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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for preserving organs or limbs using a composition containing a siloxane and a semifluorinated alkane and/or hydrofluoroether
Method and device for producing and packaging sausage type products
Adjustable clothes hanger
Computer housing and flattenable frame for the computer housing
Vehicle seat track
Backrest assembly
Cushion body, seat, and method of manufacturing the same
Truck trailer removeable rack
Baby teething/feeding device
Cocking mechanism for lancing device
Compound modulation transfer function for laser surgery and other optical applications
Intravascular imaging device and uses thereof
Self-etching dental compositions and methods
Methods for treating or preventing restenosis and other vascular proliferative disorders
Disposable wearing article
Disposable pull-on diaper having a low force, slow recovery elastic waist
Method for manufacturing a pants-type diaper or sanitary panty, and such an article
Compact intravaginal device applicator
Medical device coated with a coating containing elastin pentapeptide VGVPG
Device for the prevention of incontinence, especially urinary incontinence
Prosthetic knee joint
Method and apparatus for total hip replacement
Containment system for constraining a prosthetic component
Containment system for constraining a prosthetic component
Percutaneous spinal implants and methods
Therapeutic ribonucleases
Formulations containing thymoquinone for urinary health
Recombinant B. pseudomallei adhesin protein and methods and uses thereof
Multivalent HIV immunogenic compositions comprising a pool of lipidated and nonlipidated peptides representing Gag and Env variable regions
Cationic lipid-mediated enhancement of nucleic acid immunization of cats
Multivalent vaccine composition with mixed carrier
Method for the diagnosis and prognosis of malignant diseases
TCR-independent activation of T cells
Methods of using TICAM-1, an adapter protein that binds toll-like receptor 3
Caffeine salt complexes and methods for using the same in the prevention or treatment of cancer
Targeted iron chelator delivery system
Disinfection methods for surfaces and enclosed spaces
External inserter for transcutaneous device
High convection home hemodialysis/hemofiltration and sorbent system
Needle protection assembly
Applier with safety for implantable medical device
Medical catheter assembly and method of using the same
Mascara containing fiber components
Low flow showerhead and method of making same
Reactive punching bag device
Wheel assembly for trampolines
Mat for exercise
Golf club
Correcting golf tee
Support mechanism for transforming bicycle into stationary bike
Golf putting training apparatus and method of training a golfer to use a putter
Golf putting training apparatus and method of training a golfer to use a putter
Device for improving a golf swing
Non-transitive wagering game
Chair interconnection for a gaming machine
Gaming system modelling 3D volumetric masses
Drumming robotic toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Antifreeze recycling systems
Filler and filter unit for a tank, in particular for the fuel of a motor vehicle fitted with a diesel engine
Treatment device for magnetically treating liquid in a container and having an associated timer
Wireless zoned particulate matter filter regeneration control system
Laser welding method and filter element produced by it
Cleaning apparatus for a gas filter
Vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning filtration, and other self-cleaning filters
Filter pipeline
Collapsible filtration tank for a dust collector
Methods for applying microchannels to separate methane using liquid absorbents, especially ionic liquid absorbents from a mixture comprising methane and nitrogen
Combined membrane-distillation-forward-osmosis systems and methods of use
Event-triggered self-sterilization of article surfaces
Event-triggered self-sterilization of article surfaces
Fuel cell reformer and system
Process and apparatus for improved methods for making vinyl acetate monomer (VAM)
Method of liquid droplet formation and transport apparatus therefor and particle manipulating apparatus
Microfluidic device with vertical injection aperture
Pulper for pulverizing and suspending paper stock
Sorbent filter for the removal of vapor phase contaminants
Structure fabrication using nanoparticles
Film formation method and apparatus
Method for coating or heat treatment of blisks for aircraft gas turbines
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing device
Fabrication process for magnetoresistive devices of the CPP type
Acid removal in cleaning processes
Rinse method and developing apparatus
Method of making rare-earth strengthened components
Machining fixture with self-contained hydraulics
Multilayer retaining ring for chemical mechanical polishing
Amorphous nitride release layers for imprint lithography, and method of use
Nanoimprint method and apparatus
Method of joining a pair of tubular ends
Production of optical elements
Methods of cutting or forming cavities in a substrate for use in making optical films, components or wave guides
Method for producing a belt package for a pneumatic vehicle tire
Myoglobin blooming agent, films, packages and methods for packaging
High performance coated material with improved metal dusting corrosion resistance
GeSiSn-based compounds, templates, and semiconductor structures
Silane compositions and methods for bonding rubber to metals
Display device having pair of glass substrates and method for cutting it
Radial seal and method of making
System, method and apparatus for ultraviolet curing of adhesives with light beam shaping in disk drive manufacturing
Method for fabricating a microfluidic component comprising at least one microchannel filled with nanostructures
Apparatus and method for removing a temporary substrate from an optical disk
Printer for recording images on a recording paper and feeding the paper backwards
Material set for recording and recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus and recording method therefor
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Micro-fluid ejection heads with chips in pockets
Liquid jetting head and liquid jetting apparatus
Liquid droplet ejection head for ejecting high viscosity liquid droplets, and liquid droplet ejection device
Liquid droplet transporting apparatus, and valve, memory, display unit using the liquid droplet transporting apparatus
Printing system having funnelled fluid distribution
Method of using a container for housing and transporting ink cartridges and for collecting waste ink
Selectable fill volume for ink reservoir
Ejection liquid, ejection device, ejection cartridge, and method of making droplets from liquid
Image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Polishing slurry, production method of glass substrate for information recording medium and production method of information recording medium
Device, system and method for automated tow coupling
Vehicle comprising a window lined with a safety film, and production method
Roof system for a vehicle
Table and seat system for a vehicle
Energy-dissipation system
Stacked cargo securing device and method of use
Airbag cover and airbag apparatus
Airbag module
Vehicle article carrier having swing in place cross bars
Trailer jack kickstand
Motor vehicle rapid braking brake booster
Brake control apparatus and process
Vital solid state controller
Crossbeam for a motor vehicle
Suspension fork
Automatic recycling ice detector
Accelerating device
Baby bottle and method of creating infant formula
Support apparatus
Flux bag
Hermetically sealed liquid-containing bag with welded-in drinking or dispensing spout
Reusable container
Device for the packaging and dispensing of solid shaped bodies, especially oral tablets or and capsules
Spreadable food metered dispenser
Hand tool for lifting and moving a car stop
Paper stacking apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Method and device for the separation of single flat articles from a lying stack
Paper thickness detecting apparatus with applying electrodes
Apparatus for lifting pipelines
Alcoholic beverage dispenser
Nanowire fabrication
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Tricalcium phosphates, their composites, implants incorporating them, and method for their production
Water purification method
Vertical-horizontal filter unit for the biological purification of polluted water
Pyrotechnic composition that can be metered out for use as a thermal fuse in a gas generator and a gas generator including a compound having said composition
Method for the determination of cystosine methylation in CpG islands
Methods of analysis of allelic imbalance
Antibodies against a peptide epitope of apolipoprotein B
Fine inorganic oxide dispersion, coating composition, optical film, antireflection film, polarizing plate and image display device
Method for producing silica aerogel coating
Compounds suitable for use in inks and inks having such compounds
Thermally conductive and electrically resistive liquid crystalline polymer composition
Sorbent compositions and desulfurization method using the same
Thermostable luciferases and methods of production
KASPP (LRRK2) gene, its production and use for the detection and treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Stem cells having increased sensitivity to a chemoattractant and methods of generating and using same
Method for enhancing recombinant antibody production
Microorganism and method for producing carotenoid using it
Use of selection pressures to enable microbial biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates from anaerobic degradation products
Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
Method and device for introducing dust into a metal melt of a pyrometallurgical installation
Method for forming magnetic layer, magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Method of depositing Ge-Sb-Te thin film
Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated device with inverting plating cup
Textiles; Paper
Method for making shaped filtration articles
Process for producing single-walled carbon nanotubes with increased diameter
Method of cutting carbon nanotubes
Fixed Constructions
Lock device for use in motor vehicle
Locking fixture for a degradation assembly
Adaptor for setting a self-drilling, chemically anchored, fastening element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Arrangement in fuel supply apparatus
Turbine exhaust system and method for modifying the same
Screw and its combination with a conical sealing disk
Hanger device
Water resistant wide flooring boards
Vehicular-wheel bearing assembly
Restrained, reverse multi-pad bearing assembly
Constant velocity universal joint
Hybrid transmission
Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
Axle boot
Electromagnetic safety valve
Device and method for mounting a turbine engine
Light refraction illumination device
Light source device having different color temperature rotating lighting modules
System in package high power highly efficient diode lamp
Structure of overhead lamp and mounting bracket for constructional vehicle
LED night light with liquid optics medium
Light emitting device
Foldable LED light recycling cavity
LED light recycling cavity with integrated optics
Convection oven with laminar airflow and method
Recording ink, inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Liquid ejection head and its method of manufacture
Method for thermal characterization under non-uniform heat load
Apparatus, system and method for high resolution identification with temperature dependent resistive device
Temperature sensor for automobile
Systems for filling a sample array by droplet dragging
Device for measuring/determining a physical quantity of a medium
Device and method for filtration and/or separation of molecules, particularly proteins
Sensing device
Method for detecting a biomarker of oxidative stress in a biological sample
Hand-held image stabilization and balancing system for cameras
Camera lens holder
Peripheral projection display system
Fused aromatic structures and methods for photolithographic applications
Material and method for photolithography
Photopatternable dielectric materials for BEOL applications and methods for use
Exposure method and memory medium storing computer program
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming method
Magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Developing agent
Apparatus for securing and adjusting a watch strap
Compensator for robotic arm
Over-the-air device provisioning and activation
Device and method for providing an integrated circuit with a unique identification
System and method of pre-approving card holders for expedited security processing using emerging countries international travel approval control card
Systems and methods for the secure control of data within heterogeneous systems and networks
Device and method for capacitive reading of a code
Laminated material having recorded information thereon, article to which the same is affixed, information reading method, and information reading apparatus
Methods and apparatus for positioning objects for scanning by a hybrid laser and imaging scanner
Forming electroplated inductor structures for integrated circuits
Semiconductor device and display device using a one-dimensional substrate and device fabricating method thereof
Rechargeable battery with PTC device
Positive electrode active substance for lithium cell
Heater for fuel cell system
Proton-conducting structure and method for manufacturing the same
Connection unit and mounting process for such a connection unit
Plug-and-socket connector
Application of a coating forming material onto at least one substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Electronic endoscope apparatus
Microscopy method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Air in-line sensor for ambulatory drug infusion pump
Installation of filter capacitors into feedthroughs for implantable medical devices
Operating device with analog joystick
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mixing apparatus
Micromechanical transmission measuring cell
Digital horn for a motor vehicle
Laser marking system and method of energy control
Apparatus for reducing common mode noise current in power converters
Display panel filter and method of making the same
Coloring structure for producing color
Printing apparatus and control method for same, and a data storage medium recording the control method
Image recording method and image recording apparatus using the same
Mirror angle adjustment and mounting system for a laser scanner device
Pixel cross talk suppression in digital microprinters
Image forming device
Image forming apparatus with controlled access
Using signal strength to identify tire position
System and technique for mounting a radar system on a vehicle
Occupant sensing system
Security system to prevent unauthorized starting of the engine of a vehicle
Vehicle location system
Non-contact data carrier system
Method of protecting ink and providing enhanced bonding during molding of lenticular lens sheets in plastic objects
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical amplifier
Information equipment with polymer film in bearing and disk
Textiles; Paper
Image supply apparatus, image output apparatus, control apparatus therefor, and image forming apparatus incorporating them
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Illumination system for a micro display
Variable pitch grating for diffraction range finding system
Method of thin film process control and calibration standard for optical profilometry step height measurement
Electronic apparatus for automatically detecting the length of network transmission lines
Modulation interferometer and fiberoptically divided measuring probe with light guided
Passive/ranging/tracking processing method for collision avoidance guidance and control
Desired rate of turn bank angle indicator
Measuring method of liquid crystal pretilt angle and measuring equipment of liquid crystal pretilt angle
Reduced noise optical system and method for measuring distance
Method and apparatus for predictive altitude display
Position detector
Fibre optic sensor
Radiometric scatter monitor
Polarimetric spectral intensity modulation spectropolarimeter
Method and apparatus for verifying a color of an LED in a printed circuit board
Wave meter for measuring the wavelength of an optical wavelength division multiplexed signal
Apparatus and method for the remote monitoring of machine condition
Fail-safe leak detection and flood prevention apparatus
Leak detection device for double-wall pipeline systems and container systems
Automatic analysis method of crude petroleum oils using spectroscopy
Fume sensor system and methods for background noise suppression
Optical sensing based on whispering-gallery-mode microcavity
Acousto-optic tunable filter hyperspectral imaging system
Portable product authentication device
Method and apparatus for improving a dark field inspection environment
System and method for laser ultrasonic bond integrity evaluation
Attachment structure of electronic component to circuit board and clip used in attachment of the electronic component
Blocking circuit for high voltage spike testing
Analog-to-digital converter for monitoring VDDQ and dynamically updating programmable Vref when using high-frequency receiver and driver circuits for commercial memory
Magneto-resistive element and magnetic head for data writing/reading
Giant magnetoresistive sensor with a PtMnX pinning layer and a NiFeCr seed layer
Position location method and apparatus for a mobile telecommunications system
Real-time (STAP) filter for a fixed-target suppression
Phase-based sensing system
System and method for tracking and monitoring prisoners using impulse radio technology
Microwave icing avoidance system
Vehicle locating apparatus
Detector of faulty radar transmit tubes
Wide-angle lens system
Lens assembly for monitor with infrared and focus adjustment
Hybrid lens system
Achromatic lens and zoom lens using the same
Symmetric anastigmatic endoscope relay system
Process for Fabry-Perot filter train configuration using derived mode field size
Error reduction in a multi-beam scanning optical system, and image-forming apparatus using the same
Objective lens and optical head device
Image display apparatus
Image display apparatus
Radiation amassment device derived through cyclical accretion of light
Separating white light into polarized, colored light
Multidimensional imaging on a curved surface using lenticular lenses
Optical systems for reflective LCD's
High acuity lens system
Diffraction grating with reduced polarization-dependent loss
Lightweight holographic sight
Optical system using a radial harmonic pupil filter for generating collimated beams
Microactuator for optical switching and method for fabricating the same
Optimized interferometrically modulated array source
Lens barrel
Lens device
Lens barrel
Flat-panel display device having a backlight and an electromagnetic shield casing
Reflective type semiconductor display device
Active matrix liquid crystal display device having light-interruptive film over insulating film and opening of the upper insulating film
TFTLCD for recycling electrical power
LCD device and method of manufacture thereof
Liquid crystal display module having a light waveguide plate and a main supporting frame
Reflective liquid crystal display device and the fabricating method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Vertical alignment liquid crystal display having improved driving voltage control
Optical phased array for depolarized optical beam control
Method and system for aligning object to be processed with predetermined target article
Processing apparatus and method for determining optimum processing characteristics of thermal developable film
Stage mirror retention system
Exposure apparatus
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus having volume holographic memory
Lane-keep assisting system for vehicle
Fuse protected shunt regulator having improved control characteristics
Desktop portable computer vertical dock system
Detachable coupling for handheld computer and peripheral attachment scheme
Method and apparatus for providing managed modular sub-environments in a personal computer
Computer system for highly-dense mounting of system components
Apparatus and method for selectably including a mass storage device in a selectable space of a computer system
Vapor chamber with integrated pin array
Industrial computer case structure with modular interface card expansion capability
Method and system for visually differentiating industrial personal computers
Application program interface for a graphics system
Bus encoding/decoding apparatus and method
Software apparatus for immediately posting sharing and maintaining objects on a web page
Non-computer interface to a database and digital library
Security device
Multi-functional keyboard
Buoy icon notification of object interface accessibility in multitasking computer environment
Means for specifying direct manipulation relationships on hierarchically structured visuals
Hand-held electronic device with auxiliary input device
System and method for exposing popular categories of browse tree
System and method for displaying pop-up symbols for indicating accelerator keys for implementing computer software options
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for processing screen pointers in a display
System and method for improved navigation between open windows in an application program using window tabs
Method and system for providing touch-sensitive screens for the visually impaired
Extending the opening time of state menu items for conformations of multiple changes
Method and system for tracking attitude
Ergonomic dual-section computer-pointing device
Computer mouse having multiple cursor positioning inputs and method of operation
Printer driver and method for supporting worldwide single binary font format with built in support for double byte characters
Printer controller
Dynamic internal page registration and retrieval system
System and method for permitting a software routine having restricted local access to utilize remote resources to generate locally usable data structure
Method and system for generating CRT timing signals in a graphics accelerator
Graphical programming environment for deterministic finite state automata
Direct digital waveform synthesizer with DAC error correction
Printing apparatus with execution of software rendering and hardware rendering
Image decoding and display device
Graphics system having a super-sampled sample buffer with generation of output pixels using selective adjustment of filtering for implementation of display effects
Method for removing a checkerboard-like noise artifact from a captured composite NTSC video frame
Graphic processing device
Ray intersection reduction using directionally classified target lists
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Hybrid subdivision in computer graphics
Three dimensional geometric modeling system with multiple concurrent geometric engines
Method and device for graphic representation of an object defined by a plurality of triangles on a display surface
Method for converting three-dimensional polygon data into quad edge data structure
Selection of image processing operation using network based acquisition of user inputs
Tomographic reconstruction of electronic components from shadow image sensor data
Media composition system with media consolidation
Use of evaporatively activated color change for verifying the integrity of an object, such as a data storage medium or a gaming token
System for displaying information on distributed automated transaction machines
Apparatus for electronic article surveillance tag pollution reduction
Received information display method
Method for detecting a vehicle traffic status and system for detecting said traffic status
Display device convertible between a cave configuration and a wall configuration
Method and device for protecting a cathode ray tube in an image displaying device by using a brightness control circuit
Video analog-to-digital converter
Method for driving plasma display panel and apparatus for driving the same
LED matrix control system with Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Matrix display apparatus and plasma addressed display apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus with driving circuit to make full use of TL-AFLC response speed and method for driving the apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Display device driver IC
Data driver for use in liquid crystal display
Active matrix type semiconductor display device
Display device including an integral docking station for a palm sized computing device
System, method and computer program product for altering saturation in a computer graphics pipeline
Display controller with motion picture display function, computer system, and motion picture display control method
Memory arrangement
Method of synchronizing physical and logical positions in a magnetic tape recording device
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Servo gain optimization using a variable convergence factor
Patterned and directional selective roughening of a slider air-bearing surface
Disc drive assembly having side rail-channeled air bearing for ramp load-unload applications
Member for removing foreign particles within a cartridge storing space of a disk cartridge to be inserted into/removed from a disk drive apparatus
Tape cartridge with a cell for a leader hook member and a cell for a leader
Tape cassette having first and second write inhibit mechanisms for cassette type discrimination
Multiple actuator pivot bearing
System and method for providing power and control signals to a cartridge access device in a cartridge storage system
Disc drive having 3.5 inch form factor housing and 2.5 inch form factor disk media
Method of thermally printing servo patterns on magnetic media
Digital data recording method and apparatus, digital data reproducing apparatus, and magnetic tape therefor
Supply and method for providing differential positive supply voltages to a load with reduced common mode voltages
Error recovery in unit using GMR sensor
Magnetic head, manufacturing method thereof, and magnetic disk drive
Thin-film magnetic head having a magnetic layer including stacked magnetic material layers and a resistance layer and method of manufacturing same
Thin film magnetic head with diverging pole connection portions
Thin film write head with improved yoke to pole stitch
Magnetic head including an inductive magnetic head having a lower magnetic core of a magnetic film/non-magnetic film/magnetic film multilayer structure
Thin film magnetic head with recess for positional reference
Thin-film device with improved cohesion and electrical conductance between electrically conductive thin-film and electrical conductor in contact therewith, and manufacturing method therefor
Retraction control method and magnetic disk apparatus
Method and apparatus for refreshing servo patterns in a disc drive
Servo data detection with improved phase shift tolerance
Accelerated servo control calculations method and apparatus for a disc drive
Adaptive h-infinity hardware controller for disc drive actuator control
Method and apparatus for maintaining servo stability during actuator saturation
Code image recorder for recording an optically readable code image including markers as reference indexes
Device for evaluating cell resistances in a magnetoresistive memory
Method and configuration for compensating for parasitic current losses
Serial MRAM device
Memory cell configuration, magnetic ram, and associative memory
Forming and storing data in a memory cell
Random access memory device
Non-volatile memory and method of non-volatile memory programming
Semiconductor device, data processing system and a method for changing threshold of a non-volatile memory cell
Method of erasing a non-volatile memory cell using a substrate bias
Sector protection circuit and method for flash memory devices
Sense amplifier circuit for a flash memory device
Non-volatile memory with improved sensing and method therefor
Programming and erasing methods for a reference cell of an NROM array
Sensing scheme of flash EEPROM
Non-volatile memory device with erase register
Column redundancy circuit
Memory employing multiple enable/disable modes for redundant elements and testing method using same
Test methods for semiconductor non-volatile memories
Semiconductor devices having mirrored terminal arrangements, devices including same, and methods of testing such semiconductor devices
Semiconductor memory integrated circuit employing a redundant circuit system for compensating for defectiveness
Computer readable portable data storage device
Boost voltage generating circuit for nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for generating boost voltage
High-speed synchronous semiconductor memory having multi-stage pipeline structure and operating method
Delay-locked loop with binary-coupled capacitor
Method for operating a nonvolatile memory having embedded word lines
Composite dielectric molded product and lens antenna using the same
Mounting structure for thermistor with positive resistance-to-temperature characteristic
Arrangement for transferring a control signal in a transformer
Thin film magnetic head with electroplated Ni-Fe alloy thin film having small average crystal grain size range
High-Q micromechanical device and method of tuning same
Separating pins for the shunt wires of a circuit breaker
Electrical component and process for the manufacture thereof
Electromagnetic relay
Multiposition micro electromechanical switch
Method of electrically grounding a circuit breaker and circuit breaker panel employing a grounding member
Semiconductor package ejector
Support for supporting a substrate in a process chamber
Thin-film resistor
Integrated circuit package having a substrate vent hole
Electrostatic chuck bonded to base with a bond layer and method
Substrate support pedestal
Heatsink retainer
Peripheral land grid array package with improved thermal performance
Package substrate
High current sense resistor and process for its manufacture
Apparatus for supplying auxiliary power to portable electronic devices
H-plane offset transitions in a switchable waveguide
Strip-line filter, duplexer, filter device, communication device, and method of adjusting characteristic of strip-line filter
Microwave module
Line transition device between dielectric waveguide and waveguide, and oscillator, and transmitter using the same
Power divider/combiner
Antenna for hand-held communications devices to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation
Low profile, high gain frequency tunable variable impedance transmission line loaded antenna
Antenna and method of making such antenna and component parts thereof
Diagonal dual-polarized broadband horn antenna
Dielectric leaky-wave antenna
Centrally fed antenna system and method for optimizing such an antenna system
Apparatus for shielding
Optical fiber for optical amplifier, optical fiber amplifier and optical fiber laser
Method of amplifying optical signals using doped materials with extremely broad bandwidths
Composite optical amplifier
Gain controlled optically pre-amplified receiver apparatus and method
Device for suppressing transient effect of optical fiber amplifier in WDM system
Drawing apparatus for a drawer type electrical machinery
Conductive circuit structure having an electrically conductive surface fixed by collar walls
DC/AC conversion apparatus and method having contactless, inductive energy transfer
Motor start capacitor assembly
Power distribution system
Resonant power converter with primary-side tuning and zero-current switching
Post-regulated power supply
Method and apparatus for minimizing negative current build up in DC-DC converters with synchronous rectification
Auxiliary output voltage control implemented with a bi-directionally magnetizing magnetic amplifier
DC to DC converter
Electronic interface for power stealing circuit
Semiconductor electric power conversion device
Method for controlling neutral point potential of inverter of neutral point clamping type
Power conversion apparatus
Low phase noise oscillator
Method for reducing noise generated in a power amplifier
Digital attenuator with combined bits
Variable duty cycle resampling circuits and methods and sample rate converters using the same
Oversampling circuit and digital/analog converter
Filter for electric signals
Antenna duplexer with divided and grounded transmission line
Surface acoustic wave device, surface acoustic wave filter, and manufacturing method for the surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave duplexer with first and second package ground patterns
AFC circuit, carrier recovery circuit and receiver device capable of regenerating a carrier reliably even at the time of low C/N ratio
Slew controlled frame aligner for a phase locked loop
Pipeline analog-to-digital converter with on-chip digital calibration
RSD analog to digital converter
Segmented DAC calibration circuitry and methodology
Sub-ranging analog-to-digital converter using a sigma delta converter
Method of re-establishing the stability of a sigma-delta modulator and a circuit for implementing the method
Method and apparatus for improving S/N ratio in digital-to-analog conversion of pulse density modulated (PDM) signal
.DELTA..SIGMA. type A/D converter
Data compression for use with a communications channel
Data encoding method, data encoding apparatus, data decoding method, and data decoding apparatus
Multi-channel optical transceiver
Device and method for testing the operation of optical fiber communication networks
Analog optical transmission system
Method and apparatus for polarization tracking in wireless optical communication systems
Linear analog optical communication system with two transmitted beams and phase modulation
Transmission and reception of duobinary multilevel pulse-amplitude-modulated optical signals using subtraction-based encoder
Method and apparatus for optimizing SBS performance in an optical communication system using at least two phase modulation tones
Optical transmission system
Laser/microwave dual mode communications system
Wireless local loop terminal and system having high speed, high resolution, digital-to-analog converter with off-line sigma-delta conversion and storage
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system
System and method for prevention of cell loss due to quality of service contracts in an ATM network
Peer to peer interconnect diagnostics
Method and apparatus for communicating congestion information among different protocol layers between networks
Adaptive connection admission control scheme for packet networks
Communication speed switching device
Cellular phone with built in optical projector for display of data
Rotatable sheet feed scanner and method for using the same
Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and storage media thereof
Rasterization of lines in a cylindrical voxel grid
Analglyphic representations of image and elevation data
Method and apparatus for detecting synchronization shift between original image and reproduced image of video signal
Large field of view CCD imaging system
Adaptive channel equalizer
TV camera system with external cable having built-in amplifier for connecting TV camera unit to lens unit
System, method and article of manufacture for executing a video setup protocol
Image pickup apparatus with optical and electronic zoom
Highlight compensation apparatus for monochrome cameras
Image acquisition architecture
Apparatus and method increasing speed of receiving television broadcasts
Supplemental data path for supporting on-screen displays from external sources in a monitor/TV receiver using a secondary analog signal path
Electronic device for selecting inputs and outputs of audio-visual equipment
Television receiver
Method and apparatus for time shifting and controlling broadcast audio and video signals
Versatile video transformation device
Method and apparatus for deinterlacing digital video images
Remote control device for video and audio capture and communication
Apparatus and method for image display
Method and apparatus for motion vector concealment
Moving-picture decoding method and apparatus calculating motion vectors to reduce distortion caused by error propagation
Data storage device
Elementary stream multiplexer
Video signal receiver with level limited output
Video signal receiver with level limited output
Chroma key system for discriminating between a subject and a background of the subject based on a changing background color
Recording/reproducing apparatus having clock generating means for generating all of the required clock signals from a single reference crystal
Interconnection of circuit substrates on different planes in electronic module
Circuit board retainer
Deformation-resistant mounting structure of portable device
Electrical circuit board and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for providing electromagnetic shielding
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew