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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of processing green coffee beans by using surface-treated coffee cherries
Method for separating egg yolks from egg albumen
Support bra device
Server rack
Household appliances
Stadium seating adjustable storage device
Eye therapy system
Waterproof motorized device having rotating dermabrasion apparatus to peel calluses and hardened skin cells from locations on a person's foot
Clamping sleeve for clamping a cannulated drill and a guide wire
Ophthalmic apparatus
Eyeball tissue characteristic frequency measurement device and non-contact tonometer utilizing the same
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
Medical device insertion
Wearing article with corrugated fasteners
Implantable reservoir body
Drug eluting implantable medical device with hemocompatible and/or prohealing topcoat
Controlling resorption of bioresorbable medical implant material through dispersed responsive particles
Intervertebral spacer device having an articulation member and housing
Surgical tool and method
Penile prosthesis implantation device
Sexual stimulation device
Multi-functional cosmetic device using ultrasonic wave
Manual and spiral massage device
Compounds and compositions as kinase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compounds
(3-(4-(aminomethyl)phenoxy or phenylthio)azetidin-1-yl)(5-phenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)methanone compounds
Inhibitors of intracellular urokinase plasminogen activator and methods of use thereof
Bridged heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
5HT.sub.2C receptor modulator compositions and methods of use
Method of treating asthma
Administration form of osteogenic protein complexes
Compounds and combinations
Compositions and methods for treating a damaged cardiovascular element
Compositions and methods for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Thrombospondin-1 derived peptides and treatment methods
Device having osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties
Methods and compositions for the treatment of cancers and pathogenic infections
Compositions and methods for delivery of frozen particle adhesives
Compositions and methods for biological remodeling with frozen particle compositions
Compositions and methods for administering compartmentalized frozen particles
Long wear topical composition
Oral care toothpowder composition with fluoride ion source
Magazine for chain components for a chain with radiation sources and a system consisting of a chain component and a magazine for chain components for a chain with radiation sources
System and method for pain-free injections
Injector having a displaceable stopper part
Injection needle protector, injection needle unit, and injector to which this injection needle unit is mounted
Needle tip guard for percutaneous entry needles
Needle shield for injections
Tanning device and method therefor
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing remote participation in multi-media events
Optimal policy determination using repeated stackelberg games with unknown player preferences
Devices, systems, and methods for dynamically simulating a component of a wagering game
Gaming machine with surround sound features
Toy with memory and USB ports
System and method of tracking and displaying outcomes of a live craps game
Toy with built-in school pencil case
Air bubble operated underwater ornament kit
Interactive doll or stuffed animal
Folding pattern
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter assembly for frying oil or other liquids and an associated valve assembly
Mercury removal systems using beneficiated fly ash particles and methods thereof
Modular compact adsorption bed
Plasma treating apparatus
Process for continuously producing geometric shaped catalyst bodies K
Clean room
Method for improving the bonding properties of microstructured substrates, and devices prepared with this method
Versatile multichannel capillary biosensor system
Electrohydrodynamic device components employing solid solutions
Method for producing clathrate compounds
Method of forming insulated conductive element having substantially continuously coated sections separated by uncoated gaps
Methods for photovoltaic absorbers with controlled group 13 stoichiometry
Aqueous formulation for an antifouling coating system for submerged substrates, method for treating same, and use thereof
Hard floor surface care process
Systems and methods for repositioning row bars used for manufacturing magnetic heads
Spindle inclination detector and machine tool including the same
System as well as a machining device, a chuck, a jaw connecting element, a jaw exchanging device and a method
Wafer polishing apparatus and method
Two-component urethane resin composition for polishing pad, polyurethane polishing pad, and method for producing polyurethane polishing pad
Non-parallel splined hub and shaft connection
Drill bit
Mold having movable plate-shaped cores
Mould system for manufacturing a container
Mould system for manufacturing a container
System and method for making polyethylene terephthalate sheets and objects
Method for preparing nonwoven fusible interlining using pattern printing
Method for distributing a myoglobin-containing food product
Hollow polystyrene body obtained by injection stretch blow moulding
Composite insulated conductor
Process for the manufacture of a decorative laminate
Nano-fiber arrayed surfaces
Display strip and product assembly
Bonding apparatus and method
Method for producing a T-stringer
Electroless deposition of platinum on copper
Ejection inspecting device, printer and ejection inspecting method
Resin composition, thermal transfer-receiving sheet, and method for making thermal transfer-receiving sheet
Ring binder
Infant child restraint system
Vehicle seat
Container and container wagon
Bicycle fitting apparatus and method
Tree and post remover
Bottom opening pouches and consumer products made using such pouches
Food product carrier set
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low-surface area fumed silicon dioxide powder
EMM-11, a synthetic crystalline microporous material, its preparation and use
Sulphur cement pre-composition and process for preparing such sulphur cement pre-compositon
Method of making an acid-absorbing biosolid composition
Use of neuregulin-.beta. as an indicator and/or target
Stable aqueous silica dispersions
Release agent formulas and methods
Multi coated metal substrate and method for the production thereof
Persistent phosphor
Method for lubricating a clutch-only automatic transmission component requiring lubrication
Liquid detergent composition with natural abrasive particles
Systems and methods for contaminant removal from a microalgae culture
In vivo genome-wide mutagenesis
Methods to reprogram splice site selection in pre-messenger RNAs
Esterases and their use
Perhydrolase variant providing improved specific activity
Perhydrolase variant providing improved specific activity
Process for the stereoselective enzymatic hydrolysis of 5-methyl-3-nitromethyl-hexanoic acid ester
Hydrogen peroxide-forming NADH oxidase and DNA encoding the same
Oligomer probe array with improved signal-to-noise ratio fabrication method thereof
Methods for determining sodium-proton-exchanger ligand efficiency
Materials and method for assaying for methylation of CpG islands associated with genes in the evaluation of cancer
Methods for identification of sepsis-causing bacteria
Prostaglandin E2 modulation and uses thereof
Mutational profile in HIV-1 GAG cleavage site correlated with phenotypic drug resistance
Stress free steel and rapid production of same
Coating holder and coating device having same
Coating apparatus
Gallium electrodeposition processes and chemistries
Nitride semiconductor crystal and its production method
Textiles; Paper
High-density rocket propellant
Method for producing ethanol and co-products from cellulosic biomass
Fixed Constructions
Rig mat system and method of making the same
Portable traffic safety barrier
Material handling apparatus and method for operating
Architectural wicker structures, and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbocharger having nozzle ring locating pin and an integrated locator and heat shield
Rotor for a gas turbine
Hose pump
Water pump for vehicle
Nose dome for a turbomachine rotor
Sliding bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Gear transmission
Gear transmission
Vehicular power transmission control apparatus
Variable ratio transmission
Gear set arrangement of a planetary transmission
Belt tensioner with high damping rubber device
Flashlight and illuminated rear section with two-sided lighting module
Illumination device for providing synchronous forward and backward lighting
Flashlight with end-cap switch
Lens and illumination device
Electrodeless lamp street lighting fixture
LED lamp with adjustable light field
Bulbtype lamp with light emitting diodes using alternating current
Electronic device having light emitting module and light guiding member
Light guides and backlight systems incorporating light redirectors at varying densities
Late lean injection injector
Label manufacturing method and label manufacturing apparatus
Door protection device for a vehicle
Detecting a mineral within a material
Imidazo[1,2-.alpha.]pyrazin-3(7H)-one derivatives bearing a new electron-rich structure
Ultra-sensitive chemiluminescent substrates for enzymes and their conjugates
Via chains for defect localization
Apparatus and method to inspect defect of semiconductor device
Optical fiber connector
Optical fiber adaptor and laser system
Projector and method for correcting trapezoid distortion of projected images using the projector
Pattern-formed substrate, pattern-forming method, and die
Method for enhancing lithographic imaging of isolated and semi-isolated features
Dynamic puzzle generation
Methods and apparatus for online auctions and market-places utilizing program terms
Mathematics game
Obstructive sleep apnea demonstration model device
Laptop-based machine control simulator
Computer-based student testing with dynamic problem assignment
Methods of making glass-crystalline particles including a glass component and a crystalline component
Polymer concrete electrical insulation
Method for distributing phosphor particulates on LED chip
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Bow-balanced 3D chip stacking
Zirconium and hafnium boride alloy templates on silicon for nitride integration applications
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device with amorphous silicon layer formation
Electrode arrays and methods of fabricating the same using printing plates to arrange particles in an array
Method of patterning of magnetic tunnel junctions
Fabric containing non-crimped fibers and methods of manufacture
Top-down nanowire thinning processes
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with buried word line
Replacement metal gate processing with reduced interlevel dielectric layer etch rate
Method for growing conformal epi layers and structure thereof
Method of manufacturing display device including thin film transistor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Solid polymer fuel cell
Electronic device facilitating loading or unloading of battery through latching module
Fuel cell
Gas-liquid separator, hydrogen generating apparatus, and fuel cell generation system having the same
Hydrogen generation device and fuel cell using the same
Electrical connection system between an electrical implanted medical device
Electrical connector
Structure for removable processor socket
USB flash drive
Locking electrical socket
Subcutaneous device for electrical percutaneous connection
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soybean variety 93B35
Inbred maize line PH0DH
Liquid heating vessels
Portable food and utensil storage device
Fabric dryer/warmer
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Biocompatible, implantable hearing aid microactuator
Polymer coating for immobilizing soluble ions in a phosphate ceramic product
Hand held control key device including multiple switch arrangements
Performing Operations; Transporting
Production of cyclopentane and/or cyclopentene from partially hydrogenated pyrolysis gasoline
Minimizing diphenylethane formation in alkylation of benzene by ethylene catalyzed by zeolite beta
Catalysts for methanol conversion reactions
Carboxylates in catalytic hydrolysis of alkylene oxides
Synthesis of ruthenium or osmium metathesis catalysts
Process for the preparation of an aldehyde
Device for ultrasonic sealing
Method of cutting a workpiece along an arcuate path with a plasma arc torch
Power supply with thermistor precharge and protection circuit
Welding quality decision apparatus and welding machine provided with the same
Laser beam welding apparatus
Aluminum sheet product and method of welding structural components
Welding member and welding method
Control of weld and auxiliary power output of a generator type welding power supply
Supporting device for wiring and piping of industrial robot
Z-fold printhead carriage trailing cable for optimized panelization
Day light harness adaptor
Automatic control of reflective-type sensors in reproduction apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing highly pure aqueous hydroxylamine solutions
Liquid-fluorination system and method
Process for obtaining cyclohexane by catalytic benzene hydrogenation
Process for the preparation of halohydrocarbons
Process for the preparation of octa-2,7-dienyl-1-amine from butadiene and ammonia in the presence of palladium complex catalyst
Removal of halides from halide-containing nitrile mixtures
Racemizing of optically active amines
Process for iohexol manufacture
Highly selective process for making o-arylbenzonitriles
Method for producing an n-alkyl-alpha-dialkyl-aminoacethohydroxamic acid compound
Cu.sup.II and Zn.sup.II phenoxyl complexes and radical complexes thereof, methods for their preparation and use
Intermediates for making heterocycles useful as COX-2 inhibitors
Carbonylation process using a flash step with washing
Method to produce aromatic dicarboxylic acids using cobalt and zirconium catalysts
Method for preparing a difunctional aliphatic organic compound
Process for purifying 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Method for producing 2-alkynoic acid esters
Process for preparing esters of ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids
8-alkyl-8-tricyclodecanyl 5-norbornene-2-carboxylates and method of producing the same
Method for separating alkylnaphthalene
Synthesis of ansa-metallocene catalysts
Silacyclobutene compounds, methods of preparing same, and polymers formed therefrom
Method of producing propylsilanes
Polypeptide compositions toxic to lepidopteran insects and methods for making same
Ethyleneimine-containing resins, manufacture, and use for chemical separations
Phosphine sulfide, a manufacturing process therefor and use thereof
Purification of aqueous dye solutions
Light source with only two major light emitting bands
Process for producing ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer
Methods for genotype-independent nuclear and plastid transformation coupled with clonal regeneration utilizing mature zygotic embryos in rice (Oryza sativa) seeds
Rapid and efficient regeneration of transgenic wheat plants
Method for reduction of transgene copy number
DNA sequences from brassicaceae encoding squalene epoxidase and process of raising squalene levels in plants therewith
Integrated circuit capacitor including anchored plug
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power conditioning apparatus with energy conversion and storage
DC torque motor, and drive control apparatus and throttle valve control apparatus using DC torque motor
Starter/generator speed sensing using field weakening
Apparatus for generating electricity from flowing fluids
Pulsed plasma thruster with electric switch enabling use of a solid electrically conductive propellant
Structure of linear compressor
Molded cable assembly
Bearing design for flywheel energy storage using high-TC superconductors
Use of a chemically reactive plasma for thermal-chemical processes
Control unit for an electrical household appliance
Automatic lighting control system for a cooking cavity
Laser along body tracker (SABOT)
DC brushless machine
Optical two-dimensional position sensor in a control device for automotive applications
System and method for an electronic postage scale with variable function keys and window screens
Optical probe having an imaging apparatus
Method and an apparatus for inspecting articles
Heating element for lambda sensors
Semiconductor acceleration sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Adjustable area coordinate position data-capture system
Device for locating objects penetrating into a region of space to be monitored
Radioisotope proximity sensor
Energy dispersive semiconductor X-ray detector with improved silicon detector
Method and system for reading a data signal emitted by an active pixel in a sensor
Packaged integrated processor and spatial light modulator
Channel member for a PALC panel
Projection exposure apparatus
Semiconductor registration measurement mark
Alignment apparatus in projection exposure apparatus
Invisible information detecting apparatus
System, controller, computer readable memory, and method for precise on-line control of heat transfer in a food preparation process
Optical sensor with concave mirror
Implementing comprehensive PID engine with single bit adder
Fire detector and housing
Note release control method for solenoid actuated piano actions
Musical apparatus using multiple light beams to control musical tone signals
Communication technologies for musical tone signals
Supporting arbitrary beat patterns in chord-based note sequence generation
Optimizing lan cable performance
Superconducting current lead
Composite insulator with 3-dimensional weave of S2 glass fibers and epoxy
Semiconductor ceramic and electronic element fabricated from the same
Photo-semiconductive electrode and photo-electic cell using the same
Switch lock-off mechanism
Control apparatus
Integrated key top assembly
Lever switch
Method for operating a stored energy circuit breaker operator assembly
Reduced noise electrical switch
Vacuum insulated switching apparatus
Micromechanical switching devices
Spacer and an image-forming apparatus, and a manufacturing method thereof
Color CRT electron gun with asymmetric auxiliary beam passing aperture
Field emission cold cathode device and method for driving the same
Optoelectronic devices in which a resonance between optical fields and tunneling electrons is used to modulate the flow of said electrons
Bistable field emission display device using secondary emission
ECR type plasma generating apparatus
Method and apparatus for preventing etch rate drop after machine idle in plasma etch chamber
Toroidal charged particle deflector with high mechanical stability and accuracy
Method and apparatus for performance improvement of mass spectrometers using dynamic ion optics
Metal halide lamp with stem mounted support frame for arc tube shield
Discharge lamp and lighting system having a discharge lamp
Light bulb device
Halogen incandescent lamp
Ferroelectric capacitor, method of manufacturing same and memory cell using same
Process for controlling dopant diffusion in a semiconductor layer and semiconductor device formed thereby
Semiconductor device with nitrogen implanted channel region
Buried butted contact and method for fabricating
Memory cell incorporating a chalcogenide element
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Dual etch stop/diffusion barrier for damascene interconnects
Heterojunction compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bipolar transistor with polysilicon dummy emitter
IC layout structure for MOSFET having narrow and short channel
Flip-chip semiconductor device with enhanced reliability and manufacturing efficiency, and the method for under filling the same
Electronic circuit device and method
Flip-chip connecting method, flip-chip connected structure and electronic device using the same
Method and structure for manufacturing contact windows in semiconductor process
Buried-gate semiconductor device with improved level of integration
Semiconductor device
Core metal soldering knob flip-chip technology
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Fabrication method for increasing the coupling efficiency of ETOX flash memory devices
MOS transistor with high output voltage endurance
Method and apparatus providing a circuit edit structure through the back side of an integrated circuit die
Flash memory
Semiconductor component including MOSFET with asymmetric gate electrode where the drain electrode over portions of the lightly doped diffusion region without a gate dielectric
CMOS semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device with improved planarity and reduced parasitic capacitance
Elimination of residual materials in a multiple-layer interconnect structure
Method for forming via hole and semiconductor structure formed thereby
Vertical DRAM cell with wordline self-aligned to storage trench
Cell capacitors, memory cells, memory arrays, and method of fabrication
Capacitor array structure for semiconductor devices
Split cavity wall plating for an integrated circuit package
Film circuit
Fix base of integrated circuit chipset and heat sink
Multilayered lead frame for semiconductor package
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit having interconnect lines separated by a dielectric having a capping layer
Semiconductor device and method of the same
Substrate for semiconductor package, fabrication method thereof, and stacked-type semiconductor package using the substrate
Low profile multi-IC package connector
Metal oxide semiconductor device and method manufacturing the same
Output circuit for integrated circuits
Thin film semiconductor device for display
SOI with conductive metal substrate used as VSS connection
Semiconductor device and control method thereof
p-type semiconductor, method for manufacturing the p-type semiconductor, semiconductor device, photovoltaic element, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Photoelectric conversion element having a surface member or a protection member and building material using the same
Diode device
Drive device
Piezoelectric step motor
Flexible circuit with tabs for connection to battery cells
Connector and method of operation
Group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
Method and apparatus for providing redundant power by connecting power supplies into a segment or ring
Power supply device for electronic equipment
Electrical power management system providing momentarily high power to a load
Generator regulator with overload protection means
Dual feed hot swap battery plant controller for power supplies
Axle-less electromagnetic rotating assembly
Motor equipped with a coil temperature sensing element
Small motor with a coil having a continuously wound wire
Multi-phase PM-type stepping motor
Switched reluctance position sensing
Surface acoustic wave element
Electronic circuits with wide dynamic range of on/off delay time
Solid imaging device comprising electric charge transferring function
Low magnetic field emitting electric blanket
LED driving circuitry with light intensity feedback to control output light intensity of an LED
LED array having an active shunt arrangement
Full wave electronic starter
Piezoelectric transformer inverter
Strobing light control adapter
Dimmable lighting system for a plurality of gas discharge lamps
Spray washable air cooled cap sealer
Induction heating apparatus
Induction hardening apparatus for a crankshaft
AC/DC type microwave oven
AC/DC type microwave oven
Heater cover for microwave ovens using light wave heaters
Microwave oven with a grilling device
Microwave application device, particularly for baking products on a metal carrier
Sucked material detector, sucked material detecting method using the same detector, shift detecting method using the same detector, and cleaning method using the same detector
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