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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Multi-purpose landscaping tool
Three-point front hitch mountable to the frame of an agricultural tractor
Remote monitoring system for ground-based game feeder, varmint guard, tray and skirt assembly and quail feeder
Method and system for weighing products
Pan coating apparatus
Sleeping cap
Backpack with integral umbrella
Hairdresser's masking sheet
Table including at least one leg that can be turned either way up
Method and apparatus for optimizing storage space
Locking device for a display mounting assembly
Refrigerator door locking assembly
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Chair having angle and tension adjusting functions
Versatile seat liner
Thermal cooling/heating seat/backrest cover
Computer rack
Adhesively mountable bathroom accessories
Storage rack
Device for treating a fruit
Method for operating of a boiler of a device such as a coffee maker
In-shower foot scrubber
Surgical tissue retractor
Discrete or continuous tissue capture device and method for making
Stapler cartridge with staples frangibly affixed thereto
Method and apparatus for solid organ tissue approximation
Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) device
Anchors extender assemblies and methods for using
Methods and apparatuses for performing and monitoring thermal ablation
Body trauma analysis method and apparatus
Orthodontic appliance
Multiple-component tampon applicator
Monolithic orthopedic implant with an articular finished surface
Adjustable bifurcation catheter incorporating electroactive polymer and methods of makings and using the same
Coated implantable medical device
Interior bag for a capsular bag and injector
Walking device for remedying drop foot
Post-surgical protective pillow
Pressure relief gel pads
Therapeutic roller apparatus
Ergonomic therapeutic massage device
Medical agent dispenser
Baby bottle having compartmented closure for selectively mixing and dispensing baby formula
Inhalation devices and related methods for administration of sedative hypnotic compounds
Methods and devices for local therapeutic agent delivery to heart valves
Tether device and related methods
Emergency breathing bag
Multi-functional linked fitness equipment
Thigh exerciser
Exercise device with gliding footlink pivot guide
Golf ball with projections adjacent dimples
Method and apparatus for smoke emitting golf ball
Game apparatuses
Golf club with an interchangeable faceplate
Batting training system and the components thereof
Putting practice device
Method and an apparatus for managing games and a learning plaything
Computer-based methods and apparatus for lottery-style game suitable for implementation on social network
Video poker wagering game having multiple pay tables
Online gaming systems and methods
Portable sandbox
Play board set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water purification apparatus and method for using pressure filter and pore control fiber filter
Marked honeycomb structure
Molten oxide grains including Al and Ti, and ceramic materials comprising said grains
Fused grains of oxides comprising Al, Ti, Si and ceramic products comprising such grains
Process for producing purified natural gas from natural gas comprising water and carbon dioxide
Generating oxygen in hospitals
Dual stage ultrafilter devices in the form of portable filter devices, shower devices, and hydration
Method for scaling mixing operations
Roller grinding mill
Process and apparatus to automatically refill evaporation apparatus
Portable pressure washer
Small hand-operated sprayer
Spray head including a sonotrode
Apparatus for making electrode of dye-sensitized solar cell in one working station
Method and apparatus for removing contamination from substrate
Method and apparatus for stripping optical fibers and optical fiber assemblies
Endotracheal tube cleaning apparatus
Device for removing residue in a furnace chamber
Apparatus and method for turbine blade installation
Tool holder clamp assembly for cutting inserts and its pressing plate
Tool for machining workpiece surfaces
Chuck for a tubular body
Solder ball mounting tool
Substrate polishing metrology using interference signals
Device for sharpening and polishing needles, pins, and miscellaneous pointed articles
Ratchet wrench
Adjustable ratchet wrench
Biased pliers
Panel carrying handle
Hand held rotary cutting devices
Dry wall hand tool
Method of installing a pressing block suit of a solar panel
Method of producing protective tubes
Applique printing process and machine
Maintenance station for an imaging apparatus
Print control apparatus and method for printing images on a continuous sheet
Information recording patch, printed sheet, and authenticity discrimination method therefor
Driving apparatus for rear hub of bicycle
Expandable wheel shield
Heavy vehicle tire
Axle for a motor vehicle
Implementing a front door air to water heat exchanger
Vehicle magnetic drive apparatus
Diesel particulate filter packaging and method of directing airflow in a skid steer machine
Hydraulic transmission circuit
Safe, super-efficient, four-wheeled vehicle employing large diameter wheels with continuous-radius tires, with leaning option
Tennis ball retrieval device
Laser etched trim
Vehicular seat shock absorbing module
Boat rack
Control apparatus for vehicular drive system
Method for providing assistance to a driver of a vehicle during a starting process
Electric power steering apparatus
Sectional bicycle
Boat tiller presentment
Double-walled floor segment for a means of locomotion for accommodating system components
Container closing device
Shuttle pallet for a storage system
Packaging device forming a container
Dispensing channel pump
Carton with expandable panel
Display box
Beverage saver/pourer
Package comprising a wrapping with a reclosable withdrawal opening, and relative packing method and machine
Medicine discriminator
Roller conveyor module
Log lifting facilitating assembly
Device and method to supply print products to a processing section
Image forming apparatus that supplies sheet on which image is formed to ring bookbinding apparatus
Disk stacking method and apparatus
Truck cab and bed lift tool
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fine bubble diffusing pipe, fine bubble diffusing apparatus, and submerged membrane separation apparatus
Process for manufacturing asphalt
Fuel additives for enhanced lubricity and anti-corrosion properties
Fuel formulations
Method for dewatering a water-containing combustible solid
Method for dewatering water-containing coal
Laundering process for whitening synthetic textiles
Method for patterning metal using nanoparticle containing precursors
Steel sheet for cans and method for manufacturing the same
Process for production of nickel and cobalt using metal hydroxide, metal oxide and/or metal carbonate
Deposition system with electrically isolated pallet and anode assemblies
Sputtering chamber having auxiliary backside magnet to improve etch uniformity and magnetron producing sustained self sputtering of ruthenium and tantalum
High-pressure electrolysis installation and process for inertising an installation of this type
Nanoporous oxide ceramic membranes of tubular and hollow fiber shape and method of making the same
Systems and methods for preparation of epitaxially textured thick films
Textiles; Paper
Ironing board
Dryer apparatus for drying a web
Fixed Constructions
System and method for installing expansion joints
Asphalt repair system and method
Multi-function trash picking device
Automatic retractable hatch guard
Excavator, mounting device and excavator tool
Panel mounting system and method
Roofing system
Roofing corbel
Skylight with displacement absorber and interlocking telescoping tubes
Insulating concrete form system with fire-break ties
Pole top extension
Structure for rigidly connecting solar panels to a fixture
Method of mounting objects to polymeric membranes
Shielded movable door element of a multimodality medical suite
Drilling rig assembly method and apparatus
Apparatus for supporting a cemetery headstone and method of fabricating same
Gate bracket systems and methods
Linkage lock
Multi point door lock assembly
Automatic locking/unlocking apparatus for a drawer
Adjustable single hung, double hung, sliding window, sliding glass door lock
Modular window operating system
Active hardplate
Collapsible door apparatus
Ladder module and securement system
Bottom preventer for use in a drilling system
Methods and compositions for controlling formation fines and reducing proppant flow-back
Treating tar sands formations with dolomite
Outside casing conveyed low flow impedance sensor gauge system and method
Cuttable drilling tool, and a cuttable self drilling rock bolt
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Full steam-driven internal-combustion engine using extended gas supply system
Coupling plate between valves
Valve clearance compensation device and method for controlling a valve clearance compensating device for an internal combustion engine
Connection device for media lines
Fail safe engine coolant thermostat
Annular fuel and air co-flow premixer
Integrated fuel injectors and igniters and associated methods of use and manufacture
High pressure fuel pipe construction for an internal combustion engine
Energy efficient plasma generation
Wave power generator
Sealed compressor with multiple compressor unit
Safety retaining system for large industrial fan
Fastener for cementitious materials
Connection assembly
Flexible wire
Main shaft for a transmission or countershaft for a transmission
Apparatus comprising a shaft and a balancing sleeve
Length-adjustable shaft
Rotating apparatus capable of improving the rotation reliability even after having been downsized, and method for manufacturing the rotating apparatus
Bracket for mounting shock absorber
Method of protecting a lug and a chain of a lumber drag chain and a protected lumber drag chain
Device for reducing rattling noises in variable-speed transmissions
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Drive system for hermetic applications and device having such drive system
Vertical rotor type gas solenoid valve
Valve with the device enhancing capability of its closure member and related seat ring to resist erosion
Roller mount for seat
Illumination lamp
Light tube
Power source unit and illumination device
Light unit with heat dispensing device
Solar shield for LED light emitting assembly
Fragrance emitting article
Light reflectors and flood lighting systems
Systems, methods and devices for providing quantum dot lighting solutions
Lighting apparatus and light-emitting element mounting substrate having stress absorbing means
Process temperature control in oxy/fuel combustion system
Grill hook device
Solar heater
Thermally conductive cup and holder
Power consumption economizer for refrigerating machines of the chiller type
Condenser/compressor fan control for refrigerator
Method for operating a variable displacement compressor and system with a variable displacement compressor
Method of treatment of wooden items
Accelerated evaporation process and apparatus utilizing re-circulating loops
Collapsible multiblade throwing weapon
Vehicle-mounted personnel access platform assembly
Affixable firearms target capable of leaving a custom-shaped silhouette visible from afar upon the projectile's impact on the target's bullseye
Shotshell wad with shot confinement feature
Coloring matter consisting of trisazo compound, ink compositions, recording method, and colored body
Temperature measuring device, gas turbine having a temperature measuring device and method for directly determining the temperature in a combustion chamber
Defective wheel bearing detection device
Ultrasonic sensor
Robust system and method for obtaining a liquid or gas sample from a multiphase mixture flowing in a hydrocarbon pipeline
Protective eyewear
Backlight module
Deskewing apparatus for oscilloscope
Data migration management apparatus and information processing system
Computer system and data processing method for computer system
Method and apparatus for offline diagnosis based on prioriyu level setting
Data consistency in long-running processes
Defect detector for holographic storage systems
System and method for processing network data of a server
Systems and methods for protecting DSL systems against impulse noise
Network security server suitable for unified communications network
Document management system and its method
Personalized client-side visualization in a multiplayer network video game
Efficient decomposition of layouts
Partitioning for hardware-accelerated functional verification
Parallel solving of layout optimization
Automatic wiring device, automatic wiring method, and automatic wiring program
Verification of soft error resilience
Method and system for providing a media change notification on a computing system
Multimedia channel sharing
Display generation device, display generation method, program, and content download system
Interactive access to media or other content related to a currently viewed program
Enhancements to unified communications and messaging systems
Method and apparatus for indexing, searching and displaying data
Representing editable attributes of embedded content
Automated application generation method and system
Method of tracing object allocation site in program, as well as computer system and computer program therefor
System and method for networked software development
Verifying function performance based on predefined count ranges
Network for updating electronic devices
Profile-based global live-range splitting
Method and apparatus for activating a virtual machine in a virtual solution
Hierarchical stress parameter annotation
Terminal device of non-android platform for executing android applications, and computer readable recording medium for storing program of executing android applications on non-android platform
Executing a general-purpose operating system as a task under the control of a real-time operating system
Data sharing between applications where only one application knows the business purpose of the data
Electronic shelf label system and display method
Multiwavelength barcode reader
Method and apparatus for outputting a result of a game via a container
Single to multi-user synchronous application conversion
Optical disc drive and tray driving device thereof
Integrated disk driving module including a lateral surface plate bent from an upper plate
Test structure for characterizing multi-port static random access memory and register file arrays
Energy absorbing and displacing structure for athletic protective equipment
Fixing device for fixing a cable at a housing feed-through
Card connector
USB jack and USB plug
Electronic accessories for digital music players and related methods
Electrically contacting an electrical component
Terminal and connector with terminal
Incremental redundancy with resegmentation
Systems and methods for secure watchlisting
Secure firewall rule formulation
Identifying guests in web meetings
Interactive program guide systems and processes
System, method and computer program product for calculating the cost of an advertisement
Information processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Display device detection of and response to an idle mode of a remote sender device
Drain inlet vault and method of assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System for classifying an individual's gaze direction
Cardiac CT system
Computerized tomography reconstruction using shadow zone patching
Method, system and apparatus for aiming a device emitting a radiant beam
Sound bubble structures for sound reproducing arrays
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of operation of a glass melting furnace and a glass melting furnace for the practice of the method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable fired cartridge imaging apparatus
Fluorescent X-ray spectroscope
Hybrid adaptive beamformer
Computer system with a semi-differential bus signaling scheme
Intention identification method
Video coding and video decoding apparatus for changing a resolution conversion according to a reduction ratio setting information signal
Image processing method for motion estimation in a sequence of images, noise filtering method and medical imaging apparatus utilizing such methods
System and method for staging regional lymph nodes using quantitative analysis of endoscopic ultrasound images
Method and apparatus for detecting Mura defects
Three dimensional locally adaptive warping for volumetric registration of images
Motion vector detection apparatus
Compression of color images based on a 2-dimensional discrete wavelet transform yielding a perceptually lossless image
Motion vector detecting method and apparatus
Rolling code security system
Interactive voice response system
Method of selecting vocoder in code division multiple access mobile communication system
Encoding method, encoding apparatus, decoding method, decoding apparatus, and recording medium
Nuclear reaction fuel assembly for a nuclear reactor fuel assembly
X-ray diagnostic apparatus with an X-ray converter
Gyrating anode x-ray tube
Silicon-based strain-symmetrized GE-SI quantum lasers
On-board laser-triggered multi-layer semiconductor power switch
Chemical oxygen-iodine laser (coil)/cryosorption vacuum pump system
Molecular fluorine (F.sub.2) laser with narrow spectral linewidth
Power supply apparatus for laser
High efficiency decoupled tuning configuration intracavity doubled laser and method
Vertical-cavity laser and laser array incorporating guided-mode resonance effects and method for making the same
VCSELs (vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers) and VCSEL-based devices
Laser diode optical wavelength control apparatus
Semiconductor laser diode
Low frequency bilateral communication over distributed power lines
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Method and arrangement for automatically limiting distortion in audio devices
Automatic gain control system that responds to baseband signal distortion
Audio mute control signal generating circuit
Adaptive noise reduction filter with continuously variable sliding bandwidth
Method and system for rapidly achieving synchronization between digital communications systems
Clock extraction circuit
Symbol timing recovery based on adjusted, phase-selected magnitude values
Digital phase lock loop with control for enabling and disabling synchronization
Apparatus and method for digital data transmission using orthogonal codes
Method and system for analog to digital conversion
Method and apparatus for simultaneously encrypting and compressing data
Radio communication device with expanded keypad capability
Method and apparatus for embedding auxiliary data in a primary data signal using frequency and time domain processing
Spread spectrum communications system and receiver
Radio communication device and mobile communication system
Spread-spectrum signal receiving method and spread-spectrum signal receiving apparatus
Coherent detection using matched filter enhanced spread spectrum demodulation
Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system for adding a second channel that overlaps a guard band used by a first channel
Method for dissemination of multi-sensor products
Signaling method for CDMA quality based power control
Method and apparatus for combining transponders on multiple satellites into virtual channels
Preamble code structure and detection method and apparatus
Magnetically tunable and latchable broad-range semiconductor laser
Mobile station having improved DCCH synchronization
Data receiving apparatus and method of deinterleaving data
Voice frequency data enhancement method
Signal constellation slicer
Communication systems using nested coder and compatible channel coding
Adaptive-rate coded digital image transmission
Receiver in a wireless communications system for receiving signals having combined orthogonal transmit diversity and adaptive array techniques
Method and apparatus for continuous cross-channel interleaving
System and method for multicast conferencing and online discussion groups
Seamless roaming among multiple networks
Circuits and methods for a ring network
Data packet transmission system and method
System and method for signal demodulation
Signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically and adaptively adjusting telephone audio quality and DSL data rate in a DSL system
Physical layer device having a media independent interface for connecting to either media access control entitices or other physical layer devices
Timing recovery and tracking method and apparatus for data signals
Data phase recovery system
Fast sync-byte search scheme for packet framing
Public key cryptosystem with roaming user capability
Method and apparatus for a robust high-speed cryptosystem
Headset adapter for microphone and earpiece
Telecommunication equipment, system and method comprising management means for managing subscriber call-back lists
Telephone caller identification system
Portable telephone apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing false ringback detection
Method for providing information by calling from information provider, and service server for implementing the same
Charge minimizing callback system
Method and system for linking a toll switch
Data acquisition and error correcting speech recognition system
Security system with call forwarding activation
Order wire accommodation system for interoffice communications
Video buffer for seamless splicing of MPEG streams
Data transmitting system
Variable length coded data processing method and device for performing the same method
Data shaper for ATM traffic
Network system
System and method for storing and transferring information tokens in a low network communication
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligenty bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Flexible routing of local number portability (LNP) data in a telecommunications network
High speed SS7 signaling adaptation device
Methods and system for obtaining processing information relating to a communication
System and method for providing multiple configurable dialing plans in a call processing platform
Prioritizing pilot set searching for a CDMA telecommunications system
Recessed audio speaker system
Microphone having linear optical transducers
Probe microphone
Acoustic transducer with selective driving force distribution
Dome speaker
Method and apparatus for two channels of sound having directional cues
Method and apparatus for providing sound in a spatial environment
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew