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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sectored disc for opener
Nutrient device and method
Buoyant wetland system
Shock attenuation system for the insoles of shoes
Boot articulation support system
Vamp with edging
Multi-piece puzzle charm
Patient identification products
Container with pivoting intermediate support
Suction device and bases for kitchenware, small appliances, and other applications
Carrier for handheld device
Device and method for motorized support of a patient positioning facility
Vehicle hitch engageable table
Wire shelf cover system
Vehicle seat mount equipment rack
Product display unit
Hanging organizer
Combination mailbox housing and pedestal-planter assembly made of recycled materials
Door system
Flexible guide for a mosquito net
Cleaning implements and substrates for cleaning a compressible resilient surface
Electric toothbrush
Program to make of cutting data for inner face of dental prosthesis
Anti-snoring and obstructive sleep apnea device
Dry powder inhaler
Volume expansion system for breathing gas in closed-circuit breathing apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water bottle with filtration feature
Processing of steel making slags
Ultrasonic fog generator
Continuous coating of gum materials
Lens cleaner
Substrate preparation using megasonic coupling fluid meniscus and methods, apparatus, and systems for implementing the same
Optimum number of teeth setting method for helical gear pair and helical gear pair manufactured by this method
Adaptive and universal hot runner manifold for die casting
Method for estimating self-vibration of milling tool in the operating process
Method and system for optimized vibration welding
Apparatus and method for supplying electrically conductive material
Internal pipe clamp alignment guides with purge backup
Portable tool kit with auto-release clasp and expandable tools
Lockable torque-limiting driver and method
Router bit system and method for constructing tambours
Phase change ink imaging component having conductive coating
Droplet ejection apparatus and cleaning method of a droplet receiving surface
Liquid drop jet apparatus and image forming apparatus capable of improving image quality and reducing cost
Fluid-ejecting device with simplified connectivity
Ink jet recording head, producing method therefor and composition for ink jet recording head
Board for inkjet printing head and inkjet printing head using the same
Inkjet printer having printed media transport of drying length
Liquid ejection apparatus
One way compatibility keying for solid ink sticks
Printing device fluid reservoir with alignment features
Rod pass through for vehicle door
Dashboard support
Vehicle with drag-reducing outer surface
Traveling device
Drivable trailer
Fastening structure for steering wheel
Inflatable restraint system with deployment trajectory controller
Airbag with a venting regulation device
Rubber blade for wiper
Shock absorber for the front or rear region of a railborne vehicle having at least one energy absorption device
Power regulation device for model railway system
Decoder for a stationary switch machine
Decoder for a stationary switch machine
Energy absorbing mechanism of steering column supporting apparatus
Sunroof support structure for a vehicle body
Vehicle having a rear end body structure
Sport trailer
Swivel device for bicycles
Brake disk
Braking and steering system for a truck, wheeled platform, skateboard or vehicle
Mooring/vessel snap hook device
Methods of preventing initiation of explosive devices
Container-treatment machine comprising controlled gripping means for seizing containers by the neck
Gradationally stacked cake-like assembly composed of individual gift box units
Tamper-evident closure
Packaging for cosmetic products, typically a compact, with an improved grip and that can be opened with a single hand
Parallelepipedal flexible packaging with breakable zone
Paddle for securely mounting a wafer cassette holder thereto
Packaging cushion assembly having one foldable/unfoldable side
Bean sprouts-like articles loosening supply device
Vibratory conveying apparatus
Display device
Device for the single-unit dispensing of shaped objects, such as pharmaceutical tablets
Roller and sheet feeding apparatus
Apparatus and method for separating and aerating a stack of sheet material
Sheet discharging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, sheet-conveyance control method, and sheet-conveyance control program
Paper feed mechanism and image generating apparatus with reversely driven feed roller
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Vehicle with on-board cargo handling system
Liquid dispensing system with enhanced mixing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System for processing grains, carbohydrates, sugars, and oilseeds
Plasma processing system with locally-efficient inductive plasma coupling
Textiles; Paper
Insert rapier
Deodorization apparatus and washing machine having the same
Fixed Constructions
Device for the assembly and disassembly of a fastening device, more preferably a rail fastening device on a support body
Wheelchair lift apparatus
Sanitary fitting
Hygienic apparatus including a toilet bowl and a urinal
Dual toilet tank system
Arrangement of elements for producing a panel
Hurricane and storm protection large windows and doors
Cladding method and system for buildings
Floor panels with edge connectors
Multiple layer polymer foam and concrete system for forming concrete walls, panels, floors, and decks
Bidirectional slide lock and method of using same
Manual actuating system assisted by a shape-memory actuator
Vehicle door lock
Automatic opening/closing apparatus for vehicle
Belt-driven rack gear power sliding door
Method for retrofitting a downhole drill string with a flow through subassembly and method for making same
Injector apparatus and method of use
Wellbore consolidating tool for rotary drilling applications
Methods of producing flow-through passages in casing, and methods of using such casing
Method of controlling water condensation in a near wellbore region of a formation
Systems for extracting fluids from the earth's subsurface and for generating electricity without greenhouse gas emissions
Shock-release fluid fracturing method and apparatus
Counterbalance enabled power generator for horizontal directional drilling systems
Device for increasing pressure in cylinders with control unit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Self-pressurizing Stirling engine
Adaptive individual dynamic volumetric efficiency optimization for engines with variable cam phasers and variable lift
Electrically heated particulate filter regeneration methods and systems for hybrid vehicles
Approach for controlling particulate matter in an engine
Catalytic device with fuel cell portion and catalytic conversion portion
System and method for controlling oil temperature of an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle
Dual-charged internal combustion engine and method for operating the same
Parallel-sequential turbocharging for improved exhaust temperature control
Method and apparatus for estimating exhaust temperature of an internal combustion engine
Split-cycle four-stroke engine
Method and apparatus for operating a turbine engine
Integrated coal gasification combined cycle plant
System for introducing fuel to a fluid flow upstream of a combustion area
Procedure for starting a combustion engine
Angle drive
Synchronizing mechanism and transmission having the same
Vehicle transmission comprising a parking brake and method for controlling the same
Combined axially and radially loaded dirt excluder
Tube coupling
Vehicle lamp
Pipe thread sealant sheath
Electrostatic dissipation solution for angled fuel port of a fuel supply unit
Sleeve coupling
Replaceable cartridge for liquid hydrogen
Portable lighting lamp equipped with a printed circuit card housed in a tightly sealed environment, and method for assembling the lamp
Illumination device having organic electro luminescence (EL) panels
White LED light source device and LED backlight using the same
Evacuable flat panel solar collector
Air conditioning system
Quick freezing apparatus and quick freezing method
Control method for the air-conditioning treatment of products
Beverage container with freeze pack
Vapor-lift pump heat transport apparatus
String splitter sight for a bow
Image processing method and apparatus therefor
Method and system for determining demand in a water distribution system
Concept for detecting a change of a physical quantity by means of a conductor structure
Method and apparatus for automatically generating airfoil performance tables
Process and arrangement for calibrating and/or equilibrating single-channel and multi-channel liquid handling devices
Method for a plausibility check of the output signal of a rail pressure sensor
Aerodynamic hood lift and deflection measurement device
Payout-glide-flakeoff apparatus for characterizing deodorant and antiperspirant sticks
Hydrostatically compensated deep sea probe with shear strain gauges
Method for determining linear acceleration and device for its implementation
Accelerometer calibrator resonance damper and methods
Spectrum analyzer with phase noise compensation
Method of monitoring a fuel cell unit
Methods of testing interconnect lines in programmable logic devices using partial reconfiguration
Method and apparatus for modulating particular light source used for laser display
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Adjustable table for shaping a mirror
Lamp support unit resiliently fixing a lamp, and backlight assembly and liquid crystal display including the lamp support unit
Light source apparatus, optical modulation apparatus, display apparatus, light condense illumination apparatus and projection type color display apparatus
System and method for mining model accuracy display
Method, system, and apparatus for an efficient power dissipation
System including a computer and a fuel cell that communicates with the computer and supplies power to the computer
Method for isolating a fault from error messages
System and method for disaster recovery for a computer network
Method, system, and program for recovery of a reverse restore operation
Smart capture for ATPG (automatic test pattern generation) and fault simulation of scan-based integrated circuits
Failure prediction with two threshold levels
System LSI
Virtual machine emulation in the memory space of a programmable processor
Storage management method and system
Stack allocation system and method
Message based inter-process for high volume data
Modified persistent auto precharge command protocol system and method for memory devices
Remote copy system
Transceiver with latency alignment circuitry
Method and apparatus for translating guest physical addresses in a virtual machine environment
Method and apparatus for shared resource management in a multiprocessing system
Current media status determination for a storage device
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
IP web based messaging system for localized management of wireless messaging
Method and system for managing images over a communication network
Turn restriction handling enhancement
Control system and method for a communications interface
Routability for memory devices
Method or apparatus for establishing a plug and play (PnP) communication channel via an abstraction layer interface
USB composite device and method using hub link layer and UTMI interface
Method and apparatus for updating computer code using an integrated circuit interface
Host interface for direct connection of an optical drive to an IDE/ATA data bus
Host interface for direct connection of an optical driver to an IDE/ATA data bus
Method and apparatus for pipelining ordered input/output transactions to coherent memory in a distributed memory, cache coherent, multi-processor system
Bus connection circuit and bus connection system having plural request queues, a bus interface portion outputting request signals, an arbiter performing arbitration of plural requests and a bus interface portion outputting a request signal indicating allocation of pre-fetch buffers corresponding to arbitrated requests
Use of bus transaction identification codes
Systems, methods, and devices for detecting circuit faults
Spontaneous virtual private network between portable device and enterprise network
Method for verifying chronological integrity of an electronic time stamp
Processing a network packet using queues
Apparatus and method for scaling TCP off load buffer requirements by segment size
Audiovisual distribution system for playing an audiovisual piece among a plurality of audiovisual devices connected to a central server through a network
Network device management method, system and management equipment thereof
Routing apparatus
Routing of bandwidth guaranteed paths with restoration in an information network
Managing transmissions between devices
Processor and method for generating and storing compressed instructions in a program memory and decompressed instructions in an instruction cache wherein the decompressed instructions are assigned imaginary addresses derived from information stored in the program memory with the compressed instructions
Method and apparatus for dynamically locating and printing a plurality of postage payment indicia on a mailpiece
Image edit device adapted to rapidly lay-out photographs into templates with means for preview and correction by user
Method of drafting control and instrumentation technology
Method and apparatus for providing improved HMM POS tagger for multi-word entries and factoids
Method, system, and program for managing requests to tracks subject to a relationship
Data migration in storage system
Method, system, and program for optimizing processing of nested functions
Distributed, multi-user, multi-threaded application development system and method
Method of and apparatus for, and program for verifying equivalence between behavioral description and register transfer level description
Material estimation apparatus, material estimation program and method of estimating materials
Method and apparatus for rule file generation
Integrated proof flow system and method
Alternating phase-shift mask rule compliant IC design
Method for communicating a measuring position of a structural element that is to be formed on a mask
Method for reconstructing complex wave attributes from limited view measurements
Method in an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process for identifying and redirecting IC's mis-processed during their manufacture
Secure user action request indicator
Data processing apparatus connected to a network connectable a plurality of devices
Method, system and program product for routing requests in a distributed system
Peripheral equipment of computer
System and method for rearranging run-time ordering of open tasks
Graphical interface control system
Discipline for lock reassertion in a distributed file system
Password that associates screen position information with sequentially entered characters
Latching electronic circuit for random number generation
Technique for high speed PRBS generation
Method and system for debugging multiprocessor systems
System and method for user mode applications to register to receive kernel mode device related events
System for dynamically encrypting information for secure internet commerce and providing embedded fulfillment software
Binding by hash
Automatic software installation on heterogeneous networked computer systems
Method and apparatus for policy based class service and adaptive service level management within the context of an internet and intranet
Anti-skimming card reader surface configuration
Computer readable universal authorization card system and method for using same
Variable thickness data card body
Card reader device for a cell phone and method of use
Print system, service system, data server, master server, print client system and printer
Controlled transfer of information in computer networks
Method and system for ordering a consumable for a device
E-commerce volume pricing
Apparatus for internet on-line insurance policy service
Apparatus for trading of bundled assets including bundle substitution and method therefor
Collective procurement management system
Method for electronically initiating and managing agricultural production contracts
Point service system
System and method for verifying, setting, printing and guaranteeing checks at a remote location
System and method for updating user home automation systems
Method and system for ordering an advertising spot over a data network
Method, system and computer code for content based web advertising
Animated foldable card
Singing voice-synthesizing method and apparatus and storage medium
Method and apparatus for speech recognition using latent semantic adaptation
Method and apparatus for adapting a class entity dictionary used with language models
System and method of coding sound signals using sound enhancement
Frequency domain postfiltering for quality enhancement of coded speech
Graphical user interface for a motion video planning and editing system for a computer
Method for manufacturing a magneto-resistance effect element
Method for the defect analysis of memory modules
Back illuminated photodiode array, manufacturing method and semiconductor device thereof
Method for winding brushless DC motors
Method of converting audio data for a portable device and reproducing the converted audio data
Data processing method and apparatus, recording medium, reproducing method and apparatus using the same method
Error correction coding and decoding apparatuses
Wireless communication method and system for detecting and correcting transmission errors
Method and apparatus for determining digital A/V content distribution terms based on detected piracy levels
Intelligently determining which traffic streams to offload efficiently
Electronic certificate system
Television signal reception apparatus and method, and broadcast reception apparatus and method
Solder standoffs for injection molding of solder
Method of manufacturing a circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
ATM cell switching system
Multi-point to point communication system with remote unit burst identification
Loose source routing method of IP packet on ATM network
System and method for providing an electronic chat session between a data terminal and an information provider at the request of an inquiring party input into the data terminal
System for digital radio communication between a wireless lan and a PBX
Hub system with ring arbitration
Method and system for switching SCSI devices utilizing an analog multiplexor
Communication protocol between a communication device and an external accessory
Arrangement for transmitting data packets from a media access controller across multiple physical links
Bus management method
Telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for data extraction from a bit stream
Data broadcasting system for performing highspeed data transmission, data broadcasting apparatus and data receiving apparatus for performing high speed data transmission
Semiconductor storage device and production method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of erasing data of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Card shelf cable management system and method
Converter output regulation via channel resistance modulation of synchronous rectifiers
Soft-switched quasi-single-stage (QSS) bi-directional inverter/charger
LC filtering with prebiased inductor for a chopping circuit
Switching device
Method and system for rating antenna performance
Method of and circuit for testing an electrical actuator drive stage
Automobile radar antenna alignment system using transponder and lasers
I/O bracket of electronic device
Apparatus and method for contacting a sensor conductive layer
Disk recording/reproducing device
Media cartridge insertion apparatus for a media cartridge storage andhandling system
Recording medium transfer apparatus
Vibration preventing mechanism and a disc apparatus having such a vibrationpreventing apparatus
Signal recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Rewritable disc and method of controlling recording of the same
Magnetic read sensor with SDT tri-layer and method for making same
Magnetoresistive read sensor including a carbon barrier layer and methodfor making same
Balance gain tuning apparatus capable of connecting errors made inmanufacturing process of an optical pick up
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving multiple frequencybands simultaneously
Antenna formed within a conductive surface
Satellite communication antenna apparatus
Dual-antenna system for single-frequency band
Tunable dual-band ferroelectric antenna
Broadband antenna incorporating both electric and magnetic dipole radiators
Multi-voltage multi-pole safety electric adapter
Trip device with a plurality of means for setting the protection parameters
Electronic protective relay with variable and fixed delay tally time ofcurrent protection
Impedance matching circuit
Automatic over-current protection of transistors
Weighed round-robin multiplexing of ATM cells by updating weights withcounter outputs
Traffic control apparatus and traffic control method used in exchange
Failure tolerant high density dial router
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew