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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Window insertable pet door
Methods of proliferating stem cells
Baking cup with pull tabs
Magnetically coupled solar-powered lights
Sling for archery bow
Endcap mounting system for mounting audio/visual devices or the like
Sulfonamide compounds
Quinazolinone inhibitors of dynein
Fat containing composition
Anti-inflammatory macrolides
Macrocyclic inhibitors of flaviviridae viruses
Stone burner for a fragrance lamp
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thread-based microfluidic guiding system
Apparatus, method, and system for applying liquid coating to elongated members including arrow shafts
Ejecting device for use in coating device
Aggregate processing control system
Oversized material removal system and method
Chimney sweeping tool
Dust emission reduction during metal casting
Drill pipe breakout machine
Motorized casket/coffin key/crank
Hand tool
Manipulator device
Retainer apparatus
Molding tool and method for manufacturing a fiber reinforced plastic aerodynamic aircraft component
Multifunctional BOPP cigarette packaging film and manufacturing method thereof
Imprinting method and apparatus therefor
Insert sheet for an automobile interior material, and a production method for the same
Mould for soldering, arrangement of moulds, a method and a component
Aircraft panel structure and aircraft panel structure manufacturing method for alleviation of stress
Self-repairing composites responsive in the presence of an aqueous medium
Inkjet printing machine with calibration bezel
Liquid jet head and liquid jet recording apparatus
Method of making nozzle chip
Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
Compound slot
Paint can halo
Double-step offset axle
System and method of monitoring and controlling motorized passenger carts
Configurable seat assembly for work vehicles
Vehicle head restraint with electromagnetic latch release
Process and system for detecting a particular state of a specific parking space
System for attaching an accessory such as a snowplow to a vehicle
Customization of vehicle controls and settings based on user profile data
Infotainment system based on user profile
Side entry vehicle systems and related components
Tablet computer holder
Vehicle roof top boat storage unit
Bicycle support apparatus and method
Hybrid blade
Brake system for motor vehicles and method for operating a brake system
Brake system for vehicle with collision avoidance mechanism
Control method for shortening start time of electric vehicle
Method for operating a switching hump system and control means for the same
Lightweight tool delivery system
Collapsible shopping cart
Collapsible steering column assembly
Steering apparatus of in-wheel motor-driven
Drive controlling apparatus for a vehicle
Timing belt system for vehicle
Outboard motor lock
Rotor assembly for a rotorcraft
Water propelled flying board
Remotely controlled micro/nanoscale aerial vehicle comprising a system for traveling on the ground, vertical takeoff, and landing
Aircraft tie-down device
Television pocket decorator
Support and packaging box for electronic device
Food packaging
Composite package
Preparation of beverages and liquid food products
Belt scraper mounting
Folded sheet pressing device, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Feeding device
Caddy for grappling hook and deployment spool assembly
Motor drive apparatus for electric forklift and electric forklift adopting the same
Pump-type cosmetics container
Refrigerator with beverage dispenser cleaning system
Refrigerator door wine dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mitigating diborane release from borohydride-based hydrogen storage materials
Method of producing amorphous carbon material for the negative electrode of lithium ION secondary battery, and lithium ION secondary battery
Oil spill cleanup from water
Electrochemical apparatus
Limited volume waste water SBR treatment system and process
Process for treating wastewater
Roller pairs for processing glass ribbons and draw apparatuses incorporating the same
Bi-axial cooling system and method
Method for producing a composite including a ceramic matrix
Pharmaceutical compounds
Method for producing dialkoxy alkanes by partial oxidation of lower alcohols in the presence of a catalyst based on molybdenum and iron
Azole derivatives, methods for producing the same, intermediate thereof, agro-horticultural agents
Phenicol antibacterials
Organocatalytic synthesis of chiral pyrazolidines and their analogues
G-quadruplex stabilising agent
Heterocyclic alkanol derivatives
Process for the preparation of form III of vilazodone hydrochloride
Tetomilast polymorphs
Process for preparing dasatinib monohydrate
Benzhydryl derivatives
Pyrazolopyridines and analogs thereof
Cephem compound having catechol group
Triazine derivatives
Process for the preparation of asenapine maleate
Substituted bicyclic triazole derivatives as gamma secretase modulators
Effective recovery of lithium from lithium ion battery waste
Synthesis and formulations of salts of isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof
Versatile native chemical ligation technologies
Methods for purifying pertussis toxin and peptides useful therefor
Process for preparing a masterbatch in the liquid phase
Aqueous ink jet ink compositions and uses
Aromatic polyester containing a biphenyl chain disruptor
Bronsted acid compound, manufacturing method of condensation compound, dispersion liquid of condensation compound particles, manufacturing method of electrostatic image developing toner, manufacturing method of binder resin, binder resin, dispersion liquid of resin particles, electrostatic image developing toner, electrostatic image developer, and image-forming method
Crosslinkable aromatic polyester
Natural adhesive
Compositions of 2,4,4,4-tetrafluorobut-1-ene and cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-2-ene
Process for producing mineral oil using surfactants based on a mixture of C32 Guerbet-, C34 Guerbet-, C36 Guerbet-containing alkyl alkoxylates
Gravel pack fluid composition and emulsion therefor
Methods of preparing oil compositions for fuel refining
Methods and apparatus for cap management and mitigation of selected undesirable matter during fermentation
Transgenic plant having increased biomass and improved environmental stress resistance, and process for production thereof
Variegation in plants
Nuclear reprogrammed cells generated by introduction of a histone H2aa or TH2A gene, a histone H2ba or TH2B gene, or a phosphorylation-mimic of histone chaperon Npm2 gene, an Oct family gene and a klf family gene into a mammalian somatic cell
Foot and mouth disease virus with increased stability and its use as vaccine
Preparation method of human metabolites of simvastatin or lovastatin using bacterial cytochrome P450 and composition therefor
Method for DNA breakpoint analysis
Method for producing ethanol using basidiomycete
Methods and kits for room temperature in situ detection of a target nucleic acid in a biological sample
Chemical vapor deposition reactor having ceramic lining for production of polysilicon
Scanning injector assembly module for processing substrate
Metallic nanoparticle biocide in industrial applications
Process of preparing Grignard reagent
Textiles; Paper
Combing element for a circular comb of a combing machine
Small size pulsator-type automatic washing machine
Method of operating a laundry treating appliance
Enzymatic treatment of wood chips
Fixed Constructions
System for controlling land leveling work which uses an excavator
Hybrid work machine and control method of providing information for the same
Toilet sanitary shield for male genitalia
Gravity drained, waste management mechanism
Modular housing framing systems
Vacuum insulation panels comprising nanoporous polymer particles
Electromagnetic lock drop ceiling for aisle containment system and method
Swinging blade covering structure
Restroom partition mounting bracket
Re-deployable mobile above ground shelter
Door handle extension for recreational vehicles and the like
Security shutters for window and door openings
Apparatus for a door latch
Stabilizing members for fixed cutter drill bit
Handheld power tool device
Fluid velocity-driven circulation tool
Casing manipulation assembly with hydraulic torque locking mechanism
Failsafe hydrostatic vent
Receiving lateral wellbore and method for implanting same
Subsea well intervention module
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Retrofittable interstage angled seal
Rotatable component, coating and method of coating the rotatable component of an engine
Method for cooling a gas turbine plant and gas turbine plant for implementing the method
Additional spring and follower mechanism built into valve cover or bearing bridge
Internal combustion engine valve drive device for a motor vehicle
Hybrid fascia mounted exhaust tip assembly
Low friction turbine engine
Ventilation slots in a cylinder wall
Exhaust gas recirculation cooler and system
Hydraulic power unit including ceramic oscillator and hydraulic engine including the hydraulic power unit
Joint between the gearbox input shaft and the rotor rotation shaft
Vertical axis turbine and constructions employing same
Micro pump
Oscillating linear compressor
Differential pressure control valve and variable displacement compressor having the differential pressure control valve
Heat dissipation fan
Wheel bearing assembly
Load coupling for adjusting torsional natural frequency of a power train
Modular crankshaft
Sliding caliper parking brake having positive brake pad retraction
Torsional vibration damping device
Reducer of electric power steering apparatus
Transmission with rear torque converter
Belt adjusting device of printer
Reducing device having a high reduction ratio, robot and haptic interface comprising at least one such reducing device
Valve device
Apparatus for adjusting shape memory alloy transition temperatures to track slowly changing ambient temperature
Solenoid with spring plug
Lower extremity dryer
Vehicle fuel tank mounting assembly and installation method
Portable media equipment support device with rotating action
Device for fastening and contacting a lighting means and/or a lighting module, and lamp
Device for fastening and contacting a lighting means and/or a lighting module, and lamp
Mount arrangement for supporting a tapered light pipe
Impact and/or sound deadening hydronic sub-flooring panel and related system and method
Parabolic collector
Air conditioning apparatus for a vehicle
Multifunctional coolers
Rapid fire apparatus for semi-automatic firearms
Bi-directional trigger
Dot sight device having power saving functions, the control method thereof
Projectile containment system
Detonation of explosives
Method and apparatus for measuring a manufacturing deviation in an external gear
Small form-factor distance sensor
Nozzle alignment tool for a fluid dispensing apparatus
Behavior modification via altered map routes based on user profile information
Measurement device for determining a process variable
Dynamic nutrition tracking utensils
FBG vibration detection system, apparatus and vibration detection method using the system
Torque sensor assembly for a motor vehicle and method of measuring torque
Reusable energy absorbing lab seat
Device and method for combined optical and nuclear image acquisition
X-ray stress measuring apparatus
Lead-free oxygen sensor
High-density ion transport measurement biochip devices and methods
Methods for differentiating between disease states
Detecting molecular interactions by fluorescence resonance energy transfer on a solid-phase support
Sensitive method for measuring cis-diol containing compounds in plasma using 2D-LC-MS/MS
Electronic device and method of electronic device for determining power source device
Minimizing aggregate cooling and leakage power with fast convergence
Battery management system and method for synchronizing voltage and current of battery
Pseudo-satellite transmitter and method of transmitting GPS signals using pseudo-satellite transmitter
Methods and apparatuses for use in providing positioning assistance data to mobile stations via a self-organizing network
Wireless communication system, slave station device, master station device, and wireless communication system control method
Selecting a survey setting for characterizing a target structure
Apparatus for speckle reduction, pulse stretching, and beam homogenization
Optical system for forming an image on a concave spherical surface
Optical sources employing self-seeding and modulation averaging
Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector
V-groove ferrule mating sleeve
Integrated lens barrel
Laser-X radiation/laser combo protective eyewear system
Liquid crystal element and cell for liquid crystal element
High speed solid state optical switching system using bicontinuous structures
EUV mask
Microlithography projection system with an accessible diaphragm or aperture stop
Image forming apparatus that performs inspection of printed matter, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with rotational speed control unit for fixing member
Cleaner and image forming apparatus
Photoreceptor, method for preparing photoreceptor, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the photoreceptor
Electrical energy usage monitoring system
System and method for energy consumption management
Method and system for use in controlling a pressure vessel
Apparatus for regulating fluid flow from a reservoir
Power converter with average current limiting
Timing control circuit
Touch panel having a warped substrate and method for manufacturing the touch panel
Apparatus and methods for synaptic update in a pulse-coded network
Hard disk drive mounting device and electronic device using the same
Reducing power grid noise in a processor while minimizing performance loss
System for controlling total power consumption of plural apparatuses and control method thereof
Method for managing energy consumption for multiprocessor systems using an offline phase for characterization of a variation of a potential rate of parallelism for task scheduling and an online phase for detection and exploitation of potential inactivity intervals
Throttling integrated link
Storage system and method for controlling storage system
Evaluating reliability of a software module using development life cycle
Communication failure source isolation in a distributed computing system
Method and apparatus for scaling network simulation
Memory operation of paired memory devices
Method and apparatus for importing content having plurality of parts
Methods and systems with delayed execution of multiple processors
Apparatus, method, and system for providing a decision mechanism for conditional commits in an atomic region
Operating a dual-ported internal memory
Method of reducing system power with mixed cell memory array
Optimizing memory usage across multiple garbage collected computer environments
Address mapping including generic bits for universal addressing independent of memory type
Coherent attached processor proxy supporting master parking
Methods and apparatus to access memory using runtime characteristics
Coalescing memory transactions
Dynamic definition of error information in a programmable device
Marking local regions and providing a snapshot thereof for asynchronous mirroring
Apparatus and method for controlling power supply of control device that controls access to data
Systems and methods for controlling flow of message signaled interrupts
Deterministic message processing in a direct memory access adapter
Method and system for improving PCI-E L1 ASPM exit latency
Apparatus cooperation system, image forming apparatus, and function providing method
System and method for migrating an application
Prioritizing responses to communications based on user's efforts in creating communications
Pre-transmission contextual electronic message prompting
Requesting computer data assets
Management system and management method
Methods and apparatus for identifying spectral peaks in neuronal spiking representation of a signal
Estimating the time until a reply email will be received using a recipient behavior model
Web browsing enhanced by cloud computing
Detecting data omissions for an intermittently-connected application
Bi-directional display
Updating content of a live electronic presentation
Apparatus and method for creating, addressing and modifying related data
Dynamic optimization of prepared statements in a statement pool
Reconfiguring an operator graph based on attribute usage
Comparing database performance without benchmark workloads
Automated electronic discovery collections and preservations
Automated electronic discovery collections and preservations
Data structures and state tracking for network protocol processing
Techniques for evaluating patent impacts
Managing system image backup
Compressed storage access system with uncompressed frequent use data
Verification support method, recording medium having stored verification support program therein, and verification support apparatus
Compressing data for natural language processing
Analytic comparison of libraries and playlists
Information processor, privilege management method, program, and recording medium
Methods and systems for a closest match search
Evaluating real estate properties
Machine-learning based datapath extraction
Multi-ECU simulation by using 2-layer peripherals with look-ahead time
Analysis of chip-mean variation and independent intra-die variation for chip yield determination
User authentication
System and methods for granular access control
De-identification in visual media data
Method of accessing a data storage device
Adaptive queuing of a cache for a processing element
Generating and using constraints associated with software related products
Dynamically updating a smart physical keyboard
Optical movement sensor with light folding device
Mobile information terminal and operation state determination method
Passive touch pen
Touch sensing apparatus and method thereof
Inline graphic scoper integrated with a search navigator
Movement reduction when scrolling for item selection during direct manipulation
Efficient browsing, selection, visualization, and tracing of complex multi-dimensional relationships among objects
Method and apparatus for storing data
Effectively limitless apparent free space on storage device
High throughput hardware acceleration using pre-staging buffers
Systems and methods for presenting information to an automobile driver
Search keyword improvement apparatus, server and method
In-vehicle ECU
Instruction set architecture with secure clear instructions for protecting processing unit architected state information
Generating a fast 3x multiplicand term for radix-8 booth multiplication
Generalized bit manipulation instructions for a computer processor
Interleaving bits of multiple instruction results in a single destination register
Eliminating redundant masking operations instruction processing circuits, and related processor systems, methods, and computer-readable media
Method and apparatus for partitioned pipelined execution of multiple execution threads
Software component configuration identification
Associating workflows with code sections in a document control system
Systems and methods for finding concurrency errors
Dynamically updating code without requiring processes to restart
Java management extensions (JMX) bean custom service extension plugin agent for an application server
Suppression of table of contents save actions
Automatic upgrade of virtual appliances
Loading program modules
Re-factor code to use method chaining with optimizer tool
Tool composition for supporting openCL application software development for embedded system and method thereof
Address translation table to enable access to virtualized functions
Thread consolidation in processor cores
Method for adaptively determining response time distribution of transactional workloads by adjusting the midpoint of response time distribution
Operator graph changes in response to dynamic connections in stream computing applications
Responding to a timeout of a message in a parallel computer
Web service system, server management apparatus, and web service providing method
Printer sample feature set
Image forming device, image forming method and program
RFID tag for a personal care appliance
Book using color space encoded image
Reactive tags for obtaining consumer survey responses
Imaging apparatus having lens element
Methods for attaching structures using ultraviolet and visible light curing adhesive
Facial expression recognition apparatus, image sensing apparatus, facial expression recognition method, and computer-readable storage medium
System, device, and method for detecting and locating wanted vehicles
Reconstruction of image data
Apparatus and method for calibrating depth image based on relationship between depth sensor and color camera
Multi-mode video event indexing
Apparatus and method for fingerprinting sensing
Advertisement detection
Method, apparatus and computer program product for processing of images
Controlling real-time compression detection
Person detection device and person detection method
Resolution determination device, image processing device, and image display apparatus
Systems and apparatus for implementing task-specific learning using spiking neurons
System and method for providing assistance to purchase goods
Targeted vehicle advertising and entertainment system method
Discrete, depleting chips for obtaining desired service level characteristics
System and method for generating a computer model to display a position of a person
Hilbert ordering of multidimensional tuples within computing systems
Method and apparatus for use in identifying potential anomalies in electronic files supportive of mobile device positioning
Medical dispending safety system that monitors drug ingestion
Remote controlled detection system
Apparatus and methods for hybrid service discovery
Apparatus for affecting motion in an inflatable display
Advertisement clip for hard tags
Dynamic gamut control for determining minimum backlight intensities of backlight sources for displaying an image
Display timing control circuit with adjustable clock divisor and method thereof
Cover for striking device for percussion instrument
Method and apparatus for detecting which one of symbols of watermark data is embedded in a received signal
Pattern recognition device, pattern recognition method and computer program product
Slim form factor disk drive comprising disk drive enclosure having an insular raised region
System and method of reading data from a non-volatile storage medium through the use of a catalog
Magnetic recording and reproducing device
Generating position error signal based on data tracks for magnetic data storage
Utilization of disk buffer for background replication processes
Optical pickup and optical information storage system including the same
Magnetic random access memory using magnetoresistive element, diode, and transistor
Circuit arrangement, a method for testing a supply voltage provided to a test circuit, and a method for repairing a voltage source
Memory controller, memory control method, and memory control system
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having stacked memory cell layers and a control circuit controlling write or read based on parameters according to a selected memory cell layer
Method and apparatus for sampling
Semiconductor memory device and electronic device
Vacuum interrupter
Electromechanical switching circuit with memory
Electrode, and high-pressure discharge lamp comprising said electrode
Semiconductor device with face-to-face chips on interposer and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for hybrid photovoltaic device having multiple, stacked, heterogeneous, semiconductor junctions
Contact clean by remote plasma and repair of silicide surface
Method of providing chloride treatment for a photovoltaic device and a chloride treated photovoltaic device
Methods of forming replacement spacer structures on semiconductor devices
FinFET semiconductor devices with improved source/drain resistance and methods of making same
Reactive contacts for 2D layered metal dichalcogenides
Method for detecting defects in a diffusion barrier layer
Method for isolating active regions in germanium-based MOS device
Using sacrificial oxide layer for gate length tuning and resulting device
Semiconductor device component and semiconductor device
Method for off-grid routing structures utilizing self aligned double patterning (SADP) technology
Integrated circuits having replacement metal gates with improved threshold voltage performance and methods for fabricating the same
Devices and methods of forming finFETs with self aligned fin formation
Method for enhancing surface characteristics of a fingerprint sensor and structure made of the same
Organic light emitting device
Surface light-emitting object
Methods of manufacturing superjunction devices
Power semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Dynamic random access memories with an increased stability of the MOS memory cells
Method of forming emitters for a back-contact solar cell
LED epitaxial structure
Method for manufacturing LED device with structure for precisely locating LEDs thereon
Crystal unit and method for fabricating the same
Flat panel display apparatus and organic light-emitting display apparatus
Diagnosis system and diagnosis method for lithium ion secondary battery
Battery electrolyte solutions containing phosphorus-sulfur compounds
Nonaqueous electrolyte and lithium ion rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery
Lithium secondary battery
Fuel cell module
Composite nano porous electrode material, process for production thereof, and lithium ion secondary battery
Solid oxide fuel system
Fuel cell system having an air quality sensor suite
Antenna coupler
Antenna structure configured to RF shieldings
Multibeam antenna system
Bus bar and method of manufacturing the bus bar
Intelligent document with stored text and image
Renewal of user identification information
Group printing method and system
Auto focus control apparatus and continuous auto focus control method
System and method for accuracy certification of geographical locations on a land tract
Method and apparatus for position estimation using trajectory
System and method for controlling financial transactions over a wireless network
Photo sensor package for lighting
Modified heat chamber and method to improve heat cycle efficiency using airflow control
Method of heating a preform, a driving arrangement, a preform heating system and a computer program
Interlocking clip heatsink mounting system
Heat-dissipating device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Versatile attachment for a shovel
Connecting device for a gardening tool
Sulky for outdoor power equipment unit
Removable concaves for axial flow combines
Support structure for a concave assembly for a rotary combine
Spinning-reel reciprocating device
Shrimp processing machine and method of processing shrimp
Combination lollipop holder and stand
Hanger support with vertically disposed garment hanging groves
Transportable case for wet/dry environments
Backpack assembly for carrying items externally
Knapsack having a one-piece shoulder-blade pad element
Experienced backpacker
Ball-carrying structure
Stethoscope holder
Toothbrush with fluorescence means for locating dental plaque
Method of bristle insertion for brush production
Shelving apparatus
Speaker mounting device
Ganging bracket for a shelf unit
Fastening arrangement
Drawer glide for drawer slide assembly
Reversible slipcover
Structural unit having net member incorporated therein, seat and method for treating end section of net member
Outdoor chair cover
Vehicle seat having container holder
Transportable seat system
Highchair helper
Adjustable track system for modular display systems
Adjustable food guard apparatus
Merchandiser display fixture
Dual display assembly
Arm connection apparatus for an artificial model
Device for removably fastening a picture to a board
Bracelet fastening tool and method of use
Tool for handling barbecue grills
Egg light
Powder dispenser
Paper roll storage and paper towel dispenser
Vaneless impeller housing for a vacuum cleaner
Endoscope shaft with superelastic alloy spiral frame and braid
Propulsion of a probe in the colon using a flexible sleeve
Adapter for the connection of a water bottle to an endoscope
Color video diagnostic system for mini-endoscopes
Cup to assist with urine specimen sampling
Fistula device and method for in-vivo evaluation of fish egg development
Pressure-assisted biopsy needle apparatus and technique
Mechanical anastomosis system for hollow structures
Tissue resection device, system and method
Corrugated osteotome blade and method of severing bones and other anatomical structures
Device for revascularizing muscular tissues
Rotational and translational drive coupling for catheter assembly
Method of using a clot capture coil
Embolic protection device having expandable trap
Extracorporeal pneumoperitoneum enclosure and method of use
Needle guide for ultrasound transducer
Hysteroscope port and methods
Skull closure
Pedicle screw system for osteosynthesis
Posterior fixation system
Osteosynthesis device
Computer guided cryosurgery
Catheter system for repairing a mitral valve annulus
RF ablation apparatus having high output impedance drivers
RF bipolar end effector for use in electrosurgical instruments
Thermodilution catheter having a safe, flexible heating element
System and methods for fallopian tube occlusion
Hair removal device
Apparatus and method for steering a guidewire and connecting to an extension guidewire
Methods and apparatus for forward-directed optical scanning instruments
Artificial human eye and test apparatus
Medical monitoring system
Health monitoring system
Apparatus for and method of intravasal pressure measurement and low-contamination insertion of catheters for example into blood vessels
Method and a device for non-invasive measurement of the blood pressure and for detection of arrhythmia
Method and apparatus for determining cardiac output or total peripheral resistance
Remote monitoring apparatus for medical conditions
Pyro/piezo sensor with enhanced sound response
Systems and methods for controlling physical activity during dieting
Alzheimer's tester
Attenuation leveling method and apparatus for improved ultrasonic wave propagation
Image forming method and apparatus, and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Ultrasonic imaging system and display device
Apparatus for acoustic percussion of a body
Photo-curing light assembly having calibratable light intensity control
Dental abrasive blasting or jet apparatus
Intraoral dental abrading instrument
Blank for producing a formed dental part
System and method for releasing tooth positioning appliances
Adapter and method for converting lingual orthodontic tie bracket into self-ligating bracket
Dental articulator
Blank for producing a shaped element, the shaped element, an absorbent product comprising the shaped element, method of producing the shaped element, and also method of producing the absorbent product
Disposable undergarment
Erection aid
Continent ostomy port
Dental tubing and cable retraction apparatus
Medical container with multiple chambers and method of producing the same
Sterile connector
Treatment methods using homeopathic preparations of growth factors
Suction and irrigation handpiece and tip
Body cavity irrigation system
Medical tube-connector device
Compressibility probe for monitoring blood volume changes
Expandable laser catheter
Catheter system
Catheter steering assembly providing asymmetric left and right curve configurations
Introducer needle for continuous perineural catheter placement
Hypodermic needle guard
Pumpdown valve plug assembly for liner cementing system
Surgical insertion instrument body having a distending portion
Cassette for storing and insertion of solid medicine
Luer receiving vascular access system
Spikeless connection and drip chamber with valve
Automatic infusion set for continuously infusing liquid medicine of double bottles
Disposable infusion device
Reduced height implantable drug infusion device
Fluid delivery device with heat activated energy source
Medicine delivery apparatus with flat reservoir
Bellowed fluid delivery apparatus
Methods, apparatuses, and uses for infusion pump fluid pressure and force detection
Tamper evident syringe barrel
Device for metered administration of an injectable product
Shielded dental safety needle
Closure arrangement for a disposable syringe
Retractable non-reusable needle
Sensor controlled analysis and therapeutic delivery system
Method of making a sourcewire with integral capsule
Medical radioactive iodine-125 miniature radiation sources and methods of producing same
Leg exercise device
Brake arrangement for magnetic or electric ergometer
Gymnastic means
Exercise apparatus
Bi-modal handles for exercise apparatus
Removable load support system
Golf ball
Dual curable coating
Golf ball retriever system
Handle and neck for a racket
High CG, modular putter
Golf club shaft
Sports implement
Bat having fiber/resin handle and metal hitting member and method of making
Golf ball striking trainer
Ice skate with interchangeable blades
Roller assembly of in-line roller skate
Deformation-activated safety light for elastic tires
Binding baseplate for a gliding board
Video game apparatus outputting image and music and storage medium used therefor
Casino card game
Electronic gaming method and apparatus using simulated number card deck
Information storage medium, information reproducing apparatus, game machine and its information reproducing method
Method for progressive jackpot gaming
Multilevel changing game
Ball-containing play table for children's play areas
Toy top maze game
Waterslide and waterslide bowl
Toy garbage transportation truck
Puffing fan driven smoke unit for a model train
Inflatable illumination device
Drive unit for a model helicopter
Rolling toy
Animated holiday-scene display device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas dissolving apparatus and method
Device for discharging raw material-fuel
Solids raised screens
Ion-selective membranes, their production process, use of the ion-selective membranes, and apparatuses provided with the ion-selective membranes
Methods and apparatus for fabricating bichromal elements
Shredding machine
Method and device for surgical bone grinding
Plant for the processing of residue from a thermal waste disposal plant
Use of cupric chloride in zinc flotation
Device for applying liquid to vehicle tires
Two-component cartridge system
Method and apparatus for conditioning coins prior to discrimination
Lighting device with perpetually clean lens
Advanced vitrification system improvements
Low cost, self regulating heater for use in an in situ thermal desorption soil remediation system
Welding wire dereeler
Grooved nut and manufacturing method thereof
Joint assembly to resist galling
Gas assisted flow tube and filling device
Lever-type lathe chuck with replaceable jaw inserts
Cutting tool assembly with replaceable cutting head
Coupling device
Vapor phase reflow system with superheated vapor
Hand held flux and solder feeding tool
Apparatus and method of clamping semiconductor devices using sliding finger supports
Method and apparatus for backing up a friction stir weld joint
Linear unit with a sliding guide for a slide
Process for drilling oil-holes in crankshafts
Apparatus and method for grinding composite workpieces
Concave optical fiber ferrule holding plate
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates with metal compound abrasives
Orbital sanding tool
Dual-feed single column double-disk grinding machine
Wafer polishing device
Polishing pad with built-in optical sensor
Method to increase removal rate of oxide using fixed-abrasive
Apparatus for holding and delayering a semiconductor die
Platen arrangement for a chemical-mechanical planarization apparatus
Tool joint
Device for storing tools
Substrate transport apparatus with multiple arms on a common axis of rotation
Close-style leak preventing device for a fluid shooting nozzle of an injection molding machine
Removal apparatus for molded product and method for removing molded products
Noodle-making machine
Blow molding die for producing blown film
Device for the extrusion of plastic profiles
Exchangeable corrugator
Weld joint between thermoplastic structural and fastening members
Transverse reinforced CVT belt
Device for heating a moving material strip, especially preheater for a corrugated board machine
Windshield and glass repair device
Method and means for protecting a windshield from cracks
Metallic cellular structure
Apparatus and method for sensing the fluid level in a mixing device
Auxiliary underside media dryer
Closed ink delivery system with print head ink pressure control and method of same
Shutter ink jet
Clamshell device for printers
Cassette and detecting device for installation thereof
Printer assembly providing tension for idler pulley
Recording method and recording apparatus
Toothed belt, toothed belt power transmission apparatus, and business equipment employing the same
Thermal compensation belt drive tensioner
Thermal head and ink transfer printer using same
Actuator device and ink jet recording apparatus
Plate-making method, plate-making apparatus, computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing method and computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing apparatus
Process and printer with masking of defects
Ink feed for six color inkjet modular printhead
Method and apparatus to achieve uniform ink temperatures in printheads
Ink jet pen with a heater element having a contoured surface
Ink jet head and method of producing the same
Ink-jet head base board, ink-jet head, and ink-jet apparatus
Liquid discharge head, recording apparatus, and method for manufacturing liquid discharge heads
Bonding process
Absorber and container for ink jet recording liquid using such absorber
Optical alignment method and detector
Ink jet recording ink and recording method
Printing device
Ink-jet printing process using polymeric biguanides
Plastic folder for retaining sheets of paper
Easily assembled grip element
Bicycle hub
Bicycle stunt pegs for grinding
Wheel mounting with a bearing race embedded in a cast component
Size adjustable wheel rim masks
Wheel cover assembly
Anti-sway trailer hitch
Combination fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch
Split trailer jack
Single rotation point attachment part for leaf springs
Vehicle wheel angle adjusting apparatus
Convertible top arrangement
Automotive vehicle open air system
Automotive light transmitting panel mounting structure
Sealing element for use in motor vehicles
Self-deploying vehicle cover with lock
Motor vehicle roof with adjustable closure element
Openable motor vehicle roof
Net safety top for trailers
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Center bearing hanger assembly
Transfer for four-wheel drive vehicle
Torque transfer clutch with ball screw actuator
Method for controlling the average speed of a vehicle
Apparatus and method for maintaining state of charge in vehicle operations
Electric drive motor axle with integrated reduction and differential gearset
Power assisted braking system
Electrification system for removable vehicle seats
Seat lifter with ratchet-type lever mechanism
Child restraint seating method and system
Child seat with movable side head guards
Anchorage system and apparatus for a child safety seat and method of using same
Continuous self-adjusting head restraint system
Transport container holder for a motor vehicle, for example in a passthrough to the trunk
Restraint system for a school bus seat
Double-deck trailer
Restraint apparatus
Grain kit
Headlight device for vehicle
Safety system for a closed compartment of a vehicle
Car seat safety mirror
Trunk mounted mirror
Multiplexing mirror
Motorcycle mirror providing rider concurrent viewing of road to the side and immediately to the rear of motorcycle
Surface mount ring assembly for loudspeaker
Trim panel assembly for a motor vehicle
Bumper system for motor vehicles
Rops structure for work vehicle
Air bag system of folding an air bag
Head protection air bag apparatus
Air bag cover assembly with curved horn reaction plate
Self-retaining automotive airbag plate
Device for inflating an airbag
Gas generator
Hybrid inflator improved in mountability to a module
Apparatus for a safety belt height adjuster
Seat belt buckle and tongue presenter system
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus and seatbelt protraction and retraction amount-detecting device
Shelf for bus
Bracket assembly for all terrain vehicle handle bars
Motor vehicle load carrier
Parking brake for automobiles
Housing for a tappet end which is configured as a ball head
Haptic braking method and system
Assembly, with lead frame, for antilock brake system and associated method
Sensor error detection in a dual sensor system
Controller for switch machine
Hand truck for musical drums
Control device for folding movement of a stroller
Caster-camber plate assembly
Car body assembling method and body structure of a vehicle
Single-bolt bar-bracket mount
Detachable mud flap assembly for vehicles
Sheathing material for a construction machine and method for producing the same
Expandable rack bushing
Trailer gate-ramp lift spring assist apparatus
Vehicle storage compartment
Air drag reducing apparatus
Steer-by-wire rotary actuator
Power steering
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Adjustable wheelbase trailer including reinforced structural apertures
Drive sprocket which has lubricated pre-assembled cartridge assembly attached thereto
Steering arrangement
Knuckle hub assembly and method for making same
Apparatus and method for storing a bicycle or other two-wheeled vehicle using a suspension mount suspended from a support structure
Motorcycle accessory mounting system
Luggage container
Motorcycle frame having integral fuel storage unit and break-away steering head
Meter display device for saddle type vehicle
Angle adjustable handle for exercise bike
Front suspension structure for motorcycle
Swingable skate board device
Motor vehicle handlebars and hydraulic system therefor
Integrated rotary drive motion transmission and directional control system
Step-cycle for exercise, recreation, and transport
Collapsible flotation device
Method and device for recovering liquid substance
Electrically controlled shift and throttle system
Electric motor pod drive system for a vessel with a cooling device
Dynamic positioning dock-loading buoy (DPDL-buoy) and method for use of such a DPDL-buoy
Aircraft with elliptical winglets
Rotary-wing aircraft rotors with automatically folding blades and electrical connection installation for the blades
Control of flow separation and related phenomena on aerodynamic surfaces
Lowerable baggage compartment for a passenger cabin
Ballistic shield for dual engine single output shaft propulsion system
Hold-down device for aircargo pallets
Engine uplift loader
Holding and shock-absorbing device and system for temporarily securing an element to a structure equipped with the device
Articulated set of sequentially opened solar generator panels
Apparatus and methods for in-space satellite operations
Device for forming groups of cigarettes
Collapsible container with reduced deflection
Containers with variable volume
Fluid tank assembly
Cup and breath freshening combination device
Tamper-proof device applicable to tube-cap assemblies
Tamper evidencing closure
Two stage dispensing cap for pressurized containers
Canister for a particulate-type product
Packaging box containing a built-in wedging structure
Shoe display support and associated method
Sift-resistant cartons having slotted closure structures
Rigid hinged-lid packet
Two compartment carton for granular materials
Carton with an improved dispensing feature in combination with a unique handle
Water soluble packaging system and method
Palletizing system and method for palletizing a load
Electronic component package for standard and odd form components
Anti-pilfering packaging assembly
Flexible stand-up pouch constructions for dispensing liquids
Pressurized piston pusher
Packaging element of tire wheel
Mixing and dispensing system
Tailgate for multiple compartment material container
Dual track assembly for refuse collection equipment
Segmented belt turn conveyor belt
Dual belt conveyor system
Belt for a conveyor
Pipe lifter
Tilting mechanism
Feeder reader subsystem
Holding apparatus
Apparatus for raising ramps on an implement transporter
Overhead mattress storage and sorting conveyor
Extendable gravity loader
Adjustable indexing roller mechanism
Method and apparatus for detecting media level in a cassette
Stack changing device
Automatic paper feeding mechanism
Automatic paper feeding system
Method and apparatus for separating a stream of documents into discrete groups
Adhesive tape cutting device with a pivotable retaining plate for retaining a tape roll
Cable umbilical gripper
Machine for tucking, labelling and palletizing spools at the outlet of a winder or any other machine producing spools of thread and process practiced by this machine
Method for graduated precision winding of a textile yarn cheese
Winding frame
Paper feeding apparatus and driving method thereof for office machine
Patch cord caddy
Elevator speed measurement system including reflective signal technology for making speed determinations
Elevator control panel device
Conveyor personnel gate
Electric lifts for automotive service
Portable automatic fluid dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Equipment for calcination
Foaming composition
Variable moisture biomass gasification heating system and method
Surface heat treatment of piston rings
Non-stainless steel nitrided piston ring, and method of making the same
Methods and apparatus for extending gas turbine engine airfoils useful life
Textiles; Paper
Shaft coupling with a dampening device
Fixed Constructions
Flexible plastic curb
Concrete breaking apparatus
Traffic barrier apparatus with gate
Animal refuse shovel with attachable bag
Containment/exclusion boom and methods of using the same
Submersible modular dike and method for segregating body of water
Apparatus and method for making cylindrical columns
Water spout with removable laminar flow cartridge
Universal clamp for modular display system
Adjustable all in one roof bracket
Door latch assembly
Exit alarm lock deadbolt having guide supports
Tilt-latch for a sash window
Latch for vehicle closure member
Sliding rod closure for a cabinet door hinged on a switch cabinet body
Fall arrestor and lockdown device for vertical lift doors
Clamping bracket fastening for mounting hinges, locks or similar components onto a thin wall
Inflatable sealing device
Steel pole step assembly
Dual diameter centralizer/sub and method
Flexible joint for well logging instruments
Method and apparatus for injecting one or more fluids into a borehole
Downhole scraper assembly
Cutting tool assembly with replaceable spray nozzle housing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling air flow control device for a gas turbine engine
Outboard motor
Mls gasket with floatable combustion seal
Air cleaner and hood ducting arrangement
Continuous rotary actuator using shape memory alloy
Control valve for variable capacity compressors
Anti-leakage device for a manual air pump with a pressure gauge
Dual function air pump
Detachable air compressor unit and system
Pump with improved cold temperature performance
Lubricant pump with magnetic and centrifugal traps
Compressor oil pick-up tube
Compressor assembly with deflector
Body supporting apparatus for hermetic compressor
Systems for determining the volume of a volumetric chamber and pumping a fluid with a pump chamber
Air pump with noise silence arrangement
Valve arrangement and pump for a gear system
Valve for sensing at least one condition within a compressor
Fluid proportioner
Thrust load reliever
Oil utilized as motor protector trip for scroll compressor
Displacement machine for compressible media
Energy dissipating coupling
Top-flow centrifugal fluid pump
Seal apparatus for a water pump, rotation-support apparatus for a water pump, and a water pump
Split mechanical face seal
Fan assembly and method of making same
Distributed MEMS electrostatic pumping devices
Construction for closing a through hole in a magnesium alloy case
Light adjustment device for laser resonant socket
Thrust bearing assembly
Rolling bearing
Split bearing ring and method for manufacturing same
Dynamic pressure bearing
Bearing seal
Self-retained wheel bearing assembly
Sleeve bearing with bypass cooling
Plain bearing for connecting rods
Speed-difference-dependent hydraulic coupling with control valves
Wrap spring clutch
Single sided friction assembly compensating for thermal distortions
Multiple disk brake system with integrated parking brake
Friction clutch and automatic transmission of automobile using the same and non-stage transmission of automobile and power distribution device of automobile and power transmission device of motorcycle
Plug with safety means for use with counterbalancing systems of garage doors and the like
Jounce bumper
Hydraulic mount with gas spring supported decoupler
Friction torque device with improved damper
Arrangement for mounting a tubular elastomeric member onto a shaft member
Silent chain
Geared motor and geared motor series
Barrier apparatus having magnetic components
Torque converter
Apparatus and method for determining the output speed of a hydrostatic unit in a hydro-mechanical transmission
Mechanical differential gear assembly
Line pressure control system of automatic transmission
Method for controlling a vehicle drive system
Shift control system for belt-type continuously variable transmission
Control system for continuously variable automatic transmission
Mechanical seal unit with temporarily connecting inlet and outlet grooves
Split mechanical face seal
Metallic labyrinth seal
Diaphragm bellows device
Electromechanical actuator for a valve and steam turbine
Plug valve internal pressure balancing
Device by ball valve
Method for soldering pipes
Threaded tool joint for connecting large diameter tubulars
Multi-channel rotary joint
Hose connector and threaded collar therefor
Pivotal arm lift for television display
Bias-assisted sign mount
Support device of a display
Mounting bracket
Drive hub having an oil check hole
Transparent fuel canister
Portable lantern
Outdoor decorative lighting system
Multi-position laser light projector
Light device with heat-dissipating apparatus
Led flashlight with lens
Vehicular lamp
Plastic globe for use in lighting applications and method of making same
Fiber optic illuminated waterfall
Light guide plate, surface light source device and liquid crystal display
Receptacles and containers having luminosity for non-lighted and emergency conditions
Burner assembly with enhanced BTU output and flame stability
Flare stack for natural gas dehydrators
Ultra reduced NOx burner system and process
NOx reduction device
Covered spark-generating device for a lighter with engageable manipulable member
Foundation flood gate with ventilation
Expansion valve
Heat-insulating wall
Thermal treatment furnace having gas leakage preventing function
Target-detection device for a missile system
Target clamp
Cardan support
Apparatus and method for dosing a product
Media weight sensor using an acoustic resonator
Method and apparatus for communicating ultraviolet (UV) radiation information
Ear thermometer with rotatable and revolvable detector probe
Temperature sensing device for metering fluids
Attachable heat flux measuring device
Inspection system with rho-theta x-ray source transport system
Pressure perturbation calorimetry instruments and methods
Correction of phasefront aberrations and pulse reverberations in medical ultrasound imaging
Tunable spectral source
Total internal reflection wavelength filter
Matrix solar dish
Disposable optical fiber splice sleeve and method for applying same
Compact, low cost in-line micro-optic components made with simplified soldering configuration and method
Optical connector
Optical fiber cord fixing component
Ferrule and fiber optic connector housing having enlarged shoulders
Optical semiconductor module and process for producing the same
Optoelectronic transceiver having integrated optical and electronic components
Fiber stub type device and an optical module using the same, and a method for producing a fiber stub type device
Optical device having an integral array interface
High density multiple fiber optic connector
Apparatus for cleaning an optical fiber ribbon
Projection system and method of automatic focus
Lens-installing apparatus for rimless eyeglasses
Film back exchangeable camera
Projector hanger frame
Optical system for display panel
Integrated front projection system
Double-shielding type focal-plane shutter
Photographic processor having an adjustable drum
Photographic processor and method of operation
Exposure apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for charging for printing operations on an electrophotographic printing machine
Self-winding watch
Method for processing work pieces by removing material
Fluid flow control
Thermostat with carbon monoxide warning feature
Quick removal accent panels on the computer case
Keyboard device capable of changing inclination angle of keyboard main body
Automatic barcode creation for data transfer and retrieval
Portable instrument for data storage medium
Smart card having circuit disabling
Method and apparatus for producing personalized chip cards
Card detecting connector
Optoelectronic device for acquiring images of planes, such as bar code symbols
Information registering system
Coin counter/sorter and coupon/voucher dispensing machine and method
Coin discriminating apparatus
Coin inspection method and device
Automatic vending machine for sticker and caricature printed article
Self-learning gaming machine
Self-service terminal having a cassette and method of replenishing the cassette with sheet currency
Self scanning and check out shopping cart-based electronic advertising system
Method for storing data in a chip card rewritable memory
Authentication method, authentication apparatus, authentication system and IC card
IC card information display device and IC card for use therewith
Locus-recordable portable handwriting device
Knot and a method of formation
Device, kit and method for learning to tie fishing knots
Training aid for needle biopsy
Terrestrial globe
Device for a flag
Clip for panel system
Musical instrument stand
Apparatus and method of holding and manipulating small ultrasound transducers
Method and system for influencing possible structure-borne sound conductions and possible noise radiations of objects
Tape cassette and combination structure of the tape cassette and driving device
CD-ROM holder suitable for binding
Data storage card having both linear and annular data regions
Coil winding machine and method of producing deflection coil
Electromagnet and hydraulic valve comprising such an electromagnet
Field emitter for microwave devices and the method of its production
Method for manufacturing electron beam apparatus supporting member and electron beam apparatus
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for balling and assembling ball grid array and chip scale array packages
Multiple wafer lift apparatus and associated method
Edge gripped substrate loading and unloading method
Electrical connector assembly
Header connector with shell
Compression connector
Electrical shuttle connector
BGA socket with improved contacts
Electrical connector
Compression connector actuation system
Shroud retention wafer
Waterproof connector
Waterproof structure of connector
System for reconfiguring connector cover and seal
Waterproof structure in cable insertion section, method of manufacturing the same, and die for waterproof molding
Assembly including a flex circuit and a gas tight chamber
Connection system operating in vacuum for high-voltage currents
Adjustable electrical cord strain relief apparatus
Adapter assembly for heaters and the like
Removable latch and bezel EMI grounding feature for fiber-optic transceivers
Connector with lever
Connector securing device
Electrical plug connector with spring latch and grounding tabs
Electrical extension cord with capability for multi-positional fixed mounting
High-voltage connection enclosure and method
Spring element
Electrical connection
Connecting element for two items of installation equipment lined up beside each other with their broad sides against each other, and method of connecting the items of installation equipment
Terminal block mounting track
Adjustable electrical box support
Field bendable tab for electrical box support
Method and system for assigning a computer interaction priority based on a machine-readable code
Method and device for positioning a holder with respect to a carrier
Speaker apparatus equipped with means for producing complicated waveform of low frequency with higher improved fidelity
Custom-molded ear-plug, and process for producing a custom-molded ear-plug device
Virtual midplane to enhance card interconnections using a matrix of interconnecting assemblies
Data card drawer and method of use
Socket for pin grid array package
Land grid array connector assembly
Coded electrical device and method
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