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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Wrapper with decorative extension and method
Method for applying chemicals to rodents
Compliant holder device for animal imaging and surgery
Method of training a dog to chew acceptable objects through scent marking and chemical composition thereof
Fishing lure and method of assembly
Customizable fishing lure system and accompanying apparatus
Patient gown
Interchangeable component shoe system
Transformable instrument storage case and stand
Filament for radiation source
Appliance for personal care with automatic fluid dispenser
Cosmetic applicator
Wrapper with decorative extension and method
Mobile blower/vacuum device
Method for controlling the alertness of a human subject and a light source for use in this method
Biological measurement probe, biological optical measurement instrument using the same, and brain function measurement instrument
Non-invasive screening of skin diseases by visible/near-infrared spectroscopy
Diagnosis and classification of disease and disability using low frequency magnetic field designed pulses (Cnps)
Endoscopic bite block for use with cannula
Tongue retention system
Treatment of oropharyngeal disorders by application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation
Arrhythmia termination detection based on beat pattern
Optically-connected implants and related systems and methods of use
Nozzle for extinguishing devices and the like
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid ejection apparatus and resist pattern forming method
Optical lens coating apparatus
Water-powered hand-washing system and method
Handheld brake
Hybrid composite journal bearing and manufacturing method thereof
Method for making an axle rotating portion and corresponding device
Method and apparatus for forming of panels and similar parts
Inserts with holes for damped products and methods of making and using the same
Shock absorber for a reciprocating tool assembly
Collision tool
Tire inflation system
Green tire and method for manufacturing pneumatic tire
Spherical mobility mechanism
Structure of automobile electronic key for security and method for performing function thereof
Control adaptation of variable gear ratio steering
Transom for boat
Hydraulic catapult drive
Connecting subassembly for connecting an initial container and a target container
Method of processing a container and base cup structure for removal of vacuum pressure
Method and device to fill receiving containers
Packaging machine
Reconfigurable pallet using locator bases and clamps
Sheet retainer
Shipping and dispensing carton
Laundry fragrance dispersion system using tumble sheets
Package structure for display device
Medical products and medical product ordering system
Conveying device
Replacement roller assembly
Constant pressure and variable cleaning angle scraper blade and method for designing same
Conveyor-type dishwasher with a slip-free short stroke
Automatic distributed vending system
Automatic venting of refillable bulk liquid canisters
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing barium-titanium-based oxide glass using containerless solidification process
Method and apparatus for manufacturing low OH overcladding
High delivery temperature isopipe materials
Gas generator and method for influencing a gas flow in a gas generator
System, method and apparatus for filament and support used in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for reducing carbon voids on media disks in disk drives
Planar controlled zone microwave plasma system
Textiles; Paper
Warp knitted fabric, method of manufacturing the same, and knit structure of warp knitted fabric
Fixed Constructions
Hammer drill
Underground water storage tank
Replaceable wet-set tactile warning surface unit and method of installation and replacement
Method and system for damped acoustic panels
Sleeve connectors for metal girders
Module having displacement bodies for the production of concrete elements
Caisson ceiling system
Pinch prevention structure of slide door
Door safety mechanism
Drill bit and cutter element having a fluted geometry
Quick lock wireline valve/blow-out preventor and methods for making and using same
Displaceable plug in a tool string filter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wobble plate compressor
Geared boiler feed pump drive
Rocker arm for variable valve lift, and variable valve lift apparatus having the same
Concentric camshaft with bearing sleeve and method of debris removal
Exhaust emission purifying apparatus for engine
Exhaust gas purification device for an engine
Sulfur purge control device for an internal combustion engine
Method and device for regenerating an emission control system
Ignition system for internal combustion engine and method for installation of same
Arrangement for recirculation of exhaust gases of a supercharged internal combustion engine
Exhaust component cover
Vehicle controller and vehicle control method
Fuel vaporization apparatus and method for use in combustion engines
Disk brake
Adjusting device for seating and reclining furniture
Shifting apparatus for dual clutch transmission
Water controlling valve
Pressure-reducing valve
Check valve for vacuum sewage pipe and vacuum sewage system
Heat sinking and flexible circuit board, for solid state light fixture utilizing an optical cavity
Device for generating the superheated steam
Mitigating heat in an integrated circuit
Hair dryer and vacuum device
Clothes dryer bearing gasket support
Heat transfer apparatus of a forced convection type
Passive cooling in response to ambient environmental properties
Gun stabilizer
Housing for a rifle
