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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tool with rotatable handle grip
Crop Conditioner frame with interchangeable rollers
Aerating base plate for a flowerpot
Method for incorporating baking soda into kitty litter box liner and liner
Article for grooming an animal
Fish chum system and process for making same
Compositions and methods for treatment of epilepsy
Cheese ripening process
Illuminated novelty confection
Gaseous blend of CO2 and Ox and its use for biological burden reduction
Baby bottle bib
Article-dropping proof pocket for garments
Sports boot
Method of pushing tubular films onto elongate objects and processing apparatus for implementing the method
Horizontal drive apparatus and method for patient table
Reading and writing center
Industrial vehicle
Hair swatch display device, and display system equipped with at least one such device
Collapsible wire chafing stand
Filter mounting assembly
Multi-scraper structure for cleaning a panel
Structure for an application tip of a medium container for use in painting with such a medium
Lint removal apparatus with pull tab for adhesive coated sheets
Remote surgery support system
Spill proof liquid sample cup
Tissue fixation device
Method and apparatus for thoracoscopic intracardiac procedures
Medical ablation catheter control
Motor control system for endodontic handpiece providing dynamic torque limit tracking of specific file fatigue
Labial pad having a tab
Absorbent article
Method and system for registering pre-produced webs with variable pitch length
Belted absorbent article and a method of producing a laminate for use as belt material
Tampon wrapper with improved opening means
Everter and threadthrough system for attaching graft vessel to anastomosis device
Transmyocardial revascularization system and method of use
Mammary prosthesis made of polyacrylamide hydrogel
Blue blocking lens
Expandable interfusion cage
Contact lens placement instrument
Spica cast gurney
EP4 agonists as agents for lowering intraocular pressure
Use of mometasone furoate for treating upper airway diseases
Compositions and methods for use in targeting vascular destruction
Mammalian haemoglobin compatible with blood plasma, cross-linked and conjugated with polyalkylene oxides as artificial medical oxygen carriers, production and use thereof
Preblend of microcrystalline cellulose and lactase for making tablets
N-terminally chemically modified protein compositions and methods
Homeodomain protein code specifying progenitor cell identify and neuronal fate in the ventral neural tube
Cleansing articles for skin or hair
Compositions and methods for high sorption of skin materials and delivery of sulfur
Methods and apparatus for using controlled heat to regulate transdermal and controlled release delivery of fentanyl, other analgesics, and other medical substances
Pharmaceutical emulsions for retroviral protease inhibitors
Inhalation composition containing lactose pellets
Wound closure system and methods
Intra-ventricular substance delivery catheter system
Adjustable step trainer
Golf ball
Multi-piece golf ball and manufacturing method thereof
Adjustable tension stringed racquet
Golf club and golf pin stand
System for monitoring repetitive movement
In-line roller skate braking mechanism
Electronic video poker games
Weights for model and racing cars
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and installation for extracting a monomer from an aqueous slurry containing a polymer
Filter element and use thereof; methods of manufacture
Mobile gas separator system and method for treating dirty gas at the well site of a stimulated well
Collecting facility of high melting point component in gas and collecting facility of dihalogenated aromatic compound in gas
Air cleaner for engines
Method and system for compressing and dehydrating wet natural gas produced from low-pressure wells
High temperature decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
Process for making microcapsules involving phase inversion
Apparatus for plasma-chemical production of nitrogen monoxide
Slot discharge non-thermal plasma apparatus and process for promoting chemical reaction
Process for hydroformylating an olefin
Method and apparatus for producing biochips
Apparatus and method for comminuting rock
Apparatus of piercing garbage bags and classifying garbage
Spray-coating device for a coating liquid
Flip chip underfill system and method
In-situ process for detoxifying hexavalent chromium in soil and groundwater
Low cost fluid dynamic bearing motor
Use of silver-copper-palladium brazing alloys
CMP composition and process
Curved surface machining method and an apparatus thereof
Use of a U-groove as an alternative to using a V-groove for protection against dicing induced damage in silicon
Injection molding method with surface modification
Structure of handgrip and method for fabrication of same
Hollow composite products and method for making same
Metallurgically bonded layered article having a curved surface
Pad structure to prompt excellent bondability for low-k intermetal dielectric layers
Sheet member positioning device
System and method of coating print media in an inkjet printer
Image processor, image processing method, and computer product
Printing apparatus and method for printing an image
Tape cassette and tape unit
Ink supply for printer in portable electronic device
Ink-jet head, its driving method, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink jet head capable of reliably removing air bubbles from ink
Manufacturing method of piezoelectric vibrator unit, manufacturing method of liquid jet head, piezoelectric vibrator unit, and liquid jet head
Laminated composite, information recording medium, and member of imparting forgery-preventing characteristic
Marking pen with excellent cap-off performance
Illuminated writing implement
System for supplying pressurized air to a vehicle tire through the hub of the wheel
Multi-speed transmission and integrated drive transfer mechanism
Connecting assembly of a high mounted stop lamp
Forced hot air windshield wiper system
Altitude compensating trailer brake system
Collapsible wheeled shopping container
Single planet steering position planetary differential
Assembly system and method for installing a roof module into a vehicle body
Bicycle with improved frame configuration
Self-deploying safety brace spring
Shackle pocket buoy
Vessel, provided with a gang plank for coupling to an offshore pole structure
Laser-tethered vehicle
Substrate carrier having door latching and substrate clamping mechanisms
Protected integral cylinder valve, gas pressure regulator and flow meter, and method for refilling a gas cylinder so equipped
Apparatus and method for packaging products
Folding box
Adjustable mounting for stub idler apparatus
Rotary powered snack piece turnover
Device for pneumatic conveying of bulk material, especially granular material
Paper feeding device and sheet carrying device
Recording medium conveying device and image forming apparatus including the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for reducing harmful organisms in currents of water
Wastewater trickle tower with curtain(s)
Apparatus for processing fluids
Polyhalogen-substituted cinnamic acids and cinnamic acid derivatives and a process for the preparation of polyhalogen-substituted cinnamic acids and cinnamic acid derivatives
Process for producing 2-phenylacetophenone derivatives and precursors therefor
Organophotoreceptor with a charge transport material having two azine groups
Method for purifying 2-chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole
Nitrogenous heterocylic compounds
Methods for producing polypeptide binding sites, monoclonal antibodies and compositions thereof
Primer composition and method of using the same in the detection of Shigella sonnei
Promoter sequences providing male tissue-preferred expression in plants
Genes for male accessory gland proteins in Drosophila melanogaster
Protein Rim2
Glaucoma therapeutics and diagnostics
Adipocyte complement related protein zacrp13
Methods of inhibiting immune response suppression by administering antibodies to OX-2
Monofunctional polyethylene glycol aldehydes
High refractive index polysiloxane prepolymers
Alkenyl-functional siloxane copolymers as antimisting additives for silicone coating compositions
Method for devulcanizing rubber with an amine
Expanded polypropylene resin bead and process of producing same
Polyurethane composition
Halogenated elastomeric compositions having improved stability and green strength
Flame-retardant resin composition
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded object thereof
Metal oxide sols as nanoscale additives for polymers
Polyamide resin-containing varnish and its use
Conversion of petroleum residua to methane
Laundry detergent compositions with fabric care
Combination of a nonionic silicone surfactant and a nonionic surfactant in a solid block detergent
Process for producing Trichoderma harzianum ferm BP-4346
Selection marker gene free recombinant strains
Method for easy cloning and selection of chimeric DNA molecules
Nucleic acids from cassava encoding starch branching enzyme II (SBEII) and their use
Sulfurylase-luciferase fusion proteins and thermostable sulfurylase
In vitro selection and optional identification of polypeptides using solid support carriers
Roller cone drill bit legs
Corrosion-inhibited system and method for providing a utility service to a plurality of consumers
Coated lithium electrodes
Textiles; Paper
Drying/washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Circular conduit opening closure device
Method for salvaging offshore jackets
Method of forming a mat of erosion control blocks
Adjustable utility access
Storm drain movable baffle
Unitary metal structural member with internal reinforcement
Covers, systems and methods for covering deck components
Vehicle door controlling apparatus
Foreign material detector for sliding door and detecting method thereof
Friction device for roll-up curtains and the like
Device for injecting a fluid into a formation
Method and apparatus for a tubing conveyed perforating guns fire identification system using fiber optics
Auger bit
Earth loop installation with sonic drilling
Tool for changing the drilling direction while drilling
Equipment for drilling vertical boreholes
Attachment element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling system for an outer wall of a turbine blade
Method and apparatus for efficiently cooling motorcycle engines
Intake arrangement for combustion air
Internal combustion engine with pressure boosted exhaust gas recirculation
Internal combustion engine controller and method for the operation of an internal combustion engine controller
Evaluating output of a mass air flow sensor
Engine cylinder head cover and assembly method thereof
Variable intake manifold with trimode resonance tuning control valve
Flow-forced generator with turbo-charging deflection hood
Three way valve and electro-hydraulic actuator using same
Linear-motion device and ball screw
Lubricant reservoir for gas bearing
Cartridge style fluid dynamic bearing with conical or spherical bearing elements
Double joint for steering axles in automobiles
Device for isolating torque fluctuations
Controlled oscillating damper
Motor vehicle drivetrain having at least two CNT's and flywheels
Axial valve
Plasma lamp head
Decorative light defusing novelty lamp
Method and apparatus for increasing the capacity of a waste heat boiler in a metallurgic smelting furnace
Steam generation apparatus and methods
Air flow producer for reducing room temperature gradients
Vapor compression system
Method and apparatus for gas temperature control in a semiconductor processing system
Hybrid cooling system and method for cooling electronic devices
Multi-structure metal matrix composite armor and method of making the same
Force sensor with two force input elements
Pressure sensor
Method for testing stress-relaxation properties of sealing materials
Electrochemical sensor compensated for relative humidity
Sensor for measuring shear forces
Alzheimer's related proteins and methods of use
Colored printing ink for contact lenses
Image display device and image projector apparatus
Packages for housing optoelectronic assemblies and methods of manufacture thereof
Stub having an optical fiber
Adjusting mechanism for installation of plate-like members
Lightsensitive material package
Lithographic apparatus, method of calibration, calibration plate, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Redundant system for the indication of heading and attitude in an aircraft
Apparatus and method for rendering web page HTML data into a format suitable for display on the screen of a wireless mobile station
System and method for using a smart card
Dual interface IC card
Apparatus with two or more pockets for document processing
Telephone gaming device
Medication marking system
Method of fabricating data tracks for use in a magnetic shift register memory device
Fuse connector and a terminal fitting for a connector
Laser thermal annealing method for forming semiconductor low-k dielectric layer
Method for manufacturing circuit device
Supported greensheet structure and method in MLC processing
Backside metallization on microelectronic dice having beveled sides for effective thermal contact with heat dissipation devices
Method and apparatus to form a reworkable seal on an electronic module
Apparatus for storing and moving a cassette
Method for producing a substrate arrangement
Methods and devices related to electrode pads for p-type Group III nitride compound semiconductors
Method for fabricating electrical connecting element
Uniform contact
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and, deterioration-preventing agent for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and additive for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell for use therein
Battery pack system
Dual-purpose compartment for a hybrid battery and fuel cell powered device
Fuel cell system, and method of protecting a fuel cell from freezing
Electrical connector assembly having board hold down
Card edge connector jig and card edge connector connection mechanism
Coaxial connector with center conductor seizure
Differential pair interconnection apparatus
Method for plugging holes in a printed circuit board
Production of laminates for printed wiring boards using protective carrier
Method of interconnecting a circuit board to a substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Device for dispensing volatile materials
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of correcting mask pattern and mask, method of exposure, apparatus thereof, and photomask and semiconductor device using the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Multicore glass optical fiber and methods of manufacturing such fibers
Fabrication method of making silica-based optical devices and opto-electronic devices
Superconducting wires fabricated using thin optical fibers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device for diaphragm pump
Side-face illuminating optical fiber
Dry element water heater
Method for supplementing laser scanned data
Toner concentration measuring method, toner concentration measuring apparatus and image forming apparatus employing the same
Wireless communication device and system incorporating location-determining means
Optical switch mechanism
Optical device and formation of optical waveguide using light-induced effect on refractive index
Front end preparation procedure for efficient coupling and improved power handling of light into a multi-mode fiber
Dispersion compensation apparatus
Wavelength-tunable devices and systems comprising flexed optical gratings
11/2.times.2 optical switch
Fiber optic termination system including a fiber optic connector assembly and method of fabricating same
Optical connector
Camera optical system having nonphotographic lens formed integrally in photographic lens section
Multiple port, fiber optic circulator
Tunable optical device
Housing and control unit for underwater camera
Photographic camera system
Camera to reduce effect of magnetic flux emitted from drive motor
Data recording apparatus adapted for camera, and camera having the same
Lens-fitted photographic film unit
Image-shake compensation apparatus
Diaphragm device having full-open aperture diameter electrically varied according to zooming
Electronic flash control device
Laser beam printer
Image forming apparatus that is capable of altering a recording sheet transporting speed
Apparatus and method for detecting the state of a consumable product such as a replaceable toner cartridge
Image forming device with misregistration correction achieved by photo-conductor speed controlled variation of latent image tilt
Development roller
Developing apparatus using one-component toner
Developing apparatus, apparatus unit, and image forming method
Image forming apparatus using a developing liquid
Induction heat fixing device
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Wireless ground link-based aircraft data communication system with roaming feature
Antenna driving device for transponder
Tactile sensor and fingerprint sensor using same
Confusion matrix based method and system for correcting misrecognized words appearing in documents generated by an optical character recognition technique
Automatic retrieval process for machine-printed or handwritten text on a background, in a multilevel digital image
Pattern similarity metric for image search, registration, and comparison
Method and apparatus for determining image similarity and position
Robust digital watermarking
Digital focusing method and apparatus in image processing system
Digital image processing method and computer program product
System and method for anti-aliasing of text overlays on electronic images
Image thickening processing method and apparatus
Image processing method and image processing device
Method for motion compensation of a moving image using two dimensional triangle patch wireframe model
System and method for coding and/or decoding image including bit-map of different levels
Table based compression with embedded coding
Method and apparatus for digital image coding and decoding, and data recording media
Vehicle information and safety control system
Learning system with synchronized control of hardware and switching network
Equalizer for digital video disk player
Media editor for non-linear editing system
Method for editing image information with aid of computer and editing system
Picture decoding for trick mode operation
Laser composition for preventing photo-induced damage
Wideband multiple channel frequency converter
Method and apparatus for communication and signal synthesis
Communications system including closely spaced transmit and receive antennas
Broadcast receiver with integrated telephone unit
Handsfree unit
Method and system for removal of low order optical transmission modes in multimode optical fiber computer network to improve modal bandwidth
Methods and apparatus for determining forward and reverse link performance in a wireless communication system
Fast forward link power control in a code division multiple access system
System and method of providing OOOI times of an aircraft
Digital wireless communications system and a wireless radio station with timing error compensation based on an accumulated timing error between reception of messages
Picture distribution service system
Band with provisioning in a telecommunications system having radio links
Method and apparatus for using a MS tone to prevent a voice announcement in a group call
Image processing apparatus for processing a bi-level image and method therefor
Method and apparatus for upgrading features and functions of a set top box in the field
Signal processor for converting playback signal in NTSC standards to video signal used in PAL system and method of signal processing used therein
Optical switch
Optical cross connector apparatus
Optical analyzer with variable attenuators at inputs and outputs
System and method of implementing an interactive callback feature in a radio telecommunications network
Methods and apparatus for communicating data via a cellular mobile radiotelephone system
System and method for real-time interactive selection of call treatment in a radio telecommunications network
Method and arrangement for increasing the range for a telecommunication network in a telecommunication system
System and method for delivering a call for a mobile station using either a wireless network or a wireline network
Periodic reexamination of DCCH pointer channel while camped on an ACC
System and method for frequency reuse in a four cell plan
Flexible channel allocation for a cellular system based on a hybrid measurement-based dynamic channel assignment and a reuse-distance criterion algorithm
Smart subdivision of base station candidates for position location accuracy
Soft swap handoff method in a CDMA cellular system
Device and method for performing handoff in mobile communication system
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