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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal control apparatus with ultrasonic link
Direct method for the correction of pressure induced scrambling of polarized fluorescence intensities
Character provision service system, information processing apparatus, controlling method therefor, and recording medium
Performing Operations; Transporting
Effects processor for effects module
Car alarm with automatic dialer
Self-adjusting alarm system
Hinge assembly for deploying the petals of a sectored mirror of an optical space telescope
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing an optical fiber having coatings of distinct kinds
Fixed Constructions
Electronic control device for controlling electric units of motor vehicle doors which have different equipment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gimbal-mounted hydroelectric turbine
Motor bearing for submersible motors
Method and apparatus for combining light paths of multiple colored light sources through a common integration tunnel
Color-changing and multi-colored electroluminescent cable
Reflection type liquid-crystal display apparatus
Display device comprising a light guide
System and method for measuring properties of an object using a phase difference between two reflected light signals
Imaging for a machine-vision system
Interferometric servo control system for stage metrology
Photoelectric current and voltage converting circuit
Miniaturized spectrometer
A/D conversion circuit, temperature-sensor circuit, integrated circuit, and method of adjusting the temperature-sensor circuit
MEMS based charged particle deflector design
Integrated circuit defect analysis using liquid crystal
Apparatus and method for testing optical transceivers
Tunable cross-coupling evanescent mode optical devices and methods of making the same
Integrated particles sensor formed on single substrate using fringes formed by diffractive elements
Fluorescence reader wherein uniform fluorescence measurement is accomplished regardless of the state of the measurement object
Devices for characterizing a multiphase fluid having a continuous conductive phase
Flexible probe for measuring moisture content in soil
Analog-to-digital converter for programmable logic
Sensing apparatus for blown fuse of rectifying wheel and associated methods
Disconnection detection apparatus
Tester architecture for testing semiconductor integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for remotely deriving the velocity vector of an in-flight ballistic projectile
Radar device for detecting a distance and relative speed of an object
High magnification, four-group zoom lens
Broad spectrum ultraviolet inspection systems employing catadioptric imaging
Method for operating a laser scanning confocal microscope system and a system thereof
Apparatus for facilitating viewing by human eye
Device for displaying images by projection, comprising dichroic filters with a gradient
Display device and design method for display device
Network structure using high dispersion volume holography
Epitaxial growth for waveguide tapering
Compact optical delay lines
Bi-stable magnetic latch
Structure of a lens barrel
Lens moving mechanism for an imaging device and method thereof
Light driven, integrated optical device
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Display device of reduced size including a point light source provided at an end of a display area
Liquid crystal display device having an improved backlight
Semiconductor-based optical switch architecture
Resonant fabry-perot semiconductor saturable absorbers and two photon absorption power limiters
Light energy detecting apparatus for exposure condition control in semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Ordered sets printing with automatic dual trays sheet feeding
Image forming apparatus, developing unit and storage medium
Dual airflow environmental module to provide balanced and thermodynamically adjusted airflows for a device
Integrated reading and writing of a hologram with a rotated reference beam polarization
Base current compensation for a bipolar transistor current mirror circuit
Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
Control system and units removably attachable to the same
Integrated customer web station for web based call management
Method and apparatus for morphing memory compressed machines
Facsimile transmission over packet networks with delivery notification
Touch panel inspection device
Method, apparatus and system for a secondary personal computer display
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
System and method of signal processing for use in reading data
Methods and apparatuses for handwriting recognition
Shape-intrinsic watermarks for 3-D solids
Method of embedding color information in printed documents using watermarking
Method and apparatus for selecting a reconstruction projection set
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image output apparatus and storage medium
Method to compute the medial axis/surface of a three-dimensional object
Differential visualization of countoured surfaces
Methods for improving contrast based dynamic range management
Image encoder and image decoder
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional wavelet transform
Precise bit control apparatus with look-ahead for MPEG encoding
Terminal and method for transporting still picture
System and method for robust video coding using progressive fine-granularity scalable (PFGS) coding
Fire detection algorithm
Bathtub water level monitoring system
Multiple-screen simultaneous displaying apparatus, multi-screen simultaneous displaying method, video signal generating device, and recorded medium
Field emission display having carbon-based emitters
Error diffusion method and apparatus thereof for display system
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Apparatus for switching output voltage signals
Drum head securement device
Musical performance data search system
Apparatus and method for providing real-play sounds of musical instruments
Magnetic tape apparatus with capstan motor configuration
Information recording apparatus and method for recording information on recording medium
Signal processing circuit and method for extracting superimposed signal with accuracy
Head position demodulating method and disk apparatus
Flexible BPI and TPI selection in disk drives
Precise positioning actuator for head element, head gimbal assembly with the actuator, disk drive apparatus with the head gimbal assembly and manufacturing method of head gimbal assembly
Fractional-rate feedforward RRO compensator
Digital servo system with error signal integrity testing
Information recording medium, information recording method and information recording apparatus
Optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Apparatus for detecting abnormal states of laser dioxide power in an optical disk recording/reproducing device
Optical device and optical sensor
Multilayer phase-change type optical disc capable of recording and reproducing information at high transfer rate
Magnetic memory element and memory device including same
Method to manufacture polymer memory with copper ion switching species
Magneto-resistance effect element, magnetic memory and magnetic head
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for saving current in a memory device
Method of writing to a multi-state magnetic random access memory cell
Associative memory, method for searching the same, network device, and network system
Programmable fuse and antifuse and method thereof
Write pointer error recovery
Voltage control circuit for high voltage supply
Semiconductor memory device including fuse element
Random access memory with optional inaccessible memory cells
Solid electrolytic capacitor and a fabrication method therefor
Keypad backlighting of mobile terminal
Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
Hot electron emission array for e-beam photolithography and display screens
Method and apparatus for selective pre-dispersion of extracted ion beams in ion implantation systems
Compact fluorescent lamp, self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and luminaire
Multilayered dual bit memory device with improved write/erase characteristics and method of manufacturing
Field effect transistor structure with self-aligned raised source/drain extensions
Semiconductor device
Flip-chip image sensor packages
Semiconductor device having multi-layer oxygen barrier pattern
Color filter with resist material in scribe lines
Underfill for maximum flip chip package reliability
Semiconductor package with heat sink
Heat sink with fins and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic component with flexible bonding pads and method of producing such a component
Diode junction poly fuse
Semiconductor light emitting device with stacked light emitting elements
Image pickup apparatus
Systems and methods for fabricating an electro-optical device used for image sensing
Structure and method for latchup suppression utilizing trench and masked sub-collector implantation
Directional coupler using non-radiative dielectric waveguide
Multiband radially distributed phased array antenna with a stepped ground plane and associated methods
Coaxial inductor and dipole EH antenna
Dipole antenna
Means of suppression of non-Bragg side modes
Integrated circuit and method for controlling a power supply thereof
Universal battery charger for cellular telephones and other battery operated devices
Magnetic motor
Switching power supply controller and switching power supply
Synchronous rectification for low voltage motor drive
Vector control of an induction motor
Driving circuit for a DC brushless fan motor
Method of controlling a physical variable in an electronically commutated motor, and motor for carrying out said method
Double balanced FET mixer with high IP3 and IF response down to DC levels
MOSFET well biasing scheme that mitigates body effect
Pulse width modulation amplifier
Transmission output correcting apparatus
Transmission system, receiver, circuit, and method for removing interference components in a signal
Method for selection of a receiver tuning frequency
Reference voltage detector for power-on sequence in a memory
Electrically insulated switching element drive circuit
Multi-device system and method for controlling voltage peaking of an output signal transmitted between integrated circuit devices
Differential input buffers with elevated power supplies
High-voltage input tolerant receiver
Apparatus and method for low power routing of signals in a Low Voltage Differential Signaling system
Static storage element for dynamic logic
System and method for creating a limited duration clock divider reset
Systems and methods for multi-channel analog to digital conversion
Error feedback structure for delta-sigma modulators with improved stability
Radio receiver having a variable bandwidth IF filter and method therefor
Receiver and method of receiving a desired signal
Linear minimum mean square error equalization with interference cancellation for mobile communication forward links utilizing orthogonal codes covered by long pseudorandom spreading codes
Satellite receiving converter and satellite receiving system
Power control protocol for highly variable data rate reverse link of a wireless communication system
Method for handoff of medium rate data call in mobile communication system
Automotive radio with live rewind on plural channels
System and method for encoding DSL information streams having differing latencies
Turbo decoder with circular redundancy code signature comparison
Transmission rate matching apparatus and method for next generation mobile communication system
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Multi-function high-speed network interface
System for managing community ethernet switch and apparatus thereof
Bandwidth management and connection admission control in a network
Call record management for high capacity switched virtual circuits
Crossbar subsystem and method
Hand portable monitoring device for monitoring personnel presence at a location
Method and apparatus to combine heterogeneous hardware interfaces for next generation packet voice module devices
Switching devices
Data transfer method, data transfer system, data transfer controller, and program recording medium
Optical packet exchange system and optical switch
Fast transmitter based on table lookup
Technique to simultaneously distribute clock signals and data on integrated circuits, interposers, and circuit boards
Powerline data communication
Method and apparatus for mobile platform reception and synchronization in direct digital satellite broadcast system
Reception apparatus
Restoration management system and method in a MPLS network
Clock and data recovery circuit
Extended key preparing apparatus, extended key preparing method, recording medium and computer program
Method and apparatus for minimizing the telephony ring voltage power supply requirements of an integrated services hub
Tone generator apparatus sharing parameters among channels
Method and system of controlling promotional call-ins
Apparatus and method for packet-based media communications
Management system and method, and data processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method to reduce gray levels of image
Methods and systems for providing halftone screens
Method, processor and program for error diffusion modified with AM-FM sine wave
High impedance digital full line video clamp
Shock mounting system for CCD camera
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for authenticating an hierarchy of video receiving devices
Electronic endoscope for highlighting blood vessel
Apparatus and method for partitioning moving picture data
Wireless link for car diagnostics
Surround-sound processing system
Capacitor strobe charging device utilizing current detection to determine malfunction, and strobe and camera using same
Microwave oven having a projection door which extends a cooking chamber of the microwave oven
Electromagnetic radiation generation using a laser produced plasma
Method and apparatus for rejecting common mode signals on a printed circuit board and method for making same
Hybrid integrated circuit device
Handling system for use with a blade in a blade server system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Pulse oximeter probe
Internal monitoring and behavior control system
Ambulatory recorder having a real time and non-real time processors
Headset for EEG measurements
Methods for distracting, imaging, and evaluating hip joint laxity
Implantable device with a charging current feed arrangement which has a receiving coil
Device for the intraocular transfer of active products by iontophoresis
Multi-feature automated wheelchair
Resetting ERI/POR/PIR/indicators in implantable medical devices
Self-calibrating adaptive-rate cardiac pacemaker
Stimulation lead connector
Method and apparatus for improving the probability of success of defibrillation shocks
Multilingual defibrillator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Distributed architecture
Method and apparatus for estimating applied wheel torque in a motor vehicle
Integrated transmission and multiple speed axle shifting apparatus
Supplemental restraint deployment method providing rough road immunity
Control system for apparatus for protecting head portion of vehicle occupant
Resource scheduler for scheduling railway train resources
Automatic steering device for vehicles
Steering control system for controlling torque steer
Orienting a satellite with controlled momentum gyros
Spacecraft yaw pointing for inclined orbits
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Computer logic for fluorescence genotyping at multiple allelic sites
Fixed Constructions
Gritting systems and methods
Control apparatus and method for motor vehicle parking system
Method for correcting well log data for effects of changes in instrument velocity cable yo-yo
System for attenuating high order free surface multiples from a seismic shot record using a genetic procedure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and arrangement for controlling a vehicle
Method and device for controlling the drive train of a motor vehicle
Method for controlling a coordinate measuring in accordance with desired data
Multimedia computer equipment for automatic transmission of multimedia entertainment programs
Control for vehicle navigational system
Method of processing and correcting spectral data in two-dimensional representation
Apparatus and method for kinetic analysis of the intraoperative assay for parathyroid hormone
Method and apparatus for searching electromagnetic disturbing source and non-contact voltage probe apparatus therefor
Modified cosine filters
Test procedure and test station for carrying out the test procedure
Integrated circuit tester with real time branching
Self-checking circuit in microwave equipment
Method for using wafer navigation to reduce testing times of integrated circuit wafers
Method for determining the load capacity of an AC network
Automatic aircraft landing
Disposition tool for factory process control
Control systems and methods utilizing object oriented hardware elements
Asynchronous distributed-object building automation system with support for synchronous object execution
Bus isolator for industrial control system providing intrinsically safe operation
Low voltage industrial control system providing intrinsically safe operation
Template language for industrial controller programming
System for providing investment advice and management of pension assets
Computer simulation method of impurity with pileup phenomenon
Conversational sentence translation apparatus allowing the user to freely input a sentence to be translated
Document retrieval system
Method for discovering groups of objects having a selectable property from a population of objects
System, method, apparatus and article of manufacture for identity-based caching (#15)
System and method for simulating electronic circuits
Logic simulation system and method
Method, apparatus and computer program product for simulating diffusion of impurities in a semiconductor
System and method for recording patient history data about on-going physician care procedures
System and method for displaying a sorted list by determining sort points in a key field
Entitlement management and access control system
Belief networks with decision graphs
Computer assisted and/or implemented process and architecture for simulating, determining and/or ranking and/or indexing effective corporate governance using complexity theory and agency-based modeling
Visit verification
Apparatus, method and system for distributed and automatic inventory, status and database creation and control for remote communication sites
Intellectual property (IP) computer-implemented audit system optionally over network architecture, and computer program product for same
Methods and apparatus for disseminating product information via the internet using universal product codes
Facility-based financing system
Method of reporting merchant information to banks
Postage metering system having currency compatibility security feature
Postage printing system having variable subsidies for printing of third party messages
Data carrier system
Method and device for detecting voice activity
Method and apparatus for a speech recognition system language model that integrates a finite state grammar probability and an N-gram probability
Virtual reality 3D interface system for data creation, viewing and editing
Transmitting on the downlink using one or more weight vectors determined to achieve a desired radiation pattern
Dual band cellular phone with two power amplifiers and power control circuit therefore
Portable telephone communications system
Radio telephone proximity detector
Energy based pulse position detector for telephone wire networks
Wireless communications assembly with variable audio characteristics based on ambient acoustic environment
Callee-based telephone line preselection
Providing voice dialing service for wireless roamers
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew