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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for controlling a pyrolysis cleaning process in an oven
Fractionation of protein containing mixtures
Pentose derivatives as anti-hyperglycemic drugs
GLP-2 mimetibodies, polypeptides, compositions, methods and uses
Methods for the treatment of an infectious bacterial disease with an anti-lactone or lactone derived signal molecules antibody
Process for the destruction of halogenated hydrocarbons and their homologous/analogous in deep eutectic solvents at ambient conditions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and generator for electrical discharge machining
Welding flash protection apparatus
Method for generating optically perceptible laser-induced cracks in brittle material
Device for setting up, adjusting and/or controlling an apparatus for processing printed products
Handheld printer
Electric powertrain system having bidirectional DC generator
Method and system for controlling a vehicle given to a third party
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polymerizable diazonium salts, process for the preparation thereof and uses thereof
Process for enantioselective synthesis of single enantiomers of modafinil by asymmetric oxidation
Process for the production of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Purification of montelukast
Thiol compound derivative, curable composition containing the derivative, and molded product thereof
Kinase inhibitors
Potassium channel opener having benzofuroindole skeleton
Coupling agents for peptide synthesis
RNAi modulation of Aha and therapeutic uses thereof
Streptococcus uberis adhesion molecule
2'-Fluoro substituted oligomeric compounds and compositions for use in gene modulations
Short isoform of annexin A10 at chromosome 4q, termed annexin 10s (ANXA 10s) and methods of use
Protein sweetener
Gene overexpressed in cancer
Cartilage intermediate layer protein 2 C1 and its use to differentiate osteoarthritis from rheumatoid arthritis and non-disease conditions
DIRS1 polypeptides
Vasostatin as marrow protectant
Low molecular weight polysaccharides having antithrombotic activity
Method for reducing sheeting and agglomerates during olefin polymerisation
Copolymerizable emulsifiers and emulsion polymerization processes using the same
Resins based on ketones and aldehydes, having improved solubility properties and low color numbers
Phenylazo-acetoacetanilide derivatives with a polymerizable functional group and related compounds as monomers for preparing polymeric pigment dispersants for inkjet inks
Metathesis process for preparing an alpha, omega-functionalized olefin
Process for production of fatty acid alkyl ester and production apparatus for fatty acid alkyl ester
Fixed Constructions
Control device for opening/closing member
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for making miniature hydro-power generation system
Multiple-degree of freedom interferometer with compensation for gas effects
Physical quantity measuring apparatus
Two-dimensional position sensing system
Inductive magnetic position sensor
Electrical device and manufacture method for the same
Magnetized pulsar ring, and rolling bearing device with sensor using the same
Optical ultrasound device
Imaging apparatus and method for generating an aberration free image
Integrated chemical separation light scattering device
Spectrometric measurements during blending / mixing
System method and apparatus for optical directional determination
Sample analysis apparatus and analysis method
Light measurement apparatus measuring two-dimensional physical properties of a sample
Method for improving stability and lock time for synchronous circuits
Digital calibration techniques for segmented capacitor arrays
Sensor device, and portable communiction terminal and electronic device using the sensor device
Measuring apparatus and method for measuring a surface capacitance of an insulating film
High density interconnect system for IC packages and interconnect assemblies
Test device
Transparent conductive film roll and production method thereof, touch panel using the same, and non-contact surface resistance measuring device
Terminal apparatus, positioning method, control program for terminal apparatus, and computer readable recording medium having recorded therein control program for terminal apparatus
DSSS radar, method implemented by radar and computer-readable storage medium
Short-range radar and control method thereof
Locating a mobile station and applications therefor
Radiation detecting apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
X-ray detector module with a collimator
Demountable cryogenic NMR connection assembly systems and methods
System and method of reducing color shift in a display
Pixel based gobo record control format
Devices and methods for enhancing color shift of interferometric modulators
Hydrodynamic bearing unit, and optical deflector, optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Cholesteric liquid crystal light modulators
Light source module, illuminating apparatus and liquid crystal display
Polarized light emitting light guide plate, method of manufacturing the same and illuminator for flat panel display device using polarized light emitting light guide plate, comprising anisotropic liquid crystal polymer layer with light extraction microstructure and liquid crystal alignment microstructure
Thin film transistor (TFT) array panel with TFTs having varying leakage currents
Electro-optical device and method for manufacturing the same
EC mirror assembly
Scanning exposure technique
Method and apparatus for recording one-step, full-color, full-parallax, holographic stereograms
Method of nonlinear harmonic holography
Method and system for increasing holographic data storage capacity using irradiance-tailoring element
Power sampling systems and methods
Device with signal generator and signal receiver for providing controlled access to information and/or communication channels
Output voltage adaptive voltage converting apparatus and method thereof
Sepic fed buck converter
Prescanning in image printing/reading apparatus
Light emitting display and driving method thereof
Capacitance touch slider
Digitizer system
System and method for rerouting of document processing jobs
Job ganging via automatic proportional concatenation
Image transmission method and mobile communication terminal for implementing the same
Resilient integrated circuit architecture
Information processing apparatus and method for deleting blank pages while maintaining page order
Image processing apparatus for arranging content onto a reduced number of output pages
Optical properties restoration apparatus, the restoration method, and an optical system used in the apparatus
Identification medium, article, identification device, and method of identifying identification medium
Method and apparatus for providing bandwidth priority
Wireless sensor and method of controlling a wireless sensor
Hygiene monitoring system
Countermeasure system triggered by movement of a display of a computing device
Wireless tag determination method, wireless tag determination system, reader control device, and storage medium
Methods and apparatuses for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags configured to allow antenna trim
Intruder detection system
Manipulation protection for a fire detector
Seat belt status external monitoring apparatus and method
Sensors and systems for detecting environmental conditions or changes
Water safety apparatus
Office communication system
Parking support method and parking support apparatus
Plasma display apparatus and driving method of the same
Method for driving plasma display panel
Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
Display device and driving method thereof
OLED display device with high output impedance
Driving method of display apparatus
ePaper stamp
Driving method for cholesteric liquid crystal display
Display device and a method thereof
Inverter driving apparatus and liquid crystal display including inverter driving apparatus
Display device and method of driving the same
Powerless signal generation for use in conjunction with a powerless position determination device
Image processing apparatus
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Marching percussionist practice pad with structure that emulates a drum
Method and system for reproducing sound and producing synthesizer control data from data collected by sensors coupled to a string instrument
Chord aiding device for a fretted stringed instrument
Methods and systems for identifying similar songs
Radiation-shielding assemblies and methods
Method for solidifying and stabilizing a concentrated aqueous sodium hydroxide solution
System managing gas flow between chambers of an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photolithography apparatus
Compact multiple transformers
Correlated magnetic suit and method for using the correlated magnetic suit
Method and system for producing repeating spatial forces
Semiconductor device including a transistor and a ferroelectric capacitor
Complex button assembly and portable multimedia device using the same
Rotary knob for a motor vehicle
Field emission electrode, method and apparatus of manufacturing the same by carrying a humidification process and an aging process
Liquid crystal display device
Aluminum oxide and aluminum oxynitride layers for use with phosphors for electroluminescent displays
Charged particle beam apparatus and specimen holder
Ultraviolet light emitting AlGaN composition, and ultraviolet light emitting device containing same
Methods for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
Semiconductor package with reduced length interconnect and manufacturing method thereof
Functional element-mounted module and a method for producing the same
Electrode with nano-sized structures
Semiconductor chip having alignment mark and method of manufacturing the same
Secure connector grid array package
Semiconductor memory device with memory cells on multiple layers
Method and system for creating an image using quantum properties of light based upon spatial information from a second light beam which does not illuminate the subject
Integrated circuits with metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors having enhanced gate depletion layers
Trench MOSFET with cell layout, ruggedness, truncated corners
Deep trench capacitor and method of making same
Thin-film transistor and display device
Conversion apparatus, radiation detecting apparatus, and radiation detecting system
Suspended-gate MOS transistor with non-volatile operation
Levitating substrate being charged by a non-volatile device and powered by a charged capacitor or bonding wire
Tunnel field-effect transistor with narrow band-gap channel and strong gate coupling
Integrated circuit including resistivity changing material having a planarized surface
Semiconductor device with lower capacitor electrode that includes islands of conductive oxide films arranged on a noble metal film
Semiconductor device
Hybrid process for forming metal gates
Flexible photovoltaic array with integrated wiring and control circuitry, and associated methods
Light transmissible solar cell module, process for manufacturing same, and solar cell panel thereof
Ferroelectric capacitor device and method with optimum hysteresis characteristics
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of the same
Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
Light emitting device module
Compound having oxadiazole ring structure substituted with pyridyl group, and organic electroluminescent device
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive membrane type measuring device
Piezoelectric motor and camera device
Structure of LiAlO.sub.2 substrate having ZnO buffer layer
Organic electroluminescent display apparatus
Antenna, and associated method, for a multi-band radio device
RFID reader/writer antenna
Antenna architecture and LC coupler
Remote control device for controlling the angle of inclination of the radiation diagram on an antenna
Solar shields
Bushing and a method for producing the same
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Power sampling systems and methods
Battery charging device
Charging device
Device and method for charge equalization of series-connected individual cells of an energy accumulator
Battery charger stand set for motor vehicle
Armature winding of electric rotating machine, stator of electric rotating machine and electric rotating machine
Stepping motor
Power control system and method
Predistortion apparatus, system, and method
Baseband predistortion device and method
Low delay corrector
Method for error handling
Multi-stage Raman amplifier
Automatic regulator of filter
Image scanning device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing image data
Document reading apparatus, image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and copying machine
System and method for improving an appearance of a raster image comprising glyph shapes
Camera handling system
Photoelectric conversion device and image capturing device with variable amplifier for amplifying signal by a selected gain
Signal processing method and apparatus, and image sensing apparatus
Image pickup apparatus having audio output unit
Optical apparatus
Methods and apparatus for signaling offsets and changes in digital broadcast networks
Car audio/video system having a tilt button for controlling tilt motion of a front panel
Providing multiple perspectives of a venue activity to electronic wireless hand held devices
White balance adjustment method for a digital image capturing device
Sensor device for a heating device
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Modular wireless lighting control system using a common ballast control interface
LED replacement for low voltage lamps
Microwave-assisted chromatography preparation
Radical cleaning arrangement for a lithographic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Soybean cultivar 9505119785
Soybean cultivar 51367771
Inbred corn line ZS02433
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33J56
Two-tiered music box with revolving figurines
Stringed instrument neck having finger slots
Electronic musical keyboard attachment for a saxophone
Carrier assembly for percussion instruments
Changeable foot structure for hi-hat cymbal
Keyboard musical instrument
Semiconductor power generator based on a source of heavy ions and alpha particles
Photovoltaic modules with composite sheets
Solar panel
Synthesis of 1,3,5-trisubstituted pyrazoles
Process for preparing 3-(substituted phenyl)-5-thienyl or furyl)-1,2,4-triazoles and novel intermediates utilized therein
Formamide compounds as therapeutic agents
Compositions and methods for the selective etching of tantalum-containing films for wafer reclamation
Method for manufacturing conductive pattern layer by two-step wet etching process
Human Necessities
Method for treating ocular hypertension of glaucoma
Prostagladin derivatives
Vitamin D3 analogs
Therapeutic drug for the treatment of micturition disorders
Combination regimens using 3,3-substituted indoline derivatives
Optical diagnostic agents for diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases bymeans of near infrared radiation (NIR radiation)
Cocaine receptor binding ligands
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tellurium-containing molecular sieves
High density sponge and method and apparatus for rinsing a high densitysponge
Materials for construction engineering based on recycled or newly madeplastic materials, improved building components made for said materialsand methods of making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stereoselective process for producing nitro compounds
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-pepitides
Preparation of (S)-2-amino-6,6-dimethoxyhexanoic acid methyl ester vianovel dioxolanes
Method for separating maleic anhydride from maleic anhydride-containingmixtures by stripping
Method for the production of 1-substituted 5-hydroxypyrazoles
Process for preparing esterified chroman compounds
Optically active 1,4-benzodioxin-2-carboxylic acid derivatives and processfor producing the same
1,2-Dihydro-2-oxoquinoline derivatives
Cycloalkyl substituted imidazoles
Glucocorticoid receptor antagonists for treatment of diabetes
Substituted piperidines useful for the treatment of allergic diseases
Cyclic sulfone containing retroviral protease inhibitors
Crystalline pharmaceutically acceptable salts of an oxazolidinonederivative
Organo omega-alkenyl cyclopentacarbyl silane-bridged metallocene compounds
Volatile organogallium compound and deposition of gallium nitride filmusing same
Intermediates for oligonucleotide synthesis
Dermatomyositis-specific auto-antigen
Fluoroelastomer composition having excellent processability and lowtemperature properties
Process for producing carboxyl group-containing vinylidene fluoridecopolymer
Fluorocarbon end-capped polymers and method of synthesis
Water-soluble or water-dispersible graft copolymers based on apolyvinyllactam, their preparation and use
Plant fatty acid epoxygenase genes and uses therefor
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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