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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Oral rehydration composition
Methods of reducing weeds and kits therefor
Methods and products using grass of the genus Triodia
Phage resistance
Method of supercritical fluid fractionation of oil seed extraction materials
Examination of scattering properties of biological tissue
System for aiding to make medical care schedule, and program storage device readable by the system
Method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for compensating contrast inhomogeneities in magnetic resonance images
Markers for interventional devices in magnetic resonant image (MRI) systems
Non-invasive methods of using spectral information in determining analyte concentrations
Physiological stress detector device and system
Phosphotetrahydropyran compounds for the treatment of wounds and fibrotic disorders
Medicaments for chemotherapeutic treatment of disease
Lyophilised antigen composition
Co-administration of FGF-21 and GLP-1 to treat diabetes and lower blood glucose
Stabilization of Fc-interferon-beta fusion proteins
Treatment for cervical dystonia with the neurotoxic component of a botulinum toxin
Micro RNA (MiRNA) and neurofibromatosis type 1: a role in diagnosis and therapy
Divinyl ether derivatives capable of releasing active aldehydes and ketones and methods of use for perfuming surfaces
Methods for treating bacterial respiratory tract infections in an individual using acidified nitrite
Nanoparticle suitable for delivery of a biomolecule into or out of a membrane enclosed cell or cell organelle
Hair care solution forming a film protecting natural hair from gluing products
Non-porous material as sterilization barrier
Radiopharmaceutical imaging of neurodegenerative diseases
System and method for lead fixation
Stimulation channel selection methods
System and method of using regression models to estimate vulnerable periods for heart stimulation parameters
Method and apparatus for detecting oscillations in cardiac rhythm with electrogram signals
Enhanced interface for a medical device and a terminal
Electrode package attached to exterior of defibrillator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for removing solid debris from slurry processing system
Treatment of water
Elastomeric paint with protective coating upon styrenic block copolymer articles
Liquid discharge head and manufacturing method of the same
Method of manufacturing an article of footwear having a direct attach sole component
Direct forming of non-textile fabric elements from plastic pellets
Method and apparatus for forming extruded striped plastic products with variations in width of the stripes along the length of the products and for blow molding articles formed from such extruded parts
Method and apparatus for post-mold cooling a molded article
Use of a composite material based on a one component polyurethane adhesive
High-strength, environmentally friendly corrugated board
Photochromic optical element
Thermal transfer printing
Printable coating
Passenger detector and method of adjusting the same
Closure for container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mesoporous carbon composite containing carbon nanotube
Particulate matter and methods of obtaining same from a Kraft waste reclamation
Method for cyclically preparing elemental boron and coproducing sodium cryolite using sodium fluoborate as intermediate material
Method for the recovery of uranium from pregnant liquor solutions
Transparent conductive film having FTO/ITO laminate
Semiconductor porcelain composition and method of producing the same
Method of producing a material composite
Compositions containing, methods involving, and uses of non-natural amino acids and polypeptides
Relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, process for making relief printing plate, and relief printing plate
Electroluminescent ZnS:Mn phosphor and method of making
Photoresponsive nanoparticles as light-driven nanoscale actuators
Composition of biodegradable gear oil
Culture apparatus
Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic uses of long non-coding RNAs for cancer and regenerative medicine
Next-nearest-neighbor sequence determinants of antisense DNA
Perhydrolase variant providing improved specific activity
Toll like receptor 4 dysfunction and the biological applications thereof
Method of nucleic acid amplification and measuring reagent and reagent kit therefor
Methods, compositions and kits for detection and analysis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Computer-aided probability base calling for arrays of nucleic acid probes on chips
Textiles; Paper
Carbon nanotubes, substrate and electron emission device with such carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube synthesizing substrate as well as methods of and apparatus for making them
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spindle motor for optical disc player
Abnormality judging apparatus
Method for searching for dip angle using tilt-compensated electronic compass
Device for detecting abnormalities in tire force sensor data
Sensor with frequency selectable operating modes
Method of controlling production of a gaseous product
Site selectively tagged and templated molecularly imprinted polymers for sensor applications
Semiconductor wafer inspection system
Method for determining chromium content in a tungsten matrix with added chromium or simultaneously added chromium and vanadium
Immunological test for detecting autoantibodies against testicular antigens
Light receiving apparatus, testing apparatus, light receiving method, testing method, test module and semiconductor chip
Low-impact analyzer interface
Methods for manufacturing an electronic device having an electronically determined physical test member
Method and error location in branched low voltage and medium voltage networks and evaluation circuit used thereof
Data switch and a method for broadcast packet queue estimation
Quality of service differentiation in wireless networks
Mobile assisted fast scheduling for the reverse link
Semiconductor device for testing semiconductor process and method thereof
Built-in self test circuit for analog-to-digital converter and phase lock loop and the testing methods thereof
Wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for embedded built-in self-test (BIST) of electronic circuits and systems
Computer-aided design system to automate scan synthesis at register-transfer level
Calibration of positioning systems
Downhole sensor networks using wireless communication
Data management for seismic acquisition using variable compression ratio as a function of background noise
Method of seismic surveying
Schiefspiegler telescope with three reflecting surfaces
Optical circuit board and optical and electric combined board
Double-ended distributed temperature sensing systems
Fluid counterbalance for a laser lens used to scribe an electronic component substrate
Optical element holding apparatus
Optical pickup
Method and apparatus for providing back-lighting in an interferometric modulator display device
Display element and driving method thereof
Wavelength conversion device and wavelength conversion method
Screen and image projection system
Method for determining the ability to project images of integrated semiconductor circuits onto alternating phase masks
Developable bottom antireflective coating compositions especially suitable for ion implant applications
Thermally ablatable lithographic printing plate precursors
Gridless IC layout and method and apparatus for generating such a layout
Image formation apparatus and associated method of storing power
Cover for image forming apparatus to facilitate parts recycling
Unit for tone-processing image data using screen pattern with different screen angles for toners of same hue and different density
Image forming apparatus, image forming system and program for image forming
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus with residue toner charging section with nonwoven fabric
Toner, developer, toner container, process cartridge, and image forming method
Dynamic current-to-pneumatic converter and pneumatic amplifier
Geospatial image change detecting system with environmental enhancement and associated methods
Method and system for orthogonalizing input signals
Load planning tables for a parcel shipping system
Method, system and service for conducting authenticated business transactions
Method for printing digital works
Repository with security class and method for use thereof
Method and apparatus for reducing sub-threshold off current for a real time clock circuit during battery operation
Test apparatus and electronic device
Fault recovery method in a system having a plurality of storage system
Method and apparatus of recording data in the optical recording medium
Computing system in which a plurality of programs can run on the hardware of one computer
Method and apparatus for controlling the termination of processes in response to a shutdown command
Automated benchmarking of software performance
Record apparatus, record method, and program for writing data to optical disc in a second unit larger than a first unit
Access environment construction system and method
Disk volume virtualization block-level caching
System and method for controlling prefetching
Method and apparatus for re-accessing a FIFO location
Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests in a point-to-point interconnect architecture
Runahead allocation protection (RAP)
Synchronous flash memory with status burst output
Communication circuit of serial peripheral interface devices
Apparatus and systems for measuring, monitoring, tracking and simulating enterprise communications and processes
Selecting a device driver for a peripheral device adapted to operate on a network and simplifying secondary printer installation
Motherboard with video data processing card capability
Dynamically setting burst length of memory device by applying signal to at least one external pin during a read or write transaction
Split completion performance of PCI-X bridges based on data transfer amount
Method and apparatus for iTD scheduling
Selectable logical identifier mapping
Streamlining ATA device initialization
Removable disk storage array emulating tape library having backup and archive capability
Packet transmitting/receiving method and apparatus for computer system
Bus system having improved control process
Noise reduction and estimation of pipeline signals
Method and system for deterministic pseudo-random valid entry resolution
Individual authentication system performing authentication in multiple steps
Providing an album to a communication terminal via a network
Presence management system
Secure safe sender list
System and method for defining, refining, and personalizing communications policies in a notification platform
Buffer status in an asymmetrical gap environment
Method of synchronizing multiple networks using permanent addressing scheme
System and method of assigning and reclaiming static addresses through the dynamic host configuration protocol
System and method for provisioning broadband service in a PPPoE network using a configuration domain name
Speech recognition grammar creating apparatus, control method therefor, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
Methods and systems for synchronizing data streams
Central system providing previews of a user's media collection to a portable media player
Flexible context management for enumeration sessions using context exchange
Communication system with primary device and standby device to prevent suspension of service of the system
System, method and program to troubleshoot a distributed computer system or determine application data flows
Methods, apparatus, and systems for distributed hypothesis testing in autonomic processing machines
System and method for regulating emails by maintaining, updating and comparing the profile information for the email source to the target email statistics
Node capable of saving a third layer packet handling operation in a synchronous optical network
Oscillatary neurocomputers with dynamic connectivity
System and method for capture and processing of overflow characters from user input
Contextual action publishing
System and method for controlling or regulating the operational sequences in a vehicle
Digital recording/reproducing apparatus
Service processing apparatus and service execution control method
Document processing apparatus, control method therefor, and computer program
Advanced internet interface providing user display access of customized webpages
Methods for searching forensic data
Integrated search engine devices having pipelined search and b-tree maintenance sub-engines therein
Method for enhancing the operation of a database
Method and system for creating a website for a healthcare provider
Method for capturing a physically consistent mirrored snapshot of an online database from a remote database backup system
Multi-dimensional associative search engine
Method of improving access to services provided by a plurality of remote service providers
Mask design using library of corrections
Controlled capacity modeling tool
Incremental automata verification
Techniques for identifying functional blocks in a design that match a template and combining the functional blocks into fewer programmable circuit elements
System and method for specifying integrated circuit probe locations
Method and apparatus for routing nets in an integrated circuit layout
Method and apparatus for generating topological routes for IC layouts using perturbations
Secure, stable on chip silicon identification
Method and apparatus for adaptively selecting the wiring model for a design region
Calibration method of insulating washer in circuit board
Peptide identification
Fabrication system and fabrication method
Method of making orthopedic implants and the orthopedic implants
Quality assurance system and method
Multi-level process data representation
Method and apparatus for determining signal-to-interference ratio with reduced bias effect
Login device and control method of the same, data processing device and method
Method and system for secure computational outsourcing and disguise
Method and apparatus for monitoring dynamic systems using n-dimensional representations of critical functions
Animation on-object user interface
User interface for and method of managing icons on group-by-group basis using skin image
Method for re-ranking documents retrieved from a multi-lingual document database
Method for estimating clutch engagement parameters in a strategy for clutch management in a vehicle powertrain
Data converter and a delay threshold comparator
Advertisement selection in an electronic application system
Medicine packing apparatus
Solution program recording media for simultaneous linear equations having band coefficient matrix
Reduced-width low-error multiplier
Integrated circuit with multiple microcode ROMs
Efficient microcode entry access from sequentially addressed portion via non-sequentially addressed portion
System and method using a first counter and a second counter to select a code image during a reboot routine
Authenticated process switching on a microprocessor
Methods and systems for modeling concurrent behavior
Dynamic classification of sections of software
Integrated circuit (IC) having IC floorplan silhouette-like power supply net, and sea of supply (SoS) electronic design automation (EDA) tool for designing same
Method and apparatus for detail routing using obstacle carving around terminals
System and a method for communication between an ICE and a production microcontroller while in a halt state
Method and system for multi-threaded object loading and unloading
Method for managing multimedia platform resources and multimedia platform for implementing it
Methods and apparatuses for executing threads
Method and system for providing defective cell correction in a medical imaging device
Reference data generating method, pattern defect checking apparatus, pattern defect checking method, reference data generating program, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of classifying defects using multiple inspection machines
Object detection using cross-section analysis
Method of improving image quality
Imaging data processing method, imaging data processing device, and computer program
Facial-recognition vehicle security system
Wavelet transformation apparatus
Method and apparatus for alignment, comparison & identification of characteristic tool marks, including ballistic signatures
Steganographic data hiding using a device clock
System and method for Kalman filtering in vascular segmentation
Deriving multiple identifiers from multimedia content
Multi-scale enveloping spectrogram signal processing for condition monitoring and the like
Image processing apparatus, program, recording medium, and image editing method
Apparatus and method for compressing binarized images
Information processing method and apparatus
Concurrent two-phase completion genetic algorithm system and methods
Method and apparatus for managing a key management system
System and method for selectively providing information to a user device
Automated banking machine system with multiple entity interface
Combined loan and investment system and method
Process and device for conducting electronic transactions
Altering card-issuer interchange categories
Automatic billing event submission reconciliation for on demand systems
Apparatus and method for facilitating memory data access with generic read/write patterns
Encrypted and watermarked temporal and resolution layering in advanced television
Tamper resistant card enclosure with improved intrusion detection circuit
Speech output apparatus, speech output method, and program
Segment set creating method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining the possibility of pattern recognition of time series signal
Grammar update system and method for speech recognition
Validating keying material by using a validation area of read-only media to prevent playback of unauthorized copies of content stored on the media
Apparatus and method to control flying height of magnetic head in retry mode and disk drive using the same
Device and method for adjusting distance between magnetic head and data storage medium
Disk drive adjusting estimated reader/writer offset to achieve target burst crossing signal amplitude when propagating servo sectors
Method for recording a lead-out on an optical disc
Cartridge for miniature optical data storage disc
Electronic apparatus comprising receptacle for storing disk drive
Magnetoresistive sensor having shape enhanced pinning and low lead resistance
Magnetic recording head with trapezoidal layered portion and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistive element including connection layers with magnetization alignment angles therebetween of 30 to between metallic magnetic layers
Head parking ramp for data storage device
Actuator for a disk drive having a suspension assembly including a flexure of a monolithic structure and a limiter
Commutational ramp loading apparatus and method
Interpolated just-in-time seek trajectories
Stability margins and error recovery in servo control systems
Magnetic transfer master and method of formatting magnetic recording medium
Optical disk device
Optical lens and information recording and reproducing device
Method of and apparatus for recording data on a minimally blanked optical disc in an incremental recording mode and computer readable storage medium encoded with processing instructions performing the method
Recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording data in the same
Aberration adjustment device, method thereof, optical pickup, and optical information recording apparatus
Near-field optical probe for reproducing information on a recording medium using near-field light
Lens holder and lens protector for use in optical pick-up and method of manufacturing same
Optical disc with thermally-printable surface
Integrated circuits; methods for operating an integrating circuit; memory modules
Semiconductor memory device
Flash memory device and method for programming multi-level cells in the same
Electronic control system
Apparatus for rewriting a memory in a vehicle mounted ECU through communications
Coding a video data stream with unequal error protection based activity
Method and system for indicating an executable as trojan horse
Address generator for generating addresses for testing a circuit
Configurable inputs and outputs for memory stacking system and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
TCO materials for solar applications
Method of manufacturing a display substrate and method of manufacturing a display apparatus using the same
Zinc oxide film method and structure for cigs cell
Transistor device with reduced gate resistance
Pixel sensor cells with a split-dielectric transfer gate
Graphene-based non-volatile memory
Oxygen plasma conversion process for preparing a surface for bonding
Method for blister-free passivation of a silicon surface
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating field effect transistor devices with high-aspect ratio mask
Self-aligned metal-semiconductor alloy and metallization for sub-lithographic source and drain contacts
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Method for fabricating a monolithic integrated composite group III-V and group IV semiconductor device
Application of cluster beam implantation for fabricating threshold voltage adjusted FETs
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with vertical gate transistor
Proton-conducting polyamide polymer membrane and method for production
Method of charging and discharging lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Cathode for metal-air rechargeable battery
Fuel cell system having water recovering and circulating structure
Fuel cell including a liquid discharge mechanism
Fuel cell system and method for load following operation of the same
Hydrogen system and method for starting up a hydrogen system
Fuel cell stack and fuel cell system using the same
Proton conducting polymer membrane, method for production thereof and fuel cell therewith
Fuel cell polymer electrolyte membrane
Fuel cell system
Direct oxidation fuel cell
Semiconductor laser device having an insulation region
Light-emitting element
Device for generating laser radiation in the infrared
Fiber laser based production of laser drilled microvias for multi-layer drilling, dicing, trimming of milling applications
Monolithic semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus, system, and method for a low cost self-healing power supply
Half bridge converter
Method and apparatus for generating a phase dependent control signal
Method and apparatus for selecting storage capacity of data storage media
System and method for determining branch metrics using a polar indexed branch metric look-up table
Viterbi decoder architecture for use in software-defined radio systems
Apparatus and method for generating spreading code using jacket matrix and code channel spreading device using the same
Mobile communications system, method of controlling the transmission power in the system, and mobile station in the system
Apparatus and method of switching intervals
High-frequency radio apparatus
Hybrid balun apparatus and receiver comprising the same
Active wireless tagging system on peel and stick substrate
Integrated wireless headset
Fault tolerant optical data communication network
Bidirectional optical signal transmitting and receiving system with a single main amplifier
Efficient frame tracking in mobile receivers
System and method to perform stable distributed power control in a wireless network
Field device in a process control system using wireless radio communications to transmit and receive sense and control signals
Method and apparatus for singular value decomposition of a channel matrix
Broadcast receiver with automatic channel scanning
Ultra-dense wavelength and subcarrier multiplexed optical and RF/mm-wave transmission system
Systems and methods for serial packet synchronization in a voice processing system
Reconfigurable protocols and architectures for wireless networks
Interrupting use of frequency layer convergence scheme
Method and system for controlled distribution of application code and content data within a computer network
Symbol timing estimation in communication systems
Method for testing a network, and corresponding network
Receiving circuit for receiving messages signals
Hazard mitigation in medical device
Resource policy management using a centralized policy data structure
Method and device for communicating information
Method and arrangement for TCP flow control
PON system
Implementation of control plane protocols and networking stacks in a distributed network device
Two-dimensional circulating switch
Microprocessor, network system and communication method
Peer to peer SVC-based DSL service
Method and system for identifying a mobile station to a content server
Data packet processing
IP communication method, IP terminal apparatus, ENUM server and IP communication system
Policy gateway
System and method for enabling instant messaging on a mobile device
Audio packet switching system
Wireless receiver for removing direct current offset component
Method and apparatus for the secure identification of the owner of a portable device
Method for wireless capability discovery and protocol negotiation, and wireless device including same
Providing accurate time-based counters for scaling operating frequencies of microprocessors
Communication system having plurality of nodes sharing a common cipher key, cipher key dispatching apparatus for use in the system, and anti-theft apparatus utilizing information derived from cipher key utilization
Methods and apparatus for input of coded image data
Tools for access to databases via internet protocol networks
Information processing system and information processing method
Telephone network messaging
Method and apparatus for using a single local phone number for routing out of area phone numbers
Method and device for registering and connecting collect calls with intelligent network services
Call waiting priority alert
Method and apparatus for providing relevant data responsive to a problem request
Interface circuit device and printing apparatus
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for copy protection detection in a video signal
Content adaptive variable length coding (CAVLC) decoding
Utilization of encrypted hard drive content by one DVR set-top box when recorded by another
CATV uplink optical transmission system
Method and system for managing wireless bandwidth resources
Method and apparatus for providing a location based appliance personality
Method and apparatus for registering a mobile device
Security module, security system and mobile station
User authentication in a mobile communications network
Conformable ear piece and method of using and making same
Gasket for reducing electromagnetic interference in a boundary microphone
Method and system for handoff between base stations supporting multi-profile operation in BWA system
Wireless LAN system making quality of communication improve and a communication method therefor
Providing location information for wireless devices using name service
System and method for maintaining communication channels through coverage gaps
Concrete radiography
X-ray CT apparatus
C-arm x-ray apparatus with control optimized for degrees of freedom and method
Support frame and group of parts for wall mounting an electrical apparatus
External protrusion for air flow distribution
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Expandable stinger planter
Agricultural disc mounting system and method
Cultivator component clamping assembly
Dethatching device
Apparatus for dispensing particles
Inclined conveyor for agricultural harvesting machines
Universal cutting head for a vegetation trimmer
Rotary mower conditioner having improved cut crop flow
Finger bearing assembly for a combine platform auger
Vegetation element for greening artificial level expanses
Saw assembly
Machine for enhancing photosynthesis
Apparatus for and a method of controlling the position of an animal in a space having a floor
Ventilated cage and rack system
Restraining devices
Sprint training exercise system and method
Pet ball
Device for prohibiting the crossing of a zone boundary by an animal
Treat dispensing toy
Bird feeder with electronic squirrel deterrence
Watering attachment for cage for baby fowl
Fluid treatment systems
Fishing lure
Rolling fishing lure with perforated panel construction
Aerodynamic weighted fishing bobber
Ice free fishing line signal device
Device for releaseably retaining a fishing line
Horseshoe identification system and method
Trap for insects, vermin and similar subjects
Modular pest control system
Method, device and cutting tool for producing individual pieces of dough from a continuous line of dough
Feed device for pasty or liquid food mixtures
Rapid cooling apparatus
Convertible drum-type coating apparatus
Method of and apparatus for applying a conditioning agent to tobacco
Swollen tobacco material manufacturing method
Apparatus for transporting rod-shaped articles of the tobacco processing industry
Hand-held smoker's device for sidestream smoke control
Seamless, form fitting foot sock
Double layer sock and method of making
Golf shoes
Article of footwear having multiple fluid containing members
Longitudinal grind plate
Loop fabric with interlaced chain stitches
Modified gap for jewelry rope chain link
Butterfly gem
Wheel mounted cane with brake
Auto-opening umbrella
Lamp means detachably securable on umbrella top
Lice comb assembly
Portable nail care system
Liquid reservoir hairbrush with absorbent filler and roller ball liquid distribution mechanism
On computer desk
Adjustable computer keyboard support mechanism
Foldable table frame
Multi-level rotational shelf structure
Adjustable and locking step stool
Apparatus for the level adjustment and/or arching adjustment of a flexibility resilient support element of a back rest of a seat
Biased pusher mountable on a display hook
Jewelry holder with at least two movable and interchangeable stands
Dispenser for church communion liquid
Apparatus and methods for making beverages
Water circulated grill with water catching steamer
Broiler pan cooking grid
Portable charcoal-fired roaster
Rinsing system
Model of heart failure
Guide for inserting articles into cartridges
Haemostatic clip holder
Interdental cleaner and manufacturing process
Method of performing a surgical procedure and associated surgical instrument support tray
Resilient panels
Patient constraint
Stair-climbing vehicle for wheelchair
Method and device for treating headaches, sinus congestion and congestion as well as drug withdrawal
Medical intravenous administration line connectors having a luer or pressure activated valve
Infant inhaler
Portable systems and methods for delivery of therapeutic material to the pulmonary system
Ventilator control system and method
Software for finite state machine driven positive pressure ventilator control system
Ventilator system for one or more treatment patients
Ventilatory system with additional gas administrator
Trach tie care assembly
Four-port, four-way, stopcock for intravenous injections and infusions and direction of flow of fluids and gasses
Method and apparatus for disabling and disposing of a single-use hypodermic syringe
Hood respirator for protection against biological hazards
Saving apparatus for persons in avalanches
Personal safety device
Portable fire-fighting container with folding funnel
Fire-extinguisher nozzle
Fire suppression method and apparatus
Check valve actuator with adjustable seat for air chamber seal
Ball holding device and method of use
Golf bag
Golf bag device for fixing golf stick
Roller coaster
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for extracting plant resins
End plate for spin-on filters
Rotatable heat transfer apparatus
Trapping device
Mixing device for changing a fluid into another flowing fluid
Method and apparatus for checking (cigarette) packs
Vehicle exhaust changeover apparatus
Sieve like structure for fluid flow through structural arrangement
Epicycloidic industrial cleaning system
System for cleaning sponge or porous polymeric products
Cleaning method and cleaning equipment
Cleaning and drying method and apparatus
Ultra-low particle semiconductor cleaner
Semiconductor wafer cleaning method
Pneumatic excavator
Piercing mill and cannon exchange method
Roll supporting device for a rolling mill arrangement
Universal roll crossing system
Water driven roller for hot strip mill sideguides
Vehicle frame member having a shock absorbing mounting portion and a method for making the same
Method of working a band blade
Mill for producing axially symmetric parts
Method for producing a model and a method for producing a multisection mould using the model
Continuous casting die
Casting of molten metal in an open ended mold cavity
Venting valve device for die casting
Ferromagnetic bullet
Preloading & machining mounted brake disc
Process for forming a center cutting end mill
Sawing machine
Collapsible saw
Saw blade and method for its production
Disk cutter
Friction slide rail assembly with overmold bearing shell
Machine tool with two eccentric spindles for multiple diameter boring
Machine tool
Miter joint keying system
Internal miter saw means and method for cutting a workpiece to length without the need to measure
Double-drive double-lock ratcheting wrench
Double-sided ratchet wrench having a one-way reversing mechanism
Reversible impact mechanism with structure limiting hammer travel
Hand-held pneumatic rotary drive device
Shock absorption system for a striking tool
Tool of a breaking apparatus
Oil nozzle structure for pneumatic tools
Folding knife with one-handed blade movement
Meat and poultry scissors
Piezoelectrically actuated shaver
Cutter assemblies for electric shavers
Oval cutter
Contact pressure control method and device for rotary cutter
System to identify the status of bags that have been subjected to viral inactivation
Saw arbor with splined mandrel and mating, timed internally and externally splined saw blade mounting sleeve
Thermally insulated roll and insulation assembly for a thermoroll
Post molding inner diameter neck trimming apparatus
Branch pipe liner bag and pipe lining method
Electronic printing of non-planar macro and micro devices
Trash compacting container including guide plate
Thermal cell having an oxygen permeable top sheet and a method of making a gas permeable material
Process for preparing removable metal sleeves for gravure printing machines
Method of compensating image details for flexographic printing plates
Stencil holder assembly for use with solder paste stencil printers
Contaminant remover for printing machine
Cassette for holding and dispensing a viscous material for use in an apparatus for depositing the viscous material on a substrate
Paper supply adjustment mechanism
Printing and quilting method and apparatus useful for automated multi-needle quilting and printing onto webs
Stencil-making type printing machine
Method for transferring a picture to a surface
Hangable calendar assembly
See-thru engineering instrument
Tape and tape liner removal tool
Elastomeric article with 2+1+9 or 2+1+9+1 metallic cord
Tube tire
Golf cart fan with multiple positions
Automotive air-conditioning apparatus
Air conditioning condenser having a fluid tank with interchangeable cartridge
Movable-window safety device
Swing door seal and retainer assembly having a seal with interior webs
Method for mounting and dismounting a sliding van door in a slotted door track
Battery carrier for a traction battery of an electric vehicle
Heat exchanger arrangement having two heat exchangers and method of making same
Vehicle refueling valve
Filling device
Device for supplying fuel from a fuel tank
Transfer case for four wheel drive vehicle
Pedal assembly for electronic throttle control with hysteresis-generating structure
Idling speed control device of internal combustion engine and variable vibration isolating support device
Motorcycle with hybrid drive system
System for actively reducing rotational nonuniformity of a shaft, in particular, the drive shaft of an internal combustion engine, and method of operating the system
Electric motor vehicle having means for fully discharging part of energy storage device when energy amount in the other part is larger than a threshold
Power supply system, electric vehicle with power supply system mounted thereon, and method of charging storage battery included in power supply system
License plate lock
Vehicle safety mechanism for dissipating collision forces
Valve arrangement, in particular electromagnetic valve arrangement for slip-controlled motor vehicle brake systems
Valve arrangement for operator actuated delivery of a pressure medium
Unit consisting of an electric motor and of a working machine driven thereby
Ground effect flying craft with simplified air cushion take-off aid
Hydraulic system for maneuvring boats, ships and crafts in general
Safety bracket for monorail systems
Energy absorber device having a parallelepiped shape for absorbing impacts to a vehicle
Steering system for an articulated machine
Steering-angle sensor giving absolute values
Main frame structure and steering case of construction equipment
Levelling system and method for off-road vehicles
Method of determining quantities describing vehicle travel behavior
Over the row tractor and crop harvester
Power steering apparatus
Hydraulically powered fan system for vehicles
Mechanical track drive
Motor-assisted vehicle
Automatic transmission for bicycle
Boat wake enhancer
Knock-down canopy
Boat windshield system mounting
Shock absorbing device for mooring and towing applications
Deck floor for personal watercraft
Fuel delivery for small planing watercraft
Shock reduction in planing boats
Transonic hydrofield and transonic hull
Submersible underwater vehicle ballast equalization system
Traveler car with recirculating ball bearings and bearing retainer
Collapsible structure
Tightening arrangement for paperboard wrap and tightening section for apparatus for applying a wrap around a plurality of articles
Process and device for conveying and forming groups of discoid products, in particular biscuits
Device for removing and inserting upright positioned flat products
Packaging machine system with a multi-stage valve actuator for filling products into a container
Method and apparatus for controlling shrinkage of a thin film
Method of forming a composite folded hosiery product and package
Apparatus and method for application of flexible sheet stock
Apparatus and method for producing packages by vibrating bag material
One-piece molded flip cap closure
Gift package
Container with pop-up display header
Expandable tapered sleeves
Container having a humidity control system
Boxes with internal resilient elements
Dispenser of small items of hardware such as screws or the like, and holder for such items
Conveyor belt for the transport of workpieces
Links for forming a connector transport chain
Endless belt or fabric for use in process control loop
Roller conveyor
Transfer system for a conveyor
Trip device
Cascade free tilting mechanism
Yarn reserve monitoring device in weft feeders for weaving looms
Curtailed operation of multiple-wound induction motor following inverter failure
Safety device for moving the lift cabin in case of fault of the main lifting system
Torque support
Safety guard for scissor lift
Tool for capping bottles with screw caps
Cap remover
Jar holder
Industrial can opener
Evaporator coil
Closed package liquid dispensing system
Multiple orifice ultrasonic meter for measuring flow of specific grades of fuel
Method and apparatus for a product recovery system
Removable plug for sealing a port of a fuel distribution head
Force detector and acceleration detector
Semiconductor acceleration sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Desalination through gas hydrate
Method of producing optical quality glass having a selected refractive index
High efficiency monolithic glass light shaping diffuser and method of making
Apparatus for bending glass sheets
Apparatus for manufacturing mineral wool
Fused-cast-alumina-zirconia-silica refractory, methods of making it and glass melting furnace employing it
Barrier film for hydrogen coloration in glass
Measuring sensor
Rubber composition containing modified carbon black and article having component thereof
Mulch flakes
Artificial aquifers in hydrologic cells for primary and enhanced oil recoveries, for exploitation of heavy oil, tar sands and gas hydrates
Method for forming a deposited film by plasma chemical vapor deposition and apparatus for forming a deposited film by plasma chemical vapor deposition
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Cylinder liner and method for its production
Process for the corrosion protection of copper or copper alloys
Textiles; Paper
Self-setting yarn
Arrangement for shooting and accelerating a shuttle in a weaving machine
Device for positioning the knitting cam in circular knitting and stocking knitting machines
Flat-bed knitting machine and method of knitting
Method and single-cylinder machine for producing socks and the like, for the automatic closure of the final end of a tubular knitted fabric such as a sock
Embroidery stitch data producing device with selective designation confirming functions
Apparatus and method for automatically orienting hosiery articles for closing toe ends thereof
Embroidering apparatus and sewing machine capable of embroidery stitching
Craft hoop stand
Device for liquid treatment of textile web
Horizontal axis clothes washing machine with balance rings
Method for detecting impermissible operating states in a hot-air clothes dryer, and a dryer with such a detection method
Wear resistant design for high temperature papermachine applications
Method and apparatus for calendering paper
Calender apparatus with a separating mechanism
Process of initiating a calendar
Fixed Constructions
Machine and method for rehabilitating a track
Method of performing a tie replacement operation
Dog excrement container
Method and apparatus for geogrid measurement
Hydraulic pressure control device
Spout assembly adapted to be in fluid communication with a faucet
Antifreeze cap for faucet
Insulated composite steel member
Multi-pane lateral force resisting system
Core for a sound absorbing panel
Overhead structures for wall system
Panel wall construction
Mounting device for communications conduit connector
Building curtain wall
Wooden I-beam and wooden structural beam and bridging assembly
Ceiling arrangement for clean rooms
Roof panel with plow-shaped edge and related roof panel system
Resilient flooring
Roofing structures
Low pressure back-up valve for pool cleaner
Surface micromachined counter-meshing gears discrimination device
Lock cylinder
Clamping mounting for glass plates, and a kit to construct a clamping mounting to mount glass plates, and a method to utilize a kit to construct a clamping mounting to mount glass plates
Method for filling insulated glass units with insulating gas
Winding device for window covering
Winding mechanism
Peak hook for supporting a ladder from the peak of a pitched roof
Extension ladder shelf
Subassembly electrical isolation connector for drill rod
Apparatus for measuring and recording data from boreholes
Combined drilling apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for the removal of sand in an underwater well
Multiple string completion apparatus and method
Core sampler
Blade seal for a shearing blind ram in a ram type blowout preventer
Inflatable packing device including components for effecting a uniform expansion profile
Sealed lateral wellbore junction assembled downhole
One pass drilling and completion of wellbores with drill bit attached to drill string to make cased wellbores to produce hydrocarbons
Well screen
Artificial lifting device for well fluids using a continous loop
Method of operating a plant for the production of hydrocarbons
Steam distribution and production of hydrocarbons in a horizontal well
Apparatus and method for perforating and stimulating a subterranean formation
Method and apparatus for gathering liquid sample using a submersible pump
Rotary steerable well drilling system utilizing sliding sleeve
Adjustable gauge downhole drilling assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Distillation and condensation subsystem (DCSS) control in kalina cycle power generation system
Waste heat recovery technique
Apparatus for regulating the operation of an adjusting device
Rotary valve assembly for engines and other applications
Direct injection diesel engine
Servo control system for an electromagnetic valve actuator used in an internal combustion engine
Crankcase ventilation valve for an internal combustion engine
Cylinder head and casting core for producing oil channels
Straight through muffler with conically-ended output passage
Process for manufacturing an absorption muffler
Failure diagnosing device for exhaust gas purifying apparatus
Method for making a catalytic converter containing a multiple layer mat
Exhaust silencer arrangement
Supercharging arrangement for the charge air of an internal combustion engine
Catalytic combustor for a gas turbine
Turbocharged engine cooling system with two-pass radiator
Turbocharged engine cooling system with two two-pass radiators
Internal combustion engine with at least one injection device per cylinder
Two-stroke engine piston bowl configurations
Varible exhaust resonance chamber valve system for two-cycle engines
Process for reducing the soot content of diesel engine exhaust gases and device for implementing it
Low operating-temperature supercharged engines
Method for turbocharging an internal combustion engine
Method of operating a free piston internal combustion engine with pulse compression
Internal combustion engine with high performance cooling system
Engine block structure in multi-cylinder engine
Gear driven booster
Multiple gas turbine engines to normalize maintenance intervals
Multiplexed fluid control system with pressure transducer feedback
Superchargeable internal combustion engine with cylinder cut-off
Reduced emissions elevated altitude speed control for diesel engines
Mode control for lean burn engines
Method for balancing the air/fuel ratio to each cylinder of an engine
Control system for two cycle direct injection engine and the method thereof
Method and device for detecting misfiring of internal combustion engines
Diagnostic apparatus and method for supplying assist air in an internal combustion engine
Throttle body accomodation of either an idle air control valve or a motorized throttle control
Quick release engine cylinder
Turbojet-engine thrust reverser with scoop-doors of adjustable exhaust cross-section
Method and apparatus for detecting vapor leakage
Gas economizer
Air turbulence generator of internal combustion engines
Control valve assembly for pumps and injectors
Wind speed detector actuator
Device for concentrating ion beams for hydromagnetic propulsion means and hydromagnetic propulsion means equipped with same
Swash plate type variable displacement compressor
Extended wear pump diaphragm
Process for conveying thick matter containing preshredded scrap metal or similar solids
Bearing device of piston rod
Drive system having a strengthened drive system member for resisting torsional stresses
Method of forming retaining members on a housing
Clutch friction and ring for dry disk clutch, more particularly for motor vehicle
Electromechanical disc brake
Roller spindle assembly and brake actuator incorporating the same
Abrasion detecting probe for a brake member
Clutch plate
Two-way magnetorheological fluid valve assembly and devices utilizing same
Linear actuator
Transmission with structurally simplified gear ratio
Lockup clutch for a hydrodynamic torque converter
Gas pressure control apparatus
Flexible duct and method of making same
Tune or hose capable of withstanding extreme heat flux densities
Rust-resistant sleeve for use in a branch hole of a water pipeline
Temperature regulating system employing thermostatic switching devices to assure safe operation of the system in both hazardous and non-hazardous applications
Apparatus for damping a pulsation of a fluid conveyed through a conveying device
Vacuum insulated refrigerator or freezer cabinet
Underground pipe support
Apparatus and method for filling carbon dioxide cylinders
Gas turbine combustor
Cooking appliance with temperature sensor
Controller for air conditioner
Sunlight refractive cover for an outdoor air conditioning unit
Beverage dispenser with a dehumidifier utilizing a thermoelectric cooler
Method and apparatus for thermal energy storage
Water boiler with metal core
LPG recovery from reformer treat gas
Heat exchanger, method of reusing and recovering refrigerant thereof
Four-way flow reversing valve for reversible refrigeration cycles
Self-cooled refrigerant recovery system
Method and apparatus for manufacturing single crystal method for controlling crystal orientation of single crystal ice
Ice cube guide for use with refrigerator/freezer automatic ice cube makers
Refrigeration capacity accumulator
Conversion of normally gaseous material to liquefied product
Gas dehydration method and apparatus
Process for capillary dewatering of foam materials and foam materials produced thereby
Method for a high turbulence cyclonic dryer
Grain dryer in cross oblique flow
Method and apparatus for drying of grain and other particulates using a membrane
Rapid drying oven and methods for providing rapid drying of multiple samples
Method of and apparatus for drying and conveying screenings
Thin planar heat spreader
Method and apparatus for making a recuperator cell
Arrangement for transferring heating and cooling power
Method of frictionally bonding a liner to an outer tube of a weapon barrel
Gun sighting rest
Model gun with automatic bullet supplying mechanism
Gas generator for a projectile
Lightweight enhanced velocity bullet
Propellant configuration
Measuring tape pencil sharpener combination
Mechanical measuring tape device and square
Coordinate measuring apparatus with user assist
Center locator tool
Method and apparatus for modeling the dynamic effects on a gyroscope
Extraction of double-oscillation-frequency sinusoids in vibratory rotation sensors
Detector for detecting angular velocities about perpendicular axes
Vibration gyroscope
Equipment leveling device
Ultrasonic system for measuring flow rate, fluid velocity, and pipe diameter based upon time periods
Mass flow meter
Method and apparatus for aspirating and dispensing sample fluids
Monitoring system for beverage chilling
Time-temperature indicator
Process and devices for the determination of the vibrations of the rotor of a rotary machine
Three capillary flow-through viscometer
Apparatus for determining powder flowability
EMAT inspection of welds in thin steel plates of dissimilar thicknesses
Method and apparatus for measurement of dynamic water break resistance
Tester for structural integrity of building materials and method
Process and device for the determination of the tendency of cotton to adhere
Speedometer mounting device for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for aligning surface mounted optoelectric semiconductor devices on a printed circuit board
Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus provided with the stage apparatus
Gearshift knob cover
Printed circuit board mounting bracket
Bill processor
Lid for a beverage container
Display panels
Reflective warning and informational member for traffic sign posts
Promotional article for use in restaurants or the like
Plasma reactor with multiple small internal inductive antennas
Substrate holder, and system and method for cleaning and drying same
Apparatus and method for drying semiconductor substrate
Method of mounting a plurality of electronic parts on a circuit board
Advanced liquid cooling apparatus
Radio frequency module and method for fabricating the radio frequency module
Apparatus and method for carrying wires along a vehicle-mounted extensible mast
Linefeed calibration using an integrated optical sensor
Sealed bag and container for accommodating electronic device, and method for facilitating storing and transporting electronic device using such sealed bag and container
Apparatus and method for facilitating circuit board processing
Circuit board panel test strip and associated method of assembly
Electronic component mounting method and apparatus
Apparatus for making a foil-clad laminate
Process for manufacturing a mounting plate
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