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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tractor front hitch
Tree spade for ATV
Inclined conveyor of an agricultural harvesting machine
Safety food grinder
Soybean variety XB48X07
Method for treating liquid materials
Hyaluronic acid oligosaccharide fractions and drugs containing the same
Ozone-based conveyor cleaning system
Cigar or cigarette holder and shield
Clothes protector cover
Cap with integrated glove
Stripe changes for footwear
Apparatus and method for enabling a briefcase to carry a supplemental bag
Portable electric curling iron
Patient table
Book holder
Barbecue device
Relay switch for toaster
Spa apparatus
Collapsible broom and dustpan
Main body mounting structure of upright type vacuum cleaner capable of being converted to canister type
Packaging for surgical sutures
Intramedullary nail
Stabilization device for the dynamic stabilization of vertebrae or bones and rod like element for such a stabilization device
Instruments and method for minimally invasive surgery for total hips
Method and apparatus for plasma surgery
Apparatus for switching nominal and attenuated power between ablation probes
Complexity-based dynamical assay for assessing the toxicity and efficacy of pharmaceutical and other therapeutic interventions
Dental whitening method
Disposable absorbent articles having multiple absorbent core components including replaceable components
Interlabial pad individual packaging vessel
Condylar head add-on system
Mechanical apparatus and method for artificial disc replacement
Chafe and/or a walker
Wound shield and warming apparatus and method
Semiconductor light emitting apparatus and its manufacturing method
Mono-Crutch for lower leg disability
Infant feeding container
One-pot process for making di-functional di-tetrazole diols to produce tetrazole based polymers
Isotopically substituted proton pump inhibitors
Nicotinic receptor agonists for the treatment of inflammatory diseases
Cyclic amine compound
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Method for instantly relieving tissue inflammation
Compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of primary and metastatic neoplastic diseases and infectious diseases with heat shock/stress proteins
Method for controlling body weight in estrogen-insufficient women
Protein conformational isomers, methods of making, methods for using, compositions comprising and products made therewith
CLK-peptide and SLK-peptide
MCP-1 splice variants and methods of using same
Antibodies that bind M. tuberculosis polypeptides
Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein composition
Targeting of long chain triacylglycerol hydrolase gene for tuberculosis treatment
Methods and compositions for increasing replication capacity of an influenza virus
Method of examining colon cancer and colon adenoma
Methods and compositions for controlled release of bioactive compounds
Production of reprogrammed cells with restored potential
Use of a tetrapeptide AcSDKP (SEQ ID No. 1) analog resistant to the angiotensin I converting enzyme for measuring glomerular filtration rate in a human or an animal and kit containing same
Excitatory amino acid inhibitors for treating sensitive skins
Promotion of peroxisomal catalase function in cells
Sustained-release drug formulations
Medical instrument retainer assembly
Devices for connecting catheter assembly to collection receptacle
System for correcting biological fluid
Carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and use
Antiplaque oral composition containing enzymes and cyclodextrins
Hair cosmetic composition
System and method for securing a gas delivery mask onto a subject's head
Bicycle simulation apparatus
Training device for exercising muscle groups of the entire body
Multi-axis resistance exercise device
Exercise apparatus
Golf ball dimples with spiral depressions
Methods and apparatus for interchangeably coupling gold club heads and shafts
Lacrosse handle
Method for providing a feedback-controlled exercise routine
Cue stick joint
Board game
Word-based lottery game
System and method for playing a game
Performing Operations; Transporting
On-chip sample preparation for whole blood analysis
Apparatus for venting a transmission case
Method and apparatus for generating water using an energy conversion device
Water-from-air using liquid desiccant and vehicle exhaust
Method of removing carbon monoxide from an oxygen carrier and apparatus for removing carbon monoxide
Diesel engine particulate filter
Configuration of an atmospheric pressure ion source
Catalyst powder, exhaust gas purifying catalyst, and method of producing the catalyst powder
Methods for manufacturing bi-metallic catalysts having a controlled crystal face exposure
Sulfonate catalyst and method of producing alcohol compound using the same
Reformer and fuel cell system having the same
Particle-size reduction apparatus and use thereof
Liquid electrostatic coating composition comprising corrosion resistant metal particulates and method for using same
Metal material and method for production thereof
Piezoelectric film laminate and method of manufacturing the same
Method of preparing single nanoparticle containing organic-inorganic composite material
Stake punch
Mold for casting and method of surface treatment thereof
Compliant fill tube assembly, fill tube therefor and method of use
Quick change holder for cutting tool
Method for synthesizing metal oxide
Repair with feedstock having conforming surfaces with a substrate
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric vibration element for an inkjet recording head
Die assembly for manufacturing lamina stacks that include formed features
Swimming pool terrazzo process
Key destroyer
Power adjustable wrench
Pneumatic tappet adjustment tool
Methods and apparatuses for shaping a printed circuit board
Method for producing golf ball
Blow molding machine
Method and apparatus for pattern transfer, and annular recording medium
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Jig for calcining electronic component
Biaxially oriented film on flexible polymeric substrate
Jacquard or dobby woven textile with graphic impression and a method of making the same
Variable lamination rapid prototyping apparatus for producing large scale 3-dimensional object
Leather-like sheet and process for producing thereof
Method of making jacquard woven textile with graphic impression
Piezoelectric head inspection device and droplet jetting device
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus
Liquid discharge head
Inkjet printhead and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus for and method of forming image using oscillation mirror
Printhead driving method for printhead with reference voltage source, voltage divider, and differential amplifier
Inkjet printer with carbon copy capability
Recording paper and image recording method thereof
Personal baggage identification system
Refill for correction pen and refill unit
Wheel lifted and grounded identification for an automotive vehicle
Quick connect assembly for ATV implements
Biasing drive torque to a secondary axle in a motor vehicle powertrain
System for detecting an alignment of vehicle mounted sensors
High security device for capturing electric energy on the ground for supplying a landborne vehicle
Load securing device
Clip tower for energy absorption
Airbag module
Windshield wiper, especially for a motor vehicle
System for dynamically determining axle loadings of a moving vehicle using integrated sensing system and its application in vehicle dynamics controls
Method of clutch pressure regulation during downshift of a vehicle with automatic transmission
Conversion kit for adjusting pipelayer frame width
Tilting vehicle
Steering wheel for boat rudder
Bottle cap with combination lock
Container for flowable material
Device to aid packaging items
Personal hydration system
Interchangeable mouthpiece bit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture of monobasic potassium phosphate
Regeneration of hydrogen storage system materials and methods including hydrides and hydroxides
Reductive ammoniacal leaching of nickel and cobalt bearing materials
Colloidal hydroxide aqueous suspension of at least one transition element serving to reduce chrome in cement
Mesoporous oxide of zirconium
Mesoporous oxide of hafnium
Method for treatment of plating solutions
Control for UV water disinfection
Method for positioning small particles in a fluid
Apparatus for retaining magnetic particles within a flow-through cell
Clear glass composition
Pigment particles coated with polysaccharides and having improved properties
Multi-functional admixtures for concrete
Indium oxide-tin oxide powder and sputtering target using the same
Process and installation for granulating slag
Bicyclo compound, method for producing fused aromatic compound using the same and method for forming film of the same
Method of manufacturing 3,3',4,4'-tetraaminobiphenyl
Process for the preparation of Florfenicol
Method for producing alkylaryl compounds and alkylaryl sulphonates
Process for the preparation of ubihydroquinones and ubiquinones
Preparation of tetrakis [3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy phenyl) propionyl oxymethyl] methane
Method for producing an optically active tetrahydroquinoline
Excitatory amino acid receptor antagonists
Cyano anthranilamide insecticides
Nonlinear optical compounds and related macrostructures
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Preparation of famciclovir and other purine derivatives
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting PARP
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of apoptosis
Optically detectable organophosphonates
Genes and polypeptides relating to human pancreatic cancers
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 121P1F1 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Molecular identification of bacteria of genus Streptococcus and related genera
Encoding and decoding reactions for determining target molecules
Streptococcus uberis protein, nucleic acid sequence encoding the same and its use in a mastitis vaccine
Insecticidal plant cyclotide with activity against homopteran insects
HLA-A24 binding cancer antigen peptide derived from livin
Anti-CCL27 antibodies
Anti-GL50 antibodies
Tubular reactor with coaxial cylinders and process using this reactor
UV-active binding agent
Methods of preparing polymers having terminal amine groups using protected amine salts
Polyurethane composition and molded article thereof
Increased bulk density of fatty acid-treated silanized powders and polymers containing the powders
Monomer solution for producing polycarbonate
Method of controlled alcoholysis and regeneration of a borohydride
Room temperature-curable, heat-conductive silicone rubber composition
Synthesis of aromatic polyhalogenated halomethyl compounds
Multilayered chromonic structures
Method of controlling olefin polymerization
Curable compositions
Ink jet ink, method of producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and cyan ink
Triglyceride based lubricant
Production of transgenic plants with increased seed yield
Nucleic acids and proteins of insect Or83b odorant receptor genes and uses thereof
Estimation method, human estrogen receptor alpha gene, genomic DNA, and diagnostic marker
Process of high purity albumin production
Crystallization and structure determination of glycosylated human beta secretase, an enzyme implicated in alzheimer's disease
Method for producing purine nucleoside by fermentation
Detection of nucleic acid mutation associated with cancer by analysis of saliva
Secretion of neublastin
Split protein self complementing fragments, systems, and methods of use thereof
Commercial production of synthetic fuel from bio-diesel by products system
Method for production of arachidonic acid
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Biotin-facilitated transport in gram negative bacteria
Genome mapping of functional DNA elements and cellular proteins
Cleavage of nucleic acids
Paired end sequencing
Method for rapid identification of porcine insulin-like growth factor 2 intron 7 point mutation
Detection of negatively charged polymers using water-soluble, cationic, polythiophene derivatives
Development of influenza A antivirals
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Falling bed cathode cell for metal electrowinning
Method for rapid, controllable growth and thickness, of epitaxial silicon films
Textiles; Paper
Press for paper machine with smoothing press, and paper production method
Fixed Constructions
Active acoustics performance shell
Sound-absorbing panel and production method of the same
Panels comprising interlocking snap-in profiles
Housing created from high strength expanded thermoformable honeycomb structures with cementitious reinforcement
Hinge structure with a disc locking mechanism
Vehicular door handle including secondary latch
Entryway system including a threshold assembly
Coiled tubing swivel assembly
Method for installing and connecting a sub-sea riser
Method and apparatus for re-entering an abandoned well
Sealed core sample barrel
Percussion adapter for positive displacement motors
System for steering a drill string
Method for the mining of coal and coal planer installation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for operating steam turbines
Fluid transfer controllers having a rotor assembly with multiple sets of rotor blades arranged in proximity and about the same hub component and further having barrier components configured to form passages for routing fluid through the multiple sets of rotor blades
Valve operating apparatus for internal combustion engine
Flow-through sound-cancelling mufflers
Exhaust gas control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Regeneration controller for exhaust purification apparatus of internal combustion engine
Spline drive and cam shafts for barrel engines
Control system for an exhaust gas sensor
Control system for an exhaust gas sensor
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Fuel tank having improved thermal stability
Radial plunger pump and method for manufacturing pump housing
Air-demand-controlled compressor arrangement, particularly for commercial vehicles
Method for optimizing the operation of a plurality of compressor assemblies of a natural-gas compression station
Universal golf bag support
Actuation lever
Motor lubricant cycling system
Plain bearing composite material
Power transmission apparatus
Hydrostatic drive system
Sealing collar
Valve unit for pressure exchanger installations
Compartmentalized electric/manual gate valve
Fast-fit coupling for a fluid circulation system
Wire attachment device for vehicle
Equipment capable of adjusting height thereof
Light display unit with fixture and light strand
Outer case of LED module
Lamp holder and lamp holder attachment structure
Vehicle headlamp
Exhaust system with light source
Luminaires and optics for control and distribution of multiple quasi point source light sources such as LEDs
Illuminating device for linearly illuminating a flat object
Light source module and backlight system using the same
High efficiency incandescent bulb replacement lamp
Refrigerator with an air filter/freshener system
System and apparatus for complete condensation of multi-component working fluids
Method for increasing the throughput of packages in rotary tubular kiln apparatus
Locking apparatus for a firearm
Muzzle brake for cannon
Paintball gun system with secure quick-connect pressure coupling
Geometric/mechanical apparatus to improve well perforator performance
Multi-mode fuze
Optical gain approach for enhancement of overlay and alignment systems performance
Overlay measuring method and related semiconductor fabrication equipment management system
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Instrument for duplicating complex shapes
Non-contacting position measuring system
Device for sensing the direction of rotation of a hand tool comprising an electric motor
Encoder that optically detects positional information of a scale
Viscous material feed system with platen and method
Liquid condition sensing apparatus
Float for a fill level sensor
Method and apparatus for pulsed UV measurement
Broadband energy illuminator
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, taking into consideration the individual properties of the injection devices
Instrumented ballistic test projectile
Device and method for the adjustment of a temperature of a liquid
Comprehensive particulate matter measurement system and method for using the same
Gas chromatography system architecture
Mammalian sour/acid taste and CSF receptor genes, polypeptides and assays
Protein achieving improved blocking efficiency
Diagnostic test devices
Failure diagnostic device for acceleration sensor, electronic device equipped with failure diagnostic device, failure diagnostic system, and failure diagnostic method
Semiconductor probe with high resolution resistive tip having doping control layer and method of fabricating the same
Passive station power distribution for cable reduction
Sensor having moveable cladding suspended near a magnetic field source
Computationally efficient adaptive radar pulse compression system
Infra-red signature neutron detector
System and method for fast texture-based tensor field visualization for DT-MRI
System of electric coils for transmitting and receiving radio-frequency magnetic fields in a magnetic-resonance imaging apparatus, and magnetic-resonance imaging apparatus provided with such a system of electric coils
Magnetic resonance examination platform with independently moveable bed and antenna device
External MRI imaging coil assemblies and MRI-guided interventional systems utilizing same
Carboxylic siloxanyl monomers with pendant polymerizable groups
Light detecting element and control method of light detecting element
Clip-on sunglasses and method of manufacture thereof
Camera system for attaching lens unit to electronics device
Optical angle detection apparatus
System and method for providing modified illumination intensity
Exposure apparatus
Multiphoton curing to provide encapsulated optical elements
Photoactive compounds
Toner manufacturing method, toner manufacturing apparatus, and toner
Arrangement having at least one movable furniture part
Common mode noise reduction using parasitic capacitance cancellation
Method and apparatus for authentication in secure printing
Method of producing color conversion table, image processing device, image processing method, program and recording medium
Automatic and transparent document archiving
Touch sensing apparatus with differential signal source
Image processing system, apparatus, method, and storage medium storing a computer program, for combining image data using multiple devices
Internet facsimile gateway device
Differential amplifier circuit and mixer circuit having improved linearity
Information conveyance system and printing medium having IC chips
Automated transaction machine
Time delimited multiple admission method and system
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Radio frequency identification devices, remote communication devices, identification systems, communication methods, and identification methods
Interrogator for RFID tag
Security zones for casino gaming
Apparatus for monitoring joints of articulated robot
Personal crime prevention bracelet
Methods, electronic devices, and computer program products for managing data in electronic devices responsive to written and/or audible user direction
Sound device for enhancing gift packages, and method and system for marketing such device
Method for driving a plasma display with matrix triggering in stages
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Method and apparatus of image signal processing
Method and system for writing data to MEMS display elements
Image signal correcting method, correcting circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Reset device and method for a scan driver
Method for automatically generating graphically displayed indicating instruments
Color adjusting method and color adjusting apparatus
Musical instrument, in particular a cajon
Interactive tool and appertaining method for creating a graphical music display
Perpendicular magnetic recording media with laminated soft magnetic underlayer
Multilayer phase-change information recording medium, and method for recording and reproducing using the same
Corrosion-responsive coating formulations for protection of metal surfaces
Protective barrier for piping and cabling
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device
Actuating magnet
Apparatus for accurate and efficient quality and reliability evaluation of micro electromechanical systems
MEMS actuators and switches
Light apparatus capable of emitting light of multiple wavelengths using nanometer fluorescent material, light device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrode system with a current feedthrough through a ceramic component
Method for measuring diffraction patterns from a transmission electron microscopy to determine crystal structures and a device therefor
Charged beam gun
Electromagnetic sensor incorporating quantum confinement structures
Photon detector for photon-induced triggering of measuring electrons
Secondary emission electron gun using external primaries
Field emission flat lamp with strip cathode structure and strip gate structure in the same plane
Method of manufacturing microholes in a cathode substrate of a field emission display using anodic oxidation
Method of manufacturing plural plasma display panels incorporating through ports at peripheral corners of each manufactured display
Methods of fabricating ferroelectric capacitors having oxidation barrier conductive layers and lower electrodes disposed in trenches defined by supporting insulating layers
Shaped MEMS contact
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric semiconductor device utilizing an oxide reduction film
Package substrate with dual material build-up layers
Atomic layer deposited tantalum containing adhesion layer
Arrangement and method for fabricating a semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus for plasma processing
Flash memory with metal-insulator-metal tunneling program and erase
Reverse metal process for creating a metal silicide transistor gate structure
Wire and solder bond forming methods
Semiconductor array and method for manufacturing a semiconductor array
Substrate having alignment marks and method of obtaining alignment information using the same
Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Heat sink mechanism
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Lead pin, circuit, semiconductor device, and method of forming lead pin
Flip-chip semiconductor device with improved power pad arrangement
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Hetero-structure variable silicon rich nitride for multiple level memory flash memory device
High voltage semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Integrated circuit having resistive memory cells
Semiconductor device with recessed channel
Semiconductor device and methods for forming the same
Semiconductor device having controllable transistor threshold voltage
Semiconductor memory devices with charge traps
Memory having cap structure for magnetoresistive junction and method for structuring the same
Electro-optical device having electro-optical elements provided selectively at pixel regions and electronic apparatus
Light emitting or light receiving semiconductor module and method for manufacturing same
Organic light emitting display and fabricating method thereof
Piezoelectrically actuated ultrananocrystalline diamond tip array integrated with ferroelectric or phase change media for high-density memory
Micro-coextruded film modified with piezoelectric layers
Display device and display unit using the same
Hybrid interconnect for a solid-oxide fuel cell stack
Method for producing a reversible solid oxide fuel cell
Production method of lithium batteries
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Electrolyte-electrode assembly comprising an isotropic layer
Polymer electrolyte membrane and fuel cell
Three-dimensional antenna fabrication from a two-dimensional structure
Dielectrically-loaded antenna
Multi-band small aperture antenna
Antenna module, radio device and mobile radio terminal
Plug connector with improved cable arrangement and having retaining arrangement securely retaining mating substrate therein
Connector substrate and speaker input terminal connection structure
Card-through-connector fastener for reducing connector distortion
Emergency apparatus for lighting an abandoned trailer
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Backup time endorsed power supply apparatus
Automotive tandem alternator having reduced axial length and capable of effectively suppressing magnetic leakage
Vehicle alternator and stator for vehicle alternator
Linear motor and exposure apparatus having the same
Rotary electric machine
Resistor-input transconductor including common-mode compensation
Phase compensation driving scheme for synchronous rectifiers
Ultrasonic motor
Mitigation of harmonic currents and conservation of power in non-linear load systems
Signal generating circuit
Amplifying circuit
Power amplifier and its idling current setting circuit
General-purpose wideband amplifier
Method and system for polar modulating QAM signals with discontinuous phase
Elastic wave device and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Quantum-dot cellular automata methods and devices
Circuits, systems, and methods for a voltage controlled oscillator with coarse, fine, and center tuning
Delay-locked loop circuit and method of generating multiplied clock therefrom
Systems and techniques for auto-calibration and fast tuning of voltage controlled oscillators in phase-lock loops
Sigma delta modulator, fractional frequency synthesizer and sigma delta modulating method
Systems and methods for companding ADC-DSP-DAC combinations
Adaptive composite analog to digital converter
Image decoding apparatus and decoding method
Solid-state imaging element and solid-state imaging apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Lens unit and imaging apparatus
Solid-state imaging device
Serial camera interface
Image capture apparatus and method and method with a remote signaling device
Image-taking apparatus and focus control program for image-taking apparatus
Lens apparatus
Solid-state imaging element and solid-state imaging device
Integrated circuit for a digital camera system
Temperature compensation in multi-camera photographic devices
Internet surveillance system and method
Internet surveillance system and method
Compression-resistant heating frame
Heat processing apparatus and heat processing method
Microwave system and method for controling the sterlization and infestation of crop soils
Method for forming insulation film and apparatus for forming insulation film
Method of head stack assembly flexible circuit assembly attached to an actuator arm
Surface mount composite electronic component and method for manufacturing same
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cheesecake in a cone
Protective covering
Soles of a pair of shoes
Shoe sole
Pair of shoe insoles
Sandal upper
Shoe upper
High rise spout base
Quick stitch needle
Slider device for resealable closure
Footwear upper portion
Portion of a shoe upper
Boot accessory
Zip around front pocket wallet
Case for eyeglasses
Tool box
Luggage article
Storage container with lid storage
Container for a balance scale
Wooden basket
Box for handling mail
Storage box
Lunch carrier
Bath brush
Baby carrier with seashell-shaped seat
Lounge chair
Collapsible chair
Bicycle seat
Giraffe shaped bench
Chaise lounge
Convertible/inflatable furniture
Bed frame
Plant holder
China cabinet
Sleeve for holding digital video discs with a write-on title strip
CD rack
Towel ring
Furniture leg
Seat back
Seat bottom
Seat bottom
Hutch with rotatable support
Aromatherapy pillow in the form of a bear
Aromatherapy pillow in the form of a puppy
Travel mug
Cereal bowl
Square dinner plate with beads
Thermal container
Portable cooking set
Round chafing dish
Rectangular chafing dish
Covered electric frying pan
Handle for a utensil
Ice shaver
Combined ironing board and canister holder
Ice scraping comb
Napkin dispenser cartridge
Drinking cup base
Drinking cup base
Portable electric grinder
Plant watering and feeding device
Earth working tool
Gardening shears
Combined spade and fork
Golf cleat wrench head
Golf cleat wrench head
Valve tool
Socket wrench
Axle for a strapping device
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Craft stand
Chalk line anchor
End bearing plate
Detachable mounting hook
Feeding bottle nipple cleaning apparatus
Automotive vehicle key
Lock in the shape of a soccer ball
Automotive vehicle key
Automotive vehicle key
Spring clip
Spring clip
Spring clip
Combined bottle, spray dispenser and cap
Stanley cup shaped can
Make-up pot
Fragrance bottle
Dispenser bottle
Fuel container
Split loaf bread bag
Filter pack clam shell package
Non-contact protective package
Packaging case
Box for holding flat articles
Plastic bag carrier with a handle, arms, hands, and a head
Concentrate cartridge
Watch casing and bezel
Watch case
Combined watch and bracelet
Combined watch and bracelet
Remote sensor temperature controller
Cover for an exit alarm lock
Cut stone
Miniature decorative vase
Creche in an artificial Christmas tree with illuminated miniature Christmas village foreground
Ramp assembly
Mounting arrangement for muffler
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Roof for a truck
Exterior surface configuration of a fuel tank fairing for a truck
Electric bicycle with pedal torque enable unit
Three wheeled electric vehicle
Motorcycle air cleaner cover
Vehicle tire
Receiver hitch and cover
Radiator grill for a vehicle
Bicycle handlebar bar ends
Combined vehicle sun visor and removable screen
Exterior surface configuration of a quarter fender for a truck
Van mat
Rigid tonneau cover with integral tool box
Hitch mount bike rack and hitch cover
Hitch mount combination ski and snowboard carrier and hitch cover
Vehicle roof rack
Console for vehicle
Visor accessory organizer
Eyeglass and document holder for truck sun visors
Visor accessory organizer
Vehicle trunk organizer
Travel charger
Battery charger
Desk-top/wall-mount charger base
In line three-position battery cable termination with auxiliary studs
Network adapter
Crimp terminal
Fiber optic plug connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connecting plug
Electrical connecting socket
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Multi-directional switch for a light-emitting device
Multi-directional switch for a light-emitting device
Multi-directional switch
Electronic controller for towed vehicle brakes
Brake controller for towed vehicles
Button switch
Seat for a cooling fan of a heat sink assembly
CD player
Computer mainframe
Computer console end
Computer unit
Deployable monitor
Computer mouse
Computer mouse
Cassette for video game cards
IC module
Set of icons for a display screen
Set of icons for a computer screen
Icon for a computer screen
Icon for a computer screen
Document printer
Face plate for a data storage enclosure
IC card
Editor for a video recorder
Combined television receiver and digital video disk player
Telephone writing terminal
Retractable monitor
Housing for a two-way communications device
Cellular phone
Cellular telephone handset
Remote control
Cover for a telephone handset
Radio pager
Wireless communication device for headsets
Portable voice and data encryption module
Air compressor
Fuel dispenser interface
Display panel for power machine
Access door for washer and dryer
Vacuum cleaner head
Sewing machine
Ice cube tray having a slidable cover
Welding wire feeder
Video projector
Combined printer, copier and scanner
Base for a digital camera
Rim of glasses
Damping water conditioning and recirculating apparatus for a damping water offset printing machine
Paper shredder
Front surface of a stampless envelope
Auxiliary device for a punch
Plumbing and electrical placement building template
Writing instrument
Pencil sharpener casing
Sign support structure
Display device
Popcorn vending machine
Automatic vending machine for merchandise
Publication vending cabinet
Publication vending cabinet
Front door assembly for a reverse vending machine
Dispenser for plate gums or the like
Pyramid dart game
Electronic game display
Digital video disk player
Three dimensional landscaped chess board
Collapsible toy
Water gun amusement device
Golf tee and ball setting device
Ball tossing game device
Golf club head
Molded bun top
Railway car air brake reservoir
Air valve adapter
Sanitary faucet
Water fitting
High rise spout base
Faucet handle
Faucet handle and body
Faucet spout
Liquid and sediment collector
Folding toilet seat
Shower caddy
Faucet cover and dispenser body
Air conditioner condenser housing
Fragrance and/or other functional vapor delivery device
Vapor diffusing device
Plug-in air purifier
Fan filter
Dual capacity dispenser
Kitchen ventilator
Combined canopy, downrod, motor housing, switch housing, blade irons and light fixture unit for a ceiling fan
Combined ceiling fan housing, support rod and light fixture unit
Self-cleaning ionizer
Rotor for heater
Air diffuser
Slant top air diffuser
Dual airway mouth guard
Combined power column and care cart
Medication dispensing spool
Indirect ophthalmoscopy lens two piece retaining ring
Integrated pivot port closed collection container
Oxygen bottle holder
Endotracheal tube holder
Cartridge for pharmaceutical preparations
Dental scaler and reservoir system
Athletic bandage
Night splint for a foot
Microelectric unit for producing stimuli for treatment of the human body
Fluid packet
Convertible hearing aid/tinnitus masker
Front face of a retaining wall block
Pier support
Candle holder of integral plastic construction
Rechargeable emergency light
Rechargeable spotlight
Lamp base
Orb lampholder
Pendent lamp
Lighting apparatus
Glass shade
Glass shade
Lamp support arm
End cap for a luminaire housing
Six sided pharmaceutical tablet
Beauty face sheet
Liquid applicator
Hair clasp with pen holder
Combined barrette, chain and tie tack
Hair clipper
Fingernail enhancement
Manicuring tool
Hair adornment
Cartridge filter
Hand protector
Kneeling disk
Harness for dogs
Food processor
Human Necessities
Portable blower with blower tube noise reduction
Kentucky bluegrass designated `Ba76-372`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI WT8`
New guinea impatiens plant named `Balcebfro`
Shrub rose plant named `AC Marie-Victorin`
New guinea impatiens plant named `Balcelelro`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Balcelvago`
Kalanchoe plant named `Pablo`
Dogwood tree named `White Love`
Kalanchoe plant named `LtPink Kiebessy II`
Japanese pear tree named `Osa Gold`
Anthurium plant named `Pink Paradise`
Bromeliad plant named `GUZ 217`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Oberon`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meizincaro`
Anthurium plant named `Lady Love`
Alstroemeria plant named `Staloren`
Tray for suspending from the neck, immediately below the chin, for holding food without the use of hands
Toddler training method
Fireproof pants with detachable bottom leg sections
Protective sleeve
Headwear with a one-piece crown portion
Cap with protrusive effect
Shoe tongue positioner
Round brush apparatus for brushing a person's hair
Convertible desk drawer
Bedding or seating product with edge support
Arm lounger
Angular auto-adjusting skid-proof pad system on a baby walker
Convertible crib
Combined sleeping bag and activity surface
Toilet seat cover assembly
Foot actuated toilet seat lift
Baby bath tub
Personal hygiene appliance
Water extraction cleaning machine with variable solution mixing valve
Vacuum cleaner agitator control
Ultra-compact recessed wall mounted vacuum cleaner
Wet/dry vacuum with reduced operating noise
Suture anchor
Coverlet for an air bed
Spacesuit sizing and tension relief bearing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Static mixing element having deflectors and a mixing device
Apparatus and method for washing substrate
Pipe cleaning machine
Apparatus for assembling air turning vane and rail structures
Apparatus for assembling of angle plates on the flanges of ventilation ducts
Assembly jig for use with integrally covered bucket blades
Telephone cable slice box opener
Bearing installer/remover and method
Telescoping handle
Extraction tool for head rest retainer sleeve
Buckle device
Grommet water-proofing method and wire-harness loosening jig
Wiper arm
Wiper for motor vehicle windshields
Seat attachment apparatus
Line connector mechanism and method of use thereof
Method of determining and analyzing a ship's weight
Deployable hinge assembly providing end of travel damping
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrolytic cell for generating sterilization solutions having increased ozone content
Textiles; Paper
Device and method for collection of the web, and drawing of the latter into the output unit of a carder
Drafting frame for a spinning machine having a roving compactor
Method and apparatus for needling a fiber fleece by means of rotatable needles
Method for detecting cloth amount in drum washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Anti-rotation pipe locator and holder
Sanitary toilet with integral water supply and manual flush assembly
Ventilated toilet
Feed control devices for hand operated drain cleaning tools
Water level adjustment device
Spa cover lifting device
Pool decking system
Assembly and disassembly of a computer case housing components of a personal computer
Quick release hinge system
Adjustable butt hinge
Closing device for original cover
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and methods for aligning holes through wheels and spacers and stacking the wheels and spacers to form a turbine rotor
Power cord clip
Mechanical clamp controlling
Tokenless biometric ATM access system
Apparatus and method for testing non-componented printed circuit boards
Instruction processing pattern generator controlling an integrated circuit tester
Defect analysis memory for memory tester
Efficient direct replacement cell fault tolerant architecture
Method for specifying a system having a plurality of interconnected functional modules, each representing a respective abstract-state based machine, and a system so specified
System and method for attaching a downloadable security profile to a downloadable
Realtime clock with page mode addressing
Visiting card computer system
Portable hard disk drive connector with a parallel (printer) port control board and a U-shaped frame
System for controlling a power saving mode in a computer system
Method and apparatus for data backup and recovery
Power failure safe computer architecture
Method, circuit and apparatus for preserving and/or correcting product engineering information
Method and system for reducing time and power requirements for executing computer-readable instruction streams in an execution environment having run-time security constraints
Maintenance system automatically executing processing jobs according to a defined work-flow
Flash ROM sharing between processor and microcontroller during booting and handling warm-booting events
Device and method for managing storage media
Method and system for performing resource updates and recovering operational records within a fault-tolerant transaction-oriented data processing system
Method and apparatus for dynamic sparing in a RAID storage system
Communication system for an array of direct access storage devices (DASD) that provides for bypassing one or multiple DASD
Redundant bus bridge systems and methods using separately-powered bus bridges
Data storage system and method
Verification strategy using external behavior modeling
Debug interface including state machines for timing synchronization and communication
Microprocessor-based device incorporating a cache for capturing software performance profiling data
Analysis of the effect of program execution of calling components with data variable checkpointing and resource allocation analysis
Method and apparatus for portable checkpointing using data structure metrics and conversion functions
Method of recognizing fixed and variable sized data objects in memory
Memory system performing fast access to a memory location by omitting the transfer of a redundant address
Method and apparatus for controlling data erase operations of a non-volatile memory device
Method and apparatus for addressing a memory resource comprising memory devices having multiple configurations
Non-blocking hierarchical cache throttle
System and method for utilizing the memory of a portable computer as a disk cache while in SCSI target mode
Method for inhibiting thrashing in a multi-level non-blocking cache system
Method and computer program product for paging control using a reference structure including a reference bitmap
Scalable network object caching
Cache device that reduces waiting time necessary for a given subsequent request to gain access to the cache
Low occupancy protocol for managing concurrent transactions with dependencies
Cache management system for continuous media system
System and method of controlling access to privilege partitioned address space for a model specific register file
Apparatus and method using volatile lock and lock-down registers and for protecting memory blocks
DMA with dynamically assigned channels, flexible block boundary notification and recording, type code checking and updating, commands, and status reporting
Repeater-switch for distributed arbitration digital data buses
Peripheral controller comprising first messaging unit for communication with first OS driver and second messaging unit for communication with second OS driver for mass-storage peripheral
Monitoring and reporting hard disk drives identification using radio frequency
Method and arrangement for passing data between a reference chip and an external bus
Current mode ethernet transmitter
System and method for multiplexing serial links
Computer system implementing hot docking and undocking capabilities by employing a local bus arbiter idle stats in which the arbiter is parked on a first input/output bus portion
Arrangement for storing program instructions and data in a memory device and method therefor
Method and apparatus for initializing dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices by levelizing a read domain
Data processor capable of high speed accessing
Inter-processor communication system
Multiprocessor communication using reduced addressing lines
Detachable processor module containing external microcode expansion memory
Mathematical morphology processing method
Classified adaptive multiple processing system
Fast system and method for computing modulated lapped transforms
Computer system integrating different data types into a single environment
Text conversion method for computer systems
Methods and apparatus for using attribute transition probability models for pre-fetching resources
Chronological identification of hyper text links during back tracking
High-dimensional index structure
Hash table implementation of an object repository
Method for visually mapping data between different record formats
Distributed caching scheme for database systems
Automatic synthesis of semantic information from multimedia documents
Method and system for navigation and data entry in heirarchically-organized database views
Real-time receipt, decompression and play of compressed streaming video/hypervideo; with thumbnail display of past scenes and with replay, hyperlinking and/or recording permissively intiated retrospectively
Method and apparatus for addressing an electronic document for transmission over a network
Network delivery of interactive entertainment complementing audio recordings
Method for executing a user-requested CGI program in a new authentication context while protecting operation of a default web server program
Index imaging system
System and method for optimized storage and retrieval of data on a distributed computer network
Method for transmission of information to the user
Layout designing method and layout designing apparatus
Memory-saving method and apparatus for partitioning high fanout nets
Secure remote access computing system
System and method for transferring encrypted sections of documents across a computer network
Upstream situated apparatus and method within a computer system for controlling data flow to a downstream situated input/output unit
Multifunctional access devices, systems and methods
Instruction to normalize redundantly encoded floating point numbers
Method and device for maximizing memory system bandwidth by accessing data in a dynamically determined order
Processor employing multiple register sets to eliminate interrupts
Decoding operands for multimedia applications instruction coded with less number of bits than combination of register slots and selectable specific values
Cascaded arithmetic pipeline data processor
Method and apparatus for employing a cycle bit parallel executing instructions
System for recovering from a concurrent branch target buffer read with a write allocation by invalidating and then reinstating the instruction pointer
Method for associating data bearing objects with user interface objects
Graphical programming system that allows easy handling of data structures and creation of programs by manipulating graphic components
System and method for negotiating functions and features
System and method for on-line replacement of software
Method for automatically configuring and formatting a computer system and installing software
Method and system for configuring plug and play devices for a computer operating system
Single address queue for handling multiple priority requests
Microcomputer enabling an erase/write program of a flash memory to interrupt by transferring interrupt vectors from a boot ROM to a RAM
Method and system for improving data storage and access for programs written in mid-level programming languages
Grouping shared resources into one or more pools and automatically re-assigning shared resources from where they are not currently needed to where they are needed
Scheduling server requests to decrease response time and increase server throughput
System for switching from control program stored in an output apparatus to control program stored in detachable memory based on discriminated feeding status of recording medium
Distributed digital rule processor for single system image on a clustered network and method
On-line forum-type electronic conference system maintaining consistency of messages
Document management system and method for business quality modeling
Electronic text reading environment enhancement method and apparatus
Disk assembly device for adjusting the disk balance of the hard disk drive
Signal error-correction system and method
Logical partitioning of a redundant array storage system
Reproducing apparatus, error correcting unit and error correcting method
Data-reproducing device
In situ method and apparatus for detecting surface defects to identify handling damage in a disk drive
Inverted merged MR head with plated notched first pole tip and self-aligned second pole tip
Method of making magnetic head with vialess lead layers from MR sensor to pads
Method for recording digital signals on multiple-layered disks
Memory repair
High-speed test system for a memory device
Method and apparatus for built-in self-test of smart memories
Read only memory embedded in a dynamic random access memory
Oxide superconducting wire manufacturing method
Wire harness connector installation clip
Method of producing a piezoelectric element
Digitally-corrected temperature-compensated crystal oscillator having a correction-suspend control for communications service
Method and means for computationally efficient on-the-fly error correction in linear cyclic codes using ultra-fast error location
Combined error position circuit and chien search circuit for reed-solomon decoding
Multi-function module incorporating flash memory having additional controller adapted to configure the data from the memory that is to be provided to the external source
Error detection and correction system for a stream of encoded data
Abnormality monitor method and abnormality monitor system in a network
Method and apparatus for resource dependency relaxation
Internetwork communication system using tiers of configurable multiple bandwidth capacity modes of operation
In-wall data translator and a structured premise wiring environment including the same
Apparatus and method in a network interface device for storing receiving frame status in a holding register
Quality of service allocation on a network
Methods and apparatus for a computer network firewall with dynamic rule processing with the ability to dynamically alter the operations of rules
System and method for automatic transmission of personalized OLAP report output
Technique for accessing heterogeneous directory services in an APPN environment
Translating packet addresses based upon a user identifier
Publish and subscribe data processing with subscriber option to request subscription propagation prior to acknowledgement
Server switching between communication modes for clients coupled to the server
System for context-dependent name resolution
System and method for the delivery of digital video and data over a communication channel
Digital signature method and communication system
Method and apparatus for storing received data in association with correlated index information
Method and apparatus for transmission of a flexible and error resilient video bitstream
Utility-based multi-category quality-of-service negotiation in distributed systems
Coil manufacturing method using ring shaped spacer
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