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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electronic medical records information system
Magnetic resonance RF coil assembly for imaging of the cervical region
Guide wire navigation
Neural stimulation lead fixation
Method and apparatus for integrating implantable medical device data
Method and apparatus for disconnecting the tip electrode during MRI
Endoscope apparatus and control method therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Transfer apparatus
Thermal-transfer laminate film, thermal-transfer sheet, and image forming apparatus
Vehicle travel control device
Vehicle headlamp apparatus
Multimedia information and control system for automobiles
System for operating a vessel
Textiles; Paper
Steam generator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device and method for controlling starter, and vehicle
Optical targets for machine vision vehicle service system
Linear sensor
Method and apparatus for inspecting internal pressure of can of canned goods
Water consumption monitor
Dose profile measurement system for clinical proton fields
Device for testing serial attached small computer system interface signal
Propagation time measuring method for determining a distance
Circuits and methods for sensing resistance
Electrical detection and/or quantification of organophosphorus compounds
Method of testing reliability of semiconductor device
System and method of distributing digital content
Packet dropping based on RF conditions
High throughput current-voltage combinatorial characterization tool and method for combinatorial solar test substrates
Testing methods for magnetic heads and magnetic storage devices assembled with the magnetic heads
Electronic device and method for correcting time-domain reflectometers
Methods and apparatus for suppression of low-frequency noise and drift in wireless sensors or receivers
Combination of multiple baselines for location estimation
Quantum theory-based continuous precision NMR/MRI: method and apparatus
Non-imaging freeform optical device for use in a high concentration photovoltaic device
Method for accomplishing high-speed intensity variation of a polarized output laser beam
Electronic device, organic electroluminescence device, and organic thin film semiconductor device
Electrophoretic display device, driving method of electrophoretic display device, and electronic apparatus
Mechanical galvanometer tilt correction
Light deflecting element, light deflector, and image forming device
Monolithic or hybrid integrated optical information processor employing a plurality of controllable optical transfer functions at fractional fourier planes
Manufacturing method of photonic band gap fiber and photonic band gap fiber
Optical switch
Upstream fiber optic couplers and methods for power splitting passive optical networks
Optical-electrical hybrid transmission cable
Electroactive optical device
Display device and method of assembling the same
Liquid crystal display device
Ink-jet ink composition for color filter, color filter, method for producing a color filter, and liquid crystal display device
Optical film for increasing the viewing angle of liquid crystal display devices
Image data processing method and apparatus
Transmission type screen, image display method for transmission type screen, and projection display apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus, coverplate and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus that adopts image density control with density sensors
Image forming apparatus
Belt driving unit and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus using an electrophotographic system
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus
Method and device to assist in the driving of a vehicle, in particular of an aircraft, for the avoidance of obstacles
Method of preventing collisions by reacting to control system failures
Power supply and demand control apparatus and power supply and demand control method
Method, device and system for responsive load management using frequency regulation credits
CMOS circuit and semiconductor device
Method for the computer-assisted control and/or regulation of a technical system where the dynamic behavior of the technical system is modeled using a recurrent neural network
Semiconductor circuit with load balance circuit
Information processing apparatus and method of controlling power thereof
Memory power supply control circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit for generating clock signal(s)
Foldable electronic device with magnetic latch
Electronic device
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Dummy hard disk drive
Computer chassis
Session-less load balancing of client traffic across servers in a server group
Memory block identified by group of logical block addresses, storage device with movable sectors, and methods
Methods for providing a response and systems thereof
Apparatus and method for a synchronous multi-port memory
Using a migration cache to cache tracks during migration
Storage system having function of performing formatting or shredding
Storage system with storage medium package power control
Logic chip, method and computer program for providing a configuration information for a configurable logic chip
Method of measuring properties of dynamic positioning errors in a lithographic apparatus, data processing apparatus, and computer program product
Image processing apparatus, control method, storing medium having computer-readable program therein, and program
Communication apparatus, printing apparatus, printing system including said communication apparatus and printing apparatus, and method of controlling same
Systems and methods for distributing video on demand
Method and system for client context dissemination for web-based applications
Distributed call server supporting communication sessions in a communication system and method
System and method for secure social networking
Hiding email identification using a configurable set of domains
Sending notification of event
Virtual peer for a content sharing system
Method and computer-readable medium for delivering hybrid static and dynamic content based on static content inrepository and dynamic content received from second functional module across network
Redistribution of operating environments for the redeployment of grid clients
