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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Grain quality through altered expression of seed proteins
Maize variety hybrid X95B333
Soybean variety XB30AL11
Recombinant gene which enhances the ability of fish to tolerate low dissolved oxygen stress and the use thereof
S1P.sub.3 receptor antagonist
4, 5-ring annulated indole derivatives for treating or preventing of HCV and related viral infections
Protective gear
Protective articles containing N-halochitosan
Warming salon cape
Articles of clothing with a bottle opener
I-pocket for an accessory item
Enhanced headwear package
Portable toddler mat
Duvet cover assembly
Vacuum cleaner with wind-driven lighting equipment
Dry electrode cap for electro-encephalography
Semicircular inversed offset scanning for enlarged field of view 3D
Substituted hydroxamic acids and uses thereof
Substituted (thiophenyl-carbonyl)imidazolidinones, and use thereof
Benzoic pyrrolopyridine derivatives
Triazole compounds as KSP inhibitors
Peripheral opioid receptor antagonists and uses thereof
Methods of treatment for solid tumors
17Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 inhibitors for the treatment of hormone-related diseases
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Chimeric human beta defensins
Smoothened polypeptides and methods of use
Skin or hair binding peptides
Adaptive system and method for altering the motion of a person
Lead connection system for an implantable electrical stimulation system and methods for making and using the systems
Devices with cannula and electrode lead for brain stimulation and methods of use and manufacture
Implantable microstimulators and methods for unidirectional propagation of action potentials
Configurable intermittent pacing therapy
Imaging system and device
Universal system, method and computer program product for determining a tennis player rating and ranking
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tool revolver unit for a machine tool
Laser processing apparatus and processing method employed therein
Multi-function hand tool
Tool handle
Exposure device, LED head and image forming device
Light emission control device, light emission control method, and image forming apparatus
Integrated hybrid vehicle control strategy
Tire temperature measurement system
Capsule treatment apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Solid dapoxetine
Phenyl-N-acyl derivatives of amines and amino acids, a process for the preparation thereof, a pharmaceutical composition and use thereof
Method for producing polyisocyanates
Process and method for the producton of dimethylether (DME)
Ethylene glycol removal of residual glycol impurities
Process for the preparation of isocyanates
1,2,3-trisubstituted aryl and heteroaryl derivatives as modulators of metabolism and the prophylaxis and treatment of disorders related thereto
Conglomerates of tenatoprazole potassium salts
Process for the preparation of 7-ethyl-10-[4-(1-piperidino)-1-piperdino] carbonyloxy-camptothecin hydrochloride trihydrate
Polar dyes
Organophosphorus compounds, catalytic systems comprising said compounds and method of hydrocyanation using said catalytic systems
Inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase
Silane compounds having a cyclic carbon chain including an alkyne function for functionalizing solid substrates and immobilizing biological molecules on said substrates
Methods of making nucleoside tetraphosphate analogs
Method for the continuous production of water-absorbent polymer particles
Polyaniline-added prepolymer, method of manufacturing polyaniline-added prepolymer, polyaniline graft polymer, method of manufacturing polyaniline graft polymer, cross-linked material, and paint
Catalyst compounds and use thereof
Crystalline resin cured product, crystalline resin composite material, and method for producing the same
Multi-armed, monofunctional, and hydrolytically stable derivatives of poly(ethylene glycol) and related polymers for modification of surfaces and molecules
Expanded polystyrene solubilization method
Method for the production of abrasive foams
Exoergic filler composition, resin composition, exoergic grease and exoergic coating composition
Polyesters based on 2-methylsuccinic acid
Relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving and method for producing relief printing plate
Aqueous dispersion containing polyolefin graft copolymer
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and method for producing the same
Polymer blend compositions
Waterborne adhesive with improved wet adhesion
Renewable compositions
Pathogen inducible plant thehalose-6-phophate phophatase gene promoters and regulatory elements
Fixed Constructions
Tornado shelter
Multi-section telescoping structure
Office partition electrical system
Reinforcing assembly and reinforced structure using a reinforcing assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust purification device for internal combustion engine
Generator frame with grappling attachment feature and theft deterring weight receptacle
Reduced pressure differential hydroelectric turbine system
Wind turbine generator, active damping method thereof, and windmill tower
Apparatus for generating electricity from wind power
Apparatus and method of drying laundry with drying uniformity determination
Electrical appliance for cooking food
Tactical apparatus and method for mounting a multi-cartridge firing electric discharge weapon
Out-of-round container detection system and method
Navigation method, navigation system, navigation device, vehicle provided therewith and group of vehicles
Micropositioning apparatus
Accessory for string instruments
Rotary encoder, rotary motor, rotary motor system, disk, and method of manufacturing rotary encoder
Array of nanowires in a single cavity with anti-reflective coating on substrate
Multichannel photometric measurement apparatus
Sensing UV dosage of a fluid stream
Analysis of mixtures including proteins
Method and apparatus for inspecting a surface of a substrate
Optimizing genome-wide mutation analysis of chromosomes and genes
Methods for monitoring multiple gene expression
Capacitive touch panel
Touch sensing system, capacitance sensing circuit, and capacitance sensing method
Capacitive touch panel
Connector test system
Self-diagnostic apparatus for electrical storage system
Quality control process for UMG-SI feedstock
Circuit board and method for testing component built in the circuit board
Method for measuring resistance of resistor connected with MR element in parallel
SQUID magnetic sensor
Voltage reference selector for use in conjunction with a multi-meter in taking electrical measurements from an electrical control panel
Inclusion of assessment data in millimeter wave concealed object detection systems
Processing seismic data
Enhanced wide area seabed analysis
Method and apparatus for positioning a center of a seismic source
Optical element and imaging apparatus
Mechanical layer and methods of shaping the same
Lenses for 3D eyewear
Multi-beam, high efficiency diffractive optics system formed in a single substrate
Manufacturing method of optical sensor module and optical sensor module obtained thereby
Apparatus and method for reducing pixel operational voltage in MEMS-based optical displays
Monolithic optical mount
Three-dimensional imaging device
Light source module
Display device and method of fabricating the same
Camera lens shade assembly
Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
Stage base, stage apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus provided with mechanism for cleaning image carrier
Toner cartridge converting device
Developer container, developing device, and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus with transfer nip adjustment function
Electronic device with remote control function
Movable body system
Information providing device for vehicle
High current drive switched capacitor charge pump
Quantum logic component and a method of controlling a qubit
Method and apparatus for fine edge control on integrated circuit outputs
Apparatus and program for arctangent calculation
Apparatus for protecting a smart device
Retention device for data storage module
Mounting clamp for USB device and motherboard assembly incorporating the same
Rack-mount server system
Memory card control device and method for controlling the same
Coordinated disaster recovery production takeover operations
Storage controller and storage control method
System and method for construction, fault isolation, and recovery of cabling topology in a storage area network
Transparent quality of service
Modifying an information technology architecture framework
Memory refreshing circuit and method for memory refresh
Reliable messaging using redundant message streams in a high speed, low latency data communications environment
Method and system for dynamic assignment of overhead channel group
Reliability and performance of a system-on-a-chip by predictive wear-out based activation of functional components
Spacing periodic commands to a volatile memory for increased performance and decreased collision
Management of write cache using stride objects
Information processing device and cache memory control device
Managing shared data objects to provide visibility to shared memory
Memory controller and methods
Volume swapping of point-in-time read-only target volumes
Method and system for collecting performance data for storage network
Apparatus and method for producing IDs for interconnected devices of mixed type
Mirroring virtual machines from a primary host to a secondary host
Providing an alternative caching scheme at the storage area network level
Processor and method of control of processor
Secure data scanning method and system
Regeneration of deleted data
Hardware support for software controlled fast multiplexing of performance counters
Utilizing social relationship information to discover a relevant active meeting
Area efficient arrangement of interface devices within an integrated circuit
Collaborative state machine framework for use in a communication network
System and method for TCP/IP offload independent of bandwidth delay product
Passive parameter based demographics generation
System and method for providing service
Recognizing spam email
Methods and systems for allocating and indicating trustworthiness of secure communications
Transactional independent persister cloning system
Stateless-agentless system and method of managing data in a computing environment
Replicated state machine utilizing view change protocol resilient to performance attacks
Logical server management
Technique for previously providing estimate of time required for processing
RDMA based real-time video client playback architecture
Discovery and management mechanism for SAN devices
Specification of a software architecture for capability and quality-of-service negotiations and session establishment for distributed multimedia applications
Overloading processing units in a distributed environment
Methods and apparatus for adaptively scheduling a finger stabilization algorithm
Network remote power management outlet strip
Method and apparatus for providing a user interface in association with a recommender service
Performing a vector collective operation on a parallel computer having a plurality of compute nodes
Matching various combinations of XPATH URIs to the same XML node
Verifying content of resources in markup language documents
Methods for dynamic consistency group formation
Digital audio device
Appliance having a user interface panel and a beverage dispenser
Control device for controlling drive force that acts on vehicle
Marker system for determining the diameter and axial location of a hole in an instrument
Business rules for configurable metamodels and enterprise impact analysis
Apparatus and method for helping in the reading of an electronic message
Electronic language simulator system and method
Apparatus, method, and system of controlling setting information for confidential document
Fingerprint generation of multimedia content based on a trigger point with the multimedia content
Systems and methods for updating an application on a mobile information device
Test data generation and scale up for database testing using unique common factor sequencing
Test data generation and scale up for database testing using unique common factor sequencing
System and method for comparing universities based on their university model graphs
Technology computer-aided design (TCAD)-based virtual fabrication
Integrated circuits with multiple I/O regions
Method for supporting multiple libraries characterized at different process, voltage and temperature points
Method and system for implementing core placement
Thermal coupling determination and representation
Systems for automatic circuit routing with object oriented constraints
Simulation environment for simulating physical system and/or sub-systems
Controlling impedance and thickness variations for multilayer electronic structures
System and method for aircraft taxi gate selection based on passenger connecting flight information
Electronic device, password deletion method, and program
Method and computer system for ensuring authenticity of an electronic transaction
System and method for providing internet radio service
Electronic device with main microcomputer and sub microcomputer
Abstraction of computer disk image cloning capabilities from bootable media
Virtualize, checkpoint, and restart POSIX IPC objects during checkpointing and restarting of a software partition
Communication apparatus and method in PLC
Programmatic modification of a message flow during runtime
Floating plane touch detection system
Discriminating among resources to share
Article producing terminal apparatus, article producing method and program
Multi-window management apparatus and program, storage medium and information processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Print job management based on energy pricing and load
Method and apparatus for printing from a mobile device
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, recording medium, and method for transmitting URL information of a web browser
Image processing system and access control information registration method of function access control
Information processing apparatus, power-supply control method, program, and power supply control system
User interface for a digital content management system
Method and apparatus for resorting a sequence of sorted strings
Changed files list with time buckets for efficient storage management
Arithmetic processing apparatus and arithmetic processing method
User authentication method and system
Client apparatus and a method therefor
Information processing apparatus, authentication method, and computer program
Multi-dimensional transform for distributed memory network
Distributive cache accessing device and method for accelerating to boot remote diskless computers
Server system including diplexer
Method and apparatus to present a unique background image on a personal computer display when the computer system is booted from an external drive
Instruction operand addressing using register address sequence detection
Automated identification of redundant method calls
Firmware update apparatus and method
Computer source code generator
Using appropriate level of code to be executed in runtime environment using metadata describing versions of resources being used by code
Detecting dangling pointers and memory leaks within software
High-level hypermedia synthesis for adaptive web
System and method for collaborative hosting of applications, virtual machines, and data objects
Performing runtime analysis and control of folding identified threads by assuming context of another thread and executing in lieu of another thread folding tool
Work plan prioritization for application development and maintenance using pooled resources in a factory
Virtual devices using a plurality of processors
Parallel checkpointing for migration of workload partitions
Distributive resistive mixer
Tar estimation
Automated recommendations from simulation
Method and article for providing layout flexibility
Moving object detecting device, moving object detecting method, and computer program
Fingerprint recognition apparatus and method thereof
Method and magnetic resonance system to correct distortions in image data
Method for detecting objects
Ordinal and spatial local feature vector based image representation
Method for partitioning combinatorial graphs
Method and system for preprocessing an image for optical character recognition
Image processing apparatus and compression method therefor
Fast line linking
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Image processing device and method, data processing device and method, program, and recording medium
Method system and associated modules and software components for providing image sensor based human machine interfacing
Learning apparatus and object detecting apparatus
Property extraction apparatus and method
Modeling tool for determining an organization's supply chain emissions footprint
E-business value web
System and method for facilitating healthcare volunteering
Method and system for managing a strategic plan via defining and aligning strategic plan elements
Methods and systems for automated content distribution
Business process automation in a health plan organization
Expected utility maximization in large-scale portfolio optimization
Method, system and computer program product for facilitating an auction behavior and automatic bidding in an auction
Method, process and system for disease management using machine learning process and electronic media
Multi-attach reusable tag
Multi-attach disposable tag
Security device and security system determining if the user can hear an audible alarm
Human waste bag overflow alarm
Power supply detecting circuit indicating a predetermined voltage range
System for automatic fall detection for elderly people
Creature-machine hybrid detector system for the autonomous and multimodal detection of illicit and hazardous materials
Enhanced visual feedback for touch-sensitive input device
Traffic safety system
Methods, apparatus, and article for force feedback based on tension control and tracking through cables
Method, apparatus for sensing moved touch and computer readable record-medium on which program for executing method thereof
Image display apparatus and image display method
Colorspace conversion based on ambient light detection
RFID-based input device
Display element and a method for driving a display element
Checkerboard buffer
Pedal device for electronic percussion instrument
Compact electronic timpani
Voice recognition device, voice recognition method, and voice recognition program
Method and portable system for phonetic language translation using brain interface
Efficient design of MDCT / IMDCT filterbanks for speech and audio coding applications
Thermally-assisted recording head and magnetic recording system
HD DVD wobble detection circuit
Optical disk device
Disk drive detecting defective microactuator
Methods and apparatus for merging pre-rendered and dynamic optical-storage label indicia
Optical pickup actuator and optical disc driver using the same
Method of reading data in non-volatile memory device, and device thereof
Chip, multi-chip system in a method for performing a refresh of a memory array
Memory power supply circuit
Semiconductor memory device having an electrically floating body transistor
Repair circuit and control method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method for performing data compression test of the same
Semiconductor device having sense amplifiers
Semiconductor memory device and information processing system including the same
Method of manufacture of a variable inductance inductor
Button assembly and electronic device having the same
Heat-dissipating module and LED lamp having the same
Multi-layer heater for an electron gun
Electric discharge lamp unit
Charged particle beam irradiation apparatus, charged particle beam irradiating method, and method of attaching and detaching transport line
Electron source and cathode cup thereof
Lighting control system for a plurality of luminaires
Printed circuit board using bump and method for manufacturing thereof
Nonvolatile memory device having dielectric layer formed on control gate sidewall along lateral direction
Power converter
Ball grid array substrate with insulating layer and semiconductor chip package
Resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor, method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for protecting semiconductor wafer
Manufacturing method of lead frame substrate and semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor apparatus manufacturing method and semiconductor apparatus
High value resistors in gallium arsenide
Thin film transistor
Composite dielectric material doped with rare earth metal oxide and manufacturing method thereof
Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer comprising electrode on flexible membrane
Energy efficient micro combustion system for power generation and fuel processing
Acoustic markers
Non-volatile memory device
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of forming multilayer semiconductor thin film
Method of transmitting reference signal in multiple antenna system
Environmentally stable passively modelocked fiber laser pulse source
Single-frequency distributed feedback laser diode with complex-coupling coefficient and transparent conductive cladding layer
Semiconductor optical amplifier
Voltage based switching of a power supply system current
Electric circuit device
Power supply device
Power supply apparatus
One-piece car charger
Wireless hotpoint device
Permanent magnet synchronous rotating electric machine and rotor core
Wide dynamic range, wide bandwidth, voltage to current converter
Alternating current chopper circuit with low noise
Motor control device and electric power steering equipment having the same
Resonant gate drive circuit for a power switching device in a high frequency power converter
Voltage controlled oscillator
Oscillator with ohmically adjustable oscillation frequency
Oven controlled crystal oscillator
CMOS logic integrated circuit
Programmable duty cycle selection using incremental pulse widths
Programmable noise filtering for bias kickback disturbances
Dual Reed-Muller (RM) code segmentation for uplink control information (UCI)
Power spectrum density control for wireless communications
Amplifier circuit, control method for supplying power to amplifier circuit, and transmission device
Apparatus and method for eliminating outband interference signal
Method and apparatus for utilizing modulation based audio correlation technique for maintaining dynamic FM station list in single tuner variant and assisting alternate frequency switching methodology in single tuner and dual tuner variants
Mobile wireless communications device including a power module coupled to a wireless module and associated methods
Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for changing ring method based on type of connected device
Antenna for a wireless controller in oral cavity
Mobile communication terminal
Optical transmission apparatus
Method for transmitting/receiving data in a multiple-input multiple-output system using multi-carrier
Channel power estimation means
Operation method and apparatus of relay and base station
Methods and apparatus for diversity combining of repeated signals in OFDMA systems
Method for transmitting data in a radio communication system
Gain control metric computation in a wireless repeater
Squaring loss inhibition for low signal levels in positioning systems
Antenna management system
Computing device and crosstalk information detection method
Transport control server, network system and aggregated path setting method
Systems and methods for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Sub-frame synchronized signaling
Hybrid positioning mechanism for wireless communication devices
Method and apparatus for reducing redundant traffic in communication networks
Communication-quality measuring apparatus, communications terminal device, communication-quality measuring method, and computer program
ATM telecommunications systems and method for routing narrow band traffic
Method for providing MBS service in a WAN network, and system thereof
Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to provide uniform resource identifier portability
Method and apparatus for configuring IP multimedia subsystem network elements
Method and apparatus for PSTN-based IP active call recovery and re-routing
Transmitting apparatus and method in mobile communications system
Method of generating codebook and transmitting data in a multi-input multi-output system
Tail-biting convolutional decoding
Compact specification of data allocations
Method and device for the encryption and decryption of data
IC chip, board, information processing equipment and storage medium
Forensic marking using a common customization function
Classification of unwanted or malicious software through the identification of encrypted data communication
Dynamic memory and I/O management in a GPS receiver
Method and a device for performing torus-based cryptography
Steganographic method and device
Long stroke tilting hinge module for portable terminal
Telephone apparatus, image display method and image display processing program
System and method for enhanced message notification
Method and system of creating customized ringtones
Mobile communication terminal
System and method of managing incoming telephone calls at a call center
Device forming a shared telephone address book, associated telephone terminal and method
Methods and systems for blocking unwanted telecommunications
Method for migrating from an old communication switch to a new communication switch
Incoming and outgoing call control customization
Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus, and computer program product for forming an image comprised of overlapping color and transparent images
Method and system for processing and displaying video in three dimensions using a liquid crystal display
Testing an optical characteristic of a camera component
Solid-state image pickup device
Image pickup apparatus that shoots subject viewed through viewfinder, control method therefor, and storage medium
Image pickup device and camera module using the same
Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, camera apparatus, image display apparatus, and image signal output apparatus
Camera shutter and position control thereof
Imaging device module
Method and device for recording of frames
Apparatus and method for recording AV streams onto a recording medium
Playback apparatus
Record carrier carrying a video signal and at least one additional information signal
Encoding of multimedia data
Method for partially encrypting program data
Methods and apparatus for frequency agile band-pass filtering of broadcast signals
Signal transmitting device and signal transmitting method
Mobile security audio-video recorder with local storage and continuous recording loop
Image processing circuit for processing image abnormality caused by power supply
RFID converter module
Methods for manufacturing piezoelectric devices
Composite speaker
Multi-objects positioning system and power-control based multiple access control method
Fair resource sharing in wireless communications
Mechanism for the conveyance and management of device mobility in an IMS network
User apparatus, base station apparatus and method used in mobile communication system
Method of transmitting preamble for supporting relay system
Communication apparatus, communication method, program and storage medium
Base station apparatus, mobile communication system and priority setting method
Method and apparatus for performing handover in multi-mode terminal
Radio communication method, radio controller, network device, radio base station and concentrator
Method and apparatus for enabling IP mobility with high speed access and network intelligence in communication networks
Systems and methods for coordinating the coverage and capacity of a wireless base station
Apparatus and method for improving WLAN spectrum efficiency and reducing interference by flow control
Feedback mapping for D2D control signals
Opportunistic uplink scheduling
Method for user equipment to perform random access to base station in wireless communication system that supports multiple uplink and downlink carriers
Methods and systems for adaptive broadcasting and multicasting in a wireless network
Method for resource element group downsizing of R-PDCCH and mobile telecommunication system for the same
Organic EL display device with a color converting layer
Heat removal design for LED bulbs
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Method of connecting a grid array package to a printed circuit board
Method for hot embossing at least one conductive track onto a substrate
Method of manufacturing a folded waveguide
High-voltage power supply device and image forming apparatus having same
Card-type peripheral apparatus
Latch module and electronic device using the same
Semiconductor device having power supply-side and ground-side metal reinforcing members insulated from each other
Button structure and electronic device using the same
Enclosure of electronic device
Heatsink allowing in-situ maintenance in a stackable module
Terminal box for solar cell module
Mounting apparatus for fan
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Casino table sensor alarms and method of using
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fastener attracting device for tool
Apparatus for providing a controlled deflection and/or actuator apparatus
Vehicle closure systems
Battery rental system
Control apparatus for permanent magnet electric motor used in electric motor vehicle
Left/right turn, failure/overtaking vehicle signal light control system
Audible pedestrian turn signal alert system
Vehicle signaling system
Object detection by pattern recognition
Head activated vehicle horn controller
Display system of a theft preventing apparatus having two kinds of theft prevention
Windshield wiper alarm
Water drop detection sensor
Steering device with an actuating ring
Intelligent personal underwater monitoring device
Running gear, in particular for hoists and suspended loads, and method of braking a running gear
Fixed Constructions
Snowplow diagnostic system
Vehicle positioning apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Arrangement for operating an electromagnetic brake of a vehicle
Inhibitor switch with rattle preventing structure
Metal immune magnetic tracker
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of semiconductor substrates
Portable meteorological information system
Road data maintenance system and on-vehicle terminal apparatus compatible therewith
Integrated vertical situation display for aircraft
Sensor output compensation circuit
Contactless potentiometer and device for contactlessly sensing a position of an object
Auto shutoff overflow controller
Apparatus for testing an electronic device
Remote current sensor
Method and apparatus for identifying the position of a selected semiconductor die relative to other dice formed from the same semiconductor wafer
Optical measuring method and optical measuring device for measuring an alternating magnetic field having intensity normalization
System and method for testing distortion in transformers
Method and arrangement for detecting phase difference
Test circuit and method for determining the operating status of a coaxial cable
Ground fault location system and ground fault detector therefor
Method and apparatus for testing photovoltaic solar cells using multiple pulsed light sources
Uniform temperature environmental testing apparatus for semiconductor devices
Functional OBIC analysis
Semiconductor device with test circuit for high accuracy chip testing
Apparatus and method for testing circuit board
Method and apparatus for analyzing nickel-cadmium batteries
Gas gauge implementation
Remote control fleet safety inspection system
Miniature magnetic sensor device using an inductor device
Asymmetric planar gradiometer for rejection of uniform ambient magnetic noise
Monolithic magnetic sensor having externally adjustable temperature compensation
Digital oscillation generator
Gradient drive system for magnetic resonance imaging
Gradient magnetic field coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
MR imaging method and apparatus
Digital eddy current compensation
Method of controlling a two-degree-of-freedom control system
Voltage-to-current converting circuit which has a wide control range and which utilizes a depletion type field effect transistor
Temperature/voltage compensation circuit
Anti-glitch circuit for voice-coil-motor servo operation in disk drive systems
High differential impedance load device
Negative delay circuit operable in wide band frequency
Bus configuration and input/output buffer
Methods of and apparatus for monitoring the termination status of a SCSI bus
Method and apparatus for an N-nary equality comparator
Look-ahead carry structure with homogeneous CLB structure and pitch larger than CLB pitch
Combined tristate/carry logic mechanism
Multiplier fabric for use in field programmable gate arrays
Fast slewing pseudorandom noise sequence generator
Non-linear mapping of threshold voltages for analog/multi-level memory
Method of rendering misuse of communication services more difficult
Vehicle-to-individual paging system
Portable room security system
Free running RF identification system with increasing average inter transmission intervals
Exit guard system
Identification tag with enhanced security
Alarm device for clothes and method and use of a label
Apparatus for capturing data and deactivating electronic article surveillance tags
Driver alertness monitoring system
Sleep alerting apparatus for a vehicle operator
Fire sensor and fire detecting method
Method and system for locating subjects within a tracking environment
Message processing in two-way data devices
Signal production circuit
Voltage ratio regulator circuit for a spacer electrode of a flat panel display screen
Circuit for driving capacitive load
Robotic library dead reckon targeting
Digital signal processor and control method for changeover of sampling frequency
Disk apparatus and method of controlling disk apparatus
Integrated audio mixer
Differential sense amplifier circuit
Sense amplifier circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuits with power reduction mechanism
Semiconductor memory device with plural trigger circuits for data output
Tri-stating address input circuit
TI--CR--AL--O thin film resistors
Circuit protective device with positive temperature coefficient element and electric junction box with the device
Storage coil
Transformer and method of assembling same
Multi-laminated inductor and manufacturing method thereof
Chip inductor
Controllable inductor
Superconducting inductors
Thermal switch
Overcurrent release device
Thermal circuit breaker switch
Relay circuit for high-voltage operation of a bi-directional DC motor
Programmable device having antifuses without programmable material edges and/or corners underneath metal
Tileable and compact layout for super variable grain blocks within FPGA device
SOI sense amplifier with body contact structure
Piezoelectric step motor
Battery/discriminating method, drycell battery pack, and electronic device
Multilayer dielectric evanescent mode waveguide filter
High permeability tapped transmission line
Push on connector for cryocable and mating weldable hermetic feedthrough
Load circuit having extended reverse voltage protection
Method and apparatus for controlling a brushless DC motor that indicates a motor failure
Projection device against electrostatic discharges
Electronic circuit for identifying circuit breaker associated with selected branch circuit
Battery charging system and method
Method and apparatus for manually selecting battery charging process
Battery charging docking cradle for a mobile computer
Power supply monitoring IC and battery pack
Charging of batteries
Inductive charger coupling for electric vehicles
Voltage converter
Clocking scheme and charge transfer switch for increasing the efficiency of a charge pump or other circuit
DC-DC converter
Method of and an active filter for reducing a residual ripple of a current drawn by a load from a network
Driving means formed by induction motor and method for starting the same
Motor driver circuit for driving and decelerating DC motors
Electric motor or generator
Controllable LC oscillator circuit
Digital-to-analog converter D.C. offset correction comparing converter input and output signals
High power output stage with temperature stable precisely controlled quiescent current and inherent short circuit protection
Circuits for preventing unwanted output transients in amplifiers during power-up
Fast adaptive wideband power amplifier feed forward linearizer using a RLS parameter tracking algorithm
Class AB emitter follower buffers
Surface acoustic wave device with specific electrode materials and quartz substrate euler angles
Constant gate drive MOS analog switch
Low ripple power distribution system
Preconditioning input signals of logic gates for glitch-free output signal
Fast bus driver with reduced standby power consumption
Signaling circuit with substantially constant output impedance
Output buffer
High performance output buffer
Control circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Ground bounce control using DLL to optimize output stage di/dt using output driver replica
Method and apparatus for reducing signal transmission delay using skewed gates
Bi-directional voltage translator
Superconductive logic gate and random access memory
Internal tristate bus with arbitration logic
Structure and method for loading narrow frames of data from a wide input bus
Programmable logic array integrated circuit devices
Ring oscillator and method of measuring gate delay time in this ring oscillator
Phase locked loop clock source provided with a plurality of frequency adjustments
Bistable flip-flop
Method for switching voltages higher than a supply voltage on a semiconductor chip with a circuit configuration
Gain-adjustable voltage-controlled oscillator
Phase alignment circuit for periodic signals
Ring oscillator and delay circuit using low threshold voltage type MOSFETS
Error correcting programmable pulse generator
Semiconductor buffer circuit with a transition delay circuit
Apparatus and method for interfacing integrated circuits having incompatible I/O signal levels
Latched charge pump for phase locked loop
PLL circuit
Delay locked loop device of the semiconductor circuit
PLL oscillating circuit including oscillating circuit with mutual conductance controlled
Dual-stage switched-capacitor DAC with scrambled MSB's
Electronic sampling circuit
Variable clock rate analog-to-digital converter
Successive approximation shift register with reduced latency
Non-linear digital-to-analog converter and display incorporating the same
Circuit arrangement including digital-to-analog current converters
Method for compressing and decompressing integer-vector data
General frame-based compression method
Automatic building and distribution of alerts in a remote monitoring system
CAN bus driver with symmetrical differential output signals
Message processing device and method thereof and storage medium storing message processing control program
Operation system for transmission devices and alarm monitoring method
Control console
Lighting circuit for discharge lamp
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew