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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Liquid distribution apparatus for distributing liquid into a seed furrow
Rider mower grass catcher
Plant recombination proteins
Animal waste disposing assembly
Methods for raising pre-adult anadromous fish
Mouse models of human prostate cancer
Ethylene glycol esters as photoactive agents
24-hydroxyvitamin D, analogs and uses thereof
Finger plucker lock
Breathing mask adjuster
Running sandal
Piece of jewelry
Curling element for styling hair and fixing element for a curling element
Store fixture with swing arms
Clamping stand
Detachable and rotatable door cover assembly
Merchandising display incorporating a four-sided and three-dimensional display surface exhibiting graphics advertisements
Encapsulated endoscope system in which endoscope moves in lumen by itself and rotation of image of region to be observed is ceased
Surgical stapling instrument and method thereof
Apparatuses and methods for transcleral cautery and subretinal drainage
Bone fracture fastener and material for production thereof
Palm-size surgical stapler for single hand operation
Operation system and mounting device for external device for use in the operation system
Graphical user interface for association with an electrode structure deployed in contact with a tissue region
Thermal quenching of tissue
Digital eye camera
Methods of and systems and devices for assessing intracranial pressure non-invasively
Mount for holding and releasing dental implant components
Open-type disposable wearing article having bifurcated stretchable zones
Anti-obesity devices
Self-locking modular prosthesis
Artificial intervertebral disc having a spider spring force restoring element
Treatment device
Head immobilizer
Eyes massage device
Treatment of hypertension
Substituted hydrazones as inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
Treatment of skin conditions
Modified factor VIII
Drynaria extractions for treating osteoporosis and their extraction process
Process for producing oily cosmetics
Anti-cellular proliferative disorder polypeptide
Didemnin analogs and fragments and methods of making and using them
Compositions and methods for treatment of staphylococcal infection while suppressing formation of antibiotic-resistant strains
Releasable polymeric conjugates based on aliphatic biodegradable linkers
Bioerodable polymeric adhesives for tissue repair
DNA vectors containing mutated HIV proviruses
Methods for whitening teeth
Therapeutic liposome composition and method of preparation
Aqueous-based pharmaceutical composition
Electronic reader for sterilization monitors
Computer interactive isometric exercise system and method for operatively interconnecting the exercise system to a computer system for use as a peripheral
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball
Putting method and putter
Yard game obstacle system
Balance practicing machine
Card game
Running toy
Distorting shaped balloon
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for reducing the gas and water contamination of transformer oil filling
Controlled heating and cooling of mixed conducting metal oxide materials
Advanced submerged membrane modules, systems and processes
Method for producing crystal polymorphs and crystal polymorphs produced thereby
Reaction chamber that is elongated along an axis that contains at least one solid catalyst bed and at least one box for contact, mixing and quenching
Fluid mixer utilizing viscous drag
Variable height, multiple position batch blender assembly
Inorganic ion sorbents
Catalyst and process for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Multiple tool attachment system
Device for liquid treatment of disk-shaped objects
Liquid manure spreading tool bar
Sanitary manifold system and method for hygienically dispensing fluids
Method and device for the continuous casting and direct shaping of a metal strand, in particular a steel cast strand
Method for shaping semisolid metals
Tool for chip removing machining employing multiple different cutting inserts
Tool for chip-removing machining
Wedge shaped glass and methods of forming wedged glass
Tool body and cutting insert for metal cutting operations
Clamping mechanism
Friction processing weld preparation
Component mounting apparatus having component supply tables provided on opposite sides of a component transfer path
Lens production method and process
Method and apparatus for polishing a workpiece surface
Electrically driven tool
Ratchet wrench operated conveniently
Cutting assembly for removing a windshield and method relating to same
Angle indicator for miter saw
Method of producing a lordosis support
Glare prevention feature
Device and method for applying patterns and/or labels to a substantially flat surface of an article
Sheet folding apparatus
Method of manufacturing RFID
Method and apparatus for vibration welding of thermoplastic components
