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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Extrusion processing of high meat quantity feeds using preconditioner with hot air input
Measuring free choline to determine suitability of erythrocytes for transfusion
Use of metal compounds to treat gastrointestinal infections
Herbal contraceptive formulation
Method and device for controlling cooking processes in a cooking chamber
Green tea beverage and method of making same
Flexible floor cleaning device
Electronic endoscope system for fluorescence observation
Closure system for tubular organs
Intervertebral spacer device having an engagement hole for a tool with an extendable post
Dynamic, modular, single-lock anterior cervical plate system having assembleable and moveable segments and instrumentation for installation thereof
System for characterizing skin condition
Finite amplitude distortion-based inhomogeneous pulse echo ultrasonic imaging
Articles, devices, and methods for pelvic surgery
4-substituted indole and indoline compounds
Pharmaceutical compositions and therapeutic applications for the use of a novel vitamin B.sub.12 derivative, N-acetyl-L-cysteinylcobalamin
Smallpox monoclonal antibody
Carboxylic acid derivatives that inhibit the binding of integrins to their receptors
4-substituted piperidines, and methods of use thereof
Polymeric modifiers and pharmaceutical compositions
Horse liniment
Herbal mixture extract of notoginseng radix, rehmanniae radix preparata and acanthopanacis cortex and composition comprising the same for prevention and treatment of arthritis
BV8 nucleic acids and polypeptides with mitogenic activity
Genes from the 20Q13 amplicon and their uses
Increased T-cell tumor infiltration and eradication of metastases by mutant light
Anti-infarction molecules
Peptide YY analogs
Polyallylamine conjugates and applications thereof for biological signal amplification
Tumour-specific animal proteins
Chimeric HIV Env proteins comprising CD4 mini-proteins or CD4 mimetics that are capable of inducing neutralizing antibody responses against cryptic Env epitopes
Mycobacterial genes down-regulated during latency
Methods and compositions for vaccination comprising nucleic acid and/or polypeptide sequences of Chlamydia
MCT-1, a human oncogene
Biomarkers for pre-selection of patients for anti-IGF1R therapy
Antibody-induced apoptosis
Method of affecting a function of or ablating a non-malignant cell
Recombinant anti-Plasmodium falciparum antibodies
Antisense microRNA and uses therefor
Coated implantable medical device
Support device for a breast pump
Fluid injectable single operator exchange catheters and methods of use
Device for draining aqueous humor in cases of glaucoma
Ultrasonic probe with positioning device for examination devices and operation devices
Medical line securement device
Extracardiac blood flow amplification device
Multifunctional virtual-reality fitness equipment with a detachable interactive manipulator
Resistance training exercise apparatus with poppet load system
Exercise methods and apparatus
Multi-metal golf clubs
Transmitter tag
Random pay gaming system using weighting function with maximum, minimum, and average value
Products and processes for applying conditions to a lottery entry
Interactive control of video machines and games therefor
Water amusement system and method including a self-contained floating marine park
Performing Operations; Transporting
Alkaline regeneration of N-methyl-D-glucamine functional resins
Double-vortex fluid separator
Composite membrane for separation of carbon dioxide
Mercaptan removal method
Branched surfactant having fluoroalkyl group and hydrocarbon group
Cocktail shaker
Platinum-copper-nickel fuel cell catalyst
Elongated shaped particles use as a catalyst or support thereof
Hydrogen generation apparatus and method for using same
Material submergence system
Multi-printed etch mask process to pattern features
Papermaking fabrics with contaminant resistant nanoparticle coating and method of in situ application
Methods for fabricating polymer optical waveguides on large area panels
Patterning of solid state features by direct write nanolithographic printing
Layered lenses and method of layering lenses
Method for manufacturing electron-emitting device
Simultaneous pipe cutting, chamfering and grooving device
Apparatus for deburring with planing tools a metal strand cut to length by gas cutting
High throughput servo load cup with integrated wet chemistry delivery
Grinding apparatus
Optical fiber preparation device
Systems and methods for liquid dosing of material in a blender system
Venting device for mold
Methods of making ceramic particles
Method for high density data storage and read-back
Shape Bonding method
Applying adhesive labels to products and product containers
Polymer recovery method from polarizing plates and methods of producing recycled polymer films and polarizing plates
Apparatus for producing three-dimensional structure
Optical plate having three layers and method for manufacturing the same
Hot-dip galvanizing bath and galvanized iron article
Fibrous structure comprising an oil system
Fluororesin coating film
Heat-sensitive adhesive material
Roll of interconnected detachable fabric/cloth sheets
Heat-peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method for processing adherend using the heat-peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Housing with a soft surface
Media path crossover for printing system
Printing apparatus and conveyance control method
Low glare, high print gloss printing paper
Writing instrument
Apparatus for providing convenience services to stationary vehicles
Fitting for cleaning a through hull port from inside a marine vessel
Shaft seal pressure compensation system for an underwater device
Methods and apparatus to facilitate lubrication of components
Steam shrink oven
Multi-handle utility bag
Gum slab package having insertable product retention member
Systems for and methods of assessing urinary flow rate via sound analysis
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Controlled synthesis of nanoparticles using continuous liquid-flow aerosol method
Water treatment system, apparatus and method
Low alkali, non-crystalline, vitreous silica fillers
Reversible viscosity reducing polymer
Method for treatment of a gas
Substituted pyridine derivatives
Boron nitride filled PTFE
Supported olefin polymerization catalyst
Polyamic acid composition, production method thereof, polyimide resin, semiconductive member and image-forming apparatus
Electrophoretic particles and production process thereof
Dimer alkyl silicone polymers
Marked precoated medical device and method of manufacturing same
Method for the preparation of dispersions of carbon nanotubes
Methods of making a mixture for a PTFE membrane with inorganic materials, and compositions related thereto
Polyester compositions, method of manufacture, and uses thereof
Microencapsulated pigment, preparation process therefor, aqueous dispersion and ink jet recording ink
Polymer blend
Process for preparing a block copolymer from polyimides and use of the block copolymer for producing powders and mouldings
Solvent-free polyurethane-based artificial leather having the texture of human skin and the preparation method thereof
Rejuvenating agent and process for recycling of asphalt
Phase change inks containing colorant compounds
Water based colorants comprising semiconductor nanocrystals and methods of making and using the same
Low process temperature thin film phosphor for electroluminescent displays
Vertical alignment film and VA mode liquid crystal cell
Method of forming a composite containing a matrix component and at least one liquid crystal component
Production of aerogels containing fillers
Human liver engrafting cells isolated from adult liver tissue
Interferon-like molecules and uses thereof
Gene encoding an enzyme for catalyzing biosynthesis of lignan, and use thereof
Modulation of neural stem cells and neural progenitor cells
Smooth muscle cell differentiation with CRP, SRF and GATA factors
Isolated CD8 .sup.+T lymphocytes specifically cytotoxic for a disease causing target cell
Lipase powder composition and a process for preparing an esterified compound by using the same
Alkaline protease and washing and cleaning products containing said novel alkaline protease
Methods and compositions for rapid purification of proteasomes and methods of use of components thereof
Nitrilases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Rapid method of detection and enumeration of sulfide-producing bacteria in food products
Method for producing an L-amino acid by fermentation using a bacterium having an enhanced ability to utilize glycerol
Polypeptides, polynucleotides and uses thereof
Polymyxin synthetase and gene cluster thereof
Core 2 .beta.(1,6)-acetylglycosaminyltransferase as diagnostic marker for atherosclerosis
Hybridization-based biosensor containing hairpin probes and use thereof
Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms using planar waveguides
Identification of a novel gene underlying familial spastic paraplegia
High deposition rate sputtering
Controlled sulfur species deposition process
Molecular jet growth of carbon nanotubes and dense vertically aligned nanotube arrays
Bare aluminum baffles for resist stripping chambers
Thermal management of inductively coupled plasma reactors
Method and apparatus for anhydrous ammonia production
Organic photosensitive pigment
Non-carbon anodes with active coatings
Device for making monocrystalline or multicrystalline materials, in particular multicrystalline silicon
Fixed Constructions
Safety device applied to appliances for lifting boards onto ceilings and walls
Control system
Device and method for installing a rock bolt and a rock bolt installation rig
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling arrangement
Screw loosening prevention structure and gas pressure device including same
Wheel hub/universal joint assembly with securing ring for axially supporting the clamping means
Rolling device
Rolling bearing device for supporting pinion shaft
Torque transmission device
8-speed transmission with two fixed interconnections
Drive device for vehicle and method of assembling the same
Hydraulic control system of eight-speed automatic transmission for a vehicle
Differential assembly with torque vectoring drive mechanism
Control apparatus for vehicular drive system
Vehicle light system
Adjustable grill light and methods of use thereof
Backlight module
Illuminating device
Multi-colored illuminator
Off-gas flare
Arrow point alignment system
Radiographic apparatus and radiation detection signal processing method
Method and device for laminar flow on a sensing surface
Oil/gas separation membrane, its use in gas sensor and process for producing the same
Method for scanning gels and gel folder for use in the method
Conductive media for electrophoresis
Molecular determinants of myeloma bone disease and use thereof
Microdevice containing photorecognizable coding patterns and methods of using and producing the same
Methods for aiding in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease by measuring amyloid-.beta. peptide (x-.gtoreq.41) and tau
Method for the functional determination of mannan-binding-lectin associated serine proteases (MASPs) and complexes thereof
Reagents and methods for use in cancer diagnosis, classification and therapy
Measuring probe and production process thereof
LED array
Headlight assembly for a motor vehicle
Camera and control method therefor, and camera cradle system
Method of patterning an anti-reflective coating by partial developing
Release fluid additives
Image fixing method
Photoconductive members
Titanocene containing photoconductors
Multi-stage multi-bet dice game, gaming device, and method
Vehicle steering sensing apparatus
Method of manufacturing light-emitting diode
Method for fabricating electronic and photonic devices on a semiconductor substrate
Assembling stacked substrates that can form 3-D structures
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Multilayer hardmask scheme for damage-free dual damascene processing of SiCOH dielectrics
CMOS-process-compatible programmable via device
Method of patterning a positive tone resist layer overlaying a lithographic substrate
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Method of manufacturing nanoelectrode lines using nanoimprint lithography process
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a stacked capacitor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and edge region structure using co-implanted particles for layer transfer processes
Method for manufacturing nitride based single crystal substrate and method for manufacturing nitride based light emitting diode using the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacture therefor
Device and method for etching a substrate using an inductively coupled plasma
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Split-gate thin film storage NVM cell with reduced load-up/trap-up effects
Method to control the gate sidewall profile by graded material composition
Method for avoiding die cracking
Image sensing device and packaging method thereof
Integrated wafer processing system for integration of patternable dielectric materials
Method for manufacturing a signal line, thin film transistor panel, and method for manufacturing the thin film transistor panel
Single passivation layer scheme for forming a fuse
Dual work-function single gate stack
Method of controlling metal silicide formation
Organic semiconductor device
Electroluminescent materials and devices
Separator-electrode unit for lithium-ion batteries, method for the production and use thereof in lithium batteries
Lithium secondary battery and method for producing the same
Lithium-ion secondary battery
Lithium-ion secondary battery
Metal oxide-carbon composite catalyst support and fuel cell comprising the same
Hydrogen odorants and odorant selection method
Electrically conductive member for solid oxide fuel-stack
PEM fuel cell with charging chamber
Fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte for a direct oxidation fuel cell, method of preparing the same, and direct oxidation fuel cell comprising the same
Micro-machined fuel cells
Flexible electric power cable and wind turbine
Contact member and connector
Telecommunications patch
Card connector
Connector, a connector assembly and a connecting method
Electrical connector having improved shielding plate
Network socket connector with built-in IP BOX function
Telecommunications connectivity system
Electrical connector having improved LEDs
Terminal fitting with a wire restriction
Shielded electrical connector with a spring arrangement
Coaxial connecting element for the microwave band as well as a method for its production
X-ray imaging apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Logic gate cell
Cross-coupled dual rail dynamic logic circuit
Radio device including a frequency synthesizer and phase discriminator for such a device
Sample and hold circuits and methods
Apparatus and method for converting differential voltage to fully balanced currents
Precision frequency and phase synthesis
Power-on reset cell
Power on reset circuit
PLL circuit
Phase locked loop integrated circuits having dynamic phase locking characteristics and methods of operating same
Frequency synthesizer
Method and apparatus for tracking and controlling voltage and current transitions
Apparatus, method and system for a logic arrangement having mutually exclusive outputs controlled by buffering cross-coupled devices
Control method and control system for signal transmission
N-way circular phase interpolator for generating a signal having arbitrary phase
Clock generator producing clock signal quickly adjusted to target frequency
Clock generator circuit
Reference frequency signal switching circuit capable of adjusting level of external reference frequency signal and outputting resultant signal
Input circuit having a fuse therein and semiconductor device having the same
Semiconductor circuitry
Linearized transconductance cell
Transient current producing method, transient current producing circuit, related semiconductor integrated circuit and logical circuit
Clock input buffer with noise suppression
Circuit for compensating curvature and temperature function of a bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device with less influence of noise
Reference voltage generating circuitry
Reference voltage generation circuit using source followers
Charge pump circuit for a phase locked loop
Internal power supply voltage generation circuit that can suppress reduction in internal power supply voltage in neighborhood of lower limit region of external power supply voltage
Method and apparatus for reducing standby leakage current using a leakage control transistor that receives boosted gate drive during an active mode
Power amplifier, power control method for power amplifier, and communication equipment
Device for the recognition of a defective signal
Method and system for the detection, by inductive coupling, of a load modulation signal
RF power amplifier output power sensor
Modular sensor array, metering device and mounting and connection base
Calibration unit for semiconductor integrated circuit tester
Position measuring device for detecting displacements with at least three degrees of freedom
Human Necessities
Reception system, battery charging device, portable information terminal,and transmission and reception system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for cleaning a glass substrate for a color filter
Cordless power tool system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ferroelectric ceramics
Radiation image forming system
Method of deriving sunlight induced fluorescence from radiance measurementsand devices for executing the method
Biochip scanner device
Device and system for management of battery back up power source
Method and apparatus for charging a battery
Coincidence transmission source
Device and method for processing signals from a radiation detector withsemiconductors
Aerogel-based phase transition flat panel display
Electron gun and cathode ray tube having multilayer carbon-based fieldemission cathode
Planar type plasma discharge display device
Cathode ray tube having an overall length thereof shortened
Method of correcting deflection defocusing in a CRT, a CRT employing same,and an image display system including same CRT
Correction device for correcting the lens defects in particle-opticalapparatus
Metal halide lamp with metal frame supporting a protective sleeve
Method of fabricating field emission arrays employing a hard mask to definecolumn lines and another mask to define emitter tips and resistors
Ion implantation apparatus for wafers
Current peaking sparkplug
Information processing device and method for controlling power consumptionthereof
Methods of charging lithium-sulfur batteries
Power supply system and control method for the system
Battery charger
Charging and discharging control circuit and charging type power supplydevice
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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