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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cover layers to prevent weed growth
P.E.T. PT -pet exercise toy physical therapy
Poultry selection method to improve the egg production rate
Mechanical shoeing for hoof, which is intended, in particular, for sport horses
Pants, in particular riding jeans
Liquid penetration shields for outer garments
Slipper insole, slipper, and method for manufacturing a slipper
Reversible deck umbrella
Jewelry display
Vibrating hair brush
Manual toothbrush
Table top with a plurality of closely spaced depressions
Three-piece furniture swivel
Device for positioning a user thereon a bed
Apparatus and method for the preparation of hot beverages by brewing a water-extractable particulate substance
Tea bag cup lid
Steerable upright vacuum cleaner
Methods and apparatus for filtering EGM signals detected by an implantable medical device
Methods and systems of an adjustable bed
Shaft constructions for a medical device
Sterile disposable internal defibrillation paddles
Battery monitor and power demand adjuster
Transcanal cochlear implant system
Method and device for securing a functional device to a stomach
Smooth muscle controller
Implantable cardioversion device with a self-adjusting threshold for therapy selection
Flexible subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Shock lead impedance measurement to ensure safe delivery of shock therapy to maintain circuit integrity
Clear ice skate blade holder
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vacuum filtration device
Magnetic sweeper
Equipment for ultraviolet crosslinking in a controlled atmosphere
System and method for coating articles
Substrate proximity drying using in-situ local heating of substrate and substrate carrier point of contact, and methods, apparatus, and systems for implementing the same
Smelt spout enclosure for chemical recovery boilers
Mechanical press drive system
Transfer apparatus for transferring a component of integrated circuitry
Shotgun shell storing and dispensing device
Automatic workpiece clamp and support
Scissors with an integrated tape dispenser
Electric bush cutter
Tread pattern having wave-shaped and straight grooves
Spring system, in particular for bicycles
Axle drive unit for a drive train
Torque distributing drive mechanism for motor vehicles
Collision detector
Magnetic rail brake device
Carrier device for a bicycle
Combination model train proximity detector and signal
Vehicle steering apparatus
Stair climbing platform apparatus and method
Thrust fin for ships
System for attaching a flexible cover and an edge clip for the same
Aerial sensor pod deployment system
Remote control model aircraft with laser tag shooting action
Ultrahigh altitude sun-synchronous orbit satellite system
Mixing and packing of particles
Inserts for multiple component containers
Push/pop closure
Release system for container
Folding dish
Interlocking display for products
Sport ball container
Removable container accessory for a portable device
Towelette dispenser
Medium feeding apparatus
Sheet handling apparatus
Sheet-feeding scanning apparatus having mechanism for feeding business card
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for continuously forming optical fiber connector glass and other close tolerance components
Plasma treatment apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Device for controlling the transverse movement of the warp threads of a textile weaving machine
Shedding apparatus for a weaving machine, in particular for a ribbon weaving machine
Sewing machine and sewing element
Device for generating steam
Fixed Constructions
Snow removal apparatus and method of doing the same
Float mechanism for material-moving implement
Foundation for enabling anchoring of a wind turbine tower thereto by means of replaceable through-bolts
Breathable low-emissivity metalized sheets
Apparatus and method for securing a roof assembly during a severe wind storm
Fiberglass reinforced spray foam roof construction
Rain and storm water filtration systems
Single duct silencing terminal unit
Fan powered silencing terminal unit
Do-it-yourself glass door or window hurricane panel lower edge support and attachment system
Heated insulating glass panel with a fitting
String mounted hydraulic pressure generating device for downhole tool actuation
Connector assembly for connecting a hot stab to a hydraulic hose
Treatment fluids comprising friction reducers and antiflocculation additives and associated methods
Technique to limit proppant carry-over out of fracture
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ball supported swashplate for axial piston hydraulic machine
Absorptive muffler suspension
Thermal shield, especially for lining the wall of a combustion chamber
Integrated coal gasification combined cycle plant
Cylinder head gasket
Cylinder head gasket
Cylinder head gasket
Feed unit
Starter device for a motor driven machine
Lubricating structure of one-way clutch
Electromechanical actuating device for a wheel brake system of a motor vehicle and a brake system equipped with such an actuating device
Vehicular brake rotors
Spring sheet structure of hydraulic shock absorber
Self-indexing spacer for air spring assembly
Control system and method for a vehicle transmission
Regulating device for a regulating or control element
Power saving locking coil
Variable flow valve
Retaining key
Fluid conduit coupling assembly having male and female couplers with integral valves
Lubricant delivery systems and methods for controlling flow in lubricant delivery systems
Method and apparatus for the crust-freezing/cooling/deep-freezing treatment of products
Top plate structure for air conditioner installed at high location
Using refrigeration and heat pipe for electronics cooling applications
Heat exchanger, method for manufacturing the same, and heart-lung machine
Heat exchanger
Parallel flow evaporator with spiral inlet manifold
Firearm magazine grip
Magazine apparatuses, firearms including same, and method of introducing an ammunition cartridge into a firearm
Alignment of a flight vehicle based on recursive matrix inversion
Body armor plate having integrated electronics modules
Electronic dart football game
Method and device for determining a true meridian
Integrated electronic scale, and a system and method which uses the scale automatically to compute postal/carrier rates
Bicycle torque measuring system
Belt conveying tension measuring system
Multi-diaphragm pressure sensors
Portable vehicle exhaust flow sensor
Pressure tube for a position measuring system
Selectivity enhancement in photoacoustic gas analysis via phase-sensitive detection at high modulation frequency
High accuracy contamination estimation in hydrocarbon samples using GC.times.GC
Method, system, converter and switch for asynchronous transmission-mode (ATM) communication
Method and apparatus for correcting non-uniform banding and residual toner density using feedback control
Method of controlling a transfer voltage for an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with heating members having standby mode and low power mode
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image-forming apparatus
System and architecture for providing a modular intelligent assist system
Method and device for data transfer
Method and system for shutting down and restarting a computer system
Apparatus for resetting power management enable register and resetting power management register based on an operating system instruction and output of power management enable register
Power supply control apparatus and power supply control method
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption through dynamic control of supply voltage and body bias including maintaining a substantially constant operating frequency
Information processing apparatus and method, as well as program
Redundant control system and control computer and peripheral unit for a control system of this type
System and method for delayed error handling
Method and system for preventing computer worm dissemination using encryption
Systems and methods for analyzing data of a SAS/SATA device
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Reconfigurable memory module and method
Signal processing circuit for optical disk player having a shared memory for both an anti-shock mechanism and a CD-ROM decoder
Arbitration system and method for memory responses in a hub-based memory system
Multi-port memory based on DRAM core
Memory transaction ordering
Point in time remote copy for multiple sites
Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
Apparatus and method for memory management
Storage system
Virtual track for serpentine track format
System, method and apparatus for detecting, identifying and responding to fraudulent requests on a network
Contention resolution in a memory management system
Electronic apparatus
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Readdressable virtual DMA control and status registers
Signal source identification utilizing wavelet-based signal processing and associated method
Device for producing multimedia presentation
Methods for display, notification, and interaction with prioritized messages
Organizing, editing, and rendering digital ink
Method, system, and program for presenting data in a limited display area
Method and apparatus for persistent access to Web resources using variable time-stamps
Single switch image for a stack of switches
Method for limiting conveyance information of user profile within mobile Internet transactions
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked library of multiple formats and multiple protocols with intelligent protocol processor
Web page providing method, server machine, web page providing program, and computer readable medium
Document controlled workflow systems and methods
Solution data edit processing apparatus and method, and automatic summarization processing apparatus and method
Device and method for controlling copying operation of document with use of barcode
Sound and image producing system
Spreadsheet fields in text
System and method for defining and using subclasses declaratively within markup
Digital systolic array architecture and method for computing the discrete Fourier transform
Event-based database access execution
Positional access using a b-tree
Formal verification of semantic DS
Authoring tools, including content-driven treetables, for fluid text
Automatic validation method for multimedia product manuals
Secure selective sharing of account information on an internet information aggregation system
Register retiming technique
Integrated circuit schematics and layouts
Pass-transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof
Identification of missing properties in model checking
Method for estimating EMI in a semiconductor device
Method for using data regarding manufacturing procedures integrated circuits (ICS) have undergone, such as repairs, to select procedures the ICS will undergo, such as additional repairs
Radio-tag reading apparatus and radio tag
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Energy management device
Disk-array device having storage-device recognition and indentification of a storage area network link environment
Electronic television program guide data naming system and method
System using Internet electronic mail for communicating status of a monitored device to a monitoring device
Magnetic disk array device with processing offload function module
Controller for data recorder
System and method for operating a rollover control system in a transition to a rollover condition
System and method for enabling a user to subscribe to updates from information sources
Bit exactness support in dual-MAC architecture
System and method for generating filters based on analyzed flow data
System and method for portable on-demand central processing unit
Intermediate representation for multiple exception handling models
Protocol agnostic web listener
User control objects for providing server-side code generation from a user-defined dynamic web page content file
Method and computer program product for precise feedback data generation and updating for compile-time optimizations
Computer system for load balance, program and method for setting paths
Method and apparatus for promoting the selection and use of a transaction card
Operation circuit and operation control method thereof
Data classifier using learning-formed and clustered map
Electronically distributing promotional and advertising material based upon consumer internet usage
Method for managing an investment portfolio
Systems and methods for improving investment performance
Transaction system for video matching
Selected climate change control of pet food formulation and distribution
Mercury release alerting
Silence description coding for multi-rate speech codecs
System and method for identifying an identical audio segment using text comparison
Method and apparatus for recognizing speech in a noisy environment
High-accuracy continuous duty-cycle correction circuit
Summarization of sumo video content
Method and unit for deskewing signals
Method of producing a magnetic head slider
Data generator for generating test data for word-oriented semiconductor memories
Method and apparatus for a high performance and high dynamic range baseband power control system
Method and apparatus to control power of transmitter
Method of installing an electrical insulating device
Survivor path memory circuit and Viterbi decoder with the same
Radio receiver
System and method for protecting traffic in a hubbed optical ring network
High power repeaters for Raman amplified, wave division multiplexed optical communication systems
Transmission control method and apparatus for mobile communication system
Bridged cryptographic VLAN
Methods for authenticating potential members invited to join a group
Method of controlling digital content distribution, a method of reproducing digital content, and an apparatus using the same
Integrated circuit device with data modifying capabilities and related methods
System and method for e-mail alias registration
Mobile communication terminal
Personal mobile computing device having antenna microphone and speech detection for improved speech recognition
Generating one or more triggered operations to prepaid service node based on connection with intelligent peripheral component
Automatic telephone service forwarding device
Netted radio signal broadcast method
Method and apparatus for handoff between a wireless local area network (WLAN) and a universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS)
Method and apparatus for fast link setup in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus to provide guidance to support wireless connectivity
Paging of mobile hosts on an internet protocol network
Method and system for re-routing a call
High-performance full-range speaker assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Fiber stub end-pumped laser
External cavity laser source using spectral beam combining in two dimensions
Optically-pumped external-mirror vertical-cavity semiconductor-laser
Solid-state laser apparatus
Gas laser oscillator
Cooled roof for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces
Frequency hopping code division multiple access system and method
Post-correlation temporal nulling
Method and system for measuring and adjusting the quality of an orthogonal transmit diversity signal in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for dynamic spectrum allocation
Detection and adaptation to digital network impairments by PCM modems
Fast adaptive equalizer for wireless communication systems
Method and system for data transmission using a lossy compression service
Apparatus and method to digitally compress video signals
Method and apparatus for encoding a stream of data blocks
Interlaced moving image signal coding/decoding apparatus and method, and storage medium for storing coded interlaced moving image signal
Device, article of manufacture, method, memory, and computer-readable memory for removing video coding errors
Asynchronous differential communication
Bidirection channels using common pins for transmit and receive paths
Wireless transmission method for antenna arrays, having improved resistance to fading
Frequency diverse single carrier modulation for robust communication over in-premises wiring
RF narrowband/wideband discriminating system for spread spectrum signal differentiation
Method and apparatus for DC offset correction
Method and apparatus for channel estimation for multicarrier systems
Method for estimating impulse response, and receiver
Data receiver using approximated bit metrics
Combined equalization and decoding techniques
Process, voltage, temperature independent switched delay compensation scheme
Phase detector with frequency steering
Tube loading apparatus
Borated aluminum rodlets for use in spent nuclear fuel assemblies
Interlock assembly for burnable poison rod transfer device
Multiple reactor containment building
Nuclear fuel assembly
Methods and apparatus for adaptive interpolation reduced view CT scan
Method for image reconstruction for a computed tomography apparatus
Multi-channel segmented slip ring
Computerized tomography system
Methods and apparatus for monitoring detector image quality
Computed tomography apparatus
Method and apparatus for analyzing CT z-axis beam positioning
Exposure method
Tire interior inspecting method and tire interior inspecting system for carrying out the same
Method of rapidly screening X-ray powder diffraction patterns
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional imaging using a stationary monochromatic x-ray beam
Radiogram showing location of automatic exposure control sensor
Method and apparatus for determining incident position of X-ray detected by use of CCD
Replaceable carbridge for an ECR x-ray source
Industrial x-ray/electron beam source using an electron accelerator
Cooled x-ray tube and method of operation
Scattered-ray grid
E911 backup system for emergency 911 call answering systems
System and methods for automatic call and data transfer processing
Enhanced network subscriber service (ENSS)
Method and system therefor of establishing an acceptance threshold for controlling fraudulent telephone calls
Method and apparatus for setting user communication parameters based on voice identification of users
Calling party identification authentication and routing in response thereto
Method and system for controlling authorization of credit card transactions
Method and apparatus for identifying a rate center using a location routing number
Methods and systems for collecting and processing signaling system 7 (SS7) message signal units (MSUs)
Method and apparatus for awarding and redeeming prepaid telephone time
System and method for real-time fraud detection within a telecommunications system
Apparatus and method for permitting temporary use of a telephone number
Methods, systems, and articles for providing a family telecommunication service
Use of platform-independent code for supporting services in an intelligent network
Call forwarding on busy or no answer when call waiting is active
Method, system, and database for providing a telecommunication service
System and method for rerouting data calls to internet service provider via lowest access point in a telephone network
Method for providing personal information to call centers using intelligent network
System for managing office data in an exchange, subscriber''s number assigning system, and same number migrating system
Multivariate rate-based overload control for multiple-class communications traffic
System and method including dynamic differential treatment in workflows and contact flow
Method and system for automated customer services
Reducing resource consumption by ACD systems
Acoustic coupling product label and method of using
Method for the adjustment of a hearing device, apparatus to do it and a hearing device
Sound effects controller
Configuration of providing microphone in duct and active noise reduction device using same
Loudspeakers comprising panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Hearing aid having plural microphones and a microphone switching system
Loudspeaker with cooling adapter
Ceramic metal matrix diaphragm for loudspeakers
Mail address reading apparatus and mail sorting apparatus
Arrangement and method for inspection of surface quality
Ophthalmologic phototaking apparatus
Electronic apparatus comprising fingerprint sensing devices
Automated cytological specimen classification system and method
Character recognition method
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Method for the correlation of three dimensional measurements obtained by image capturing units and system for carrying out said method
Image transformation and synthesis methods
Image processing method and apparatus and storage medium therefor
Multi-color image encoding apparatus and method, multi-color image decoding apparatus and method
Character recognition apparatus and method for recognizing characters
Character segmentation device and character segmentation system
Key character extraction and lexicon reduction for cursive text recognition
Apparatus and method for extracting management information from image
Identification of logos from document images
Image pixel bridge
Methods of scene fade detection for indexing of video sequences
Protecting image quality from occurrence of uncorrectable errors
Method of visual progressive coding
Method and apparatus to transform a region within a digital image using a deformable window
Apparatus and method for deriving temporal delays in integrated circuits
Glyph address carpet methods and apparatus for providing location information in a multidimensional address space
Optical waveguide having an optically decoupled modulator region
System and method for providing temperature control for a thermally activated optical switch using constant total power
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Optical devices employing an optical thresholder
Protection scheme for single fiber bidirectional passive optical point-to-multipoint network architectures
Multifrequency laser system
Lightwave transmission system having wide pump wavebands
Semiconductor memory device and method for producing same
Semiconductor memory device for effecting erasing operation in block unit
Reference cell bitline path architecture for a simultaneous operation flash memory device
Semiconductor device and a method of operation the same
Nonlinear stepped programming voltage
Read circuit for a nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor memory apparatus which can make read speed of memory cell faster
Non-volatile semiconductor memory including memory cells having different charge exchange capability
EPROM and flash memory cells with source-side injection and a gate dielectric that traps hot electrons during programming
Synchronous random access memory
Electrically alterable non-volatile memory with n-bits per cell
Complementary differential input buffer for a semiconductor memory device
Address signal generator in a semiconductor memory
Method and circuit for providing a memory device having hidden row access and row precharge times
Mixed signal method for display deflection signal generation for low cost displays
Precise reference wordline loading compensation for a high density flash memory device
Boosted-voltage drive circuit operable with high reliability and semiconductor memory device employing the same
Synchronous memory device having an adjustable data clocking circuit
Structure and method of a column redundancy memory
Semiconductor memory device having a test mode setting circuit
Method for testing memory devices
Circuit and method for testing a memory device
Device and method for margin testing a semiconductor memory by applying a stressing voltage simultaneously to complementary and true digit lines
Bit line pre-charge in a memory
Memory device having minimized power consumption and data read and write method of the same
Method of storing information in a memory cell
Signal latching of high bandwidth DRAM arrays when skew between different components is higher than signal rate
Semiconductor memory device including serial/parallel conversion circuit
Synchronizing data operations across a synchronization boundary between different clock domains using two-hot encoding
Semiconductor memory device having self refresh mode
Multi stage refresh control of a memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Inverter having a variable threshold potential
Microcomputer and microprocessor having flash memory operable from single external power supply
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having a hierarchical power source configuration
Multi-bank memory device having input and output amplifier shared by adjacent memory banks
Local bit switch decode circuit and method
Full page increment/decrement burst for DDR SDRAM/SGRAM
Variable latency buffer circuits, latency determination circuits and methods of operation thereof
Integrated circuit time delay measurement apparatus
Method and system for directing a following device toward a movable object
Sonar location monitor
Steered beam ultrasonic sensor for object location and classification
Electronic watch
Subnanosecond timekeeper system
On-chip method for measuring access time and data-pin spread
Electronic unit, and control method for electronic unit
Clock with cam device
Magnetic recorder/reproduction apparatus including a selective temperature controller and magnetic recording reproduction method including selective temperature control
Disk device
Storage device and its seek control method
Disk process and transport mechanism for host machines
Optical head device with zero-cross point correction
Information recording and reproduction apparatus carrying out recording and reproduction of information using laser beam
Method and apparatus for reporting programming selections from compact disk players
System for discriminating optical discs
Optical recording medium, and recording/reproducing method and apparatus therefor
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information and/or from optical information record disk
Optical pickup for recording or reproducing system
Optical disk device
Disc apparatus
Optical disc and optical disc drive
Optical data storage system with lens mount
Message redirector with cut-through switch for highly reliable and efficient network traffic processor deployment
System and method for performing a seamless switchover from a primary packet router to a secondary packet router
Packet handler
Automatic channel switching for jamming avoidance in burst-mode packet data wireless communication networks
Controlled available bit rate service in an ATM switch
Method and device to characterize cell traffic
Method and apparatus for transmitting document data
Data communication device
Method and apparatus for supressing crosstalk between data and monitoring channel in an optical communication system
Snapshot routing
Automatic link establishment between distributed servers through an NBMA network
Method and apparatus for controlling switching of connections among data processing devices
Method for bandwidth sharing in a multiple access system for communications networks
Method of CDMA radio wave communication and a base station and mobile station using CDMA system
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating packet data in a radio communication system
Code division multiple access transmitter and receiver
Method and apparatus for routing internet calls
Flexible placement of serial data within a time divisioned multiplexed frame through programmable time slot start and stop bit positions
Controlled routing to a plurality of signaling interfaces at a single telephonic switch
Translation process for an ATM cell header
Sample value extraction apparatus in DSS system
On-vehicle multiplex communication system and manufacturing method thereof
Information network access apparatus and methods for communicating information packets via telephone lines
Accelerated multi-format communication using a prefix to identify the transmitter format
Multiple user access network
Systems and methods for routing a message through a signaling network associated with a public switched telephone network (PSTN), including a method for performing global title routing on an internet protocol (IP) address
High speed data services for DECT/GSM interworking
Rate controller
Telecommunications apparatus, system, and method with an enhanced signal transfer point
Programmable reassembly of data received in an ATM network
Data transfer system, transmitter and receiver
Method to transparently transport an incoming clock signal over a network segment, and related transmitter and receiver unit
Method for estimating relative skew between clocks in packet networks
Remultiplexing variable rate bitstreams using a delay buffer and rate estimation
Conferencing over LAN/WAN using a hybrid client/server configuration
Method for controlling the wavelength of an optical fiber-based light source
Diode laser pumped multimode waveguide laser, particularly fiber laser
Device for pump light supply for laser active and amplifying fibers
Custom optical filters
Laser with harmonic cavity
Yb-doped:YCOB laser
Wavelength switched laser source
Detector with frequency converting coating
Surface mounted 2-D diode laser array package
High speed magnetic modulator voltage and temperature timing compensation circuit
Tunable semiconductor laser system
Buried heterostructure for lasers and light emitting diodes
Wavelength-variable semiconductor laser, optical integrated device utilizing the same, and production method thereof
Beam delivery system for molecular fluorine (F2) laser
Light scanning apparatus
Adaptive pulse compressor
Electrochromic devices with improved processability and methods of preparing the same
Electrochromic assembly based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) derivatives in combination with a lithium niobate counterelectrode
Drive methods of array-type light modulation element and flat-panel display
Microcell electrophoretic displays
Opto-electronic shutter
Display medium using emitting particles dispersed in a transparent host
Optical gain equalization unit, optical gain equalization method, and optical fiber transmission line
Optical amplifier equipment for WDM optical communication
Optical direct amplifier device and bidirectionally pumped optical direct amplifier device
Image processing system for use with a microscope employing a digital camera
Stereoscopic microscope
Microscope comprising an exchangeable intermediate tube
Temperature compensating focuser for telescope
Wedge-shaped molding for a frame of an image projection screen
Rear projection screen with reduced speckle
Display system where polarized light impinges on platelike laminate at brewster''s angle or emerges therefrom at angle equal thereto
Optical filter and optical device provided with this optical filter
Optical diffraction device and exposure apparatus
Optical-thin-film material, process for its production, and optical device making use of the optical-thin-film material
Polarizing plate with diffusing means
Laminated transparent structure for reflective display
Multiple laser beam generation
Collimating plate and backlight system
Cross dichroic prism
Image display apparatus
High-performance and compact image-forming optical system using prism elements
Vehicle lamp and method for manufacturing the same
Set of lens system
Optical imaging system and graphic user interface
Wide-angle zoom lens system
Zoom lens and optical device having the same
Zoom lens
Objective lens for variable viewing depth endoscope
Miniature self-contained vacuum compatible electronic imaging microscope
Slid mounted lens holder with slot extensions one or multiple lenses
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus comprising a magnetic head clogging detecting unit
Apparatus and methods for low overhead, highly reliable determination of position of a magnetic storage medium
Disk drive having data-guarding firmware
Spin tunnel magneto-resistance effect type magnetic sensor and production method thereof
Filter calibration method in a disc drive and apparatus
Method for reproducing information from media which incorporate separate memory circuits
Optical system, position detecting apparatus, magnetic recording apparatus, and lens with aperture
System for reducing controller delays during sequential data transfers in a disc drive
Adjacent track position detectable information storage apparatus
Rotatable cartridge engaging assembly
Recording medium driving apparatus
Iontophoresis electrode
Portable emergency oxygen and automatic external defibrillator (AED) therapy system
Implantable stimulation lead for use with an ICD device having automatic capture pacing features
Cardiac stimulator and defibrillator
Dual shock atrial defibrillation apparatus
System and method for determining safety alert conditions for implantable medical devices
Implantable stimulator housing with electrode connector
Method and apparatus for sensing and stimulating gastrointestinal tract on-demand
Transcutaneous energy transfer with circuitry arranged to avoid overheating
Method and apparatus for rf intraluminal reduction and occlusion
Far infrared heating apparatus
Multiple extendable leadwire device
Programmable state machine
Programmable controller data communications using variable names associated with data addresses
Plant supervisory system
Input/output (I/O) scanner for a control system with peer determination
Method and apparatus using positional data detected in a non-contact manner to transfer a substrate from a first position to a second position
Methods and apparatus for calculating alignment of layers during semiconductor processing
Apparatus and method for managing and distributing design and manufacturing information throughout a sheet metal production facility
Performance tuning of an inserter system based upon a rolling average of page counts for mailpieces to be processed
Operation terminal and remote operation system for a robot
Apparatus for on-the-fly center finding and notch aligning for wafer handling robots
Off-line teaching apparatus
Method and system for transferring energy between robotic mechanisms in an automated storage library
Planar normality sensor
Process control method for vented polymerizers
Display apparatus for vehicle
Overhead system of inclined eccentric geosynchronous orbitting satellites
System for high efficiency motor control
Vehicle suspension ride control diagnostic testing
Method and apparatus for measuring the rollover resistance and compliance characteristics of a vehicle
Activation control apparatus of occupant safety system
Method and apparatus for conditioning deployment of air bags on vehicle load
Range control
Apparatus and method for controlling a distance between two traveling vehicles and a recording medium for storing the control method
Method of and device for determination of characteristic values of an internal combustion engine
Navigation method and navigation apparatus for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for continuously locating an object
Unambiguous position determination using two low-earth orbit satellites
Location beaconing methods and systems
Vehicle environment monitoring system
Multi-shooting approach to seismic modeling and acquisition
Method and apparatus for evaluating stoneley waves, and for determining formation parameters in response thereto
Method of determining drill string stiffness
Method of detecting end point of process, end point detector, computer memory product and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Electronic energy management system
System and method for approximating the coupling voltage noise on a node
Method of judging truth of paper type and method of judging direction in which paper type is fed
Automatic storage of a trigger definition in a signal measurement system
Method and apparatus for board model correction
Reducing mode interference in transmission of LP02 Mode in optical fibers
Wavelength filter
Devices and methods for temperature stabilization of Bragg grating structures
Optical transmission systems and apparatuses including Bragg gratings and methods of making
Semiconductor light-receiving device, method of manufacturing the same, bidirectional optical semiconductor device, and optical transmission system
Electrical interconnection of planar lightwave circuits
Optical fiber ribbon in which the end fibers are protected from stress
Target analyte sensors utilizing Microspheres
Interconnected optical devices having enhanced reliability
Optical fiber, light-emitting module, and optical fiber amplifier
Optoelectronic device and laser diode
Apparatus and method for interconnecting fiber cables
Optical waveguide made of polymer material and a method of fabricating the same
Flexible optical panel
Apparatus and method for reconstructing a tape library containing program information corresponding to programs recorded on a magnetic tape
Method and apparatus implementing random access and time-based functions on a continuous stream of formatted digital data
Composite recording/playback device
Image displaying method and editing apparatus to efficiently edit recorded materials on a medium
Multiple speed fast forward/rewind compressed video delivery system
Method and apparatus for modifying the effects of color burst modifications to a video signal
Information processing apparatus and recording medium
Method of and circuit for operating a motor using power transistors
Regulator for heating and air conditioning appliances in motor vehicles
Apparatus and method for delivering a beneficial agent
Space heater and enclosure
Portable dryer with different circuit designs
Coffee maker heater
Camera having antifogging film
Method and system for reducing image artifacts
Instant film packs
Image blur correction apparatus
Focus adjusting apparatus
Camera and object tracing mechanism of camera
Verifying camera having focus indicator and method
Optical system of data imprinting device
Method and apparatus for manufacturing postcard-affixed photographic prints and photographic prints
Camera with battery holder cover for film compartment
Circuit board for camera
Liquid crystal display device
Fixing device and heating volume regulating method for an image forming apparatus
Toner image transfer apparatus
Multi-mode image forming apparatus having service mode for authorized users and method therefor
Electrophotographic apparatus having heat exhaustion device
Connecting member, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic apparatus for forming color image
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using color toner
Development device for use with an electrophotographic image-forming device
Donor rolls and methods of making donor rolls
Image forming apparatus and registration correction method to correct dislocation of formed images
Imagable seamed belts having fluoropolymer adhesive between interlocking seaming members
Back-up roller with reduced mass
Induction heating fixing device and image forming apparatus
Opening-closing device with limited lifting range
Method and apparatus for positioning paper in an imaging system having an intermediate transfer medium
Remote control with a detachable insert
Retractable multiband radiator with switching contact for wireless communication devices
System and method for dynamically varying operational parameters of an amplifier
Method and apparatus for generating a variable capacitance for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Frequency conversion circuit having a variable trap circuit tuned to the local oscillator frequency
Voltage tunable active inductorless filter
Method and arrangement for setting the charge rate in a wireless pay phone
Method for computing maximum traffic capacitance of a base station using a virtual call
Method and apparatus for relocating a beacon in a wireless system
Channel scanning method and apparatus
Handover between fixed and mobile networks for dual mode phones
Method and an apparatus for positioning system assisted cellular radiotelephone handoff and dropoff
Arrangement, system and method relating radio communication
Method and apparatus for increasing the sensitivity of a global positioning satellite receiver
Method for locating mobile station in distributed manner
Selective pager and paging system
System and method for wireless voice and computer communications using a wireless link to a public telephone network
Wireless communication apparatus and system
Short message park and page system and method
Procedure and system for the transmission of a short message in a telecommunication network
Telecommunication method permitting efficient data communication
Apparatus for and method of antenna-switched diversity reception
Mobile radio apparatus with auxiliary display screen
Mobile radio communication equipment
Wireless communications device having integral laser pointer
Folding mobile phone with incorporated antenna
Bioelectric interface
Device for localizing an object in a turbid medium
Method of localizing an object in a turbid medium
Brachytherapy system for prostate cancer treatment with computer implemented systems and processes to facilitate pre-implantation planning and post-implantation evaluations with storage of multiple plan variations for a single patient
Customized surgical fixture
System and method for treating select tissue in a living being
Human Necessities
Light scanning devices of a water-tight structure to be inserted into a body cavity to obtain optical information on inside of a biological tissue
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