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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Visceral fat estimation apparatus
Lead having one or more low polarization electrodes
Implantable neural stimulation device providing activity, rest, and long term closed-loop peripheral vascular disease therapy and method
Method of automatic evoked response sensing vector selection using evoked response waveform analysis
Transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction
Stimulation of autonomic nerves
Method and apparatus for injection of external data within an implantable medical device
Drop and slide engagement for implantable medical device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thermal transfer printing method and apparatus
Led printer and image forming apparatus including the same
In-car video system
Indicator system having multiple LEDs
Electronic throttle control device of internal-combustion engine
Method for determining core positions of optical element array and an apparatus for determining core positions thereof
Optical position measuring device
Technique for suggesting a service provider to service a vehicle
Method and apparatus for estimating time delay of GPS receiver in hybrid navigation system
Feature mapping between data sets
Engine testing device which simulates dynamic gas exchange
Method of operating an internal combustion engine
System for calibrating apparatus for acquiring the pressure in a motor vehicle diesel engine cylinder
Method for diagnosing a tank venting valve
Diagnostics device for testing electrical circuits of a recreational vehicle
Method of detecting and classifying scratches and particles on thin film disks or wafers
Device and method for analyzing fat of meat
Voltage sensor and dielectric material
Method and an apparatus to detect low voltage
Differential comparator circuit, test head, and test apparatus
Method and device for diagnosis of a sensor
Method and apparatus to switch data flows using parallel switch fabrics
Cross-bar switch with bandwidth allocation
Magnetometer with structure asymmetry correction
Enhanced surveilled subject imaging
Assembly and method for determining speed of a supercavitating underwater vehicle
Blind signal separation using I and Q components
Transmit-receive FM-CW radar apparatus
Monitoring device and method using echo signals
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Magnetic resonance apparatus and operation method for hyperthermic treatment
Method for evaluating formation properties
Light path reflecting optical system and apparatus provided with the same
Arrangement and use of a slit diaphragm
System and method for the laser beam deflection for optical measuring systems
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Deformable mirror
Light deflector
Method for producing library
Optical networking circuit pack
Cable management system
Optical multi/demultiplexer device, optical wavelength selective filter and method of making filter
Optical fiber and optical transmission line and optical communication system including such optical fiber
Circular display device with a projective light source
Optic fiber security fence system
Optical device and method of producing the same
Device for transmitting optical waves with inclined coupling surfaces
Distributed optical structures designed by computed interference between simulated optical signals
Integrated loop resonator with adjustable couplings and methods of using the same
Optical fiber cable with fiber receiving jacket ducts
Method and device for arranging optical fibers
Electro-optic modulator with particular diffused buffer layer
Liquid crystal display with fluorescent material
Color filter comprising unit patterns with varied densities and liquid crystal display device using the color filter, and their manufacturing methods
Liquid crystal display with a wide viewing angle using a compensation film
Projection display device
Liquid crystal panel substrate having alignment film and method for forming alignment film by varied evaporation angle
Color filter panel and its fabrication method using back exposure
Thin-film transistor with set trap level densities, and method of manufactures
Liquid crystal display device, electronic device having the same, and semiconductor device
All optical phase insensitive wavelength converters, apparatus systems and methods
Camera assemblies having overlapping rocker and link projections
Reflective multi-image surface
Lithograph with moving lens and method of producing digital holograms in a storage medium
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Substrate holding device, substrate processing apparatus using the same, and method for aligning and holding substrate
Image processing apparatus having a status holding function, and image processing system including the same
Method and system for managing print jobs for a printer to maximize throughput
Image forming apparatus having positioned cleaning unit for image transfer belt positioned with respect to toner patch detecting member and toner image transfer member
Two-station type color image forming apparatus with separately replaceable components
Printing system with inverter disposed for media velocity buffering and registration
Image forming apparatus
Developing device using electrostatic transport member
Electrostatic development belt
Neutralizing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the neutralizing apparatus
Cleaning device and method, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Image bearing member unit, including image bearing shutter
Printer contaminant abatement systems and methods
Method and apparatus for holographic recording and retrieval
Method of and computer program product for monitoring person's movements
Rotation drive device and rotation drive method
Filament lamp light quantity control method and filament lamp light quantity control unit and filament lamp light source unit
Temperature compensated FET constant current source
Boosting voltage control circuit
Voltage-change control circuit and method
Damping apparatus
System and method of trapping for correcting for separation misregistration in color printing
Facsimile gateway device
Method for bayer mosaic image conversion
Manufacturing management system and method
Capacity management system and method
System and process for creating custom fit artificial fingernails using a non-contact optical measuring device
Threading control method and apparatus therefor
Vehicle identification means detection and evasion system
Method and arrangement for monitoring a deceleration function of a control unit of a motor vehicle
Method and device for determining a driver torque setpoint for an internal combustion engine
Power consumption management method
Method and system for annotating a computer program or hardware design
Print object converter, print object conversion method, and computer-readable recording medium for recording programs relating to print object conversion method
Image forming apparatus administration system
Printer, POS system, wireless communication control method, and data storage medium
High-accuracy capacitor digital-to-analog converter
Apparatus, system and method for image processing with inhibition control
Control system and units removably attachable to the same
Technique of embedding and detecting digital watermark
Print user interface system and its applications
Mascara selecting method, mascara selecting system, and mascara counseling tool
Method and apparatus for standardized fluorescence image generation
Method and system for monitoring breathing activity of a subject
Image discrimination apparatus and image discrimination method
Apparatus and method for detecting a pattern
Height measurement apparatus
Image input apparatus, subject identification system, subject verification system and image input method
Feature extracting method, subject recognizing method and image processing apparatus
System and method for directed acuity segmentation resolution compression and decompression
Image coding-decoding method, image coding-decoding system, image coder, image decoder, and storage medium
System and method for panoramic imaging
Whiteboard imaging system
Method and system for locating and accessing digitally stored images
System and method for parallel rendering of images
Method of and device for modifying standard model
Method and apparatus for a video graphics circuit having parallel pixel processing
Coloring information adding method and apparatus, and image processing method and apparatus
Electronic monitoring systems and methods
Monitored transmitter and receiver system and method for safety devices
Wireless communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, radio frequency identification device communication systems, wireless communication methods, and radio frequency identification device communication methods
Tagging and tracking system for assets and personnel of a commercial enterprise
Wireless integrated occupancy sensor
Lighted status indicator corresponding to the positions of circuit breaker, switch or fuse
Element substrate and light emitting device
Method for driving plasma display panel
Photonic MEMS and structures
Liquid crystal display adaptive to viewing angle
Liquid crystal display and method of modifying gray signals for the same
Image display device and driving method thereof
Active matrix array devices
Method and device for generating sampling signal
Level shifter with body-biased circuit
Surround-vision display system
Adaptive input pen mode selection
Electric circuit
Hybrid procedural/pixel based textures
Combining drawing system, combining drawing method, and recording medium
Game machine, game title display control method and program
Reflection space image based rendering
Remote control method using remote control device with keyboard
Information processing method and apparatus
Recording apparatus enabling replacement of disk cartridge
Front panel assembly of disk drive having door locking means and disk drive incorporating the same
Method of screening hard disk drive
Method and apparatus for runout correction during self-servo writing
Device that records on an optical disc and method thereof
Thin-film magnetic head for reading magnetic information on a hard disk by utilizing a magnetoresistance effect
System and method for perpendicularly recorded servo pattern
Extended alumina basecoat advanced air bearing slider
Information recording medium
Information reproducing method and information reproducing apparatus of multilayer optical disk
Recording apparatus and recording method
Information recording method and apparatus with additional recording function
Semiconductor memory device using ferroelectric capacitor, and semiconductor device with the same
1P1N 2T gain cell
Storage device employing a flash memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Systems and methods for write protection of non-volatile memory devices
Buffer circuit and memory system for selectively outputting data strobe signal according to number of data bits
Using permanent magnets in MRAM to assist write operation
Method and apparatus for achieving low power consumption during power down
Circuit and method for refreshing memory cells of a dynamic memory
Phase detector for all-digital phase locked and delay locked loops
Random cache read
Memory having internal column counter for compression test mode
Memory with address management
Electroceramic component comprising a plurality of contact surfaces
Extended thin film capacitor (TFC)
Lamp and method of manufacturing the same
Positive column tubular PDP
Compositions for preparing low dielectric materials
Ceramic embedded wireless antenna
Heat spreader and semiconductor device package having the same
Wiring substrate and process for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and production process
Semiconductor device
Electronic device package
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
Flip-chip packaging
Wiring board and circuit module
Semiconductor substrate having a partial SOI structure, method of manufacturing the same, a semiconductor device having a partial SOI structure, and method of manufacturing the same
Hybrid solid state/electrochemical photoelectrode for hyrodrogen production
Isolation-region configuration for integrated-circuit transistor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device in which selection transistors and memory transistors have different impurity concentration distributions
Electrostatic RF MEMS switches
Acoustic driver assembly with restricted contact area
Signal generation system and method for generating signals
Sealed integral MEMS switch
Switchable combiner and integrated combining apparatus for using it
Systems and methods for blocking microwave propagation in parallel plate structures utilizing cluster vias
Antenna window with high-frequency component
Wide band antenna
Circularly polarized wire antenna
System and method for multiple antennas having a single core
Ultra wideband bow-tie printed antenna
Multilevel antennae
Optical signal-to-noise ratio improving device
Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier light source
Optical amplifying and relaying system
Helium-cooled laser device
Method for maintaining mode-locked state of fabry-perot laser irrespective of temperature change and WDM light source using the same method
Zig-zag laser amplifier with polarization controlled reflectors
Load control device
Methods and systems for reducing power-on failure of integrated circuits
Circuit for reducing inrush current generated during startup of a switching power supply
Inverter controlled generator set
Method for identifying an overload current of an electric drive
DC motor
Method and apparatus for selective operation of a hybrid electric vehicle in various driving modes
Motor and optical apparatus
Spindle motor for disk driving device
Base plate for spindle motor
Compact high power alternator
Variable-frequency flyback converter with synchronous rectification function
Synchronous rectifying switching power source circuit
Power source apparatus
Electrostatic driving device having an interval between electrodes facing each other and manufacturing method of the same
Method for monitoring the reversing process of electrically actuatable units
DC motor rotation information detecting device
Motor driving apparatus and motor driving method
Control apparatus for a starter/generator system
Surface mount crystal oscillator
Frequency offset correction techniques for crystals used in communication systems
Crystal oscillator with variable bias generator and variable loop filter
Simple detector and method for QPSK symbols
Audio power amplifying apparatus and method
Feed forward amplifier employing positive feedback pilot generation
Radio frequency power amplifier
Dual use of an integrated circuit pin and the switching of signals at said pin
Surface acoustic wave device
Apparatus for adaptively adjusting a data receiver
Dynamic on-die termination management
Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
Soft core control of dedicated memory interface hardware in a programmable logic device
Interconnection resources for programmable logic integrated circuit devices
Output stage resistant against high voltage swings
Oscillator with temperature control
Latch or phase detector device
Active filter circuit with operational amplifier
Digital phase shift circuits
Speed-locked loop to provide speed information based on die operating conditions
Phase locked loop comprising a .SIGMA..DELTA. modulator
Angle detection apparatus computing phase differences between first and second phase angles
Method and system for a feed-forward encoder
Image compression and decompression using adaptive run length encoding
Connecting cable for helmets
Adaptive transmission and receiving method and device in wireless communication system with multiple antennas
Wireless frequency re-use determination systems and methods
Method and system for implementing a communications transceiver using modified GPS user equipment
Method and apparatus for I/Q mismatch calibration in a receiver
Broadband single-ended input upconverter
Microphone aided vibrator tuning
Outdoor unit programming system
Method and apparatus to encode a moving image with fixed computational complexity
Chip rate base band receiver processor which receives digital information containing symbol information
System and method for transmitting signals over a fiber strand
Infrared signal communication system and method including transmission means having automatic gain control
System and method of using variable pulses for symbology
Ultrasonic and infrared transmitter with tunable carrier frequency
Optical receiving device, waveform optimization method for optical data signals, and waveform optimization program for optical data signals
Peak cancellation apparatus of base station transmission unit
Method for improving performances of a mobile radiocommunication system using a power control algorithm
Apparatus for stabilizing transmission power of broadband code division multiple access type mobile communication terminal
System and method for multipoint distribution of satellite digital audio radio service
Frequency multiplex transmitter and method for eliminating crosstalk
Dual use rate policer and re-marking logic
Data transmitter and data receiver
Broadband network access device for voice data transmission
Communication system with improved medium access control sub-layer
Dynamic allocation of transmission bandwidth in a communication system
Datastream transmitters for discrete multitone systems
Method and system for re-assignment of packet pipes
Width upgrade for a scalable switching network
Decision support mechanisms for bandwidth commerce in communication networks
Data transmitting apparatus and data receiving apparatus
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
High-speed parallel cross bar switch
Quality control device for voice packet communications
Apparatus and method for scalable and dynamic traffic engineering in a data communication network
Node apparatus and packet communication method for communicating with a mobile terminal
Communication system for driving pairs of twisted pair links
Reducing latency and power in asynchronous data transfers
Clock, data and time recovery using bit-resolved timing registers
Communication device, imaging device, communication method, and recording medium storing program to execute communication method in computer readable state
Communication station with automatic cable loss compensation
Method of generating directional antenna beams, and radio transmitter
Apparatus and method for controlling auxiliary pilot channel in a CDMA2000 wireless network
Wireless communication system including omni-directional transmitter and directional receiver
Method and system for automatically translating messages in a communication system
Configuring user interfaces of call devices
Wireless communication system for an enterprise
Portable information terminal device and telephone directory display method used by the device
Smooth method for adjusting downlink transmitted power
Methods of controlling communications with at least two calling party devices by a user of a called party device
Wireless telephone and wireless telephone system
Method for audio stream monitoring on behalf of a calling party
Call handling system and method
Image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, method and program enabling high-precision color conversion
Autostereoscopic display
Image processing device, image processing method and image processing program for joining a plurality of divided images
Mosaicing images with an offset lens
Digital/analog television signal receiver using analog signal channel fine-tuning data for setting digital signal channels
Television signal receiver, and method for controlling recording of television signals
Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Electronic endoscope eliminating influence of light distribution in optical zooming
Projector with a micro lens array
Modulation of the resonant frequency of a circuit using an energy field
Method of transmitting non-orthogonal physical channels in the communications system
Method and system for testing cellular network integrity using telematics
Routing algorithm for distributed telecommunication networks
Subscriber profile changing method, subscriber profile file updating method, mobile communication system, exchange, and home memory station
Cellular telephone
System and method for determining when to exit an existing wireless communications coverage network
Cellular communication system with virtual antennas
Method and system for determining the speed and position of a mobile unit
Antenna and speaker configuration for a mobile device
Double-resonator micro-speaker assemblies and methods for tuning the same
Organic electroluminescent device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Organic electroluminescent display
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Light-generating apparatus control system
Radiological marker device
Multi-layer and multi-direction fan device
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Reducing inherited logical to physical register mapping information between tasks in multithread system using register group identifier
Apparatus including a fetch unit to include branch history information to increase performance of multi-cylce pipelined branch prediction structures
Method relating to handling of conditional jumps in a multi-stage pipeline arrangement
Video parser
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including start codes and methods relating thereto
System for read only memory shadowing circuit for copying a quantity of rom data to the ram prior to initialization of the computer system
Integrated circuit having hardware circuitry to prevent electrical or thermal stressing of the silicon circuitry
OS multi boot integrator
Digital rights management operating system
Method and system for secure distribution of cryptographic keys on multicast networks
Method and apparatus for watermarking digital bitstreams
Determination of a best offset to detect an embedded pattern
Use of biometrics as a methodology for defining components for ECC encryption
System and method for secure transfer of digital data to a local recordable storage medium
Method and system for the automatic initiation of power application and start-up activities in a computer system
Object-based security system
Multi-stage data filtering system employing multiple filtering criteria
Client peripheral device-based network resource management method and system
Method and apparatus for serializing access to a shared resource in an information handling system
System for dynamically downloading a software image to a digital modem
Internet and related networks, a method of and system for substitute use of checksum field space in information processing datagram headers for obviating processing speed and addressing space limitations and providing other features
Method of using address resolution protocol for constructing data frame formats for multiple partitions host network interface communications
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