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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Herbicide-resistant sunflower plants, polynucleotides encoding herbicide-resistant acetohydroxyacid synthase large subunit proteins, and methods of use
Antimicrobial peptides and methods of use
Modification of plant lignin content
Pesticide for insect control
Long-acting follicle stimulating hormone analogues and uses thereof
Methods and materials for pain management
Compositions and methods for treatment of mitochondrial diseases
Separate type medical material
Methods and compositions for cancer therapy
Dimeric pyrrolidine amide-containing small molecule apoptosis promoters
Silver ion releasing articles and methods of manufacture
Absorbent article with tension-dividing side panels
Oxy substituted chalcones as antihyperglycemic and antidyslipidemic agents
Organic compounds
Substituted N-arylpyrrolidines as selective androgen receptor modulators
Metabotropic glutamate-receptor-potentiating isoindolones
Substituted thiophene carboxylic amide glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses
Isoxazole and isothiazole compounds useful in the treatment of inflammation
Caspase inhibitors and uses thereof
Oligonucleotide analog and method for treating flavivirus infections
Nucleotide mimics and their prodrugs
Pharmaceutical applications of hyaluronic acid preparations
Targeting of Notch3 receptor function for cancer therapy
Use of pentagastrin to inhibit gastric acid secretion or as a diuretic
Use of bradykinin and related B.sub.2R agonists to treat ocular hypertension and glaucoma
Methods and reagents for treating glucose metabolic disorders
Methods for preventing and treating local tracheal, bronchial or alveolar bleeding or hemoptysis
Anti-invasive and anti-angiogenic compositions
Increased T-cell tumor infiltration by mutant LIGHT
Method for generating music with a website or software plug-in using seed parameter values
Performing Operations; Transporting
Colloidal dispersion of calcium phosphate tablets and method of obtaining the same
Method of producing molding die for use in producing a ceramic honeycomb structure body
Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method
Cored welding electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Indicator processor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Coloration agent for use in ceramic articles and a color developing clay using the same
Autothermal cracking process and reactor
Olanzapine analogs and methods of use thereof
Procedure for preparing 11-(4-[2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)ethyl]-1-piperazineyl)-dibenzo[b,f] [1,4]thiazepine
TGF-.beta. gene expression inhibitor
Resistance-repellent retroviral protease inhibitors
Spiro-containing compounds and compositions as modulators of steroid hormone nuclear receptors
Anti-inflammatory compounds
Mediator-modified redox biomolecules for use in electrochemical determination of analyte
Methods for purifying nucleic acids
Melanoma antigens and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic methods
siRNA targeting survivin
Enzymatic nucleic acid molecules
RNA detection assays
Androgen regulated prostate specific nucleic acids
Peptide inhibitors of toxins derived from LL-37
Antibodies to osteoprotegerin binding proteins
Chimeric and humanised monoclonal antibodies against Interleukin-13
ULBP antibodies
Antineoplastic peptides
Apparatus and process for the withdrawal of polymer from a gas-phase polymerization reactor
Functionalized polymers
Phenol-formaldehyde resin having low concentration of tetradimer
Biodegradable polyester resin composition, preparation method therefor, and foamed article and molded article produced therefrom
Aliphatic diol-based polycarbonates, method of making, and articles formed therefrom
Heterocyclic latex copolymer and methods of making and using same
Low friction type anti-fouling paint
Production of (co)surfactants by reacting polyols with olefins
Quaternary surfactant concentrates
Bacteria with increased levels of protein secretion, nucleotide sequences coding for a SecA protein with increased levels of protein secretion, and method for producing proteins
Gene encoding protein involved in cytokinin synthesis
Drought and high light tolerant transgenic plants
Method for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Mobilization of viral genomes from T-DNA using site-specific recombination systems
Transgenic trees exhibiting increased growth, biomass production and xylem fibre length, and methods for their production
Human monoclonal antibodies to epidermal growth factor receptor
Textiles; Paper
Isotropic pitch-based carbon fiber spun yarn, composite yarn and fabric using the same, and manufacturing methods thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power control system and method
Obstruction detection device
Line tracing method and apparatus utilizing non-linear junction detecting locator probe
Method and apparatus for determining an interfering field strength in an aircraft
Test method of microstructure body and micromachine
Apparatus and method for verifying a seal between multiple chambers
Isolated conductive leads extending across to opposite sides of IC
Method and instrument of locally measuring protic solvent content in samples
Probe for NMR measurement
Current switch for high voltage process
Power supply voltage control apparatus
Method and apparatus for a charge pump DC-to-DC converter having parallel operating modes
Method and apparatus of capacitor divider based offline AC-DC converter
Clock distribution circuit
Anti-theft device, particularly for displays that can be placed in points of sale
Interactive clothing system
Theft deterrent tag with resilient attachment
Data transmission method and a RFID reader provided with a coil and a control circuit for field quenching outside of a communication area
Security tag having a swiveling engagement
Occupancy detecting method and system
Transformer systems including standby loss prevention modules
Multi-mode traffic signal bulb assembly
Raster engine with hardware cursor
Keyboard musical instrument and action unit incorporated therein
Musical drum with multiple playing surfaces and a seat for the player
Musical instrument and supporting system incorporated therein for music players
Waveform fetch unit for processing audio files
Bandwidth control for retrieval of reference waveforms in an audio device
Actuator unit, driving device for information recording/reading head, information recording/reading apparatus, and method for driving the actuator unit
Coated conductor and polycrystalline films useful for the production of high temperatures superconductor layers
High-voltage feed-through bushing with internal and external electric field grading elements
Magnetic element
Yoke and manufacturing method thereof
Active control mount magnetic optimization for an engine
Device for mounting a pedal switch to a vehicle
Dual protection device for circuit
Fuel-cell based power generating system having power conditioning apparatus
Electronic device for commutation of electric load controlled by a microcontroller
Electron emitting device and electromagnetic wave generating device using the same
High intensity discharge lamp with terbium halide fill
Method of manufacture and operation
Electron beam lithography apparatus and method for compensating for electron beam misalignment
Current detection circuit
Display device
Magnetoresistive random access memory with improved layout design and process thereof
Substrate, substrate fabrication, semiconductor device, and semiconductor device fabrication
Method of packaging a device having a multi-contact elastomer connector contact area and device thereof
Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Process for production of SOI substrate and process for production of semiconductor device including the selective forming of porous layer
Method of forming metallic oxide films using atomic layer deposition
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Ion implantation and process sequence to form smaller base pick-up
Method for forming silicon oxide film and for manufacturing capacitor and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Wireless chip
Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) tape compositions, light-emitting diode (LED) modules, lighting devices and methods of forming thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Integrated circuit having pads and input/output (I/O) cells
Semiconductor package and production method thereof, and semiconductor device
Network electronic component, semiconductor device incorporating network electronic component, and methods of manufacturing both
I/O ESD protection device for high performance circuits
Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
Robust structure for HVPW Schottky diode
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Light emitting device
Thin film transistor, display device having thin film transistor, and method for manufacturing the same
Synergistcally doped potassium niobate
Thin film conductor and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Ferroelectric polymer memory module
Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Dry etching method and production method of magnetic memory device
Shield plate electrode for semiconductor device
High-frequency oscillator
Semiconductor package including through-hole electrode and light-transmitting substrate
Method for sensing integrated circuit temperature including adjustable gain and offset
Heterogeneous integration of low noise amplifiers with power amplifiers or switches
Stacked piezoelectric element and vibration wave driving apparatus
Field effect transistor and its manufacturing method
Light emitting material and light emitting device
Rotary joint having air bearings for contact free mounting
Dielectric resonator of cruciform shape having offset planes and a filter formed there from
Two-way antenna connector
Multiple-resonance antenna
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Power post
Automatic sensing power systems and methods
Power supply system, multiple dwelling, and computer program
Precision battery pack circuits
Remaining battery charge calculation system in electronic device
Stepping motor and rotor
Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
ESP motor design
Magnetic disk drive with improved vibration characteristics
Motor spindle control system and method
Control apparatus for electric train
Synchronous frequency synthesizer
Jitter generating circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Input buffer with adaptive trip point
Integrated circuit
Driving circuit for capacitive load
Methods and apparatus for improved phase linearity in a multi-phase based clock/timing recovery system
Oscillation driver circuit, oscillation driver device, physical quantity measurement circuit, physical quantity measurement device, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of controlling the same
Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument
System and method for processing signals from multiple input devices
Method and apparatus for generating a seed set in a data dependent seed selector
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
Electrical circuit monitoring device
Methods and apparatus for generating strongly-ionized plasmas with ionizational instabilities
Electrical component on a substrate and method for production thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Composition comprising condensation product of dimer of 2,3-dihydroxynaphthalene and formaldehyde for polymerization
Methods for treating cobalt catalyst in oxidation mixtures resulting from oxidation of hydrocarbons to dibasic acids
Process of producing polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT)
Continuous polyamide extraction process
Continuous process for the manufacture of lactide and lactide polymers
Process of polymerization by opening oxygenated rings, using a catalytic composition based on a grafted metal oxide
Method for extracting polyamide particles
Natural resin formulations
Cyclic CRF agonists
P53 protein variants and therapeutic uses thereof
Immunomodulatory polypeptides derived from the invariant chain of MHC class II
Double-stranded RNA dependent protein kinase derived peptides to promote proliferation of cells and tissues in a controlled manner
Hormone-recombinant toxin compounds and methods for using same
Solid phase native chemical ligation of unprotected or n-terminal cysteine protected peptides in aqueous solution
Megakaryocytic protein tyrosine kinases
Enhancement of accessibility of cellulose by expansins
Immunogenic peptides of prostate specific antigen
Human receptor proteins; related reagents and methods
Pharmaceutical preparations
Reactive black dyes containing acetoxyethyl sulfone moiety
Dry acid-chitosan complexes
Heparin derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Process for modifying glucose repression
Process for the synthesis of oligomeric compounds
Synthetic polymers and methods, kits or compositions for modulating the solubility of same
Antisense reporter system for assaying RNA virus replication
Molecules of the AIP-related protein family and uses thereof
SH2 domain-containing peptides
Compositions and methods based upon the tuberous sclerosis-1 (TSC1) gene and gene product
Nucleic acids encoding regulators of FGF-2 transcription (RFT) and variants thereof
Assay for perkinsus in shellfish
Polynucleotide probes for detection and quantitation of bacteria in the family enterobacteriaceae
3 modified oligonucleotide derivatives
Gene and genetic elements associated with sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs
Surface-bound, bimolecular, double-stranded DNA arrays
Tetraphosphonate bicyclic trisanhydrides
Process to prepare pyrimidine nucleosides
Heterocyclic protease inhibitors
Metallocene compounds, processes for the preparation thereof, catalyst components for olefin polymerization, and processes for the production of olefin polymers
1,7-Diaroxy- or 1,7-arylthio-substituted perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic acids, their dianhydrides and diimides
Process for preparing 8-cyclopentyl-6-ethyl-3-[substituted]-5,8-dihydro-4H-1,2,3a,7,8-pentaaza-a s-indacenes and intermediates useful therein
Process for preparing an intermediate in the production of paroxetine
Process for producing aminomethylated heterocyclic derivative
Process for the synthesis of 5-(2-flurophenyl)-1H-tetrazole
Omega chain modified 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid derivatives and methods of their use for the treatment of dry eye
Imidazole derivatives for blocking the release of arachidonic acid from phospholipids
Methylation of indole compounds using dimethyl carbonate
Method for producing epoxides through olefin oxidation with air or oxygen
16-ENE-vitamin D derivatives
Procedure to extract natural products
Methods, complexes, and system for forming metal-containing films
Method of preparing an organosilicon compound
Therapeutic compounds and methods of use
Purification and recovery of acetonitrile
Process for azole antifungal intermediate
Bi-aromatic compounds, compositions containing them and uses
Polymeric product
Method of producing an optically active .beta.-hydroxy sulfonic acid compound by catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation
Process for producing creatine or creatine-monohydrate
Process for the preparation of ether carboxylic acids with low residual alcohol content
Carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid with removal of impurities from the product
Acetylenic .beta.-sulfonamido and phosphinic acid amide hydroxamic acid TACE inhibitors
Method of producing benzamides
Latent mercaptans as multi-functional additives for halogen-containing polymer compositions
Diallylic sulfides and processes for preparing the same
Optically active compound and method for producing same
Process for the preparation of benzyl alcohol
Process for production of 1,3-di(2-p-hydroxyphenyl-2-propyl)benzene
Process for the dehydrogenation of a hydrocarbon feed stock
Hydrocolloid foam dressing
Absorbent article with free edge portions
Melatonin receptor-deficient mice and uses thereof
Method for altering the nutritional content of plant seed
Wheat aleurone regulatory region
Soybean variety 92B63
Microencapsulated oil field chemicals
Turbine oils with excellent high temperature oxidative stability
Perfluoropolyalkylether lubricant formulation with improved stability
Evaporative n-propyl bromide-based machining fluid formulations
Cleansing system comprising synthetic detergent bar and pouf
Cleaning composition and apparatus for removing biofilm and debris from lines and tubing and method therefor
Low foaming automatic dishwashing compositions
Bleaching compositions
Three-in-one composition for dishwashing machines
Carpet spot removal composition
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition containing a short chain amphiphile disposed in a water soluble container
Stain removing compositions containing particular isolated and pure proteolytic enzymes
Reddish peach colored stable liquid cleaning composition comprising red dye and lactic acid
Detergent compositions containing selected mid-chain branched surfactants
Transferrin receptor subunit proteins of Neisseria meningitidis
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET33 and CryET34 compositions and uses therefor
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
Enhanced circulation effector composition and method
Modulation of apoptosis with bid
Method for the prevention and treatment of cachexia and anorexia
Suppression of neu overexpression using a mini-E1A gene
Bacterial cell complex composition and method of use
Carbohydrate or 2''-modified oligonucleotides having alternating internucleoside linkages
Adenosine A2A receptor agonists as antiinflammatory agents
Bubbling enteric coated preparations
Gangliosides with immunosuppressive activity
(-)-phosphonorisperidone and (-)-sulforisperidone compositions and methods
Methylenebisphosphonic acid derivatives
Use of 5-aminosalicylates as antimicrobial agents
Methods of prevention and treatment of ischemic damage
Hormone replacement therapy
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Aryloxy- and arylthiosubstituted pyrimidines and triazines and derivatives thereof
Bicyclic quinone compounds, their production and use
Use of agonists or antagonists of P2 purinoceptors for the prevention of glutamate-evoked cytotoxicity
Pyrudyl and pyrimidylpiperazine derivatives
Lactam and cyclic urea derivatives useful as alpha 1a adrenoceptor antagonists
JAK-3 inhibitors for treating allergic disorders
Compositions comprising GABA analogs and caffeine
Spiro compounds
Anhydrovinblastine for the treatment of cancer
Substituted hydrochromenopyridines
Use of thiadiazolo[4,3-a]pyridine derivatives
Fused pyridine inhibitors of cGMP phosphodiesterase
Thrombin receptor antagonists
Arylpiperidine and aryl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyidine amide derivates
Heterocyclic-cyclic amine derivatives
Medical use for tachykinin antagonists
Dry blend pharmaceutical unit dosage form
Methods for treating or preventing pain
Benzamide derivatives as thrombin inhibitors
Methods and compositions for stimulating neurite growth
Substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazoles and a method of reducing TNF-alpha level
Inhibition of noninactivating Na channels of mammalian optic nerve as a means of preventing optic nerve degeneration associated with glaucoma
Use of adenosine A3 receptor antagonists to inhibit tumor growth
Inhibitors of multidrug transporters
Anti-estrogen plus progestin containing oral contraceptives
Glycol and hydroxyphosphonate peptidomimetics as inhibitors of aspartyl proteases
Calixarene tubes as cation receptors
Antifungal activity of dicationic molecules
Glucose and lipid lowering compounds
Retinoid antagonists and use thereof
Oxamic acids and derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
O-benzyloxime ethers and crop protection agents containing these compounds
N-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester and its derivatives for appetite enhancement
Formulation for the oromucosal, in particular pernasal, route
Methods for treating viral infections using a compound capable of inhibiting microtubules
Diacylhydrazine derivatives as integrin inhibitors
Use of O-desmethyl-N-mono-desmethyl-tramadol
Anticancer agent
Clear, injectable formulation of an anesthetic compound
Hydrocarbon synthesis
Transformation of expanded polymers
In-mold foaming article of polypropylene resin composition
Wound dressing comprising polyurethane foam
Mixture for the manufacture of an expanded cellular polymer product and manufacturing process utilizing such a mixture
Polyurethane foam and process for production
Process and apparatus for producing plastics and polymeric foam
Ultraviolet-curable adhesive for bonding optical disks
UV cured glossy support for ink jet recording material
Coating composition for optical fibers
Anti-microbial dental compositions and method
Acid-curable, refractory particulate material composition for forming mold
Ink jet ink
Pigment dispersions containing dispersants prepared by controlled radical polymerization
Hydrocolloid pressure sensitive adhesives
Radiation curable wire and cable insulation compositions
Polycarbonate-ABS moulding compounds
Tire tread compound
Flame retardant resin compositions
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved low temperature properties
Use of amphiphiles for permanent improvement of adhesive and/or coating compatibility of polyolefin based shaped bodies
Mica reinforced reaction injection molded polyurethane/polyurea
Polymeric organic carbonate materials useful as fillers for investment casting waxes
Thickening agents for acidic aqueous compositions
Biaxially oriented polyester film comprising a cycloolefin copolymer, its use and process for its production
Polypropylene composition
Isobutylene based elastomer blends having improved strength elasticity, and reduced permeability
Extrusion compositions with improved melt flow
Polyester resin composition
Fluoroelastomer composition having excellent processability and low temperature properties
Aqueous-dispersing composition of crosslinkable fluorine-containing resin
Rubber containing a bismaleimide and a bisbenzothiazolyldithio end capped compound
Process for brominating polystyrenic resins
Biodegradable film and process for producing the same
Compensated sulphonated polyaniline and a process for the preparation thereof
Multistage method for manufacturing polyolefins
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Instrument case support system and method
Harmonica having reed vibration conversion capability and associated retrofitting method
Joining element, and wind instrument with such joining element
Simple stable stand for musical instrument
Drumstick and method of manufacturing same
Scoring device and method for a karaoke system
Method and apparatus for generating musical tone waveforms by user input of sample waveform frequency
Random tie rhythm pattern method and apparatus
Musical tone control apparatus and sensing device for electronic musical instrument
Solar cell having a front-mounted bypass diode
Solar/thermal radiation cell device
Method of reducing skew in signal carrying cables, and signal carrying cable utilizing such method
Self-sealing accessible container
Polymer based circuit
High density distribution panel having front accessible electrical components
Strain relief for a screen cable
Cable management system
End-processed coaxial cable structures and methods for producing the same
Terminal-processed structure of tape-shaped cable including plurality of coaxial cables arranged in parallel and method for processing terminal of the same
Cable seal
Moisture-absorbing coaxial cable and method of making same
Insulator end fitting with non-machined annular attachment flange
Scheme to avoid electrostatic discharge damage to MR/GMR head gimbal/stack assembly in hard disk applications
Surface mount flexible interconnect and component carrier
Method and structure of z-connected laminated substrate for high density electronic packaging
Multilayered printed wiring board
Multi-layer circuit board
Part holder and electronic equipment using same
Multilayer printed wiring board and method for manufacturing same
Adapter for a ball grid array device
Thin-film multilayer wiring board with wiring and via holes in a thickness of an insulating layer
Force-measuring apparatus, particularly a weighing cell
Mass sensor and mass sensing method
Sensitive coordinate input device
Marking device for electronic presentation board
Contact unit for a combined brake/blinker arrangment in a vehicle
Multi-pole breaker assembly
Blade switch assembly for a card reader
Control panel assembly and method of making same
Button switch
Push-button switch assembly
Vacuum switching device
Sleeve for an adapter flange of the gasonics L3510 etcher
Needle incinerator
Method and apparatus for electrical discharge machining
Wire cutting electrical discharge device and method for same
Apparatus for applying tension to a wire electrode
Methods and apparatus for machining a work piece
Joining apparatus
Torch for cutting processes
Bearing with improved wear resistance and method for making same
Gas control system for a plasma arc torch
Methods and apparatus for RF power delivery
Apparatus for laser twist weld of compressor blisks airfoils
Laser cutting system
Apparatus for removing an insulating layer from a portion of a conductor
Method for cutting Y bevels
Method and device for treating materials with plasma-inducing high energy radiation
Nozzle element adaptable to a laser beam tube used in laser edge marking equipment
Method and apparatus for short arc welding
Base for foot control
Heating element for a part of an automobile which is held, especially the steering wheel
Hand-held electric sealer with safety means
Glow plug with glass coating over ion detection electrode
Systems and methods for controlling power applied to a resistor array
Temperature control system for process chamber
Non-intrusive fault location system for an overheat detection system
Microwave oven food receptacle
Method and apparatus for distortion reduction in optoelectronic interconnections
Optical barrier
Image reading apparatus having light source electrically and directly connected to image sensor board
Charge balance type photodiode array comprising a compensation circuit
Optical intensification system, including an image intensifier, for viewing an input source through a lens as a virtual image or as a real image
Broad range light detection system
Method and apparatus for checking shape
Calibration device and method of a scanner
Polarization-type laser detection system
Scanning drawing apparatus
Optical sensor including temperature control
Integrated multiple sensor package
System and method for optical sensing utilizing a portable, detachable sensor cartridge
Vehicle interior mirror assembly adapted for containing a rain sensor
SMIF box cover hold down latch and box door latch actuating mechanism
Rapid response mass spectrometer system
Curved introduction for mass spectrometry
Photoelectron spectroscopy apparatus
Method of analyzing semiconductor surface with patterned feature using line width metrology
Crystal phase identification
Switched mode NDIR system
Infrared radiation detector and method of manufacturing the same
PIR device
Dust radiation monitor apparatus and dust sampling apparatus used therefor
Device and method for determining the assumed position of a phenomenon relative to a set of photodetectors, and application to gamma-cameras
X-ray imaging system
Relating to ion detection
Mass filtering sputtered ion source
Image reading apparatus
Projection lithography device utilizing charged particles
Ion implanter
Ion implantation device arranged to select neutral ions from the ion beam
Particle-optical imaging system for lithography purposes
Device fabrication methods using charged-particle-beam image-transfer apparatus exhibiting reduced space-charge effects
E-beam shape aperature incorporating lithographically defined heater element
Minimization of electron fogging in electron beam lithography
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Antiferromagnetically exchange-coupled structure for magnetic tunnel junction device
Semiconductor light emitting element and method for fabricating the same
Heterostructure semiconductor radiation detector for wavelengths from the infrared spectral range
Organic thin film transistor with enhanced carrier mobility
Liquid crystal display device having a high aperture ratio
Polymeric compositions for soil release on fabrics
Soft intraocular lens material
Polymer dispersants
Activated adhesive system
Acrylonitrile-based precursor fiber for the formation of carbon fiber, process for preparing same, and carbon formed from same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for preparing polyorganosiloxanes by hydrolyzing organohalosilanes
Process for producing phenol resin
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew