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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods of administering anti-inflammatory cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors
Clothing protector system
Device for smoothing keratinous surfaces
Flexible, multi-gauge attachment device
Height adjusting device for car seat
Elastic support structure for a human body to lean against
Audio-video equipment stand
Album page for displaying planar articles
Carafe with outlet in handle
Operating mechanism for medical device
Endoscopic multiple biopsy forceps with swing member
Surgical stapler
Systems, methods, and compositions for achieving closure of vascular puncture sites
Method for analysis of an ablated surface, analysis on inconsistency in a laser beam, and calibration of laser beam irradiation data
Ophthalmic apparatus
X-ray apparatus with positioning measures
Ultrasonic observation system
Dental prosthesis with metal-free anchoring elements
Expandable medical device with curved hinge
Bioabsorbable self-expanding stent
Sheaths for implantable fixation devices
Foot prosthesis having cushioned ankle
Opthalmic surgery device
Wheelchair, particularly electric wheelchair
Wheelchair cover
Method of reducing thrombosis and complications after arterial angioplasty using stent coated with magnesium-based compound
Method of treatment using a cytokine able to bind IL-18BP to inhibit the activity of a second cytokine
Chimeric proteins that induce effects directed against viruses
Mucosal DTPa vaccines
Infectious Salmon Anaemia virus vaccine
Amyloid .beta.1-6 antigen arrays
Methods for the treatment of inflammatory joint disease
Liposome-entrapped topoisomerase inhibitors
Method for preparation of particles from solution-in-supercritical fluid or compressed gas emulsions
Disinfecting and tidying device for quilt
Permanent blood clot filter with capability of being retrieved
Disposable cartridge for a blood perfusion system
Golf ball
Golf club striking face
Sports goal
Golf putting training aid
Underwater matching game
Participant search method in online game or online chat, participant searching device, participant network server, network terminal and computer program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chromatography methods and chromatography apparatus
Arrangement and method for performing chromatography
Emboli elimination apparatus
Suction device/blower
Fuel supply device
Automobile intake air flow plenum and plenum diverter
Polymer based permeable membrane for removal of ions
Filtering medium, method for making same
Planar ceramic membrane assembly and oxidation reactor system
Composite semipermeable membrane, and production process thereof
Crusher and mobile crushing machine equipped with the crusher
Electrostatic filter
Spray apparatus
Wet coating improvement station
Method for extrusion coating a lightweight web
Thin film formation apparatus and method of manufacturing self-light-emitting device using thin film formation apparatus
One-piece bottom edge wipe sponge for cleaning a photoreceptor drum
Apparatus for shaping metal sheets
Lathe for machining optical workpieces
Method for producing a tool
Adhesive tape and edging method using same
Enabling location specific burnishing of a disk
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Structural bolt security apparatus
Apparatus for removing and installing a tie rod
Screwdriver with illumination
Adjustable prying bar
Polyester resin compositions for calendering
Apparatus and method for injecting a liquid dye into a polymer melt
Take-off unit
Guarded cover film for LCD polarizers
Method for avoiding air pockets in a joint between two structural components
Method and apparatus for creating a phase step in mirrors used in spatial light modulator arrays
Electroless plating structure
Identifiable flexible printed circuit board and method of fabricating the same
Multilayer ceramic device, method for manufacturing the same, and ceramic device
Curable compositions, methods of making and using the same, and articles therefrom
Hybrid composite materials
Runnable splice
Image recording apparatus and image recording method
Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing solution guide
Inkjet printhead with ink spread restriction walls
Ink jet printer with high capacity tank and associated ink refilling system
Image generating apparatus
Enhanced printer reliability using extra print module
Method of informing a user of an imaging apparatus of an event via a print fade
Angle measurement tool
Method for the wet treatment of disk-like objects
Method of manufacture of smart microfluidic medical device with universal coating
Wheel locking device for vehicle
Tire with a reinforced sidewall and fabrication process
Aircraft tire
Asymmetrical pneumatic run-flat tire
Air duct outlets having self-oscillating air deflection members
Shifting system for an automobile automatic transmission
Integrated position switch/brake transmission shift interlock for electronic gear indication
Magnetic levitation of a stationary or moving object
Vehicle seat with rollover safety features
Bumper assembly with energy absorber
Terminating or disallowing signals to increase a throttle opening
Railway car for transporting semi-trucks
Movable table stand
Rake and telescope column lock safety function
Variable gear ratio hydraulic power steering device
Land and sea transport system for particulate materials
Marine vessel steering wheel with integrated throttle control device
Helicopter having a fusilage section and a tail section coupled thereto
Aircraft wing with electrothermal deicing and/or anti-icing device
Pulsed detonation engines for reaction control systems
Modified fuel inlet restrictor
Machine for filling containers
Fluid product dispensing valve and fluid product dispensing device comprising same
Dispensing apparatus
Molded plastic conveyor chain member for processing poultry
Push method and device for transferring glass articles
Conveyance system
Methods and systems for delivering lost circulation material into drilling pits
Apparatus for winding up a web in rolls and a method for cutting off a length of the web
Speed-adjustable life-saving apparatus
Elevator installation with a device for furnishing a temporary protective space, a method for mounting the device and a method for furnishing the temporary protective space
Method for transferring and loading a reticle
Nonslip article for a stirrup
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compositions of matter and barrier layer compositions
Water treatment apparatus
Process for the purification of acidic metal-bearing waste waters to permissible discharge levels with recovery of marketable metal products
Methods and apparatus for treating wastewater employing a high rate clarifier and a membrane
Use of comb copolymers based on acryloyldimethyltaurine acid in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dermatological products
Ink composition, ink cartridge, inkjet recording method, and recorded matter
Liquid crystalline compound for vertical alignment and a liquid crystalline composition comprising the same
Endothermic reaction process and an apparatus therefor
Method for converting heavy oil residuum to a useful fuel
Dental prosthesis method and alloys
Reactor for extended duration growth of gallium containing single crystals
Apparatus having plating solution container with current applying anodes
Atomic layer deposition methods and atomic layer deposition tools
Crystal growth devices and systems, and methods for using same
Textiles; Paper
Method for the continuous cooking of wood raw material for cellulose pulp
Method and apparatus for adjusting operation of wire section
Fixed Constructions
Nesting closure strip
Display hook and assembly having reduced drag
Lock box for sealed latch assembly
Pivot hinge assembly
Roller cutter
Apparatus and method for sensing downhole parameters
Retrievable stress and torque reducing tool
Perforating gun connector
Method of generating stable foam for oil and gas well cleanouts
Stripper rubber insert assembly
Downhole cable protection device
Drilling system and method
Method for extracting coal bed methane with source fluid injection
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Timing mechanism for a switchable two-step roller finger follower
Apparatus for emissions control, system, and methods
Boost control for internal combustion engine using substantially carbon-free fuel
Flow sensor
Method for controlling injection timing of an internal combustion engine
Gas turbine installation
Methods and apparatus for gas turbine engine lean blowout avoidance
Cooling structure of cylinder block
Piston-pin boss of a piston for an internal combustion engine
Floating flexible firewall seal
Hydrocarbon adsorption trap for controlling evaporative emissions from EGR valves
Compliant viscous seal for fluid transfer device
Apparatus and method for control, pumping and abatement for vacuum process chambers
Compressor assemblies with improved mounting support and method of mounting such compressor assemblies
Metering pump
Turbomolecular pump
Pump for molten materials with suspended solids
Turbomachine for low temperature applications
Two component fuel and brake line clip
Telescopic captive fastener
Linear motion device
Electronically controlled fluid coupling device
Bicycle disk brake pad with friction and wear indicating parts
Electrically variable transmission with selective fixed ratio operation
Edge coated gaskets and method of making same
Metering valve
Switch, especially for branching off bulk material flows
Mixing faucet
System and method for sealing a tank opening
Co-axial solenoid actuator
Connecting structure of branch connector in fuel pressure accumulating container
Coupling mechanism with a mobile infusion unit
Device for providing internal illumination of live flowers and other products
Heat dissipating pole illumination device
Optical film
Light-conductive panel of side-light type backlight module
Spread illuminating apparatus
Catalytic combustors
Thermally efficient CCD camera housing
Method and apparatus for reducing C2 and C3 at LNG receiving terminals
Reactive shaped charges and thermal spray methods of making same
Shock initiation devices including reactive multilayer structures
Oscillating probe with a virtual probe tip
Magnetic compass
Ink jet recording ink set
Ink-jet printing system
Layer forming method, layer forming apparatus, device, manufacturing method for device, and electronic apparatus
Interdigitated, full wheatstone bridge flow sensor transducer
Method and apparatus to measure flow rate
Water supplier for a beverage dispensing apparatus of a refrigerator
Dosing hopper
Pressure sensor
Pressure sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method for the testing of exhaust gas turbochargers
System and method for determining atomization characteristics of spray liquids
Method for electronic tuning of the read oscillation frequency of a coriolis gyro
Electron multiplication factor measurement method and image capture device
Phase detection circuits and methods
Wireless interactive headset
Frame construction for eyewear having removable auxiliary lenses
Projector having a plurality of projection modes
Single panel illumination system and projection display apparatus using the same
Monitor device, a method for projecting an image on a projection screen and a non-transitory computer readable medium
Trimming circuit, power supply including trimming circuit, and trimming method
Accelerator pedal module
Image forming apparatus, controlling method therefor, and storage medium
Systems, methods, and apparatus for full-cone and address restricted cone network address translation using hardware acceleration
Cloud computing enhanced gateway for communication networks
Generating production server load activity for a test server
Dynamic runtime choosing of processing communication methods
Dynamic runtime choosing of processing communication methods
Virtual location aware content using presence information data formation with location object (PIDF-LO)
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Recording material identification method, toner supply method and image forming apparatus
Separate control of coolant flow through coolant circuits
Separate control of coolant flow through coolant circuits
Retrospective policy safety net
Method and apparatus for handling data flow in a multi-chip environment using an interchip interface
Data driver, display panel driving device, and display device
Handheld imaging device with multi-core image processor integrating common bus interface and dedicated image sensor interface
Automated user preferences for a document processing unit
Image input system
Combination refrigerator
Methods and apparatus for communicating condition information associated with an item
System for electronically voting, counting, and examining ballots
Composite compact flash card
Redundant two-dimensional code and a decoding method
Electronic credit card-ecc
Portable electronic music devices with convenient or foldable transaction cards
Identification document with integrated circuit and antenna in a layered document structure
Automatically-activated wireless laser scanning 2D bar code symbol reading system capable of automatically transmitting stored symbol character data when the hand-supportable unit is operated within its RF data communication range and automatically collecting and storing symbol character data when the hand-supportable unit is operated outside of its RF data communication range
Advanced noise reduction in digital cameras
Field sequential color LCD and method for generating 3D images by matching a software optical grating
Power save with data fetch time, with end of data indication, and with more data acknowledgement
Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
Laminated perpendicular magnetic recording media with uncorrelated grains
Method for the manufacture of printed circuit boards with plated resistors
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Fuel cell, polyelectrolyte and ion-exchange resin use for same
Connector assembly for connecting mobile phone to peripheral device
Connector assembly and device and methods of assembling same
Extended package substrate
Socket connector for carrying integrated circuit package
Electrical connector with a solder ball locking structure
Socket with integral, retractable socket contact protector
Connector in which two housings holding a cable are firmly engaged with each other
Method and apparatus for A.C. outlet having grounds-out receptacles
Electrical card connector
Enclosure for wall charger
Connector with locking lance
Electrical connector with shell
Managed electrical connectivity systems
Expandable and rotatable power strip
Method of forming waterproof electrical connections
Serial connection riser cards including parallel connection memory modules
Housing, in particular for an electric vehicle charging box
Wall mounted electrical device cover plate assembly
Over current protection apparatus
Residual current device (RCD) with earth current sensing
Battery protection circuit
Charger with over-voltage and over-current protection and method for using the same
Protection circuit
Apparatus and method for battery equalization
Reset voltage circuit for a forward power converter
Phase locking for multiple serial interfaces
Low-cost digital predistortion apparatus and method using envelope detection feedback
Clock distribution architecture for integrated circuit
Digital down converter with equalization
Methods and arrangements for error correction in decoding data from an electromagnetic radiator
Parallel interface pattern modification for addressing signal integrity concerns
Method and apparatus for controlling receive diversity on a wireless device
Receiver and communication apparatus
Optical data link
Reflective colorless optical transmitter
Communications system
Optical signal transmitting device, optical signal transmitting method, frequency fluctuation suppressing device and frequency fluctuation suppressing system
Portable electronic device having near field communication application function
Radio communication devices, information providers, methods for controlling a radio communication device and methods for controlling an information provider
Antenna selection codebook for full dimensional MIMO systems
Optical signal transmission device applying alternative and selectable transmission paths
Digital broadcasting receiver
Method and apparatus for secure data transmission
Methods and systems for 2-dimensional forward error correction coding
Highly linear receiver front-end with thermal and phase noise cancellation
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus and line connection switching method
Detection signal output device
Method and apparatus for reducing jitter in overlaid traces of an eye diagram of a recovered signal generated based on a received data signal
Method, terminal and voice memory for storing voice messages in a communication network
Method and apparatus for improved multicast service using negotiated feedback
Methods and apparatus for improving compatibility between network devices
Ethernet passive optical network over coaxial (EPoC) system rate mechanism
Multiple ring identification and configuration protocol
Method and system for transmitting data packets in a network
System and method for switching a communication path based on disaster information
Packet routing with analysis assist for embedded applications sharing a single network interface over multiple virtual networks
Packet routing with analysis assist for embedded applications sharing a single network interface over multiple virtual networks
Displaying message content differential in popup window
Methods and systems for automatically tracking the rerouting of logical circuit data in a data network
Interactive header compression in peer-to-peer communications
Packet processing apparatus and packet processing method
Method and system for prioritizing audio traffic in IP networks
Contention groups for hidden nodes
Method and apparatus for correcting a mismatch between an in-phase component and a quadrature component of a signal
Apparatus and method for estimating channel effects
Recording medium storing data processing program, data processing apparatus and data processing system
Resilient routing based on a multi-channel model for emergency management
Methods and apparatus for communicating in a wireless system
Random number generation
Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment
User administering a trustworthy workspace
Third party validation of internet protocol addresses
Apparatus and method for detecting co-channels signals
Dynamic certification system for wireless spectrum sharing
System, apparatus and method to enable mobile stations to identify calls based on predetermined values set in a call header
Safecell 360.TM. wireless policy enforcement management (WPEM) solution
Electronic devices and methods for processing video streams
Crosstalk cancellation in 3D displays
Method and apparatus enabling fast channel change for DSL system
Method and apparatus for compensating for fixed pattern noise in an imaging system
Methods and apparatus for panoramic afocal image capture
Imaging device, and image processing method
Apparatus and method for noise cancellation of optical image stabilizer
Programmable gain amplifier and devices including the same
Apparatus and methods for modem assisted video telephony
Enhanced video programming system and method utilizing user-profile information
Imaging device, method for controlling imaging device, and storage medium storing a control program where a basic color filter array pattern is repeated to reduce false color generation when image is thinned
Systems and methods for enchancing media with supplemental content
Method and apparatus for cooperative recording
Electrostatic speaker
Feedback path evaluation implemented with limited signal processing
Piezoelectric partial-surface sound transducer
Heading-dependent routing
Mobile communication terminals, method for using a communication service and method for determining information related to a geographical position of a mobile communication terminal
Methods and apparatuses for mobile station centric determination of positioning assistance data
Characterizing an indoor structure based on detected movements and/or position locations of a mobile device
Resilient antenna disturbance detector
Employing handover failures for network fault prediction or remedy
Dynamic rate control in WiFi systems
Reducing out-of-service and extending effective cell coverage with receiver diversity
Handover method and mobile terminal and home agent used in the method
Mobile communication devices, service networks, and methods for managing operation of a registration procedure for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications
Method and apparatus for creating a fingerprint for a wireless network
Method and apparatus for triggering machine type communications applications
Method and apparatus for providing peer-to-peer communication with network connection
Smart phone crowd enhancement
Methods, wireless communication stations, and system for device-to-device discovery and advertisement
Method and apparatus for spectrum sensing
Mobile communication method, radio base station, and mobile station
Activating a mobile terminal from mobile network side
Method for aggregating media access control addresses using a summary media access control address(es)
Electronic textile and method of manufacturing an electronic textile
Light emitting diode driving apparatus capable of detecting whether current leakage phenomenon occurs on LED load and light emitting diode driving method thereof
Average current control for a switched power converter
LED lamp
LED driver circuit and bleeder circuit
Method and apparatus for altering a color of a mixture of light provided by mixing outputs of light from multiple lamps
Circuit element, magnetic tray, connection and wedging elements for pedagogic hyperfrequency circuit, case containing same
Stacked electromagnetic bandgap structure
Heat transfer device for wave soldering
Multilayer printed wiring board and production method therefor
Electronic device
Electronic device with power supply control module
Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack
Expired Patents Due To Time
Exterior surface configuration of an automobile front light assembly
Lamp shade
Lamp shade
Lamp shade
Combination razor handle and razor cartridge having a dual purpose soap bar
Human Necessities
Harrow bearing
Mulching unit for use in mulching apparatus
Method for applying NH3 in deep bands for agricultural crops using a process of direct high pressure injection
Mechanical harvester for harvesting bulb crops
Steering system for an articulated combine
Dynamic drive and brake system
Rotary cutting unit with ovate rollers and front corner cut-outs
Grass cutting machine with mower unit
Plant engaging systems and methods for harvesting machines
Lawn mower for providing power to a garden implement
Lawn sweeper and bagger
Stump grinding apparatus having improved cutter tool
Delimbing device and methods
Irrigation device
Impact generator
Pruner attachment apparatus for a power tool
Perforated hollow spike for introducing a water soluble compound into a tree's vascular system
Method and devices for forestation and flood prevention
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalverta`
Rose plant named `Yopidar`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckahearn`
Osteospermum plant named `Akvarza`
Ornithogalum plant named `Chesapeake Sunburst`
Geranium plant named `Kleflasal`
Ornithogalum plant named `Chesapeake Blaze`
Variety of salvia plant named `Haeumanarc`
Shrub rose plant named `Ausrace`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Zesty Yomegan`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSverse`
Anthurium plant named `Anouk`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `POULjose`
Double Impatiens plant named `Cameo Pink Surprise`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalbeno`
Anthurium plant named `Snowy`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `POULscots`
Miniature Rose plant named `POULnil`
Grapevine plant named `Jupiter`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACinber`
Seashore paspalum `SDX-1`
Tibouchina plant named `Grue-TiB 05`
Begonia plant named `Begotis`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalaric`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `POULgrena`
Variety of geranium plant named `Fiwoscarl`
Hop plant named `Millennium-Late`
Shrub rose plant named `JACignat`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACsall`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Onyx Time Cream`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaladdin`
Strawberry plant named `BG-633`
Method and apparatus for securing a bottle to a pet cage
Reduced compression gravity-feed clean food-recycling system with manicuring perch for a bird feeder
Bird bath
Aquarium base
Device for sea urchins picking
Flounder gig
Emergent lip fishing lure
Fishing sinker device
Portable fishing rod holder
Prey trap without using bait
Cat trap/carrier/cage
Coaster for shielding against crawling arthropods
Decoy apparatus with integral rotor blade wing assembly
Soil constituent sensor and precision agrichemical delivery system and method
Pest control device and volatile substance holder for use in same
Baking apparatus with toaster
Dough roller
Wading device
Athletic garment and equipment system
Flat-folded personal respiratory protection devices and processes for preparing same
Multi-purpose patient hospital gown
Full body swimsuit
Convertible-hat with brim stowable within cap
Therapeutic magnet support
Sockliner cover
Footwear with integrated stitchdown/athletic bottom construction
Snap-locking buckle and method of making same
High strength, flexible, light weight hook and loop bundling straps
Locking retainer device
Replaceable gem stone setting for a jewelry piece
Versatile badge plate with a jewelry-like appearance
Jewelry safety clasp
Adjustable jewelry assembly
Interlocking rings
Self-opening/closing umbrella
Retractable handle assembly with multiple engaging position for wheeled luggage
Device for cold waving hair for increased sheen and healthier hair
Carrying system for dental hygiene supplies
Hair sewing fastener
Hair clip with improved clipping effect
Pedestal table
Work surface particularly designed for computers or computer terminals
Pivotal support and foldaway wings
Office furniture system
Adjustment mechanism for workstation
Demountable indoor/outdoor seating system components
Surgical table
Ventilated mattress core
Bedding or seating product with nestable stackable modules
Mattress structure
Pillow apparatus
Multipurpose pillow assembly
Apparatus for reusing hangers with size indicia
Insulated cabinet for installation in a home exterior wall
Sheets of material having forming indicia for forming into flower pots or plant covers and methods
Method of covering a potted plant
Orthopedic side sleeper comfort pillow and method
Self-locking curtain clip
Rotisserie motor mounting device
Grill device provided with a seasoning supplying unit
Hygienic article and method of use
Nozzle attachment for a vacuum cleaner
Cleaning implements having structures for retaining a sheet
Dishwashing machine with convenient pump/motor access
Passage system of vacuum cleaner
Latching system for a vacuum cleaner with detachable blower
Air circulation type vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaning tool with pear-shaped turbine chamber
Vacuum cleaner with thermal cutoff
Bagless canister vacuum cleaner
Vacuum devices having integrated cord storage and pivotable tool holders
Handle assemblies for floor care devices and methods of using same
Apparatus and method for diagnosis and therapy of electrophysiological disease
Method for providing ventilatory assistance in a spontaneously breathing subject
Plunger for a pressing furnace
Articulating earplug
Adhesive bandage pad module and method for making and applying adhesive bandage pads to a web
Nose plug device having air breathing structure
Voice prosthesis brush
Hyperbaric oxygen patient treatment system with therapeutic surface
Retractable access ramp
Battery powered stair-climbing wheelchair
System for vertical to horizontal movement and lateral movement of a patient
Multi-step post detergent treatment method
Inhalation device
Inhalation device
Media dispenser
Pneumatic oxygen conserving device
Five spring regulator
Tracheostomy air filtration system
Universal respiratory device coupler
Medical gas utility stand
Molded sprinkler cover assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Golf club cover
Treat dispensing toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Extracting device for herb or the like
System for assisting the regeneration of a particle filter integrated into an exhaust line of a motor vehicle diesel engine
Method and apparatus for controlling liquid droplet size and quantity in a stream of gas
Cartridge for an air drier
Process for regenerating used deNOx or dedioxin catalytic converters
Device for purifying exhaust gas of diesel engines
Apparatus and method for foaming fluids and for testing foamed fluids
Device for transporting fluids, such as viscous adhesives or sealants
Process of and device for treating small parts with a liquid treatment medium
Steam cleaner
Method and apparatus for cleaning drainpipes in movable equipment
Strip deflection roller, especially a tension measuring roller or looper roller
Drive system for a metal extrusion press
Heat exchanger tube manufacturing method
Sheet metal member and method of manufacturing the member
Gear part and method for forming a gear part
Process for manufacturing holes on the circumference of hollow sections
Method of producing press-forming punch and die
Hinged die cage assembly
Method of manufacturing an axially collapsible driveshaft assembly
Method for manufacturing self-sealing reinforcement tie rods for HVAC ducts
Swage dies for swage-ring clamps
Method and apparatus for necking the open end of a container
Knot-tying mechanism
Die block assembly
Method of forming chain links
Guide roller
Method for manufacturing a camshaft having added wear resistance of the lobe
Metallurgical bonding of coated inserts within metal castings
Rollers or cylinders with a metallic foam core
Worktable of workpiece processing machine
Single use transportable reaction crucible for a metallothermic welding portion
Sequential roll-forming process for a stator
Method of assembling a catalytic converter for use in an internal combustion engine
Cartridge case preparation device
Member fixing device
Six-degree of freedom micro-positioner
Freezing sucker
Power tool guide and work center
Plumbing workstation
Workpiece holding apparatus and method thereof
Method for wire bonding to flexible substrates
Accessible adjustable wrench
Hanger support installation tool
Fixture and worktable to press a bushing in a carrier
Electric hand tool implement with no-load stroke disconnection
Handle for a drill- and/or chisel hammer
Bellows actuation device, specially for robotic manipulator, and method to operate said device
Robot hand tool mounting device
Cutting device
Food cutting utensil
Rotary wheel cutting apparatus with a spring-biased blade cover
Hand-held cutting devices
Skewer assembly for supporting a boneless cut of meat on a spiral meat slicer
Multi-functional exacting knife structure
Slicing blade for concurrently slicing a plurality of product loaves disposed in a side-by-side relationship
Electromagnetic bounce back braking for punch press and punch press process
Guide for power tools
Method of chipping of wood and a disc chipper
Knife assembly for veneer lathe
Auto concrete pump
Automatic depth of cut control for concrete saw
Fuel tank vapor vent valve assembly and method of making same
Card laminator and method of card lamination
System for constructing a laminate
Tread pattern and method of manufacture
IC-card manufacturing apparatus
Lithographic imaging with printing members having enhanced-performance imaging layers
Method of offset printing with a reusable substrate
Automatic textile unloader for a printing machine
Device for delivering a printing plate to a plate cylinder of a printing press
Side wall for an ink fountain of a printing machine
Cleaning device for a printing machine
Variable-width spray applicator for a printing press
Method of manufacturing an orifice member
Method for producing ink jet recording head, and ink jet recording head produced by the same method
Stencil printing machine
Rubber cylinder sleeve, especially for web-fed rotary offset printing machines
Block copy sheet for lithographic printing plate
Fluid display cover assembly
Automatic stenciling machine
Cold process roofing felt applicator
Non-spill chalk line and measured refill cartridge
Load indicating spring caster
Tread pattern which reduces the running noise of a tire
Vehicle tire inflation system
Blend door actuation for dual zone
Vehicle air conditioner with refrigerant flow-amount control of compressor
Displacement control apparatus for variable displacement compressor, displacement control method and compressor module
Motor vehicle air-conditioning system and a method for operating a motor vehicle air conditioning system
Molding fastening assembly
Visor clip and method therefore
Method of assembling a vehicle door module
Slidable door and sidewall associated with tents, awnings, and other protective enclosures
Fuel valves
Hybrid electric vehicle
Apparatus for controlling automotive vehicle having a plurality of drive power sources
Hybrid electric vehicle
Fire retardant lap protection cloth
Positioning device for vehicle seat belt assembly
Column lock device
Railcar structure for accommodating a brake valve
Fixed bumping post
Steering wheel with metallic skeleton
Drive and steer vehicle
Mobile agricultural machine
Easy cord-passing structure of shift handle of a bicycle
Selector for a bicycle gear mechanism
Chain table arrangement and method for installation
Loading arrangement for shuttle tankers
Automatic inflating boat flotation device
Self supporting filler for closing an opening through a structure
Hard-top design inflatable watercraft with assembly for shelter and circumference walking support
Optical diving mask
Underwater nuclear material reconnaissance system
Synchronous cable transmission system for boat lifts
Reflective rescue signaling device
Marine countermeasures launch assembly
Hydrogen motor for water craft
Environmental control system for use in combination with ceiling hatch
Method and system for feeding a cool air inlet of the cabin of an aircraft propelled by at least one jet engine
Air conditioner
Control cables
Access apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing two axis motion with a single drive device
Filling apparatus having an even-filling nozzle
Horizontal packing apparatus and method of removing foreign matter therefrom
Fill valve assembly
Form, fill and seal apparatus with cavity bar
Device for producing filled, sealed tubular pouch packaging
Modular packaging machine
Compact disc labeler
Lifting assembly
Single-piece articulated assembly
Venting device for hazardous material containers
Cable tie
Cable tie with bent locking device and method of manufacture therefor
Collapsible, lightweight bulk shipping container
Flexible clamp device
Container loader ledge
Method for radius limit adjustment on radius conveyor belts
System and method for packaging oriented containers
Adjustable ramp
Automated transaction machine
Window blind cord storage member
Flexible flat tension member termination device
Portable lift and straightening platform
Filling system with post-dripping prevention
Capping machine for capping and closing containers, and a method for closing containers
Fast flowing spring loaded valve assembly
Multi-layer saddle pad
Vibrating beam accelerometer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for welding a quartz glass tube for use as an optical fiber preform
Method of detecting when an optical preform MCVD tube is completely closed
Glass fiber having compositions of alumina-lanthana and made from undercooled molten materials
Flat panel display
Apparatus for producing cement clinker
Nucleic acid derivatives
Recombinant DNA method for production of parathyroid hormone
Method for increasing the pH value in acidic soil
Product dispenser having internal temperature changing element
Shale hydration inhibition agent and method of use
Method for operating a slag tap combustion apparatus
Alkaline liquid hard-surface cleaning compositions comprising N-vinylpyrrolidone copolymer
Vacuum processing apparatus
Vacuum processing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Sinker segment
Yankee drying hood and method comprising angled impingement nozzles
Fixed Constructions
Method of forming a support structure using strings or stays
Riding type sweeper with rear-mounted engine
Snow plow assembly
Conduit for circulation of fluid under pressure
Method of and apparatus for preventing structure from collapsing due to earthquake
Stackable riser resistant to soil movement
Dragline rigging system
Bulldozer attachment to facilitate grading
Soil-excavating apparatus
Water pedestal
Waste and overflow system for a bathtub
Combined faucet and drain assembly
Bladder-controlled stopper device
Compressed air drain opening device
Toilet valve assembly
Steel basement wall system
Retrofit hurricane and earthquake protection
Seismic expansion joint cover
Pre-cut fibrous insulation batt and method of making the batt
Timber decking
Column structures and methods for supporting compressive loads
Roof drain de-icer apparatus and method
Building component
Open joint wall panel system
Hardwood floor system including a piece of sponge, e-shaped plastic racks with ribs whose projections engage the shoulders and inclined surfaces of a plurality of floor boards
Rigid window well structure
Protective corner guard
Grout applicator system
Siding layout tool
Multi-circular modular residence
Burial structure for the non-retrievable interment of human remains and significant memorabilia
Flow control assembly
Counter-pressure method and apparatus for protecting roofs against hurricanes
Door handle lock
Mechanical code comparator
Stop for a slidable window
Snap on latch mechanism for a sash window
Slide window and door lock
Floor and roof structures for buildings
Adjustable hinge
Automated security chambers for queues
Door sill assembly having improved weatherseal
Seal for sectional door
Light control window covering and method and apparatus for its manufacture
Door controlling device
Failure indicator for rolling cutter drill bit
Engineered enhanced inserts for rock drilling bits
Method and system for controlling well bore pressure
Rock drill bit and a check valve therefor
Methods and apparatus for hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control of subsea blowout preventor systems
Method of providing an internal circumferential shoulder in a cylindrical passageway
Wellhead assembly for injecting a fluid into a well and method of using the same
Blower assembly for gas wells
Downhole flow control devices
Signaling system for drilling
Horizontal directional drilling machine and method employing configurable tracking system interface
Cutting structure for earth boring drill bits
Cutting structure for earth boring drill bits
Directional borehole drilling system and method
Method and device for driving bore-holes, especially in the sea bed, using a guide tip
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary machine and thermal cycle
Turbine casing for an axial-throughflow gas turbine
Compression and condensation of turbine exhaust steam
Rocker arm assembly
Internal combustion engine with variable cam timing oil filter with restrictor arrangement
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve timing of internal combustion engine
Valve timing regulation device
Hydraulic actuator for variable valve mechanism
Oil pumping device
Four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine
Rocker carrier
Exhaust emission control device for internal combustion engine
Engine having compressed air assisted injection with secondary high speed fuel carburetor sandwich
Two turbocharger engine emission control system
Outboard motor
Method of converting a traction motor with sleeve bearings to roller bearings
Internal combustion engine employing compressed gas injection and transportation vehicle having same assembled therein
Free-piston internal combustion engine
Engine valve operation mechanism
Sensor control for engine
Fuel supply device for direct injection engine
Outboard engine
Valve arrangement for combustion sensor
Laser based reflective beam cylinder sensor
Solar power enhanced combustion turbine power plant and methods
Power generation system
Gas turbine system and method
Fuel divider and ecology system for a gas turbine engine
Nonadjustable throttle linkage and internal combustion engine employing same
EGR system using selective fuel and ERG supply scheduling
Twin variable nozzle turbine exhaust gas recirculation system
Method and system for idling a diesel engine
Method of controlling an internal combustion engine
Control methodology for an internal combustion engine that utilizes a combustion condition sensor
Control equipment for internal combustion engines
Transitions among operating modes in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Electronic control unit for controlling air fuel ratio to reduce NOx occluded in NOx catalyst
Model based rail pressure control for variable displacement pumps
System and method for detecting and influencing the phase position of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control apparatus for a diesel engine
EGR/bleed air diverter valve
Crankshaft rotational support arrangement for an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for converting thermal to electrical energy
Magnetohydrodynamic flow control for pulse detonation engines
Pintle valve having an internal flow modifier with self-aligning head
Rotary valve actuating system
Method of calibrating an integrated pressure management apparatus
Pressure-controlled control part for common-rail injectors
Universal fuel injection system
Air assist fuel injectors
Pressure controlled injector for high injection with slider throttle
Monitoring equipment for monitoring the performance of an engine fuel injector valve
Crankshaft starter-generator
Method and apparatus for generating a sustained arc at a sparking device
Resin sealed electronic device
Ignition control system
Swash plate type compressor wherein piston head has inner sliding portion for reducing local wear
Pulse tube refrigerator
Compressor oil pressure control method and unit
Screw compressor for refrigerating apparatus
Methods for operating gas turbine engines
Power generation system
Hydraulic accumulator, especially a hydraulic damper
Adhesive fixed anchors
Rolling bearing with sensing unit which can be remotely interrogated
Apparatus for making brake shoes
Neutral brake
Nut unit
All-terrain saddle type vehicle
Pneumatic three-position shift mechanism with fewer components
Actuator for the change speed shaft of a motor vehicle automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for controlling gear-shift of motor-driven gear shifter
Variable oil ring tension mechanism
Pivoting valve device, especially an amplifier
Cartridge assembly for valve
Fire-resistant flange spacer
Single lever mixing valve
Position detection for rotary control valves
Flame proof sealing mechanism
Method and device for lining a lateral sewer pipe
Control system for movable heat recovery coils
Gas analyzer and a method for operating the same
Vent cover assembly
Combustor liner cooling thimbles and related method
Combustion chamber/venturi cooling for a low NOx emission combustor
Method and apparatus for mixing fuel to decrease combustor emissions
High temperature fireplace grate including room heating transfer tubes
Fume exhaust device for use above a range
System of and a method of cooling an interior of a room provided with a wall air conditioning unit
Furnace heat exchanger
Thermoelectric temperature controlled drawer assembly
Method for operating a refrigerating system
Manifold gauge assembly
Method and system for cryogenic refrigeration
Flow-down type ice making machinery
Energy transfer system for cold storage facilities
Cabinet construction for an ice maker or other refrigeration appliance
Method and apparatus for the production of a liquid cryogen
Process and plant for separating air by cryogenic distillation
Dryer apparatus and dryer control system
Insert for a radiant tube
Laminated type heat exchanger
Heat-exchanger tube block with a plurality of slotted header tubes
Multi-lugged bolt carrier and barrel for rifles
Archery finger trigger release with cocking slide
Method of producing a screening smoke with one-way transparency in the infrared spectrum
Fragmentation warhead
Cruise missile downed airman decoy
Assembly and process for controlled burning of landmine without detonation
System and method for aligning aircraft coordinate systems
Surface configuration measuring method
Tuning-fork vibratory gyro
Pointer instrument
Compressed gas regulator and flowmeter
Method for measuring fluid flow
Mass flow rate/density sensor with a single curved measuring tube
Load sensor with flexing and strainable beam members
Pressure sensor
Method of airtight bonding of two membranes
Steering force detecting magnetostrictive torque sensor
Differential pressure transducer
Pressure sensor for a pressure transmitter
Dynamic balance correction station for a disc drive
Wheel balancer apparatus with improved imbalance correction weight positioning
Method and apparatus for vehicle engine diagnostics
Liquid leakage sensor, paper for detecting liquid leakage, and holder for detecting liquid leakage
Method at detection of presence of hydrogen gas and measurement of content of hydrogen gas
High efficiency a wetted surface cyclonic air sampler
Single riser/single capillary viscometer using mass detection or column height detection
Electrorheological and magnetorheological fluid scanning rheometer
Device for determining the disintegration time of compressed pharmaceutical mold bodies, such as tablets and capsules, as well as a method for this purpose
Odor sensing with organic transistors
Externally crimped exhaust gas sensor and method for forming an external shield crimp
In situ testing of a satellite or other object prior to development
Through-transmission ultrasonic inspection apparatus and method
Method for the concurrent ultrasonic inspection of partially completed welds
Rheometer for rapidly measuring small quantity samples
Slide-typed switch durability testing apparatus for automobile
Impression forming mechanism and hardness testing apparatus
In Situ concentration of an analyte
Tube-in-tube thermal exchanger for liquid chromatography systems
Thin film detection during fluid aspiration
Accelerometer signal processor comprising variable oscillators and counters
Trim balancing of second-order non-linearity in double ended tuning fork resonators
NMR polarization monitoring coils, hyperpolarizers with same, and methods for determining the polarization level of accumulated hyperpolarized noble gases during production
Observation or sighting system
Ultrasonic transceiver and vehicle's surrounding obstruction sensor
Spray cooling with local control of nozzles
Gift displaying system
Tailgate sign
Mattress sign display
Double-sided magnet with graphical image on each side
Electronic keyboard musical instrument
Method of producing coaxial cable
Progressive stamping die assembly having transversely movable die station and method of manufacturing a stack of laminae therewith
Ultra-miniature electrical contacts and method of manufacture
Encapsulation method for ball grid array semiconductor package
Piezoelectric transducer assemblies and methods for their use
Telescoping mast assembly
Wire printing method and apparatus
Self-securing raceway end cap
Apparatus for pilotless self-centering installation of a starter-alternator
Method and system of individualizing tone-reproduction curves calibration and applying thereof
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