phase reaction
Perturbed synthesis of materials
Method for cyclically preparing monomer boron and coproducing potassium cryolite using potassium fluoborate as intermediate material
Methods and apparatus for edge chamfering of semiconductor wafers using chemical mechanical polishing
High zirconia fused cast refractory
Additive containing N-(n-butyl)thiophsphoric triamide for urea-based fertilizer
Process for production of 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Convergent synthesis of renin inhibitors and intermediates useful therein
Method for producing optically active alcohol
2,5-disubstituted arylsulfonamide CCR3 antagonists
Pyrimidine derivative having cell protecting effect and uses thereof
3-amino-benzo [D] isothiazole dioxide derivatives and their use as pesticides
Process for the preparation of esomeprazole and salts thereof
Pyrazole and fused pyrazole glucokinase activators
Compounds having antiviral properties
Morphinan derivatives and preparation methods thereof
Methods and compositions involving miRNA and miRNA inhibitor molecules
Compositions and methods for detection of colorectal cancer
Method of constructing recombinant proteoliposome for diagnostic use
Anthrax and small Pox replikins and methods of use
Synergistic effects
Synthetic genes for plant gums and other hydroxyproline rich glycoproteins
Composition for thermosetting silicone resin
Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving and process for producing same, and process for making relief printing plate
Curable silicone composition and cured product thereof
Method for deaerating liquids
Fungal modified chitosan adhesives and wood composites made from the adhesives
Film of poly(trimethylene arylate)/polystyrene blends and process for making
Cholesteric glassy liquid crystals with hybrid chiral-nematic mesogens
Tracer-containing compositions
Mineral-based drilling fluid and drilling method
Subterranean bridging agents
Resist remover composition and method for removing resist using same
Controllable binding and dissociation of chemical entities and electrode devices therefore
Process of producing glutamate derivatives
Macrophage cell-lines for propagation of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
Nematode inducible promotors and methods of use
Culture-expanded T suppressor cells and methods of use thereof
Method and device for detecting the presence of a single target nucleic acid in a sample
Polypeptide having tyrosinase activity
Strains of Escherichia coli modified by metabolic engineering to produce chemical compounds from hydrolyzed lignocellulose, pentoses, hexoses and other carbon sources
Receptor gene screening for detecting or diagnosing cancer
Method and device for producing stoichiometry gradients and layer systems
Process for producing reflective mask blank for EUV lithography and process for producing substrate with functional film for the mask blank
Apparatus for radial delivery of gas to a chamber and methods of use thereof
Coating device
Sectional wafer carrier
Chitosan-coated wires for biosensing
Textiles; Paper
Amplification of carbon nanotubes via seeded-growth methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
AC energy generator
Wave power plant
Dual intake wave energy converter
Wind turbines with diffusers for the buildings or structures
Tensioning device of a belt and chain drive
Fuel sensor
Portable biochemical testing apparatus and operating method thereof
SPR sensor
Method for separation of molecules
Method of actuating and an actuator
Electrode with integrated optical sensor
Method and apparatus for analysis of poly (biphenyl chloride) in electrical insulating oil
Sample holder and method of using the same
Process for measuring antigen content
Capillary for immunoassay, and capillary immunoassay method using same
Means and method for diagnosing hemolytic anemia
Device and method for measuring current and power in a plug or receptacle
Downhole corrosion monitoring
Method and apparatus for testing aircraft electrical systems
Connection device for quality testing of charge-coupled device modules
Receiver signal probing using a shared probe point
Test wrapper including integrated scan chain for testing embedded hard macro in an integrated circuit chip
Semiconductor device having CMOS transfer circuit and clamp element
Radar apparatus with amplifier duplexer
High-frequency module and method of manufacturing the same, and transmitter, receiver, transceiver, and radar apparatus comprising the high-frequency module
High-frequency module and method of manufacturing the same, and transmitter, receiver, transceiver, and radar apparatus comprising the high-frequency module
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Nuclear magnetic resonance probe comprising slit superconducting coil with normal-metal overlayer
Photolithography exposure apparatus having blinding plates and method of driving the same
Tunable liquid gradient refractive index lens device
Lens barrel
Laser thermal imaging
Electrical device having low voltage differential signaling cable and liquid crystal display module using the cable
Color filter substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and display panel using the color filter substrate
Liquid crystal display having more than one color portion within a pixel
Liquid crystal alignment using inkjet printed polymers
Electrochromic composition, a method of forming the electrochromic composition and an electrochromic apparatus
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and a control system
Surface shape measuring apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Apparatus, method and program for reducing deterioration of processing performance when graduation correction processing and noise reduction processing are performed
Forming a self-aligned hard mask for contact to a tunnel junction
Intrinsically safe vibration and condition monitoring system and the parts thereof
Method and means to implement a current follower operation of a buck mode, switching power supply
Light programmable apparatus with light programmable lamp, setting device, and main structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of controlling MEMS-type variable capacitance capacitor
Lighting device controlling circuit module
Pad controlling apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
Driving circuit
Voltage regulator module with power gating and bypass
Method and apparatus for improving the frequency resolution of a direct digital synthesizer
Data storage device with re-allocation processing which determines an order in which re-allocation processing is executed for defective sectors
Method and apparatus for protecting TLB's VPN from soft errors
Fiber channel connection storage controller
Storage unit, information processing apparatus, and eject control method for storage unit
Information handling system with virtualized I/O adapter ports
Interactive service device metering systems
Multimedia interface device, information processing method corresponding information carrier and computer program
Apparatus for adjusting a clock frequency of a variable speed bus
Allocating resources to partitions in a partitionable computer
Detector in parallel with a logic component
Image processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for converting frames of image data to higher resolution image data
Color document printing system for selecting a combination of colors based on contrast and cost
Color document printing system for selecting a combination of colors based on contrast and cost
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Messenger assistant for personal information management
System and method for virtualizing network storages into a single file system view
System and method for integrated, multiple-remote controlled computer media server
Network system, method and apparatus for processing information, and control program
Internet/intranet access mechanism
Session QoS control apparatus
System and method for managing maintenance of building facilities
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for an HPNA network
Methods, systems, and computer program products for presenting topical information referenced during a communication
Remote copy system
E-mail server
Setting and display of communication receipt preferences by users of multiple communication devices
Shared memory and high performance communication using interconnect tunneling
Method for, and a topology aware resource manager in an IP-telephony system
System and method for redirecting data to a wireless device over a plurality of communication paths
Security method and system for storage subsystem
Document processing apparatus and method
Mobile communication terminal and operating method thereof
Paper and electronic recognizable forms
Model entity operations in query results
Method and apparatus to utilize free cache in a storage system
Wiring pattern determination method and computer program product thereof
Method and apparatus for verifying system-on-chip model
Adaptable datapath for a digital processing system
Frameless data presentation
Integrated method and system for accessing and aggregating disparate remote server services
Transmitter system and transmitting method, receiver system and receiving method and transmission media
Display device, driving method therefor, and electronic apparatus
Electronic device with function of recognizing multi-touch inputs and method thereof
Input device using projector
Image display method and program with limiting of range of candidate images for selection or with automatic rotation of slant-displayed image
Printing apparatus and printing system that provides for a printing product that includes a base file and an attached file
Job management apparatus, job management method, and storage medium for using information of a post-processing apparatus to manage a print job
Apparatus and method for generating a communication management report with security function
Distributed printing system, print control method for determining printing output locations according to content and estimated time information, and program
Image printing system and image processing method
Information processing apparatus, image forming device, and system and method thereof
Method and system for performing a search on a network
Method and apparatus for providing a base-2 logarithm approximation to a binary number
Evaluation and display of temporal descriptions
Method and device for simulating process flows in the graphic industry
Virtual hardware system with universal ports using FPGA
Registry emulation
Operating tool with conductor pieces
Image processing method and apparatus for performing notification of the presence of a file whose metadata is not generated when performing retrieval processing
Log information management system, control method therefor, and storage medium
System, method and product for rostering using dynamic gene modelling based upon genetic algorithms
Installment purchase card and related systems and methods for making informed consumer purchases
Cash dispensing automated banking machine system and communication method
Rendering of artifacts in a virtual universe environment in response to user tags
Error detecting code addition circuit, error detection circuit and method, and disc apparatus
Systems and methods for a notification system that enable user changes to purchase order information for delivery and/or pickup of goods and/or services
Image processing systems
Correction circuit and display device
Liquid crystal display device with divisional-drive operation
Full-scene anti-aliasing method and system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Method for automatically adjusting the rendered fidelity of elements of a composition
Electronic stylus, capacitive touchpad module, and apparatus for touch input
System, method, and computer readable medium for scanning a document having a raised image on it
Line-sequential driving display
Image display device and method of driving image display device
Method of implementing an accelerated graphics port for a multiple memory controller computer system
Method and apparatus for separating musical sound source using time and frequency characteristics
Disk drive device and method of press-fitting with reduced hub deformation
Tray mechanism for disk drive and disk drive using the same
Position determining member to align a magnetic tape cartridge in a magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Disk drive decreasing a settle delay based on speed that a settle parameter adapts
Fluid dynamic bearing unit and disk drive device including the same
Data medium storage systems
Apparatus and method for generating a Galois-field syndrome
Flat wire shielded pair and cable
Stacked film capacitor and method of producing the same
MEMS device having a movable structure
Key structure with scissors-type connecting member
Relay, control circuit, and method for controlling control circuit
Discharge lamp unit
High average current, high quality pulsed electron injector
Energy beam drawing apparatus and method of manufacturing device
Method for manufacturing light emitting chip
Method for producing display device
Controlled fin-merging for fin type FET devices
Method for chemically treating a substrate
Chemical mechanical polishing composition and methods relating thereto
Field effect transistor device with raised active regions
Dual sided workpiece handling
Methods of forming a metal silicide layer for semiconductor devices
Coaxial solder bump support structure
Process for forming cobalt and cobalt silicide materials in tungsten contact applications
Integrated circuit structure having substantially planar N-P step height and methods of forming
Compliant spring interposer for wafer level three dimensional (3D) integration and method of manufacturing
Tungsten metallization: structure and fabrication of same
Illumination apparatus
Semiconductor chip with conductive diffusion regions, method for manufacturing the same, and stack package using the same
Reverse conducting IGBT
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including resistive element
Tandem photovoltaic cell and method using three glass substrate configuration
Simultaneous dual band dual FOV imaging system
Trench semiconductor power device having active cells under gate metal pad
Light emitting device
Hetero pn junction semiconductor and process for producing the same
Programmable connection and isolation of active regions in an integrated circuit using ambiguous features to confuse a reverse engineer
Nano-devices formed with suspended graphene membrane
Solar cell having improved electron emission using amorphous diamond materials
Dye-sensitized photoelectric conversion apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for placement of photovoltaic strips
Creation and translation of low-relief texture for a photovoltaic cell
Method for producing a thin-film photovoltaic cell having an etchant-resistant electrode and an integrated bypass diode and a panel incorporating the same
Self-limiting oxygen seal for high-K dielectric and design structure
Semiconductor component comprising an optically active layer, arrangement comprising a multiplicity of optically active layers and method for producing a semiconductor component
Vertical light emitting device
Light-emitting device package
Electronic device
Flat panel display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Display device
Light emitting substrate having photonic crystal structure and image display apparatus including the same
Battery cell and monitoring device for assembled battery
Assembled battery
Center pin for secondary battery and secondary battery having the same
Lithium secondary battery
Structure and method for removing battery cell heat
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery including a multilayer film on a tin based current collector and manufacturing method thereof
Fuel cell, method for operating fuel cell and fuel cell system
Systems and processes of operating fuel cell systems
Process and reactor for the production of hydrogen and carbon dioxide and a fuel cell system
Integrated dry gasification fuel cell system for conversion of solid carbonaceous fuels
Electrolyte membrane for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same
Adjustable multiband antenna and methods
Antenna assembly with improved supporting device
Old construction box
Battery charging system and method
Computer system mounted with battery pack for performing system control based on characteristics of the battery pack and system main body thereof
Boost buffer aid for reference buffer
City electric bus powered by ultracapacitors
Switch embedded integrated circuit and method for battery protection
Universal automatic cord reeling device
Mitigation of harmonic currents and conservation of power in non-linear load systems
Power generation amount control apparatus
High-frequency power amplifier device
Broadband power amplifier
Keyboard device and method of identifying a key operation
Method and apparatus for clock calibration in a clocked digital device
Wide input bit-rate, power efficient PWM decoder
DLL circuit and method of controlling the same
Decoding method and device for decoding linear code
Method and apparatus for block and rate independent decoding of LDPC codes
Method and apparatus for message routing in a computer system
Outlier detection during scanning
Operation device and image reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus, method, and program product for generating a color image visible under ordinary light with a latent image region easily discriminated under infrared light
Communication method, communication system, transmission method, transmission apparatus, receiving method and receiving apparatus
Television camera and television camera control system
Video data processing apparatus and contrast correcting method
Image pickup device and noise reduction method thereof
Assembling method for imaging apparatus and imaging apparatus
Image-shake correction device, lens barrel, and optical apparatus
Method and apparatus for noise management for color data synthesis in digital image and video capture systems
NH3 distributor monitoring system and method
Network camera and method for changing image sensor of same
Communication system, communication method, video output apparatus and video input apparatus
Systems and methods of creating a virtual window
Cable receiver
Video playing system, video playing apparatus, control method for playing video, storage medium storing program for playing video
Vehicle-mountable imaging systems and methods
Shipping container security process
Heated eyelash curler
Circuits and methods for driving light sources
Configurable vehicle solid state lighting
Radiopharmaceutical heater
Foldable keyboard
Electronic apparatus
Slide mechanism
Air cavity package including a package lid having at least one protrusion configured to facilitate coupling of the package lid with a package wall
Electronic device
Apparatus and methods for thermal management of light emitting diodes
Expired Patents Due To Time
Child car slipper
Footwear upper portion
Components of footwear
Bottle identification belt and key holder
Case for holding a compact disc player and compact discs with interconnected belt
Holder for handset
ID commuter front pocket wallet
Wheeled duffle
Laptop computer case
Hexagonal basket bottom
Cover and carrier for an LP gas tank
Caster seat for luggage
Golf bag top
Hand held brush device for removing dust from computer monitors, televisions, picture frames, furniture and other surfaces
Brush head
Set of bristles for a toothbrush
Tooth brush head
Coating tool head and handle unit
Broom shroud
Absorbent sheet material with wave-like pattern
Office chair
Salon chair
Pipe holder
Towel ring
Vertical storage assembly for compact discs, CD-Roms and other discs
Compact disc storage wallet with attached handle
Pedestal cabinet
Storage cabinet
Stackable toiletry cabinet
Display unit
Combined moulding, leg and skirt trim for casegoods
Supporting adapter for playpen
Face pillow
Trainer spout
Combined serving and condiment bowl
Triangular food service tray
Thermal container
Utensil handle
Toaster oven
Slide on beverage container holder
Race car cooler
Slow cooker
Reserve toilet paper roll holder
Coffee filter holder
Human Necessities
Thermal therapy catheter
Image guided surgery system
Optical imaging methods
Methods and chemical preparations for time-limited marking of biopsy sites
Method and apparatus for performing optical frequency domain reflectometry
Method for determining analyte concentration using periodic temperature modulation and phase detection
Fluorescence diagnostic apparatus
Implantable cardiac device having event recording capability with compression
Biological signal transmission apparatus
Apparatus and method for fixing electrodes in a blood vessel
Methods and apparatus for R-wave detection
Portable EEG electrode locator headgear
Method for determining stimulation parameters for the treatment of epileptic seizures
Three-axis coil sensor
Non-invasive monitoring of hemodynamic parameters using impedance cardiography
Apparatus for bilateral femur measurement
Apparatus and method for expanding a stimulation lead body in situ
Method and apparatus for treating chronic pain syndromes, tremor, dementia and related disorders and for inducing electroanesthesia using high frequency, high intensity transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
Totally implantable cochlear implant for improvement of partial and total sensorineural hearing loss
Pacemaker system with diurnal pattern controlled overdrive for prevention of tachycardia
Rate adaptive cardiac rhythm management device using transthoracic impedance
Trigger enhanced electrogram display for positioning an implantable medical device
Current limiter for an implantable cardiac device
Method and system for neural tissue modification
Control circuits of an apparatus for physical exercises
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hand-held marker with dual output laser
Apparatus for analyzing a process of fluid flow, and a production method of an injection molded product
Optical light pipes with laser light appearance
Method and system for an in-vehicle computing architecture
Method and system for continued vehicle control in an adaptive speed control system at vehicle speeds below a minimum operating speed when a sensed target disappears
Automatic cruise control
Apparatus and method for performing automatic control over velocity of automotive vehicle
Control system for vehicular illumination
Advanced law enforcement and response technology
Passenger detection system
Method of influencing the inflection angle of railway vehicle wagons, and railway vehicle for carrying out this method
Electric power steering control system
Power steering apparatus
Octane sensitive dispenser blending system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical waveguide device for loss absorption and fabrication method thereof
Cell control method and apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Seismic isolators
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Active muffler
Ceiling fan with heating/lighting assembly
Electro-smokeless extraction/recovery system
Guidance controller for a minimal discrete command set
Method and apparatus for determining tolerance and nominal measurement values for a coordinate measuring machine
System for billing individual units of a multi-unit building for water use and for water related energy use
Method for monitoring nitrogen status using a multi-spectral imaging system
Wavelength calibration tool for narrow band excimer lasers
Method and apparatus for visually inspecting an object
Testing and burn-in of IC chips using radio frequency transmission
Partial discharge site location system for determining the position of faults in a high voltage cable
Method for identifying a component with physical characterization
Pattern generator for a semiconductor integrated circuit tester
Mitigation of multipath effects in global positioning system receivers
Method of avoiding near-far interference problems in an array of navigation signal beacons having selected CDMA or GPS-like navigation signals
Method and apparatus for reducing the processing time required in motion vector detection
Method and system for estimating a subscriber's location in a wireless communication system service area
Aircraft piloting aid system using a head-up display
Seismic data acquisition and processing using non-linear distortion in a vibratory output signal
Confocal microscope and method of generating three-dimensional image using confocal microscope
Fault tolerant optical switch
Concentric lay stranding for optical fiber cable
Optical waveguide device
Method of fabricating integrated optical circuits which minimizes optical coupling losses
Apparatus and method for combining optical waveguide and optical fiber
Optical fiber wavelength multiplexer-demultiplexer
Multiple-core optical fibers and associated coupling methods
Expandable wavelength division multiplexer based on interferometric devices
Wavelength-multiplexing optical transmission system provided with wavelength selectors
2.times.2 optical fiber switch
Optical fiber array
Optical transmission member-fixed assembly
Hollow lensing duct
Outside plant fiber distribution apparatus and method
Optical cable having a filling material with stable viscosity and yield stress
Fiber optic cable for installation in a cable passageway and methods and an apparatus for producing the same
Method of manufacturing a multi-ribbon optical fiber structure that can be separated into at least two optical fiber ribbons
Optical sample and hold architecture
Camera with flash unit having displacement enhancer
Tamper resistant electronic flash unit for one-time-use camera
Camera having flexible printed circuit board
Receiving device for a film cassette
Frame counter device
Apparatus for use in loading and unloading cartridge, including restriction portion for restricting a loading operation of a cartridge or restricting engagement with cartridge during a loading operation
Equipment with shake sensing function
Camera with lens barrier apparatus
Image pick-up apparatus
X-ray exposure apparatus with synchrotron radiation intensity measurement
Image forming apparatus
Decreased media transport time for image forming devices
Copy sheet distortion-removing fusing apparatus
Image forming apparatus having an endless belt provided with ribs and indicia
Image forming apparatus with a voltage applying unit for image transfer
System for managing a web of sheet material in a printing machine
Printing method and image processing method for performing printing during which calibration of printing apparatus is executed
Image forming apparatus
Feed forward and feedback toner concentration control for an imaging system
Feed forward and feedback toner concentration control for an imaging system
Developing device having magnetic seals
Transfer system
Method and apparatus for reducing contamination of a tackdown, capture or transfer roller on a spliced photoconductor or transport web
Image forming apparatus capable of switching a sheet interval mode during an image forming cycle
Closed loop ramping control and method of fusing temperature, and optimizing first copy time
Heated fuser roller
Image forming apparatus and device for applying a lubricant to an image
Toner filter arrangement having movable magnetic cores
Calendar indicator
Method of determining tool breakage
Method of generating data on component arrangement
Surface determination and automatic milling in spinnerette manufacturing
System, method and article of manufacture for utilizing external models for enterprise wide control
Method for controlling an aerodyne for the vertical avoidance of a zone
Treatment regimen compliance and efficacy with feedback
Process and apparatus for conducting auctions over electronic networks
Data verifying method apparatus for creating data to be verified and data verifying apparatus
Waveform generation device and method
Clock signal loading device and method
Latch-and-hold circuit that permits subcircuits of an integrated circuit to operate at different frequencies
Microprocessor having fuse control and selection of clock multiplier
Package routing of integrated circuit signals
Method, apparatus and communications system for companion information and network appliances
Skipping clock interrupts during system inactivity to reduce power consumption
Lower power passive listen method for electronic devices
Fault tolerance via N-modular software redundancy using indirect instrumentation
Data reconstruction method and system wherein timing of data reconstruction is controlled in accordance with conditions when a failure occurs
Non-intrusive in-system debugging for a microcontroller with in-system programming capabilities using in-system debugging circuitry and program embedded in-system debugging commands
High performance data path with XOR on the fly
Raid array data storage system with storage device consistency bits and raidset consistency bits
Mechanism for reliable update of virtual disk device mappings without corrupting data
System for providing transaction indivisibility in a transaction processing system upon recovery from a host processor failure by monitoring source message sequencing
Method for the monitoring of integrated circuits
Method and system for controlling a bus with multiple system hosts
Methods and apparatus for process replication/recovery in a distributed system
Method and apparatus for analyzing software executed in embedded systems
Source code debugging tool
System and method for providing checkpointing with precompile directives and supporting software to produce checkpoints, independent of environment constraints
Instruction cache for multithreaded processor
Apparatus for pipelining sequential instructions in synchronism with an operation clock
Multiple processor, distributed memory computer with out-of-order processing
Content addressable memory accessed by the sum of two operands
Fully associate cache employing LRU groups for cache replacement and mechanism for selecting an LRU group
Multiprocessor system for enabling shared access to a memory
System for providing asynchronous I/O operations by identifying and polling a portal from an application process using a table of entries corresponding to I/O operations
Bus arbitration apparatus and method wherein each module has two in-module arbiters
Docking system
Method for sharing data buffers from a buffer pool
System and method for coupling a local bus to a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus
Device and method for serially communicating
Shared memory system
Method for determining the accuracy of measured environmental data parameters
Cosine transforming and quantizing device, method of reducing multiplication operations in a video compressing apparatus
Design engine for fitting content to a medium
Example-based translation method and system which calculates word similarity degrees, a priori probability, and transformation probability to determine the best example for translation
Network based language translation system
Ideogrammatic character editor method and apparatus
Server for serving stored information to client web browser using text and raster images
Accumulating changes in a database management system by copying the data object to the image copy if the data object identifier of the data object is greater than the image identifier of the image copy
Information retrieval utilizing semantic representation of text by identifying hypernyms and indexing multiple tokenized semantic structures to a same passage of text
Method and apparatus for managing images, a method and apparatus for retrieving images, and a computer-readable recording medium with a program for making a computer execute the methods stored therein
Method and apparatus for multidimensional database using binary hyperspatial code
Method and apparatus for searching for information in a data processing system and for providing scheduled search reports in a summary format
Web page presentation control mechanism and method
System and method for performing file-handling operations in a digital data processing system using an operating system-independent file map
Methods and apparatus for high-speed access to and sharing of storage devices on a networked digital data processing system
Generic schema for storing configuration information on a client computer
Technique which utilizes a probabilistic classifier to detect "junk" e-mail by automatically updating a training and re-training the classifier based on the updated training set
Information access system and recording medium
System for synchronizing playback of recordings and display by networked computer systems
Method and apparatus for automatically generating a digest of a program
System for transferring information between a server and a data terminal through a network
Method and system for preparing and registering homepages, interactive input apparatus for multimedia information, and recording medium including interactive input programs of the multimedia information
Efficient method for solving systems of discrete rotation and reflection constraints
Simulation model for a digital system
Semiconductor junction model and method for use in a circuit modeling tool
Placement method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for automated circuit design
Implementing force feedback over the World Wide Web and other computer networks
Method and apparatus for restricting outbound access to remote equipment
Generic transfer of exclusive rights
Personal authentication system and method for multiple computer platform
Data processing system and method for specification of one of a plurality of password requirements for each boot device
Data storing medium processing apparatus for storing program to be executed in volatile memory area with no back-up battery
Administrative roles that govern access to administrative functions
System, method and computer product for interactively presenting event data
Method of application menu selection and activation using image cognition
Apparatus and method for storing retrievable boundary information into a buffer memory of a receiving device
Method and apparatus for asynchronously reading and writing data streams into a storage device using shared memory buffers and semaphores to synchronize interprocess communications
Hardware multiplication of scaled integers
Apparatus for performing a division operation, especially for three-dimensional graphics
Method for concurrently dispatching microcode and directly-decoded instructions in a microprocessor
Pipelined central processor incorporating indicator busy sensing and responsive pipeline timing modification
Integration of multi-stage execution units with a scheduler for single-stage execution units
Accurate method for inlining virtual calls
High performance user interface and method of structuring same
Method and apparatus for software features synchronization between software systems
Method for selecting, detecting and/or reprogramming system BIOS in a computer system
Computer system using software to establish set-up values of a central processing unit and a control method thereof
System and method for storing configuration settings for transfer from a first system to a second system
Software patch architecture
Object-oriented global resource conflict resolver formatting resource requirements into a predetermined standard format and iteratively computing a resource assignment for each I/O function
System for informing a computer user of a conflict encountered during resource allocation to expansion cards of different types having resource information in different format
Computer method and apparatus for interactive objects controls
Updating server-related data at a client
Methods and apparatus for managing objects and processes in a distributed object operating environment
Data symbol reader having an optical system
Material loader apparatus and method using a single image recognition device for bar code and vision mark recognition
Apparatus for inputting information on the irregularity of a finger, individual-identifying apparatus and identifying method
High precision three dimensional mapping camera
Handwritten character verification method and apparatus therefor
Unlisted address messaging system
Method and apparatus for modeling and executing deferred award instrument plan
Computer-aided project notebook
Automated traffic management system and method
Centrifugal communication and collaboration method
Distributed group activity data network system and corresponding method
Digital real time postcards including information such as geographic location or landmark
Internet advertising with controlled and timed display of ad content from browser
Data transfer system including a terminal and a back-up terminal and method for controlling thereof
Method and apparatus for creating aggregates for use in a datamart
Computer-aided methods and apparatus for assessing an organization process or system
Vending machine method and apparatus for encouraging participation in a marketing effort
Method and apparatus for enabling small investors with a portfolio of securities to manage taxable events within the portfolio
System and method for extracting and restoring a video buffer from/to a video acquisition cycle
Method of correcting color conversion data with accuracy
Method for forming a map of a three-dimensional object
Three dimensional multibody modeling of anatomical joints
Iterative three-dimensional process for creating finished media content
Method and apparatus for digital halftone dots detection and removal in business documents
User directed dust and compact anomaly remover from digital images
Depth control for stereoscopic images
Processing device and method for determining direction of motion of an image
Motion estimator employing a three-step hierachical search block-matching algorithm
Method for data compression
Method and apparatus for fast image compression
Image encoding method, image decoding method and image signal recording medium
Detection mechanism for video channel underflow in MPEG-2 video decoding
Coded signal transmission method and apparatus
Picture encoding device, picture encoding method, picture decoding device, picture decoding method, and recording medium
Selectable field and frame based predictive video coding
Apparatus and method for optimizing the rate control in a coding system
Conditional replenishment device for a video encoder
Device for determining the initial date of activation of a unit of equipment
Method of providing secure user access
Validation gateway
Method of selecting menu and wireless selective call receiver to which the method is applied
Presenting information using prestored speech
Interactive toy
Computer-aided group-learning methods and systems
Electronic equipment with expansion slot
Multimedia computer with integrated circuit memory
Door locking/unlocking system utilizing direct and network communications
Speech-recognition-assisted selective suppression of silent and filled speech pauses during playback of an audio recording
Method of comparing utterances for security control
Apparatus and methods for speaker verification/identification/classification employing non-acoustic and/or acoustic models and databases
Speech recognition-synthesis based encoding/decoding method, and speech encoding/decoding system
Method and system for encoding a digital audio signal
Wireless communication system and method
Low-complexity speech coding with backward and inverse filtered target matching and a tree structured mutitap adaptive codebook search
Multi-subframe quantization of spectral parameters
Optical recording medium and optical recording device
Floating optical pickup and information recording and reproducing apparatus including the same
Disc transfer mechanism
Cartridge engaging assembly with rack drive thumb actuator system
Key-based protection method for light-readable discs
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
DVD-compatible optical recording disk conveying audio signals encoded both as PCM data and as single bit stream data generated by sigma-delta modulation, and encoder apparatus and decoder apparatus for same
Optical disk drive recording/reproduction apparatus and method for producing modified address data
Method and apparatus for the processing and outputting of data
Apparatus and method for generating block synchronous signal for digital versatile disc
Information recording method, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and information recording medium
Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Data recording medium, recording and reproducing system and residual amount display method
Perishable media system and method of operation
Optical data storage disc
Control device and control method of library apparatus, and library apparatus
Processing digitally encoded signals
Recording medium, apparatus and method for recording data on the recording medium, apparatus and method for reproducing data from the recording medium
Media editing system with improved effect management
Optical recording medium, and method of manufacturing optical recording medium
Information recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
Device for and method of reproducing recording medium
Disc clamper and disc drive provided with the disc clamper
Information recording and reproducing device and method
Recording a mark with the rising and falling edges varied based on previously recorded control data
Holographic storage medium and reproduction of data therefrom
Tilt control device for an optical disk device
Optical disk device
Position sensor for tracking system for optical data storage
Optical pick-up device
Objective lens drive device and method of manufacturing the same
Multiple layer optical recording medium for use with two different wavelength laser beams
Storage subsystem including an error correcting cache and means for performing memory to memory transfers
EEPROM memory card device having defect relieving means
Method of writing, erasing, and controlling memory for memory device
Method and apparatus for testing SRAM memory cells
Variable speed pump for use in nuclear reactor
Method for fabricating .sup.99 Mo production targets using low enriched uranium, .sup.99 Mo production targets comprising low enriched uranium
Multi-layer X-ray-reflecting mirrors with reduced internal stress
X-ray markers
X-ray tube apparatus employing liquid metal for heat removal
Chicane magnet focusing system and deflection magnet for a scanning electron beam computed tomography system
In-situ binary PCM code indentifier to verify a ROM code id during processing
System for providing an integrated circuit with a unique identification
Laser irradiating device and laser irradiating method
Laser-pumped compound waveguide lasers and amplifiers
Method for creating a fiber optic section having spatial grating strength perturbations
Method and system to calibrate tunable lasers
Method and apparatus for wavelength calibration
Self-sustained pulsation semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacture
Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with consistent slope efficiencies
Blue vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Organic vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Method and apparatus for a frequency modulation phase locked loop
System for providing amplitude and phase modulation of line signals using delay lines
MSK signal processing in a GPS correlator channel
Transmit-receive system and transmission method, in particular for a mobile telephone
Method and apparatus for rejecting image signals in a receiver
Method for adaptively controlling amplifier linearization devices
Digital comb filter having a cascaded integrator stage with adjustable gain
Automatic local oscillator frequency stabilization process in radio receivers employing a wide-band tunable local dielectric-resonator oscillator and associated device
Phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit containing a frequency detector for improved frequency acquisition
Caller ID circuit powered through hookswitch devices
Joint detector for multiple coded digital signals
Apparatus and methods for puncturing and recovering code in spread spectrum communication system
Concatenated trellis coded modulation and linear block codes
Integrated multi-mode bandpass sigma-delta receiver subsystem with interference mitigation and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for providing wide-band and narrow-band communications
Ultrafast time hopping CDMA and TDMA RF and optical communications: code-as-carrier, multichannel operation, high data rate operation and data rate on demand
Spread spectrum transmitter, spread spectrum receiver and spread spectrum communication method and automatic gain control circuit for spread spectrum receiver
Adaptive weight update method for a discrete multitone spread spectrum communications system
Latency time determination system for a transceiver
Optical fiber communication system using optical phase conjugation
Crosstalk canceller system and method
Transmission system for the transmission of power control information in an OFDM system
Wireless communication system providing improved forward link management and method of operation
Diversity reception device
Wireless spread spectrum ground link-based aircraft data communication system with approach data messaging download
Method and apparatus for command and control of remote systems using low earth orbit satellite communications
Satellite receiver/router, system, and method of use
Method and system for uniform call termination treatment in a global communications network
Interactive fixed and mobile satellite network
TDMA communicating method and TDMA receiving apparatus
Method and system for managing base station resources in a code division multiple access cellular communication system
Mobile communication system
Transmission system formed by at least a base station, a mobile station and a nodal station and base station and mobile station suitable for use in such a system
Method for synchronizing a session timer
Apparatus and method for the reception of radio signals transmitted by RDS system
System and method for managing hardware to control transmission and reception of video broadcasts
Network controller for cable television delivery systems
High processing gain spread spectrum TDMA system and method
Method and apparatus for multiplexing bytes over parallel communications links using data slices
Pulse amplitude modulated tone generator
ATM cell synchronization circuit
Subscriber-line transmission apparatus
List Viterbi algorithms for tailbiting convolutional codes
Communication system utilizing Reed-Solomon code to achieve auto frame synchronization acquistion
Communications unit and method of communicating having efficient packet acknowledgement
Network communication
System and method for remotely initializing, operating and monitoring a general-purpose computer
Method and system for updating device identification and status information after a local bus reset within a home audio/video network
Method and system for providing a presentation on a network
ATM based VDSL communication system having meta signaling for switching a subscriber between different data service providers
Distributed packet data with centralized snooping and header processing router
Network interface device architecture for storing transmit and receive data in a random access buffer memory across independent clock domains
Network switching device with concurrent key lookups
Fibre channel switching system and method
Data packet router
Distributed shared-memory packet switch
Modem concentrator
High density unit shelf with network interface cards and method
Media access control for isochronous data packets in carrier sensing multiple access systems
Line driver calibration circuit
Communication server apparatus providing XDSL services and method
Demodulator for frequency shift keying signals
Multi-carrier transmission systems
Synchronization of digital communication systems
Digital modulation method and digital communication system
Method and apparatus for interactively providing information at multiple sites
Providing reliable communication over an unreliable transport layer in a hand-held device using a persistent session
Technique for transmitting incoming multi-link point-to-point (PPP) packet traffic over multiple outgoing links in a multi-link bundle
Method and apparatus for configuration of an internet appliance
Network system with TCP/IP protocol spoofing
Mobility management for a multimedia mobile network
Methods and apparatus for recovering keys
Secret key transfer method which is highly secure and can restrict the damage caused when the secret key is leaked or decoded
Authentication for secure devices with limited cryptography
Secure electronic transactions using a trusted intermediary
Telephone ring signal detector
Variable frequency response microphone porting system
Radio receiver
External compiling device of a directory and a schedule calendar of a mobile phone
Apparatus for operation in an on-ear mode and an off-ear mode
Mobile radio terminal with SMS function for transmitting short message and method for controlling the same
Telecommunication apparatus comprising a peripheral recognition device
System and method for integrating electronic entry systems with telecommunication systems
Method and apparatus for concurrent interaction with a modem having an open connection
Apparatus and method for preventing disconnection of consumer premises equipment
Telephone loop-current regulator
Communications test system
Method of managing overload of message in the communication system
Short code dialling
Local number portability service saver
Personal mobility and communication termination for users operating in a plurality of heterogeneous networks
Automatic international redial disablement and status delivery method and apparatus
Method of screening and prioritizing an incoming call
Method and apparatus for processing multiple types of incoming communication
Methods and apparatus for improved echo suppression in communications systems
Appliance and method for menu navigation
Error diffusion with homogeneous distribution in highlight and shadow regions
Image forming apparatus with color adjustment
Method and system for using a communication network to supply targeted streaming advertising in interactive media
Method and apparatus for trimming an image and reproducing a desired part of an image
CATV frequency sweep testing remote unit
Cable network system with ingress noise suppressing function
Hybrid fiber coax communications systems
Method of calculating motion vectors
Communication apparatus and method of color pictures and continually-changing tone pictures
Video signal reproduction apparatus for chrominance signals
ECN-based approach for congestion management in hybrid IP-ATM networks
Band setting apparatus for suppressing cell delay variation
Traffic management in packet communication networks having service priorities and employing effective bandwidths
Method for using narrowband performance features provided in broadband communications terminals, in broadband networks
Method and apparatus for supplying requests to a scheduler in an input buffered multiport switch
Timeslot interchange network
Internet based service control system allows telecommunications subscriber modifies telecommunications services through an internet gateway
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification
Method and system to obtain test information regarding an advanced service in a telecommunications system
Telecommunications network system and method
Subscriber access network, exchange, service control point, and method of establishing a connection
Private circuit provision in a telecommunications network
Method of routing calls to portable numbers in a radio telecommunications network
Remote notification control in wireless communication device
Communication system with cordless system units connected to a communication network
Method and arrangement for adding a new speech encoding method to an existing telecommunication system
Method of adjusting a size of a base transceiver station search window
Redundant broadband multi-carrier base station for wireless communications using omni-directional overlay on a tri-sectored wireless system
Method of and apparatus for pilot set maintenance
Method and system for communicating with remote units in a communication system
Fault monitoring apparatus for mobile communication system
Method for improving communication coverage in multi-cell communication systems using location information
Broadcast channel seizure with allocated single traffic channel per occupied cell in a cellular system
System and method for the early detection of cellular telephone piracy
Method of handling over a call between two relay stations of a cell of a digital cellular mobile radio system
Rotating lobe access method
First draft-switching controller for personal ANR system
Hearing aid system with acoustical horn
Speaker apparatus and sound reproduction system employing same
Suspension mount for sound reproduction devices according to the flexural wave principle
Infrared radiation panel
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