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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant FAD2 coding sequence balancing for fatty acid profiling in edible oils
Stress-responsive root-specific genes
Water filtration system
Methods and devices for cryopreservation of biological cells and tissues
Military clothing having built-in tourniquets
Method and apparatus for repair of torn rotator cuff tendons
Moisture transport system for contact electrocoagulation
Method and apparatus for determining the azimuthal orientation of a medical instrument from MR signals
Gas monitoring system and method
Physiological stress detector device and system
Fluid applicator with a press activated pouch
Disposable elastic absorbent article having retaining enclosures
Spinal baseplates with ball joint coupling and a retaining member
Ostomy appliance having outer and inner pouches joined by peelable seams and a filter for deodorizing flatus gases
Method of anesthesia
Inhibitory or blocking agents of molecular generating and/or inducing functions
Nateglinide-containing preparation
Methods and compositions for treating rheumatoid arthritis
Use of cyclopamine in the treatment of psoriasis
Pyridyl derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Thiophene derivatives as Sphingosine-1-phosphate-1 receptor agonists
Use of paullone derivatives for the production of medicaments for the treatment of mucoviscidosis and diseases related to protein addressing errors in cells
Nitrate esters of corticoid compounds and pharmaceutical applications thereof
Drug therapy for Celiac Sprue
DNA cancer vaccines
Enzyme catalyzed therapeutic compounds
Combined regulation of neural cell production
Neurogenerative or neurotrophic factors for mitigating a symptom of ischemia
Melanoma antigen peptide analogues
Antagonists of the brandykinin B1 receptor
DNA-binding polyamide drug conjugates
Ejection liquid and ejection method
Method of obtaining cellular immune responses from proteins
Conserved Neisserial antigens
Oral-intestinal vaccines against diseases caused by enteropathic organisms using antigens encapsulated within biodegradable-biocompatible microspheres
Reinforcing systemic immune responses with lactobacillus casei
Oligopeptide lyophilisate, their preparation and use
Enhancing anti-HIV efficiency through multivalent inhibitors targeting oligomeric gp120
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Methods for directly injecting plug forming materials from a catheter
Urinalysis for the early detection of and recovery from worsening heart failure
Calibration of adaptive-rate pacing using intrinsic chronotropic response
Electro-less discharge extreme ultraviolet light source
Method for extracting impurities using ionic liquids
Performing Operations; Transporting
Modular floating water evaporation system
Heat rejection sublimator
Dust separating apparatus
Environmental control system including ozone-destroying catalytic converter having anodized and washcoat layers
Apparatus and process for the purification of air
Gas separation method using adsorbent
Method for selective removal of hydrogen sulphide and CO.sub.2 from crude gas
Process for sequestering carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide
Device for moisture exchange between gas flows
Closed loop work station bioremediation using mini-reactor cartridges
Platinum-bismuth catalysts for treating engine exhaust
Transition metal polymerization catalysts, their synthesis and use in olefin polymerization
Method of making stably preserved microspheres in lower alcohol solvent
Microchannel apparatus capable of separating phases and methods of using same
Stent mandrel fixture and method for selectively coating surfaces of a stent
Metallic dispersion
Stent spin coating method
Electronic part manufacturing method
Method, apparatus, and system for bi-solvent based cleaning of precision components
Metering system and method for supplying gas to a torch
Thermal method for fabricating a hydrogen separation membrane on a porous substrate
Process for the preparation of maleated polyolefin modified wood particles in composites and products
Mitigation of artifacts in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging with magnetic susceptibility modified materials
Corrosion resisting joining area and method between materials of copper and stainless steel or titanium, which are the constituents of permanent cathodes for electrolytic processes and cathodes obtained
Antireflection film
Electronic circuit including circuit-connecting material
Fired refractory shaped part
Electrical components including abrasive powder coatings for inhibiting tin whisker growth
Business form
Release layer and resist material for master tool and stamper tool
Rail vehicle with sensing of thrown up ballast
Indicator control system with camera section
Communication control device for passenger protection device
Just in time wiring information system
Easy-open sausage package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Recycling method system and container
Water filter device for use with individual containers
Combined chlorine and ozone generator sterilization system
Process for producing ethanol and for energy recovery
Soil conditioning products from organic waste
Laminate, ceramic substrate and method for making the ceramic substrate
Lead and arsenic free optical hard crown glasses
Translucent ceramic and method for manufacturing the same, and optical component and optical device
Processes for the synthesis of O-desmethylvenlafaxine
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
Method for the separation of polymeric by-products from 1,4-butynediol
Polyalkylated arylalkyl sulfonic acids and their salts
Hydroxy-protecting reagent and method of protecting hydroxy with the same
Superhigh purity ionic liquid
Structurally rigid dopamine d3 receptor selective ligands and process for making them
Polymorphic forms of (S).-tetrahydrofuran-3-yl-3-(3-(3-methoxy-4-(oxazol-5-yl) phenyl) ureido) benzylcarbamate
Urea derivatives, method for preparing same, use thereof as medicines, pharmaceutical compositions and novel use
8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octane derivatives
Fluorescent naphthalene-1,4,5,8-tetracarboxylic bisimides with an electron-donating substituent on the nucleus
Tricyclic tetrahydroquinoline antibacterial agents
Process for preparing sodium cefoxitin
Process for the preparation of an oxaliplatin preparation
Skeletal-targeted radiation to treat bone-associated pathologies
Acyclic nucleoside phosphonate derivatives, salts thereof and process for the preparation of the same
Recombinant constructs of Borrelia burgdorferi
Genes differentially expressed in breast cancer
Process for producing olefin copolymerization catalyst and process for producing olefin copolymer
Selective hydrosilylation method with alcohol or epoxide reactant and product
Method of compatibilizing non polymer solid fillers in polymeric materials and compositions therefrom
Semiconductor encapsulant of epoxy resin, phenolic resin, phosphine-quinone adduct and OH compound
Flame retardant bromobenzyl systems
Boron loaded scintillator
PMMA moulding compounds with improved impact resistance
Cellulose acylate film and process for producing the same, and optical film and image display device using the cellulose acylate film
Biaxial liquid crystal electro-optic devices
Additive for hydrocarbon fuel and related process
Method of production of fatty acid alkyl esters and/or glycerine and fatty acid alkyl ester-containing composition
Excitable target marker detection
Spatially scanned optical reader system and method for using same
Use of pullulan to isolate and preserve biological material
Inhibition of biofilm formation
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a wheat sucrose transporter
Compositions, kits, and methods for stimulation of homologous recombination
Method of generating islet beta-cells from exocrine pancreatic cells
Nicotianamine synthase
DNA encoding hyaluronan synthase from Pasteurella multocida and methods of use
Bacillus 029cel cellulase
Subtilisin variants
Synthetic mammalian .alpha.-N-acetylglucosaminidase and genetic sequences encoding same
Method for sorting tumor cells
Methods of identifying active BRM expression-promoting HDAC inhibitors
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in protein-tyrosine phosphatase receptor-type delta for the diagnosis of susceptibility to asthma
Encoding and decoding reactions for determining target polynucleotides
Aluminum-based material and a method for manufacturing products from aluminum-based material
Manufacturing method of colored diamond by ion implantation and heat treatment
Electrochemical device
Primarily niobium stent
Cantilever-type near-field probe for optical data storage and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for selectively removing conductive material from a microelectronic substrate
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing creped paper
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vehicle speed dependant calibration trim for improved fuel economy
Transportable hydro-electric system
Apparatus for generating electric power using wind energy
Heat generation system
Laser-ultrasound inspection using infrared thermography
Apparatus and method for measuring structural parts
Air-core transformer position sensor
Financial decision aid for 4-D navigation
Detection device for detecting conditions at a target position
Compass sensor unit and portable electronic device
Rotating bearing analysis and monitoring system
High-resolution high-speed terahertz spectrometer
Microspectrometer gas analyzer
Fuel property detection device
Detector system for unidentified substances
State of health recognition of secondary batteries
Method for predicting concentration distribution of microparticles, device for analysis, program product for predicting concentration distribution of microparticles, building and device for diffusing microparticles designed by using the method for prediction
Methods for the assay of troponin I and T and complexes of troponin I and T and selection of antibodies for use in immunoassays
Method of screening for agents that modulate Tysnd1 level or activity in a cell.
Integrated hybrid current sensor
Automated electrical wiring inspection system
System for clearance measurement and method of operating the same
X-ray detector fabrication methods and apparatus therefrom
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Lens system
Zoom lens
External cavity tunable laser system formed from MEMS corner mirror
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Video processor alignment clamping
Process for producing polymer optical waveguide
Movable optical fiber connection system and optical fiber bend limiting device for use therein
Wire-free sensing apparatus for disc system
Light activated optical switch that includes a piezoelectric element and a conductive layer
Ribbon-like optical fiber core assembly, method for producing the same, tape core assembly-containing connector, tape core assembly-containing optical fiber array, and optical wiring system
Lens module and camera module having same
Liquid crystal electro-optical modulator and method of optical modulation
Multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal displays with improved angular dependent gamma curves
Electrophoretic dispersion liquid and electrophoretic display device
Liquid crystal display device
Image-taking apparatus
Lens barrel suitable to be housed
Near-field exposure mask, near-field exposure apparatus, and near-field exposure method
Stereo imager
Films for prevention of crystal growth on fused silica substrates for semiconductor lithography
Fine pattern forming method
Method for improved manufacturability and patterning of sub-wavelength contact hole mask
Patterning method and methods for producing electro-optic device, color filter, illuminant, and thin-film transistor
Exposure mask, method of forming resist pattern and method of forming thin film pattern
Coupling mechanism for material supply module
Image forming apparatus
Image forming method and apparatus capable of effectively performing charging operation
Enhanced environment visualization using holographic stereograms
Methods for managing flow control valves in process systems
Switching regulator providing slope compensation and voltage control method thereof
Input current sensing AVP method for future VRM
Switching regulator with lower transistor capable of two states of ON or low current
Local power consumption load control
Docking station
Color reproduction definition creating method and color conversion method
Method and apparatus for creating printed documents and internet web pages
Printing control method, control device, and printing system
Speaking thermometer
Electronic proposal preparation system
Gate-level netlist reduction for simulating target modules of a design
Oilfield equipment identification method and apparatus
Packaging machine
Robot simulation device, and robot simulation program
System and method for performing oilfield drilling operations using visualization techniques
Dynamic measurement control
Method and apparatus for controlling human-computer interface systems providing force feedback
Method and system for facsimile delivery using dial-up modem pools
Image processing apparatus and image processing method adapted to correct color unevenness
Processing data representing video and audio and methods and apparatus related thereto
Visual language classification system
Surface shape recognizing sensor device
System and method for processing tokenless biometric electronic transmissions using an electronic rule module clearinghouse
Model-based fusion of scanning probe microscopic images for detection and identification of molecular structures
Imaging method and apparatus
Robotic gesture recognition system
Method and apparatus for generating user preference data regarding color characteristic of image and method and apparatus for converting image color preference using the method and apparatus
Digital watermarking apparatus and computer-readable medium
Apparatus, method, or storage medium for image processing
Translated document image production device, recording medium and translated document image production method
Schema and style sheet for DIBR data
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for blocking artifact detection and measurement in block-coded video
Method and apparatus for facilitating the play of fractional lottery tickets utilizing point-of-sale terminals
E-mail based gift delivery
Global compliance system
Method and system for reconciling equity hedge funds
System and method for real-time pricing with volume discounting
System and method for tracking a billing cycle
Article position management system, article position management method, terminal device, server, and article position management program
Patch antenna for RFID tag
Smart corrugated cardboard
Automatic discovery and classification of detectors used in unattended ground sensor systems
Display panel driving method
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Liquid crystal display device capable of reducing power consumption by charge sharing
Control circuit for balancing current and method thereof
Particle movement-type display apparatus and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display device, signal processing unit for use in liquid crystal display device, program and storage medium thereof, and liquid crystal display control method
Driving method and circuit for automatic voltage output of active matrix organic light emitting device and data drive circuit using the same
Demultiplexer and display device using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Energy recovery apparatus and method for plasma display panel
Image-processing system capable of controlling multiple display devices
Electronic display panel
Head-up display system and method for carrying out the location-correct display of an object situated outside a vehicle with regard to the position of the driver
Apparatus for automatically starting add-on progression to run with inputted music, and computer program therefor
Voice converter with extraction and modification of attribute data
Information recording and reproducing apparatus, information recording medium and information recording apparatus
Method and system for detecting a change in a rotational velocity of a magnetic disk or a spindle coupled to the magnetic disk
Music data transfer method, information processing apparatus and information recording/playback system
Disk drive cover having a see-through insert including an electrically conductive material
Robust LPOS detection with predictor and bit verifier
Magnetic recording head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the magnetic head
Mg-Zn oxide tunnel barriers and method of formation
Method of manufacturing a magnetic head
Vibration reducing head suspension mechanism for a magnetic disc unit
Rotating disk storage device with actuator lock mechanism
Connection structure for actuator and flexible printed circuit of hard disk drive
Information recording medium
Highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon coatings and systems and methods for their production
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
Objective lens actuator
Objective lens, optical head, optical system, and design method for objective lens
Optical pickup
Method for assigning spare area in optical recording medium
Information recording method and information recording medium
Method to create a uniformly distributed multi-level cell (MLC) bitstream from a non-uniform MLC bitstream
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with dummy cell which is absence of a source/drain region
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Circuit and method for controlling a clock synchronizing circuit for low power refresh operation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor circuit, inverter circuit, semiconductor apparatus, and manufacturing method thereof
Water phantom with fixed water level for measuring dose of ionizing radiation absorbed to water and the method thereof
Containment of a nuclear power plant
Preparation of silver particles using thermoplastic polymers
Ratchet-head conductor locking medium voltage electrical bus polymer insulator with pin mount
Electromagnetic actuator
Rotary switch device
Pressure switch with adjustable differental setting
Plasma display panel
Plasma display panels and plasma display devices which use the panel
Light-emitting device
On-chip reflectron and ion optics
Process of surface treatment, surface treating device, surface treated plate, and electro-optic device, and electronic equipment
Ion implanter
Optical pickup unit including a receiving portion
External-electrode discharge lamp with no light leakage from external electrode portion
ZnO based compound semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with stacked chips and method for manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated silicon optical isolator
Selective laser annealing of semiconductor material
Method of forming an integrated circuit having a device wafer with a diffused doped backside layer
Method of fabricating iridium-based materials and structures on substrates, and iridium source reagents therefor
Plasma ignition and complete faraday shielding of capacitive coupling for an inductively-coupled plasma
Method for the integration of two bipolar transistors in a semiconductor body, semiconductor arrangement in a semiconductor body, and cascode circuit
Method for producing a trench transistor and trench transistor
Method of forming floating gate array of flash memory device
Manufacturing method for an integrated semiconductor memory device and corresponding semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device having strain-inducing substrate and fabrication methods thereof
Multilayer circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of electronic device
Semiconductor substrate manufacturing method and semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semiconductor substrate and semiconductor device manufactured by the methods
Heat processing method and apparatus for semiconductor process
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Coreless substrate and manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device
High frequency arrangement
Package and electronic apparatus using the same
Semiconductor device for high frequency power amplification
Barrier-metal-free copper damascene technology using atomic hydrogen enhanced reflow
Structure of polymer-matrix conductive film and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
Atomic layer deposited tantalum containing adhesion layer
Bipolar high voltage/power semiconductor device having first and second insulated gated and method of operation
Rear-illuminated-type photodiode array
Thin film transistor
Field effect transistor and production process thereof
Capacitive bypass
Nonvolatile memory devices having a fin shaped active region and methods of fabricating the same
Photovoltaic devices fabricated from nanostructured template
Photovoltaic thin-film cell produced from metallic blend using high-temperature printing
Solar electrolysis power co-generation system
Programmable photolithographic mask based on semiconductor nano-particle optical modulators
Image pickup device comprising photoelectric conversation unit, floating diffusion region and guard ring
Siloxane-polymer dielectric compositions and related organic field-effect transistors
Connecting piezoactuator
Semiconductor tunneling magneto resistance device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor substrate and method for fabricating the same
Battery pack and residual capacity information feeding device including residual capacity correction unit
Liquid fuel cell system
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery having a La.sub.3Co.sub.2Sn.sub.7 type crystal structure
Direct oxidation fuel cell
Fuel cell system with partial heating of each individual fuel cell
Electrolyte-electrode joined assembly and method for producing the same
Radio frequency switch
Multiple-mode dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, and communication device
Directional coupler
Multi-ban U-slot antenna
Motor, commutator, short-circuit member, and a method for manufacturing the commutator
Method of producing multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
Method of producing multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
Method and apparatus for PPM demodulation using a semiconductor optical amplifier
Protection device: surge suppressing conductor
Systems and methods of dynamic reactive support for a power transmission system
Fully clamped coupled inductors in power conversion circuits
Operational amplifier with rail-to-rail common-mode input and output range
Linear multi-stage transimpedance amplifier
System for glitch-free delay updates of a standard cell-based programmable delay
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Techniques for reducing power requirements of an integrated circuit
Circuit for converting a voltage range of a logic signal
Delay line synchronizer apparatus and method
Programmable boosting and charge neutralization
Data receiver adaptively operable to received signal strength indication
System and method to improve the efficiency of synchronous mirror delays and delay locked loops
Oscillating apparatus
Method and apparatus for stabilizing output frequency of PLL (phase lock loop) and phase lock loop thereof
Fractional-N phase locked loop
Analog-digital converting apparatus and radio communication terminal
Digital to analog converter with reduced ringing
Lossless audio coding/decoding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for a transmission signal up-converting filter
Channel quality estimation method and receiving apparatus
Repeating station, a communication apparatus, and a directivity control method
Radio frequency communication network having adaptive communication parameters
Generalized rake receiver for wireless communication
Pluggable transceiver having guide structure for connector within cage
Priority dispatch communications in publicly-accessible networks
Cooperative relay transmission method for a wireless communication system
Explicit congestion notification for DOCSIS based broadband communication systems
User equipment and base station performing data detection using a scalar array
Method and apparatus for providing digital media player with portable digital radio broadcast system receiver or integrated antenna and docking system
Packet forwarding apparatus
Storage system and information processing system
What-if analysis for network diagnostics
Cancellation systems for multicarrier transceiver arrays
Multi-symbol encapsulated OFDM system
ONU management method and optical line termination
Methods and systems for avoiding transmission-channel disruptions
Device for the packet-based access of classical ISDN/PSTN subscribers to a switching system
Method and apparatus for implementing a policy-based management system on a network device
Virtual path configuration apparatus, virtual path configuration method, and computer product
Method for operating a base station of a mobile radio system, signaling unit, control unit, mobile station and computer program
Ring-connected surveillance system with real-time backup monitoring
Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing audio information of a communication session
Dual-mode broadband modem
System and method of commanding a mobile phone remotely
Method and apparatus for configuring a router, and a computer program product
System and method for message consolidation in a mesh network
Signal transmission apparatus
Universal edge node
Transmission apparatus for making ring switching at SONET/SDH and RPR levels
Enhanced channel access mechanisms for an HPNA network
Forwarding information base lookup method
Packet communication method, controller and mobile station
Services control point selection in an advanced intelligent network
System and method for computing a blind checksum in a host ethernet adapter (HEA)
Handling communications between stations in a digital telecommunications system
FPGA configuration bitstream encryption using modified key
System and method for simplifying analog processing in a transmitter incorporating a randomization circuit
Internet protocol multimedia subsystem enabled cellular phone accessory device
Exploiting multiuser diversity through phase modulation multiplexing
Wireless communication terminal and mobile type wireless communication terminal
System, and associated terminal, method and computer program product for forwarding content and providing digital rights management of the same
Method and apparatus for delayed transmission of SMS messages
Methods and apparatus for automating the servicing of telephone calls including requesting directional and/or other types of information
Caller identification of recipient that answered a simultaneous or routed communication
System and method for providing personal directory assistance services
Original feeding apparatus, original reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image-reading device
Original document transport device
Image reader, image forming and reproducing apparatus, and image reading method
Design parameters for a multi-row linear photosensor array
Operational amplifier for an active pixel sensor
LCD TV capable of being used as a music station only
Automatic deinterlacing and inverse telecine
Video stream data recording apparatus
Camera unit and apparatus for monitoring vehicle periphery
Image pick-up device including camera angled with respect to a display device
Apparatus of high dynamic-range CMOS image sensor and method thereof
Broadcast signal receiving apparatus and method of filtering noise signals
Recording device and method for data of mixed formats
Apparatus and method for embedding and extracting information in analog signals using distributed signal features and replica modulation
Internet surveillance system and method
Method for color filter array interpolation using color correlation similarity and multi-direction edge information
Method for manufacturing an ear device having a retention element
System and method for alternative presence reporting system
Architecture of internet protocol-based cellular networks
Remote radio data communication system with data rate switching
System for two-step resist soft bake to prevent ILD outgassing during semiconductor processing
Electroluminescent device and electronic apparatus
Controlled bleeder for power supply
Control system for multiple fluorescent lamps
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus and semiconductor integrated circuit
Formation of dielectric film by alternating between deposition and modification
Electronic-component housing
Mounting a heat sink in thermal contact with an electronic component
Heat dissipating device
Heat dissipation device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hybrid maize plant and seed 35P12
Hybrid maize plant & seed
Inbred corn line 8982-11-4-2
Soybean cultivar 61675408
Method for determining probable response of aquatic species to selected components of water flow fields
Retention device for processor module with heat sink
Devices and methods for indicating loss of shock absorption in a shoe
Universally accessible portable computer
Wireless inline-skate and skate board pulse watch with speed and heart rate monitoring
System for plotting a tri-dimensional shape, notably a plantar arch, and method of operating the system for producing an orthopaedic shoe or sole
Wireless health monitoring system
Patient support for use with mobile gamma camera
Antimicrobial wound coverings
Directionally preferential waste passage member for use with disposable absorbent article
Absorbent article having a body-accommodating absorbent core
Disposable article having a discontinuous responsive system
Method of producing microstructural medical implants
Method for preparation of disodium pamidronate
Absorbent articles comprising biodegradable PHA copolymers
Use of reagents to convert chrysotile and amosite asbestos used as insulation or protection for metal surfaces
Soil decontamination using ferric chelates and peroxide
Tunable molten oxide pool assisted plasma-melter vitrification systems
Performing Operations; Transporting
Alkylation of aromatic compounds using a sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Direct oxidation of cycloalkanes
Hydrogenation catalyst and process
Tertiary phosphanes containing alkylene glycol groups
Multifrequency ultrasonic transducer for 1.5D imaging
Clamping system
Laser soldering procedure applicable to the joining of pins over printed circuit boards
Measurement of welds
Friction welding process for mounting blades of a rotor for a flow machine
Liquid crystal mask, liquid crystal laser marker, and marking method using the same
Laser marking system and method of energy control
Chip housing
Solder material and electronic part using the same
Method and apparatus for electric arc welding
Deadman switch mechanism for emergency stop of robot and teaching operation
Holographic media
Color electrostatic recorder with adjustable pressure on a recording medium
Pen and ink supply tube assembly for plotters and the like
Electrostatic write head for electronic printing press
Print cartridge RF return current control
Image forming device and method for controlling divisional light scanning device
Transmitter casing for a tire air pressure warning apparatus
Method and apparatus of correcting battery characteristic and of estimating residual capacity of battery
Motion transformation system for rotary switches
Method and system for providing an optical signal at the rear of a vehicle to warn the driver of a following vehicle
Lighting device in the door of a vehicle
Control unit for a motor vehicle
Anti-theft device using code type transponder
Optically operated automatic control system for windshield wipers
Underwater signaling device
Replaceable trolling motor transducer
Remote channel swap for aviation communications
Molded electronic package and method of preparation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Large value buried inductors in low temperature co-fired ceramic circuit boards
Reducing the monovinyl acetylene and/or butadiene content of impure vinyl chloride
Racemization of optically active amines
Method of producing 4-nitro-m-phenylenediamine sulfate
Naphthyl acetamides as sPLA.sub.2 inhibitors
Method for making glycol in an adiabatic reactor system
Preparation of amine salts of 4-nitrotoluene-2-sulfonic acid
Anticoagulant agents
Tetraene derivative and process for producing the same
Total synthesis of antitumor acylfulvenes
Preparation of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers by catalytic conversion of dimethyl ether with formaldehyde formed by oxy-dehydrogenation of methanol
Preparation of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers by catalytic conversion of dimethyl ether with formaldehyde formed by dehydrogenation of dimethyl ether
Process for purification of methylal
Process for obtaining mixtures of isomeric acyloctahydronaphthalenes
Process for the production of aromatic acids
Process for the recovery of lactic acid esters and amides from aqueous solutions of lactic acid and/or salts thereof
Soluble double metal salt of group IA and IIA of (-) hydroxycitric acid, process of preparing the same and its use in beverages and other food products without effecting their flavor and properties
Hydrocarbon conversion using large crystal zeolite catalyst
Trifluoro-substituted benzoic acid, esters thereof, and process for producing the same
Triphenylphosphine mono and dimethoxy tri-sodium sulphonates
Phosphonated agents and their antiangiogenic and antitumorigenic use
Mercaptans and disulfides
Lettuce infectious yellows virus genes
Fertile transgenic corn plants
Modification of seed crops with transcription factors
Porphyrin-accumulating type herbicide resistance gene
Optical component and method of manufacture
Method of desulfurization of hydrocarbons
Steam cracking installation and method with single controlled injection of solid particles in a quenching exchanger
Caffeoyl-coa 3-O-Methyltransferase genes from parsley
DNA strands coding for glycerol-e-phosphate acyltransferase
Polyphenol oxidase cDNA
Device for electro-inductive hardening of bearing surfaces and transition radii in crankshafts
Ion plating apparatus
Copper alloy via structure
Infrared transmissive protective window
Textiles; Paper
Method of forming electric heat/warming fabric articles
Variable volume signaling device for an appliance
Fixed Constructions
Boring technique using locate point measurements for boring tool depth prediction
Through formation electromagnetic telemetry system and method for use of the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Circuit for measuring the electrode current of a ceramic gas sensor
Energy supplying system
Service alarm monitor
Apparatus and method for controlling fluid in a micromachined boiler
Safety switching device for electrically controlled machines
Apparatus for manipulating an operating theater lamp
Electronic message delivery system utilizable in the monitoring of remote equipment and method of same
Method and apparatus for in-situ monitoring of plasma etch and deposition processes using a pulsed broadband light source
Optical contact sensor
Non-contact position sensor
Laser system
Charging condition control in distance measuring mechanism
Method for the determination of the distance and the angular position of an object
Magnetic encoder apparatus
Pulse signal generation method and apparatus
Tub alarm apparatus
Towed array hydrophone
Laser-based photoacoustic sensor and method for trace detection and differentiantion of atmospheric NO and NO.sub.2
Removable air mandrel
Method and apparatus for distinguishing actual sparse events from sparse event false alarms
Hybridized biological microbolometer
Method and apparatus for monitoring the momental wavelength of light, and an optical amplifier and an optical communication system which incorporate the method and apparatus to adjust gain tilt
Process and device for measuring the complex spectrum (amplitude and phase) of optical pulses
Beta dependent temperature sensor for an integrated circuit
Method, apparatus and computer program product for classification of measured data from multi-core optical fiber
Evaluation methods and instrumentation with steel probes used for cathodic protection of underground pipelines
High resolution imaging microscope (HIRIM) and uses thereof
Hyperspectral slide reader
Laser scanner projection system for viewing features on substrates and on coated substrates
Surface measurement apparatus for detecting crystal defects of wafer
Hydrogen-sensitive palladium (PD) membrane/semiconductor schottky diode sensor
Condom testing apparatus
Optical sensor
Thin profile vertically oriented probe adapter with code disassembly capability
Inspection method of conductive patterns
Impedance-matched interconnection device for connecting a vertical-pin integrated circuit probing device to integrated circuit test equipment
Photoconductive element and method for measuring high frequency signals
Method and apparatus for magnetizing and demagnetizing current transformers and magnetic bodies
Sensors for measuring current passing through a load
Method and apparatus for determining contact resistance
Method and apparatus for testing electronic systems using electromagnetic emissions profiles
Method and apparatus for remotely changing signal characteristics of a signal generator
Apparatus for testing an integrated circuit in an oven during burn-in
Method for diagnosing abnormality of circuit member of inverter driving controller for driving and controlling motor
Apparatus, method and kit for adjusting integrated circuit lead deflection upon a test socket conductor
Apparatus and method for setting zero point of Z-axis in a wafer probe station
Apparatus and method for disabling and re-enabling access to IC test functions
Inspection method and wiring current observation method for semiconductor device and apparatus of the same
Double-sided programmable interconnect structure
Method and apparatus for determining Characteristic parameters of a charge storage device
Adaptive reconstruction of phased array NMR imagery
Radio-frequency receiver unit for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Apparatus for supporting MR gradient coil assembly
Power amplifier and method for the drive of a power amplifier
Fast spin echo prescan for magnetic resonance imaging systems
Method and apparatus for alerting a user regarding the position of a satellite
Method and apparatus for locating a remote unit within a communication system
Seabed sonar matrix system
Utilization of auto and cross-correlation functions in methods for locating a source of a primary signal and for localizing signals
Robot system, control method, and recording medium
Visual display of aircraft data link information
Channel-specific control of pulse integration in a gamma camera system in response to pulse pile-up
Aircraft turbulence encounter reporting system
Lens system
Retro-focus lens
Optical systems
Inverted microscope having a variable stage position
Personal visual display system
Apparatus and method for creating and displaying planar virtual images
Process and device for forming and guiding the radiation field of one or several solid and/or semiconductor lasers
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
High extinction ratio polarization beamsplitter
Microlens passive alignment apparatus and method of use
Optical equivalents of fiber optic face plates using irradiation sensitive glass
Optical magnetic field sensor probe
Optical fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer filter
Method for producing chired in-fiber Bragg grating
Camera having a locking tab for locking movement of a lens barrel when extended to a photographing position
Camera focus indicator
Ultra high-speed semiconductor optical modulator with traveling-wave electrode
Units with variable optical/energetic properties
Film confined to a frame having relative anisotropic expansion characteristics
Liquid crystal display with edge-lit backlight which uses ambient light injected between reflector and cholesteric polarizer
Backlighting system for a liquid crystal display unit
Color LCD with microcompensators
TN-mode liquid crystal display apparatus having improved gray scale display characteristics
Liquid crystal display with pixel electrode having aperture containing additional electrode
In-plane switching LCD having interlayer insulator at particular region with respect to electrodes
Interlayer insulation of TFT LCD device having of silicon oxide and silicon nitride
Liquid crystal display and a method for fabricating thereof
Display device
All optical gain-clamped amplifier and method thereof
Repetitive absorptive thresholding optical quantizer
Image recording apparatus
Printing paper information reading apparatus
Method for verifying silver-based lithographic printing plates
Interferometer system and method for lens column alignment
Method for measuring an aberration of a projection optical system
Exposing apparatus and method
Transport apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus having compact substrate stage
Scanning type exposure apparatus, position control apparatus, and method therefor
Alignment device and lithographic apparatus comprising such a device
Image forming apparatus capable of changing process line speed
Process and apparatus for the display and provision of alarm means for measured values on communications terminals
Interface module for a motor control system
Safety device for automobile power window system
Power control with reduced radio frequency interference
Power transistor current sensing and limiting apparatus
Derived power supply for composite bridge amplifiers
Current feed control circuit and electronic appliance using the same
Reference voltage generation circuit and reference current generation circuit
Start-up circuit for voltage reference generator
Low power voltage reference circuit
Method and apparatus for error current compensation
Computer joystick for moving an object in three dimensions
Multiple sub-battery system for a portable computer
Zoomorphic computer user interface
Custom docking tray for EMI reduction
Expansion-card support structures and information apparatus having a card support structure
Apparatus for supplying power from portable computer to extended station
Parallel power system which includes over voltage protection
System and method for aligning an initial cache line of data read from local memory by an input/output device
Method for ensuring security of program data in one-time programmable memory
Coding process for a signal processor, and processor for the implementation of such a process
Method and apparatus for managing multiple hierarchical lists within a browser
Method and apparatus for generating reports using declarative tools
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a user interface, which exploits spatial memory in three-dimensions, to objects and in which object occlusion is avoided
Storing packet data
Graphical user interface for displaying and manipulating objects
Dwell time indication method and apparatus
Computer file content preview window
Mouse command coding
Method of selecting an object and system thereof
Method for providing a cue in a computer system
Digitizer system with cursor shape changing as a function of pointer location on menu strip
Printing system
Display apparatus for programmable logic controllers
Digital gamma correction circuit, gamma correction method, and a liquid crystal display apparatus and electronic device using said digital gamma correction circuit and gamma correction method
Integrator input circuit
Shell extensions for an operating system
Compact cubic function generator
Code printing apparatus for printing an optically readable code image at set positions on a print medium
Multiple copy printer with print job retention
Simplified method to print inherited pages in a page printer
IC module and IC card
Method and apparatus for optical correlation recognition by time-integrated nonlinear detection
Graphic request management system
Method and apparatus providing efficient rasterization with data dependent adaptations
Stereoscopic image generation method and apparatus thereof
Animation creating method and system, and animation reproducing method and system
Method and apparatus for providing frame-time feedback to graphics application programs
Image compensating device based on age-related characteristics
Deblocking filter for encoder/decoder arrangement and method with divergence reduction
Vehicle key with integrated electrical components
Single lockout mechanism for a multiple battery compartment that is particularly suited for smoke and carbon monoxide detector apparatus
Composite battery-transmitter
Monitoring system
Wireless communication device adapted to generate a plurality of distinctive tactile alert patterns
Remote controller, remote control interface, and remote control system including a remote controller and a remote control interface
Machine and method for detecting traffic offenses with dynamic aiming systems
Radio warning system for hazard avoidance
Device for presenting multiple illuminated messages and a method for making same
Circuit for limiting horizontal image size of display
LED matrix current control system
Tracking control circuit of a display
Power consumption control for a visual screen display by utilizing a total number of pixels to be energized in the image to determine an order of pixel energization in a manner that conserves power
Method of driving plasma display panel, and display apparatus using the same
Method and device for driving a plasma display panel
Low loss driving circuit for plasma display panel
Liquid crystal device having drive duty ratios of all display portions in the power-saving operation mode lower than those in the normal operation mode
Method and apparatus for driving display panel
Liquid crystal display drive circuit and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display devices capable of improved dot-inversion driving and methods of operation thereof
Display device with particular external connections
Transmission device for computer video signals
Method for displaying data on a video display
Guitar slide
Electronic music instrument system with musical keyboard
Non-consonance generating device and non-consonance generating method
Recording medium device for use with a tape cartridge having an auxiliary memory viewable through a cartridge discrimination opening
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Method for preventing excessive force exerted on a lever assembly
Information processing device having block-shaped rack gears coupled in travel rail
Two-piece media hub and methods of attaching same to a medium
Motor for driving information medium
Faster spin-down operation in a disk drive by utilizing pulsed braking
Digital recording/reproduction apparatus including a digital equalizer circuit with open-loop control
Storage disk apparatus and method of controlling same
Stable data writing method by tracking head speed in hard disk drive
Composite ramp structure for data storage devices
Method and mechanism for synchronizing hardware and software modules
Autochanger for storing and transferring multiple media items, such as tape cartridges, relative to a read/write mechanism
Shock mounting system for data storage modules
Method of providing improvement in the prevention of shield-to-lead shorts in MR/GMR heads, MR/GMR heads produced thereby and storage devices using MR/GMR heads produced thereby
Magneto-resistive composite head and a magnetic disk device, having grounded magnetic shielding layers
Head suspension having tabs and force isolation welds for gram load reduction during swaging
Hard disk drive with lightly contacting head
Slider for disc storage system
Magnetic head device with rail formed within width of head chip and method of making same
Optical pickup device including a holographic lens section with a double side cut circular diffraction grating pattern
Pump control circuit
Semiconductor memory with auto-tracking bit line precharge scheme
Configuration for crosstalk attenuation in word lines of DRAM circuits
Semiconductor memory device allowing efficient column selection
Self-timed data amplifier and method for an integrated circuit memory device
Apparatus and method for maintaining bit line charge state during a read operation
Associative memory and method for the operation thereof
Non-volatile memories with improved endurance and extended lifetime
Programmable logic architecture incorporating a content addressable embedded array block
Method for operation of a flash memory using n+/p-well diode
Method to provide a reduced constant E-field during erase of EEPROMs for reliability improvement
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory system
Noise reduction during simultaneous operation of a flash memory device
Circuit and methods to improve the operation of SOI devices
Memory circuit for changing boost ratio
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and erasing method for said device
Bias conditions for repair, program and erase operations of non-volatile memory
Negative voltage level shifter circuit and nonviolatile semiconductor storage device including the circuit
Semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
Integrated circuit with a configuration assembly
Semiconductor memory device and data read method of device
Memory device with skew-removable I/O structure
Semiconductor memory device having clock frequency multiplying apparatus
Synchronous memory device of a wave pipeline structure
Clock signal from an adjustable oscillator for an integrated circuit
Low voltage and low power static random access memory (SRAM)
Semiconductor memory device
Multi-block memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having main word lines and sub-word lines
Container for transporting antiprotons
Peak power energy storage device and gravitational wave generator
Oligomeric anilines and their synthesis
Wiring harness shield splitter
Contact assembly for semiconductor resistors such as posistors
Multilayer varistor
Micromagnetic device for power processing applications and method of manufacture therefor
Electric noise absorber
High-frequency choke coil
Electric motor
Transformer with center tap
Solid cast resin coil for high voltage transformer, high voltage transformer using same, and method of producing same
Coil bobbin
Push button of computer bezel
Button retention feature
Multidirectional inputting apparatus
Key structure of computer keyboard
Reduced drag ratchet
Method and apparatus for an improved single pole double throw micro-electrical mechanical switch
Circuit breaker
Fusible link with non-mechanically linked tab description
Terminal cover for electrical equipment
Toggle switch stop
Electron source and image forming apparatus as well as method of providing the same with means for maintaining activated state thereof
Plasma display panel with metal oxide layer on electrode
DC plasma display panel and methods for making same
Cathode ray tube having vertical and horizontal line misconvergence correction
Apparatus for compensating convergence in a color cathode ray tube
Cathode-ray tube
Method and apparatus for deflecting charged particles
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method sing same
Incandescent lamp having IR reflecting layer and specially shaped bulb
Apparatus and process for measuring the temperature of semiconductor wafers in the presence of radiation absorbing gases
Polysilicon electrode with increased surface area and method for making same
Method for producing a semiconductor device including doping with a catalyst that is a group IV element
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
Gate structure
Multi-layer gate conductor having a diffusion barrier in the bottom layer
Methods of forming integrated circuitry and integrated circuitry structures
Titanium nitride interconnects
Field effect transistor assemblies and transistor gate block stacks
Semiconductor memory device having a first source line arranged between a memory cell string and bit lines in the direction crossing the bit lines and a second source line arranged in parallel to the bit lines
SOI-MOS field effect transistor with improved source/drain structure
Diode of semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Vertical type misfet having improved pressure resistance
Shallow-implant elevated source/drain doping from a sidewall dopant source
Performance matrix, method of making an active matrix displays incorporating an improved TFT
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
SMIF box cover hold down latch and box door latch actuating mechanism
Semiconductor device having an interconnection pattern for connecting among conductive portions of elements
Method of spacer formation and source protection after self-aligned source formed and a device provided by such a method
Polishing stop structure
Integrated circuit utilizing an air gap to reduce capacitance between adjacent metal linewidths
Semiconductor device with sidewall insulating layers in the capacitor contact hole
Enhanced heat dissipating chip scale package method and devices
Press-fit semiconductor package
Integral heat-sink and motor assembly for printed circuit boards
Retention device for mounting heat sink to CPU socket
Capacitive mounting arrangement for securing an integrated circuit package to a heat sink
Power semiconductor packaging
Semiconductor device having an insulating substrate
Translator for recessed flip-chip package
Thin film flexible interconnect for infrared detectors
Ball grid array package and method using enhanced power and ground distribution circuitry
Semiconductor packages having split die pad
Monolithic inductor with guard rings
Laser fusible link
Programmable interconnect architecture
Enbedded memory assembly
Multi-chip package with stacked chips and interconnect bumps
CMOS device
Full CMOS SRAM cell comprising Vcc and Vss buses on both sides of each of complementary data lines on a single level
Flash memory
Semiconductor gate array device
CMOS image sensor employing silicide exclusion mask to reduce leakage and improve performance
Photoelectric conversion device, and system and image reading method using the device
Active pixel sensor with inter-pixel function sharing
Self-light-emitting apparatus and semiconductor device used in the apparatus
Reduced surface field device having an extended field plate and method for forming the same
Sub-quarter micron silicon-on-insulator MOS field effect transistor with deep silicide contact layers
Thin film semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device comprising a half-bridge circuit
RESURF EDMOS transistor and high-voltage analog multiplexer circuit using the same
Field effect transistor
Reduced 1/f low frequency noise high electron mobility transistor
Method of making photovoltaic device
Photo detector having a plurality of semiconductor layers
Superconducting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Vapochromic led
Diode pumped solid state edge emitting light source
Organic electroluminescent device with housing
Battery charger capable of evaluating battery charge state
Dielectric waveguide resonator, dielectric waveguide filter, and method of adjusting the characteristics thereof
Self-tuning resonant cavity filter
Efficient solid-state high frequency power amplifier structure
Apparatus and method for reducing the temperature sensitivity of ferroelectric microwave devices
Dual-loop multiband reception antenna for terrestrial digital audio broadcasts
Crank quadrifilar slot antenna
Dual pattern antenna for portable communications devices
Cavity-backed slot antenna
Alignment control device
L-shaped indoor antenna
Two-dimensionally steered antenna system
Delay line antenna array system and method thereof
Distributed bifocal abbe-sine for wide-angle multi-beam and scanning antenna system
Low impedance loop antennas
Multi-mode antenna
Dispersive surface antenna
Dual-mode AC/DC electrical receptacle
Voltage level conditioning transceiver cable
Electric motor with carbon track commutator
Isolation ground assembly
Screwed cable gland for a shielded cable
Resistor-incorporated spark plug and manufacturing method of resistor-incorporated spark plug
Transient voltage protection device with ceramic substrate
Air conditioning disconnect assembly
Fasteners for electric load center basepan
Equipment module and cabinet and methods of manufacture thereof
Device for locking a circuit breaker plug-in and disconnection mechanism
Electrical switchgear apparatus comprising a plug-in circuit breaker and position indicators of the circuit breaker in its frame
Cable connection protecting device
Receptacle-mounted cover plate
Distribution control system and distribution control method capable of isolating fault section without fail
Two wire solid state AC/DC circuit breaker
Battery pack protection circuit and battery pack including a protection circuit
Electronic bridge and half-bridge circuits with suppression of high-voltage transients on the power supply line
Microprocessor detection of transient voltage and abnormal line voltage
System and method using phase detection to equalize power from multiple power sources
Power switching circuit for use in a power distribution system
Apparatus for improving the battery life of a selective call receiver
Mode selection circuit for a battery, a method of selecting modes for the battery and a battery back-up power supply employing the circuit and method
Battery charger with detachable mechanical adapters and fold-out connectors
Charge controlling device and method for multi-cell battery, and electric vehicle provided with change controlling
Battery operated cableless external starting device and methods
Battery charging device and method and electronic device
Indirect contact battery temperature detection for rechargeable battery system
Load control method by detecting the time state of same frequency alternating current sine wave and alternating current square wave
Automatic power control device
Uninterruptible power supplies with dual-sourcing capability and methods of operation thereof
Magneto-equipped power device
Winding for linear motors without slots
Three-phase stepping motor and driving method therefor
Apparatus and method for reducing noise and vibration in an electric motor
Liquid cooled brushless generator for vehicles
Miniature electric motor
Terminal arrangement of vehicle AC generator
Circuit configuration for producing a load-independent output voltage
Power-factor-corrected single-stage inductive charger
Boost doubler circuit wherein an AC bridge rectifier is not required
Load-side filter arrangement for a converter circuit arrangement
Scaleable charge pump for use with a low voltage power supply
Charge pump circuit including level shifters for threshold voltage cancellation and clock signal boosting, and memory device using same
Battery charger with low heat dissipation
Sensing of current in a synchronous-buck power stage
Switching power supply unit utilizing a voltage dropping circuit
Modular bus bar and switch assembly for traction inverter
Power converter including positive bus ground
Solid state motor start method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for driving motor
Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
Universal crystal-oscillator input/output circuit for application-specific integrated circuit with enhanced charge device mode electrostatic discharge protection
Demodulation of FM audio carrier
Frequency converter
Power amplifying circuit with load adjust for control of adjacent and alternate channel power
Self-biased, phantom-powered and feedback-stabilized amplifier for electret microphone
Amplifier having redundancies
Digitally-controlled low noise variable-gain amplifier
High-frequency power amplifier
Operational amplifier output stage
Balanced differential amplifier without common-mode feedback circuit
Interpolation digital filter for audio CODEC
Multilayer noise filter including integral damping resistor
Two-port saw resonator
Energy trapping type piezoelectric filter with identical piezoelectric substrates
Tuner for cable modem
Current bit cell and switched current network formed of such cells
Short circuit protection for a semiconductor switch
Method of driving a load and semiconductor load driver circuit therefor
Power-on reset circuit
Universal on-chip initialization circuit
Power-on reset circuit for dual supply voltages
Charge sharing selectors
Multiplexer for producing multi-level output signals
Power saving clock buffer
Full CMOS slew rate controlled input/output buffer
Powerup sequence artificial voltage supply circuit
Termination circuits and related output buffers
Voltage translator circuit which allows for variable low voltage signal translation
Integrated circuit with selectively disabled logic blocks
Ninety-degree phase shifter
Low supply voltage comparator in BICMOS technology
Temperature compensated crystal oscillator
Method for generating clock and clock generating circuit
Source-switched or gate-switched charge pump having cascoded output
Phase-locked loop having adjustable delay elements
Method and device for analogue to digital conversion
Method and apparatus for converting an analog signal to a digital signal
Low-noise sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter
Method and arrangement for detecting faults in a network
Optical power measuring system terminal station and repeater therefor
Optoelectronic transmitter with improved control circuit and laser fault latching
Optical amplifier for wavelength multiplexing optical transmission
Bidirectional optical transmission system for dense interleaved wavelength division multiplexing
Optical regeneration for wavelength-division multiplex soliton signal fiber optic transmission systems
Optical layer survivability and security system using optical label switching and high-speed optical header reinsertion
Optical address decoder
Optical computer bus with dynamic bandwidth allocation
High speed source synchronous signaling for interfacing VLSI CMOS circuits to transmission lines
Driver with switchable gain
Dual automatic gain control in a QAM demodulator
Integrated printer and scanner device
Method for expanding memory capacity for photo film and a film player
Integrated optical imaging assembly
Image reading apparatus
Registry adjusting device for laser beam printer
Four-plane reflection type reflective optical unit and scanner optical system
Facsimile apparatus and method
Adaptive resolution scanning
Image reading apparatus
Data communication apparatus and method
Method and system for negotiating transmitting and receiving modes for transmitting facsimile data via a medium having a variable data transmission time
Image scanning apparatus for scanning both sides of an original sheet with a simple memory structure and an image data outputting apparatus for separating image data of each side from image data of both sides
Scanner calibration technique to overcome tone inversion
Color conversion method using ordered color signal interpolation
Digital printer and image data conversion method
Image processing apparatus and method
Color negative scanning and transforming into colors of original
CCD image sensor having two-layered electrode structure
Video frame detector readily adaptable to video signal formats without manual programming and method for same
Apparatus and method of providing switching frequency synchronization
High speed, increased bandwidth camera
Camera having adaptive object image display facility
Program guide systems and methods
Video signal processing circuit inhibiting display of distorted images
Control device for unifying the brightness of a display screen and method thereof
Multi-regional interactive program guide for television
Waveform generator for insertion of data into digital television signals
Circuits and methods for a monitoring circuit in a network amplifier
Compact cable tuner/transceiver
Teleconference method and system for providing face-to-face teleconference environment
Digital television system which selects images for display in a video sequence
System for selective multicasting in a communications system
Shared video data storage system with separate video data and information buses
Digital video distribution system
Digital video processing using a dynamically varying number of video fields
Motion detection and motion compensative prediction circuit
Adaptive anti-crosscolor notch filter for SECAM encoder
Image signal processing apparatus
Antenna formed of a plurality of acoustic pick-ups
Apparatus for communicating with a remote computer to control an assigned lighting load
Illumination control apparatus for controlling illumination by detecting external magnetic field
Automated switching device with feedback resistance for lighting means
Remote positionable photocell device for use with an exterior landscape lighting assembly
Lamp control circuit
Bridge commutator with separate drive oscillator for electrodeless lamps
Ballast circuit with lamp current regulating circuit
Strobo system used for camera
Ignition scheme for a high intensity discharge lamp
For improvements in a lamp type recognition scheme
Induction hardening apparatus for a crankshaft
Circuit in a selective call radio with improved electromechanical interconnects
Burn-in board
Electronic card
Integrated retention spring with card ejector
Bracket for mounting a circuit board assembly on a mother board
Motherboard having one-between trace connections for connectors
Heat pipe attached to a printed wiring board
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