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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Water filtration system
Free-standing collapsible game hoist
Trans free hard palm oil fraction, trans free non-hydrogenated hard structural fat and fat blends and methods
Bra and system having a bay and a truss and method for using the same
Bendable touch fastener products
Drywall compound dispensing system
Panel mounted appliance elevator apparatus
Vehicle command armrest assembly
Hemostasis and transection of tissue
Apparatus and method for making a spherical lesion
False positive reduction in SPO2 atrial fibrillation detection using average heart rate and NIBP
Image analysis method for abnormal hip structures based on transverse sections
Laser angle guide assembly for computed tomography and method for operating the same
Occlusal state correction-supporting apparatus, program, and recording medium
Anchor apparatus and method for orthodontic appliances
Inter-labial pad
Tampon saturation monitoring system
Grippable packet applicator
Biodegradable drug delivery vascular stent
Intracapsular pseudophakic device
Device for attachment to a capsule in an eye
Non-ambulatory thermotherapy device for heat and cold therapy of the foot/ankle complex and hand/wrist complex
Pre-transplant accommodated organs resistant to anti-donor immunity
Muteins of placental growth factor type I, preparation method and application thereof
Alpha-MSH therapies for treatment of autoimmune disease
Influenza vaccine formulation
Early detection of mycobacterial disease using peptides
Methods of promoting remyelination of central nervous system axons by administrating sHIgM22
Antibodies against IL-13 receptor alpha1 and uses thereof
Antibodies directed against amyloid-beta peptide and methods using same
Monoclonal antibodies and use thereof
Use of outer membrane protein A (OMPA) in treatment/prevention/diagnosis of infections caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae and other gram-negative bacteria
Peptide-based oral care surface reagents for personal care
Simulated vernix compositions for skin cleansing and other applications
Method of treating insulin resistance, adult onset diabetes and metabolic syndrome X
Extended release formulation of venlafaxine hydrochloride
Hemocompatible polymers on hydrophobic porous polymers
Apparatus for applying and removing closing means from an end portion of a tubular element and the use thereof in peritoneal dialysis
Manual breast pump
Methods and apparatus for treating aneurysms and arterio-venous fistulas
Injection device
Safety lancet for taking blood
Closure piece for medical syringe
Vacuum actuated small volume syringe
Cationic oligomeric azo dyes
Exercise machine
Foldable exercise device
Curler exercise
Pitching machine
Golf putter
Systems and methods for administering an exercise program
Detachable cue tip assemblies and cue sticks having same
In-game interface with performance feedback
Touchscreen amusement device
Voucher gaming system and method
Swing set and climbing apparatus with displaceable swing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter with resuspension of solids
Dust separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
Boron separation and recovery
Recycle of electrical equipment
Plasma method for TiOx biomedical material onto polymer sheet
Method of manufacturing copper-clad laminate for VOP application
Ceramic nanocomposite powders reinforced with carbon nanotubes and their fabrication process
Washing device and its work conveying method
Orbital fabrication of aluminum foam and apparatus therefore
Advanced erosion-corrosion resistant boride cermets
Insulated air tube for a reinstatement cutting machine
Method for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Method of manufacturing disk substrate
Profile strip with grinding element
Apparatus and method for cutting using a liquid fluid jet
Magnetic light assembly associated method
Molding apparatus and related systems and methods
Moldable compositions containing carbinol functional silicone resins or anhydride functional silicone resins
Transparent, flexible, impermeable plastic container for storage of pharmaceutical liquids
Process for making filter tow
Transparent conductive laminate and transparent touch panel comprising the same
Flexlock with headed pintle and conical buttressing
Multilayer laminate system and method used within building structures
Partially passivated quantum dots, process for making, and sensors therefrom
Adhesion promoter
Printer arrangement with printhead and ink transport assembly
Printing apparatus and ink discharge failure detection method
Liquid ejection apparatus, capping device, and installation device for liquid absorber
Printer cartridge refill unit with verification integrated circuit
Printer assembly having a refillable cartridge assembly
Printhead substrate, inkjet printhead, and inkjet printing apparatus
Plastic edge sealing strip and mounting head
Device for guiding a drop window
Convertible with a roof which can be stored in a folding-top compartment
Device for actuating at least one pivoted exterior element of a vehicle
Convertible vehicle with a cover part which may open in two directions
Structure of rear portion of car body
Lift gate apparatus for a truck or trailer body
Delivery rack system for stocking production lines
Headlamp for vehicle
Vehicle component and method for making a vehicle component
Gas generating system
Braking system with EBS and prefill function and electronic braking control method
Adjustable cart
Fifth wheel hitch assembly
Fifth wheel assembly for coupling a trailer to a truck tractor and a method for operating said assembly
Hydraulic damper
Handle stem for a bicycle
Fastening arrangement of a pipe on a circumferential surface
Elevator-based tool loading and buffering system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon nitride preparation method
Method and composition for sorbing toxic substances
Nitro-imidazole hypoxia imaging agents
Segment of glycosylation-deficient HGFalpha-chain
Compositions for imparting images on fibrous structures
Ink jet ink, method of producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and cyan ink
Thermal recovery of petroleum crude oil from tar sands and oil shale deposits
Method and apparatus for recovering oil from oil shale without environmental impacts
Fuel compositions comprising tetramethylcyclohexane
Circular DNA molecule having a conditional origin of replication, process for their preparation and their use in gene therapy
Method for producing a functional neuron
Methods for expansion and analysis of cultured hematopoietic stem cells
Mutated truncated mt-pfkA gene for the synthesis of active shorter fragment of 6-phosphofructo-1-kinase
Directed evolution of proteins
Diagnostics and therapeutics for glaucoma
Method and apparatus for concentrating and amplifying nucleic acid in single micro chamber
Enzymatic fluorometric assay for cAMP and adenylate cyclase and kits therefor
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors as targets for opiod growth factor treatment
Prostate specific gene, PCGEM1, and methods of using PCEGM1 to detect, treat, and prevent prostate cancer
Screening sequence selectivity of oligonucleotide-binding molecules using nanoparticle based colorimetric assay
Common marmoset-derived HPRT gene and use thereof
Genetic markers for assessing risk of premature birth resulting from preterm premature rupture of membranes
Superoxide dismutase-2 expression for glaucoma diagnosis
High-throughput assay for virus entry and drug screening
Copper-based alloy, and cast ingot and liquid-contacting part each using the alloy
Vacuum device where power supply mechanism is mounted and power supply method
Radial antenna and plasma processing apparatus comprising the same
Optical gas concentration detector and method of producing structure used in the detector
Textiles; Paper
Textile treatments using fluoropolymer-branched silicone polyethers
System for transferring an advancing web from a dryer across a draw to a reel section
Fixed Constructions
Auxiliary braking device for wellhead having progressive cavity pump
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for fabricating a nozzle segment for use with turbine engines
Rotary compressor with pressing mechanism and adjusting mechanism to vary a magnitude of a load in response to a pressure difference between the suction fluid and discharge fluid
Protector for electrical submersible pumps
Pump housing assembly with liner
Shaft assembly with lash free bipot joint connection
Power set for vehicles
Continuously variable belt drive transmission
Spigot-and-socket joint
Integrally embedded AC/DC double-headed lamp
LED cooler apparatus and method of use
Connection device of an LED lamp and cooling fins
Halloween trick bowl
Streetlight system
Light system for a temperature controlled case
Light source device
Lighting lamp
Illuminating module for mounting in a domestic appliance and domestic appliance with such a module
Safe light emitting device
Transreflectors, transreflector systems and displays and methods of making transreflectors
Electronic clinical thermometer and method of producing the same
Composite mechanical transducers and approaches therefor
Method and system for characterizing porous materials
Allergen detection apparatus
System and method for direct digitization of NMR signals
Method for detecting the presence or absence of a gas bubble in an aqueous liquid
Optical imaging of nanostructured substrates
Substrate for biochip
Method of diagnosing myasthenia gravis and kits therefor
Methods for assessing CDK5 activation and function
Method of detecting PRO9917
Biological agent that causes IL-6 receptor release
Gold-binding protein and use thereof
G-protein coupled receptor ligands and methods
Methods and compositions related to joint inflammation diseases
Insulin degrading enzyme assays for treatment of alzheimer's disease
Super miniature, single fiber optical interconnect system with parallel slider push-push type insertion/withdrawal mechanism and method for using same
Optical micro-connector
Optical system alternating image capture and image projection
Auto-focusing method and projector using the same
Light amount adjustment apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Miniature camera shutter and filter/aperture
Photomask including contrast enhancement layer and method of making same
Photosensitive composition and pattern-forming method using the same
Transmission mask with differential attenuation to improve ISO-dense proximity
Photoresists for visible light imaging
Toner for use in electrostatic image development
Video game including child character generation using combination of parent character attributes
Jet lag forecaster
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Low loss magnet and magnetic circuit using the same
Method for manufacturing display device
Light-emitting diode device and method for fabricating the same
Display element having filter material diffused in a substrate of the display element
Process for producing surface emitting laser, process for producing surface emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including surface emitting laser array produced by the process
Etching apparatus for substrates
Method of semiconductor device protection, package of semiconductor device
Substrate processing system having improved substrate transport system
Conductor composition, a mounting substrate and a mounting structure utilizing the composition
Image generating apparatus
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Zinc air battery
End plate for fuel cell stack and air breathing fuel cell stack using the same
Nickel-metal hydride storage battery
Microbial fuel cell and method
Electronic card having a countermeasure against static electricity
Connector for an electric device such as a board
Slide flash memory devices
Cable assembly with grounding pieces
Plug-in combination of appliances for protecting against overvoltages
Electrical grommet device
Lamp socket and display device having the same
Lamp holding unit
Electrical connectors and methods of connecting
Locking device for connector assembly
Battery connector with time-delay function
Process for forming thermal barrier coating resistant to infiltration
Method of forming a TEOS cap layer at low temperature and reduced deposition rate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Night convoy maneuver system
Range finding device of scanning type
System, method, and coating for strain analysis
Apparatus and semi-reflective optical system for carrying out analysis of samples
Method and apparatus for imaging a cartridge case ejector markings
Detection of phase defects on photomasks by differential imaging
Apparatus for aligning two objects
Method and apparatus for optically examining miniature patterns
Fabry Perot/fiber Bragg grating multi-wavelength reference
Optical rotation angle polarimeter
Linear and angular retroreflecting interferometric alignment target
Interferometer and method for measuring the refractive index and optical path length effects of air
Reflectance method for evaluating the surface characteristics of opaque materials
Method and device for opto-electrical acquisition of shapes by axial illumination
Electronic page inverter for a mail processing system, and a folder-inserter including such an inverter
Object optimized printing system and method
Printer for printing a plurality of print data pieces in a predetermined order
Computer network
Organizing and producing a display of images and labels on a receiver
Order information recording medium and order file generating apparatus for photographic service
Printing method and apparatus having multiple raster image processors
Printing control apparatus and method
Color data inversion and reconversion
Facsimile signal transmission with suppression of multiple modulation and demodulation across a connection
Clamping device for connecting interchangeable scanning drums to the rotary drive of drum scanners
Image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus
Image scanner with image correction function
Contact type linear image sensor
Method and apparatus for including an auxiliary image in a scanned image
Optical signal processing modules
Optical transmission system, optically branching apparatus and optical signal processing apparatus
Optical fiber transmission system for soliton signals with wavelength multiplexing and saturable absorbers
Optical communication system
Reconfigurable laser communications terminal
Frequency stabilized and crosstalk-free signal sources for optical communication systems
Fine pointing assembly configuration
Rotation detecting system for galvano mirror
Image creating apparatus, image creating method, and computer-readable recording medium containing image creating program
Image data approximation considering normal vectors
Emulating screen overlays by flip-mapping memory
TV centric layout
Installation and method for controlling a movable apparatus
3D stroke-based character modeling suitable for efficiently rendering large crowds
Method and system for allocating AGP/GART memory from the local AGP memory controller in a highly parallel system architecture (HPSA)
Method and apparatus for coloring support
Priority methods for texture map storage
Method for determining the representation of a picture on a display and method for determining the color of a pixel displayed
Rendering of YCBCR images on an RGS display device
Display method for selectively rotating windows on a computer display
System for and method of calibrating a computer monitor
System and method for using compound data words in a field sequential display driving scheme
Color display apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically accessing web pages based on television programming information
Structured image (SI) format for describing complex color raster images
Method and apparatus for storing and displaying video image data in a video graphics system
Display apparatus and method for controlling the same
System and method for graphically manipulating display elements in a computer-based system
Graphical system and method for annotating measurements and measurement results in a signal measurement system
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for displaying content in a multi-dimensional topic space
Printer head and printer
Thick film thermal head and method of manufacturing the same
Thermal transfer apparatus equipped with ink ribbon uniform separation means
Image forming apparatus
Pulse width modulation system and image forming apparatus having the pulse width modulation system
Matched field-of-view stereographic imaging apparatus
Methods and apparatus for zooming during capture and reproduction of 3-dimensional images
Display device having self contained diagnostic image generation capability
Digital still camera utilizing a progressive image sensor
Optical blur filter having a four-feature pattern
Data rate conversion
Efficient image scaling for scan rate conversion
Image processing system and information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for video signal processing in a video system
Method for correcting flicker and flutter effects of an on-screen display on a video image
Picture replacement system and method of the same
Display device and method in digital TV
TFT-LCD having shielding layers on TFT-substrate
Liquid crystal display active matrix with multiple repair lines having rectangular closed loops
Color liquid crystal display unit
Reflection-type liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating the same
Electrooptical system
Liquid crystal display device having thin glass substrate on which protective layer formed and method of making the same
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal device in which an electric field within the picture element varies in intensity
Liquid crystal screen with enlarged viewing angle
Manufacturing method of display device
LCD device having pit region in top of protrusion structure for axisymmetrically aligning liquid crystal molecules
Bistable liquid crystal display device in which nematic liquid crystal has monostable anchorings
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display by using non-rubbing method on polyimide orientation film
Dual liquid-crystal wavelength-selective optical switch
Full-surround spherical screen projection system and recording apparatus therefor
Mask inspection system and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Projection exposure method and apparatus
Optimization of reticle rotation for critical dimension and overlay improvement
Vibration isolation apparatus for stage
Method of operating a wireless and a short-range wireless connection in the same frequency
Capacitively-tuned broadband antenna structure
Antenna fixing method and device
Method and device for the measurement of antenna impedance
Apparatus for remote monitoring and control of an automatic deicing controller
Scanning continuous antenna reflector device
Planar antenna on electrically--insulating sheet
Telescopic antenna and system provided with such an antenna
ADA convertible input display
Method and apparatus for changing the mode of a display apparatus
Electrode means, comprising polymer materials, with or without functional elements and an electrode device formed of said means
Plasma addressed display device
Power consumption control in display unit
Optical waveguide system for a flat-panel display
Ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
Electro-optical device and method of driving the same
Optical spatial modulation device and image display apparatus
Display device
Color image device with integral heaters
Magnetic writing board
Operator icons for information collages
Tactile character input in computer-based devices
Input device
Wheel support guide for vertical wheel support movement
Pointing device using two linear sensors and fingerprints to generate displacement signals
Track ball
Method and apparatus for displaying and retrieving input on visual displays
Method for converting text corresponding to one keyboard mode to text corresponding to another keyboard mode
Method for erasing on an electronic writeboard
Information device with adjustable flat panel screen
Circuit control devices utilizing electronic display screen light
System and method for displaying page information in a personal digital notepad
Power partitioned miniature display system
Display panel driver
Video output phase control in a decoder
Automatic detection method for tuning the frequency and phase of display and apparatus using the method
Graphic user interface for database system
Method and apparatus for efficient animation and collision detection using local coordinate systems
Coaxial resonator and oscillation circuits featuring coaxial resonators
Voltage-to-current converter circuit with independent and adjustable compensation for process, voltage, and temperature
YIG oscillator with resilient support structure
Microwave voltage controlled oscillator formed and located on a high dielectric loss substrate with a controlled circuit
Oscillator circuit with thermal feedback
Oscillator circuit having trimmable capacitor array receiving a reference current
Amplitude modulator capable of minimizing power leakage to adjacent channels
Method for generating a train of fast electrical pulses and application to the acceleration of particles
Tuned reactance cavity electrical termination
Matching circuit chip, filter with matching circuit, duplexer and cellular phone
Surface acoustic wave filter, duplexer and communications device with specific series resonator multiple anti-resonant point placement
Dual-mode filter and design method therefor
Bandpass filter, duplexer, high-frequency module and communications device
Dielectric filter having resonators arranged in series
Rotary contact assembly for high ampere-rated circuit breaker
Clapper armature system for a circuit breaker
Remote operating apparatus and method for a circuit breaker handle
Switchgear unit of a switching device and a coupled leading auxiliary switch
Power circuit breaker with air gap between molded insulative casing and grounded barrier insulating operating mechanism
Electromagnetic valve drive mechanism
Terminal bobbin for a magnetic device and method of manufacture therefor
Arrangement for implementing a magnetic circuit on a circuit board
Bobbin and its producing method
Transformer coil support structure
Fuse holder
Thermal switch arrangement for electromagnetic coils
Detector with control switch
Alarm clock system
Apparatus and method for controlling a ventilation device
Device for monitoring the delivery of a speech
Method of transmitting data between a small electric appliance and a supplementary electric appliance connectible therewith, as well as appliances suitably configured for this purpose
Full swing power down buffer with multiple power supply isolation for standard CMOS processes
Highly effective charge pump employing NMOS transistors
Pump circuit boosting a supply voltage
Input/output circuit for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Isolated reference bias generator with reduced error due to parasitics
Data processing circuit having a waiting mode
Time sharing analog filters control method and magnetic disk system
Apparatus for translating a voltage
Feed-forward distortion compensation amplifier and method of amplifying signal with feed-forward distortion compensation
Method and apparatus for compensating for loss or RF output power from the isolation port of a hybrid coupler
Method and apparatus for applying a driving voltage to a motor of an optical disk device
Rotational pulse generating circuit for commutator DC motors
Integrated diagnostics and control systems
Ball joint gimbal system
Method and device for controlling a synchronous motor with permanent magnet
Power electronics device for controlling an electric machine
Method of braking a vector controlled induction machine, control device for carrying out the method and storage medium
System for controlling power flow in a power bus generally powered from reformer-based fuel cells
Portable solar-powered CD player and electrical generator
Electric scooter with on-board charging system
Rechargable battery pack and battery pack charger with safety mechanisms
Rechargeable battery pack charging system with redundant safety systems
Method, apparatus and battery pack for charging and discharging secondary batteries
Limitation of power dissipation in Li battery
Battery charging system apparatus and technique
Buffer battery power supply system
Power supply apparatus with energy return for reuse
Power conversion apparatus
Step-up DC voltage converter and method of operation
Fast DC discharge device
Sensor device
Device for sensing eddy currents in moving bodies
Method and apparatus for transmitting speed information and other additional information detected by a sensing device
Magnetic detector having separate base and connector units and production process therefor
Magnetic field concentrator array for rotary position sensors
360 degree shaft angle sensing and remote indicating system using a two-axis magnetoresistive microcircuit
Two dimensional magnetoresistive position sensor
Method of measuring axially symmetric electromagnetic fields
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging with azimuthal resolution using gradient coils
Nuclear magnetic resonance tool with magnetostrictive noise compensation
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
NMR of thin layers using a meanderline surface coil
MRI apparatus with a mechanically integrated eddy current shield in the gradient system
Receive coil and magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
Ground piercing metal detector having range, bearing and metal-type discrimination
Discrimination of metallic targets in magnetically susceptible soil
Method and apparatus for lifetime prediction of dielectric breakdown
Method and apparatus for testing frequency-dependent electrical circuits
Method and apparatus for in-situ monitoring of ion energy distribution for endpoint detection via capacitance measurement
Capacitance detection system and method
Harmonic measuring method and a current injection device for harmonic measurement
Apparatus and method for evaluating printed circuit board assembly manufacturing processes
Electric beam tester and image processing apparatus
Wireless test fixture for testing printed circuit boards
Self-adjusting burn-in test
Wafer of semiconductor material with dies, probe areas and leads
On-die adaptive arrangements for continuous process, voltage and temperature compensation
Terminating circuit for a transmission line
Termination circuits and methods therefor
Termination circuits and methods therefor
FPGA-based communications access point and system for reconfiguration
Programmable logic architecture incorporating a content addressable embedded array block
Inversion of product term line before or logic in a programmable logic device (PLD)
Apparatus for and method of eliminating single event upsets in combinational logic
Adjustable output driver circuit
Output buffer and method therefor
Residual charge-effect traffic sensor
Emergency vehicle traffic signal pre-emption and collision avoidance system
Map positioning system
Coded rotary switch with contacts at common radius
Keyboard and device provided with the keyboard
Coding device
Precision position encoder using coarse position indicator
Analog-to-digital conversion using a multi-bit analog delta-sigma modulator combined with a one-bit digital delta-sigma modulator
Interpolating digital to analog converter and TFT-LCD source driver using the same
Current mode asynchronous decision A/D converter
Radar device with multiplexed display functions for use in backing up a vehicle
Signal conversion device for coupling RTCM correction data to a position determination device
Scanner-control device
Method and apparatus for geographic-based communications service
Patch antenna
Sheet-metal antenna
Low profile built-in multi-band antenna
Yagi antenna coupled with a low noise amplifier on the same printed circuit board
Auxiliary safety warning light system for a vehicle
Radio frequency identification device and methods of determining a communication range of an interrogator of a wireless identification system
Anti-theft device for items having portions which can be surrounded by straps or the like
Warning device for preventing child from being lost
Miniaturized electronic casing for monitoring the cold chain for perishable products
Process and warning device for producing an early warning signal of slick road conditions
Pipeline leak monitoring system
Fluid level sensor for fluid tanks of boats
Gauge mounted pressure monitor and alarm for compression mounting with compressed gas storage tank
Smoke detector
Solenoid plunger position detection algorithm
Shutter assembly with sensor device, and related sensor device assembly
Interior rearview mirror system incorporating a light-emitting information display
Tactile communication device and method
Variable gain amplifying apparatus which can change a gain during an operation
Amplifier apparatus with transient recovery aid
Feedforward amplifier
High gain, high speed, rail-to-rail amplifier
Digital phase-domain PLL frequency synthesizer
Timing synchronizing system, devices used in the system, and timing synchronizing method
Accurate time delay system and method utilizing an inaccurate oscillator
Wide frequency-range delay-locked loop circuit
Method and a relative digital circuit of feedback regulation of the duty cycle of a clock signal
Precision set-reset logic circuit
Pulse latch with explicit, logic-enabled one-shot
Current buffer for gate drive
Linearly-controlled resistive element apparatus
Apparatus and method for driving bus with low power consumption
Method and apparatus for enhancing noise tolerance in dynamic silicon-on-insulator logic gates
Sense amplifier of semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for minimal phase delay and zero-crossing filtering
Electric device, matrix device, electro-optical display device, and semiconductor memory having thin-film transistors
Contact light emitting device
Semiconductor photonic device
Mounting technology for intersubband light emitters
Packaging and mounting of spherical semiconductor devices
Power switch with a controlled DI/DT
Pin photodiode having a wide bandwidth
Method of forming a semiconductor structure
Field-programmable gate array with ferroelectric thin film
CMOS imager with a self-aligned buried contact
Solid-state image sensor and method of fabricating the same
Hybrid ultraviolet detector
Solid state imaging device having a gate electrode formed over a potential dip
Lateral high-voltage transistor
Semiconductor device having both memory and logic circuit and its manufacture
Semiconductor device including an interface layer containing chlorine
Semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing same
Method to improve the capacity of data retention and increase the coupling ratio of source to floating gate in split-gate flash
Semiconductor device
Split gate flash memory device with source line
Avalanche injection EEPROM memory cell with P-type control gate
Transistor with ultra shallow tip and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device with insulating films
DTCMOS circuit having improved speed
Semiconductor devices and methods for producing semiconductor devices
Semiconductor structure including metal nitride and metal silicide
Semiconductor device and method of making the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
LOCOS fabrication processes and semiconductive material structures
Method and structure of manufacturing a high-Q inductor with an air trench
Integrated injection logic devices including injection regions and tub or sink regions
Semiconductor device with transparent link area for silicide applications and fabrication thereof
Semiconductor device
Ball grid array resistor network
Molded plastic package with heat sink and enhanced electrical performance
Low cost heat sink for packaged semiconductor device
Injection of encapsulating material on a optocomponent
Semiconductor device
Hermetically sealed transducer and methods for producing the same
Carrier element for a semiconductor chip
Low thermal expansion composite comprising bodies of negative CTE material disposed within a positive CTE matrix
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vehicle parking aid system
Keyless security system
Ultrasound distance measuring system with digital measuring signals transmitted by time multiplexing
Photonic analog-to-digital conversion using light absorbers
Dye transfer apparatus and method for processing color motion picture film
Exposure apparatus and positioning apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus for transferring mask pattern onto photosensitive substrate
Clock control circuit
Programmable logic device with logic signal delay compensated clock network
Automatic clock calibration circuit
Interactive representation and retrieval of multi-dimensional data using view elements
Electronic mail processing apparatus and method therefor
Method for sorting 3D object geometry among image chunks for rendering in a layered graphics rendering system
Methods for high precision, memory efficient surface normal compression and expansion
Delta-sigma sample and hold
Method and apparatus for high-speed edge-programmable timing signal generation
Antenna of a radio device and a method to manufacture it and a radio device
Polarization diversity antenna system for cellular telephone
Small-sized circular polarized wave microstrip antenna providing desired resonance frequency and desired axis ratio
Analog reflective predistorter for power amplifiers
Isolation circuit for use in RF amplifier bias circuit
Low voltage fet differential amplifier and method
Circuit for suppressing a common mode component in a signal from a CAN communication bus
Level shift circuit
High-frequency high-current line driver
High frequency signal generator from a horological time base
Low offset and low glitch energy charge pump for PLL-based timing recovery systems
Circuitry, architecture and method(s) for phase matching and/or reducing load capacitance, current and/or power consumption in an oscillator
Evaluation system for analog-digital or digital-analog converter
Method and apparatus for dithering idle channel tones in delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters
Automatic scanner calibration
Circuits and methods for monitoring a signal in a network
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew