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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Implantable tissue ischemia sensor
Abdominal impedance measurement apparatus and body composition determination apparatus
Microscopic imaging apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Instantaneous steam boiler
High capacity router having redundant components
Self-healing chip-to-chip interface
System and method for focusing a kinetic pulse array
Optical element
Micro-lens enhanced element
Prism pitch optimization
Lens assembly and method of manufacture
Wavelength monitored and stabilized source
Multi-stage optical isolator
Light receiver and Fresnel lens used therein
Color wheel assembly and color wheel with same
Flexible film optical waveguide using organic-inorganic hybrid material and fabrication method thereof
Plastic optical medium and production method thereof
Optical fiber bundle unit for transmitting ultraviolet light
Laser and photodetector coupled by planar waveguides
Apparatus for assembling lens group
Image-taking apparatus
Imaging apparatus, camera system, and controlling method therefor
Photographing apparatus, and control method and computer program product for controlling the same
Image adjusting method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Belt detaching device and image forming apparatus including belt detaching device
Process cartridge, developing cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing device, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge comprising the same
Toner image fixing device and image forming apparatus
Sheet transport apparatus and fixing apparatus
Developing toner for electrophotography and electro-photographic device
Plate combination type computer housing
Dynamic adjustment of reverse-link frame-error-rate (RFER) target based on reverse-link RF conditions
Communication system
System and method for fused PET-CT visualization for heart unfolding
Image processing device, program product and method
Dispersion and metal particle size characterization of nanocatalysts
Information encoded in an expression
Wafer aligning apparatus and related method
Image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium with a prescribed data format to delete information not desired
Compressing and restoring method of image data including a free microdot image element, a print dot image element, and a line picture image element
Systems, methods, and computer program products for compression, digital watermarking, and other digital signal processing for audio and/or video applications
MPEG video decoding method and MPEG video decoder using results from analysis of motion-vector data and DCT coefficients
Method for controlling the amount of compressed data
Image processing apparatus
Shrink wrap technique for enclosing multiple polygons
Incremental system for real time digital ink analysis
Classifying complete and incomplete date-time information
Image analysis for pick and place machines with in situ component placement inspection
Power save in IBSS mode of WLAN operation
Optical disk image forming device, optical disk image forming method and optical disk
Systems and methods for acquiring modified rate burst demodulation in servo systems
Accumulator for non-return to zero (NRZ) linear feedback shift register (LFSR) in controller for disk drive
Recording data simultaneously at two depths of a tilted magnetic medium
Optical information recording medium and optical information reproducing method
Optical disk recording apparatus and optical recording method
Thermally assisted recording system
Enhanced planarization liftoff structure and method for making the same
Thin film perpendicular magnetic recording head, their fabrication process and magnetic disk drive using it
System, method and apparatus for performing metrology on patterned media disks with test pattern areas
Apparatus, system, and method for detecting a periodic sequence of servo signals
Disc drive
Information recording and reproduction apparatus including optical pickup unit
Optical pickup and optical pickup aberration correcting method
Objective lens, optical pick-up device, and optical disk device
Optical pick-up
DVD-RAM disc discriminative reproducing device
Method for positioning a scanning probe on a target track of a multi-track storage medium, storage device, scanning device, and storage medium
Hybrid laser diode drivers that include a decoder
Method and apparatus for protecting data when a recording process has failed
Optical disc reproduction method and device, and optical disc manufacturing method
Optical recording medium and master disc for manufacturing optical recording medium
Multi-level cell memory devices and methods using sequential writing of pages to cells sharing bit buffers
Semiconductor memory device and write control method therefor
Method and system for updating a stored data value in a non-volatile memory
Semiconductor memory device overdriving for predetermined period and bitline sense amplifying method of the same
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device
Motherboard with voltage regulator for supporting DDR2 memory modules and DDR3 memory modules
Integrated semiconductor memory and method for operating a data path in a semiconductor memory
Time-switch carrying removable storage and semiconductor integrated circuit
Pulsed arbitration system
Pressure suppression and decontamination apparatus and method for reactor container
Power line outlet strip and method for powerline communications
Demagnetization circuit of a mobile phone
Methods of operating a mobile terminal such that a communication operation mode is changed based on a current voltage of a battery that powers the mobile terminal and related mobile terminals and computer program products
Portable electronic device with conducting pole
Segmented diode laser system
Temporal laser pulse manipulation using multiple optical ring-cavities
Optical system for providing short laser-pulses
Laser with gain medium suppressing higher order modes to provide lasing output with high beam quality
Optical fiber for an optical fiber laser, method for fabricating the same, and optical fiber laser
Generating laser pulses of prescribed pulse shapes programmed through combination of separate electrical and optical modulators
Method and system for powering multiple computer platforms
Power supply controller
Leakage current detector interrupter with continuous duty relay
Method and apparatus for an in-rush current limiting circuit
Power converter having flux bias regulation method
Compensation for parameter variations in a feedback circuit
Power converter
Time-based wafer de-chucking from an electrostatic chuck having separate RF BIAS and DC chucking electrodes
Device, system and method for detecting and handling co-channel interference
Secure network using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing spread spectrum communications
Spread spectrum frequency synthesizer with high order accumulation for frequency profile generation
Stacking baseband circuits using deep n-well and increased supply voltage
Baseband module and data transmission method
Radio communication system and radio communication terminal for the same
Radio base station apparatus, and despreading processing apparatus therefor
Signal waveform deterioration compensator
Infrared light emitting and receiving system
Optical system
Tunable radio frequency and microwave photonic filters
Broadband linearization of photonic modulation using transversal equalization
Power over optical fiber system
Fiber optic cable topology for fiber optic repeater distributed antenna system
Portable electronic apparatus having remote control module
Group communications switching method, subscriber terminal and server used for the method
Mobile communication system, user equipment in mobile communication system, control program thereof, and transmission power control method in mobile communication system
Base station, and a scrambling code setting method
Apparatus, and associated method, for providing network selection management in a radio communication system
Route precomputation method and apparatus for bandwidth guaranteed traffic
Data transmission system and method transmitting channel quality indicators in variable format
Optical connection switching apparatus and management control unit thereof
Automatic data rate detection
Apparatus, system, and method for implementing failover in a polling adapter without support from an application server
Termination of network connections in absence of a dynamic network interface
Wideband-narrowband telecommunication
Antenna array communication using spreading codes
Microscope system
Systems and methods for improved bit loading for discrete multi-tone modulated multiple latency applications
Electrical idle detection circuit including input signal rectifier
Communication apparatus, electronic apparatus, imaging apparatus
Providing conferencing data in a network communications system based on client capabilities
Circuit and method for arbitration
High-speed signal testing system having oscilloscope functionality
Session control system for hierarchical relaying processes
Network fault detection apparatus
Direct assembly of a data payload in an application memory
Overhead reduction for multi-link networking environments
Cross-bar switch incorporating a sink port with retry capability
End user circuit diversity auditing methods
Controlling device access fairness in switched fibre channel fabric loop attachment systems
Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method and computer program
Service providing system cooperative with VoIP and web environments and a method therefor
Voice call alternative routing through PSTN and internet networks
Method and apparatus for co-socket telephony
Method and apparatus for co-socket telephony
Various methods and apparatuses for impulse noise detection
Measurement method and arrangement for amplitude and phase synchronization in a polar transmitter
Data detection for a hierarchical coded data transmission
Limiter based analog demodulator
Estimating frequency offset at a subscriber station receiver
Method and apparatus for synchronizing base stations
Method and system for generation of cryptographic keys for use in cryptographic systems
Method and system for creating random cryptographic keys in hardware
Conversation recording with real-time notification for users of communication terminals
Method of providing information to a telephony subscriber
All-HTTP multimedia messaging
System and method for seamlessly integrating an interactive visual menu with an voice menu provided in an interactive voice response system
Apparatus for accessing a common database from a mobile device and a computing device
First responder communication system
Methods and apparatus for implementing customized ringback
Echo canceller with interference-level controlled step size
Offset buffer for intra-prediction of digital video
System and method for processing videos and images to a determined quality level
Sequence number synchronization for ciphering
Method and apparatus for creating still picture management data on a rewritable storage media
Mobile terminal, system and method for controlling access to an enhanced services system
Microphone apparatus with increased directivity
Method and system for preventing high speed downlink packet access transmissions loss
Method and apparatus for performing a power efficient cell search in a multi-cell wireless communication system
Integrated digital enhanced network migrated subscriber mapping
Method for reducing inter-cell interference in wireless OFDMA networks
Expansion interface module having protection circuit
Conversion module and chassis arrangement, and related methods
Control apparatus
Cooling high performance computer systems
Receiver apparatus
Semiconductor device
Modular outdoor LED power supply
Semiconductor device
Circuit structure with multifunction circuit cover
Expired Patents Due To Time
Seed coating compositions for low temperature applications
Method for treating plants
Lawn colorant composition having rearing effects
Hybrid ionic phosphorus surfactant adjuvants for bioactive compositions
Aminosulfonylureas with herbicidal activity
Method of forming a container capacitor structure
Method for forming a ragged polysilcon crown-shaped capacitor for a memory cell
Method of making a semiconductor device using processing from both sides of a workpiece
Methods of forming isolation trenches including damaging a trench isolation mask
Isolation region forming methods
Semiconductor cleaning method
Semiconductor device manufacturing with amorphous film cyrstallization using wet oxygen
Laser annealed microcrystalline film and method for same
Plasmids for construction of eukaryotic viral vectors
Compositions and methods for packaging of alphavirus vectors
Arrays of protein-capture agents and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for high volume polymer synthesis
Method of forming a stack of packaged memory die and resulting apparatus
Interconnect for packaging semiconductor dice and fabricating BGA packages
Method for preventing electrostatic discharge in an integrated circuit
Method of testing adequacy of cells in a specimen
Enzyme with galactanase activity
Glucoamylases with N-terminal extensions
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses thereof
Intact cell assay for protein tyrosine phosphatases using recombinant baculoviruses
Histamine measuring apparatus and a histamine measuring method
Methods of identifying agents which regulate release of amyloid precursor protein
Silicon carbide epitaxial layers grown on substrates offcut towards <1100>
Method and apparatus for increasing the temperature of a fuel cell
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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