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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rechargeable drilling shovel assembly
Hydroponic plant growth systems with activated carbon and/or carbonized fiber substrates
Plant culture apparatus
Extendable pet sanitation device
Guard and method of protecting food from germs and contamination
Golf glove
Device for handling banknotes
Dual gas and AC electric hair styler
Hairclip device
Backpack with shoulder strap height adjustment unit
Lazy susan device with snap fit top and base
Circular coaster for stemmed glass
Ventilation support for laptop computers
Holding device
Turning apparatus for multipurpose space utilization furniture
Appliance strapping system and method
Spring arm lift systems
Bidirectionally operable/switchable pull cord mechanism for a window shade
Adjustable lower pole assembly
Food pressure-cooking device with a cover module
Portable grill assembly
Heat distributing cooking grate
Smooth surface scraper
Frequency domain monitoring of myocardial electrical stability
Apparatus and method for radiolucent anatomic positioning
Stimulation channel selection methods
Multi-chamber timing for premature cardiac pacing
Apparatus and system for regaining or maintaining balance in snow
Snowboard binding
Game machine with alternative payout medium
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for removing contaminants from industrial fluids
Functionalized thin film polyamide membranes
Feed assembly for wood reduction apparatus
Magnetic separator
Long range solid stream nozzle
Immobilization apparatus
System for applying metal particulate with hot pressurized air using a venturi chamber and a helical channel
Dispenser for liquid and/or solid chemicals
Wind turbine blade treatment apparatuses and methods
Tight space, inside boat thruhole fitting clearing
Apparatus for producing motor coil
Press molding die structure and method of press molding work
Spark plug removal tool apparatus
Magnetic device adapted for being assembled with a socket
Grill tongs having a heat shield
Hammer with leverage No. II
Robot arm assembly
Fixing seat and industrial robot using the same
Paperboard slitter machine
Device for conveying preforms in a heating unit
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Offset folded newspaper stabilization method and product
Agricultural implement with gauge wheel for a row unit
Heat exchanger equipped with partitioning members for use in a vehicular air conditioning apparatus
Window lifter assembly
System and method for extracting propulsion energy from motor vehicle exhaust
Rack for electronic apparatus
Multifunction utility cart
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Loading unit and/or a lifting unit, in particular a reach stacker
Vehicle steering device
Transport device frame assembly
Floating unit
Bag dispensing machine for upward dispensing
Storage frame for tool rack assemblies
Mono-column FPSO
Continuous conveyor belt
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
Line tightening device
Manual lifting device
Storage lift
Foldable table lift assist apparatus
Adjustable pantograph configuration for an industrial vehicle
Multi-task hand aid
Support member with a "squeeze to use" bottle of gel/liquid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Progressive propellant charge with high charge density
Conveying jig, method of manufacturing conveying jig, and method of heat-treating metal rings using conveying jig
Textiles; Paper
Ornamented composite materials
Threading device for a mesh style equipment vest
Fixed Constructions
Plunger device
Winged anchor and spiked spacer for veneer wall tie connection system and method
Sound-absorbing noise barrier
Ballistic construction panel
Remodeling cable protecting plate
Structural support column with base embedded within a foundation and method of forming
Lifting system for solar power tower components
Collapsible canopy
Collapsible tent frame with retractable eaves
Door cylinder lock
Damping mechanism for hinged doors
Rotating mechanism for printing apparatus
Gate stabilizer
Thermally efficient frames for use in construction of structures using insulated concrete forms (ICF) and methods for making and using same
Restricting production of gas or gas condensate into a wellbore
Drive mechanism
Well jet device for logging and developing horizontal wells with abnormally low formation pressure
Method and apparatus for utilizing a catalyst occurring naturally in an oil field
Power systems for wireline well service using wired pipe string
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Valve drive of an internal combustion engine
Over-compressed engine
Combination air pressure system and plasma ion gas generator system for turbocharged diesel engine
Solar thermal power plant
Solar receiver
Pump flow control of hydraulic circuit and associated method
Ball screw unit and electric power steering apparatus
Electronic adapter for controlling a bistable valve
Recreational vehicle waste hose coupling assembly
Cable support clip
Garden hose booster system
Variable orifice for particulate coal conduit
Method and apparatus for waste heat recovery and absorption gases used as working fluid therein
Vacuum sorption apparatus
Heat dissipation device and method for manufacturing the same
Opacity changing peep sight
Pressure sensor with integrated thermal stabilization and method of using
Dual-mode location position system
Sensor arrangement including a bracket for mounting a probe
Vortex flowmeter
Dosing device for a beverage dispensing system
Positive displacement flow meter
Air pressure sensor for impact recognition
Vibration testing device
Method and system for cooling an ultrasound probe
Life monitor for a well access line
Application of multiple voltage droop detection and instruction throttling instances with customized thresholds across a semiconductor chip
Flip-flop, shift register, and scan test circuit
Polymer fiber polarizers with aligned fibers
Wavelength selective switch
Optical imaging probe connector
Camera lens mount apparatus
Image capturing apparatus
Motor structure with built-in lens
Image shooting apparatus, display apparatus and image shooting and display apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for forming images for carrying out development using a light toner and a dark toner having substantially the same hue
Image forming apparatus including a heater positioned between a photosensitive member and a corona charger
Development device and process cartridge including development device
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Image fixing apparatus
Thermo-element and thermostat
Method and apparatus for improved regression modeling
Power management in an information channel
System and method for cryptographic key generation
RAID capacity expansion interruption recovery handling method and system
Configuring cache memory from a storage controller
Electronic apparatus for which program is rewritable and program rewriting method
Systems and methods of test case generation with feedback
Abnormality cause specifying method, abnormality cause specifying system, and semiconductor device fabrication method
Circuit having relaxed setup time via reciprocal clock and data gating
Register file with integrated routing to execution units for multi-threaded processors
Processor architecture having multi-ported memory
Cache disk storage upgrade
Methods and systems for detecting and preventing the spread of malware on instant messaging (IM) networks by using fictitious buddies
Cache circuitry, data processing apparatus and method for handling write access requests
Buffering packets destined for a mobile device while the mobile device moves from one network to another network to prevent handoff packet loss
Method of exchanging user messages among interactive disk players
Managing multiple sessions for a user of a portal
Executing scatter operation to parallel computer nodes by repeatedly broadcasting content of send buffer partition corresponding to each node upon bitwise OR operation
Secure safe sender list
System and method for emailing and chatting
Integrated vehicular sensor and messaging system and method
Information appliance and access control method
Information processing device for obtaining high-quality content
Method and system for monitoring the performance of a distributed application
Electronic data capture and verification
Content data storage
Method and system of database divisional management for parallel database system
Relationship management in a data abstraction model
System and method for generating various simulation conditions for simulation analysis
Method of estimating the signal delay in a VLSI circuit
Automatic placement of decoupling capacitors
Toggle equivalence preserving logic synthesis
Profile database and method for preparing profile
Method and system for designing a power converter
Peripheral device control method, control program, and apparatus therefor
Method and system for configurable drain mechanism in two-way handshake system
Method of zoom and fade transitioning between layers of information screens
Display device, display method, and program
Method and system applying policy on screened files
Systems and methods for discovering frequently accessed subtrees
Bridge manager tool for problem management
Information retrieval
Document use tracking system, method, computer readable medium, and computer data signal
Image forming apparatus
Method and system for parallel vector data processing of vector data having a number of data elements including a defined first bit-length
Apparatus for hybrid multiplier in GF(2.sup.m) and method thereof
System for delivering media
Methods and apparatus for accelerating secure session processing
Condition bits for controlling branch processing
Device driver updating method and program, information processing apparatus and server apparatus using the same, and storage for storing device driver updating program
Gear cutting simulation method, gear cutting simulation program, and gear cutting simulation device
Machine-readable symbols
Data block offset encoding method for coordinates
Nonvolatile memory card adaptable to plural specifications
Creation and placement of two-dimensional barcode stamps on printed documents for storing authentication information
Parking assist device
Data-transceiving equipment, image processor, and image-processing method
Multiscale sharpening and smoothing with wavelets
Image subtraction of illumination artifacts
Method for secure diagnostic screening, servicing, treatment, and compliance monitoring for sleep apnea in truck drivers
Customized sales software and implementation
Simultaneous optimal auctions using augmented lagrangian and surrogate optimization
System and method for allocating mortgage repayment funds
System and method for ETF investing
Device and method for receiving or dispensing bank notes
Dynamic guidance for close-in maneuvering air combat
Illuminated license plate holder
Method and apparatus of voice mixing for conferencing amongst diverse networks
Optical disk device
Method for test mounting a head stack assembly cartridge
Bracket assembly for disk drive
Cord organizing system for hair shears
Integrated digital circuit and a method for operating a digital circuit
Performing multiple Reed-Solomon (RS) software error correction coding (ECC) Galois field computations simultaneously
Telephone and telephone accessory signal generator and methods and devices using the same
Method and apparatus for reducing antenna correlation
Power consumption reduction techniques for an RF receiver implementing a mixing DAC architecture
Charge pump circuit having switches
Receiver architectures utilizing coarse analog tuning and associated methods
Communications network for a metropolitan area
Cell search method and mobile communication terminal
Radar detection apparatus and method thereof
Method and system for controlling transmission power of a downlink signaling channel based on enhanced uplink transmission failure statistics
Millimeter-wave-band radio communication method in which both a modulated signal and an unmodulated carrier are transmitted to a system with a receiver having plural receiving circuits
Gaming machine having reduced-read software authentication
Mobile terminal device including an elevating keyboard mechanism
Mobile camera phone with adjustable focal length
Methods and apparatus of over-the-air programming of a wireless unit
Remotely configurable wireless intercom system for an establishment
Speech communication system and talker right reservation method
Recording medium, and method and apparatus of reproducing data recorded on the same
Method for recording service data depending on service type in digital TV complex machine
Electronic imaging apparatus
Hard disk recorder
Method and apparatus for reproducing data using management data
Data recording method and apparatus, data recording medium, and data reproducing method and apparatus
Communicating ancillary information associated with a plurality of audio/video programs
Systems and methods for service provisioning of multiple dwelling units
Television tuner
Mobile communication system in which communication resources are allocated based on traffic congestion
Method and apparatus for client control of wireless communications
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Doped polymer sheeting for covering hotbeds and greenhouses and method of fabrication of such
OP-3 induced morphogenesis
Defined serumfree medical solution for ophthalmology
Iodopropargylamine compounds, and industrial antimicrobial and antifungal agents, algicides, and antifouling agents containing the same
N-acetyl AVG and its use as an ethylene biosynthesis inhibitor
Derivatized oligonucleotides having improved uptake and other properties
Fungicidal compositions
Heterocyclic benzoyl intermediates for herbicidal compounds
Aryl-substituted pyrimidines as insecticidal and acaricidal agents
Pyrimidyl phenyl and benzyl ethers, process and intermediate products for their production and their use as herbicide
1,2,3-benzothiadiazole derivatives
Stable 3-isothiazolone compositions
Sulphonylaminocarbonyltriazolinones having halogenoalkylthio substituents
Silicone compositions
Furfurylthioalkanes, a process for their preparation and their use
Use of a combination of an anti-smoking composition and a dietary composition in smoking cessation
Method for preparation of purified glycerides, and, products
Bioerodible polymeric semi-interpenetrating network alloys and internal fixation devices made therefrom
Method of improving outcome of cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
Use of carboxylic acids having a sulphur function for promoting skin exfoliation or stimulating epidermal regeneration
N-(aryl/heteroaryl/alkylacetyl) amino acid amides, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Silver ion chromatography of high purity conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
2,3-epoxy alcohols, acids and derivatives as anti retroviral chemotherapeutic agents
Pyrrolidine and piperidine derivatives and treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Use of efaroxan for producing medicine for treating huntington 's disease
Compositions and methods for treating bone deficit conditions
Combined antagonist compositions
Opiate receptor antagonist modulates movement disorder
Isoquinoline derivatives and drugs
Memory enhancement by the administration of .DELTA.5-androstene-3.beta.-ol-7,17-dione and 3.beta. esters thereof
Non-preserved topical corticosteroid for treatment of dry eye, filamentary keratitis, and delayed tear clearance (or turnover)
Method of treating angiogenesis in tumor tissue
Polyholoside compositions for stimulating the immune system
Enhancing the bioavailability of proteolytically labile therapeutic agents
Methods for treating prostate cancer with LHRH-R antagonists
Therapeutic uses of BPI protein products in BPI-deficient humans
Drug for recovering renal function
Method and composition for the treatment of diabetes
Laminin 5 and the formation of basement membrane structure
Ethylene glycol esters as photoactive agents
Choline compositions and uses thereof
Method for augmenting the inotropic effects of .beta.-adrenergic agonists using pyruvate therapy
Blocking induction of tetrahydrobioterin to block induction of nitric oxide synthesis
Pharmaceutical composition useful for nucleic acid transfection, and use thereof
Stabilized injectable pharmaceutical compositions containing taxoid anti-neoplastic agents
1,2,4-benzotriazine oxides formulations
Terminally-branched polymeric linkers and polymeric conjugates containing the same
Polydentate imines and their metal complexes
Compounds with analgesic effect
Washing and/or conditioning composition for keratinous materials based on a silicone containing a hydroxyacylamino functional group and on substantive polymers
Optically clear shampoo compositions containing aminofunctional silicone microemulsions
Detergent cosmetic compositions and use
Methods and kits for treating vulvovaginal candidiasis with miconazole nitrate
Injection-moldable composition and article of manufacture comprising same
Synthetic transfection vectors
Cisapride extended release
Compositions comprising polyquaterniums in combination with polymeric biguanides for disinfecting contact lenses
Water-degradable flushable film of polyolefin and poly(ethylene oxide) and personal care article therewith
Preparation of cross-linked 2-dimensional polymers with sidedness from .alpha.,.beta.-lactones
Method of producing material for purification of physiological liquids of organism
Performing Operations; Transporting
Demulsification of oil and water emulsions
Process for producing a solvent-less O/W type emulsion
Lithographic mask design and synthesis of diverse probes on a substrate
Single phase metal-alumina materials including alkali metals made from heteromatallic alkoxides
Process for the polymerization of alpha olefins using a new aluminophosphate support
Silver catalyst for production of ethylene oxide, method for production thereof, and method for production of ethylene oxide
Process for the preparation of supported, non-pyrophoric, skeleton catalysts of polar surface
NU-85 zeolite catalyst and a process for improving the pour point of feeds containing paraffins
Methods for making catalysts
Preparation of supported catalyst using trialkylaluminum-metallocene contact products
Olefin polymerization catalyst based on metallocene complexes and perfluorinated oligoaryl derivatives of aluminates
Heteroarylic-arylic diphosphines as chiral ligands
Transition-metal complexes used as activators for peroxy compounds
Production process for pyromellitic dianhydride
Open-celled porous sintered products and their production
Method for mounting wafer frame at back side grinding (BSG) tool
Granule for a thermoplastic end product comprising a mineral and/or a colorant pigment system
Wettable polypropylene composition and related method of manufacture
Honeycomb dip resin
Preparation of polyindanebisphenols and polymers derived therefrom
Polymers, and novel compositions and films therefrom
Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet for sticker and method of manufacturing same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Titanium oxide and resin composition
Ultralow-loss silica glass and optical fibers using the same
Method for removing a thin film for a window glass
Cementing slurry and method of designing a formulation
Phosphomagnesium cement compound comprising a polymer in particle form
Method for oxygenating oxide superconductive materials
Intermediates for the preparation of iodinated contrast agents
Method of preparing amino carboxylic acids
Substituted gamma aminobutyric acids as pharmaceutical agents
Highly polymerizable N-vinlycarboxylic acid amide and production process thereof
Phenylpyridyl compounds for inhibiting phosphodiesterase IV and methods of using same
3-{N-[2-(N',N'-dimethylamino ethoxy)ethyl]-N-methylamino}propionamide for the production of polyurethanes
Ortho-substituted benzoylguanidines, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament comprising them
Arylsulfonanilide derivatives
Arylsulfonylamino hydroxamic acid derivatives
(Disulfonyl diazomethane compounds)
Therapeutic substituted guanidines
Arylsecocholadiene derivatives
Polyoxyalkylene surfactants
Process for the codimerization of polyunsaturated fatty substances and olefins
Process for the preparation of 2-halomethyl-penems and their use for the preparation of antibacterial penems
Process for the preparation of highly chromatic perylene pigments
Method of producing 4-hydroxy-2-pyrrolidinone and method of purifying the same
Aromatic maleimides and methods of using the same
Process for producing and method of crystallizing 2-azabicyclo(2.2.1)hept-5-en-3-one
Piperazinyl-cyclohexanes and cyclohexenes
Benzo[3,4]cyclobuta[1,2-c]pyrrole compounds
Process for preparing pharmaceutically active compounds and intermediates thereof
Sulfonamide inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Stable non-hygroscopic crystalline form of N-[N-[N-4-(piperidin-4-yl)butanoyl)-N-ethylglycyl] aspartyl]-L-.beta.-cyclohexyl alanine amide
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
Stabilized polyolefins
Estrogen agonists/antagonists
Bridged bis-4,5-dihydroxyimidazolidin-2-ones, n-methylolated derivatives thereof, their preparation and crosslinking textiles therewith
Process for preparaing (E)-methyl 2-[2-(6-(2-cyanophenoxy)-pyrimidin-4-yloxy)phenyl]-3-methoxypropenoate in the absence of copper(salt) and of N,N-dimethylformamide
Metalloproteinase inhibitors and intermediates useful for their preparation
2,3-diketopiperazine derivatives or their salts
Method for making contact lenses having UV absorbing properties
Process for preparing heterocycles
Method for hydrogenating compounds from the group of imines or enamines
Soluble prodrugs of paclitaxel
Benzopyran derivatives
Manufacture of polyene aldehydes
Irreversible bicyclic inhibitors of tyrosine kinases
Composition of tris-pyrrolidonyl triazine and polyfunctional active H-containing material
Benzoheterocyclic distamycin derivatives, process for preparing them, and their use as antitumor and antiviral agents
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Indan-1-ol compounds
Chroman derivatives
Method and compositions for the synthesis of BCH-189 and related compounds
1,3,4-thiadiazoles and 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles as .alpha..sub.v .beta..sub.3 antagonists
Inhibitors of glycogen synthase 3 kinase
Process for the preparation of acylated hexaazaisowurtzitane derivatives
Piperazinyl pyrimidine dione compounds selective for adrenoceptors
Heterocycles as antimicrobial agents
Triazoles as therapeutic agents for fungal infections
Binuclear platinum complexes, method for preparing same and pharmaceutical compositions containing said complexes
Bimetallic complexes and polymerization catalysts therefrom
Fragrance releasing olefinic silanes
Overbased metal-containing detergents
Modified ether glyceroglycolipids
Nucleoside derivatives with photolabile protective groups
5'-O-acylated antiviral nucleosides
Relating to mutagenesis of nucleic acids
General process for the preparation of cyclic oligonucleotides
Composition and method for treatment of CMV infections
Methoxyethoxy oligonucleotides for modulation of protein kinase C expression
Dehydrodidemnin B
Crystallizable compositions comprising a hepatitis C virus NS3 protease domain/NS4A complex
Analog of haemophilus Hin47 with reduced protease activity
DNA methylation gene from plants
Biologically active peptides from functional domains of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein and uses thereof
Isolated nuclear matrix targeting peptide
Isolated tumor rejection antigen precursor MAGE-10 and compositions containing it
Use of the cytokine IP-10 as an anti-tumor agent
Dipeptide caspase inhibitors and the use thereof
Biologically active peptides and compositions, their use
Contryphan peptides
Conformationally constrained LH-RH analogues, their uses and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Kit for detecting analyte indicative of type II collagen resorption in vivo
Process for making a cyclodextrin
Protected multi-functionalized star polymers and processes for making the same
Propylenic resin and blow molded article made therefrom
Polyethylenes containing a unique distribution of short chain branching
Preactivated catalyst for olefin (CO)polymer, catalyst for olefin (CO)polymerization, olefin (CO)polymer composition, and process for producing the same
UV curable high index vinyl esters
Photopolymerizable composition
Thermoplastic copolymer and process for the production thereof
Tetrafluoroethylene and n-alkyl-trifluorovinyl ether copolymer compositions having discreet elastomeric and crystalline sections
Hydroxy-functional acrylic resins having low residual allyl monomer content
Graft copolymer particles and thermoplastic resin compositions
Method for block polymer synthesis by controlled radical polymerisation
Process for the preparation of block copolymers
Process for the production of elastomer-modified thermoplastics
Extraction of metal residues from polymer cements
Process for forming carbonates of hydroxyaromatic compounds
Polyurethane resins
Method of producing isocyanate-modified latex polymer
Fluoropolymers and coating compositions
Chip resistant, vibration damping coatings for vehicles
Thiol-cured epoxy composition
Onium borates/borates of organometallic complexes and cationic initiation of polymerization therewith
Regio-regular copolymer and methods of forming same
Control of polymerization kinetics and rate of polymer precipitation as a means of controlling the aggregation and morphology in conductive polymers and precursors thereof
Rheology modification of precursor solutions
Soil release oligoesters
Cholesteric liquid-crystal polymers with increased weather stability
Transparent conducting polymers
Polysiloxane containing tertiary amine groups and method of preparing the same
Fire-resistant composition for use as a wood-replacement material
Primer composition for polyvinyl chloride
Process for the preparation of polymer particles
Fire barrier material
Glass long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin form having conductivity and manufacturing method thereof
Performance carbon blacks
Curable polymethylsiloxane composition
Flame-retardant thermoplastic polyamide molding composition and article molded therefrom
Retroreflective adherent particles and their use
High modulus belt composition and belts made therewith
Thermoplastic polymer alloy compositions and in-line compounding process for direct sheet extrusion of sheets prepared from the thermoplastic polymer alloy compositions
Semicrystalline polymer blend compositions with enhanced interspherulitic and interlamellar strength
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Thermoplastic silicone vulcanizates prepared by condensation cure
Styrene-based resin compositions and molded articles thereof
Data and cockpit voice recorder enclosure
Elastomeric-modified phenolic rosin resins
Melt-stable pigmented polycarbonate molding composition
Aqueous polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion composition and use thereof
Oligomer azo colorants
Monoazo metal compound, composition thereof, charge control agent, toner and powdery paint
Hot melt ink
Aqueous composition for plasticizing paint prior to strip
Flame inhibitor composition and method of application
Low density fire barrier material and method of making
Fluorinated water-and oil-repellent agents with improved freeze-thaw stability
Drilling compositions and methods
Pouched ingredients for preparing greases
Lubricating oil compositions
Bacteriostatic compositions and use in metal working fluids
Acidic liquid toilet bowl cleaner
Water-softening and detergent compositions
Terpene based aqueous cleaning gel for sporting equipment
Storage stabilized 1,2-dichloroethylene compositions
Polycationic oligomers
Polynucleotides encoding human uridine diphosphate galactose-4-epimerase
cDNA encoding nucleoside transporter
Method of forming phosphosilicate glass having a high wet-etch rate
Liquid phase deposition method for growing a titanium dioxide on a gallium arsenide substrate
Textiles; Paper
Technical fabrics for airbags
Sticker, method of producing the same, and sticker printing method
Radiation-attenuating sheet material
Method of making MOSFET with ultra-thin gate oxide
Method for fabricating a dual material gate of a short channel field effect transistor
Method for fabricating an oxynitride layer having anti-reflective properties and low leakage current
High density plasma passivation layer and method of application
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Process for the production of a semiconductor device having better interface adhesion between dielectric layers
Method of using a compliant process cassette
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew