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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Multi-function animal jacket
Rope connecting device and method
Weedless fishing lure device and related method
Fishing line assembly
Anti-fever botanical composition and uses thereof
Separatable shell for receiving candy coating and storing toy
Early stimulation of taste and/or flavour acceptance
Adding an additive to a meat product
Bi-directional multiple-layer pull-in cigar holder
Bi-directional multiple-layer extension cigar holder
Shirt system with sealed glove and sleeve
Manufactured article and a method of obtaining thereof
Motor-operated umbrella
Cases and covers for handheld electronic devices
Diver's compression trifold backpack
Massage machine
Motion bed
Stand assemblies for portable electronic devices
Electronic device frame
Training spoon
Hanger for supporting garment and device for enhancing use of hanger
Automobile neck pillow
Protective device for preventing flare-ups from contacting food during cooking
Container of wipes with dispensing nozzle
Cleaning implement and cleaning body
Pet vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner having shredder
Method and device for sealing a puncture hole in a bodily organ
Surgical retrieval device and method
Dynamic spinal stabilization device
Selective conductive interstitial thermal therapy device
Medical instruments and techniques for treating pulmonary disorders
Device and process for progressive addition lens design
Large diopter range real time sequential wavefront sensor
Photoplethysmography apparatus and method employing high resolution estimation of Time-Frequency Spectra
Metabolic monitoring, a method and apparatus for indicating a health-related condition of a subject
System and method for positioning teeth
Disposable diaper with integral disposal system
Absorbent article including an absorbent core layer having a material free zone and a transfer layer arranged below the absorbent core layer
Interior needle stick guard stems for tubes
Biological tissue growth through induced tensile stress
Spinal implant
Adjustable joint positioning device
Supporter for Achilles tendon
Septal splint
Variable automated tissue retention system
Prophylactic device and methods of use
Stability controlled assistive lifting apparatus
Apparatus, systems, and methods for augmenting the flow of fluid within body vessels
Apparatus, systems, and methods for augmenting the flow of fluid within body vessels
Apparatus, systems, and methods for augmenting the flow of fluid within body vessels
Three-dimensional structure of complement receptor type 2 and uses thereof
Delivery carrier for antimicrobial essential oils
Compositions with hematopoietic and immune activity
Gel vaccine delivery system for treating poultry
Adjuvant comprising aluminum, oligonucleotide and polycation
Process for manufacturing vaccines
Compositions and methods for increasing the stability of antibodies
Treatment drug for autoimmune diseases and allergic diseases
Antigen binding proteins
Method for inhibiting HIV-1 replication utilizing anti-GBV-C E2 antibodies
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of influenza
Antimicrobial medicotechnical product, process for its preparation and use
Optically sensitive cell network
Multimeric peptidomimetic fibrosis specific dual-modality probes
Frozen compositions and methods for piercing a substrate
Tamper resistant composition comprising hydrocodone and acetaminophen for rapid onset and extended duration of analgesia
Enteric delivery of functional ingredients suitable for hot comestible applications
Water system for a vehicle and method for reducing germs in a water system
Canister for autologous fat transfer
Dilated nasal sleep mask
Ventilating element, system, and methods
Intermittent low-pressure orotracheal intubation device
Disposable male catheter system
Catheter having denatured part for contact with body
Device and method for reducing or removing stenoses
Fluid application device and method
Cap lock
Disposable intravenous flow control device
Apparatus and method for supplying power to subcutaneously implanted devices
Hand-held exercise weight
Adjustable weight kettlebell
Multiply-adaptable physical training system
Training pole for athletes
Golf flagpole stand
Golf swing practice target device
Table tennis skill improvement racket
Wrist guard for bowling
Baseball holder for a batting tee
Racing car wheel and controls for use in a multimedia interactive environment
Board game and method of play
Multi video game changer
Inflatable rocket assembly
Momentum in precession leverage unit
Tumbling toy and its associated method of manufacture
Autonomous bobble head toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dehydration method
Adjustable vacuum pan assemblies for belt filters
Filter arrangement with overlapping tongues
Method of removing liquid contaminant droplets from a gas stream, and wash tray
Toxic gas removal and air conditioning system for human life support in enclosed refuge spaces
Adsorbents for removing contaminants from gas flows containing water
Separation of industrial gases
Separation of oxygen containing gases
Process for removal of carbon dioxide from a gas
Use of a KMgF.sub.3 compound for trapping metals in the form of fluorides and/or oxyfluorides in a gaseous or a liquid phase
Oil coalescing filter
Dilution kit and method
Fine-particle structure/substrate composite member and method for producing same
Method for making fine diamond PDC
Device for and method of storage and generation of hydrogen for autonomous current sources based on fuel cells
Washing system and method
Air-cooled swirlerhead
Magnetic patterning method and system
Bonding an adherent to a substrate via a primer
Method of making metal-treated particles of specific surface area for remediation
Screen retainer having adjustable tensioning
Beverage can cleaning apparatus and method of use thereof
Chemical pigging apparatus including an inflatable device and method of using same
Apparatus and process for forming rolled bar bundles
Method for manufacturing a quick release axle assembly that has greater strength and lighter weight
Apparatus and method for facilitating servicing of a liquid-cooled electronics rack
Method of forming an aerofoil with a damping filler
Crossmember center section
Post-cable connection for a roadway barrier
Tool assembly for removing material from a work-piece
Sink drain fitting cutter guide
Length-adjustable chain carrying device
Electric tool having an optical control element
Melon cutting boards
Applying different pressures through sub-pad to fixed abrasive CMP pad
Aqueous resin composition for abrasive articles and resulting articles
Field access station
Safety cutter apparatus
Ingot mold for silicon ingot and method for making the same
Positioning device for runner system
Preventive maintenance system and method for fiberglass boats
Methods of making a stub lens element and assemblies using same for optical coherence tomography applications
Electric servo press machine
Device for forming sleeve-like foil envelopes from a flat strip of foil material
Graphic floor mat and method of making mat
Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring substrate, and multilayer wiring substrate
Ultrathin wafer debonding systems
Cemented carbide material for surface coated gear cutting tool and surface coated gear cutting tool
Use of polypeptides in the form of adhesive agents
Method for printing an image on the under peak of a baseball cap and baseball cap
Ink composition, ink set, and image forming method
Liquid ejection head formed of piezoelectric plates
Flexographic proofing tools and methods
Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Driving apparatus for opening and closing body for vehicle
Torque-based hybrid electric vehicle powertrain control system and method
Dual drive system for a non-motorized vehicle
Vehicle shifter
Restrained shift cable bracket in an adjustable steering column
Motor vehicle
Hybrid vehicle
Load device for vehicles
Passenger light cooling
Car mount for an electronic device
Cushioned barrier for pets in a vehicle
Retractor/pretensioner apparatus of seatbelt for vehicle
Articulated ladder rack for semi tractor
Collapsible hitch mounted cargo carrier
Device and method for blocking a vehicle and loading-unloading station provided therewith
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Methods of biking or cycling on varied surfaces
Manually driven cart with biased-direction rear wheels
Infant stroller with athletic accessory container
Beam member
Intermodal chassis side fairing system
Spare-tire collision management system
Collapsible vehicle trailer
Drive system with contoured cavity
Lever drive system for a scooter
Remote docking port
Mobile marine service module
Life streamer system
Easy-fill water bottle system
Vehicle identification card
Vacuum baggie
Foldable boxes
Lid for mixing cups of paint guns
Child'S activity station
Package of folded sheet products and method for filling a dispenser
System for adjusting conveyor direction
Cut sheet media inverting system
Sheet separation/conveyance device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Apparatus and method for orienting products for applying indicia during transport
Collection and deployment device
Synthetic fiber sling and roller system for carrying and positioning a load
Convertible transporter basket
Robot and robot hand
Filling machine with a variable filling rate
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Titanium carbide as a friction and wear modifier in friction materials
Method and device for removal of ammonia and related contaminants from water
Cooling tube nozzle for a post-manufacture glass container thermal strengthening station
Corrosion-resistant bonding agents for bonding ceramic components which are exposed to plasmas
Low-emissivity coatings
.alpha. alumina sintered body for production of sapphire single crystal
Process for the production of binders
Method for treating domestic waste
Hepatitis C antibodies and uses thereof
Scintillator compositions
Borophosphate phosphor and light source
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids
Extraction of oil sand bitumen with two solvents
Hydrocarbon synthesizer
Processes for producing denatured ethanol
Chemical activation of an actuator or an osmotic motor
Process and apparatus for extracting biodiesel from algae
Phantom for the experimental in-vitro validation of radiation procedures under the influence of motion, taking into account the biological effective dose
Binary probe system for sensitive detection of target analytes
Method and apparatus for holding cells
Photobioreactor systems positioned on bodies of water
Methods of using HCN genes to treat cardiac arrhythmias
Cell detachment method
Method for preservation of human hematopoietic stem or progenitor cells
Oligoadenylate synthetase (OAS)
Prostatic acid phosphatase, compositions comprising the same, and methods for producing and/or purifying the same
Diguanylate cyclase method of producing the same and its use in the manufacture of cyclic-di-GMP and analogues thereof
Method for generating a double stranded nucleic acid with a single stranded overhang
Genetically encoded photomanipulation of protein and peptide activity
Method for separation of lactic acid component from lactic acid fermentation liquor, and separation apparatus
Breast cancer biomarker signatures for invasiveness and prognosis
Sputtering target material
Superfinishing large planetary gear systems
Plating apparatus and wire inspection method of the same
Fixed Constructions
Road restoration block
Tire deflation device for puncturing one or more tires of a fleeing vehicle
System for oil spill clean up and oil recovery
Liquid containment system
Portable urine shield
Formwork spacer and tie used as an anchor for concrete construction
Composite damper
Prefabricated insulation wall panels for construction of walls
Step re-tread system and apparatus
Use of polyolefin sealing films coated with non-reactive hot-melt adhesive for sealing
Rolling toe assist
Method and apparatus for suspending a cable in a pipe
Method and apparatus for releasing gas pressure from a drill string
Mechanically deployable well isolation mechanism
Subterranean well tools having nonmetallic drag block sleeves
Valve assembly
Wellbore cleanout tool
Method and apparatus for restoring contaminated groundwater
Mining drill with gradient sensing
Emergency disconnect system for riserless subsea well intervention system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bucket assembly for turbine system
Turbine airfoil with leading edge cooling
Lubrication system for an internal combustion engine, and method for lubrication
Method for measuring the quality of ammonia injection for an exhaust gas after treatment system of a vehicle
Exhaust heat utilization system
Operation device for engine
Heat shield element, in particular for lining a combustion chamber wall
Intermediate casing for a gas-turbine engine
Hybrid drive device
Internal combustion engine with liquid cooling
Two piston, concentric cylinder, alpha free piston Stirling machine
Drive train, in particular vehicle drive train
Vehicle fuel supply system
Fluid turbine
Swash plate type compressor
Steam powered pump
Integral accumulator/reservoir system
Fluid operated actuator system
Insulated support for electric conductors, finger grip, and method of making same
Barrel nut assembly
Rotating device and component for fluid dynamic bearing unit thereof
Rolling bearing
Power transfer assembly with torque sensors and torque control system
Load torque lock and apparatus having load torque lock
Element of a chain link of an energy guide chain, produced by means of a fluid internal pressure injection molding process
Gear transmission
Vehicle power transmission device
Torque control system
Water valve suitable for use with a bathtub
Monitor for pressurized canisters
Butterfly valve having function of maintaining sealing performance under low and high temperatures
In-line utility shut-off system and method of use thereof
Conduit attachment device for use with a trapeze
Magnetic tape device for magnetic encoder and methods for manufacturing and mounting said device
Integrated hydraulic accumulator arrangement
Hanging facilitation assembly
Cryogenic liquid storage tank
LED heat sink apparatus
LED lighting system and high-power LED lamp
Foldable LED table lamp
Detachment-resistant shell of light bulb
Light engine device with direct to linear system driver
Lamp change system for luminaires using quasi point light sources and related heat sinking
Apparatus and method for thermal dissipation in a light
Lamp having outer shell to radiate heat of light source
Cooling methodology for high brightness light emitting diodes
Solar collection and illumination apparatus
Systems and methods of eliminating shadowing in recessed luminaire and hydrographic printing of the same
Asymmetric serrated edge light guide film having circular base segments
Detonation wave arrestor
Injectable two-staged rotary compressor and heat pump system
Real time individual electronic enclosure cooling system
Multifunction dispenser actuation pad
Process for the separation of contaminant or mixture of contaminants from a CH4-comprising gaseous feed stream
Bio-thermal method and system for stabilizing timber
Vapor chamber having heated protrusion
Firearm suppressor
Forward pistol mount
Piezoelectric microcantilevers and uses in atomic force microscopy
Location determining system
Layered host based satellite positioning solutions
Piston pump and driver therefor
Guiding IR temperature measuring device with probe cover
Pressure detection unit
Catheter die
Analyte screening and detection systems and methods
Differential gas component probe having a passage containing a reaction catalyst
Measuring device for measuring adhesive strength of two-sided adhesive tapes
Pixel-type biological analysis device, biosensor, and fabrication processes thereof
Solid electrolyte sensor having two pumping cells for measurement of nitrogen oxides
Gel for isoelectric focusing
Systems and methods for ultrasonically evaluating structural properties
PVDF membranes
Method of determining the sex of birds, reptiles and mammals using steroid hormones
Method of calculating power flow solution of a power grid that includes generalized power flow controllers
Method for fabricating an electromechanical transducer
System and method for step coverage measurement
Gyroscopic steering tool using only a two-axis rate gyroscope and deriving the missing third axis
Fiber optic connector system
Image pickup apparatus including bayonet coupling section in lens barrel, and accessory
Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
Polymer compound, and resist-protecting film composition including same for a liquid immersion exposure process
Methods and structures for utilizing a memory device for a PLC
Vehicular seatbelt monitoring system and process
Processing well logging data with neural network
Power supply
System and method for power saving delay locked loop control
Power supply device
Virtual computer system and control method thereof
On-demand CPU licensing activation
Adjusting threshold for software error reset attempts to be commensurate with reserve power
Wake on LAN (WOL) test system and method thereof
Apparatus and method for point-to-point interconnect testing
Fault discovery and selection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for digit-serial communications for iterative digital processing algorithms
Message classification using classifiers
Apparatus and method for performing a plurality of storage devices
Virtualization system and area allocation control method
Flash memory and method of dynamically loading firmware operation module in optical drive
Media cache control interface
Protecting memory operations involving zero byte allocations
System and method for virtual tape management with creation and management options
File management apparatus and file management method
Disk controller configured to perform out of order execution of write operations
Memory device, memory controller and memory system
Serialization of data for multi-chip bus implementation
Method to provide atomic update primitives in an asymmetric heterogeneous multiprocessor environment
Method and system of externalising / internalising a data record that allow processing of part or all of the record
Memory card, semiconductor device, and method of controlling semiconductor memory
DMA transfer control system that performs data decode and data transfer and that generates a no operation (NOP) interrupt signal to end the DMA transfer processing in response to a NOP designation
Method of monitoring and administrating distributed applications using access large information checking engine (ALICE)
User interface service for a services oriented architecture in a data integration platform
System and method for obtaining remote instant messages
Ethernet virtualization using automatic self-configuration of logic
Enhanced data exchange and presentation/communication system
Contact management in a serverless peer-to-peer system
Multi-protocol and multi-format stateful processing
Message transformations in a distributed virtual world
Configuration method for device with virtual configurators
Computer and microprocessor control units that are inaccessible from the internet
System and method for processing transactions in a multisystem database environment
Method and system for machine-aided rule construction for event management
Queue state mirroring
Software architecture system and method for operating an appliance in multiple operating modes
Fast booting a computing device to a specialized experience
Managing watcher information in a distributed server environment
Systems and methods for expiring digital assets based on an assigned expiration date
Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining dynamic persistent data
Management of database statistics
List building system
Portable player and system and method for writing a playlist
Method and system for image rendering including polymorphic image data in a graphical user interface
Handheld performance tracking and mapping device utilizing an optical scanner
System and method for mail verification
Display apparatus, display method, and display program
Initial server-side content rendering for client-script web pages
Incrementally updating and formatting HD-DVD markup
Synchronization of computer databases using caching agents
System and method for providing common operators across multiple applications
System for backup and recovery of a plurality of heterogeneous databases
Surrogate hashing
Method and system for assuring integrity of deduplicated data
Method and apparatus for keyword mass generation
Method for domain identification of documents in a document database
Detection of patterns in data records
Managing device access in a software partition
Apparatus for reading a plurality of documents and a method thereof
Method and system for creating customized news digests
Dormer calculator
Representing and propagating a variational voltage waveform in statistical static timing analysis of digital circuits
Selectable device options for characterizing semiconductor devices
Method and system for topography-aware reticle enhancement
Method and apparatus for providing a protection circuit for protecting an integrated circuit design
Design structure for multiple source-single drain field effect semiconductor device and circuit
Dynamic time series prediction of future traffic conditions
Dynamic associative storage security for long-term memory storage devices
Method and apparatus for a connection sensing apparatus
Storage system with free ports where logical connections via physical paths connecting free ports are controlled
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus configured for use with copy control information
Method for controlling display of indicators in wireless mobile terminal
Computer keyboard with first and second modules having adjustable angle
Automated mail preparation system and method
Apparatus and method for managing file
Efficient top-K query evaluation on probabilistic data
Method for ranking and sorting electronic documents in a search result list based on relevance
Methods for facilitating application development
Two-way authentication using a combined code
IC card and access control method
Dynamic discovery and database password expiration management
Programmable logic systems and methods employing configurable floating point units
Method and apparatus for decimal number addition using hardware for binary number operations
Systems and methods for implementing source transparent email gateways
Address support for resources in common-language runtime languages
Simultaneous download to multiple targets
Urgent replication facility
Computer programming language statement building and information tool
System and method for grid MPI job allocation using file-based MPI initialization in grid computing system
Speculative multi-threading for instruction prefetch and/or trace pre-build
Dynamic editing support and validation of application specific information on business objects
Emulation component for data backup applications
Resource presentation convergence
System and method for adaptive power management based on processor utilization and cache misses
Method of predicting residual service life for rolling bearings and a device for predicting residual service life for rolling bearings
Simulation apparatus, simulation method, and computer-readable recording medium in which simulation program is stored
Mapping an image to an object using a matrix code
Inventory monitoring system
System and method for networked loyalty program
Method and system for enhancing customer loyalty
System and method for delivering payloads such as ads
System and method for generating an image fulfillment order
Method and system for controlling the initiation and duration of overtime interval in electronic auctions
Method and system for determining modulated volume information for a tradeable financial element
Financial goal planning and analysis system
Dynamic credit score alteration
Anonymous on-line cash management system
Method and apparatus for displaying embedded chip states and embedded chip end-user application states
System and method for enhancing financial institution revenues through acceleration of debit processing
System for evaluating over and underbalanced drilling operations
Enhanced media method and apparatus for use in digital distribution system
Matchmaking jewelry and method
Signal processing device and method which learn a prediction coefficient by least-Nth-power error minimization of student teacher data error to detect a telop within image signals which are input signals by selectively outputting input signals following decision of the processing deciding means
Keypad shield
System and method of generating service plans for refrigeration systems
Device for fixing a turkey tail fan
Mobile advertising displays
State output probability calculating method and apparatus for mixture distribution HMM
Voice conversion training and data collection
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding bitrate adjusted audio data
Information processing apparatus and information processing method for determining whether text information of an obtained item should be subject to speech synthesis by comparing words in another obtained item to registered words
Turntable allowing easy assembly of magnetizing yoke
Optical disk device and adjusting method thereof
Disk device including a lifting frame for disk handling
Objective-lens driving device utilizing tracking coils and focus coils arranged in series
System for manufacturing a field emission structure
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Organic light emitting diode and method of fabricating the same
Methods of fabricating optoelectronic devices using semiconductor-particle monolayers and devices made thereby
Methods of manufacturing solar cell devices
DSA grapho-epitaxy process with etch stop material
Integrated circuit package and a method for dissipating heat in an integrated circuit package
Method of at least partially releasing an epitaxial layer
Uniform large-grained and grain boundary location manipulated polycrystalline thin film semiconductors formed using sequential lateral solidification and devices formed thereon
Inductor formation with sidewall image transfer
Systems, methods and materials including crystallization of substrates via sub-melt laser anneal, as well as products produced by such processes
Method of fabricating high efficiency CIGS solar cells
Method of fabricating high efficiency CIGS solar cells
Semiconductor device incorporating a multi-function layer into gate stacks
Transistor with improved sigma-shaped embedded stressor and method of formation
Techniques for curvature control in power transistor devices
Formation of a zinc passivation layer on titanium or titanium alloys used in semiconductor processing
Field-effect transistor (FET) with source-drain contact over gate spacer
Gate stack of boron semiconductor alloy, polysilicon and high-k gate dielectric for low voltage applications
Stabilized metal silicides in silicon-germanium regions of transistor elements
Process to remove Ni and Pt residues for NiPtSi application using chlorine gas
Method of forming wiring of a semiconductor device
Structure and method for adjusting threshold voltage of the array of transistors
Method of forming metal silicide regions on a semiconductor device
Strained silicon and strained silicon germanium on insulator
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Structure and method for making crack stop for 3D integrated circuits
Sealed shallow trench isolation region
Method of chalcogenization to form high quality cigs for solar cell applications
Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same using an organic semconductor layer and an organic acceptor-donor layer
Electrochemical battery cell
Fuel cell module
Battery pack frame with elastic members and battery fixing portions
Rack housing assembly and energy storage apparatus having the same
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof
Variable volume containment for energy storage devices
Multi-layer coating
Solid oxide fuel cell
Immobilized enzymes in biocathodes
Operating fuse deflector
Portable electronic devices with moisture control and moisture indication features
Terminal block having a bus bar with a metal collar with a contact surface with ribs
System and method for coupling lead-in conductor to insulated conductor
Terminal and strip thereof with improved tearing structure
Igniter for igniting a fuel-air-mixture using HF corona discharge and engine fitted with such igniters
System for processing and transmitting digital broadcasting signal and method thereof
System, apparatus and methods of dynamically determined error correction codes in communication systems
Device and method for information communication, system and method for supporting information exchange and human relation fostering, and computer program
Moving principals across security boundaries without service interruption
System, method and computer readable medium for certifying release of electronic information on an internet
Secure flash-memory card reader with host-encrypted data on a flash-controller-mastered bus parallel to a local CPU bus carrying encrypted hashed password and user ID
Voiceprint biometrics on a payment device
Program, classification method and system
Apparatus and method for using a dedicated game interface on a wireless communication device with projector capability
Methods, apparatus, and program products for presenting replacement content instead of a portion of a recorded content
Capture of configuration and service provider data via OCR
Method and apparatus for associating commentary audio with a position in an experiential data stream
Providing and receiving on-demand assets using a pool of assets containing unavailable assets
Device for applying electromagnetic microwave radiation in a plasma inside a hollow glass substrate tube, and method for manufacturing an optical preform
Speaker cabinet and method for fabrication
Mounting bracket for power supply unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
High strength clad material with excellent molding properties
Stainless steel sheet material and manufacturing method thereof
Hetero-spiro compounds and their use as electroluminescence materials
Organic electroluminescent device containing a benzoperylene compound
Compound for organic electro-luminescence device and organic electro-luminescence device using the compound
Red-emitting organic light emitting devices (OLED''s)
Electroluminescent devices having arylamine polymers
Compositions containing chiral compounds and nematic liquid crystals, and devices using them
Chlorobenzene derivatives, liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal display elements
"Autumn tree" an indoor/outdoor artificial tree
Vehicle interior hand grip material
Composite insulated glass assembly and method of forming same
Polyester resin composition and reduced pressure blood-collecting tube
Thermoplastic composition and containers for promoting plant root branching
Imitation wax seal
Label having tab member and methods for forming, applying and using the same
Optical data storage medium capable of reversibly displaying information
Optical recording medium and use
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic memory
Insulating cover
Polyolefin-backed nylon carpets with improved stability
Decorative sheet having three-dimensional effect
Hard coat film
Fluororesin coating compositon and coated article obtained using the same
Ink-jet ink recording paper
One-site fruit processing and packaging facility
Flat bread grill
Process for treating a fried gyoza (a fried dumpling stuffed with minced pork) with water
Method of raising neutralizing antibodies against HIV
Immunogenic compositions that potentiate growth hormone activity
Low pressure injection molding of metal and ceramic threaded components
Method for extruding polycarbonate of low bulk density
Molding process for forming complex shapes
Equipment for processing a container using a low-pressure plasma having an improved vacuum circuit
Device for treating a band-shaped substrate with a gas
Vapor drying system and method
Method for locally removing oxidation and corrosion product from the surface of turbine engine components
Disposable body warmer for use in footwear
Prosthetic grafts
Optimized geometry of a tissue pattern for semilunar heart valve reconstruction
Ultrasound apparatus and method for tissue resonance analysis
Method and an apparatus for investigating material properties of bone using ultrasound
Bias charge regulator for capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew