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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pyrophoric sheet
Insecticidal mixture containing gamma-cyhalothrin
Modified sodium iodide symporter proteins and uses thereof
Herbal/organic composition for the management of pain
Butchering processes for the beef clod
Wearable support structure that supports a sun shade on or above a user
Hands-free mount and manufacturing method for hanging structure thereof
Brush having storage bag
Chair with foldable desk
Heavy-duty slide assembly
Reading stand
Bicycle stand
Unidirectional tension rod mechanism
Cooking article including an external polyimide-based coating
Dialysis fluid heating using pressure and vacuum
Orientation adapter for injection tube in flexible endoscope
Eyelid engaging eyewear
High-throughput and non-invasive method to vitrify porcine embryos
Surgical guiding tool, methods for manufacture and uses thereof
Posteriorly inserted artificial disc and an artificial facet joint
Mechanical fixation system for a prosthetic device
Electronic ophthalmoscope for selective retinal photodisruption of the photoreceptor mosaic
Method and apparatus for deriving and reporting the thermic effect of food and calories consumed for an individual utilizing physiological parameters
Contact lens for collecting tears and detecting analytes for determining health status, ovulation detection, and diabetes screening
Adjustable wireless electromyography sensor and system
Two wire oscillator system for determining body impedance
Acquiring contrast-enhanced, T1 weighted, cine magnetic resonance images
Rebinning for computed tomography imaging
Ultrasound guidance system
Ultrasound imaging apparatus and a method for generating an ultrasound image
Immediate and temporary dental prosthesis and methods of utilizing same
Interactive dental restorative network
System and method for treatment of anal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse
Catheter assembly with user-assisting handle
Cosmetic surgery sizer
Composite ophthalmic devices and methods with incident light modifying properties
Prosthesis for distal radioulnar joint
Therapeutic delivery system
Nursing device
Methods of inducing tissue regeneration
Bactericide having selectivity to cariogenic bacterium, and a method for sterilization of cariogenic bacterium
Vibrio cholerae O139 conjugate vaccines
Immunological herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for use thereof
Detection of Giardia lamblia trophozoites and cysts and protection against G. lamblia infection
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infections
Use of Vgll3 activity modulator for the modulation of adipogenesis
Process for production of surface-coated inorganic particles
Cosmetic compositions with near infra-red (NIR) light-emitting material and methods therefor
Hydrogels with network defects enhanced by nanoparticle incorporation
Polymer microgel beads and preparative method thereof
Liquid cleaning and/or cleansing composition
Orodispersible domperidone tablets
Pharmaceutical compositions of fenofibrate
Disposable items made from bioplastic resins
Needleless injection device components, systems, and methods
Temporary instrument holder, sharps protector, passing aid and safety transport apparatus
Spectrum-driven arrhythmia treatment method
Exercise device with suspended inertial core
Baseball or softball bat, and method for manufacturing a baseball or softball bat
Training harness for a basketball defender
Bat swing training machine
Golf training aid
Golf sand bunker simulator
Standing golf swing trainer
Humerus-stabilized shoulder stretch device
Ramp system for extreme sports
Inflatable watercraft with battery powered motorized cassette
Method and device for conducting a numbers game with a prize component
Observation wheel
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods and systems for sulfur disposal
Solid chemical dissolver and methods
Separator tank for separating oil and gas from water
System for detecting microbial contamination
Reverse V-cell or minipleat filter with pleat pack mechanically sealed
Method and apparatus for drying and compressing CO.sub.2-rich flow
Venting device for a housing and method for producing same
Method and production plant for producing sterile water
Device and system for filtering blood
Emulsifier with two shear stages
Reactor for carrying out an autothermal gas-phase dehydrogenation
Method of manufacturing a reaction vessel
G-force sensitive label and corresponding sample tube, method and analytical system
Locking system for axially securing a rotor onto a rotatably mounted shaft
Mask for kinetic cold gas compacting
High-throughput combinatorial dip-coating methodologies for selecting particle-containing formulations and depositing contaminants on substrates
Method of synthesizing hybrid metal oxide materials and applications thereof
Coated electronic devices and associated methods
Adjustable cartridge assembly for a workpiece-holding master jaw device
Trigger assembly for switching one shoot mode or repeat shoot mode
Aerogel-bases mold for MEMS fabrication and formation thereof
Method and apparatus of electrical field assisted imprinting
Reinforced polymer composite foams and method of manufacture
Method and system of manufacturing multilayer coating for decoration of surfaces
Magnetic random access memory with synthetic antiferromagnetic storage layers and non-pinned reference layers
Surface-treated copper foil, method for producing same, and copper clad laminated board
Method for the coating of a cellulose material by using a glucan
Method of making continuous filament reinforced structural plastic profiles using pultrusion/coextrusion
Method for cutting tempered glass and preparatory tempered glass structure
Printing apparatus and feeding control method
Hybrid ink jet printer and method of hybrid ink jet printing
Image forming apparatus including recording head and head tank
Line head and an image forming apparatus using the line head
Exposure device, light emitting diode head, and image forming apparatus
Print head pre-alignment systems and methods
Ring binder mechanism having snap-in ring members
Content-reservoir/product-applicator assemblies, and packages
Multilevel vehicle roof supporting a deployable solar array
Combined step/muffler housing for a land vehicle
Vehicle floor cover retention system and device
Vehicle tail light operational indicator
Bumper rail for vehicle
Folding lateral extension adjoining at least one loading surface of a cargo-carrying vehicle
Dual-chair beach wagon
Support for bicycle saddle
Ice worthy jack-up drilling unit with pre-loading tension system
High travel floating dock hinge
Retractable composite rotor blade assembly
Trashcan liner dispenser
Dosing cap for container
Packaging system for shipping, storing, displaying, and/or dispensing absorbent articles
Automatic circle forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and sheet adjusting device incorporated therein
Utility tool and method of opening a door
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for recovery of high boiling waste
Process for preparing porous silica particles, said particles and uses thereof
Methods for treating wastewater from exploration for and production of oil and gas
Cementitious binders and wood particles-based incombustible coloured composite panel with structural high performance
System and method for biological treatment of biodegradable waste including biodegradable municipal solid waste
Antibodies against human tweak and uses thereof
Articles including surface microfeatures and methods for forming same
Resin particle and resin dispersion
Ink composition, image forming method, and printed matter
Oxadiazole metallic complexes and their electronic and opto-electronic applications
Polyphenol increasing agent for harvested tea leaves, resin pellet, harvested tea leaf storage sheet and manufacturing method therefor
Melt-extruded substrate for use in thermoformed articles
Deicing formulation utilizing co-products from lignocellulose to bio fuel process
Fuel additives for treating internal deposits of fuel injectors
Bioreactor for cell growth and associated methods
Thuricin CD, an antimicrobial for specifically targeting Clostridium difficile
Compositions and methods for therapeutic delivery with microorganisms
Plasmid DNA isolation
LexA-based chemical-inducible gene expression system for use in transgenic animals
Cineraria-derived chromosomal DNA involved in synthesis of flavonoid, and use thereof
In vivo gene regulation by the combination of knock-in-tetO sequence into the genome and tetracycline-controlled trans-suppressor (tTS) protein
Method of culturing pancreatic islet-like tissues by a tissue complex of pancreas-derived non-endocrinal epithelial cells and vascular endothelial cells
Variants of beta-glucosidases
Detection of nucleic acids and proteins
Protein complex having activity catalyzing asymmetric oxidation reaction and process for producing the same
Thermophilic micro-organisms for ethanol production
Co-metabolism of fructose and glucose in microbial production strains
Biosensors and their use
Method of production of high-strength hollow bodies from multiphase martensitic steels
Nanocrystalline alloys of the FE3AL(RU) type and use thereof optionally in nanocrystalline form for making electrodes for sodium chlorate synthesis
Sputtering apparatus
Magnetron source and method of manufacturing
Glycidyl carbamate coatings having improved corrosion resistance
Electrochemical liquid cell apparatus
Method of forming a bioactive coating
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing calcium carbonate during formation of a fibrous web
Fixed Constructions
Assisting mechanism of movable body
Security device for a double door
Polycrystalline diamond materials having improved abrasion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance
Rock bolt
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air dam module and electronic device having the same
Engine and vane actuation system for turbine engine
Wind turbine rotor with venturi tube effect
Wind turbine blade and wind power generator using the same
Attenuating vibration in a submersible pump
Adaptive control of an oil or gas well surface-mounted hydraulic pumping system and method
System of an extension pole
Bearing device
Rolling bearing for power steering mechanism
Split cage for rolling bearing and rolling bearing using the split cage
Bearing quick releaser
Fast valve actuation system for an automatic transmission
Switchable friction clutch having a drive wheel driven by a drive motor via a drive belt, and drive unit
Seal assembly with pre-strained sealing member
Memory alloy-actuated apparatus and methods for making and using the same
Method and apparatus for pre-installing cold water pipes for a floating ocean thermal energy conversion facility
System and method for tuning the resonance frequency of an energy absorbing device for a structure in response to a disruptive force
Collapsible lantern
Lighting device
Multi-level thermal air cooled LED light fixture
Fragrance lamp structure
Light signal transmitter and light receiver for an optical sensor
Stimulated lighting devices
Grill grate removal device
Method for directing a controlled movement of a vehicle component
Method for nanoscale spatial registration of scanning probes with substrates and surfaces
Shape measuring method
Method and device for optical determination of physical properties of features, not much larger than the optical wavelength used, on a test sample
Geomagnetic sensor and azimuth calculation method thereof
Onboard content providing apparatus
Dual resolution, dual range sensor system and method
Converter for use with sensing devices
Powder dispensing apparatus
Wide swath imaging spectrometer utilizing a multi-modular design
Thermal detector, thermal detector device, electronic instrument, and method of manufacturing thermal detector
Apparatus and method for measuring the temperature of a material
Calibration apparatus and method for heat transfer measurement
Method of loading a droplet actuator
System for assembling a fluid analysis apparatus
System and method for identifying fiber optic cables
Multilayer analysis element for analyzing liquid samples
Vision measuring system having vision measuring apparatus
Electrochemical test strip and method for testing a sample using the same
Converter for use with sensing devices
Method for calibrating test meter by biosensor test strip
Sensor element having limiting current calibration free of cracks
Positional hashing method for performing DNA sequence similarity search
Comparative mapping and assembly of nucleic acid sequences
Microinjection apparatus and method
Method for identifying an antagonist of guanine nucleotide releasing factor 1
Methods and systems for detecting biomolecular binding using terahertz radiation
Magnetic immunodiagnostic method for the demonstration of antibody/antigen complexes especially of blood groups
Application of unique surface coatings to high volume manufacturing output
Dynamic firewall for NSP networks
Lightning detector using an X-ray detector and an E- or B-field detector
Method and apparatus for low range bit depth enhancement for MEMS display architectures
Intensity-based one-way visible display system
Injection molded microlenses for optical interconnects
Wavelength-selective switch
Imaging system
System and method for implementation of interferometric modulator displays
Illuminating apparatus wherein the plurality of polarization separating layers are disposed only to face the plurality of reflective patterns of the polarization light guide plate unit
Reflecting plate and reflecting frame
Optical fiber, and optical access network, local area network and optical parts for communication, which use the optical fiber
Optical waveguide film, method for manufacturing the same, and optical transmission and reception module
Optical device
Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Collar body for field terminable optical connector
Electronic device with optical universal serial bus connector
Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Lens guide mechanism, lens barrel, and image pickup apparatus
Photonic crystal devices using negative refraction
Image capture lens and image capture apparatus
Spectroscopy lens for telecentric sensor
Optical modulators
Liquid crystal display device and repairing method thereof
Discharging excessive liquid crystal in a liquid crystal display device
Image quality in an image display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal panel
Display substrate comprising reflective patterns having a lens shape, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus having the same
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertical aligned mode having particular optical biaxial retardation film
Display using light guide and refractive index control
Array substrate for a transflective liquid crystal display device including a reflective plate having a transmissive hole and fabricating method thereof
Reflector member, backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
Multi-domain liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having a discharge port to discharge excess liquid crystal
Active matrix display device and electronic appliance using the same
Liquid crystal display and active matrix substrate thereof
TIR light valve
Electronic still camera with capability to perform optimal focus detection according to selected mode
Image sensing apparatus and control method
Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling same
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Color image forming apparatus and method for stabilizing liquid developer viscosity
Duct for image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Printing device toner control including rest recovery system, method and algorithm
Transfer apparatus for transferring an image of a developer in a printer and method for calibrating the heating system thereof
Intermediate transfer device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having elastic extension guide member with movable portion
Image forming apparatus, method, and computer program product, detecting temperature of a fixing unit
Cleaning device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge therefore having a cleaner section which stores unused developer
Cleaning unit for roller member supporting belt and image forming apparatus
Toner, method for forming image, and image forming apparatus
Method for operating an automation device
Self-correcting multivariate analysis for use in monitoring dynamic parameters in process environments
Autonomous flight for flight platforms
Protection gas control method for non-sealed process chamber
User space power controller
Spread spectrum clock for USB
System and method for providing a high-speed message passing interface for barrier operations in a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
Hard disk case
Adjusting sensor time in a network security system
Storage device and control device
Remote monitoring and diagnostic system
Method of managing alerts issued by intrusion detection sensors of an information security system
Device for performance tuning in a system
Remote copy network
Virtual incremental storage apparatus method and system
Method and apparatus for translating a virtual address to a real address using blocks of contiguous page table entries
Information management device, recording medium storing information management program, computer data signal embodied in a carrier wave and information management system
Backup archive management
Disk snapshot acquisition method
Recording medium with overlapping segment information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording on, and reproducing the recording medium
Coordinating access to memory locations for hardware transactional memory transactions and software transactional memory transactions
Data migrating method taking end time into consideration
System for integrity protection for standard 2n-bit multiple sized memory devices
Handling multi-rank pools and varying degrees of control in volume allocation on storage controllers
Systems and methods for managing tape drive operation
Keypad de-bouncing apparatus and method
Method for resource sharing in a multiple pipeline environment
System memory map decoder logic
Distributed real-time operating system
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode module
Duplex printer with a pair of ink transfer rollers
Image forming system, user interface device and image forming apparatus
Image stitching for a multi-head printer
Network switching device and control method of network switching device
Globally unique identification in communications protocols and databases
Apparatus and method for transmitting command
Information transmission system by collaborative filtering, information processing apparatus for use with information processing system and program for use with information processing apparatus
Method and system for notification of electronic message reply requirements
Shared object stores for a networked computer system
System and method for automating bios firmware image recovery using a non-host processor and platform policy to select a donor system
Method for providing the location information on a mobile station based on DBM and TCP/IP
Network device having service card for lawful intercept and monitoring of packet flows
Prioritizing data transfers over data buses
Method for maintaining state consistency among multiple state-driven file system entities when entities become disconnected
Asymmetric dynamic server clustering with inter-cluster workload balancing
Method, system, and program product for analyzing a scalability of an application server
Processing unit incorporating vectorizable execution unit
Information retrieval system
Apparatus and method for creating literary macrames
Program, information processing method, and information processing apparatus
Secure and efficient methods for logging and synchronizing data exchanges
Encrypting operating system
System and method for performing over time statistics in an electronic spreadsheet environment
System for reading chinese characters in seconds
Graph-based ranking algorithms for text processing
Concept matching system
Email generation method and system
Distributed data access methods and apparatus for process control systems
Extended cell information in multidimensional data models
Data management apparatus that controls a data storage apparatus by transmitting command of structured document format
Content management system and computer readable medium
Generating from application modifications commands to modify the objects in a repository
System and method for the dynamic representation of the actual state of a task in relation to a target state
Layout method, CAD apparatus, computer-readable program and computer-readable storage medium
Method and system of dynamic power cutoff for active leakage reduction in circuits
Graphical user interface for prototyping early instance density
CAD data generating device and generating method
System and process for supply management for the assembly of expensive products
Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
Digital work structure
Monitoring of computer-related resources and associated methods and systems for allocating and disbursing compensation
System and method for software licensing
Biometric control of equipment
System and method for network setup of wireless device at point of sale
Method for modifying a GUI for an application
Image displaying method, image displaying program, and display
Uniform access to entities in registered data store services
Dual-mode switch for multi-media card/secure digital (MMC/SD) controller reading power-on boot code from integrated flash memory for user storage
User interface system
Apparatus and method to set a communication speed for a SAS/SATA distance extender
System, device, and method for extending a stroke of a computer pointing device
Page bar control
Electronic device display adjustment interface
Data processing device, print setting processing method, storage device for storing computer-readable program and program
Application configuration in distributed storage systems
Method and apparatus for establishing relationship between documents
System and method for order picking of articles into order containers
System and method remapping identifiers to secure files
System and method for on-demand integrated archive repository
XML based object-relationship mapping for different object type
Dynamic preconditioning of A B+tree
Method and apparatus for preserving dependancies during data transfer and replication
Method and apparatus for concept-based visual presentation of search results
Optimization-based data content determination
Recording/playback apparatus and method
Information display apparatus and meta-information display method
System and method for semantic analysis of intelligent device discovery
Analysis of performance data from a relational database system for applications using stored procedures or SQL
Apparatus and method for moving contents after mutual authentication
Controlling execution of computer applications
Positioning assembly between computer-related assembly and hub
Content management method, apparatus, and system
Methods and apparatus for adapting pipeline stage latency based on instruction type
Method and apparatus for enabling a computer system
Enabling terminal services through a firewall
Architecture for mobile IPv6 applications over IPv4
Universal register rename mechanism for instructions with multiple targets in a microprocessor
Methods and systems for relating data structures and object-oriented elements for distributed computing
Exception thrower
Method and system for scaling standalone applications to be executed as internet applications
Apparatus and method for performing a fail-safe over-the-air software update in a mobile station
Safe code-motion of dangerous instructions during compiler optimization
Compilation error isolation, optimization and resolution
Mechanism to emulate user-level multithreading on an OS-sequestered sequencer
Parallel-aware, dedicated job co-scheduling within/across symmetric multiprocessing nodes
Computer executing multiple operating systems
Computer-implemented method, tool, and program product for scheduling an information technology (IT) migration
Allocating resources across multiple nodes in a hierarchical data processing system according to a decentralized policy
Coupon device
Image forming device and image formation control method
Printer controller configured to perform a method of page expansion and printing
Method and system for protecting privacy of signatures on mail ballots
Card lamination
Anti-counterfeiting bottle
Gaze manipulation
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program thereof, and recording medium
Color processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for calibration-free eye tracking using multiple glints or surface reflections
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional tracking of infra-red beacons
Contextual information encoded in a formed expression
Method of generating image of component
Manufacturing inspection of folded feminine hygiene products by cascading edge and skew detection
Video entity recognition in compressed digital video streams
Coding apparatus having rate control to prevent buffer breakdown
Image normalization for computed image construction
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of coordinate interpolator
Image processing apparatus for generating sub-self-similar sets
Apparatus for encoding and decoding key data and key value data of coordinate interpolator and recording medium containing bitstream into which coordinate interpolator is encoded
System and method to optimize control cohorts using clustering algorithms
System and method for processing trip requests
Healthcare charge capture and information delivery system and method
Security and authentication of postage indicia
Method and apparatus for publishing literature
Method and system for providing reverse online auction and mobile commerce
System, method, and computer readable storage medium for the processing of print orders
Multi-stage automated auctions
Method and system for prioritizing a bidder in an auction
Rapid business support of insured property using image analysis
CAD data evaluation method and evaluation apparatus
Dental color system and method to produce dental prosthesis colors
Job allocation control apparatus and job allocation control method
Driving system and method for an electroluminescent display
Driving method of plasma display panel and plasma display device
Display apparatus and method of controlling the backlight provided in the display apparatus
Display apparatus
Liquid crystal display control device
Image processing apparatus, image transmission apparatus, display, image processing method, and image transmission method
Ambidextrous mouse
Method of operating an optical mouse
Intelligent caching data structure for immediate mode graphics
Apparatus, method and medium for detecting voiced sound and unvoiced sound
Speech output of setting information according to determined priority
Customized audio playback storybook with light activation
Method and apparatus for verification of speaker authentication
Vector transformation apparatus and vector transformation method
Disc changer with support for swing arm in disc reproducing position
Compact disc picker
Optical disc device and recording method
Monitoring a fly height of a magnetic transducer
Magnetic disc controller and method
Magnetic disk drive
Crystallized glass substrate for information recording medium and method of producing the same
System with read protecting function
Information recording apparatus, information recording method, information playback apparatus, and information playback method
Optical pickup apparatus and drive apparatus having the same
Hybrid laser diode drivers that include a state machine
Optical pick-up
Robust 8T SRAM cell
Non-volatile memory device with both single and multiple level cells
Interleaved memory program and verify method, device and system
Semiconductor device and system
Semiconductor memory
Integrated circuit and method of operating the same
Methods and apparatus for improved memory access
Methods and systems to write to soft error upset tolerant latches
Semiconductor memory device and method with a changeable substrate potential
Device with optimised capacitive volume
Recyclability of fluorescent lamp phosphors
Wet processing using a fluid meniscus apparatus
Dissolution rate monitor
Secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
Battery pack support with thermal control
Negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery including the same
Methods for the preparation and purification of electrolytes for redox flow batteries
Energy unit with safe and stable hydrogen storage
Reforming system, fuel cell system, and its operation method
Solder-less electrical connection
Electrical connector device and connector used in the electrical connector device
Mini display port connector
Laser oscillator
Control method of distributed Bragg reflection semiconductor laser, and image projecting apparatus
Decorrelating discrimination system of code division multiple access signals
Recursive equalization matrix for multiple input multiple output systems
Precise delay measurement through combinatorial logic
Method and apparatus for forward link power control
Transmission technique in system including chamber
Optical receiver for regeneration of optical signal
Dynamic logging control for a wireless device
On-channel repeating apparatus and method for terrestrial digital television broadcasting service
Test circuit, system, and method for testing one or more circuit components arranged upon a common printed circuit board
Data communication apparatus
Optimizing talk burst control process in a PTT communication network
Transmit power control in a wireless system
Text and voice capable mobile communication device
Multi-channel receiver with improved AGC
Wireless communication method and apparatus for controlling the transmission power of downlink and uplink coded composite transport channels based on discontinuous transmission state values
Dynamic, adaptive power control for a half-duplex wireless communication system
Device employment of multiple beacon slots in a distributed network
Communication terminal, congestion control method, and congestion control program
Optical transmission apparatus and control method therefor
Remodulating channel selectors for WDM optical communication systems
Mapping six (6) eight (8) mbit/s signals to a SONET frame
Electronic device and method of communication resource allocation
Channel scanning
Data path-based service deployment in hierarchical networks
Bundling ATM and POS data in a single optical channel
Multi-rate transparent MUX for optical communications networks
Implementations of AES algorithm for reducing hardware with improved efficiency
Multi-carrier OFDM UWB communications systems
Tandem-free vocoder operations between non-compatible communication systems
Scheduling method for use in a mesh network
Fast network security utilizing intrusion prevention systems
Bridge/router and method for avoiding packet replication during a failure in a network
Systems and methods for providing redundancy in communications networks
Methods and systems for relaying data packets
Multiple-domain processing system using hierarchically orthogonal switching fabric
Network-based data transport architecture
Method and apparatus for priority services management
Data network interface and communication devices having a data network interface
Power detection techniques and discrete gain state selection for wireless networking
Strategically selecting data captures for signal predistortion
Method for stabilising time position of an ultrabandwidth signal and a live object monitoring locator for carrying out said method
OFDM modulator
Blind data rate identification for enhanced receivers
Crosstalk estimation methods and apparatus using auxiliary time-domain signals
Timing-offset estimation in modulated signals using weighted correlation values
Virtual distributed security system
Auditing compliance with a hippocratic database
Data scrambling and encryption of database tables
Cellular telephone device having authenticating capability
Method and device for providing multiple communication protocols with a single transceiver
Foldable cellular telephone
Portable information terminal, opening/closing operation method, and display method
Power saving method for a mobile terminal
DSL system estimation including known DSL line scanning and bad splice detection capability
Techniques for identification of connected and idle mode users in wireless networks
Method and system for determining independent authorization levels in a VPN
System and method for optimizing network communication in response to network conditions
Method and system for processing messages within the framework of an integrated message system
Method for discovering problem agent behaviors
Apparatus, and associated method, for providing an operation parameter to a mobile station of a radio communication station
Optimization of calendar, itinerary, route plan, and PIM efficiencies according to assimilated wireless service availability conditions
Image processing device, image output device, terminal device, image forming system, computer readable medium storing program thereof and image processing method
Transparent camera calibration tool for camera calibration and calibration method thereof
Photoelectric conversion apparatus with fully differential amplifier
Information recording/reproduction apparatus
Solid state imaging device containing multi-layered inner lenses and imaging apparatus
Image processing system, image capturing apparatus and system and method for detecting backlight status
Image display method and image display apparatus with zoom-in to face area of still image
Flat panel TV screen frame system
After-recording method and apparatus for digital recording medium and reproduction method and apparatus for the digital recording medium
Automatic and interactive configuration and control of a video system
Apparatus and method for converting interlaced image into progressive image
Method and apparatus for managing a list of recorded broadcasting programs
Method and apparatus for playing back content based on digital rights management between portable storage and device, and portable storage for the same
Information management system and method, center processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium used therewith, and information processing apparatus and method, and program and recording medium used therewith
Picture encoding system conversion device and encoding rate conversion device
Apparatus for reproduction of encoded signal
Strategies for extracting foreground information using flash and no-flash image pairs
Architecture for location independent, automated integration testing and quality assurance of next generation IMS services
Multi-mode mobile terminal and method of triggering communication service using position information thereof
Method and apparatus for handover of wireless communication between networks
Short message distribution center
User control device for controlling a medical system
Support device for heat dissipation module
Conductive film
Expired Patents Due To Time
High-efficiency miniature magnetic integrated circuit structures
Semiconductor integrated circuit and its manufacturing method
Methods for determining wavelength and pulse length of radiant energy used for annealing
Method for determining near-surface doping concentration
Methods for manufacturing field emitter arrays on a silicon-on-insulator wafer
Field emission arrays and method of fabricating emitter tips and corresponding resistors thereof with a single mask
Antimicrobial use of heat-treated lactic and/or glycolic acid compositions for treatment of ground meats
Method for measuring processing degree and gelatinized starch content of steam-flaked corn and other grains
Filter apparatus and method for the production of sterile skimmed milk
method for the production of precooked and dehulled corn flour for arepa and tortilla
Procedures for forming an extruded frozen novelty with high inclusions from a mouldable material
Apparatus and method for making frozen drinks
Preparation method of dough for flour foods
Pasta manufacturing process
Oil or fat composition containing phytosterol
Process for preparing a nourishing compositions for animals
Ceramic capacitor
Method of making pavement markings having raised protuberances
Process and machine for coating ophthalmic lenses
Image-receiving sheet for recording and process for the production thereof
Mobile cellular tumble coating method
Vapor phase diffusion aluminide process
Device for patterning a substrate with patterning cavities
Two-stage cure coating compositions
Method of forming coating layers
Aminosiloxane polyether polymers
Spraying devices
Method of production of self-fusing alloy spray coating member
Process for depositing a SiOx film having reduced intrinsic stress and/or reduced hydrogen content
Pyrimidine derivative, liquid crystal composition comprising the derivative, and liquid crystal display device fabricated by using the composition
1,4-disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene compounds, and a liquid-crystalline medium
Vacuum IG pillar with DLC coating
Multi-layer hermetically sealable film
Fluid sampler pouch with internal supportive structure
Absorption means
Reverse thermal label
Release liner incorporating syndiotactic vinyl aromatic polymer
Preseamed sheet flooring product
Synchronously embossed decorative sheet and method for producing the same
Ink jet recording material
Corrosion-resistant composite oxide material
Composite polymeric material having high resistance to impact energy
Heat-sensitive sheet for stencil printing
Substrate with a photocatalytic coating
Biaxially oriented polypropylene-base film
Masking film and method for producing same
Security document comprising a mixture of polyurethanes
Surface coating for microfluidic devices that incorporate a biopolymer resistant moiety
Method for high frequency welding of non-popular thermoplastic elastomers
Coated photographic papers
Sheet for molded-in foil decoration and method of producing molded resin having molded-in foil decoration by using the sheet
Rare earth metal-based permanent magnet, and process for producing the same
Diffusion-soldered joint and method for making diffusion-soldered joints
Multi-element composite object
Combinatorial synthesis of novel materials
Organic electroluminescent device
Magnetoresistance device and production method thereof
Cemented carbide insert and method of making same
Fiber structure and textile using same
Integrated manifold/reformer for fuel cell systems
Solid oxide fuel cell interconnector
Micro-fuel cell power devices
Electrocatalyst, and electrodes, membrane-electrode assembly and solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells, using said electrocatalyst
Impact modified polystyrene gaskets for electrochemical cells
Cylindrical secondary battery
Battery pack
High rate electrochemical cell with increased anode-to-cathode interface surface area
Sealed storage battery and modular system therefor
Electrolytes for lithium rechargeable cells
Composite polymer electrolytes for alkali metal electrochemical devices which contain a non-woven glass fiber net
Overlay measuring pattern, and photomask
Phase shift mask and process for manufacturing the same
Random color filter array
Two-sided imaging member
Humidity and temperature insensitive organic conductor for electrophotographic screening process
Stable charge transport layer dispersion containing polytetrafluoroethylene particles and hydrophobic silica
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the photoreceptor
Charge control agent manufacturing process thereof and toner for developing electrostatic images
Toner, and process for producing a toner
Toner and toner binder
Toner and method for producing the same
Heat pressure-fixable capsulated toner and process for producing the same
Surface alloyed cores for electrostatographic carriers and developers
Toner and developer providing offset lithography print quality
Self-contained imaging media comprising microencapsulated color formers
Thermal transfer material and laser thermal transfer recording method
Positive photosensitive composition, positive photosensitive lithographic plate and method for making positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Positive-working imaging composition and element and method of forming positive image with a laser
Flexographic printing form made by covering the edges of photopolymerizable printing plates for flexographic printing
Photosensitive composition and calcined pattern obtained by use thereof
Photocurable elastomeric mixture and recording material obtained therefrom for the production of relief printing plates
Photo-curable polymer composition and flexographic printing plates containing the same
Production of a photosensitive recording material
Process for manufacturing an active element array substrate
Photoresist strippers containing reducing agents to reduce metal corrosion
Highly lubricated imaging element with high coefficient of friction
Photothermographic material for laser beam exposure
Silver halide photographic material
Process for manufacture of photographic emulsion
Product for industrial radiography
Macromolecular conjugate made using unsaturated aldehydes
Hepatitis C virus protease-dependent chimeric pestivirus
Functional assays for the identification of ligands which modulate signal transduction
Method of screening for genetic predisposition to anticholinesterase therapy
Systems for generating and analyzing stimulus-response output signal matrices
Methods for determining risk for Type I and Type II diabetes
Quantitative detection of macromolecules with fluorescent oligonucleotides
Method for generating multiple double stranded nucleic acids
Biological applications of quantum dots
Methods for detecting target nucleic acid sequences
Method of determining multiple mRNAs in dying cells
Methods, apparatus, articles of manufacture, and user interfaces for performing automated biological assay preparation and macromolecule purification
Detection of copy number changes in colon cancer
Method for controlled electrostatic adherent deposition of particles on a substrate
Yeast interaction trap assay
Screening methods to identify agents that selectively inhibit hepatitis C virus replication
Compositions and methods for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by down-regulating human cellular genes
Polynucleotides labeled with dibenzorhodamine dyes
Immersed membrane element and module
Replacement filter cartridge for water filtering system
Filtered showerhead
Filtration system having a low profile extruded underdrain
Apparatus and method for pumping high viscosity fluid
Process for biological purification of waste water under sludge retention
Enzyme and bacterial combination in a slowly dissolvable matrix for septic tanks, grease traps and waste treatment
System and method for reducing the pathogen concentration of sludge
Process for treating waste water containing a resin
Process and means for down stream processing
Method of cleaning membrane assembly with detergent
Surface modified polymer beads
Simulated moving bed chromatographic separation system
Method of controlling the fatty acid content of cooking fats or cooking oils
Liquid treatment unit
Method of treating water using aerator and level-responsive vent valve
Method for installing and removing a liquid purification system
Process of making a polyester or polyol
Process for treating waste water
Method for forming low profile multi-layer coil merged thin film magnetic head
Waferless clean process of a dry etcher
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Method for producing optical disc substrates
Enzymatically protein-encapsulating oil particles by complex coacervation
Continuous gasket making machine and method
Plastic working method and plastic working machine
Method of controlling electric injection unit of injection molding machine
Method and apparatus for controlling a sequence of movements in a plastic material injection molding machine
Crosslinking of polymers and foams thereof
Method of producing three dimensional assembly of particles in ordered arrays
Method for manufacture of mandrels for solid fuel rocket motors and other applications
Use of cross-linked polyolefins material in pressure pipes
Calender for fibrous material webs and method of operating same
Stereolithographic method and apparatus with enhanced control of prescribed stimulation and application
Method of manufacturing a blow molded hinge assembly
Method for firing ceramic honeycomb bodies
Method of manufacturing high-density titanium alloy article
Forming method and forming apparatus
Zirconium alloy having high corrosion resistance and high strength
Incineration process
Antimicrobial composition delivery system with an integrated filler
Paper product impregnated with chemical material
Preparation and use of biocidal solutions
Method and system for disbursing ozone into a poultry house
Apparatus and process for concentrating a liquid sterilant and sterilizing articles therewith
Methods and apparatus for improved luminescence assays
Package for decayable foodstuffs
Suction generating device and sample analysis apparatus using the same
Continuous electrolytically regenerated packed bed suppressor for ion chromatography
Optical detection system for the detection of organic molecules
Oxygen monitoring and apparatus
Device for gas-sensoring electrodes
Test strip incubation device
Apparatus and method for curing a photocurable coating provided on a fiber
Method and apparatus for the deacidification of library materials
Nox scrubbing system and method
Pd/NaOH-Al2O3 Catalyst for Nox abatements
Method and apparatus for reducing NOx emissions in CFB reactors used for combustion of fuel containing large amounts of volatile combustible components
Method for reducing hydrogen chloride emissions from air-blown asphalt
Minerals and methods for their production and use
Process for preparing spinel type lithium manganese composite oxide and cathode active material for rechargeable battery
Form of dipeptidylpeptidase IV (CD26) found in human serum
Film forming composition for spraying on the skin
Methods and compositions for treating periodontal disease with an inhibitor of secretory phospholipase A2
Calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite precursor and methods for making and using the same
Oral adhesive sheet and oral adhesive preparation
Cosmetic composition comprising a styrene/acrylate copolymer and a fatty phase
Lipsticks compositions containing association structures
Composition for lip rouge
Method of reducing oral malodor
Methods of treating disease using recombinant adeno-associated virus virions administered to muscle
Use of Fas ligand to suppress T-lymphocyte-mediated immune responses
Kit with enteral dietary composition consisting of Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium longum
Recombinant vaccine for diseases caused by encapsulated organisms
Use of bacterial phage associated lysing enzymes for treating streptococcal infections of the upper respiratory tract
Manganese superoxide dismutase cloning and expression in microorganisms
Antiviral methods using fragments of human rhinovirus receptor (ICAM-1)
Bathing preparation
Attenuated lentivirus vectors expressing interferon
Toxoplasma gondii antigens, the preparation thereof and the use thereof
Enhancement of the cellular immune response
Plastic vessel containing an albumin preparation
Copolymer containing reactive silyl groups, composition containing the same and method of treatment with the same
Transfer-resistant make-up or care composition based on isoparaffins and functionalized synthetic waxes
Cosmetic composition in the form of an emulsion comprising a dispersion of surface-stabilized polymer particles in a liquid fatty phase
Use of oxamate derivatives as depigmenting agents
Slow-release insect-repellent fabric composition and related methods
Plant immunization compositions
Methods for the localized delivery of agents to blood vessels
Flexible sheet of demineralized bone
Grafts made from amniotic membrane; methods of separating, preserving, and using such grafts in surgeries
Local anesthetic formulations
Biocompatible polymeric delivery systems having functional groups attached to the surface thereof
Slow-release disposable elastomeric buccal devices
Synergistic anti-malarial formulation
Feed withdrawal compositions and methods
Tissue reactive adhesive compositions
Subcoated simulated capsule-like medicament
Controlled release formulation
Alginate and gellan gum as tablet coating
Resorbable extracellular matrix for reconstruction of cartilage tissue
Method for preparing a non-fibrous porous material
Method of decreasing cholesterol and triglycerides levels with a composition containing fish oil, garlic, rutin, and capsaicin
Beverage manufacture and cold aseptic bottling using peroxyacid antimicrobial composition
Compositions comprising santalins, santarubins for artificially coloring the skin
Natural extracted and synthetic antioxidant compositions
Method for the separation of rapeseed germ and rapeseed germ oil
Microorganisms and their use in treating animal feed and silage
Calcium fortification of cheese
Skinless sausage or frankfurter manufacturing method and apparatus utilizing reusable deformable support
Beverage products having superior vitamin stability
Process for producing food products
Temporary vascular filter
Target tissue localization method
Nipple for removing lactic acid
Inflatable cooling apparatus for selective organ hypothermia
Endovascular prosthetic device, an endovascular graft prothesis with such a device, and a method for repairing an abdominal aortic aneurysm
Coiled-sheet stent-graft with exo-skeleton
Stent for angioplasty
Braided stent having tapered filaments
Endovascular prosthesis accommodating torsional and longitudinal displacements and methods of use
Crush resistant stent
Stent with variable wall thickness
Extendible stent apparatus
Intervertebral implant
Apparatus for knee prosthesis
Cup for a knee-joint prosthesis
Cement restrictor
Process for the production of an anode for an electrolytic capacitor
Emulsion blends
Exhaust filter and catalyst structure
Air-purifying system blower module with exhaust chute
Soil conditioning agglomerates containing calcium
Method of application of organic fertilizer
TI(C, N)--(TI, TA, W) (C, N)--CO alloy for toughness demanding cutting tool applications
Method for manufacturing dental restorations
Process for treating by-products from zinc smelting and the like
Purifying agent and purification method for halogen-containing exhaust gas
Method and apparatus for aerating
Method and apparatus for removing condensate from combustion analyzer sample
Filter and muffler device for vacuum mechanism
Aqueous ink for ball point pens
Powder coating composition and method
Precious metal color effect materials and production thereof
Method of making a silicon substrate with controlled impurity concentration
P-type gaas single crystal and method for manufacturing the same
Method for producing a gallium nitride epitaxial layer
Crystal manufacturing apparatus and method
Die for shaped crystal growth from a molten bath
Apparatus for applying a liquid coating with an improved spray nozzle
Apparatus for controlling electric charge on finely divided powder and finely divided spraying
Gas collector for epitaxial reactors
Vacuum treatment equipment
CVD apparatus
Long life high temperature process chamber
Process for preparing beads as food or tobacco additive
Method of providing flavorful and aromatic compounds in absence of reducing sugars
Method for etching and cleaning a substrate
Method for removing stains from structural surfaces
Method of washing a vehicle
Combination dirty fluid tank and nozzle for a carpet extractor
Method for drying substrate
Process for the production of grain oriented silicon steel sheet
Rolling bearing and heat treatment method therefor
Nickel-based amorphous alloy compositions
Aluminum alloy extrusions having a substantially unrecrystallized structure
Aluminum plate for automobile and method for producing the same
Method of bonding cast superalloys
Method for making body stock
Method and device for producing a one-piece vehicle wheel
Cold forming flat-rolled high-strength steel blanks into structural members
Titanium fiber and method of producing the same
Energetic plasticizers containing 3,3-bis(difluoroamino)-1,5-dinitratopentane and method of preparation
High speed continuous conveyor printer/applicator
Method and an apparatus for producing packaging containers for liquid foods, as well as packaging containers
Method of applying a label to a container having a curved portion
Lenticular lens sheet with both a base sheet having lenticular elements and a surface diffusing part having elements of elementary shape smaller than lenticular elements
Phase control method and system for corrugated fiberboard sheet comprising a plurality of core paper layers
Method for producing hanging soap bars
Method and apparatus for making fiber optic couplers
Abrasion resistant laminate and process for producing same
Temporary pressure-sensitive adhesive
Method for attaching a micromechanical device to a manifold, and fluid control system produced thereby
Heat-activatable polyurethane/urea adhesive in aqueous dispersion
Method for pulping sawdust
Hydraulic vessel system having a downwardly feeding separator
Feeding comminuted fibrous material
Method of bleaching pulp without using chlorine chemicals in a (QP)Z bleaching sequence
Method of delignifying sulphite pulp with oxygen and borohydride
Alkaline paper surface sizing agents, method of use and surface sized paper
Press section and method of using the same
Paper-making machine with an air press belt run
Apparatus for transferring a fast running fibrous web from a first location to a second location
Shoe press belt with chemically bonded inner oil layer
Constituent separation system
Disposable and recyclable intermediates for use in electrostatic coating processes
Spin tunnel magneto-resistance effect type magnetic sensor and production method thereof
Method of producing a cathode-ray tube and apparatus therefor
Mask for sputtering
Parallel action holding clamp for electroplating articles
Nanoelectrode arrays
Solid electrolyte type carbon dioxide gas sensor element
Gas sensor and apparatus for measuring combustible gas component concentration using the same
Energy and weight efficient flow-through capacitor, system and method
Electrophoresis analysis apparatus and sample vessel used therefor
Method of growth of branched carbon nanotubes and devices produced from the branched nanotubes
Palladium colloid solution and its utilization
Method for making composites
Apparatus and method for electrolytic treatment
Steel strip descaling apparatus and a steel strip manufacturing apparatus using the descaling apparatus
Method and device for transferring spin-polarized charge carriers
Method and system of preventing corrosion of conductive structures
Waste water treatment method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic analysis
Raffinate hydroconversion process
Catalyst support, catalyst, reactor for hydrogenation reaction, and catalytic reaction method
Process for sulphurization of hydrotreating catalysts
Method for catalytic removal of metal compounds from heavy oils
Filter device for cleaning plastics melts
Bioreactor for acid mine drainage control
Reactor vessel for removing contaminants from dredge material in an underwater environment
Liquid treatment apparatus
Liquid treatment apparatus
Magnetic separator apparatus
Method and apparatus for increasing chemical-mechanical-polishing selectivity
Polishing pads and methods relating thereto
Method for finishing edges of glass sheets
Chemical-mechanical polishing slurry that reduces wafer defects and polishing system
Use of zeta potential during chemical mechanical polishing for end point detection
Belt borer
Device for sanding a drywall corner
Rounded surface for the pad conditioner using high temperature brazing
Coated silicon nitride based cutting tools
Twister mechanism for a sausage making machine
Ventilation assembly
Harvesting machine with side access openings and cover panels
Rotor assembly for a combine
Method for executing knock-away stacked-block game, game machine using the method, and recording medium provided with the same
Conditional lottery system
Video game apparatus and method with enhanced virtual camera control
Operation controlling device and video processing system used therewith
Controller for game machine
Game machine
Method for forecasting ranking of racing contests
Shaft coupling alignment device
Precompressed, radially soft drive coupling
Universal joint assembly for coupling together a first and a second shaft
Bowling alley management system
Winter golf driving range
Aquatic golf swing training device and method for enhancing golf swing memory and strength
Four faceted sole plate for a golf club head
Golf ball with soft core
Multi-layer golf ball
Broom ball stick
Hydraulically-operated bicycle shifting system with power shifting
Random engagement roller chain sprocket with staged meshing and flank relief to provide improved noise characteristics
Silent chain
Coupling device between left and right wheels of vehicle
Helical gear differential with geared lube pump
Limited slip differential
Bicycle hub transmission with a mechanism for stopping rotation of one or more sun gears relative to another member
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Throttle valve control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Shift control system and method for automatic transmission when shifting into drive after reverse
Automated transmission upshift control
System for controlling a clutch and/or a motor of a vehicle
Foldable jogging machine having a trotting platform that can be erected
Clamping cushioning mechanism for an exercise apparatus
Martial arts training device
Tool transfer device for machine tools
Robot vehicle for hot-line job
Platelet collection system
Centrifugal separator casing with reduced separated product discharge velocity
Water-based fluororubber coating composition
Method and apparatus for treatment of sediment
Acceleration protection suit
Mountable transducer assembly with removable sleeve
Concepts to implement medconnect
DIV: ultrasonic camera
Method and apparatus for target position verification
Ultrasound imaging system
Rotator for ultrasound probe
Device and method for measuring pulsus paradoxus
Method and apparatus for continuous cardiac output monitoring
Portable differential thermal biofeedback device
Bi-level charge pulse apparatus to facilitate nerve location during peripheral nerve block procedures
Methods for analyzing eye
Guidewire having substantially nickel-free high-nitrogen austenitic stainless steel alloy
Strength measuring device for the measurement of muscle strength of singular muscle groups of an individual
Glove for making goniometric measures
Method and apparatus for therapeutic treatment of skin
Device for producing continuous passive motion
Chest compression apparatus for cardiac arrest
Orthesis for immobilizing thumb base joint
Hinge appliance for minimizing knee injuries
Dialysis apparatus for independently controlling the concentration of at least two ionic substances inside a patient''s body
Self-contained, transportable blood processsing device
Internal by-pass shunt apparatus for the inferior vena cava
Low profile catheter valve and inflation adaptor
Low profile catheter valve and inflation adaptor
Balloon catheter
Inflatable member formed of liquid crystal polymeric material blend
Puncturing device
Medical valve with fluid escape space
Process for bleaching chemically tanned skin and discolored nails
Mirrored eye drop target and method therefor
Sputum trap manifold with nested caps
Absorbent article having increased front portion stiffness
Absorbent article with multiple zone structural elastic-like film web extensible waist feature
Treatment of wound or joint for relief of pain and promotion of healing
Device and method for sealing puncture wounds
Soft tip catheter
Method of using a cordless medical laser to cure composites
Ophthalmic surgical laser and method
Laser treatment apparatus
Laser handpiece
Replaceable accessory cord and handswitch
Microwave ablation instrument with insertion probe
Ablation catheter and method for isolating a pulmonary vein
Vacuum-assisted systems and methods for treating sphincters and adjoining tissue regions
Electrosurgical instrument
Electro-cautery catheter
Instrument for severing tissue with HF current
Spinal fixation element
Method and apparatus for mandibular osteosynthesis
Method for fixing a graft in a bone tunnel
Shape memory alloy staple
Materials collection system and uses thereof
Variable strength sheath
Robotic system, docking station, and surgical tool for collaborative control in minimally invasive surgery
Speedband intubation plug
Foam buttress for stapling apparatus
Blades with functional balance asymmetries for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments
Trocar system having expandable port
Method and apparatus for stabilizing vascular wall
Catheter support for stent delivery
Arrangement for determining the relative angular orientation between a first machine element and a second machine element
Device for handling objects
Method and device for removing printed products from a conveying stream and for stacking the removed printed products
Ceramic turbine airfoils with cooled trailing edge blocks
Sealed drain for rotating case pumps
High recovery multi-use bleed
Turbine diaphragm support system
Axial flow fan for air conditioner
Variable capacity swash plate type compressor having pressure relief valve
Piston having anti-rotation for swashplate compressor
Suction arrangement in a reciprocating hermetic compressor
Manual air pump having selectable high pressure and high volume modes
Automotive vacuum pump
Charged cooled rotary engine
Plastic gear pump housing
Apparatus to control the dispersion and deposition of chopped fibrous strands
Apparatus for filling a gap between spaced layers of a semiconductor
Process and apparatus for effecting injection-molded-in foil decoration
Apparatus and method for forming densified, carbon-carbon composites
Compression molding machine for powder material
Apparatus for precise molding and alignment of structures on a substrate using a stretchable mold
Non-aqueous secondary cell
Vibration applying apparatus for an injection molding machine
Molding die for molding a component of magnetic tape cartridge
Mold element retaining and releasing mechanism
Injection molding system
Pulsating combustion unit with interior having constant cross-section
Child-resistant utility lighter incorporating a cam mechanism and a lever spring lock
Fuel lance for spraying liquid and/or gaseous fuels into a combustion chamber
Gas burner with multiple gas rings
Method of reducing volatile pollutants in the exhaust gases from a heat exchanger system
Furnace observation apparatus
Orthodontic bracket and latch assembly
Dental light curing and diagnosing device
Devices and methods for continuous contact air abrasion dentistry
Dental separator and matrix stabilizing device
Interdental brush
Method and apparatus for performing ridge preservation and implant treatment
Temporary implant components, system and method
Dental crown
Foreign language learning device and method
Remote certification of workers for multiple worksites
Computer-aided learning method and systems matching students with instructors
Connection structure for power supply to vehicle door
Panel for plug-in protectors
Circuit connection structure for electric connection box and circuit forming method
Passive midplane for coupling web server processing cards with a network interface(s)
Card reader
Electrical assembly for coupling two circuit members
I/O connector for a portable communications device
Electrical junction box having a bus bar
Electric junction box
Electrical connection box
Press-in contact
High density connector and method of manufacture
Lighting rail for lighting objects to be exposed to view
Power plug assembly having a plug that is lifted up when plugged into an outlet
Electrical plug connector
Electrical connector assembly with complementary lever assist and terminal delay
Device for releasably mounting an electronic component
Modular communication cabling arrangement
Light emitting device, socket device and lighting device
Connector mounting construction, a connector and a holder therefor
Terminal connecting apparatus for storage device
Quick connect device for mounting a suspended electrical fixture
Electrical connector for a PGA package
Lock structure for locking male and female connector housings together
Contact element for connecting a ribbon cable with circular conductors and rotary connector with such contact element
Insulation-displacement terminal fitting and production method therefor
Electrical connector for solderless connection to edge card connector, and dual connector-printed circuit board assembly
Low crosstalk communication connector
Waterproof connector
Apparatus for testing IC chips using a sliding springy mechanism which exerts a nearly constant force apparatus
Half-fitting prevention connector
Shielded microelectronic connector with indicators and method of manufacturing
Power adapter with cable storage device
Watthour meter socket adapter with safety shield
Modular connector fitting structure
Lamp socket
Electrical connector sealing system
Waterproof connector
Enclosure for spliced cable having strain relief ferrule
Electrical connector with internal shield and filter
Electric plug for an extension cable
Card edge connector for a modular jack
Electrical-connector insulating cover having a hinged access cover
Gas etchant composition and method for simultaneously etching silicon oxide and polysilicon, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Cable clamping device
Electrical clamp connector
Receptacle terminal and forming method of the same
Female contact for an electrical connector
Cable connector and contacts for cable connector
Collapsible electrical leads for engaging a substrate
Trolling system for water crafts
Trolling motor steering control
Trolling motor system
Tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Overheat indicator for strut bearing and stern tube bearing
Spinning hat pyrotechnic entertainment product
Toy top with message display and associated method of initiating and synchronizing the display
Packaged toy
Toy and storage play set
Contact activated sound and light generating novelty food containers
Flexible joint construction toy
Heated stuffed animal
Piezo-actuated CMP carrier
CNC machine tools
Cleaning method and polishing apparatus employing such cleaning method
Lapping apparatus and lapping method
Eyeglass-frame-shape measuring device and eyeglass-lens processing apparatus having the same
Oscillating abrasive cleaning machine
Method and device for determining the quantity of product present in a reservoir, a product reservoir and a device for processing electrical signals intended for such a determination device
Printing device with print density changing function
Ink jet recording apparatus, electronic apparatus using the same and change control method therefor
Ink jet printer and method capable of forming a plurality of registration marks on a receiver and sensing the marks formed thereby
Method and apparatus for pen temperature control in a thermal printer
Method and apparatus for correcting printhead, printhead corrected by this apparatus, and printing apparatus using this printhead
Electrode for light-emitting semiconductor devices and method of producing the electrode
Method of purifying a primary color generated by an OED
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal device
Method of crystallizing an amorphous film
Topographical electrostatic protection grid for sensors
Sensor and method of fabrication
Process for manufacturing integrated semiconductor devices comprising a chemoresistive gas microsensor
High speed CMOS imager with motion artifact supression and anti-blooming
Use of silicon oxynitride ARC for metal layers
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Long wire IC package fabrication method
Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Reworkable thermoplastic hyper-branched encapsulant
Die paddle clamping method for wire bond enhancement
Mounting structure of electronic parts and mounting method of electronic parts
Apparatus for packaging semiconductor device and method for packaging the same
Solderless flip-chip assembly and method and material for same
Semiconductor package with heat sink and method of fabrication
Resin sealed semiconductor device including a die pad uniformly having heat conducting paths and circulating holes for fluid resin
Method of making a cavity ball grid array apparatus
Method and apparatus for fabricating electronic device
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor
Method of creating selectively thin silicon/oxide for making fully and partially depleted SOI on same waffer
Process for fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and process for producing same
Semiconductor processing method of fabricating field effect transistors
Method of making salicidation of source and drain regions with metal gate MOSFET
Method for fabricating MOS transistor having dual gate
Method for fabricating semiconductor device including MIS and bipolar transistors
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Method of producing a laser trimmable thin film resistor in an integrated circuit
Method of fabricating static random access memory with spacers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having thin film capacitor
Method of manufacturing a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Gate prespacers for high density, high performance DRAMs
Method of fabricating a deep trench capacitor
Method for fabricating epitaxy layer
Method of fabricating a flash memory cell
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Device with embedded flash and EEPROM memories
Method of manufacturing an EPROM memory device having memory cells organized in a tablecloth matrix
Method of forming non-volatile semiconductor memory
Method of fabricating a MONOS flash cell using shallow trench isolation
Method of fabricating self-aligned multilevel mask ROM
Methods of forming integrated circuit memory devices using masking layers to inhibit overetching of impurity regions and conductive lines
Asymmetric MOS technology power device
Method for forming self-aligned elevated transistor
Method of fabricating a field effect transistor with trapezoidal shaped gate dielectric and/or gate electrode
Method for improving performance and reliability of MOS technologies and data retention characteristics of flash memory cells
DRAM cell with vertical CMOS transistor
Method for forming a capacitor in dram
Methods of forming recessed hemispherical grain silicon capacitor structures
Method of protecting an alignment mark when manufacturing a semiconductor device
Process for producing semiconductor article
Thin film semiconductor and method for making thin film semiconductor
Integrated circuit isolation
Method of forming trench isolation in a semiconductor device and structure formed thereby
Trench-diffusion corner rounding in a shallow-trench (STI) process
Semiconductor device and production thereof
Simultaneous multiple silicon on insulator (SOI) wafer production
Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon layer
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
CMOS compatible SOI process
Method of forming a silicide layer using a pre-amorphization implant which is blocked from source/drain regions by a layer of photoresist
Low resistance self aligned extended gate structure utilizing A T or Y shaped gate structure for high performance deep submicron FET
Fabrication of a wide metal silicide on a narrow polysilicon gate structure
Semiconductor component and manufacturing method for semiconductor component
Formation of recessed polysilicon plugs using chemical-mechanical-polishing (CMP) and selective oxidation
Method of fabricating an ohmic metal electrode for use in nitride compound semiconductor devices
Method and structure for improved alignment tolerance in multiple, singulated plugs and interconnection
Method of forming dual damascene structure with improved contact/via edge integrity
Method of making a tungsten nitride barrier layer with improved adhesion and stability using a silicon layer
Substantially planar semiconductor topography using dielectrics and chemical mechanical polish
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Dual damascene patterned conductor layer formation method
Method for forming a dual inlaid copper interconnect structure
Process for the anisotropic etching of an organic dielectric polymer material by a plasma gas and application in microelectronics
Copper electroless deposition on a titanium-containing surface
Method of manufacturing amorphous silicon based thin film photoelectric conversion device
Ceria removal in chemical-mechanical polishing of integrated circuits
Method of forming copper dual damascene structure
Plasma pretreatment of photoresist in an oxide etch process
Method for manufacturing semiconductor storage element
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method and system for providing shallow trench profile shaping through spacer and etching
Microstructure producing method capable of controlling growth position of minute particle or thin and semiconductor device employing the microstructure
Contact hole of semiconductor and its forming method
Method and apparatus for partial drain during a nitride strip process step
Integrated inductor with filled etch
Low temperature rapid ramping anneal method for fabricating layered superlattice materials and making electronic devices including same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method for fabricating metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET)
Process for producing semiconductor devices including an insulating layer with an impurity
Method for coating ultra-thin resist films
Method for forming oxide layer on conductor plug of trench structure
Methods of forming a layer of silicon nitride in semiconductor fabrication processes
Method for depositing a silicon nitride layer
Fabric for ink-jet recording
Ultraviolet and infrared radiation absorbing glass
Method for fabricating silicon oxynitride
Surface functionalized mesoporous material and method of making same
Process for preparing MeO-Peg-protected dihydroquinine or dihydroquinidine derivatives, new dihydroquinine or dihydroquinidine derivatives and their use
Solid acid catalyst and process for preparing the same
Highly dispersed substantially uniform mixed-metal-oxide composite supports for exhaust conversion catalysts
Thermo-sensitive printing sheet comprising a back coating containing starch, an acrylate copolymer and an alkaline catalyst
Substantially light-insensitive black and white thermographic recording material with improved stability to direct sunlight
Decolorable material and method for decoloring the same
Pyrazolyldioxothiochromanoyl derivatives
Method of forming a superconductor
Ligand-mediated immunofunctional hormone binding protein assay method
Engineering affinity ligands for macromolecules
Method of identifying compounds having antiepileptic anticonvulsant or anxiolytic activities
Recombinant fluorescent protein microsphere calibration standard
SH3-containing proteins
Receptors for immune complexes
Microprocessors for use in a device for predicting physiological values
Rapid motor for cancer diagnosis
Assays and peptide substrate for determining aggrecan degrading metallo protease activity
Method for the direct diagnostic detection of genetically caused pathogenic point mutations
Methods for determining deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate synthase activity
Recombinant BHLH-PAS/JHR polypeptide and its use to screen potential insecticides
Chimeric DNA-binding proteins
TktA from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Brain specific potassium channel protein
Polynucleotide compositions encoding Cry1Ac/Cry1F chimeric O-endotoxins
Prokaryotic polynucleotides, polypeptides and their uses
Hepatitis C E1 and E2 truncated polypeptides and methods of obtaining the same
Electronically mediated nucleic acid amplification in NASBA
Enzymatic DNA molecules
Methods and compositions for producing full length cDNA libraries
Aldol condensations by catalytic antibodies
Method and apparatus for intracellular electro-manipulation
Method for synthesizing a composite of a conductive macromolecule and a protein
Catalytic antibodies and a method of producing same
Isolated human enzyme, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme, and uses thereof
Cell volume-regulated human kinase h-sgk
Isolated human lipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human lipase proteins, and uses thereof
Chromatographically concentrated baculovirus and methods
Method of producing a composite fermented beverage using genetically modified yeast strains
Method for decontaminating yeast
Continuous-multi-step dilution process and apparatus, for the removal of cryoprotectants from cryopreserved tissues
Nucleic acid separating vessel, a method of manufacturing the nucleic acid separating vessel, and a method for separating the nucleic acid
Biofilm assay
Fluidized radial flow bioreactor utilizing pellet media
Vector for gene transfer into plant allowing optional deletion of marker gene
Insect control agent
Method for providing cell growth
Recombinant retroviral vector
Nitrate reductase-transfected HeLa cells for cancer and microwave bioeffects research
Platelet suspensions and methods for resuspending platelets
Methods and compositions for the ex vivo replication of stem cells, for the optimization of hematopoietic progenitor cell cultures, and for increasing the metabolism, GM-CSF secretion and/or IL-6 secretion of human stromal cells
Gapped 2'' modified oligonucleotides
Isolated nona-and decapeptides which bind to HLA molecules, and the use thereof
Stable high ginsenoside-yielding callus line of Panax quinquefolium (American ginseng) and a method for developing such stable high ginsenoside-yielding callus line
Method and apparatus for growing cells using gas or liquid aphrons
Evolution of whole cells and organisms by recursive sequence recombination
Methods for use of Mpl ligands with primitive human stem cells
In vivo recombination
Human sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporter
Assay for total and direct bilirubin
Measurement and quantification of 17 ketosteroid-sulfates as a biomarker of biological age
Method of making and connecting a miniaturized integrated sensor
Method of manipulating a gas bubble in a microfluidic device
Membrane dispensing head apparatus and method for dispensing liquid
Acoustic standing-wave enhancement of a fiber-optic Salmonella biosensor
Immunity testing device
Molecular wire injection sensors
Human Necessities
Method for reducing amino acid biosynthesis inhibiting effects of a sulfonyl-urea based compound
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method to remediate soil using a surfactant of an alkenylsuccinic anhydride or acid reacted an amine acid or salt of an amine acid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Pancreatic progenitor cells, methods and uses related thereto
Process for producing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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