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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Litter box odor device
Collection station for accelerated collection of specimens from laboratory animals
Surf fishing rig
Device for manufacturing feedstuff molded into shells
Clothes tightening device
Sun-tracing sunshade apparatus
Personal securing apparatus for handheld devices
Leg elevating device, system, and method
Configurable cushion device
Cover for a self-adjusting mattress that secures a fitted sheet
Stepped-edge and side-support members, assemblies, systems, and related methods, particularly for bedding and seating
Stand for holding clothing accessories
Mounting frames for holding electronic devices
Tortilla toaster
Displaceable attachment
Vision shift amount measuring method and vision shift amount measuring jig
Apparatus for fastening a dental prosthesis
Mattress monitoring system
Rescue arrangement
Sport personal coach system
Golf swing trainer
Methods of playing card games of strategy and chance
Playing card mirror viewer
Roulette game systems and roulette game apparatus
Poker system and method for allocating pots prior to an end of the poker game based on true odds at the time of allocation
Electronic gaming devices
Driving mechanism for remote control toy vehicle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter cartridge with a positioning cylinder for holding filter element in place
Portable quick fit filter assembly
Pneumatic continuous impact pulverizer
Mobile sizing station
Magnetic drum separator with an electromagnetic pickup magnet having a core in a tapered shape
Variable nozzle, variable nozzle device, and applying device including variable nozzle device
Apparatus and method for cleaning or de-icing vehicle elements
Method for coating the inner walls of pipes and device suitable therefor
Apparatus for manufacturing light guide film
Droplet discharge device and method for forming thin film
Tubes and method and apparatus for producing tubes
Rounding system and method used in the manufacture of wind towers
Method for producing engine valve in which sodium metal is sealed
Sputtering apparatus
Tool turret
Rotary joint and worktable using the same
Machine tool
Polishing apparatus and polishing method
Multiple-link tool assembly, tool extension, and method
Hand operated gripping tool
Multi-axis industrial robot with stopper
Electrically driven linear cutter
Anvil with vacuum width adjustment
Floating cut-off bar and method of use thereof
Rotational molding machine and method
Concrete production plant
Resin molding device
Packaging systems with adhesive seal modules
Compression apparatus and method
Apparatus for the automatic determination of presetting values for inking zone setting elements of an inking unit of a press
Fixing structure for print head carriage rod and fixing method thereof
Inkjet print head and inkjet print apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Systems and methods for communication of date information between an ink tank and a printing device
Method for regulating a web tension and/or register
Secure data protection optically variable labels and foils
Ink composition for aqueous ink ball point pen and aqueous ink ball point pen
Vehicle with pneumatic tire and method for cooling tire in the vehicle
Vehicle with multiple engines coupled to a transmission via a jackshaft
Vehicular seat
Inflatable curtain with passive pretensioner
Magnetic vehicle rack
Vehicle framework member
Cart brake and cart with user-operable brake
Electric power steering device
Power steering systems and methods
Inline skate wheel
Unmanned aerial vehicle
STOL and/or VTOL aircraft
Fuel recovery system and method
Dual wall tumbler
Ventilated wild game carcass bag
Sports bottle with preloaded valve and methods
Fixing apparatus for battery
Machinery packaging system
Extended caulking gun
Multi-gallon capacity blow molded container
Work line module and work facility
Helical conveyor apparatus with integrated pass-through
Steel-reinforced HDPE rain harvesting system
Post-processing apparatus with sheet ejection device
Image forming system
Lifting hook for erecting steel joists
Device for dispensing materials from a container
Dosing head for dispensing a fluid from a container
Dispensing device for viscous materials
Configurable cushion device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Immersed burner with regulated flame
Transfer device and semiconductor processing system
Textiles; Paper
Direct driving auxiliary yarn guide apparatus for flat knitting machines
Fixed Constructions
Paving machine with a storage container
Asphalt repair system and method
Hitch receiver mounted tailgate ramp
Device for halting vehicle traffic
Method and apparatus for mounting and protection of communication equipment in underground mine
Toilet flange stabilizer
Molding profile and molding profile assembly
Parapet vent
Low profile articulating mounting system
Pivoted cover lock
Locking means for an aircraft door
Needle bearing hinge assembly
Security automatic garage door closer
Combined ladder engageable tool carrier and step stool
Superabrasive cutting elements and systems and methods for manufacturing the same
Foot valve assembly for a down hole drill
Hardmetal for use in oil and gas drilling applications
Downhole safety joint
Vertical drilling system for controlling deviation
Mobile hydraulic workover rig
Method and apparatus for erosion control for use with flow control devices
Flow energy dissipation for downhole injection flow control devices
Well screens having enhanced well treatment capabilities
Liner top packer seal assembly and method
Hydrocarbon production from mines and tunnels used in treating subsurface hydrocarbon containing formations
Method of placing ball sealers for fluid diversion
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind turbine with high solidity rotor
Rocker arm unit
Energy production system using combustion exhaust
Supercharged internal combustion engine
Two-stroke uniflow turbo-compound internal combustion engine
Method and device for converting thermal energy from biomass into mechanical work
Flying object
Method and system of thermochemical regeneration to provide oxygenated fuel, for example, with fuel-cooled fuel injectors
Integrated fuel injector igniters having force generating assemblies for injecting and igniting fuel and associated methods of use and manufacture
Range of engines using common rail fuel system with pump and rail assemblies having common components
Vertical-axis wind turbine
Large capacity wind power generator
Process and power system utilizing potential of ocean thermal energy conversion
Controlled magnetohydrodynamic fluidic networks and stirrers
Heat dissipation device and centrifugal fan thereof
Holder arrangement for an aircraft or a spacecraft and an aircraft or a spacecraft
Ball-joint support for thin parts
Compact non-contact mechanical coupling, damping and/or load bearing device
Spindle motor
Joint structure
Fluid-based power generation system
Piston-cylinder unit
Automated multi-group transmission of a motor vehicle and method for operating an automated multi-group transmission
Sealing device and production method thereof
Dual gas source changeover valve and control cabinet and gas supply system
Calibration of a chemical dispense system
Cable management apparatus
Captive hardware for improved installation
Chemiluminescent application system
Perimeter lighting fixture with wall trim piece
Fiber optic illumination module with fiber optic coupling
LED tube end-cap having a switch
Wire-piercing light-emitting diode illumination assemblies
Pressure activated lighted glove
Light emitting diode bulb
Expandable liquid volume in an LED bulb
Lamp with fan and heat sink inside
Lighting fixture and method for creating visual effects and method for creating a distorted image
Cabinet having a light-emitting-translucent-shelf
Lighting module, backlight unit, and display device including the same
Quarls in a burner
Industrial automatic production method for sludge dewatering into a dry sludge powder and equipment thereof
System and method for determining status of a drying cycle and for controlling a dryer
Passive heat radiator and streetlight heat radiating device
Illumination device
Method for prodution of a projectile, as well as a projectile
Thermal sensor for semiconductor circuits
Sealed sensor with strain gauges
Particle interrogation devices and methods
Hand-held pipetting device
Testing apparatus for extension device
Mirror for improved visibility of danger zone area on right side of school buses
Projection display device with cooling unit
Display device comprising rotating projectors with multiple mirrors and panels
Optical axis adjustment device, method for adjusting optical axis and projection-type display apparatus
Server system and method for processing power off
Reducing subsystem energy costs
Remote copying management system, method and apparatus
Adding scalability and fault tolerance to generic finite state machine frameworks for use in automated incident management of cloud computing infrastructures
EDRAM macro disablement in cache memory
Hard memory array failure recovery utilizing locking structure
System and method for failure detection by a storage expander preceding an expander experiencing a failure
Digital system and a method for error detection thereof
Optimizing EDRAM refresh rates in a high performance cache architecture
Accessing a logic device through a serial interface
Method for expediting return of line exclusivity to a given processor in a symmetric multiprocessing data processing system
Redundant solid state disk system via interconnect cards
Memory control device and method
Incremental backup of source to target storage volume
Synchronous extent migration protocol for paired storage
Synchronous extent migration protocol for paired storage
Incremental backup of source to target storage volume
Dynamic cache queue allocation based on destination availability
Robust filtering and prediction using switching models for machine condition monitoring
Audio signal processor and network system
Information processing apparatus, control method of E-mail appended document in that information processing apparatus, and storage medium storing program thereof
Method of characterizing a social network communication using motifs
Allocating unique identifiers using metadata
Method and apparatus for the adaptation of multimedia content in telecommunications networks
Supporting autonomous live partition mobility during a cluster split-brained condition
Managing an alias host and domain names on a DNS server
Overloading processing units in a distributed environment
Method and arrangement for automatic charset detection
Risk factor coaching engine that determines a user health score
Image processing apparatus
Generation of realistic file content changes for deduplication testing
Apparatus and method of semantic service correlation system
Content recommendation method and system based on psychological factors from a use profile
Real-time compression of tabular data
Method and apparatus for building sales tools by mining data from websites
Information processing method, information processing program and information processing device
Recovering transactions of failed nodes in a clustered file system
Provisioning a portlet viewer for viewing drag-and-drop content in a portal environment
Optimal chip acceptance criterion and its applications
Incorporating synthesized netlists as subcomponents in a hierarchical custom design
Test functionality integrity verification for integrated circuit design
Enabling statistical testing using deterministic multi-corner timing analysis
Automatic debugging using automatic input data mutation
Distributable serializable finite state machine
Simultaneous mixed protection modes over a virtualized host adapter
Method and apparatus for automatically protecting a computer against a harmful program
Double authentication for controlling disruptive operations on storage resources
System and method for operating multiple rental domains within a single credit card domain
Communications device with a plurality of processors and compatibility synchronization module for processor upgrades and related method
Providing notifications of wireless data consumption in a wireless communication device
Hierarchical tag based browsing of media collections
Management of selected and nonselected items in a list
User interface widget for selecting a point or range
Automatic selection of blocking column for de-duplication
Automatic selection of blocking column for de-duplication
Method for a cloning process to enable cloning a larger system drive to a smaller system
Management system for processing streaming data
Management system for processing streaming data
Search capability enhancement in service oriented architecture (SOA) service registry system
Authorization method with hints to the authorization code
Web-based collaborative framework
Optimized code generation targeting a high locality software cache
Developing software components and capability testing procedures for testing coded software component
Method, apparatus and computer program for facilitating the improvement of a user interface
Synchronization coverage in logic code
Selective branch-triggered trace generation apparatus and method
Determining and conveying user availability
Presentation of hierarchical software structures
Method and system to discover possible program variable values by connecting program value extraction with external data sources
Task management for changes to shared artifacts
Information processing apparatus, processing method, and computer-readable recording medium having processing program recorded thereon
Method for generating a set of machine-interpretable instructions for presenting media content to a user
Retaining ownership of a virtual function while an adapter is replaced
Programmatic auto-convergent method for physical design floorplan aware re-targetable tool suite generation (compiler-in-the-loop) for simultaneous instruction level (software) power optimization and architecture level performance optimization for ASIP design
Simplified DMA mappings for self-virtualizing input/output device virtual functions
Task computing
Creating a thread of execution in a computer processor without operating system intervention
Process instance serialization
Load balancing servers
Inter-thread load arbitration control detecting information registered in commit stack entry units and controlling instruction input control unit
Memory programming methods and memory programming devices
Scalable ontology extraction
Business method and system to price, manage, and execute server actions initiated by one or a plurality of users through interaction with a graphical user interface linked to a data source or data supply chain
Methods and systems for retrieving data stored in a database
Transaction processing with core and distributor processor implementations
Automated transaction machine
System and method for monitoring commercial transactions
Methods and systems for ARQ feedback message improvement
Disc loading mechanism and disc drive apparatus
Methods and devices for picking and placing workpieces into small form factor hard disk drives
Stacking techniques for thin optical data storage media
Register file soft error recovery
Method of manufacturing circuit board
Circuit board assembly
Testing apparatus having a connecting member movably located between a securing member and a pressing member and having a resisting member on one end and a resilient member on the other end
Electronic module with improved latch mechanism
Connecting port
Protocol extensions to support varying FEC types
2D product code and method for detecting false decoding errors
System and method for structured LDPC code family
Video episode order adherence
Processor and semiconductor device
Method and system for controlled media sharing in a network
Information processing apparatus, a server apparatus, a method of an information processing apparatus, a method of a server apparatus, and an apparatus executable program
Method and system for authenticating a widget
Video processor, television display device, and video processing method
Trusted content access management using multiple social graphs across heterogeneous networks
Smooth still image capture
Control device, smart card reading activation device and associated products
Set top box messaging system
Transportable carrier compatable with a retractable pin tool
Electronic device with speaker
Memory card, memory card reader and memory card system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Protective device for a drive assembly with a double universal joint
Lay-down bar for a cotton cleaner
Warming cover for wild game call
Turkey call
Deterioration preventive for concrete or mortar and method for preventing deterioration of concrete or mortar
Meat tenderizing system
Maternity garment
Process for manufacturing protective helmets
Method and apparatus for moving neck muscles
Method and apparatus for forming pocketed coil spring mattresses
Orthopedic seat with inflatable cells
Biopsy apparatus
Apparatus and method for monitoring ovulation
Method for instilling a controlled dose of fluid into the eye
Clotting cascade initiating apparatus and methods of use and methods of closing wounds
Lifting rib retractor
Device for regional immobilization of a compliant body
Method and apparatus for securing a suture
Selflock anchor screw
Surgical needle device
Medical implement for depositing implanted device and method of depositing implanted device
Device for interstitial transvascular intervention and revascularization
Method and apparatus for minimally-invasive fundoplication
Surgical clip applicator
Three dimensional spherical micro-coils manufactured from radiopaque nickel-titanium microstrand
Trochlear clamp
Milling instrumentation and method for preparing a space between adjacent vertebral bodies
Surgical method and tool for repairing a patella of the knee joint
Combination tibial preparation instrumentation
Medical retrieval device
Expandable lumen device and method of use
Tongue cleaning device
Automatic resectoscope
Sheath and support for ultrasonic elongate tip
Reusable cannula with disposable seal
Systems, methods, and instruments for minimally invasive surgery
Cannula and sizing and insertion method
Methods and devices for occluding the ascending aorta and maintaining circulation of oxygenated blood in the patient when the patient's heart is arrested
Bone fixation pin with rotary cutting tip
Cervical plate
Surgical tool and method to reduce vertebral displacement
System and method for electrosurgical tissue contraction
Device for hair removal
System and methods for electrosurgical treatment of obstructive sleep disorders
Multiple needle suturing instrument and method
Pulsed light source method for cutting away biological tissue
Infrared laser catheter system
Stereotactic apparatus and methods
Protected ablation method and apparatus
Non-contact tonometer having non-linear pressure ramp
Pressure sensor for use in an artery
Measuring method and measuring system
Apparatus and method for monitoring a system
Personal computer card for collection of real-time biological data
Sensor and method for sensing arterial pulse pressure
Blood pressure measurement device with a sensor locator
Diagnostic catheter system for nasopharyngeal obstructions
Method and apparatus for inducing and detecting anatomic torsion
Disposable wound measuring device and method
Blood sampling system
Medical diagnostic ultrasonic imaging system with auxiliary processor
Methods and systems for ultrasound scanning using spatially and spectrally separated transmit ultrasound beams
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for multiple image registration
Device for affecting the hydrodynamic system of the inner ear
Sports forefoot joint stabilizer
Absorbent article
Disposable diaper having leakage preventing walls
Stent retrieval device
Stent having variable properties and method of its use
Implantable vascular and endoluminal stents
Stent with radioactive coating for treating blood vessels to prevent restenosis
Stent delivery and deployment method
Applicator for luminal endoprostheses
Woven stent/graft structure
Method and apparatus for adjusting corneal curvature using multiple removable corneal implants
Intraocular lens having support member fixed in hole formed in insert embedded in lens body, and method of producing the same
Kit for implantation of a voice prosthesis in patients on whom a laryngectomy has been performed
Rigid annuloplasty device that becomes compliant after implantation
Expandable variable angle intervertebral fusion implant
Metacarpal-phalangeal joint replacement
Stackable cage system for corpectomy/vertebrectomy
Box cage for intervertebral body fusion
Insertion instruments and method for delivering a vertebral body spacer
Knee prosthesis
Apparatus and method for delivery of micro and submicro quantities of materials
Retinal tissue implantation tool
Phacoemulsification handpiece, sleeve, and tip
Radiation treatment method for treating eyes to correct vision
Corneal surgery apparatus
Universal mechanical dilator combined with massaging action
Sliding reconstitution device with seal
Method of using lectins for therapy of diseases transmittable by sexual contact
Method and device for delivery of therapeutic agents in conjunction with isotope seed placement
Reinforced catheter with a formable distal tip
System and method for controlled infusion and pressure monitoring
Methods and apparatus for transvascular muscular revascularization and drug delivery
Drainage catheter anchor locking mechanisms
Introducer system
Method and apparatus for treating body tissues and bodily fluid vessels
Expandable treatment device for photodynamic therapy and method of using same
Radiation delivery catheter with a spring wire centering mechanism
Medical radiation treatment delivery apparatus
Balloon catheter with stent securement means
Exchange catheter and method of use
Fluid delivery apparatus with flow indicator and vial fill
Medical fluid injector having face plate with magnetic conductors
Infusion delivery system
Injection set
Radioactive substance administrator
Injection device
Microprocessor-controlled fluid dispensing apparatus
Disposable self-shielding unit dose syringe guard
System for attenuating pain during bone marrow aspiration and method
Appetite adjusting tool
Radiation shielded catheter for delivering a radioactive source and method of use
Seat mounted workout station system
Oval-tracked exercise device
Swimming fin
Golf ball utilizing silicone materials
Ultra-thin racquet frame
Handle structure for a racket
Method and apparatus for golf club shaft support
Vibrationally damped golf club head
Golf ball teeing apparatus
Golf ball placement device
Softball bat with exterior shell
Basketball shooting guide and defensive partner
Baseball strike indicator
Putting stroke training device
Method and system for producing personal golf lesson video
Automatic throwing apparatus
Photoelectric control unit of a video car-racing game machine
Virtual reality game
Video gaming device having multiple stacking features
Rear telemetry light for model trains
Doll with preprogramed auditory internal organs
Interactive toy products
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil-reclaiming bouyant apparatus
Skimmer valve
Centrifugation support
Modular filter apparatus
Method for forming fibrous filter media, filter units and product
No spill, self-bleeding filter
Emission control system and method for controlling the amount of airborne particulate matter discharging from a fiber processing plant
Method of making multi-pocket filter
Air filter elements with foam pre-cleaners
Filter unit
Filter for compressed air
Filter cartridge
Method and apparatus for recovering and/or recycling solvents
Hydrogen recovery process
Multi-well microfiltration apparatus
Process for the electrochemical synthesis of N-acetylcysteine from cystine
Process for the partial modification of porous, hydrophilitic filter membranes, of filter membranes treated in such manner and filter modules equipped with such filter membranes, especially filter cartridges
Solvent and acid resistant membrane on the basis of polyacrylnitrile (PAN) and a comonomer copolymerized therewith and a method of manufacturing such a membrane
Process and apparatus using plate arrangement for reactant heating and preheating
Process and device for producing granulates by fluidized bed spray granulation
Process for controlling diamond nucleation during diamond synthesis
Reaction and distillation device
Device for the manipulation of cytotechnical instruments
Telescopic housing for a magnet array
Invertible filter centrifuge including a solids drier
Substrate treating apparatus
Limited-volume apparatus for forming thin film aerogels on semiconductor substrates
Doctoring device for an apparatus to apply a liquid or viscid medium onto a moving base surface
Method and apparatus for cleaning treatment
Apparatus for, and method of, providing controlled depositions on substrates
Methods for manufacturing a paint roller with integrated core and cover
Tape ruler coating nylon resin forming structure
Ultrasonic camera
Liquid displacement apparatus and liquid displacement method
Phytoremediation of metals
Production of aluminum alloy strip for use in making thin gauge foils
Powered metal injection compacting composition
Palladium-containing particles, method and apparatus of manufacture, palladium-containing devices made therefrom
Wire for welding high-chromium steel
Solder paste
Method and device for shaping a rotationally-symmetrical surface
Lens transport apparatus, a cup for securing an eyeglass lens during transport, and a method of transporting lenses
Structure for use in a power driven tool for collecting dust generated by the operation of the tool
Chemical mechanical polishing with a small polishing pad
Method and apparatus for mirror-polishing of workpiece edges
Slurry circulation type surface polishing machine
Polishing pad, polishing apparatus and polishing method
Work roller for use in deep rolling process of crankshafts or like products
Carrier head for chemical mechanical polishing a substrate
Polishing head for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Electrical hand-power tool, in particular hand grinder
Semiconductor wafer grinding apparatus
Process and device for producing a cylindrical single crystal and process for cutting semiconductor wafers
Method and system for in-situ optimization for semiconductor wafers in a chemical mechanical polishing process
Caliper assembly for a grinding machine
Dust collecting work station
End effector for pad conditioning
Water-resistant, glass-like, polysaccharide abrasive grits and method of making same
Method and apparatus for measuring substrate layer thickness during chemical mechanical polishing
Grinding system
Apparatus and method for applying heat bondable lamina to a substrate
Apparatus for folding sheet material having improved slitting, scoring/crushing, gathering, and folding sections or devices
Converting <100> and <111> ingots to <110> ingots
Method and apparatus for manufacturing paint rollers
Method of and apparatus for applying light-shield member to photosensitive member
Device for adhering protective film onto personal data recording surface of identification booklet
Tape dispenser and method and system for application and severance of two-part tape
Method of using bridging agent for laminates
Coloring mechanism and a recording material with the mechanism
Pressure sealer serrated sealing roll
Air vent having two coplanar vane sets
Method for desulfurizing a fuel for use in a fuel cell power plant
Drive train for a motor vehicle
Electrical connection box
Gearbox with retarder
Gas actuating mechanism for a bicycle derailleur
Horizontally disposed bicycle derailleur
Retractable suspension for a boat
Controlled thrust steering system for watercraft
Protective shrouding with debris diverting inflow vanes for pump-jet propulsion unit
High performance boat prop guard
Alternate ventilation system
Method and system for orienting diamagnetic liquid with respect to a gas in a low gravity environment
Easy to open handle bag and method of making the same
Folder having a cylinder with retractable grippers and a cooperating cylinder with retractable copy guiding devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Amorphous silica particles having a double structure, process for producing the same and use
Water carafe filter cartridge
Electrolytic cell for hydrogen peroxide production
Method for treating waste water with a high concentration of organic matter by using ball shaped circulating and elongated stationary ciliary filter cakes
Water treatment system based on denitrification
Constructed wetlands remediation system
Method and apparatus for treating contaminated water
Colloidal silica polishing abrasive
Photosensitive ceramic green sheet, ceramic package, and process for producing the same
Cupric oxychloride cement foodservice flooring
Sewage sludge recycling with a pipe cross-reactor
Inhibition of 141b decomposition
Methods for separating a tocol from a tocol-containing mixture
Hydrolyzed polymers of N-vinylcarboxamides as paper, paperboard and cardboard dry strength enhancers
Wax composition for forming candles
Recycled roadway material millings based asphalt-fines matrix, procedure for recycling these materials and use of the coated material
Doubled reactive dyes
Dye mixtures of fiber-reactive azo dyes and use thereof for dyeing material containing hydroxy-and/or carboxamido groups
Dye composition and method for dyeing hydrophobic fiber with the same
Paints and printing inks containing modified carbon blacks
Slurry comprising a ligand or chelating agent for polishing a surface
Sealing system for combustible engines and the like
Method for predicting intrinsic properties of a mixture
Neutral phosphate pre-coagulant composition for clarification in white sugar production
High speed induction motor rotor and method of fabrication
Process for pyrometallurgical processing in a furnace chamber, of metal-containing waste
Recovery of metal from dross and apparatus therefore
Sintered powder metal bodies and process for producing the same
Ultra-high strength triple phase steels with excellent cryogenic temperature toughness
Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and method for producing same
Martensitic stainless steel pipe and method for manufacturing the same
Method of annealing nonferrous metal parts without stickers
Stress relieving of an age hardenable aluminum alloy product
Nickel-base single-crystal superalloys, method for manufacturing the same, and gas turbine parts prepared therefrom
Magnetron sputtering apparatus and mask
Apparatus for forming non-single-crystal semiconductor thin film, method for forming non-single-crystal semiconductor thin film, and method for producing photovoltaic device
Thermal processing system
Substrate processing system configurable for deposition or cleaning
Substrate holding apparatus for processing semiconductor
Wafer pedestal with a purge ring
Magnetic containment of hot dip coating bath
Carburizing device and method of using the same
Process for the electrolytic production of cyanide in nitrocarburizing melts
Process for the production of high purity copper metal from primary or secondary sulphides
Electric potential shaping method for electroplating
Method of pulling a single crystal
Truncated susceptor for vapor-phase deposition
Textiles; Paper
Dissolved organic materials control in cellulose pulp production
Method and device for the continuous cooking of pulp
Method for treating pulp to reduce disintegration energy
Supply of washing liquid in a fractionating multi-stage washer
Wire part for forming a multi-ply fiber web
Shoe press
Press-to-dryer apparatus
Paper size and paper sizing process
Fixed Constructions
Preparation of bituminous concrete comprising wire pieces
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Outboard motor
Tilting apparatus for marine propulsion unit
Method of making a coated planet gear journal bearing
Constant velocity universal joint
Flexible coupling
Toothed belt
Silent chain
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Rolling element transmission
Element overlap control for an automatic transmission
Automatic transmission control system
Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission with energy saving logic mode
Belt tensioner an engine including such a tensioner and a method of mounting such a tensioner
Vehicle lamp and vibration type welding method for the vehicle lamp
Powered exhaust fan
Apparatus for coating board-shaped articles, especially printed circuit boards
Sticky dart
Method for the processing of signals relating to an object having moving parts and echographic device for carrying out this method
Capillary electrophoretic separation system
Apparatus and method for measuring mechanical strength of neck portion of seed crystal and method for producing silicon single crystal
Automatic sampling device with a syringe
Electrical contact assembly for interconnecting test apparatus and the like
Optical lens coloring system
Process for selective transfer of a microstructure formed on an initial substrate to a final substrate
Fitnesstriage system and method
Electrical card connector
Flat plate detector and connector comprising said detector
Method and apparatus for configuring a slot-type wagering game
Dual-award bonus game for a gaming machine
Gaming machine with variable probability of obtaining bonus game payouts
Categorized test reporting system and method
Self-adhesive graph appliques
Electrostatic webs for sewing patterns
Imaging system and method using thermally excited microballoons
Rare earth permanent magnet and production method thereof
Method for manufacturing a spacer for a flat panel display
Semiconductor process chamber and processing method
Magnet array for magnetrons
System for etching polysilicon in fabricating semiconductor device
Glass material used in, and fabrication method of, a plasma display panel
RF electrode contact assembly for a detachable electrostatic chuck
Thermally formed tab slots in a separator for a spirally-wound electrochemical cell
Electrical connector
Electrical connector having latching members for engaging with a mating connector and a circuit board
Electrical connector for printed circuit boards
Compression header connector having strain relief and mountable to frame of hard disk drive
Electronic card connector having a mounting portion readily mountable to circuit board
Low profile socket
Electrical connector assembly for panel mounting
Electric cord plug lock
High current connector using tuning fork contacts
Boardlock for an electrical connector
Electrical connector
Anti-snag patchcord plug latch and cover
Insulator for retaining contacts of connector assembly and method for making the same
Mounting structure for connector for vehicle and method of mounting the same
Retention mechanism that can be used with different electronic assemblies
Self-aligning connecting system
Card connector with expandable modular card ejection device
Safety cover for electrical outlets
Arrangement for preventing mis-mating of connector assembly
Connector for high frequency signals
Stacked electrical connector assembly
Illuminated connector
Low profile smart card system
Modular jack with filter insert
Electrical connector
Fluorescent lamp holder
Connector assembly having means for penetrating the insulation and establishing electrical connection with the wires
Locking latch mechanism for an insulation displacement connector
Device for creating an electrically conducting connection for an assembly panel fitted in a switch cabinet
Electrical contact and bandolier assembly
End connector and guide tube for a coaxial cable
Mounting for an electrical connection box
Universal electrical connector station
Method and apparatus for engaging an electrical component to a circuit board
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