Tack free cauterized edge for pressure sensitive adhesive web
Piezoelectric ink-jet printhead
Method of applying an encapsulant material to an ink jet printhead
Ink jet printing apparatus
Inkjet printer cartridge refill dispenser
Ink cartridge for inkjet recording apparatus
Print head reservoir having purge vents
Liquid ejection apparatus
Image forming device
Image forming apparatus
Ink jet recording element
Apparatus and method of treating a recording element
Method of fabricating film carrier
Spinner hub assembly
Motorcycle trailer
Removeable fabric top for vehicle
Device for the control of an active element of an occupant retention system in a vehicle
Vehicle including multiple items that move vertically
Vehicle including multiple items that move vertically
Universal cab guard
Airbag retention collar for airbag module assembly
Side airbag apparatus
Airbag device
Headrest lock structure with lock slots, method for forming lock slots in headrest pole and method for producing headrest pole
Apparatus for locking a motor-vehicle steering shaft
Center valve for master cylinder
Trash cart
All terrain vehicle with a seat backrest
Anchor assembly and method
Kayak with a plurality of topside storage enclosures
Upright human floatation apparatus and propulsion mechanism therefor
Energy system for watercraft
Method and apparatus for decreasing marine vessel power plant exhaust temperature
Luggage bins and aircraft passenger cabin ceilings
Method and apparatus for driving multiple knotters
Fuel supply device for direct methanol fuel cells
Label application apparatus and method of operation thereof
Paint can with drain holes and tool for forming the holes
Carton with corner post construction
Hangtag with tool securing mechanism
Device for storing a plurality of protective containers
Disc package
Medicine package conveying apparatus
High rate induction system
Fork based transport storage system for pharmaceutical unit of use dispenser
Stackable winding core and method of making same
Independently activatable side pull for lateral alignment of a sheet
Truck mast
Closed loop fluid dispensing system
Net blanket for use as a holding harness for urine collecting devices for horses
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Supramolecular complexes as photocatylysts for the production of hydrogen from water
Precious metal recovery from organics-precious metal compositions with supercritical water reactant
Water treatment system
Molecular imprinting of solute on cellulose/silica composite, and products and uses thereof
Soundproofing laminated window for vehicles
Arylamine processes
Method for obtaining ethanol
Compounds that release nitric oxide at controlled rates upon photolysis
Method for preparing 3-cyclopentyloxy-4-methoxybenzaldehyde
Method for producing .alpha.-hydroxycarboxylate
Oxopyrrolidine compounds, preparation of said compounds and their use in the manufacturing of levetiracetam and analogues
Derivatives of 4-demethylpenclomedine, use thereof and preparation thereof
Cucurbituril-fullerene complex
Cyclic salen-metal compounds as scavengers for oxygen radicals and useful as antioxidants in the treatment and prevention of diseases
Analogs of green tea polyphenols as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Analogs of discodermolide and dictyostatin-1, intermediates therefor and methods of synthesis thereof
Inhibitors of JAK and CDK2 protein kinases
Cytostatic lanthanum compounds
Process for aligning macromolecules by passage of a meniscus and applications
Nucleic acid molecules encoding opioid growth factor receptors
Polymorphisms in the human hPXR gene and their use diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Parathyroid hormone receptor ligands
Antibody fragment-polymer conjugates and uses of same
VDF polymerization process
Method of producing thermoplastic fluoropolymers using alkyl sulfonate surfactants
Polyester composition and process for producing the same
Polyanhydrides with therapeutically useful degradation products
Method for the production of polycarbonates
Artificial leather and method of producing the same
Magnetically detectable latex articles
Polyphenylene ether-based resin composition containing silicon compound
Properties of polyolefin blends and their manufactured articles
Redetachable device
Phosphors containing borate of terbium, alkaline-earth, and Group-3 metals, and light sources incorporating the same
Blend of organophosphorus flame retardant, lactone stabilizer, and phosphate compatibilizer
Method and device for evacuating hot raw gases from coke ovens
One-bath particle-free chemical cleaning
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeutics
Method for attachment of biomolecules to medical device surfaces
Vascular endothelial growth factor D (VEGF-D) antibodies and vectors, and methods of use
Seed-preferred regulatory elements and uses thereof
Synthetic nucleic acid molecule for imparting multiple traits
Methods to alter levels of a DNA repair protein
Modular cell culture bioreactor
Human genes and gene expression products V
FEN endonucleases
Targeted carrier fusions for delivery of chemotherapeutic agents
Methods for the production of purified recombinant human uteroglobin for the treatment of inflammatory and fibrotic conditions
Monoclonal human natural antibodies
Method for quantification of biological material in a sample
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Detection of antidepressant induced mania
Method for enhancing amplification of a target nucleic acid sequence
High throughput screening assay for detecting a DNA sequence
Rolling support device and method for manufacturing the same
Use of siderophores to increase the current efficiency of iron plating solutions
Textiles; Paper
Sewing machine with automatic threader
Paper quality improver for papermaking and method for producing pulp sheet
Fixed Constructions
Folding end gate for screed assembly
Brush wear adjustment system and method
Method of removing a volume of formable material
System for joining building panels
Moulding element for motor vehicle bodies and method for realization thereof
Patio awning lock mechanism
Outdoor enclosure with scent-dampening liner
Fence panel including a connector system for interconnecting multiple panels
Lock set with a quick changeability
Light window lifter for vehicles
Pre-hanging clip for pre-hung door
Shutter window/door and method
Rugged foam buoyancy modules and method of manufacture
Apparatus and method for completing a wellbore
Wellhead protector
Mounts for blowout preventer bonnets
Thermal processes for subsurface formations
Method and apparatus for reducing pressure in a perforating gun
Conductor-in-conduit temperature limited heaters
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Retraction retainer system for biased turbine engine components
Arrangement for mounting a non-rotating component
Method of determining a clearance
Diesel engine oil dilution managing device
Lubrication system and method, and engine incorporating same
Exhaust gas recirculation afterburner
Device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Computer readable storage medium with instructions for monitoring catalytic device
Automotive exhaust valve
Hybrid electric vehicle and method of selectively operating the hybrid electric vehicle
Compression-ignited IC engine and method of operation
Method for operating a fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle
Fuel injection device
Ignition timing control apparatus for engine
Scroll fluid machine comprising compressing and expanding sections
Fan system
Compressor sound suppression
Reverse rotation preventing structure of centrifugal compressor
Gas turbine arrangement
Turbofan and mold manufacturing the same
Multiple load path fastener systems
Shaft and wheel hub retention assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing lubricant air extraction device
Damped bearing cage
Torque disconnect mechanism
Disk brake having a brake application system with a rotary lever
Control system for a hydro-mechanical transmission
Automatic transmission
Lubricating system for power unit for vehicle with internal combustion engine
High-pressure sealing
Seal assembly and crawler-track connection structure
Device for the regulation of flow applied to flow valves working under pressure differential
Low permeation hydraulic accumulator
Ovoid flexible pressure vessel, apparatus and method for making same
Garage light luminaire with circular compact fluorescent emergency lighting optics
Cover for recessed lighting fixture
Vehicle headlamp unit
Illuminated protective headgear
Illuminated electrical cords and outlets
Illuminated logo unit with light guide plate
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Range anti-tip device and method
Built-in type refrigerator
Window-mounted split air conditioning apparatus and method of installation
Apparatus and method for chilling beverages in containers
Sight-preserving, partially self-cleaning, divergent-axis caliber conversion in handguns
Bipod mount and grip assembly
External adjustable telescopic scope device
Force measuring transducer
Apparatus and method for measuring and controlling pendulum motion
Sensor insertion into an active conduit
Rotation angle detection apparatus and resin rotary disk for the same
Liquid quantity sensing device
LED or laser enabled real-time PCR system and spectrophotometer
Rotation sensor mounted on a shaft
Hand-held bio-agent collector
Method and device for determining the permeation of a barrier layer
Self-contained microfluidic biochip and apparatus
Method for determining visibility, amount of precipitation and type of precipitation
Leak detection lamp
Optical displacement sensor using optical fiber, and external force detecting device
Method and apparatus for imager die package quality testing
Electron beam inspection method and apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method and its manufacturing line utilizing the same
Electrochemical test sensor
Carriers having biological substance
Calibration standards, methods, and kits for water determination
Multi-optical axis photoelectric sensor
Z-axis accelerometer with at least two gap sizes and travel stops disposed outside an active capacitor area
Method for calibrating semiconductor test instruments
Phase-compensated cube corner in laser interferometry
Controlling apparatus and controlling method of optical switching device
Connection socket for light source device used for endoscope
Bidirectional optical transmitting and receiving module
Laser apparatus, exposure head, exposure apparatus, and optical fiber connection method
Geometrically correcting method and system for image distortion with the aid of an auxiliary line
Photothermographic material
Photoresist compositions
Lithography pattern shrink process and articles
Mixture which can be thermally hardened and hardened by actinic radiation and use thereof
Negative resist composition, a method for forming a resist pattern thereof, and a method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Lactone compounds, lactone-containing monomers, their polymers, resist compositions using same, and processes for forming patterns using same
Photoconductive members
Toner for developing static latent image, method for producing toner for developing static latent image
Electrophotographic liquid developer, image forming method and apparatus using the electrophotographic liquid developer
Tool for wristwatch
Method and system for DNA recognition biometrics on a fob
Semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit module and information apparatus
Security memory card and production method
Electro-optical nanocrystal memory device
Reject bin having separated storage areas for diverted and retracted currency notes
String leveling device and method of use thereof
Process of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic pole structure
Profiled rail and accessories used as a suspension device
Branched vapor-grown carbon fiber, electrically conductive transparent composition and use thereof
Metal oxide-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Magnetic memory device having magnetic circuit and method of manufacture thereof
Method of forming semiconductor devices through epitaxy
Method for manufacturing CMOS image sensor
Methods of forming a high germanium concentration silicon germanium alloy by epitaxial lateral overgrowth and structures formed thereby
SOI device with reduced drain induced barrier lowering
Manufacturing of optoelectronic devices
Display device using vertical cavity laser arrays
Methods of fabrication for flip-chip image sensor packages
Techniques for forming passive devices during semiconductor back-end processing
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of thin film device substrate
Method of plasma etching a substrate
Patterning with rigid organic under-layer
Method for fabricating pad redistribution layer
Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Size reduction of chip mounting system
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a rigid substrate including the vent-end edge portion of the substrate has a thickness smaller than the other portions of the substrate
Electromigration barrier layers for solder joints
Method of interconnecting die and substrate
Fabrication method of semiconductor circuit device
Process for removing organic materials during formation of a metal interconnect
Back end interconnect with a shaped interface
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Systems and methods of forming refractory metal nitride layers using disilazanes
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method of fabricating an interconnection for chip sandwich arrangements
Method for generating an electrical contact with buried track conductors
Methods of recessing conductive material and methods of forming capacitor constructions
Method for fabricating a memory cell
Method for making improved bottom electrodes for metal-insulator-metal crown capacitors
Deep trench capacitor with buried plate electrode and isolation collar
Semiconductor device including a transistor and a capacitor having an aligned transistor and capacitive element
Device isolation method of semiconductor memory device and flash memory device fabricating method using the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having local interconnection layer and etch stopper pattern for preventing leakage of current
Method of forming a reflective electrode and a liquid crystal display device
Monolithic light emitting devices based on wide bandgap semiconductor nanostructures and methods for making same
Structures formed in diamond
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of fabricating same
Electrooptical device and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device comprising magneto resistive element and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device with perovskite capacitor
Semiconductor device with switching element and corresponding driving circuit formed on a common semiconductor substrate, and liquid emitting apparatus that includes the semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including improved gate electrode
Multi-level (4state/2-bit) stacked gate flash memory cell
Method and apparatus for fabricating a thin-film solar cell utilizing a hot wire chemical vapor deposition technique
Nitride semiconductor thin film and method for growing the same
Method to improve yield and simplify operation of polymer memory cells
Fuel cell configured with discharge passages that preheat fuel gas and prevent cross leakage
Holding member for holding an electrochemical cell, a holding substrate for the same, an electrochemical system and a connecting member for electrochemical cells
Pouch type secondary battery with safety vent
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Solid oxide electrolyte fuel cell plate structure, stack and electrical power generation unit
Single cell for fuel cell and solid oxide fuel cell
Solid electrolyte type fuel battery
Plug adaptor assembly for connecting electrically an electronic instrument to a power source
Integrated socket
Card-like electronic device which can readily be disassembled
IC socket with improved housing
Integration area, system and method for providing interconnections among components
Flexible printed circuit (FPC) edge connector
Flexible cable interconnect assembly
USB connector structure
Extension-type access device
Plug connection for a mobile terminal
High speed connector assembly with laterally displaceable head portion
Shielding configuration for a multi-port jack assembly
Radial travel limiter for lighter socket lances
Power and signal connection apparatus
Strain relieved wire connector
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and imaging system
Process of manufacturing a piezoelectric element
Inorganic electrode for organic electroluminescent devices
Induction heating apparatus for image fixing
Wall mounted-type microwave oven
Expired Patents Due To Time
Ballistic vest
Mop head
Locking system for manual dolly and pallet
Golf cart
Luggage cart
Seat for use in a bathtub
Steam cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Quadrant dental model base having a single row of apertures
Full arch attachment plate
Single airway mouth guard
Medical monitoring device
Display unit
Earpiece for transcranial electrotherapy
Multi-use decorative post
Pinion fence post finial
Flooring or paving stone
Trim reveal arm
Universal tape end
Candlestick with decorative elements and programmable control display
Hand-held spotlight
Lamp set
Collapsible lantern
Table lamp
Table lamp
Light attachment for portable electronic or computing device
Solar lamp
Garden lamp having lantern with columns
Decorative fluorescent fixture
Light fixture
Runway light
Column for lighting fixture
Combination cigarette lighter, bottle opener, corkscrew and knife
Stick product such as perfume, deodorant or lipcolor
Soap bar
Pea pods soap
Tomato soap
Angel soap
Carrot soap
Electric hair coloring device
Nail treatment case
Loofah with mesh sponge and handle
Rain guard for a bird feeder
Pet toy
Funerary urn
Human Necessities
Hybrid tea rose variety `POULen002`
Variety of geranium plant named `Regal Ballet`
Miniature rose plant named `TUCkamy`
Verbena plant named `Balazpima`
Garlic plant named `Angelique`
Variety of geranium plant named `Natalie`
Geranium plant named `Fistangoli`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Camouflage`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Raspberry Yolompoc`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Pink`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Lavender`
Verbena plant named `Vilena`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI WO`
Begonia plant named `Denver Lace`
Osteospermum plant named `Aksinto`
Osteospermum plant named `Aksullo`
Osteospermum plant named `Aksillo`
Persian walnut tree named `Robert Livermore`
Tibouchina plant named `Angyo White`
Lantana camara plant named `Robpathot`
Shrub rose variety `POULninga`
Implantable device for penetrating and delivering agents to cardiac tissue
Game ball with synthetic leather cover
Performing Operations; Transporting
Control system for vehicle occupant restraint devices
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Torque transmitting and torsion damping apparatus for use in motor vehicles
Continuously variable transmission control apparatus
Desiccant assisted multi-use air pre-conditioner unit with system heatrecovery capability
Alert condition system usable for personnel monitoring
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew