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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Transformation of a plant to promote root and/or leaf growth
Method for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Chimeric PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Maize variety hybrid X18A633
Melon variety NUN 02602 ME
Anti-viral pyrimidine nucleoside derivatives
Methods for therapy of neurodegenerative disease of the brain
Pyrimidinone and pyridinone compounds for use in the treatment of diseases or conditions mediated by Lp-PLA.sub.2
Quinazoline compounds
Crystalline complexes of agriculturally active organic compounds
Insecticidal compounds
Bicyclic pyrimidinones and uses thereof
Substituted annellated pyrimidines and use thereof
Hair extension device
Medical device with temperature modulator for use in magnetic resonance imaging
Non-invasive measuring of load-induced electric potentials in diarthroidial joints
Absorbent article including an absorbent core layer having a material free zone and a transfer layer arranged below the absorbent core layer
Peptides that target dorsal root ganglion neurons
Pharmaceutical formulations of modafinil
Thiophene inhibitors of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase
Inhibitors of BACE1 and methods for treating Alzheimer's disease
1, 2, 4-oxadiazoles azetidine derivatives as sphingosine-1 phosphate receptors modulators
Glucagon receptor modulators
Substituted benzyl and phenylsulfonyl triazolones, and use thereof
Natural product derivatives with antiprotozoal activity
Pyrazinyl carboxamides as fungicides
Treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with NHE inhibitors
Sulfone substituted 2,3-dihydroimidazo [1,2-C] quinazoline derivatives useful for treating hyper-proliferative disorders and diseases with angiogenesis
Use of 1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide for the treatment of infectious salmon anemia
Use of hesperidin or one of its derivatives for making a medicine for bone formation stimulation
Healthy kidney biomarkers
Pharmaceutical composition using connective-tissue growth factor
Method of treatment using cysteine mutants of beta interferon
Insulin derivatives
Selective modification of proteins
Method of gene transfer for the treatment of recessive catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT)
Lipid formulated compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Eg5 and VEGF genes
Device for electrostimulation therapy of the human body
Performing Operations; Transporting
Implantation of Ni nano domains in refractory metal oxide support by means of sol-gel encapsulation--an effective solution to coke formation in the partial oxidation of natural gas
Diesel oxidation catalyst with good low-temperature activity
Thermal cutting machine
Methods for forming fritted cover sheets with masks and glass packages comprising the same
Process for producing relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, process for making relief printing plate, and relief printing plate
Hydrostatic drive system
Cruise control system
Power supply device and unit
Opening management through gait detection
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing isocyanates
Two stage process for the conversion of synthesis gas using a cobalt catalyst in the first stage and a supported ruthenium catalyst in the second stage
Cysteine protease inhibitors
Ionic liquids having uronium cations and a process for making same
Esterifying acetic acid to produce ester feed for hydrogenolysis
Sulphurated derivatives of resorcinol, preparation of same and cosmetic uses thereof
Dual cation dual anion coordination complexes
Process for the selective hydrogenation of multiply unsaturated hydrocarbons in olefin-containing hydrocarbon mixtures
Process for oxidative dehydrogenation of paraffinic lower hydrocarbons
Method for obtaining lactic acid with a high degree of purity from fermentative liquor
3,4-dialkylbiphenyldicarboxylic acid compound, 3,4-dicarboalkoxybiphenyl-3', 4'-dicarboxylic acid and corresponding acid anhydrides, and processes for producing these compounds
Process for producing ester of carboxylic acid from cellulosic biomass
Processes for preparing ticagrelor intermediate, 4,6-dichloro-5-nitro-2-(propylthio)pyrimidine
Pyrido[4,3-b]indoles and methods of use
Process for the manufacture of chiral catalysts and their salts
Compounds and compositions as kinase inhibitors
Azaheterocyclic compounds as kinase inhibitors
Compounds containing alkyl-alkoxy-cyano-borate anions
Partially fluorinated phosphates
Modulation of C-reactive protein expression
RNAi modulation of RSV and therapeutic uses thereof
Modified short interfering RNA
Hemolysin and its protein fragments in sero-detection of anaplasma phagocytophilum
Cysteine protease inhibitors
Metallodrugs having improved pharmacological properties, and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Method for the selective enrichment and labeling of phosphorproteins
Functiontionalized elastomer
Asphalt compositions including a disperion of microgels dipersed in an oil
Process for working up particulate crude polyoxymethylene
Fluoropolymer dispersion purification
Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion and process for preparing the same
Process for making polyethylene terephthalate
Epoxy-functional polysiloxanes, silicone composition, and coated optical fiber
Encapsulated flame retardants for polymers
Thermoplastic composition comprising a thermoplastic matrix and a terpolymer of alkyl methacrylate, alkyl acrylate and a styrene monomer
Process for extracting oil from plants and animal matter
Delta-8 desaturases and their use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Fixed Constructions
Method of developing a petroleum reservoir from history matching of production data and seismic data
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controller for and method of controlling internal combustion engine
Wind wing electrical generator
Illumination apparatus for dazzle-free illumination, method, use and arrangement comprising the illumination apparatus
Apparatus and method for heating a product stream
High resolution extended depth of field optical coherence tomography
Method and apparatus for the radiometric measurement of object points on surfaces of astronomical bodies
Spectrometry employing extinction coefficient modulation
Gradient sensor of a component of a magnetic field with permanent magnet
Position adjustment assistance system for transportation machine
Generic object exchange profile message
High precise laser rangefinder
Three dimensional surface mapping system using optical flow
Integrated cross-tester analysis and real-time adaptive test
Automatic system information determination of distributed renewable energy systems
Digital scale with removable insert
Data processing circuit with an elementary processor, data processing assembly including an array of such circuits, and matrix sensor including such an assembly
Method for manufacturing sensor apparatus and sensor apparatus
Terahertz wave generating device, camera, imaging device, and measurement device
Wavefront measuring apparatus, wavefront measuring method, and computer-readable medium storing program
Method and apparatus for sorting materials according to relative composition
Systems and methods for determining adjustable wafer acceptance criteria based on chip characteristics
Method and test system for fast determination of parameter variation statistics
Method of determining a sensitivity of a biosensor arrangement, and biosensor sensitivity determining system
Insulation resistance measurement device and insulation resistance measurement method
Resilient attachment to provider link state bridging (PLSB) networks
Dynamic delay budget allocation using single-point estimation of end-to-end delay
Defect detection on characteristically capacitive circuit nodes
Tester to test a plurality of semiconductor devices and test system including the same
Method and system for performing on-wafer testing of heads
Security and tracking system
RFID-based mobile vehicle localization
Nuclear magnetic resonance tool with movable magnets
Optical lens systems
Deformable ferrofluid layer devices for optical modulation and micromolding
Imaging sensing device, image sensing processing device, and image processing method
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Corner reflector for an armored vehicle
Birefringence pattern builder
Probe optical assemblies and probes for optical coherence tomography
Holey optical fiber with random pattern of holes and method for making same
Opto-electric circuit board including metal-slotted optical waveguide and opto-electric simultaneous communication system
Planar waveguide circuit and optical receiver
Modular lighting system
Photovoltaic device with frequency conversion region
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Image pickup apparatus
Two part camera module
Image forming apparatus using plurality of rotation members, and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus with toner image alignment
Image forming apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, power supplying method, and computer-readable storage medium
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using a decolorable color material
Image forming apparatus and toner supply control method
Image forming apparatus
Calendar mechanism and timepiece having the same
Remote control device and communication system
System and method for controlling actuators
DC-DC converter, and power supply circuit having DC-DC converter
Electronic device
Electric power distribution system
Method and device for diagnosing the operational state of a fuel supply system of an automobile internal combustion engine
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
Terminal and application execution method thereof
Method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component, and an aftermarket accessory component configured to learn
Electronic apparatus
Predicting email response patterns
Method and system for smart mark-up of natural language business rules
Generating Chinese language banners
Determining one or more target positions in an acquisition domain for processing survey data
Power supply thermal profile selection management
Turbine engine training manual mode fuel flow control system and method
Media player and peripheral devices therefore
Portable computer with a twistable display
Display device and driving method thereof
Self-healing and diagnostic screen
Touch sensing apparatus and method thereof
System and method of locating a touch based on a combination of pins
Integrated button activation sensing and proximity sensing
Electronic replacement of pre-printed forms
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product for the information processing
Output control system, output control method, and output control apparatus for determining whether to store or transmit target data based on use state
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
Bidirectional communication technique between an information processing apparatus and an image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus for reducing power consumption using a commonly accessible shared memory
Device management in a distributed scan system
Printing apparatus, method for controlling the printing apparatus, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus, PDL data conversion method, and storage medium
System and method for generating automated autographs
System and method for measuring inclination of vehicle
General numeric backtracking algorithm for solving satifiability problems to verify functionality of circuits and software
Preparing an electronic document of continuous information for document exchange that supports continuous and page-by-page printing
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Systems and methods for optimized printer throughput in a multi-core environment
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for thinning lines of color character data and generating combined character data with black character
Image processing
Generating data representative of a fragmented document
Feature-amount calculation apparatus, feature-amount calculation method, and program
Methods and systems for 2D to 3D conversion from a portrait image
Apparatus and method for correcting stereoscopic image using matching information
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for performing superimposition on raw image or full color image
Character recognition apparatus, method, and computer-readable, non-transitory medium
Systems and methods for modeling and processing functional magnetic resonance image data using full-brain vector auto-regressive model
Detecting and correcting redeye in an image
Image processor and image processing method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and camera module with shading correction
Software service infrastructure indexing user demographics, interests and expertise
System and method for creating and expressing risk-extended business process models
Managing connections between real world and virtual world communities
Method of doing business for auctioning a defaulted loan
System and method for data quality assurance cycle
3D image processing method and portable 3D display apparatus implementing the same
Cabinet lock for use with programmable electronic key
Method and systems of tagging objects and reading tags coupled to objects
Automated vehicle crash warning system using external lights
Alarm system
Motion-activated hunting light
Home floor safe security system
Interference avoidance in low power nodes
Athletic-wear having integral measuring sensors
Travel toy that illustrates time on a trip
Collision monitoring for a motor vehicle
Implementing and interpolating rotations from a computing input device
Display apparatus and drive method
Signage display system and process
Display terminal device
Computerized, personal-color analysis system
Level converting circuit, display device, and electronic apparatus
Zonal illumination for high dynamic range projection
Virtual surgical system and methods
Method and device for identifying half point of pedal on keyboard musical instrument
Musical score display conversion system
Multi-channel signal processing for multi-channel musical instruments
Speech input device, speech recognition system and speech recognition method
Encoder, encoding system, and encoding method
Voice-activated signal generator
Spindle motor and recording disk driving device including the same
Spindle motor having enhanced bearing rigidity and increased storage space for lubricating fluid and hard disk drive including the same
Base assembly and recording disk driving device including the same
Base assembly and recording disk driving device having the same
Disk drive servoing on first disk surface while erasing second disk surface
Magnetic disk drive and method for correcting defective location detected using head disk interference sensor
Systems and methods for burst demodulation
Two dimensional magnetic recording system head separation estimator
Two dimensional magnetic recording servo system phase alignment
Low friction tape head and system implementing same
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Method and apparatus for generating tracking error signal and optical information storage system including the apparatus
Optical disk recording device and optical disk recording method
LENS driving unit and optical pickup including the same
Circuit and system of a low density one-time programmable memory
Non-volatile memory cell with multiple resistive sense elements sharing a common switching device
Control circuit board, control system, and copying method
Semiconductor device having redundant word lines and redundant bit lines
Increasing memory operating frequency
Stationary induction electric apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Saturation control unit for an interphase transforming unit and PWM control apparatus for a voltage converting device
Magnetised structure inducing a homogeneous field, in the centre thereof, with a pre-determined orientation
Capacitors and semiconductor devices including the same
Film capacitor element, film capacitor, and method of producing the film capacitor element
Method for fabricating a multi-layer capacitor and a multi-layer capacitor
Shim sleeve for pivoting buttons
Electric switchgear
Electromagnetic relay
Method and system of evaluating distribution of lattice strain on crystal material
Systems and methods for sample analysis
High-pressure discharge lamp having a starting aid
Lighting apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming a film by deposition from a plasma
Multi-die processor
Stacked integrated circuit package using a window substrate
Integrated circuits secure from invasion and methods of manufacturing the same
Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
Semiconductor device
Power converter
Chip assembly and chip assembling method
Pad configurations for an electronic package assembly
Multi-doped silicon antifuse device for integrated circuit
On-chip transmission line structures with balanced phase delay
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Strained thin body CMOS device having vertically raised source/drain stressors with single spacer
Solid-state imaging device
Photoelectric converison element, photoelectric conversion circuit, and display device
Thin film transistor and display device including the same
Thin light emitting diode and fabrication method
Three dimensional light emitting diode systems, and compositions and methods relating thereto
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device arrangement comprising a semiconductor device with a drift region and a drift control region
Semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device
Nitride semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Spin filter and driving method thereof
Anthanthrene based compound and semiconductor device
Socket assembly for a photovoltaic package
Binuclear ruthenium complex dye, ruthenium-osmium complex dye, photoelectric conversion element using any one of the complex dyes, and photochemical cell
Energy harvesting using RF MEMS
Wavelength conversion-type photovoltaic cell sealing material and photovoltaic cell module using the same
Light collection module and solar energy device having the same
Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Solid state imaging device and imaging apparatus
Photovoltaic device and process for producing photovoltaic device
Hybrid light emitting device having a capping layer
Electrooptical device and electronic apparatus
Solid state white light emitter and display using same
Light-emitting apparatus, illumination apparatus, and display apparatus
Antenna for vehicles
Antenna apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Electromagnetic wave radiation coaxial cable and communication system using the same
Internal FM antenna
Illumination devices and methods for making the same
Distributed feedback surface emitting laser
Wavelength-tunable light source and wavelength variation method
Igniter for igniting a fuel/air mixture in an internal combustion engine using a corona discharge
High power solid state power controller (SSPC) solution for primary power distribution applications
Device interface and apparatus
Series battery charger with the function of separate detection
Control circuit of secondary battery
Auxiliary electrical power system
Generator core
Rotating electric machine
Linear vibration motor
Connector flange for an electric machine with stator windings
Rotary electric machine
Power regeneration device and power conversion device
Electronic component and method for producing electronic component
Audio output driver for reducing electromagnetic interference and improving audio channel performance
Clipping circuit, differential amplifying circuit, and amplifying circuit
Zero keeper circuit with full design-for-test coverage
Semiconductor device
Frequency divider and PLL circuit
Receiver circuit
Reciprocal mixing noise cancellation in the presence of a modulated blocker
Analog radio frequency transport over optical media using continuous optical phase modulation and noncoherent detection
Radio base station, radio communication system and interference notifying method in radio communication system
Beacon transmission for a set of femtocells
Self-testing transceiver architecture and related method
Methods and apparatus for receiver quality test measurements
Burst-mode receiver equipped with optical amplifier, method for controlling optical amplifier, and system
Transceiver with receive path performance diversity and combiner with jammer detect feedback
Equalizer circuit and printed circuit board
Equalizer for loss-compensation of high-frequency signals generated in transmission channels
Method and apparatus for scalable network transaction identifier for interconnects
Receiver apparatus, receiving method, and program
Reception apparatus and reception method for improving MIMO transmission
Interference mitigation by overhearing
Multi-channel single radio communication in home mesh network
Test automation for an integrated telephony call management service
Method for configuring subchannels in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method for switching paths in a wavelength-multiplexing network
Shared high-intensity broadband light source for a wavelength-division multiple access passive optical network
Method and apparatus for transmitting data in cable network
Transmission device, transmission method, and computer-readable medium
Efficient homomorphic encryption scheme for bilinear forms
Backup network connectivity
Apparatus and method for analyzing a network
Apparatus and method for fast load balancing bandwidth allocation based on binary search
TTL operations for small RB assignments
Method and apparatus for handling stale PDN context
Method and apparatus for egress jitter pacer
Optical transport switching node with framer
Ethernet apparatus and method of adjusting transmission rate thereof
Industry-specific communication framework
Shortest path determination for large graphs
Network system, control method thereof and controller
Apparatus and method for resource selection in OFDMA systems
Fault tolerant parallel receiver interface with receiver redundancy
Systems and methods for automatic public switched telephone network backup of voice over internet protocol services
Communication devices and methods for generating a message
Reduced complexity channel estimation for uplink receiver
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
Process for performing a QR decomposition of a channel matrix in a MIMO wireless communication system, and receiver for doing the same
Detecting format of a transport channel
Devices and methods for obtaining and using a priori information in decoding convolutional coded data
Storage device, access device, and program product
System and method for providing a wireless/power-line diversity communications channel
Communication protocol method and apparatus for a single wire device
Method of preventing fault-injection attacks on Chinese Remainder Theorem-Rivest Shamir Adleman cryptographic operations and recording medium for storing program implementing the same
Method for generating cryptographic half-keys, and associated system
System and method for securing scalar multiplication against simple power attacks
Random bit stream generator with enhanced backward secrecy
Holder for hand-held electronic communication device
Methods and systems for creating a dynamic call log and contact records
Telephone to computational device association
Phone number management method and communication device having phone number management function
Post-page caller name identification system
Methods and systems for controlling calling party access to called device
Emergency notification system for mobile devices
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for idle mode operation in femto-cell
Priority queuing in a next generation communication network
Systems, methods, and computer programs for transitioning from a phone-only mode to a web conference mode
Image reading apparatus, control method of image reading apparatus, and storage medium
Roller assembly
Image reading method, image reading system, and image reading apparatus
Threshold matrix diffusion halftoning
Image forming apparatus and density correction method
Method for combining direct binary search halftoning with ink saving
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving audio/video contents in wireless access networks
Image encoding device and image encoding method
Texture compression in a video decoder for efficient 2D-3D rendering
Apparatus for producing three dimensional images
Stereoscopic display system with glasses information
Automated lighting system characterization device and system
Context adaptation within video coding modules
Electronic device and image pickup apparatus
Short-range light source device for image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up apparatus provided with same
Assisted video creation utilizing a camera
Lens with sapphire substrate and lens module
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Solid-state image sensor, driving method thereof, and camera
Device and method for compressing an image for an image sensor
Modular apparatus for direction
Replace content with like content to enhance program experience
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program
Detection and phase lock of pull-down video
Distributed channel time allocation for video streaming over wireless networks
System and method for motion vector collection based on K-means clustering for motion compensated interpolation of digital video
Method and system for making video calls
Digital broadcast receiver
Real time physical asset inventory management through triangulation of video data capture event detection and database interrogation
Two dimensional to three dimensional video display system
Alignment system and method for operating the same
Method, device, and system for performing color enhancement on whiteboard color image
Apparatus and method for recording AV streams onto a recording medium with reproduction path change point features
Layer 2 packet switching without look-up table for ethernet switches
Deterministic Method for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel
Earphone receiving assembly and portable electronic device having same
Apparatus and system for playing audio signals from an audio source
System for hearing assistance device including receiver in the canal
Masker sound generation apparatus and program
Secure remote control of notification operations of communication devices
Automated portable call collection unit
System effective to demodulate a modulated code and provide content to a user
Random access improvement
Method for transmitting/receiving a control signal in a mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for performing an uplink HARQ in a wireless communication system
Protocol processing method and apparatus for multi-SIM terminal
System and method of ringtone sharing and text message replay
Method and system for synchronizing data between mobile terminal and internet phone
System and method for making outgoing calls at reduced cost
Methods and apparatus for deployment and control of small cells
Method for managing a wireless telecommunication network
Power savings for inter-radio access technology measurement
System and method for modifying calling behavior
Method for antenna calibration in a wideband communication system
Method and apparatus for telecommunications network performance anomaly events detection and notification
Subscriber identity module activation during active data call
Method of interfacing with a portable light
Multi power supply apparatus for driving light emitting diodes
Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-colored LED light string
Control circuit with fast recovery
Radiological image detection apparatus and radiographic imaging cassette
Flexible cable for low profile electrical device
Circuit board with signal routing layer having consistent impedance
Protective shell holding a portable electronic device to provide optimized sound effects
Bucket-style fire resistant enclosure and a method for making the same
Computer with heat dissipation system
High resistivity substrate for integrated passive device (IPD) applications
Printed circuit board for providing operation voltages
Heat dissipation structure and electronic apparatus
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