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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Seeding apparatus
Air system module including reservoir and mounting structure
Method of producing avian eggs and birds of germ-free status
Spinning reel rotor
Microencapsulated animal trap bait and method of luring animals to traps with microencapsulated bait
Oestrogen-17-sulphamates as inhibitors of steroid sulphatase
Phytase-treated acid stable soy protein products
Strong garment hanger
Device and method for protecting an ear of a subject from auricular haematoma
Buckle assembly
Case for presenting and using cosmetic powders
Frameless cabinet door system and method
Adjustable easel
Bucket seat with inclination-profile adjusting mechanism
Telescope with foldable and extendable base
Merchandising display assembly with affixed and adjustable U-shaped bracket
Portable material stand
Support system for pocket doors
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic air flow
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic air flow
Instrument for inserting intervertebral implants
Steerable sphincterotome and methods for cannulation, papillotomy and sphincterotomy
Femoral neck compression screw system with ortho-biologic material delivery capability
Vessel sealing forceps with disposable electrodes
Cryoblation catheter handle
Process and device for the treatment of atrial arrhythmia
Laser system and method for treatment of biologic targets
Lacrimal insert having reservoir with controlled release of medication and method of manufacturing the same
Method and device for imaging a section of the eyeground
Device and method for optical imaging of retinal function
Dental system and method of producing the same
Disposable diaper
Covered stent assembly for reduced-shortening during stent expansion
Bifurcated multicapsule intraluminal grafting system and method
Artificial intervertebral disc
Highly purified ethyl EPA and other EPA derivatives for treatment of huntington's disease
Oxazoles as mGluR1 enhancers
Pharmaceutical compositions of 1-oxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-4-aminoisoindoline
.beta..sub.3-Adrenoreceptor agonists, agonist compositions and methods of using
Chemical compounds
Pyrrole substituted 2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
Boronic ester and acid compounds, synthesis and uses
Preventives or remedies for endometriosis or uterine myoma
Bioadhesive pharmaceutical compositions
Food compositions comprising waterleaf leaves and methods of using thereof
Methods and compositions for improved articular surgery using collagen
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and treatment of iron overload diseases and iron deficiency diseases
Compositions and methods for inhibiting the proliferation and invasiveness of malignant cells comprising E-domain peptides of IGF-I
Pharmaceutical composition for treating papillomavirus tumors and infection
Enhancing cell-based immunotherapy
Transepithelial transport of molecular species
Ligand for herpes simplex virus entry mediator and methods of use
Radioactive source materials formable into various shapes
Method and apparatus for repositioning a percutaneous probe
Implantable cardiac assist device
Light therapy equipment
Fire suppression system
Martial arts training device
Exercise ball mounted for rotation
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf balls containing cis-to-trans converted polybutadiene and methods for making same
Portable basketball system
Training putter with laser line projecting device
Golf swing training device
Playing cards and method for playing card games therewith
Lottery gaming with merchandising prizes
Racing board game
Method and apparatus for orthography board game
Portable electronic bingo device
Animated multi-persona toy
Construction members for three-dimensional assemblies
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gypsum decontamination process
Multiple laminar flow-based particle and cellular separation with laser steering
Catalyst carrier and method of producing same
Multiphasic microchannel reactions
Arrangement for controlling airflow for example in clean rooms
Fluorescent lamp disposal system
Apparatus and method for droplet steering
Method of cleaning a side of a thin flat substrate by applying sonic energy to the opposite side of the substrate
Method of cleaning a paint feed line of a painting system
Method and device for producing turbulences and the distribution thereof
Multi-planar gas recovery bioreactor
Process of manufacturing a corner assembly
Variable blade manufacturing method and variable blade in VGS type turbo charger
Squeeze station for automated molding machine
Production of thin steel strip
Slotting cutter and cutting insert therefor
Bonding fixture
Heat exchanger tube expanding apparatus
Determining expected fatigue life of hard machined components
Motorized tool with suction and dust collection capacity
Polishing pad with window and method of fabricating a window in a polishing pad
Floor sanding vacuum
Dual function wrench
Screwed device tightening/untightening tool
Method and apparatus for joining protective tape to semiconductor wafer
Mobile road or floor saw
Saw blade for cutting fiber cement
Method of molding composite objects
Corrugated pipe plant
Polyimide-metal layered products and polyamideimide-metal layered product
Multi-layer ceramic composite material with a thermal-protective effect
Printed communication materials having reduced odor and textural or tactile properties
Structured material having apertures and method of producing the same
Sliding bearing material
Paper Strap
High temperature oxidation inhibitors for carbon-carbon friction materials
Paper holder attached to computer keyboards
Thermal ink jet printhead with drive circuitry offset from heater elements
Thermal ink jet printhead with unintentional boiling prevention
Liquid jet recording head
Inkjet printer head
Thermal ink jet printhead with bubble collapse point close to nozzle aperture
Ink jet recording method
Ink container and recording apparatus
Liquid container having hollow tubular member for liquid agitation
Heater and drip plate for ink loader melt assembly
Liquid ejecting recording head and liquid ejecting recording apparatus
Inkjet printhead feedback processing arrangement
Air supply device, wheel, and tire unit
Vehicle with electric motors
Battery mounting arrangement for electrically powered vehicle
Hydraulic unit for an anti-slip brake system
Stroller frame structure
Adaptive energy absorber
Frame structure for vehicle tailgate
Motor driven vehicle and method of sampling map data of the motor driven vehicle
Method of manufacturing a corner assembly
Vehicle clamp having a vibration dampening insert
Boat lift
Methods and systems for controlling lower surface shocks
Swashplate and pitch link arrangement for a coaxial counter rotating rotor system
Lowerable luggage compartment with a rear force supporting device
Platform and system for mass storage and transfer in space
System and method for automatically filling a liquid receptacle
Portable carrier
Gripper system for a machine which processes printing material sheets
Load clamping plate
Apparatus, systems and related methods for dispensing and /or evaluating dry powders
.alpha.-cyanoacrylate adhesive systems
Fluid dispensing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing nitric acid
Method of producing nanophase WC powder by vapor phase reaction
Method and apparatus for processing and re-using of gray water for flushing toilets
Igniter for exothermic torch rod
Carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation and their use
Multimeric forms of members of the steroid/thyroid superfamily of receptors with the ultraspiracle receptor
Diagnosis and treatment of AUR1 and/or AUR2 related disorders
Antibodies to vertebrate delta proteins and fragments
Cyclopentadienyl-containing low-valent early transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Bis (salicylaldiminato) titanium complex catalysts, highly syndiotactic polypropylene by a chain-end control mechanism, block copolymer containing this
Barrier coating of a mixture of cured and uncured elastomeric polymers and a dispersed layered filler in a liquid carrier and coated articles
Latex-encapsulated particulates for ink-jet applications
Inkjet inks with particulate additive
Organo-functional polysiloxanes
Polishing liquid composition
Wheel and tire cleaner composition comprising an ethoxylated quaternary ammonium surfactant
Nucleic acid encoding angiogenesis inhibitor
Directed assembly of functional heterostructures
Expression vector containing urea cycle enzyme gene, transformant thereof, and use of transformant for protein over-expression
Methods and compositions for categorizing patients
L-methionine $g(g)-lyase with modified function
Gene expression vaccine
Diffraction-based diagnostic devices
Micro/nano-fabricated glucose sensors using single-walled carbon nanotubes
Kits for screening for blood coagulation disorders
Method of recovering a nucleic acid encoding a proteinaceous binding domain which binds a target material
Induction of apoptosis by cellular stress
Methods for inhibiting HIV-1 infection
Thin film stent
Heat treatment method
Crystallization cassette for the growth and analysis of macromolecular crystals and an associated method
Textiles; Paper
Guide rods for a Jacquard loom
Method and face-to-face weaving machine for face-to-face weaving of an upper and lower fabric
Camouflage net
Process for producing a fibrous structure having increased surface area
Fixed Constructions
Automatic self contained collapsible traffic barrier bollard system
Snowplow mount
Stormwater management system
Component for spatial grid supporting systems comprising filler material especially for retaining walls or noise-abatement walls, and corresponding structure
System for constructing log structures
Cross tie connection bracket
Rapid deployment shelter system
Privacy enclosure
Hinge device for mobile phone having rotation type display
Reversible door having mortise hardware
Dynamic seal with soft interface
Drill pipe connecting and disconnecting apparatus
Well operations system
Well chemical treatment utilizing plunger lift delivery system
Methods for drilling and lining a wellbore
Truss shoe for a mine roof and method
Control system for pneumatically-powered door installation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reduced stress rotational coupling and a method of using same
Rotary piston machine with an oval rotary piston guided in an oval chamber
Heat dissipating fan with air-guiding structure
Engine with variable lift valve mechanism
Device for adjusting a camshaft of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Method and device for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
System and method for direct injection of gaseous fuel into internal combustion engine
Noise suppressor apparatus for a gas duct
Catalyst degradation determining method
Oil separator combined with cylinder head cover
Pilot oil ignition gas engine and method of operating pilot oil ignition gas engine
Axial motors
Means for treatment of the gases of combustion engines and the transmission of their power
Fuel injection
Apparatus for mixing fluids
Cooling scheme for scramjet variable geometry hardware
Unit for supplying combustion air to the cylinders of an endothermic engine
Reservoir assembly having interchangeable fuel suction unit and fuel pump assembly for vehicles
Direct gaseous fuel injector
Installation procedure and correction jig for a combustion gas seal for an injector
Fan and fastening element and method of assembling
High pressure slurry piston pump
Scroll compressor having a back-pressure chamber control valve
Compressor wheel and shield
Retractable hook assembly for mounting on a surface
Sliding member and method of manufacturing the same
Clutch release bearing, in particular for motor vehicle
Multiple gear stage automatic transmission
Self-actuating, traction-drive speed changer
Drive arrangement
Control system
Valve for changing the direction of flow of a fluid in pipe conduits
Microfluidic device and methods of using same
Valve locking device
Quick connect fastener and connection
Flanged coupling device with a static ball-and-socket joint
Sleeve-type pipe joint
Testable pipe joint
Hydraulic coupling comprising a pressure bleed device
Valve key alignment assembly for curb stop box
Wax shell imitation candle with improved resistance to cracking
Religious lamp with fluid flow
Concealed safety lighting device
Vehicular headlamp
Drinking water cooler
High-efficiency turbulators for high-stage generator of absorption chiller/heater
Combined refrigerator-oven apparatus
Removable refrigeration cassette for a hot and cold vending machine
Chilled beverage container
Laundry appliance
Tube for heat exchanger
Systems for low cost liquid cooling
Mounting assembly and methods of using same
Composite armor plate
Hole shape measuring method and apparatus
Electronic inclinometer
Fluid-gauging probes
Reflective mask with high inspection contrast
Exposure method, exposure quantity calculating system using the exposure method and semiconductor device manufacturing method using the exposure method
Torque detecting apparatus
Digital pressure gauge
In-cylinder pressure detecting apparatus
Diagnosis apparatus for fuel vapor purge system and method thereof
Method for determining viscosity of water-in-oil emulsions
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
Electrochemical test sensor
Polynucleotides encoding cellular transporters and methods of use thereof
Incorporation and applications of biomolecular interactions within a carrier
Nanoporous membrane immunosensor
Device for ascertaining a particle concentration in an exhaust gas flow
Output amplifier circuit and sensor device using the same
Optical fiber composite ferrule
End face polishing apparatus
Ferrule block and optical module using the same
Optical semiconductor module and its manufacturing method
Fiber optic coupler with in-line optical component
Fiber connector and adapter
Coaxial cooled laser modules with integrated thermal electric cooler and optical components
Reflective spatial light modulator
Image display device
Video projection apparatus
Monitor system for projection apparatus, projection apparatus, monitor program for projection apparatus, and monitor method for projection apparatus
Process for preparing a substantially transparent conductive layer configuration
Polymer and photoresist compositions
Photoimaged dielectric polymer and film, and circuit package containing the same
Support for lithographic printing plate and original forme for lithographic printing plate
Forming partial-depth features in polymer film
Method, apparatus and media for displaying information
Organophotoreceptor with a charge transport material having at least three linked hydrazone groups
Method for manufacturing toner, toner, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Charge adjuvant delivery system and methods
Electronic data management system
System and method for dispensing prescriptions
Method, apparatus, storage medium and program for generating image data of virtual space
Data collection system for optical fiber slice data
External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission/reception apparatus
Access system
Banner scoring device
Method to improve coercivity radial profile in magnetic recording media and product thereof
Magnetic recording medium
Dispersible polymer powders
Method of forming a semiconductor phosphor layer by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition for use in light-emitting devices
Method for manufacturing a light emitting device
Method using specific contact angle for immersion lithography
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Methods for making large dimension, flexible piezoelectric ceramic tapes
Ferroelectric capacitor devices and a method for compensating for damage to a capacitor caused by etching
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Methods of eliminating pattern collapse on photoresist patterns
Basic material for patterning and patterning method
Ion-assisted oxidation methods and the resulting structures
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a floating gate and method of manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor memory device comprising the same
Method of generating multiple oxides by plasma nitridation on oxide
Methods of manufacturing MOSFETs in semiconductor devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming a field effect transistor
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Solder bump composition for flip chip
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having a tapered-mesa side-wall film
Method for forming polysilicon plug of semiconductor device
Method for improving interlevel dielectric gap filling over semiconductor structures having high aspect ratios
Wafer thinning using magnetic mirror plasma
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating a composite carbon nanotube thermal interface device
Method of achieving improved STI gap fill with reduced stress
Selective polysilicon stud growth
Method for the production of a semiconductor substrate comprising a plurality of gate stacks on a semiconductor substrate, and corresponding semiconductor structure
Thin film transistor substrate of a horizontal electric field type LCD and fabricating method thereof
Organic dye-sensitized metal oxide semiconductor electrode and its manufacturing method, and organic dye-sensitized solar cell
Secondary battery with improved finishing tape and method of making the secondary battery
Stud bump socket
Electrical connector and method for manufacturing same
Electrical connector with contact shielding module
Card edge coaxial connector
Connector and cable retainer
Connector with lock arm
Electrical connector having guide-in arrangement
Femal connector
Dual-slot card connector capable of avoiding erroneous insertion of two cards at once
Vehicle power system with rotatable main assembly
Female connector member for towing connector
Bonded elastomeric connector
Method for producing electrical connector
Conductive path
Coaxial connector for board-to-board connection
Expired Patents Due To Time
Torchiere lamp
Top of a deck member
Opinion fence post finial
Stanford fence post finial
Wood guard rail blockout protector and safety delineator
Modular elements with aeration for floors
Heart plasma lamp
Swan plasma lamp
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of a skull
Desk lamp
Lamp base
Table lamp
Table lamp
Table lamp
Torchiere lamp
Lighting fixture cap
Lighting fixture cap and lens unit
Garden lamp having lantern with columns and filigreed surfaces
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Combination cigar lighter and cutter
Holder for cigarette
Liquid and lotion applicator
Cosmetics applicator
Electronic grooming device
Curling iron holder
Razor and caddy combination
Hair adornment
Face helmet
Baseball leg guard
Human Necessities
Apparatus for collecting/destroying aeration cores
Hitch mechanism for coupling implements to a vehicle
Agricultural implement frame having a transport configuration and a working configuration
Tillage implement with offset cam for packers
Adjustable gauge wheel for a planter
Self-propelled lawn mower
Land clearing machine attachment
Foot actuated starter & stabilizer
Leaf blowing blade for a lawn mower
Cotton conveying duct
Fluid exchange system and method
Growth medium moisture replacement system
Method of containing a botanical item with a sleeve having an expandable portion
Campsis radicans named `Takarazuka variegated`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yokodiak`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yosierra`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amber Pomona`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yotaffy`
Streptocarpus plant named `Artemis`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Wine Red`
Geranium plant named `Sparkler Red`
Streptocarpus plant named `Mercury`
Anthurium plant named `Aeighteen`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ovation Blush Pink`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Yellow`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Aziza`
Potentilla fruticosa plant named `UMan`
Calibrachoa plant named `Colorburst Red`
Echinacea plant named `Kim's Knee High`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Deep Rose`
Portulaca plant named `Summer Joy Scarlet`
Combined cleaning and pre-milking device
Teat cleaning device and method
Individual room duct and ventilation system for livestock production building
Animal rescue device for swimming pools
Latch for birdcage door
Multi-purpose, species-discriminating bird feeder for controlling ingress and egress of birds into interior of bird feeder
Aquarium wave-making water return device
Aquarium for mounting on a wall
Fly fishing line and method for manufacturing of same
Triangular fishing float
Apparatus for convenient conveyance of fishing rods on a vehicle
Self-propelled waterfowl decoy
Machine for making ice cream cones and other food products such as pannini
Multi-chamber bread-baking machine
Laser operated seed potato cutter
Filling mechanism for food stuffing
Tobacco leaf handling assembly
Tobacco product and a method of making thereof
Device for assembling a continuous strand of tobacco
Tobacco buckle pipe
Cigarette pack and ash holder/extinguisher
Infant bunting
Article of clothing and an orthopedic device therefor
Heat deflection and retaining apparatus
Threadless embroidery method
Shoe with deformable sole structure
Footwear outsole having arcuate inner-structure
Removable tongue for a shoe and attachment device therefor
Size-adjustable overshoes for golf shoes
Boot mounted snowboard support
Brassiere fastener
Fastener assembly, fastener tape material, bag utilizing fastener tape material, and method of manufacture thereof
Button clip, especially for a strapless brassiere
Jigs for creating coiled craft stock, and methods of using same
Umbrella structure
Push brush cleaner
Basting brush with replaceable bristle element
Foldable table-tennis table fitted with locking means
Dining table assembly
Adjustable display shelf system
Coffee machine assembly
Extruded bunk step for bunk bed
Infection control mat
Air mattress sleeping bag
Built-up air cushion
Pressure relief pillow and methods
Shelf-mounted display device
Plant wrapper
Disposable pulp-molded pillow
Juicer/juice extractor
Cooking and barbecue grill
Portable brazier for cooking foodstuffs
Coffee dispensing and packaging machine
Lockable cover for bathroom fixtures
Automated toilet seat lowering device
Toilet seat closing system
Flexible mounting and sealing strips
Cleaning device
String mop and connector therefor
Rack support construction for dish washer
Drum latch retaining mechanism for wet/dry vacuum
Surface load and pressure sensing apparatus
Membranes of polyurethane based materials including polyester polyols
Tanning restraint apparatus and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Condom with spiral crisscross ribbing
Goggles and strap combination
Collapsible isolation apparatus
Portable hyperbaric chamber
Caster and braking system
Multipurpose body-turn-over apparatus
Condom lubricants with zinc salts as anti-viral additives
Inhalation device
Closed loop control in a piston ventilator
Endotracheal tube with tip directional control and position preserving mechanism
Support davit arm for retractable fall proctection lanyard
Swimming goggles
Golf club head cover and method of making same
Ball catching tool
Mouthguard with insignia
Evaporative snow apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Low-profile air filter module
Speaker system for personal computers
Exhaust passage switching unit and method for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for using free radicals to reduce pollutants in the exhaust gases from the combustion of a fuel
Method and apparatus for the production of heavy oxygen water
Method, device and installation for dispensing dosed amounts of liquid
Structured packing system for reduced distillation column height
Multi-layer microfluidic devices
Method and apparatus for measuring spray from a liquid dispensing system
Method of making a piezoelectric transducer having protuberances for transmitting acoustic energy
Vibration apparatus for a variable amplitude type vibration table
Industrial cleaning facility
Method for cleaning a substrate
Method for cleaning pipe and pipe cleaning apparatus for refrigerating apparatus
Device, system and method for on-line explosive deslagging
Tank washing apparatus and method
Apparatus for holding down bottles in a high pressure wash
Method and device for the in-situ elimination of hazardous substances from the groundwater and perched water
Characterization of organic contaminants and assessment of remediation performance in subsurface formations
Multifunction rolling mill for H-beam and rolling method of rolling H-beam with multifunction rolling mill
Process and device for removing oxide skin from metal strips
Defective-portion marking method, defective-portion marking apparatus, and bundling apparatus
Method and machine for making folded fins for a heat sink
Method of covering for flower pot and floral grouping
Covering for flower pot and floral grouping
Process for increasing the wall thickness in hollow sections
Continuous casting facility and process for producing rectangular thin slabs
Supporting roll framework for continuous metal, especially steel casting plants
Billet continuous casting machine and casting method
Fabrication of zinc objects by dual phase casting
Mold closing unit especially for a hot chamber die-casting machine
Composite cast brake elements, such as brake drum, brake disk or the like, and composite casting process for brake elements
Process and apparatus for the uphill low pressure casting of metal, particularly light metal
Electromagnetic flow control valve for a liquid metal with built-in flow measurement
Powder feeding apparatus, powder feeding method and powder pressing apparatus
Anti-vibration adaptor
Final balanced brake drum having integral squealer band and method for producing same
Panel cutting machine featuring panel pressure clamping devices
Sawing apparatus
Diamond saw blade
Cutting tip having rounded main cutting edge and sharp side cutting edges
Diffusion joining structure
Method of manufacturing turbine nozzle
Metal door and method of production
Method for producing a gas generator of welded-brazed construction
Method of forming hollow channels within a component
Method for manufacturing the heat pipe integrated into the heat sink
Magnetic driving tool having a telescopic pipe
Concentric wrench for blind access opening in a turbine
Jam-proof and tamper-resistant lug nut
Wrench for myers nut
Multiple nut driver for computer assembly
Two-position screwdriver
Vibration isolated impact wrench
Double bevel prewinder mandrel
Tool for automotive engine valve removal and replacement
Power tool
Ergonomical tool handle
Structure for attaching a suspending device to an electric power tool
Wick trimmer
Utility knife
Cutting template and method of using same
Windshield remover knife and method
Knife for cutting tuberous plants, mainly potatoes, into rods or other shapes
Perforating machine
Window structure
Method and apparatus for debarking logs
Process for grinding and coloring wood chips
Block splitter assembly
Bladder system for reinforcing a portion of a longitudinal structure
Method for manufacturing sealing tool
Mechanically interlocked weatherstrip
Shoe with insole as part sole filler and method of making same
Wet clutch/brake adapted to access press lubricant
Vacuum-assisted particulate material densification system
Method of and a device for compressed packaging of trees and greenery on a pallet or the like with lateral supports
Apparatus for bonding pour spout to containers
Multi-layer fuel and vapor tube
Wooden blind slats and method for making same
Image forming and plate making method and apparatus
Pin registration system for mounting different width printing plates
Printing press
Systems and methods for unforgeable document tagging
Device for assisting a user to draw a topographical contour map
Workpiece carrying system
Picture and article display and method
Pneumatic tire with rim flange holder
Composite tire with steel jacket
Tire servicing tool
Pneumatic tire with specified steel belt cord
Expandable band for run flat tire and method of making
Unique radial passenger tire construction for RAT/RLF
Ride control
Suspension control apparatus
Electronic expansion valve control system
Waste heat recovery system
Apparatus and method for cooling
Power feeding unit for motor vehicle sliding door
Retractable cover system
Cooling system for a work machine
Compressed gas manifold
Fuel supply apparatus for fuel tank
Vibration reducing system for automotive vehicle
Front-and-rear wheel drive vehicle
Exhaust gas purifier and method of purifying exhaust gas for a hybrid vehicle
Hub motor for a wheeled vehicle
Ladder mounting system
Clip for vehicle
Negative pressure control apparatus for engine mounted in vehicle
Method and device of actuating an electromechanically operable parking brake
Rail transit system
Mobile jaw vice for clamping and unclamping vehicles to and from a traction cable of a transport system
Railway vehicle with a streamlined terminal portion
Railway freight car metal floor
Vehicle cell
Hydraulic circuit for working vehicle
Charge flow supplement circuit for tractors
Snow vehicle track suspension
Fluid cooled disc brake for bicycle
Detachable fluid cooling system for bicycle disc brake
Oil-storing device for a bike saucer-brake
Fuel tank hold down system
Cleat component and padeye combination
Hybrid riser and method for sub-sea transportation of petroleum products with the device
Inflatable dingy chock
Autonomous container ship
Floating installation
Folding snorkel
Underwater craft having sealed and inflatable buoyancy chambers
Regulator valve for escape slide
Modular launch pad system
Foldable member
Bench mount apparatus for remote tool head
Method of wrapping drinking straws
Method and apparatus for inserting an oxygen scavenger into a modified atmosphere package
Method for packing articles in an elastic packing material and device to carry out said method
Packaging a strip of material with compression to reduce volume
Disk labeling devices
Perimeter driven labeller
CD labeler fixture cross-reference to related applications
Vacuum pressure-adjusting apparatus
Apparatus for packaging insulation material
Paper web feed unit used in a rotary press and equipped with a paper web traveling tension controller
Protector for leading end of correction tape
Reel arrangement
Method of packaging a strip of material
Controlling apparatus for elevator with divided control panel
Control operation system for elevator with flood speed detector and controller
Opener for specimen container
Electrical corkscrew with depth penetration regulator
Pressurized fluid container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and apparatus for manufacturing a porous SiO2 preform
Method and apparatus for tempering and bending glass
Vacuum degassing apparatus for molten glass
Method of making glass structures for flat panel displays
Methods of sealing pipe strings in disposal wells
Protein sequence of the plant toxin gelonin
Cycle installation for utilization of waste containing polymer compounds
Vertical plasma enhanced process apparatus and method
Textiles; Paper
Process and apparatus for cleaning an open-end spinning rotor
Spinning rotor for open-end spinning machine and method for producing the spinning rotor
Tuck-in apparatus for shuttleless loom
Method and apparatus for transferring a loop from a selected needle to an adjacent needle for creating a decorative open-work pattern with no-run stitch and loop transfer knitting needle
System of cams and sinker for terry cloth knitting on circular knitting machines and stocking knitting machines
Device for controlling yarn feed to a textile machine and method for controlling the machine operation and production
Knit-deknit yarn and method and apparatus for making same
Transmission mechanism for weft bars of knitting machine
Double knit terry fabric with sculptural design
Hydroentangled, low basis weight nonwoven fabric and process for making same
Display apparatus and display controlling method for a sewing machine
Display apparatus for a sewing machine
Button transmission device for a button-sewing machine
Quilting template methods and apparatus
Device for applying a treatment medium to a moving strip of material
Method and apparatus for feeding tubular textiles into a machine
Iron with improved heel rest and sliding fill door
Sublimation embroidery
Sheathed synthetic fiber robe and method of making same
Fixed Constructions
Combination line marker and test station
Energy absorber
Multi-line rotatable fluid coupler
Coupling for the teeth of excavators and the like
Water valve assembly and water draining method
Pivoted projection having mixer valve
Sanitary proximity valving
Timed fluid-linked flush controller
Automatic cleaning assembly for a toilet bowl
System for adapting a toilet for use as a bidet
Method of making connector hub
Acoustic panels and the like
Insulated form assembly for a poured concrete wall
Formwork for building walls
Web for insulated concrete form
Collapsible three sided truss
Pre-manufactured roof plate element and girder thereto
Systems and methods for connecting skylight components
Reinforced vinyl siding
Wood floor assembly
Partition mount
Portable anti-theft locking anchor
Hinge for electrical enclosure
Hinge for a notebook computer
Running carriage for a sliding door
Power sliding vehicle door
Doorstop device
Door knob stop
Window device for use in a motor vehicle
Bulkhead door seal
Slat positioning device for a venetian blind
Traveler for a vertical blind
Release mechanism for industrial doors
Rotary drill bits for directional drilling employing tandem gage pad arrangement with cutting elements and up-drill capability
Blasthole drill with bi-material roller for supporting a load
System and method for measuring and controlling rotation of coiled tubing
Cuttings injection system and method
Method of and apparatus for inserting tubing into a live well bore
Flow control in a wellbore
Downhole pressure activated device and a method
Utilization of energy from flowing fluids
Sealing device for use in subsea wells
Preloading type connector
Apparatus for device using actuator having expandable contractable element
Reservoir production method
Method of surveying a bore hole
Method of and probe for subsurface exploration
Apparatus and methods for acoustic signaling in subterranean wells
Directional drilling apparatus and method utilizing eccentric stabilizer
Bit for directional drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hot wall combustion insert for a rotary vane pumping machine
Reciprocating rotary piston system and pressure pump and internal combustion engine using the same
Overspeed detection techniques for gas turbine engine
Turbine, for a liquid-propellant rocket engine mainly
Heat recovery system and power generation system
Variable valve opening duration system
Hydraulically actuated latching valve deactivation
Roller finger follower for valve deactivation
Lost motion valve actuation system
Spheroidal rotary valve for combustion engines
Process for controlling a gas exchange valve for internal combustion engines
Device for controlling a gas exchange valve for internal combustion engines
Device for removing lubricating oil from an engine
Multiple tract exhaust manifold/header
Thermostat trouble diagnosis system in an engine cooling system
Model-based diagnostic method for an engine cooling system
Cooling apparatus for vehicular engine
Conjugate vortex stratified exhaust gas recirculation system for internal combustion engine
Intake module
Method of increasing a flow rate of intake air to an engine
Exhaust gas recirculation system in an internal combustion engine
Pneumatically controlled exhaust throttle for delivering EGR on turbocharged engines
Process for controlling the phase of switching of fuel in an internal-combustion engine designed to operate selectively with gasoline and gas
Internal combustion engine
Retrofit equipment for reducing the consumption of fossil fuel by a power plant using solar insolation
Gas turbine starting control system
Bi-level fuel pressurizing system
Method and apparatus for calibrating a position sensor used in engine control
Engine control strategy using dual equal cam phasing combined with exhaust gas recirculation
Double-lift exhaust pulse boosted engine compression braking method
Air flow and EGR flow estimation
Electromagnetically actuatable adjustment device and method of operation
Hybrid operating mode for DISI engines
Apparatus for detecting the fuel property for an internal combustion engine
Fuel control system with purge gas modeling and integration
Operating method and exhaust system of a multi-cylinder internal-combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling fuel injection in diesel engine
Control valve for cryogenic use
Carbon canister spring plate
Leak detection for a vapor handling system
Apparatus and method for diagnosing faults of fuel vapor treatment unit
Valve for metered introduction of evaporated fuel
Fuel treatment dispenser
Method for improving fuel and device for improving fuel
Flow conduit and means for enlarging the surface thereof to provide cooling, and a fuel pipe, and a method for the manufacture thereof
Inlet manifold
Air intake means with water separator
Pressure damper for a pressure vessel
Method of retarding injection timing
Engine with integrated unit pump injector and method of making the same
Fuel supply system for a direct injected outboard engine
Injection pressure sensor sealing mechanism
Electronic fuel pump, sender and pressure transducer tester
Intake system for four-cycle engine powering an outboard motor
Multifunction auxiliary vehicle power and starter system
Internal combustion engine having combustion heater
Closed system motor
Swash plate type compressor in which lubricating oil is effectively supplied to a shoe mechanism interposed between a piston and a swash plate
Control apparatus for variable displacement type compressor
Electrochemical refrigeration system and method
Housing apparatus
Motor-driven compressor
Refrigerant cycle system with expansion energy recovery
Piston rod-less pneumatic cylinder
Fluid oscillator with an extended slot
Apparatus for clamping screws
Racing engine having trimetal bearings with a thick overlay for high speed and/or high load applications
Wheel bearing lubricator sleeve
External manual brake release
Electromagnetically actuated brake
Linear actuator travel limit apparatus
Screw drive with rolling elements, and method of assembly
Continuously variable transmission
Hydrostatic power distribution/control logic system
Hydrokinetic torque converter
Gear catching for a shift transmission
Actuating mechanism for the automatic operation of a gear-shift in a transmission
Single rail top cover assembly
Method and apparatus for forming a rupture disk
Pressure relief device for a sealed system
Fluid flow shutdown and pressure relief valve with a fusable element
Wall-type shower faucet influent load control fixture
Cartridge for a single-lever mixing faucet
Valve for controlling flow rate of gas
High flow solenoid control valve
Apparatus for monitoring the valve stroke of an electromagnetically actuated valve
Two-stage water-saving structure of a faucet
Double diaphragm precision throttling valve
Corrugated laminated tube
Apparatus for pipeline construction
Apparatus for controlling the flow of fluids
Oxidation resistant low alloy attachments for boiler components
Incinerator for waste management
Web dryer with fully integrated regenerative heat source
Single-ended self-recuperated radiant tube annulus system
Multi-circuit multi-injection point atomizer
Flush-mount enclosure, particularly for making provisions for air-conditioning systems
Three-way mounting of an air conditioner
Air conditioner structure
Heat transfer system
Modulating furnace having a low stage with an improved fuel utilization efficiency
Water source heat pump with hot gas reheat
Cooling apparatus using boiling and condensing refrigerant
Series secondary cooling and dehumidification system for indoor ice rink facilities
Centrifugal heat transfer engine and heat transfer systems embodying the same
Apparatus for automatically closing a cooling system expansion valve in response to power loss
Refrigerating cycle
Method for protecting compressors used in chillers and/or heat pumps
Ice and beverage dispensing apparatus
Defrosting device, in particular for refrigeration systems
Start up control for a transport refrigeration unit with synchronous generator power system
Process and apparatus for the separation of air by cryogenic distillation
Method for producing oxygen gas
Drying apparatus using high pressure gas
Drying apparatus
Laminate-type heat exchanger
Sinusoidal fin heat exchanger
Method for making a heat sink
Radiator with integrated liquid-air hybrid oil cooler
Heat transfer device, particularly exhaust gas heat transfer device
Evaporator of automotive air-conditioner
Firearm having an intelligent controller
Adjustable and locking rifle mounting system
Three position bipod support for the carrier mounted 120 mm mortar
Toy rocket launcher
Round wheel cam
Aperture gun sights
Thermoset/thermoplastic line charge with contoured fabric fastening and detonating cord management system and assembly process
Thermally actuated release mechanism
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) -type devices having latch release and output mechanisms
Method and apparatus for flyrock control in small charge blasting
System and method for performing bulge testing of films, coatings and/or layers
Angular velocity sensor device having oscillators
Electro-optical float position indicator
Method and apparatus for supplying mercury to arc tube for discharge lamp
System and method for measuring volume of liquid in a chamber
Pressure sensor
Differential pressure generator
Condition based monitoring by vibrational analysis
Leakage measuring device
Passive aerosol sampler and methods
Magazine for use with a gas sampling system
Collecting apparatus for automatically collecting sample during particular time interval
Solid state fluorine sensor system and method
Chemical sensor array
Optical method for the characterization of laterally-patterned samples in integrated circuits
Conveyor friction measurement and cleaning system
Methods and apparatus for sealing a porous material sample for density determination using water displacement methods and associated surface conformal resilient compressible bags
Vibration gyro sensor, combined sensor, and method for producing vibration gyro sensor
Acceleration detecting device
Watertight apparatus capable of being immersed and including an acoustic transducer
Device for removing layers from a waveguide
Spectacle lens holding structure
Pressure regulator
Method of operation of mass flow controller
Adjustable pedal assembly
Clutch actuation system for a vehicle
Method and device for handling means for payment and means for payment
Belt clip with improved flange
Sign apparatus
Coupon vehicle for necked containers
Electronic musical instrument having a ryhthm performance function
Method of applying a matching layer to a transducer
Compact disc label printer with rotatable picker arm
Head suspension lift cam adjustment apparatus
Method for adjusting curvature of magnetic read/write head sliders
Method of manufacturing an enveloped multilayer capacitor
Metallic keys
Method and apparatus to produce large inductive plasma for plasma processing
Method for forming back panel for a plasma display device
Substrate treating apparatus and method of operating the same
Resin sealed electronic device and method of fabricating the same and ignition coil for internal combustion engine using the same
Connection substrate
Film frame substrate fixture
Method of fitting connectors and the connectors for use in the method
Apparatus and method of manufacturing an automobile wiring harness having a predetermined wiring route
Traveling spark ignition system and ignitor therefor
System for the routing of bundles of wires
Method for assembly of a stator in the field
Apparatus for calculating torque generated by induction motor
Arrangement at a mobile telephone
Electronic component supply device
Method of making surface acoustic wave device
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