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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Illuminated shovel tool
Gardening apparatus
Maize variety hybrid X13B632
Soybean variety XBP40009
Poultry coop
Nitrite and nitrite-metheme therapy to detoxify stroma-free hemoglobin based blood substitutes
Dietary and pharmaceutical compositions containing tricyclic diterpenes and their derivates and their uses
Chemical compounds
3-ethylidenehydrazino substituted heterocyclic compounds as thrombopoietin receptor activators
Quinazolinone derivatives and their use as CB agonists
Isoxazoline compounds having MIF antagonist activity
Method for preparation of aqueous emulsion using interfacially active organic compound as emulsifying agent
Stabilization of omega-3 fatty acids in saturated fat microparticles having low linoleic acid content
Mutants of Lactobacillus casei defective in carbon catabolism regulation
Grain endosperm extraction system
Electrically heated water pipe smoking device
Bra top
Pubic patches
Ornaments for eyeglasses
Interface apparatus for stacking coin holders
Electronic device case gripper
Shaving cream applicator brush
Adjustable table
Electronic device enclosure
Foldable supporting stand for a portable electronic device
Coffeemaker comprising a foam-making device
Pick-up device
Flexibility/rigidity adjustable apparatus
Touch panel sensor
Robotic surgical device
Anastomosis device and related methods
Rotational atherectomy device with pre-curved drive shaft
Therapeutic agent delivery system, device and method for localized application of therapeutic substances to a biological conduit
System and device for heating or cooling shape memory surgical devices
Vessel sealing instrument with electrical cutting mechanism
Portable fundus observation apparatus
Eye tracking apparatus
Guidewire with an improved flexural rigidity profile
Method and device for determining a characteristic property of an anatomical structure
Method and apparatus for determining vascular health conditions
Respiration monitoring for heart failure using implantable device
Monitoring respiratory variation of pulse pressure
Methods for determining lumen occlusion
Dental floss holder
Absorbent article
Medicated diaper
Dynamically reactive spinal support system
Corrective method for fingernails or toenails
Baby carrier
Force sensing mechansim of a massage machine
Method of performing Soojichim acupuncture using bodycopy
Modified chalcone compounds as antimitotic agents
Biarylamide derivative and compositions containing the derivative as an active ingredient
Suramin and derivatives thereof as topical microbicide and contraceptive
Composition for accelerated production of collagen
Treatment of ischemic episodes and cerebroprotection through misoprostol
Fatty amine drug conjugates
7-substituted indirubin-3'oximes and their applications
N[S(4-aryl-triazol-3-yl).alpha.-mercaptoacetyl]-p-amino benzoic acids as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Crystalline forms of thiazolidinedione compound and its manufacturing method
Sorafenib ethylsulfonate salt, process for preparation and use
Polymorph of atazanavir sulfate
Process for the preparation of d-threo-ritalinic acid hydrochloride by resolution of dl-threo-ritalinic acid using chiral carboxylic acid
Heterocyclic compound and pharmaceutical composition thereof
Inhibitors of phosphoinositide dependent kinase 1 (PDK1)
High dosage doramectin formulation
Galactosylated pro-drugs of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories with improved pharmacokinetic characteristics and reduced toxicity of the starting drug
Antimicrobial peptides with heparin binding activity
TNF-.alpha. antagonists containing IGFBP5
Polypeptides and use thereof
Treatment of hibernating myocardium with an exendin peptide
Composition comprising the N-terminal region of histone H2B of leishmania--use thereof for inducing an immune response
In vitro model of latent mycobacterial infection
SP35 antibodies and uses thereof
Composition for treatment of pancreatic cancer
Method of making macrophage expressing an antibody directed against .beta.-amyloid
Contrast agents
Compositions and methods for therapeutic delivery with frozen particles
Skin agent for external use and cosmetic agent including ubiquinone derivative or salt thereof and method using the same
Topical anti-inflammatory compositions comprising O/W emulsions containing pro-penetrating glycols
Topical anti-inflammatory compositions comprising O/W emulsions containing pro-penetrating glycols
Preparation of drug particles using evaporation precipitation into aqueous solutions
Anti-diabetic combinations
Navigable system for catheter based endovascular neurosurgery
Gas-pressured medication delivery device
Device and method for evacuating surgical vapor and mist from a body cavity
Device and method for controlling the flow rate of evacuating surgical vapor and mist from a body cavity
Methods and devices to accelerate wound healing in thoracic anastomosis applications
Switchable spray head
Method for conversion of materials including asbestos
Exercise apparatus
Low lift golf ball
Low lift golf ball
Relative hip motion athletic training device and method
Portable pool table device
Systems for coordinating a distributed game in a gaming environment
Gaming machine having a curved display with a video switcher and touch router system
Padded water ride surfaces
Slotted rod for a construction toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Extraction of proteins by a two solvent method
Affinity particle and affinity separation method
Production fluid solid trap
Feedwell for a gravity separation vessel
Method and system for utilizing waste energy from a fluid purification system
Carbon retention screen with variable discharge head
System and method for securing gas turbine air filters
Porous bodies and methods
Apparatus for combustion products utilization and heat generation
Method for purifying an input mixture comprising carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) and carbon monoxide (CO), to eliminate the carbon monoxide contained in said mixture
Microfluidic devices and methods for binary mixing
Device for preparation of water-fuel emulsion
Mixing cartridges, mixing stations, and related kits, systems, and methods
Reactor and reaction plant
Alumina titanate porous structure
Dispersed metal sulfide-based catalysts
Titanate photocatalyst
Liquid supply device using check valve and reactive liquid chromatography system
Process of treating industry filtration media
Fuel injection flush tool
Post polish disk cleaning process
Rapid heat system for a multi-tub dishwasher
Method and a press tool for manufacturing a separation disk
Spindle for a winch
Tool bit holder
Positioning apparatus, a substrate processing apparatus and method for fixing a reference member
Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system controlling amount of hydrogen generation
Clad solder thermal interface material
Force-controlled surface finishing through the use of a passive magnetic constant-force device
Grinder having mechanism for regulating rotation of wheel guard
Tool for adjusting military phone jack
Portable torque measurement and notification system and method of using same
Bearing of a breaking device tool
Tool for driving fasteners
Tool and process for handling pliant comestibles
Joint mechanism for robot
Robot and method for controlling the robot
Power saw
Electrospinning apparatus, methods of use, and uncompressed fibrous mesh
Imparting texture to cured powder coatings
Process for producing an optical film
Apparatus for finishing products coming out from a machine for folding and gluing cardboard or paperboard products with a back
Nozzle plate for inkjet head, method for manufacturing the same, and treatment liquid for inkjet head
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling carriage travel, and computer-readable storage medium
Printable coating
Device for shaping a book casing spine to be oriented approximately evenly distributed toward a book block spine
Wire-bound product and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Pneumatic tire and manufacturing method of the same
Motor vehicle with rear shock absorber having a differentiated effect for controlling vehicle attitude during braking, and control method used therein
Skateboard with trucks mounted above deck
Vehicle body structure
Horizontal folding type sunroof apparatus
Electric vehicle
Power-driven wheel for a military vehicle
Arrangement of a gear shift fork in a transmission
Seat reclining apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle seat
Secondary lighting system for motorcycles
Vehicle seat
Airbag device
Bulk materials container
Dual directional hand truck
Aerodynamic device for trailers and the like
Aerodynamic fittings for trailer crossmembers
Locking collar for a bicycle hub assembly
Vehicle body frame of motorcycle
Retractable anchoring pole
Acoustically attenuated fuselage for aircraft
Drink vessel holder
Bag for handheld electronic device
Deployable fluid collection bag and method of forming the same
Sealable enclosure
Apparatus for dispensing fluids
Closure arrangement for a container
Housing assembly
Reclosable one time security trap seal blister package
Food package for segregating ingredients of a multi-component food product
Personalizable organizer display for identifying actual pill samples and indicating associated information therewith
Adhesive-permeable strip container, a relative blank, and a method of manufacturing the container
Exercise equipment carrier
Attachment device for attaching a pump on a tank and dispenser using such an attachment device
Conveying device
Cell engagement and retention carriage
Personal hygiene storage unit
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus therewith
Toilet paper dispenser for covering wall-mounted pre-existing toilet paper roller and automating hands-free toilet paper extraction therefrom
Gear clutch assembly and electronic device using the same
Paper stopper mechanism for paper-feeding apparatus
Supply device for cutting device
Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
Automatic document feeder
Method and apparatus for manipulating a substrate
Hunting gear retriever
Multi-chambered container
Water cooler
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System for recovering high-purity CO.sub.2 from gasification gas containing CO, CO.sub.2, COS and H.sub.2S
Production of silanes by acid hydrolysis of alloys of silicon and of alkaline-earth metals or alkaline-earth metal silicides
Methods of producing hydrochloric acid from hydrogen gas and chlorine gas
Treatment equipment of organic waste and treatment method
Method for producing a ceramic filter body
Solid polycrystalline potassium ion conductor having a .beta.''-Al.sub.2O.sub.3 structure, its production and the preparation of potassium metal using this potassium ion conductor
Method of mounting a printing plate to an impression cylinder
Process for the preparation of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
Process for preparing L-phenyl-3-dimethylaminopropane derivative
Catalyst, its preparation and use
Therapeutic agent for Alzheimer's disease
Process for recovering solvent from spent oil sand solids
Analogs of tetramic acid
Furo[3, 2-B] pyrrol-3-ones as cathespin S inhibitors
Solutions, methods, and processes for deprotection of polynucleotides
Expression vector for establishing highly productive cell and the highly productive cell
Saponin compounds, methods of preparation thereof, use thereof and pharmaceutical compositions
Bifunctional glycoproteins having a modified carbohydrate complement and their use in tumor-selective therapy
Controlled polymerisation process
Selective extraction of proteins from freshwater or saltwater algae
Defensin-antigen fusion proteins
Mutant blue fluorescent protein and method of using the same for fluorescence energy transfer and blue fluorescent fish
Gene capable of being expressed specifically in endosperm of plant, promoter for the gene, and use of the gene and the promoter
Compositions and methods for modulating dopamine neurotransmission
Vaccine for modulating between T1 and T2 immune responses
Process for modification of biopolymers
Rheology modifiers for modifying the rheological behaviour of coating compositions
Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion, preparation method of the same, and coating composition containing the same
Polyester resin, production process therefor and use thereof
Admixture for a hydraulic binder
Environmentally friendly polymeric textile coating
Flame-retardant polymer composition and article
Solid-core panel incorporating decorative and/or functional material
Method of producing group II-VI compound semiconductor, method of producing group II-VI compound semiconductor phosphor, and hexagonal group II-VI compound semiconductor
Pyrolysis system for producing one or a combination of a solid, liquid and gaseous fuel
Hydrogenation process
Process for producing hydrocarbon oil
Liquid hard surface cleaning composition
Oligomer probe array and method of producing the same
Sensor for detection of nucleic acid
Detection of mutations in a gene associated with resistance to viral infection, OAS1
Nucleic acid sequences encoding proteins associated with abiotic stress response
In vitro tumor angiogenesis model
DDR1-mediated cell purification of pancreatic endocrine cells through their progenitors
Method for producing an L-amino acid
Method for molecular cloning and polynucleotide synthesis using vaccinia DNA topoisomerase
Production of oligoclonal mixtures of immunoglobulins in single cells
Mutated voltage-gated sodium channel Na.sub.v alpha subunit for identification of modulators
Method of loading sample into a microfluidic device
Electrochemical polynucleotide detection comprising ligation
Isolation and use of ryanodine receptors
Method of coal gasification and direct ironmaking and system therefor
Nanowire preparation methods, compositions, and articles
Film cassette for gaseous vapor deposition
Film forming method and film forming apparatus
Multi-anode system for uniform plating of alloys
Mesoscale and microscale device fabrication methods using split structures and alignment elements
Libraries and methods for isolating antibodies
Process of fabricating tissue array
Textiles; Paper
Methods for determining the degree of deposition of contaminants
Fixed Constructions
Scaffold element, arrangement and method of use
Methods and apparatus to secure a window
Medicine cabinet frame
Vertical hung window shade assembly with roll up and side shifting dual panel or panels
Self-adjusting in-flow control device
Simulating downhole flow through a perforation
Flexible hang-off arrangement for a catenary riser
Non-tensionable cable bolt apparatus and related method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine arrangement and method of cooling a shroud located at the tip of a turbine blade
Valve timing control apparatus
Method of fuel staging in combustion apparatus
Wind turbine power generation
Portable solar and wind-powered energy generating system
Vehicle mirror assembly for generating electrical energy
Variable capacity fluidic machine
Assembly for sealing a roller bearing
Heat dissipation fan and rotor thereof
Universal joint
Hydraulic control device and pressure switch
Buffer mechanism
Hybrid drive device
Backlash adjustment mechanism and industrial robot using the same
Piston apparatus for engine
Easily replaceable valve assembly for a high pressure pump
Pressure control and relief system
Microfluidic connector
Method and apparatus for lining a pipe
Gutter guard device
LED flare
Lighting apparatus
Directional hands-free wrist illumination device
Lighted helmet with heat pipe assembly
Omni-directional light radiation lamp and illumination system
Modular lamp cover
Method of controlling a boiler plant during switchover from air-combustion to oxygen-combustion
Programmable water heater thermostat controller
Modular valve
Loop heat pipe
Water-cooled heat sink
Arrangement for supporting mortar shell into breech-loading weapon barrel
Projectile guidance kit
Propulsion defeating system
Optical displacement sensor for infusion devices
Fuel system electro-static potential differential level sensor element and hardware/software configuration
Fluid distribution device, micro plant, method of designing fluid distribution device, and method of detecting blockage of flow channel
Portable, hand-held weighing apparatus with three indicators
Temperature measuring device
Thermal resistor test apparatus
Microfabricated implantable wireless pressure sensor for use in biomedical applications and pressure measurement and sensor implantation methods
Method for testing a vehicle or a sub-system thereof
Weld strength test
Method for adjusting imaging magnification and charged particle beam apparatus
Method and system of evaluating distribution of lattice strain on crystal material
Sample cell for fluorescent X-ray analysis and sample cell assembly instrument
Amperometric biosensor for histamine determination
Method for determining sumoylation
System and method for repositioning a diagnostic test strip after inoculation
Sensor unit for an X-ray detector and associated production method
Radioactive contamination monitoring device and monitoring method
Fiber optic splice housing and integral dry mate connector system
Fiber optic splice housing and integral dry mate connector system
Progressive power lens and progressive power lens design method
Spectral detector
Backlight module
Focal plane shutter for cameras
Ultraviolet-curing resin material for pattern transfer and magnetic recording medium manufacturing method using the same
Paper feeding module and multi-function printer using the same
Clock movement containing a constant force device
Mechanical watch having constant spring force
Specialty stents with flow control features or the like
Optoelectronic device
Stent customization system and method
Auto-positioning sensors for coin counting devices
Card dispensing apparatuses and associated methods of operation
Gaming system and method comprising asynchronous trigger of the N-th unit prize
System and method for a workstation injury avoidance program
Methods for creating a stepped perpendicular magnetic pole via milling and/or metal liftoff
Cable for high speed data communications
Insulation spacer for a gas insulated device and method of producing same
Strand having a limited spring effect
Chassis with fixing apparatus for mounting motherboards
Control of illumination devices
Focused ion beam device and focused ion beam processing method
Obtaining elemental concentration profile of sample
Photoelectric conversion apparatus
Serum proteomics system and associated methods
Laser annealing for thin film solar cells
Composite dielectric material doped with rare earth metal oxide and manufacturing method thereof
Manufacturing method of rigid and flexible composite printed circuit board
Method of manufacturing electronic device and display
Method of fabricating organic light emitting diode display device
Dicing a semiconductor wafer
Remote plasma burn-in
Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices
Field effect transistor with asymmetric abrupt junction implant
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Ammonia-based plasma treatment for metal fill in narrow features
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Direct edge connection for multi-chip integrated circuits
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing
Nitride-based compound semiconductor and nitride-based compound semiconductor device
Fuse part of semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
CMOS-compatible movable microstructure based devices
Resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device using the same
Lead frame, semiconductor device, method of manufacturing lead frame, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Diode-less array for one-time programmable memory
Flexible integrated circuit device layers and processes
Thin-film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display including the same and method of manufacturing the same
Cross-conjugated polymers for organic electronic devices and related methods
Composite dielectric material doped with rare earth metal oxide and manufacturing method thereof
LED package and mold of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor apparatus having reverse blocking characteristics and method of manufacturing the same
Self aligned structures and design structure thereof
Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method of the same
Segmented pillar layout for a high-voltage vertical transistor
Junction field effect transistor structure
Photovoltaic module with adhesion promoter
Solid state image capture device and method for manufacturing same
LED package structure with a fuse for protection from high current
Method for reducing stress in epitaxial growth
Light emitting diode without leads
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric device
Battery pack
Computer enclosure with battery holding structure
Method for manufacturing catalyst layer and method for manufacturing membrane electrode assembly
Hydrogel barrier for fuel cells
Supply system and warning device for a fuel cell stack and method for controlling the supply system
Photoelectromethanogenic microbial fuel cell for co-generation of electricity and methane from carbon dioxide
Electrical connector having poke-in wire contact
Display card assembly
USB connector
Mounting apparatus for memory card
Connector housing with an opening for holding another connector housing for providing movements in three mutually perpendicular directions
Plug and receptacle arrangement with connection sensor
Electrical connector and electrical connector assembly
Cable assembly
Cable management apparatus
Vibration generating device
Remote control for braking system of progressive cavity pump
Spindle motor
Hybrid electric power for vehicular propulsion
Methods and apparatus for controlling temperature of a multi-zone heater in an process chamber
Collapsible field director structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for stereoscopic endoscopy
Surface treatment for optical image capturing system
System for enhancing the television presentation of an object at a sporting event
Virtual image generation method and its apparatus
Force feedback interface apparatus including backlash and for generating feel sensations
Electronic entertainment and communication system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hard copy print media size and position detection
Drum-based printers using multiple pens per color
Parallel print array
Thermal ink jet print head and printer temperature control apparatus and method
Image recording device capable of preventing deviation of ink dot on recording medium
Fractional dot column correction for better pen-to-pen alignment during printing
Ceramic ink jet printing element
Acoustic ink jet printhead design and method of operation utilizing flowing coolant and an emission fluid
Liquid ejecting method, liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus in which motion of a movable member is controlled
Acoustic liquid ejector and printer apparatus incorporating the ejector
Monolithic ink jet nozzle formed from an oxide and nitride composition
Suction recovery of ink jet recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for printing compensation
System and method for separating raster data for printing
Thermosensitive color printing method and thermosensitive color printer
Reversible thermal recording method and apparatus therefor
Thermal print head arrangement
Scanning print head
Skew correction in lenticular material printing
Optical element and scanning optical apparatus using the same
Electronic camera for producing a digital image having a multimode microfluidic printing device
Apparatus and method for performing automatic control over velocity of automotive vehicle
Electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such solid films, and processes for making such solid films and devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Liquid crystal device and production process thereof
Chamber effluent monitoring system and semiconductor processing system comprising absorption spectroscopy measurement system, and methods of use
Fixed Constructions
Safety system for a container door
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for stabilizing of a remotely controlled sensor, like a camera
Back light and liquid crystal display having protecting sheet with protrusions
Method for evaluating quality of liquid repellent film
Monitoring distortion of a spinning mirror
Method and apparatus for determining shapes of countersunk holes
System and method for measuring the microroughness of a surface of a substrate
Ultrashort-pulse source with controllable multiple-wavelength output
Two step discrete phase shift demodulation method for fiber optic sensor arrays
Optical encoder for optically measuring displacement of moving body
Complementary optical sampling waveform measuring apparatus and polarization beam splitter which can be assembled therein
Wavelength dispersion measurement apparatus and a method thereof
Lens inspection system
Waveguide detection of right-angle-scattered light in flow cytometry
Absolute intensity measurements in laser induced incandescence
Optical disc inspection equalization system and method
Ultra wideband personal electromagnetic radiation monitor
Low-power satellite-based geopositioning system
Enhanced attitude determination system using satellite navigation receiver with antenna multiplexing
Method and apparatus for processing multipath reflection effects in timing systems
Excitation method and ultra-wide bandwidth antenna for ground penetrating radar systems
Large aperture vibration compensated millimeter wave sensor
Scan management and automatic tilt control for airborne radars
Microwave detector
UV reflective photocatalytic dielectric combiner having indices of refraction greater than 2.0
Real image mode variable magnification finder
Semiconductor based excitation illuminator for fluorescence and phosphorescence microscopy
Miniature scanning confocal microscope
Objective lens switching device
Protective window for optical sight
Light deflection device and array thereof
Beam scanning apparatus of electrophotographic color printer
Laser scanning system
Group-delay-dispersive multilayer-mirror structures and method for designing same
Apparatus for deflecting light device for scanning light device for reading information and device for stereoscopic display
Polarizer labelling tape and method for making the same
Object detection mechanism for imaging devices with automatic focusing
Liquid crystal display and battery label including a liquid crystal display
Substrate coupling structure for flat-panel display
Method of fabricating a liquid crystal display device including a liquid crystal region surrounded by a polymer material
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Reflective liquid crystal display with gate covering semiconductor and reflector isolated from pixel electrode
Method and apparatus to diffract multiple beams
System for producing time-independent virtual camera movement in motion pictures and other media
Control tool for and a method of calibrating a photographic processor and photographic printer
Mount shift apparatus of lens for CCTV camera
Photo-processing apparatus
System and method for selecting photographic images
Method of evaluating performance of a scan-type exposure apparatus
Scanning exposure method and apparatus
Position detecting system and device manufacturing method using the same
Image forming apparatus
Control knob with multiple degrees of freedom and force feedback
Display orientation features for hand-held content display device
Immersive movement-based interaction with large complex information structures
Method for generating, managing and displaying information retrieval data on information processing system
System and process for limiting distribution of information on a communication network based on geographic location
Rectilinear layout
Hand positioned mouse
Graphical user interface with method and apparatus for interfacing to remote devices
Device having adjustable touch-based display of data
Computer input stylus and system
Coordinate input device convertible between right-handed and left-handed modes
Proxy mechanism for non-native GDI formats
Virtual refresh.TM. architecture for a video-graphics controller
Method and system for implementing button interface compatibility in touch-screen equipped digital imaging device
Method and apparatus for constructing network interfaces
Printing device
Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Gamut restriction of color image
Parametric function curve editing
System and method for optimally placing labels on a map
Method and apparatus for maintaining multiple representations of a same scene in computer generated graphics
Three-dimensional, virtual reality space display processing apparatus, a three dimensional virtual reality space display processing method, and an information providing medium
Method and apparatus for decompression of a two dimensional video texture map
Integrated graphics subsystem with message-passing architecture
Method for defining animation parameters for an animation definition interface
Apparatus for processing video data in AC type plasma display panel system
Dynamic drive methods and apparatus for a bistable liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and data line drive circuit of liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display panel drive method, segment driver, display controller and liquid crystal display device
System and method for driving a nematic liquid crystal
System and method for performing dithering with a graphics unit having an oversampling buffer
Display controller
Image output apparatus and image decoder
System and method for grazing television channels from an electronic program guide
Interactive language editing in a network based video on demand system
Integrated metallization for displays
Electromagnetic wave transmitter/receiver
Antenna apparatus for portable phones
Antenna device and radio receiver using the same
Waveguide antenna
Reflecting material for antennas usable for high frequencies
Multiband antennas
Antennas formed using multilayer ceramic substrates
Wideband microstrip antenna
Underground or underwater antennas
Extensible top-loaded biconical antenna
Variable clock rate, variable bit-depth analog-to-digital converter
Telecommunications network having shared protect capacity architecture
Optical transceiver using common optical path for transmission and reception
Optical communication device
Wireless data communication apparatus using the diffused infrared-ray antenna
Modulating retroreflector using multiple quantum well technology
Fiber optic receiver
Tap antenna unit
Method and apparatus for distributed conditional access control on a serial communication network
Image reading and transmitting system
Device for setting control parameters of image input/processing apparatus
Apparatus for scanning documents such as photographs using a contact image sensor
Multi-beam scanning method and control apparatus for the same
Device with facsimile function and printer function
Communication apparatus and facsimile apparatus
Film image input system having automatic scan speed/scope adjustment
Printer and image processing method for adjusting printing criteria to compensate for low/high density images
Electronic endoscope
Method and device for detecting flickers in television pictures
Imaging device for use as radiation detector
Navigating web-based content in a television-based system
Method for identifying input video signal and processing the video signal
Multi-beam laser scanning display system with speckle elimination
Sync separator and video signal detector circuits
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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