Method and system for proof-of-possession operations associated with authentication assertions in a heterogeneous federated environment
Device, method, and storage medium for detecting multiplexed relation of applications
Method of deploying a production environment using a development environment
Wireless communication terminal and communication system selection method
Method, system and apparatus for managing computer identity
Dynamic consistency group formation and systems using the same
Optimization of a computing environment in which data management operations are performed
Method for influencing the transverse dynamics of a vehicle
Method and system for connecting analytic network process model (ANP) with feedback throughout the ANP model between sub-networks
Profile construction using location-based aggregate profile information
Method for indexing images and for reading an index of an image
Information providing system, information receiving apparatus, information providing apparatus, information providing method and program
Test apparatus and test method
Intelligent traffic control mesh
Combinatorial process optimization methodology and system
Control device for controlling drive force that operates on vehicle
Intellectual property trading exchange and a method for trading intellectual property rights
Controlling database copyrights
Video decoding method and apparatus
Smart printer cartridge
Systems and methods for avoiding host level busy and retry latencies
Electronic device and information processing method
Plasma display apparatus with power recovery circuit
Scalable controller for a computer input area
Portable computer
Means to reduce a load on a computer and efficiently manage printing jobs or printing devices jobs
Image forming apparatus
Information processing apparatus and print control method
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and recording medium
Notification method, management apparatus and client apparatus
Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium
Context-based interests in computing environments and systems
Orthogonal corpus index for ad buying and search engine optimization
System, methods and applications for structured document indexing
CVT control system having variable power source speed
Content storage mapping
Deferring classification of a declared record
Power transfer mechanism control device and power transfer device
Adding a key column to a table to be replicated
System to implement floating point adder using mantissa, rounding, and normalization
Decimal adder with end around carry
Expanded scope incrementor
Detection of design redundancy
Forage harvester with a chopping mechanism and a reworking device located downstream from the chopping mechanism
Computer facilitating BIOS setting
Apparatus and method thereof for reliable booting from NAND flash memory
Apparatus, system, and method for resetting and bypassing microcontroller stations
Autonomic computing system with model transfer
Image forming apparatus and computer-readable recording medium storing image forming program for allowing storage section to store repeating use instruction information for repeatedly using band data
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program therefor, and medium storing program
Management of image forming apparatus based on user authentication
Printing apparatus and control method of the same
Printing system, image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, and printing method
Image forming apparatus
System and method for adaptively defining a region of interest for motion analysis in digital video
Optical scanning-based system for detecting position and/or orientation of objects
Method and system for automated interpretation of computer tomography scan data
Using optical character recognition augmented by an error correction code to detect serial numbers written on a wafer
Method and circuit for correcting signals and image correcting method and circuit using the same
Automatic pre-alignment for registration of medical images
Image processing device and method for determining image data processes based on additional information
Determination of class, attributes, and identity of an occupant
Methods and apparatus for generating a continuum of image data
Imaging apparatus, data processing method, and program
Selectively transforming a multi-dimensional array
Digital image enhancement method and system that embolden or thin image features
Simple matrix method for stray-light correction in imaging instruments
Computerized analysis of genetic profiles via internet portals
Method and apparatus for collecting data for an item
System and method for managing sponsorships
Mobile advertising and content caching mechanism for mobile devices and method for use thereof
System and software of enhanced pharmaceutical operations in long-term care facilities and related methods
Evaluating a worker in performing crowd sourced tasks and providing in-task training through programmatically generated test tasks
System and method for advertising and negotiating services for commercial and general aviation
Method and system of trading a standardized contract
Methods and systems for retrieving data stored in a database
Automated transaction machine
Payment system for transactions benefitting charities
Automated management of medical data using expert knowledge and applied complexity science for risk assessment and diagnoses
Intrusion detection system and intrusion detection apparatus
Transmitter for animal training device capable of switching between rheostatic mode and intensity selection mode
Vehicle burglar alarm circuit
Crash warning system for motor vehicles
Electronic device with reflective panel
Filter and plasma display device thereof
Receiver for an LCD source driver
Liquid crystal display device
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
Smart display pixel
Multidirectional input device and electronic apparatus comprising it
Video signal processing apparatus, video signal processing method, and imaging device
Speech segment processor
Systems, methods, and apparatus for context processing using multi resolution analysis
Disk driving apparatus having improved quality
Automatic forward sense calibration for writing systems
Disk recording medium, disk production method, disk drive apparatus
Disk drive and servo-control method therefor
Disk drive correcting track ID in response to an estimated radial location and a burst PES
Disc spindle with internal particulate removal
Information signal processing method and apparatus, and computer program product
Reproducing device and optical path length servo control method
Optical disc apparatus
Method and system for radial and tangential tilt calibration of optical storage systems
Focus servo control device, and information recording/reproducing device using the same
System and method for precise servoing
Optical recording medium, recording device, and recording method
Magnetic medium using spin-polarized electrons and apparatus and method of recording data on the magnetic medium
Ternary content addressable memory cell having two transistor pull-down stack
Performing stuck-at testing using multiple isolation circuits
Push button and electronic device having same
Display apparatus
High-voltage pulse generator and high-pressure discharge lamp having a high-voltage pulse generator
Attachment of a high-Z focal track layer to a carbon-carbon composite substrate serving as a rotary anode target
Lighting fixture with replaceable light source
Low T1I/low InI-based dose for dimming with minimal color shift and high performance
Seal and leg design for ceramic induction lamp
Piezoelectric vibrator, method of manufacturing piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic equipment and radio-controlled timepiece
Method and system for automatically detecting a voltage of a battery
High isolation multiple port antenna array handheld mobile communication devices
Laser chip package structure
Under-voltage protection circuit for battery
Switching circuit and DC-to-DC converter
Modular circuit configuration for switching electrical power and an adapter designed to this end
Power management circuit and electronic device using the same
Pulse width controlled DC-DC converter having pulse width period control for influencing power consumption
Generator stator configuration
Modular magneto mechanical device
Systems, circuits, and methods for a digital frequency synthesizer
Synchronization structure and method for a receiving apparatus of a communication system
ADC-based mixed-mode digital phase-locked loop
Method for offset compensation of a switched-capacitor amplifier and switched capacitor amplifier arrangement
Discrete principal component analysis (DPCA) for pattern recognition and diagnostics of tissue pathologies such as cancer
Output impedance compensation for voltage regulators
Impact resistance vibrating reed, vibrator, oscillator, and electronic device
Switch circuit and electronic device using the same
Switch array including active regions being adjacent to each other in channel width direction of memory cell transistor
Methods and apparatus for a gray-coded phase rotating frequency divider
Semiconductor device
Electronic apparatus compensated through monitoring a status of GNSS receiver and related method thereof
Digital phase-locked loop apparatus using frequency shift keying and method of controlling the same
Apparatus and method for oscillator resonator power control
Pulse arbitration for network communications
Method and apparatus for reducing the guard band between wireless communication systems operating in the same geographical area
Direct FM/PM modulation
Wireless device, method of operation and computer program
Mobile device display of multiple streamed data sources
Methods of operating electronic devices, and methods of providing electronic devices
Method and apparatus for data aided channel quality estimation
Method for identifying signals of the same origin
Methods and apparatus for robust slotted mode operation in fading wireless environments
Signal encoding for frequency division multiplexing on transmission lines
Mobile communication system and network device
LTE-advanced transmit diversity decoders
Radio communication device for performing communication using the OFDMA system
Transmitting system and method of processing digital broadcast signal in transmitting system, receiving system and method of receiving digital broadcast signal in receiving system
Interference cancellation repeater incorporating a non-linear element
Methods and apparatus for determining quality of service in a communication system
Method and system for packet traffic congestion management
MIMO beamforming-based single carrier frequency division multiple access system
OFDMA-based radio communication apparatus and learning signal generation method for compensation of non-linear distortion in the radio communication apparatus
Communication system, subscriber accommodating apparatus and communication method
Mobile station apparatus and method for receiving signal in a wireless communication system supporting a plurality of wireless communication schemes
Method and device for processing a DVB-H compliant transport stream
Method for determining modulation and coding scheme
System and method for finding important nodes in a network
Stateless load balancer in a multi-node system for transparent processing with packet preservation
Packet relay device and congestion control method
Systems and methods for retransmitting packets over a network of communication channels
Terminal to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network
Performing actions on frame entries in response to receiving bulk instruction
Processing multicast messages in a data processing system
Provider backbone bridging--provider backbone transport internetworking
Methods and systems for programmable digital up-conversion
Setting a transmission power level for a mobile unit
Frequency offset and channel gain tracking for enhanced transmission efficiency
Content transmission device and content transmission method
Apparatus and method for routing communications between networks and devices
Method of transmitting data based on adaptive modulation and coding
Pseudorandom number generating system, encryption system, and decryption system
Method and apparatus for transmitting, receiving and decoding data using encoded patterns of changing colors
Method and apparatus for processing information, and computer program product
Communication device
Portable terminal equipment and thin-type housing reinforcing structure for use in same
Display cover and case for a communication device
Method and system for providing information and advertising content in a telephone system
Using voiceprint technology in CALEA surveillance
System to dynamically authenticate mobile devices
Auto-save, retrieval, and presentation of key press sequences
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic international calling rates
Computer telephony integration (CTI) complete healthcare contact center
Call monitoring system
User-defined system-enforced session termination in a unified telephony environment
Mobile application system
Mobile terminal device, computer executable program for exchanging personal information, and method and system for exchanging personal information
Image processing system and control method thereof
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image interpolation apparatus and a computer readable storage medium storing instructions of a computer program
Plate-making apparatus and printing plate manufacturing method
Pseudo-halftoning device, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
Derivation process of boundary filtering strength, and deblocking filtering method and apparatus using the derivation process
Blanking inter-frame transitions of a 3D signal
Photodetector system, apparatus and method
Display control apparatus, image pickup apparatus, display control method, and storage medium
Spotlight with integral low lux video camera system
Holographic microscope
Method and apparatus for super-resolution imaging using digital imaging devices
Digital image capturing system and method
Image sensing apparatus, imaging system, and imaging sensing apparatus driving method
HDMI and VGA compatible interface circuit
Broadcast receiving apparatus, method for setting the same, and program for setting the same
Electronic device and method for playing multimedia files
Information processing apparatus, method, and program
Editing device, editing method and editing program, and data processing device, data processing method and data processing program
Fast inverse integer transform for video decoding
Iterative computation of adaptive interpolation filter
Method and apparatus for motion vector assignment
Method and system for providing tile map service using solid compression
Condenser microphone and head thereof
Percutaneous cochlear implant systems and methods
Sound reproduction method and sound reproduction system
Locating software for smartphone and PC
System and method of UMTS UE location using uplink dedicated physical control channel and downlink synchronization channel
Method and apparatus for performing a HARQ operation in a multi-carrier system
System and method for managing wireless base station handoff information
Cellular network energy saving
Use of IMSI during femtocell registration to avoid identifier conflicts
System and method to enable WUSB application in a distributed UWB MAC
Apparatus and method for data transmission using transmit diversity in SC-FDMA system
Uplink ACK/NACK signaling in carrier aggregation environment
Method for transmitting data in multiple antenna system
Allocation of subframes for uplink and downlink transmission in TDD-LTE
Method of transmitting channel quality indicator
Device, method, and apparatus for offline discontinuous reception (DRX) processing in cellular systems
RF wireless permanently mounted searchlight
LED lamp head with variable brightness
Single inductor control of multi-color LED systems
Light-emitting diode (LED) driver and controller
Multi-energy vehicle illuminating system and method
Method of driving a gas-discharge lamp
Compact, low noise power supply for advanced electronics applications, and X-ray analyzer applications thereof
Memory module holder
Locking device and electronic device enclosure using the same
Portable electronic device with anti-reverse engineering function
Docking station for electronic device
Circuit board with higher current
Card tray ejection mechanism and electronic device using the same
Mounting apparatus for power supply unit
Fan mounting apparatus for heat disspation
Electronic device with heat dissipation module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for independently controlling multiple material applicators
Adjustment arrangement for rear view mirrors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for detecting abnormality in direct current motor driving system
Centrifugal capillary seal for use with fluid dynamic bearings
Magnetic suspension system
Disk-drive chassis for reducing transmission of vibrations between disk-drive units of a disk-drive array
Multiple laser beam generation
Magnetoresistive transducer including CoFeZ soft magnetic layer
Seismic streamer trim section
Macro lens system
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system using a diffractive optical element
Virtual retinal display with eye tracking
Polarizing conversion device, polarizing illuminations device, and display apparatus and projector using the devices
Two-dimensional driving apparatus and method
Lens barrel having a multiple screw and cam action to drive plural lens units
Calendar-timepiece combination
Power-generating device, charging method and clocking device
Portable information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing compatibility with synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) and double data rate (DDR) memory
First in first out memory circuit
Display apparatus
Storage disk having surface variations that vary minimally in height relative to a datum
Optical head with both a servo signal and a Rf signal detecting elements fabricated on a single substrate
Recording and reproducing apparatus
System for recording and reproducing data having scheme for minimizing variation in record track width when recording at different data rates
Cassette transfer apparatus
Disk player with chuck holder capable of pivoting upward and downward
Recording medium identifying device
Device for reading from and/or writing to optical recording media
Disc drive having a self-adjusting turntable
Technique for setting speed of optical disk player according to condition of optical disk
Recording apparatus and method featuring efficient handling of data extension
Disk formatter write gate look-ahead device
System and method for accessing and cleaning a recording system
Method and apparatus for positioning a dual element magnetoresistive head
Information recording on a multitrack record carrier
Disk provided with servo patterns and method of recording servo patterns
Method for centering a hub in an optical disc, and an optical storage system using such disc
Data storage tape cartridge with reinforcing tape reel lock
Frame synchronizing circuit in a magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and a frame synchronizing method thereof
Height adjusting device for a tone arm
Recording/reproducing apparatus
High impact-resistant data storage subsystem
Amplification circuit
Recording medium, recording apparatus, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus
Composite type thin film magnetic head having normal structure including inductive type thin film magnetic head and magnetoresistive type thin film magnetic head
Combination type thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistive head and method of initialization having a non-planar anti-ferromagnetic layer
Soft adjacent layer-biased magnetoresistive head and method
Magnetoresistive effect composite head
Suspension manufacturing method and product
Bonded wire capture
Low velocity disk drive load controller
Phase-change optical recording medium and its writing with high reliability after long period use and/or high environmental temperature storage
Optical pick-up head unit and information record and playback equipment using the optical pick-up head unit
Optical storage system
Optical disc
Control device of a pickup head for locating the track position
Driving apparatus of an optical recording medium
Light beam shaping device to change an anisotropic beam to an isotropic beam for reducing the size of an optical head
Optical head, disk apparatus, method for manufacturing optical head, and optical element
Multilayered optical information-recording media laminated with thermal plastic resin sheets and process for manufacturing thereof
Optical recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device utilizing a polarization state of a ferroelectric film
Semiconductor memory device having a delay circuit set according to the storage capacity of a memory macro
Self row-identified hidden refresh circuit and refresh method thereof
Boosting circuit compensating for voltage fluctuation due to operation of load
Dynamic random access memory capable of simultaneously writing identical data to memory cells
Column address decoder for two bit prefetch of semiconductor memory device and decoding method thereof
Memory device having a wide data path
Integrated circuit memory devices having synchronous wave pipelining capability and methods of operating same
Semiconductor memory device having a dummy cell resetting the bit lines to a reset potential that is based on data read in a previous read data
Sensing apparatus and method for fetching multi-level cell data
Ternary content addressable memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Four-terminal EEPROM cell for storing an analog voltage and memory system using the same to store multiple bits per EEPROM cell
Method and apparatus for reducing antifuse programming time
Semiconductor storage device having redundancy circuit
Circuit and method for memory device with defect current isolation
Low current redundancy anti-fuse method and apparatus
Security circuit for semiconductor memory and method for protecting stored data using the same
Method for designing a memory tile for use in a tiled memory
Semiconductor memory device having a layout pattern adjusted input terminal capacitance
Microcomputer and microprocessor having flash memory operable from single external power supply
Integrated circuit memory devices having sense amplifier driver circuits therein that improve writing efficiency
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory with built-in row buffer and method of driving the same
Semiconductor memory device having stabilization circuit for stable signal transmission
Write scheme for a double data rate SDRAM
Data input-output circuit and semiconductor data storage device provided therewith
Self-refresh oscillator
Semiconductor memory device of double-data rate mode
Semiconductor memory device with a column redundancy occupying a less chip area
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of memory blocks
Semiconductor memory device
Internal clock generation circuit of semiconductor device and method for generating internal clock
Method of magnetizing a cylindrical body
Device for operating latching solenoids
Process for impregnation of electrical capacitors
Laminated ceramic device
Solid electrolytic capacitor using a conducting polymer
Structures and processes for fabricating moisture resistant chip-on-flex packages
Electronic assembly for removing heat from a semiconductor device
Circuit board assembly with IC device mounted thereto
Spring fixture that attaches a heat sink to a substrate for multiple cycle assembly/disassembly
Device and method for dissipating thermal energy of electronic circuit components
Electronic device cooling arrangement
Recessed flip-chip package
Multichip module for surface mounting on printed circuit boards
High efficiency power system with plural parallel DC/DC converters
AC/DC boost converter
Power supply circuit
Method and apparatus reducing overshoot in a power supply controller
High frequency, high density power conversion system
Power supply circuit for an ion engine sequentially operated power inverters
Soft start scheme for resonant converters having variable frequency control
Polyphase inverter with neutral-leg inductor
High-voltage power supply circuit having a plurality of diode bridges connected in series to the secondary winding of a transformer
Electric power conversion device
FFT-based CDMA RAKE receiver system and method
Methods and apparatus for detecting and locating cable failure in communication systems
Network switching architecture utilizing cell based and packet based per class-of-service head-of-line blocking prevention
Next hop loopback
Switchless network
Telephony communication via varied redundant networks
Source routing method for fast connection re-establishment in response to early-arriving trouble report messages
Printed circuit board assembly and method
High density cross-connection system
Heat sink for printed circuit board
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew