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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Benthic screen for controlling aquatic plant growth
Polymorphic kinase anchor proteins and nucleic acids encoding the same
Centrifugal braking device for bait casting reel
Attractant pheromone for the Colorado potato beetle
Use of VEGF-C to prevent restenosis
Method for applying an air suspension of minute solid particles of CIPC
Footwear with surrounding ornamentation
Attachment for handheld dryer
Dispenser with sealed chamber and one-way valve for providing metered amounts of substances
Triple clean toothbrush
Latch mover for quick-mount telescoping slide support system
Structure of a mesh back of a chair
Adjustable armrest assembly for chair
Cooking implement with handle storage feature
Paper roll dispenser
Upright vacuum cleaner with spring loaded nozzle
Cannister and upright vortex vacuum cleaners
Robot cleaner, system employing the same and method for re-connecting to external recharging device
Endoscopic manual control knob, and a method for manufacturing same
Medical device sheath apparatus and method of making and using same
Methods and apparatuses for drug delivery to an intravascular occlusion
Rod for cervical vertebra and connecting system thereof
Multiple antenna ablation apparatus and method
Plasma generator for radio frequency surgery
Ultrasonic imaging device
Linear oscillator
Tampon applicator arrangement
Emergency relief system
Implantable venous valve
Inflatable nuclear prosthesis
Nipple with multiple pinholes for baby bottle assembly
Compounds capable of activating cholinergic receptors
Linkage of agents to body tissue using microparticles and transglutaminase
Miniprotein ligands and other polypeptides and methods for making and using same
Repair of larynx, trachea, and other fibrocartilaginous tissues
Therapeutic liposome composition and method
Controlled non-normal alignment of catalytically grown nanostructures in a large-scale synthesis process
Spray on bandage and drug delivery system
Method of producing a fiber product having a strength suitable for printing paper and packaging material
Water-absorbing polymers with supramolecular hollow molecules, method for producing them and use of the same
Methods and devices for pumping fluid and performing surgical procedures
Flushed-seal respirator
Sports racket with undulations in frame interior surface
Transportable basketball system having a wind-transmissive mesh backboard structure and sand-anchorable post assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Use of Fischer-Tropsch condensate as a lean oil for heavy ends recovery from Fischer-Tropsch tail gas
High performance immobilized liquid membrane for carbon dioxide separations
Electro-kinetic air transporter-conditioner devices with an upstream focus electrode
Method for ensuring that coating compositions have correct color
Supported metal catalyst, preparation and applications for directly making hydrogen peroxide
Bromination process
Method of selectively synthesizing triethylenediamine
Zeolite catalyst and use for hydrocarbon conversion
Method for regenerating a zeolite catalyst
Array cytometry
Jaw crusher unit
Tractor unit/trailer combination for suspended transport of equipment
Bottle crushing system
Ultrasonic array sensor, ultrasonic inspection instrument and ultrasonic inspection method
Cyclone separator with central built-in element
Cleaning rings for insulator driven by wind
Threading insert with cooling channels
Tool for machining pipe ends
Spade bits with angled sides
Device for machining by electroerosion
Tool for installing nozzles in pop-up sprinkler heads
Method for thinning wafer by grinding
Working chamber
Motor vehicle utility tool
Nail box of a nail driver
Method and system for producing unvulcanized-rubber/steel-wire composites
Coated molded article, method of recycling the same and apparatus therefor
Decorative automotive interior trim articles with cast integral light stable covering and process for making the same
Manufacturing process for open celled microcellular foam
Active/passive distributed absorber for vibration and sound radiation control
Device and method for cleaning a surface of a rotating cylinder, such as a plate cylinder of a printing press or other
Ink jet printing apparatus and method of controlling temperature of head of ink jet printing apparatus
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method for them, and program
Recyclable image-recording medium
Sheet finisher with two processing trays
Air cycle water producing machine
Windshield stop for cowl vent grille attachment
Sunshade assembly for use in an open roof construction and open roof construction provided with such a sunshade assembly
Folding roof for vehicle with sliding elements
Mounting structure for vehicle's upper radiator
Hybrid type driving apparatus
Vehicle seating apparatus
Backlighting device including lens
Windshield wiper system activated by sensing rainwater
Vehicle brake device
Tilt steering wheel mechanism
Electric motor in particular for a steering system in a vehicle
Hitch assembly
Shell construction for a bicycle seat
Adjusting apparatus for a bicycle brake control device
Method and system for labeling syringe bodies
Method and apparatus for buffering a flow of objects
Envelope with enhanced opening capabilities and method therefor
Standup bag and method of manufacturing same
Nipple for hot water tank conduits
Apparatuses and methods for dispensing magnetic cards, integrated circuit cards, and other similar items
Stacking device for a machine for processing sheets and method for stacking sheets in one such machine
Blade installation tool
Beverage bottle and can opener
Fuel dispensing device equipped with a sound and/or video system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aerobic digester for bodily waste material
Carbon-containing materials
Substituted basic metal nitrates in gas generation
Gas-generating agent composition and gas generator employing the same
Polypeptides containing .gamma.-amino acids
Biarylurea derivatives
Method for synthesizing epothilones and epothilone analogs
Inhibitors of cruzipain and other cysteine proteases
8-{4-[3-(5-fluoro-1H-indol-3-YL)-Propyl]-Piperazin-1-YL}-2-methyl-4H-Benzo[ 1,4]oxazin-3-one mesylate with high affinity for the dopamine D2 receptor and the serotonin reuptake site
Inhibitors of Akt activity
Ligands with at least a fluorosilcone substituent useful for preparing metal-locenes
Method for purifying 5'-protected 2'-deoxypurine nucleosides
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Control of gene expression in plants
MUM-1 protein expressed by multiple myeloma-related gene
Recombinant protein containing a C-terminal fragment of plasmodium MSP-1
Human serpin polypeptides
Hybrid film, antireflection film comprising it, optical product, and method for restoring the defogging property of hybrid film
Apparatus and method of inkjet printing on untreated hydrophobic media
Process for the back-surface grinding of wafers
Cure accelerators for anaerobic curable compositions
Cell flow apparatus and method for real-time measurements of patient cellular responses
Method for in vitro molecular evolution of protein function
Three component chimeric antisense oligonucleotides
Method and apparatus for document processing
Combined assay for current glucose level and intermediate or long-term glycemic control
Single-stranded polynucleotide tags
Low temperature refining and formation of refractory metals
Methods and systems for high-aspect-ratio gapfill using atomic-oxygen generation
Cathodic protection system
Epitaxial silicon wafer with intrinsic gettering and a method for the preparation thereof
Free-standing (Al, Ga, In)N and parting method for forming same
Fixed Constructions
Crawl space ventilation system
Floor or wall covering from ceramics, wood, plastic, natural or artificial stone, and a tile or panels used for the same
Damping device
Acoustically intelligent windows
Embedded type motorized blind device
Carrier-positioning device for a vertical blind
Downhole activatable annular seal assembly
Downhole shut-in tool
Apparatus and method for cleaning and sealing a well borehole portion for formation evaluation
Method for controlling a drilling sequence, a rock drilling apparatus and a computer programme to form a drilling sequence
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable exhaust-gas turbocharger with an auxiliary drive for an internal combustion engine
Turbine blade attachment lightening holes
Abnormality detection device for air-fuel ratio sensor
Air charging system for an opposed piston opposed cylinder free piston engine
Rapid response power conversion device
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for generating electrical power from solar energy
Starter having helical ventilation groove in tube
Friction brake with self-boosting
Multi-substrate package and method for assembling same
Ranged dual clutch transmission for motor vehicles
Powertrain unit with compact dipstick
Automotive V-belt nonstage transmission
High pressure pump piston
Pilot control valve
Pinch valve
Duct unit for air-conditioner
Illumination device utilizing displaced radiation patterns
Safety valve, in particular for cooking plate gas and related mounting method
Heat-dissipating device
Adjustment device for an internal combustion engine
Beam rotation angle detecting apparatus, rotation detecting apparatus and beam rotation angle detecting method
Diffraction grating interference system encoder for detecting displacement information
Temperature compensator of torque sensor
Methods to improve resolution of cross sectioned features created using an ion beam
Nonintrusive inspection apparatus
Passive oxygen sensor diagnostic
Method for detecting metallic foreign matter and system for detecting metallic foreign matter
Automated apparatus for immunological assay
Efficient switching architecture with reduced stub lengths
Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of multiple samples
Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment
NMR excitation method
Method for calibrating semiconductor devices using a common calibration reference and a calibration circuit
Equalization for a multi-axis imaging system
Ophthalmic lens with surface structures
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Proportional solenoid valve and control method therefor
Label to be attached on a plastic product formed in a mold and identifiable by a detecting device
Movable gaming machine tray
Dobro capo
Method of fabricating a dual-level stacked flash memory cell with a MOSFET storage transistor
Round-flat twisted pair cable assembly
Meter base bracket apparatus and system
Positive locking, trigger grip, external operating handle assembly for network protector enclosures
AC voltage control circuit
Decaborane ion source
Display device
Mass spectrometry methods using electron capture by ions
Acoustic detection of mechanically induced circuit damage
Insulating layer having graded densification
CVD TiSiN barrier for copper integration
Semiconductor device having at least one source/drain region formed on an isolation region and a method of manufacture therefor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having low resistivity source and drain electrodes
SOI semiconductor configuration and method of fabricating the same
Method to monitor process charging effect
Method of electroplating copper over a patterned dielectric layer to enhance process uniformity of a subsequent CMP process
Method for manufacturing alignment mark of semiconductor device using STI process
Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
Contact-making structure for a ferroelectric storage capacitor and method for fabricating the structure
Method of fabricating split gate flash memory device
Method of stacking semiconductor element in a semiconductor device
Thermal conductive substrate and semiconductor module using the same
Method for dual-layer polyimide processing on bumping technology
Rectification chip terminal structure
Power semiconductor module
Wiring board having interconnect pattern with land, and semiconductor device, circuit board, and electronic equipment incorporating the same
Semiconductor equipment with lateral and vertical MOS regions
Semiconductor storage device
Light-emitting semiconductor device having enhanced brightness
Method for fabricating semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor device
Low gate resistance layout procedure for RF transistor devices
Light-emitting apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Nonvolatile magnetic memory device
Non-volatile memory device
Thin film transistor structure for a field emission display and the method for making the same
Optimized contact design for flip-chip LED
Method for the production of superconductive wires based on hollow filaments made of MgB2
Hybrid molecular memory devices and methods of use thereof
Nickel-metal hydride storage battery and assembly of the same
Non-aqueous electrochemical apparatus
Porous electrode, solid oxide fuel cell, and method of producing the same
Multiplex wire connector unit
System for providing data and power signals to networked devices
Card connector allowing easy removal of a card after the card is ejected
Errorproof device in combination with a modular socket
Monitoring module of multi-card connector
Cord retainer
Tool for installing an electrical box
Vector control invertor
Active filter circuit with dynamically modifiable gain
Push-pull buffer/amplifier
Interpolation delay cell for 2ps resolution jitter injector in optical link transceiver
Delay circuit with more-responsively adapting delay time
Asynchronous pipeline with latch controllers
Slew rate controlling method and system for output data
Off chip driver
Data latch with low-power bypass mode
Programmable direct interpolating delay locked loop
Chirp measurement apparatus
High-speed flatbed scanner
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Biodegradable sustained-release preparation, biodegradable pheromone dispenser and biodegradable pest controlling agent
Viral vectors to inhibit leukocyte infiltration or cartilage degradation of joints
Animal repellant containing oils of black pepper and/or capsicum
Process and wire assembly for separating dough sheet from rotating roller surface
Oil filled rounder bar with grooves and method of using the same
Methods for the processing of underutilized hard-shelled crustaceans
Method and apparatus for infusing fruit
Preservation of exposed cut fresh fruit
Edible spread based on olive oil as the major fat component
Pectin process and composition
Edible fat-spread
Composition based on fish oil
Method for manufacturing water-containing chocolates and chocolate compositions produced thereby
Method and a system for producing articles of chocolate-like mass in a continuous production-plant
Animated food product
Drug storage and delivery system containing a medicated lollipop
Method of making chewing gum products containing perillartine
Method of bioconversion of industrial or agricultural cellulose containing wastes
Xylitol-containing non-human foodstuff and method
Dent corn starch enrobing slurry
Core substance-containing calcium microparticles and methods for producing the same
Method for supplying steam to a grain processor
Cereal grains fortified with amino acid chelates and process of making
Method for enhancing the salty-taste and/or delicious-taste of food products
Aqueous composition comprising saccharomyces boulardii sequelaand chromium glycinate dinicotinate
Food composition containing an omega-6/omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid balance modifier
Method for self-regulating stress-reduction using folic acid enriched dietary supplement compositions
Low temperature rendering process
High performance titanium dioxide clouding agent and method of manufacture thereof
Puncture and cut resistant fabric
Leather-like sheet
Method for making polymeric glove with thin, fluoroelastomeric coating
Cut-resistant sheath/core fiber
Unwrappable fabric flower with wand stem
Core/sheath type temperature-sensitive shape-transformable composite filaments
Rubber article having a surface design for high abrasion resistance
Injection molding of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics
Production process for dough-based products
Flexible plate device
Decorative non-adhering liner or mat
Package and method for packaging and preparing a mixed drink
Floor mat solely comprised of monofilament nylon fiber and having an ozone resistant, non-staining rubber backing sheet
Apparatus for taking samples
Method for fabricating ceramic network material
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
Self mating adhesive fastener element articles including a self mating adhesive fastener element and methods for producing and using
Elastic tab laminate
Moistened cosmetic eye treatment fads
Herbal supplement for increased muscle strength and endurance for athletes
Intracoronary stents containing quinazolinone derivatives
N-acetyl aldosamines, n-acetylamino acids and related n-acetyl compounds and their topical use
Oral lubricating composition
Formulation and method of manufacturing an acne extraction patch
Compositions for the treatment of migraine, containing potassium, magnesium and pyridoxine
Dentifrice products and methods for remineralizing and/or mineralizing teeth
Porous and bulk keratin bio-polymers
Epithelial adhesive lactobacilli
Pharmaceutical preparations of glutathione and methods of administration thereof
Use of c-kit ligand with TNF-.alpha. and hematopoietic factors for the expansion or differentiation of hematopoietic cells
Keratin-based hydrogel for biomedical applications and method of production
Uses of Wnt polypeptides
Method for treating interleukin-1 mediated diseases
Lymphocyte chemoattractant factor
Activated protein C formulations
Intradermal Avian immunization with inactivated vaccines
X-ray guided drug delivery
In vivo suppression of osteosarcoma pulmonary metastasis with intravenous osteocalcin promoter-based toxic gene therapy
Light imaging contrast agents
Use of cholesteric liquid-crystalline polymers as UV screens in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
Products and methods for the remineralization and prevention of demineralization of teeth
Dimeric .alpha.-alkylstyrene derivatives as photostable UV filters in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
Stabilized liquid aqueous composition
Cosmetic preparations
Cosmetic makeup composition
Water resistant sunscreen and insect repellent composition
Sunscreens for protection from sun radiation
Use of oxamate derivatives as depigmenting agents
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising camphorsulfonic acid and bisresorcinyltriazine sunscreens
Compositions for controlling bacterial colonization
Sweat resistant sunblock and antioxidant composition
Water-in-oil emulsion, composition containing the emulsion and use thereof
Cosmetic or dermatological compositions containing polymers exhibiting a critical temperature of the LCST type or of the USCT type of uses thereof
High moisture toothpaste
Hair growth stimulant
Use of Ginkgo biloba flavonoidic extract substantially devoid of terpenes for oral hygiene and composition containing such extract
Manufacturing process of glucosyltransferase inhibitors from cacao bean husk
Bioerodable film for delivery of pharmaceutical compounds of mucosal surfaces
Sustained release ophthalmic compositions containing water soluble medicaments
Sore throat spray
Prolonged release bioadhesive vaginal gel dosage form
Implants containing bioactive peptides
Hydrous salicylic acid solutions
Oral delivery systems for microparticles
Composition containing an acid-labile benzimidazole and process for its preparation
Modified release multiple-units dosage composition for release of opioid compounds
Patch applicator
Treatment of post operative scars with a tape containing a gel from Bulbine frutescens
Methods and apparatus for the treatment of hazardous biological waste materials
Coating having biological activity and medical implant having surface carrying the same and method
Thin-wall intraluminal graft
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a filter bed by differential pressure
Method for removing leukocytes and methylene blue from plasma
Method for introducing hydrogen into layered nanostructures
Apparatus for treating hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide gases
Cleaning of hollow fibre membranes
Process for producing a membrane for separating a mixture
Leaching of mineral ores
Conversion method for gas streams containing hydrocarbons
Method of cleaning gases
Flat plate stacked-type fuel reforming apparatus
Method of purification of physiological liquids of organism
Method for deforming solids in a controlled atmosphere and at adjustable rates, pressures and temperature
Ceramic honeycomb structural body
Hexagonal-cell honeycomb structure and method for fixation thereof
Method of depositing a catalyst on a fuel cell electrode
Use of multiple stream high pressure mixer/reactor
Apparatus and method for handling magnetic particles in a fluid
Method and apparatus for applying resilient athletic surfaces
Spin coating process
Production of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, and apparatus for it
Apparatus and method for forming a coating layer of multiple stripes
Process of continuously coating an organometallic coating composition on a running substrate
Anti-fouling coating for turbomachinery
Method for applying a parting agent onto an injection mould
Tundish impact pad
Processes for manufacturing wires with a brass surface
Method for applying a fluid material in joint regions around an airfoil
Gold alloy wire and method for making a bump
Gypsum-based composite article and method for producing same
Process for rapid crystallization of polyesters and co-polyesters via in-line drafting and flow-induced crystallization
Stacked laminate mold and method of making
Method of making replicas while preserving master
Rapid prototyping method and apparatus with simplified build preparation for production of three dimensional objects
Method for manufacture of liquid crystalline polymer films
Molded article made of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material and process for producing the same
Process for forming a color coated article
Method of molding
Extended shaft and a mold of the extended shaft and an apparatus for molding the extended shaft and a method for molding the extended shaft
Information recording medium and method of manufacturing resinous substrate for use in the recording medium
Translucent eyewear lenses and method of manufacture therefor
Stretch blow molded container and production process thereof
Large composite core structures formed by vacuum assisted resin transfer molding
Method of manufacturing sealant containing tire tube and vulcanizing apparatus therefor
Core and a method of manufacturing such
Fire-resistant glazing panel
Multilayer plastic film
Fuser member with fluoropolymer, silicone and alumina composite layer
Stretchable multilayer films
Thermoplastic interlayer film
Multi-layer films with syndiotactic barrier layer containing a wax
Laminated visco-elastic support
Single step sterilization wrap system
Method for processless flexographic printing and flexographic printing plate
Thermal imaging composition and member containing sulfonated ir dye and methods of imaging and printing
Manufacturing process and structure of ink jet printhead
Laser ablative recording material
Biaxially oriented polyester film for heat-sensitive transfer ribbon
Ink-jet recording sheet
Laminated card assembly
Decal organization tool
Cementitious products
Decorative patterns for use on venetian blind and wall paper
Peelable label
Flexible thermoplastic and compressible tube made of this material
Method and device for electrostatic charging
Process for manufacture of micro electromechanical devices having high electrical isolation
Micro structure and its manufacture method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for production of ammonium thiosulphate
Process for producing aluminum nitride
Method for manufacturing an aptatite slurry
Seed diamond powder excellent in adhesion to synthetic diamond film forming surface and dispersed solution thereof
Polyfunctional organosilane treatment of silica
Conversion process for strontium sulfate in carbonate rich celestite ores to strontium carbonate using sodium carbonate in an air/vapor-lift loop reactor
.alpha.-alumina powder and process for producing the same
High-proton-conductive antimonic acid film
Mixtures of lithium manganese oxide spinel as cathode active material
Lithium secondary cell and positive electrode material therefor
Laundromat wastewater treatment
Organic ammonium salts for the removal of water soluble organics in produced water
Waste paper treatment process
Water treatment process
Glass substrate provided with a thin-film stack having reflective properties in the infrared and/or in the region of solar radiation
Heat treatable, durable, ir-reflecting sputter-coated glasses and method of making same
Method for the use of material containing carbon in the electrolytic production of aluminium
Waste acid recovery
Benzene derivatives and liquid-crystalline medium
5,7-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives and their use thereof in liquid crystal mixtures
1,3-difluoronapthalene derivatives for liquid crystal mixtures
Process and plant for reforming hydrocarbonaceous feedstock
Plant for the conversion of olefinic C.sub.4 and C.sub.5 cuts to an ether and to propylene
Process for preparing organically modified aerogels and use thereof
Recombinant canine herpesviruses
Room temperature storable immunoglobulin preparation for intravenous injection
Method of molding edible starch
Ethylene polymers having superior clarity enhanced toughness, low extractables, and processing ease
Oxygen plasma resistant polymer for electrical devices
Method for making an optical sensor having improved barrier properties
Production of acetal derivatized hydroxyl aromatic polymers and their use in radiation sensitive formulations
Polypropylene block copolymers and containers made therefrom
Flexible phosphatized polyester-urethane primers and improved coating systems including the same
Triple-polymer based composite electrolyte
Polyether copolymer and crosslinked solid polymer electrolyte
Method of making a retroreflective article that has a binder layer containing an epoxy resin and silicone crosslinked polymer
Process for preparing an aqueous powder coating dispersion and using the same
Release film
High dielectric constant flexible polyimide film and process of preparation
Treated mineral fillers suspensions of these fillers in polyols and their uses in polyurethane foams
Polypropylene resin composition
Phenolic resin system for pultrusion composites
Oxonol compound, light-sensitive material and process for the synthesis of oxonol compound
Electrophotographic, resin-containing, electret, or inkjet compositions containing magenta azo pigment and use thereof
Low temperature, high speed extrusion coating process and polyethylene compositions useful therefor containing a thermally sensitive additive
Wax and method of wax application
Stress emission material and its manufacturing method
Discotic liquid crystal device and alignment method therefor
Softened brine treatment of crude oil
Structure of gasified and melting furnace
Electrorheological magnetic fluid and process for producing the same
Bleaching agent compositions
Canine herpesvirus based recombinant live vaccine, in particular against canine distemper, rabies or the parainfluenza 2 virus
Ripstop laser shock peening
Method for producing non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet having insulating film excellent in film properties
Target of intermetallic compound with B2-ordered lattice structure, production method thereof and magnetic recording medium having B2-structured underlayer
ALN dispersed powder aluminum alloy and method of preparing the same
Process for producing a carbon film on a substrate
Buffer layers on metal surfaces having biaxial texture as superconductor substrates
Process for depositing a metal coating on a metallic component of an electrical structure
Low temperature, high quality silicon dioxide thin films deposited using tetramethylsilane (TMS)
Galvannealed steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Inorganic conversion coatings for ferrous substrate
Thermal barrier coating for silicon nitride
Multi-layer material with an anti-erosion, anti-abrasion, and anti-wear coating on a substrate made of aluminum, magnesium or their alloys
Method of producing a molybdenum-steel slide surface on a light metal alloy
Electrodeposition coated material
Palladium plating solution, palladium plating film formed using the solution and lead frame for semiconductor apparatuses having the palladium plating film
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a silicon single crystal having few crystal defects, and a silicon single crystal and silicon wafers manufactured by the same
Single-electron solid state electronic device
Textiles; Paper
Centrifugal spinning process for spinnable solutions
Process for the manufacture of cellulosic fibers; and cellulosic fibers
After-treatment method for oil-and water-repellency of fibrous substrates
Printing method
Security paper
Fixed Constructions
Procedure for the erection of concrete walls using braced boardings and device to carry out the same
Height-compensating construction shim
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Catalytic converter
Filter head assembly
Apparatus for tritium-in-water monitoring
Apparatus for fluid assay
Vaccination and methods against diseases resulting from pathogenic responses by specific T cell populations
Sample transporter
NMR/MRI with hyperpolarized gas and high Tc SQUID
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide color lightsensitive material including the same
Chemical sensitization of large tabular grain emulsions
Photographic element comprising a mixture of sensitizing dyes
Thermographic recording material with improved image tone and/or stability upon thermal development
Photographic fixing composition containing a 1,3-thiazolidine-2-thione and method of rapid photographic processing
Photographic element for color imaging
Photographic material having a blue sensitive coupler starved unit
Silver halide color photographic lightsensitive material
Color photographic silver halide material
Color-image forming method using a silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Calcium ion stable photographic color developing concentrate and method of manufacture
Method for the repair of defects in lithographic masks
Exposure mask and method of manufacturing thereof, and pattern data generating method for an exposure mask
Extreme ultraviolet lithography reflective mask
Method of manufacturing a matrix for producing optical disks without the medium of a master
Black matrix in color picture tubes and a process for producing said black matrix
Processes using photosensitive materials including a nitro benzyl ester photoacid generator
Positive photoresist composition for exposure to far ultraviolet light
Positive resist composition
Positive photosensitive resin
Negative photosensitive polymer composition of a thermosetting polymer precursor curable by cyclodehydration upon heating
Photosensitive resin composition with polymer having an ionic group and having a polymerizable group in the side chain and printing plate materials
Method of fabricating semiconductor circuit devices utilizing multiple exposures
Opposite focus control to avoid keyholes inside a passivation layer
Photoresist development method with reduced cycle time and improved performance
Environmentally friendly removal of photoresists used in wet etchable polyimide processes
Rework method utilizing thinner for wafers in manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Non-magnetic yellow toner
Two-component type developer, developing method and image forming method
Liquid electrophotographic development sheet
Battery accommodating structure for electronic equipment
Magnetic modifiable sign system
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Phase-change optical disc
Rewritable optical information medium
Solid polymer electrolyte and preparation method therefor
Electrical resistance with at least two contact fields on a ceramic substrate and process for manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistance effect element
Safety vent for storage battery or cell
Plasma etching method and plasma etching system for carrying out the same
Method and apparatus for applying atomized adhesive to a leadframe for chip bonding
Multilayer wiring substrate and method for producing the same
Method of creating a solderable metal layer on glass or ceramic
Dual damascene process
Electricity storage/discharge device with low internal resistance current collector structure
Electrolyte system for lithium batteries and use of said system, and method for increasing the safety of lithium batteries
Composite electrode including current collector
Overcharge safety vents on prismatic cells
Use of thermoplastic films to create seals and bond PEM cell components
Battery separator
Bipolar separator for use in a fuel cell assembly
Fuel cell system logic for differentiating between rapid and normal shutdown commands
Volume effecient layered manifold assembly for electrochemical fuel cell stacks
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