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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Artichoke hybrid named `PS-H1855`
Pharmaceutical composition useful in prevention and treatment of beta-amyloid protein-induced disease
S-(-)-amlodipine nicotinate and process for the preparation thereof
Malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors useful as metabolic modulators
Synthesis of combretastatin A-4 prodrugs and trans-isomers thereof
Rabconnectin-3-binding protein
Apha-conotoxin peptides
Somatic transgene immunization and related methods
Non-ionomeric silane crosslinked polyolefin golf ball layers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Inductively coupled plasma/partial oxidation reformation of carbonaceous compounds to produce fuel for energy production
Process for short-time arc-welding and short-time arc-welding system
Device for cleaning the gas nozzle of a welding torch
Compacted olefin fibers
Coated insulation board or batt
Method and device for imaging a printing form
Apparatus for and method of recording image
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phenyl amine carboxylic acid compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Method for the preparation of lower olefines by steam cracking
Process for separating and recovering 3-hydroxypropionic acid and acrylic acid
Process for the preparation of high purity perindopril
Process for the synthesis of perindopril and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Substituted benzopyrans as selective estrogen receptor-beta agonists
Epoxy compound and cured epoxy resin product
Heterocyclic compound based on N.sup.6-substituted adenine, methods, of their preparation, their use for preparation of drugs, cosmetic preparations and growth regulators, pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetic preparations and growth regulators containing these compounds
Process for the 2-stage synthesis of hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane starting from a primary amine
Nanoscale discotic liquid crystalline porphyrins
Preparation of 1-(alkoxysilyl)ethyl-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane
Compounds for protecting hydroxyls and methods for their use
Molecular regulatory circuits to achieve sustained activation of genes of interest by a single stress
Centrosome proteins and uses thereof
Antibody fragments to JTT-1 protein and cells secreting such antibody fragments
Ion-polymer gel electrolyte and its precursor composition
Polymeric particles and fragrance delivery systems
Alkali-soluble polymer and polymerizable composition thereof
Method of converting anionic living end to protected free radical living end and applications thereof
Nylon nanocomposites
PVA-containing compositions
Composition and method for treating textiles
Polymer sheets comprising higher order phosphate esters
Compositions containing fluorine substituted olefins
Membrane forming in-situ polymerization for water based drilling fluids
Poly(hydroxy thioether) vegetable oil derivatives useful as lubricant additives
Expression system for producing collagen
Composition for delivery of a mitochondrial genome to a cell
Circular DNA molecule having a conditional origin of replication, process for their preparation and their use in gene therapy
Methods for producing recombinant coronavirus
Electrospraying apparatus and method for coating particles
Methods and compositions for modulating telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) expression
Method of isolating ependymal neural stem cells
Differentiation of bone marrow cells into neuronal cells and uses therefor
Modulation of COP9 signalsome isopeptidase activity
Chemical substance having morphogenetic and growth-accelerating activities
Process for producing sugar chains using .beta.1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase
Use of nucleic acids bound to carrier macromolecules
Process for manufacture of Nematode-extracted Anticoagulant Protein (NAP)
Methods of determining deficiencies in intracellular levels on cysteine and glutathione
Compositions and methods for determining anti-viral drug susceptibility and resistance and anti-viral drug screening
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for brewing beverages
Method and apparatus for measuring wafer thickness
Tandem rotation detector for high precision detection
Lens meter
High efficiency low coherence interferometry
Interferometry systems and methods of using interferometry systems
Method and apparatus for measuring resource information of mobile communication base station antenna
Position sensitive radiation spectrometer
Conveyed product weight display system
Sensor, scanner and portable information terminal each having liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for a high resolution downhole spectrometer
Device for maintaining an object under vacuum and methods for making same, use in non-cooled infrared sensors
Rapamycin conjugates
Electro-optic time domain reflectometry
Time-delay integration in a flow cytometry system
Photothermal system with spectroscopic pump and probe
System for detecting anomalies and/or features of a surface
Particle analyzer and methods for use thereof
Method of evaluating myelosuppressive state
I kappa B kinase complex as a target for the treatment of Huntington's disease
Polypeptides having a triggering NK activity and biological applications
Circuit for differential current sensing with reduced static power
Method of testing for power and ground continuity of a semiconductor device
Probe card assembly with dielectric structure
Circuit board checker and circuit board checking method
Stacked tip cantilever electrical connector
In-process system level test before surface mount
Method and apparatus for diagnosing FC-AL system link
Handling unit for electronic devices
System for the relative navigation of aircraft and spacecraft using a phased array antenna
Device and method for sonar measurement of a swimming pool
Robust optimal shading scheme for adaptive beamforming with missing sensor elements
Magnetic resonance apparatus with pressure reservoir
Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method for generating a homogenous RF field in the examination volume
Calibrating method for artifact-reduced MRT imaging when there is FOV displacement
Fast generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisition image reconstruction algorithm for magnetic resonance imaging
Measuring wellbore diameter with an LWD instrument using compton and photoelectric effects
Method and apparatus for composition analysis in a logging environment
Zoom lens
Three-dimensional image observation microscope system
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Driving control device, portable optical apparatus and driving control method
Reflective spatial light modulator
Magneto-optical device
Liquid crystal polymer optical filter carrier
Liquid crystal display having a modified electrode array
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Device for remotely stimulating and measuring electronic signals through a fiber optic cable
Injection-seeded optical parametric oscillator and system
Optical control system
Manufacturing method of composite film, composite film, color filter made of composite film, display apparatus provided with color filter
Method for manipulating the topography of a film surface
Conductive lithographic polymer and method of making devices using same
Method and arrangement for controlling focus parameters of an exposure tool
Emulsion aggregation toner compositions
Magnetic carrier and two-component developer
Visual indicator chronograph and the use of the same
Power factor correction circuits
Voltage regulator and method of regulating voltage
Circuit and method for processing a supply voltage with voltage peaks
Integrated circuit for regulating a voltage generator
Computing devices
System and method for reduced vibration interaction in a multiple-hard-disk-drive enclosure
Universal battery pack
Positioning mechanism for a pen-based computing system
Data processing apparatus adaptable to plural environments and data processing method
Communication system and communication apparatus building the system
Printer control apparatus and method
Image processing device
Laser print apparatus that generates pulse width value and justification value based on pixels in a multi-bit image
System for identifying low-frequency halftone screens in image data
Printer assembly having flexible ink channel extrusion
Procedural graphics architectures and techniques
Apparatus and method for generating texture maps for use in 3D computer graphics
Bicubic surface rendering
Regional progressive meshes
Apparatus for impeding counterfeiting, impeding stealing and managing optical disk stock
RFID activated paperclip tag
Real-time electronic spray deposition sensor
Fire sensor and fire sensor status information acquisition system
Light sensitive display
Apparatus and method for driving field emission display device
Display device
Multiple texture compositing
Human interface input acceleration system
Line stipple pattern emulation through texture mapping
Digital signature collection and authentication
Arithmetic logic unit temporary registers
Suspension device for strings on a stringed instrument
Classification and use of classifications in searching and retrieval of information
Disk drive using loopback to calibrate transmission amplitude
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus capable of reproducing backup recorded information in case of a power failure and recorded information backup method thereof
Multi-level mapping of tape error recoveries
Optical storage system using an antenna for recording information data to a phase-change type medium
Tri-state servowriter driver with slow return to zero
Method and system for identifying the size of an optical disc
Magnetic sensor and magnetic head with the magnetic sensor
High aspect ratio co-planar structure fabrication consisting of different materials
CPP head with parasitic shunting reduction
Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic head
Magnetoresistive head
Thin-film magnetic head and manufacturing method thereof
Motor drive semiconductor integrated circuit and magnetic disk storage apparatus
Passive compensation for pole tip protrusion by slider bending
Method and apparatus for slip protection of DVD-RAM drive's seek control
Methods and apparatus for determining the state of a variable resistive layer in a material stack
Slim-type optical pick-up actuator for recording/reproducing device
Optical pickup apparatus and optimal light spot focusing method
Integrated memory device and method for operating the same
Semiconductor memory device
MRAM memory cell having a weak intrinsic anisotropic storage layer and method of producing the same
Non-volatile memory device with threshold voltage control function
System and memory for sequential multi-plane page memory operations
Field effect devices having a drain controlled via a nanotube switching element
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device that erases stored data after a predetermined time period without the use of a timer circuit
Bitline governed approach for programming non-volatile memory
High speed data access memory arrays
Reducing sneak currents in virtual ground memory arrays
Integrator-based current sensing circuit for reading memory cells
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Apparatus and methods for optically-coupled memory systems
Nonvolatile memory system
Non-volatile memory cell integrated with a latch
System and method for mode register control of data bus operating mode and impedance
Semiconductor device with non-volatile memory and random access memory
Toroidal core and method for producing the same
Low profile electrolytic capacitor assembly
Housing including strengthening member and electrical switching apparatus employing the same
Design of membrane actuator based on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composite for synthetic jet actuator
Circuit breaker including a non-mechanical, electronic status or control circuit
Quick connecting universal electrical box and wiring system
Discharge tubes
Optical information code reading apparatus using marker beam
Semiconductor wafer coat layers and methods therefor
Forming a copper diffusion barrier
Germanium on insulator fabrication via epitaxial germanium bonding
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a light-emitting structure of a light-emitting device (LED)
Passivation planarization
Method of passivating semiconductor device
System and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices using an anti-reflective coating layer
Method of forming a nitride-based semiconductor
Process for fabricating strained layers of silicon or of a silicon/germanium alloy
Integrated inductors and compliant interconnects for semiconductor packaging
Method of fabricating single-layer and multi-layer single crystalline silicon and silicon devices on plastic using sacrificial glass
Fabricating method for flexible thin film transistor array substrate
Polishing method
Like integrated circuit devices with different depth
Method of preventing photoresist residues
Deposition and patterning of boron nitride nanotube ILD
Flash memory device and manufacturing method thereof
High performance amine based no-flow underfill materials for flip chip applications
Method for forming multi-layer bumps on a substrate
Method of forming interconnect structure with interlayer dielectric
High-temperature stable gate structure with metallic electrode
Method for forming inlaid structures for IC interconnections
Parallel multi-layer printed circuit board having improved interconnection and method for manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating isolated semiconductor devices in epi-less substrate
Method of forming isolated pocket in a semiconductor substrate
Variable capacitance device with high accuracy
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Two-stage transfer molding device to encapsulate MMC module
Semiconductor device and electronic device, and methods for manufacturing thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device for overvoltage protection
Semiconductor package having a high-speed signal input/output terminal
Floating base bipolar ESD devices
Image acquisition apparatus for use with a microscope including detection of the amount of change between and image and a subsequent image, and an image recording system that use the image acquisition apparatus
Method for detecting photoelectric conversion amount and photoelectric converter, method for inputting image and device for inputting image, two-dimensional image sensor and method for driving two-dimensional image sensor
Semiconductor device incorporating a semiconductor constructing body and an interconnecting layer which is connected to a ground layer via a vertical conducting portion
Display device using electroluminescence material
Ferroelectric liquid crystal and goggle type display devices
Enhanced atomic layer deposition
Vertical diode structures
Self-heating burn-in
Structure and method of fabricating a transistor having a trench gate
Light emitting diode
Single-chip LED with three luminescent spectrums of red, blue and green wavelengths
Flash memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Transparent electrode made from indium-zinc-oxide and etchant for etching the same
Light emitting device
Large bumps for optical flip chips
Piezoelectric resonator element, piezoelectric device, method of manufacturing the same, cellular phone device utilizing piezoelectric device, and electronic equipment utilizing piezoelectric device
Dielectric thin film element, piezoelectric actuator and liquid discharge head, and method for manufacturing the same
High-frequency switch circuit device
Radio frequency filter systems and methods
Latching ferrite waveguide circulator without E-plane air gaps
Wireless communication terminal device
Parabolic reflector and antenna incorporating same
Multiple beam feed assembly
Apparatus for providing an electrical wiring hub
Integrated processor/motherboard short detect and safeguard mechanism
Arrangement for supplying variable loads
Electrostatic chuck
Control unit for driving a regulating transistor of a fan arrangement
Drive regenerative control system
Variable capacitance circuit having on/off switch for variable capacitance function, and voltage controlled oscillator using the variable capacitance circuit
Voltage-controlled oscillator
Feedback circuit
Signal amplification method and amplifier array
Method for differential-mode processing of an incident voltage relative to a reference voltage and corresponding device
Drive circuit, device, and method for suppressing noise, and use
Differential circuit with offset control
Composite power amplifier
Gain stage control method and related control circuit
Integrated circuit with resistive network having reduced mismatch
Programmable delay element
Equalization circuit cells with higher-order response characteristics
Logic basic cell, logic basic cell arrangement and logic device
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption within an oscillator
Voltage clamp circuit with reduced I/O capacitance
Clock controller with integrated DLL and DCC
Voltage controlled oscillator with a multiple gate transistor and method therefor
Sigma-delta modulator for PLL circuits
Apparatus, system and method capable of clock noise mitigation using a frequency adaptive process
Systems and methods for mixing domains in signal processing
Single-loop switched-capacitor analog-to-digital sigma-delta converter
Encoder runout error correction circuit
Communication driver
Pulse metering architecture
Programmable voltage-output floating-gate digital to analog converter and tunable resistors
Sigma-delta converter and use thereof
Broadcast receiving terminal and method for digital stream data decoding
Method and apparatus for encoding binary data as a zero terminated string
Hybrid digital/analog device
Correlation module for use in a radio receiver
Apparatus and method for sub-chip offset correlation in spread-spectrum communication systems
Method for determining reverse rate in mobile communication system and apparatus thereof
Method of operating a media access controller
Transceiver and communication method for digital multi carrier communication
Method for preparing a profile in W-CDMA communication
Automated network services on demand
Method and arrangement for implementing fast signalling in an asymmetric communication connection
Ring network for sharing protection resource by working communication paths
Multi-format transport stream decoder
Data transfer device
Asynchronous pattern
Dynamic load distribution using local state information
Method for public access to private phone numbers and other telephonic peripherals using a caller access code
Computer implemented method for assigning a back-off interval to an intermediary network access device
Multicasting system and method for use in an access node's ATM switch fabric
Telephone communication system
Method of transferring signals between two separate send/receive interfaces, the method including processing of the signals
Method for operating multiple overlapping wireless networks
Ultra wide bandwidth communications method and system
System and method for calibrating color printers
Image forming apparatus
Logo data generating system, logo data generating method, and data storage medium
Camera and image pick-up device unit having an optical member that is vibrated to remove dust
Video camera with a rotatable grip unit
Image pickup apparatus having its peripheral conversion elements shifted outwardly as compared to converging lenses
Auto focusing apparatus and image inputting apparatus
Reusable camera including write-once non-volatile memory
Displaying data on lower resolution displays
Apparatus for assisting video compression in a computer system
Barrier operator system with enhanced transmitter storage capacity and related methods of storage and retrieval
TDMA messaging service microcell
Method and system for the exchange of information between a main station and a cluster of mobile stations
Core network allocation for GSM/UMTS
Apparatus for driving backlight of liquid crystal display
Electronic ballast
Fixing device using induction heating and method for producing same
Multi-layer printed circuit board for a keyboard
Electronic package and circuit board having segmented contact pads
Air cooling architecture for orthogonal board architectures
Clamping tool
Multi-processor module with redundant power
Expired Patents Due To Time
Alien head for confectionery product
Thermos bottle with pump
Cup and associated elements of a brassiere
Portion of a shoe
Sandal sole
Pair of shoe soles with sizing indicators
Portion of a shoe bottom
Portion of a shoe
Card attachment
Traction cleat for shoes
Shoe heel
Key chain light
Holder for portable telephone
Storage case having a removable tray
Spring clip eyeglass holder
Screwdriver box
Decorative bag
Portable accessory bag
Cosmetics bag
Pocket book
Winged PDA tote bag
Nail clipper case
Chess bag
Pallet container
Key chain light
Eyeglass holder
Key chain light
Equipment bag for digital video-recording camera
Umbrella shaft with five telescopic segments
Four leaf clover golf umbrella
Baseball fan
Triangular grill brush
Bristled head for a toothbrush
Combined toothbrush and paste dispenser with cap
Hair dying brush
Brush with skin remover
Hair brush
Animal paw cleaning glove
Paint brush handle
Electric driven compressor
Baby crib
Four-legged chair
Club chair
Double glider with table
Jump seat frame
Bucket seat
Side table
Table base with removable table top
Jewelry display case
Towel bar post
Pedestal stand
Bath accessory post
Merchandising display structure
Towel bar
Double hanging rack
Towel bar post
Storage media container
Towel bar post
Media storage container with curved inner walls
TV stand
Towel bar post
Panel for the back of a seat
Mattress protector
Bow and ribbon surface ornamentation
Table base
Panel for the back of a seat
Garment hanger
Combined soccer hand warning card and seat cushion
Transparent plant stake with transparent tie member
Multi-purpose lighter
Plastic tumbler with transparent shell
Insulated container
Container lid
Charcoal grill
Combined spherical gas barbecue grill and cart
Profile surface of a hood for a barbecue grill
Barbecue grill
Grill lid
Waffle maker
Tool head for a kitchen utensil
Set of kitchen utensils
Steam iron
Zippered cover of a flexible jacket for a slow cooker
Condiment dispenser nozzle
Skewer holder
Spoon rest
Food container lid
Bottle opener
Cork extractor
Erosion control blanket
Handle for a garden tool
Handle for a tool
Cordless circular saw
Handle grip
Base for a pipe supporting device
Pole stabilizer
Ceramic wall and floor tile laying guide
Over the door rack
Portion of an equipment holder
Socket wrench with handle-housed drive sockets
Object hanger
Shower curtain rod
Handheld tape and drywall compound dispenser housing
Base for a pipe supporting device
Door handle
Anti-splatter gun cleaning box
Plunger handle
Bottle with pump
Beverage bottle
Flask for perfume
Medicine bottle
Stackable, nesting beverage container
Fluid product dispenser
Microdispensing pump with overcap
Display package
Condiment cup
Contoured rectangular container with lid
Sealable bag
Rubbish bin
Rubbish bin
Litter bin
Garbage can
Combination snap hook and compass
Audible alarm grill
Open reel measuring tape
Body fat scale
Transceiver assembly
Electrical equipment housing
Electronic article surveillance tag
EAS tag holder
Wall mounted sensor plate
Combined mounting base for a light fixture and passive infrared motion detector
Finger ring
Clasp of a strap
Cross-shaped diamond cut
Gemstone arrangement
Precious stone
Railroad tie souvenir
Utility cart and stool
Materials handling vehicle
Adapter plate for fuel tank
Sliding picnic table
Graphical design for a boat
Automobile body
Automobile body
Surface configuration of a vehicle and/or toy
Mobile multi-display billboard vehicle
Mid-sized bus
Vehicle body
Vehicle body
Vehicle body
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and miscellaneous consumer products incorporating the design
Snow sled
Snow sled
Tire tread
Front fenders of an all terrain vehicle
Automotive wheel
Combined mirror and mounting assembly
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Mirror construction
Multi-flamed embellished license plate frame
Cab and hood assembly of a truck vehicle
Surface configuration of a rear door for a vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Hitch cover
Automotive wheel
Bike basket
Secondary front grille for vehicle
Automotive wheel
Stator of vehicle alternator
Battery charger
Charging base unit
Adapter system for a battery
Vertical SMT-type connector
Electrical connector with power contacts
Electrical connector
Slotted wire management and storage duct
Keypad for controlling shades and lights
Semiconductor package
Utility control box
RJ style plug
CD player
Combined tape recorder and radio receiver
Card type speaker
Speaker housing
Microphone with a base
Football shaped computer mouse
Fingers and keyboard draft protector
Portable wireless terminal equipment
Combined printer and monitor
Hand electric control device
Mouse pad
Inkjet printer
Cradle for a hand held portable electronic device
Display arrangement for a keypad
Computer front bezel
Computer enclosure
Computer front bezel
Web pad
Computer front bezel
Coordinate input device with display unit
Hard disk drive
Computer front bezel
Flip door for personal digital assistant
Computer mouse
Cradle for personal digital assistant
Portable wireless terminal equipment
Mobile phone
Microwave antenna electronics housing
Telephone set
External module for an electronic communication device
Mobile phone
Compact disc holder
Top of a vehicle air filter
Air compressor enclosure for a reciprocating air compressor
Motor-driven compressor
Electric driven compressor
Compressor for air conditioners of vehicles
Air compressor
Thread cartridge for embroidery machine
Lawn mower engine cover
Splash tube
Splash tube
Hood surface
Thread cartridge for embroidery machine
Cloth refreshing appliance
Plunger with door knob on the end of the handle
Motor cover for vacuum cleaner
Control box for a sewing machine
Control box for a sewing machine
Hood for a polishing, grinding, buffing and finishing machine
Cutting insert for chip forming machining
View camera
Digital camera
Infrared camera
Swimming goggles
Device for preventing unintentional removal of an end of a guitar strap from an enlarged guitar strap peg of a guitar
Electric guitar
Cash register
Cash register
Refilling needle for inkjet cartridge
Type font
Tape transfer device
Tape dispenser
Note holder
Tissue box cover with vertical projecting ribs
Novelty license plate
Game machine
Tanning doll
Convertible play vehicle
Craft kit construction component--complex twin-slotted sphere
Doll with photograph face and template
Stepping exerciser
Golf club shaft
Troll golf head cover
Rear inset of a golf club head
Rabbit's foot golf head cover
Aerodynamic flying disk
Horseshoe golf head cover
Genie golf head cover
Tubular grip for a bat
Gaming device display
Clover golf head cover
Tubular grip for a bat
Cigar float with peg
Mosquito trapping device
Reel device for fishing rods
Butt end boot for fishing rods
Mosquito repeller
Two handle faucet
Toilet bowl deodorant and cleaner bottle
Spout hub
Dispensing head
Faucet body
Sprinkler head
Nipple valve
Tub spout
Single handle faucet
In-line static mixer
Liquid soap dispenser
Deck drain
Integrated eye wash and sink faucet
Ceramic fan heater
Heater fan
Vent attachment for a flexible wall
Roller hearth reheat furnace tire
Filter element having sealing system
Oil cooler
Tiltable personal battery powered fan
Air conditioner
Fastening strip for fastening a filter cloth against a filter surface
Combined oval base and yoke for high velocity fan
Tracking device
Eye patch for treatment of amblyopia
Hand wand for massaging apparatus
Externally visible pattern for a disposable absorbent article
Frame profile
Mountain block
Window frame extrusion
Fence rail
Post facade
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Privacy fence partition
Garage screen door
Telephone booth
Suspended platform
Exterior surface configuration of an automobile front light assembly
Compact fluorescent light source
Compact fluorescent lamp
Tapered candle
Pinpoint massager
Electric hair clipper
Flying disc
Flexible connector
Two part pet bowl
Stand for bird feeder
Combined bird table and shelter
Surrogate mother
Food processor
Human Necessities
Shrub rose variety `POULbambe`
Curved insert for a barbecue grill
Performing Operations; Transporting
Character information processing device equipped with a layout display function
Scan structure for improving transition fault coverage and scan diagnostics
Electronic test system for microprocessor based boards
Generation of sub-netlists for use in incremental compilation
Memory device testing apparatus and data selection circuit
Ultrasound method and system for enabling an ultrasound device feature
Image forming apparatus with improved monitoring system for operation of microprocessor controlling image forming operation
Managing instruction execution in order to accommodate a physical clock value in a clock representation
Process and apparatus for reducing power usage in microprocessor devices according to the type of activity performed by the microprocessor
Dynamic reconfiguration of a quorum group of processors in a distributed computing system
Computer monitor device
System and method for dynamically moving checksums to different memory locations
Method and system for handling destage requests during shut-down in a log-structured array
Warm start cache recovery in a dual active controller with cache coherency using stripe locks for implied storage volume reservations
Software installation and recovery system
Method and apparatus for unix system catastrophic recovery aid
Software debugging method and apparatus
System and method for printer output regression testing using display lists
Platform independent memory image analysis architecture for debugging a computer program
Method and apparatus for efficiently allocating objects in object oriented systems
On-the-fly garbage collector
System and method for enhancing the reliability of a computer system by combining a cache sync-flush engine with a replicated memory module
Method and apparatus for a configurable multiple level cache with coherency in a multiprocessor system
Maintaining cache coherency during a memory read operation in a multiprocessing computer system
Cache flush apparatus and computer system having the same
Memory-access management method and system for synchronous random-access memory or the like
Data prefetch technique using prefetch cache, micro-TLB, and history file
System for efficiently maintaining translation lockaside buffer consistency in a multi-threaded, multi-processor virtual memory system
Buffering data in a hierarchical data storage environment
Retaining state information of an array of elements by subdividing the array into groups of elements
Storage device having testing function and memory testing method
Data processing apparatus and method for cache line replacement responsive to the operational state of memory
Method and apparatus for protecting against failures due to data unavailability in real-time data processing
Bus power savings using selective inversion in an ECC system
Type of easy-to-use electronic calculator
Combination editable and fixed entry input menu field used in a menu for a computer system prior to execution of an operating system
Method for computing a fast fourier transform and associated circuit for addressing a data memory
Method and system for producing documents in a structured format
Method and apparatus for automatically generating multi-terminal nets, and program storage medium storing program for executing automatic multi-terminal net generation method
Method of integrated circuit design by selection of noise tolerant gates
Automated design of processor instruction units
Latch-up verifying method and latch-up verifying apparatus capable of varying over-sized region
Logic verification method and apparatus for logic verification
Method and system for identifying configuration circuit addresses in a schematic hierarchy
Cell library database and design aiding system
Method for creating a design verification test bench
Method for converting programmable logic devices into standard cell devices
Apparatus and method for in-system programming of a field programmable logic device using device-specific characterization data
Sequence numbering mechanism to ensure execution order integrity of inter-dependent smart card applications
Portable electronic medium
Login permission with improved security
Seamless integration of application programs with security key infrastructure
Rounding denormalized numbers in a pipelined floating point unit without pipeline stalls
Fast parallel multiplier implemented with improved tree reduction schemes
Shared FP and SIMD 3D multiplier
Processor, compiling apparatus, and compile program recorded on a recording medium
System and method for coalescing data utilized to detect data hazards
System and method for processing electronic data interchange using a graphical representation
System and method for configuring and executing a flexible computer program comprising component structures
Method and system for installing files in a computing system
Electronic control apparatus having rewritable nonvolatile memory
Method and apparatus for incremental download from server to client
Method and system for automatically configuring the boot process of a computer having multiple bootstrap programs within a network computer system
Method, apparatus and computer program product for invoking a thread-unaware routine that uses an operation-dependent temporary data structure
User level scheduling of inter-communicating real-time tasks
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using a repeating precomputed schedule
Processing continuous data streams in electronic spreadsheets
Integrated proxy interface for web based broadband telecommunications management
System and method for multimedia messaging system collaboration including proposal approval
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced functionality to product webpages
Server for enabling the automatic insertion of data into electronic forms on a user computer
Electronic watermarking system
Converter and conversion method
Multi-level decision-analytic approach to failure and repair in human-computer interactions
Optical disk having electronic watermark, reproducing apparatus thereof and copy protecting method using the same
Error recovery in a disk drive
Integrated circuit test mode with externally forced reference voltage
Diagnosing apparatus and method for RAM
Memory LSI with compressed data inputting and outputting function
High Q gyrator structures
Method of analyzing/searching user's viewing habit regarding aerial broadcasting
Calculation of resource availability using degradation factors
Active self discovery of devices that participate in a network
Method and apparatus for SNA/IP correlation in a mixed APPN and DLSW network
Transmitting notification of new video clips of interest from servers in wide area network
Method and apparatus for restricting privilege access to distributed content information
Scalable cache
Appliances with the internet access
Access control and authorization system
Method and system for managing multiple lightweight directory access protocol directory servers
Automatic failover for clients accessing a resource through a server
Log-on verification protocol
Distributed termination system for two-way hybrid networks
Channel information transmitting method and receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for receiving MPEG video over the internet
Method for correcting synchronization error and radio system
Arrangement for extending service support in a communication system
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
Design Only