Integrated rail system and method for making and using same
Integrated rail system and method for making and using same
Switch for the control of weapon mounted electronic assemblies, a weapon having a control switch and a method for using weapon
Missile separation device
Storage system for 25mm IM cartridges
Apparatus and method for positioning a workpiece
Hook for detection of chain sling failure
Multi-spacer tool
Engine oil level detecting device
Marker detection apparatus and marker detection method
Load cell and system for measuring forces based on optical spectra shifts
Pressure interference testing for estimating hydraulic isolation
Dual sample cartridge and method for characterizing particles in liquid
Vibration body for angular speed sensor
Method of making a frame package array device
Method and circuit using boundary scan cells for design library analysis
Test system and method for testing a circuit
Gravity survey with relative and absolute gravimeters
Transition assembly for high density optical fiber applications and a method of making the same
Rare earth doped single polarization double clad optical fiber with plurality of air holes
Printed circuit board including waveguide and method of producing the same
Reflective adjustable optical deflector and optical device employing the same
Method and apparatus for phase shifiting an optical beam in an optical device
In-finder display device
Image forming apparatus
Override of stack limit settings
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and method of recycling the electrophotographic photoreceptor
Image forming apparatus with conveyance guide member
Image forming and reproducing apparatus, and image transferring method for controlling rotation speeds of image carriers
Polyaniline filled polyimide weldable intermediate transfer components
Image forming apparatus for determining completion of a toner-end recovery operation
Fuser arranged for braking and an image forming device including the same
Image forming apparatus with fixing control based on recording material type
S-type smooth command generating method and means thereof
Method and system for analyzing and predicting the performance of computer network using time series measurements
Method and system for providing a linear signal from a mass airflow and/or liquid flow transducer
Power management in communication devices
System and method for performing product tests utilizing a single storage device
Failover architecture for local devices that access remote storage
Error/status information management
Managing disk drive replacements on multidisk headless appliances
Information processing device and recovery method thereof
Method for generating a rating for assessing accessibility standards compliance
System and model for performance value based collaborative relationships
Disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus controlling method
Computer system for remote copy
Network processor with content addressable memory (CAM) mask
Method and device for virtualization of multiple data sets on same associative memory
Multiple master inter integrated circuit bus system
Method for managing volume groups considering storage tiers
Storage system, data migration managing system, and data migration managing method
LSI design method and verification method
Method and apparatus for automatic network address assignment
Elastic buffer module for PCI express devices
Method and apparatus to quiesce USB activities using interrupt descriptor caching and asynchronous notifications
Method and system for extending the functionality of an embedded USB transceiver interface to handle threshold shift of a USB 2.0 bus during high-speed chirp
Systems and methods for playing, browsing and interacting with MPEG-4 coded audio-visual objects
Method for representing a combination of signals with a distribution of a single lognormal random variable
Framework for creating modular web applications
Maintenance of a markup language document in a database
Object persister
Image stitching methods and systems
Method of reading a remote memory
Method for using a unique IP address in a private IP address domain
System and method for media playback over a network using links that contain control signals and commands
System and method for a fee address system
Apparatus, method, and computer program for managing resources in a communication system
Method and a system for retrieving data of a data network
System and method for sending files to multiple destinations
Data tracing identifiers
Method and system for transmitting image
System for sharing resources among RSVP sessions
Logic arrangement, data structure, system and method for multilinear representation of multimodal data ensembles for synthesis, recognition and compression
System, method, and computer software for genotyping analysis and identification of allelic imbalance
Sample rate converter having distributed filtering
Method for visualizing large-scale protein interaction data
Data updating method and related information processing device
Method for efficient query execution using dynamic queries in database environments
Method and apparatus for moving data between storage devices
Form template data source change
System and method for dividing data into predominantly fixed-sized chunks so that duplicate data chunks may be identified
Method of using mixed multi-Vt devices in a cell-based design
Method and device for the computer-aided design of a supply network
Method to create an alternate integrated circuit layout view from a two dimensional database
Method and apparatus for automatically checking circuit layout routing
Systems and methods for forecasting demand for a subcomponent
Optimization method of deposition time and an optimization system of deposition time
Method and apparatus to reconcile recipe manager and manufacturing execution system context configurations
Method of enhancing accelerator pedal safety interlock feature
System for setting print end notification either when data transmission ends or when printing ends based on print check ability of printing devices
Backward and forward non-normalized link weight analysis method, system, and computer program product
Pipeline processing device and interrupt processing method
Assuring physical security of a subscriber line device
Pen-based transponder identity verification system
Selective vertical and horizontal dependency resolution via split-bit propagation in a mixed-architecture system having superscalar and VLIW modes
System, method, and computer program product for file encryption, decryption and transfer
Computer controlled system for modularizing the information technology structure of a business enterprise into a structure of holonic self-contained modules
System and method for visual debugging of constraint systems
Mechanism for downloading software components from a remote source for use by a local software application
Method and program for monitoring execution state of program
Method for loading user interface software
Concurrent processing of operations in a boot sequence to initialize a storage device including an operating system loader to load
Universal system component emulator with human readable output
Aided design apparatus, aided design method, and recording medium for recording program for carrying out the method
Anti-compression techniques for visual images
Gradation correction curve creation method, gradation correction curve creation apparatus, and gradation correction curve creation program storage medium
System and method for image editing
System and method of pen-based data input into a computing device
Image confirming method
Method and apparatus for observing three-dimensional localizations of in vivo expressed genes as well as method and apparatus for observing minute three-dimensional localizations of in vivo expressed genes
Method and system for ongoing performance monitoring of a character recognition system
Computer-supported image reconstruction method for a three-dimensional subject
Apparatus and method for providing and/or for fulfilling subscription services
Methods and apparatus for intelligent, purpose-based selection of goods and services in telephonic and electronic commerce
Method for data communication between a vehicle and a remote terminal
Color coded beverage cap collection with permanent passive indicia indicating beverage bottle user identities
Enhanced patch panel indicia system
Supports and signs
Electronic mail replies with speech recognition
Sonic/ultrasonic authentication device
Sub-band voice codec with multi-stage codebooks and redundant coding
Optical disc drive having a traverse holder that is rotatable around an axis that is mutually different from the axis of a traverse base
Magnetic write pole fabrication
Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head
Memory system and test method therefor
Method of manufacturing a wiring module
Semiconductor memory device and method for executing shift redundancy operation
Method for winding brushless DC motors
Method for determining a negative sequence component
Method and apparatus for compensating I/Q imbalance in receivers
Method and apparatus for receiving data based on tracking zero crossings
Optimizing a filter bandwidth in a digital receiver
Method for making a clear channel assessment in a wireless network
LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) coded signal decoding using parallel and simultaneous bit node and check node processing
Using error checking bits to communicated an address or other bits
Apparatus and method for separately modulating systematic bits and parity bits in accordance with communication quality
Receiving apparatus and receiving method in CDMA communication system
Wireless communications devices including circuit substrates with partially overlapping conductors thereon coupling power to/from power amplifier systems
Process for control of standby currents in a direct conversion type of frequency transposition device, and corresponding device
Ultra wide band power save
Method and device for processing an optical signal
Method and apparatus for operating an optical receiver for low intensity optical communication in a high speed mode
Terminal apparatus and controlling method for optical output power
Channel adaptation using variable sounding signal rates
Reducing interference between different communication systems sharing a common wireless transmission medium
Optical multi-ring network for burst data communication
Digital branch calibrator for an RF transmitter
Constrained data-adaptive signal rejector
Method to compensate for a step DC disturbance in a digital baseband signal in a homodyne radio receiver
Data converter, signal generator, transmitter and communication apparatus using the data converter or the signal generator, and data conversion method
Real time dynamic correlator
Synthesizing coherent correlation sums at one or multiple carrier frequencies using correlation sums calculated at a coarse set of frequencies
Authentication method and system
One pass security
Mobile communications device having rotating display and camera
Utilities module for proactive maintenance application
Status monitoring system utilizing an RFID monitoring system
Interrogate-response communication system with privacy indication
Audio status communication from an embedded device
Communication terminal apparatus and transfer method therefor
Network based archiving of user-specific information in a communication system
Method of associating multiple prepaid cards with a single account
Reproduced image transmitting apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling the insertion of stuffing data into a bitstream to be recorded
Streaming media publishing system and method
Data recording apparatus for recording stream data in which dummy data is inserted and data recording apparatus for recording end code in place of dummy code
Method for recording audio data on a rewritable recording medium and for adjusting data grouping criterion
Information recording medium, information recording method and apparatus, and information playback method and apparatus
Radio communication system
Paging transceivers and methods for selectively retrieving messages
Method of control of subscriber data transmissions in a mobile communication network
Portable information terminal cradle apparatus
Ceramic metal matrix diaphragm for loudspeakers
Method for fabricating a surface acoustic wave device
Speaker system
Connection board, and multi-layer wiring board, substrate for semiconductor package and semiconductor package using connection board, and manufacturing method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Region of interest selection for varying distances between crop rows for a vision guidance system
Irrigation timer with multiplexing watering mode
Camera measurement system
Device for determining method data of a method for cosmetically treating hair on a person's head
Method and apparatus for dynamic focusing of ultrasound energy
Method of controlling thermal therapy
Fluoroscopic tracking and visualization system
Eye image pickup device
Interconnect circuit between non-compatible oximeter and sensor
Remote operation support system and method
System and method for electrode localization using ultrasound
Atrial fibrillation detection method and apparatus
Apparatus and methods for measuring autonomic nervous system function
Living body measuring apparatus
Electromagnetical imaging and therapeutic (EMIT) systems
System and method of interactive positioning
MRI system and method for producing an index indicative of alzheimer's disease
Systems for recording use of structures deployed in association with heart tissue
Surgical navigation systems including reference and localization frames
Phantom for measuring slice thicknesses, slice sensitivity profiles and the axial modulation transfer function in an X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Method and apparatus for osteoporosis screening
Combined PET and X-ray CT tomograph and method for using same
X-ray CT apparatus
Methods and apparatus for cone-tilted parallel sampling and reconstruction
Methods and apparatus for high pitch helical computed tomography image reconstruction
Helical segment image reconstruction
Imaging modality for image guided surgery
Thermoacoustic tissue scanner
Telephone handset sterilizer method and apparatus
Implantable cardiac single pass coronary sinus lead for providing pacing and defibrillation and method of manufacture
Implantable cardiac stimulation device and method that monitors displacement of an implanted lead
Electroactive pore
Apparatus and method for in vivo delivery of therapeutic agents
Automatic rate-adaptive pacing with auto-lifestyle
Apparatus and method for estimating battery condition in implantable cardioverter/defibrillators
Transmitter of the telemetry device of an implant
System and method for complexity analysis-based cardiac tachyarrhythmia detection
Method for matching golfers with a driver and ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rolled metal product used as a light-guiding structure
Method and laser system for generating laser radiation of specific temporal shape for production of high quality laser-induced damage images
Beam delivery system for molecular fluorine (F2) laser
Micromachining aerofoil components
Method and apparatus for visual measurement
Control device and method therefor, information processing device and method therefor, and medium
Feeding robot and control method therefor
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for a control system in a selective deposition modeling system
Methods and apparatus for correcting rotational skew in duplex images
Method and apparatus for measuring driveline angles
Method for controlling the automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle
Torque-based monitor in a hybrid electric vehicle
Passenger detecting apparatus
Telephone-holder mounting support for motor vehicles
Diagnostic system for an LED lamp for a motor vehicle
Anti-lock brake control method having adaptive exit criteria
Methods and apparatus for locomotive tracking
Electric power steering control system and method for controlling electric power steering control system
Computer for bicycles and method for obtaining riding information
Device and method for detecting position of movable body by using ultrasonic waves
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Athermal optical device
Glass for optical waveguides or the like
Direct-current arc furnace comprising a centric charging shaft for producing steel and a method therefor
Textiles; Paper
Flexible flat color display
Fixed Constructions
Method for characterization of rock strata in drilling operations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control method for a vehicle having an engine
Method and device for programming a controller, in particular in a motor vehicle
Modular imaging member flange assembly
Filter method for engine speed to vehicle speed ratios
Jet pump spring wedge
Display device with image display panel and illumination system
Wall mounted electric convection heater
System and method for measuring stress during processing of an optical fiber
Vehicle-mounted information processing device and storage medium
Route guidance generation apparatus and method
Voice-controlled navigation device utilizing wireless data transmission for obtaining maps and real-time overlay information
Procedure and means for configuring a measuring device
Optimized method for determining physical parameters of a sample subjected to centrifugation
Aerosol hazard characterization and early warning network
System, method, and product for dynamic noise reduction in scanning of biological materials
Fixed multifunction probe for aircraft
Automatic X-ray determination of solder joint and view Delta Z values from a laser mapped reference surface for circuit board inspection using X-ray laminography
Data communication method and data communication system
Method and apparatus for calibrating an instrument
Post-processing of NMEA data
Downlink observed time difference measurements
Ultrasonic sonar and method using transmission frequency different from reverberation frequency
Method for customizing seismic explosives
Method for imaging discontinuites in seismic data
Method for characterization of multi-scale geometric attributes
Optical waveguide
Grating writing systems based on an acousto-optic element
Optical fiber
Optical waveguide fiber
Integrated optical multiplexer and demultiplexer for wavelength division transmission of information
Devices based on fibers engaged to substrates with grooves
Side-pumped fiber laser
Dispersion-compensating fiber having a high figure of merit
Arrayed waveguide grating and method for compensating optical transmitting center wavelength of light traveling through the same
Bidirectional optical amplifier
Optical interleaver
Light modulating system using deformable mirror arrays
Dimensionally stable device construction
Optical transmission system
Electrical transmission frequency of SiOB
Fabry-Perot optical switch
Camera equipped with flash light emission unit
Instant film unit advancing apparatus
APS loyalty camera with locking film door and external key therefor
Camera enabling confirmation of normal completion of film rewind within the finder
Data recording device and camera system
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method of producing photographic print
Compact photographic camera
Focal plane shutter having synchronous contact member
Laser gas replenishment method
Method and procedure to automatically stabilize excimer laser output parameters
Image forming apparatus and replacement part used therefor
Stationary toner delivery device with clock pulses
Cleaning mechanism for an intermediate transfer body in an image forming apparatus
Fixing rotatable member for heat fixing device and fixing device using the same
Device for manual replacement and transport of the roller of a copying machine or an electrophotographic printer
Stripper fingers and associated mounts for a fuser in a printing apparatus
Heat fixing member having core metal and release layer, heat and pressure fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Method of operating a xerographic fusing apparatus with multiple heating elements
Externally heated roller for a toner fusing station
Security method for a smart card
Electronic watch with meter function and display means
Intermittent feeding mechanism
Visual drag diagnostic apparatus and method
Lifeometer for measuring and displaying life systems/parts
Integrated support system for supporting sheet metal machining
Industrial process device management software
Method and apparatus for monitoring hydroelectric facility maintenance and environmental costs
Cure monitoring and control system
Digital cross-connect system employing patch access locking and redundant supply power
System for testing a multi-tasking computing device
Addressable shadow port circuit
Method and apparatus for adaptive co-verification of software and hardware designs
Method of transmitting streamlined data updates by selectively omitting unchanged data parts
Memory device
Method and apparatus for decoupled retrieval of cache miss data
Method and apparatus for replacing cache lines in a cache memory
Data processing system for improved input/output command processing
Conflict detection for queued command handling in disk drive controller
Peripheral component interconnect (PCI) single channel master direct memory access (DMA) serving two separate channels
Flushing stale data from a PCI bus system read prefetch buffer
Limiting write data fracturing in PCI bus systems
Locked read/write on separate address/data bus using write barrier
General purpose bus with programmable timing
System, method and computer readable code for encapsulating system, language and device independent communications socket functionality in a lightweight uniform communications object model
System and method for avoiding deadlock in multi-node network
Database computer system with application recovery and dependency handling write cache
Automatic orthographic transformation of a text stream
Electronic apparatus having a dictionary function
Multilingual electronic transfer dictionary containing topical codes and method of use
Just in time localization
Proofreading with text to speech feedback
Apparatus and method for storing complex structures by conversion of arrays to strings
Distributed network search engine
Method of and apparatus for generating a tree data structure supporting longest match lookup
Search engine with user activity memory
Apparatus and method for compound on-line analytical processing in databases
Database system with methodology for high-performance date
Search engine system and method utilizing context of heterogeneous information resources
Method of searching novel ligand compounds from three-dimensional structure database
System and method for providing an object-oriented interface to a relational database
Stored data object management and archive control
Iterative validation and sampling-based clustering using error-tolerant frequent item sets
Method of generating a logical data model, physical data model, extraction routines and load routines
System and method for external backup and restore for a computer data storage system
Cellular multiprocessor data warehouse
Method, system and program products for providing efficient syncpoint processing of distributed transactions
System and method for describing multimedia content
Hypervideo information retrieval usingmultimedia
Dynamic digital asset management
System and method for rewriting queries
Method for obtaining DC convergence for SOI FET models in a circuit simulation program
Method to construct protein structures
System for combining life cycle assessment with activity based costing using a relational database software application
System and method for dynamic assignment of unique serial number to system device
Information registration method and document information processing apparatus
Session management in a stateless network system
Virtual tape storage apparatus
Host-based virtual disk drive for improving the performance of a hard disk drive's input/output
Digital opaque projector for easy creation and capture of presentation material
Method and system for optimally issuing dependent instructions based on speculative L2 cache hit in a data processing system
Neural network for modeling ecological and biological systems
Adaptive digital data transfer apparatus and method
Method and system for controlling the execution of an application program
Browser system
Car controlling unit using a multitasking system
Skew processing of raster scan images
Information processing apparatus
Method of viewing and identifying a part for a robot manipulator
Methods for finding peaks in a characteristic surface of an image
Method and apparatus for neural networking using semantic attractor architecture
Hardware or software architecture adapted to develop conditioned reflexes
Method and system for managing rules and events in a multi-user intelligent agent environment
Optimization prediction for industrial processes
Ordered sub-group messaging in a group communications system
Graph-based schedule builder for tightly constrained scheduling problems
Environmental certification system and method
Method and apparatus for processing order control
Communication and proximity authorization systems
User-centered push methods and system
Systems and methods for distributing real-time site-specific weather information
System and method for distributed content electronic commerce
Automated system and method for monitoring financial transactions
Method and apparatus that provides a scalable media delivery system
Apparatus for enhancing images using flow estimation
Apparatus and method for restructuring and decoding digital image data having plural formats
Accelerated signal encoding and reconstruction using pixon method
Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for image coding and decoding programs
Adaptable bitstream video delivery system
Apparatus and method of encoding/decoding moving picture using second encoder/decoder to transform predictive error signal for each field
Apparatus and method of decoding an image using a statistical model based on pixels
Automobile data archive system having securely authenticated instrumentation data storage
Article dispensing system
Arrangement and method for a system for administering certificates
Traffic monitoring system and methods for traffic monitoring and route guidance useful therewith
System and method for presenting information to passengers in conveyance
Method and apparatus for using visual images to mix sound
Trolling motor transducer mount
Audio classifier for half duplex communication
Method and system for analyzing voices
Speech detecting device and speech detecting method
Arrangement for defining and processing voice enabled web applications using extensible markup language documents
Method and apparatus for training an ultra-large vocabulary, continuous speech, speaker independent, automatic speech recognition system and consequential database
Continuous speech voice transcription
Discriminatively trained mixture models in continuous speech recognition
Memory having speech recognition support, by integrated local distance-computation/reference-vector-storage, for applications with general-purpose microprocessor systems
System and method for improving the accuracy of a speech recognition program through repetitive training
Method and system for non-intrusive speaker verification using behavior models
Methods and apparatus for silence quality measurement
Error concealment in digital transmissions
Compact disc feeder
CD transport tray drive having elastomeric drive wheel surface
Apparatus and method for determining ID information recorded on an information-stored medium
Method and apparatus for optical disk device
Disk cartridge with dual housing structure
Recording and reproducing an MPEG information signal on/from a record carrier
System and method for making a personal photographic collection
Information recording medium, and editing apparatus and method therefor
Sound carrier for a sound illustrated book
Optical disk reproducing device
Fuzzy inference system and method for optical disc discrimination
Optical reproducing method
Optical recording medium with increased addressing accuracy
Optical disc with pit interval and depth for maximum visual effect
Select line architecture for magnetic random access memories
Semiconductor memory device and refreshing method of semiconductor memory device
Selective memory refresh circuit and method
Semiconductor memory device with low power consumption
Digital memory method and system for storing multiple bit digital data
Method and apparatus for generating a device index in a content addressable memory
Integrated circuit device made secure by means of additional bus lines
Bitline precharge matching
High speed, low-power shift register and circuits and methods using the same
Storage and reproduction apparatus with rotary control element for controlling operations
Integrated circuit capable of being burn-in tested using an alternating current stress and a testing method using the same
Method for reliably shutting off oscillator pulses to a charge-pump
Semiconductor memory device
Memory having a synchronous controller and asynchronous array and method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing thereof
Delay-locked loop with binary-coupled capacitor
Decoding circuit for controlling activation of wordlines in a semiconductor memory device
Production of high specific activity copper -67
X-ray tube, x-ray generator, and inspection system
X-ray generating apparatus
Integrated load simulator
Electron-emitting device manufacturing method and apparatus, electron-emitting device driving method, and electron-emitting device adjusting method
Working process end point real time determination method
Vertical cavity apparatus with tunnel junction
Battery pack removing device
Lighted antenna for transceiver device
Mobile telephone status menu with antenna position indication
Automatic cutting and crimping apparatus
Laser discharge electrodes with current return plate structure
Optical amplifier with loop mirror filter noise reducer, and loop mirror filter per se
Molecular fluorine laser with spectral linewidth of less than 1 pm
Excimer laser device
Laser diode module
Laser drive device
Semiconductor laser control circuit and laser light source
Wavelength-stabilized light source apparatus
Laser-diode-pumped laser apparatus in which Pr3+-doped laser medium is pumped with GaN-based compound laser diode
Tuning circuit device with built-in band pass integrated on semiconductor substrate together with PLL circuit
Phase-compensating constant modulus algorithm
Transmission circuit having an inductor-assisted termination
Information data multiplex transmission system, its multiplexer and demultiplexer and error correction encoder and decoder
Flip cover and antenna assembly for a portable phone
Mobile phone having an improved shielded device
Digital transmitter circuit and method of operation
Interference in a cellular communications system
Correlation detection apparatus and CDMA receiving apparatus
CDMA receiver phase tracking system
Method for overlay of narrowband and wideband communication systems
Method of controlling initial power ramp-up in a CDMA system by using short codes
System and method for PN offset index planning in a digital CDMA cellular network
Code synchronization method and receiver
Fibre fuse protection
Optical transmission device and optical transmission system employing the same
Method for test call synchronization of code division multiple access cellular system
Radio link network and a method for transferring additional services in a radio link network
Forward and reverse link power control using position and mobility information
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Power control based on combined quality estimates
Overlapping slot transmission using phased arrays
Mobile station apparatus and its transmission power method in wireless communication system
Snap to grid variable beam size digital beamforming system
Uncoordinated frequency hopping cellular system
Method of providing burst timing for high-speed data transmission in a base station transceiver system of a mobile communication system
Device and method for generating spreading code and spreading channel signals using spreading code in a CDMA communication system
Device and method for generating clock signals from a single reference frequency signal and for synchronizing data signals with a generated clock
Method and apparatus for recovering from a signalling failure in a switched connection data transmission network
Modulation method for transmitter
High speed data transceiver in harsh wiring networks
Transmitter with increased traffic throughput in digital mobile telecommunication system and method for operating the same
Data, path and flow integrity monitor
OFDM signal generation method and OFDM signal generation apparatus
IP multicast interface
Network management system
Serial data communication bus system
System and method for scheduling the transmission of packet objects having quality of service requirements
Apparatus including a scalable multiprotocol communications adapter using modular components and a method for transmitting data frames via scalable multiprotocol communication adapters
Frame assembly in dequeuing block
Router apparatus and frame transfer method
Fast data base research and learning apparatus
Switching system for asynchronous transfer mode switch
Asynchronous transfer mode architecture migration
Active link layer and intra-domain mobility for IP networks
Optimized random access scheme for a shared response
Ring-ordered dynamically reconfigurable network using an existing communications system
Default internet traffic and transparent passthrough
Communication system with communication controller and multiple physical interfaces, and method
Layer 3 routing in self-healing networks
Address memory structure and method for processing network node addresses in the Ethernet switch
Packet data switching apparatus
Packet loss tolerant reshaping method
Packet transfer device and packet transfer method adaptive to a large number of input ports
Multi-link segmentation and reassembly for bonding multiple PVC's in an inverse multiplexing arrangement
Use allowed priority level for routing decision in SIMA networks
Crossbar switch and method with crosspoint circuit
Method and telecommunication system for indicating the receipt of a data message
Apparatus and method for interconnecting isochronous systems over packet-switched networks
Communication system and communication channel coupling method
System and method for self-adaptive maximum likelihood sequence detection using a T-algorithm
High-speed MODEM operating over two or more telephone lines
Method and apparatus to correct for in-phase and quadrature-phase gain imbalance in communication circuitry
Powerful and flexible server architecture
System and method for automatic signaling channel identification
Method and apparatus for signaling voice compression in a network
Multiple processors in a row for protocol acceleration
Enabling business transactions in computer networks
System and method for IP-based communication transmitting speech and speech-generated text
Method and apparatus for improving call setup efficiency in multimedia communications systems
Device for data communications between wireless application protocol terminal and wireless application server, and method thereof
Multiple network connections from a single PPP link with network address translation
High performance load balancing and fail over support of internet protocol exchange traffic over multiple network interface cards
System and method for using active and standby routers wherein both routers have the same ID even before a failure occurs
Method, subscriber device, wireless router, and communication system efficiently utilizing the receive/transmit switching time
Modem using a digital signal processor and a signal based command set
Apparatus and methods of multiplexing data to a communication channel
Data encrypting and decrypting apparatus and method
Lightweight word-oriented technique for generating a pseudo-random sequence for use in a keystream of a stream cipher
Method and apparatus for generating encryption stream ciphers
Cryptographic elliptic curve apparatus and method
Apparatus having a housing which accommodates a sound transducer and which has a passage
Systems and methods for completing diagnostic tests on rechargeable devices using cradle contacts
Smart card with multi-character memory for various telephone devices
Apparatus and method for providing music-on-hold service in key telephone system
System and method of non-spoken telephone communication
Dialing plan service including outgoing call screening, remote tie-line routing, call data reporting and billing
System and method for scan-dialing telephone numbers and classifying equipment connected to telephone lines associated therewith
Method for quickly testing the operability of a subscriber circuit
Switching system for providing an improved call waiting service
Distributed media on-demand information service
Monitoring system for telephony resources in a call center
Telephony service system employing cable network and telephony service method
Apparatus and method for controlling rate of playback of audio data
Method and apparatus for use of a time-dependent watermark for the purpose of copy protection
Timestamp modification for seamless branching
Broadcast receiving system comprising a computer and a decoder
Fast compressed domain processing using orthogonality
Region of interest video coding
System, method and apparatus for a variable output video decoder
Recording and reproduction of mixed moving and still images
Hybrid spatial and wavelength selector and optical switching matrix including it
MicroElectroMechanical optical cross-connect switches having reduced numbers of reflectors therein and methods of operating same
Node device and scheme for sharing common virtual connection indentifier between end-nodes
Use of CIC to identify calls when using ISUP in conjunction with AAL type 2 signaling protocol
Short cell multiplexing apparatus
Data transmission method and system
Method and apparatus for providing telecommunications trunk group selection for use in a public network in accordance with customer preference
Stackable switch port collapse mechanism
System and method of automatic roaming analysis (ARA) for dialing abbreviated numbers in a wireless intelligent network
Method and apparatus for dynamic radio resource controlling
System and method for providing packet-switched telephony
Portable phone bank
Cordless telecommunications system
Communication control method and transmission apparatus
Method for the parametrization of a mobile telephone
Pro-active estimation of interference signal ratio in a radiocommunication cellular network
Customer activation system for cellular network
Locating a mobile unit in a wireless time division multiple access system
Apparatus and method for detecting a mobile phone in idle state
Capturing and modifying of mobile subscriber information
Method and apparatus for simultaneous paging of wireless local loop system
Mobile unit local access network
Channel assignment method for a base station in a mobile communication system
Group handover in a cellular communications network
External ear speaker ear-hook boom microphone
Apparatus and method of forming electrical connections to an acoustic transducer
Dual bi-laminate polymer audio transducer
Structure of speaker
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