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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Anhydrous ammonia metering manifold with variable orifice distribution assembly
Molecular marker associated with CMV resistance and use thereof
Defensin polynucleotides and methods of use
Elevationally-adjustable pet feeding and water bowl holders
Bird decoy
Active compound combinations
Synergistic pesticidal compositions and related methods
Compositions for delivering highly water soluble drugs
Sterol ester powder
Bra dressing assist device
Glove with interior grasping element for inversion
Shoe with support system
Air jet hair rollers
Holster clip for a concealed item
Cosmetic fluid dispenser with container controlled wand positioning
Color-changing cosmetic instrument
Rotating toothbrush
Modular rack assembly
Systems and methods for infant stabilization
Refrigerated display cabinet
Magnetic pot rack
Device to dress socks on and off
Display device
Device for preparing a beverage
Pod disposal system
Grease shield smoke assembly
Surgical access assembly and method of use therefor
Clamp for male circumcision and related method of use
Low pain penetrating member
Apparatus for hanging drop detection of epidural space penetration
Fluid sealant compositions and various medical applications pertaining to the same
Treatment of cellulite and adipose tissue with mid-infrared radiation
Diagnostic method and system for detecting early age macular degeneration, maculopathies and cystoid macular edema post cataract surgery
Portable system and method for monitoring of a heart and other body functions
CT system and method for phase-contrast and absorption imaging
Method for providing a 3D X-ray image dataset of a patient's heart
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Method for quantifying drug delivery using contrast-enhanced ultrasound
Multi-purpose dental bib
Ceramic-based injectable implants which are used to fill wrinkles, cutaneous depressions and scars, and preparation method thereof
Method for producing tampon and apparatus for producing tampon
Body canal contacting means for body fluid flow control methods and devices
Radially expandable stent
Breast implant with analyte sensors responsive to external power source
Breast implant with covering, analyte sensors and internal power source
Polymer-bioceramic composite medical devices with bioceramic particles having grafted polymers
Method for surgical treatment of occlusive disease
Wrinkle-removing tape
Systems, devices, and methods including a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control
Exo-S-mecamylamine formulation and use in treatment
Treating metabolic syndrome with fenofibrate
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Nutritional formulation for promoting catch-up growth
Methods and devices for providing prolonged drug therapy
Formulations of indol-3-yl-2-oxoacetamide compounds
Non-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin triple combination therapy
Treatment of length dependent neuropathy
Cell differentiation inducer
Compositions and methods of treating neoplasia
Method, composition and kit for antigenic binding of norwalk-like viruses
Isolated mesenchymal progenitor cells and extracellular matrix produced thereby
Composition for promoting lipolysis
Bifunctional analgesic compounds for opioid receptor agonists and neurokinin-1 receptor antagonists
Exendins and exendin agonist analogs to regulate gastrointestinal motility
Methods and compositions for control of fetal growth via modulation of relaxin
Liquid, aqueous pharmaceutical compositions of factor VII polypeptides
Vaccine for Shigella
Tumor cells with increased immunogenicity and uses therfor
Curable composition and cured product for dental use
Dental compositions including a thermally labile component, and the use thereof
Methioninase inhibitor and composition and food or drink containing the same
Cosmetic compositions containing substituted azole and methods for alleviating the signs of photoaged skin
Structured aqueous surfactant systems
Delivery system having stabilized ascorbic acid and other actives
Antiperspirant compositions
Granulated material mixture comprising two different granulated materials for artificial callus distraction
Medical instrument sterilization system and method
Air freshener canister with pull top
Aerosolization device
Expandable device for independently inflating, deflating, supplying contrast media to and monitoring up to two balloon catheters for angioplasty
Method and apparatus for delivering an agent to a kidney
Easily disinfected bulb-syringe
One piece sealing reservoir for an insulin infusion pump
Optimizing intensity maps for plural orientations using segmented radiation fields
Method of making harmful material remediating agent and for using the same
Exercise equipment
Via ferrata safety system
Polyurea and polyurethane compositions for golf equipment
Toy with locating feature
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reversible sorbent for warm CO2 capture by pressure swing adsorption
Fluid mixer with internal vortex
Metal oxide particle, production process thereof and exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Process and reactor for dehydration of propanol to propylene
Atomizing nozzle assembly for pneumatically operated cleaning equipment
Laser protection arrangement with safety cutoff
Image forming method, image forming apparatus and toner image pattern
Vehicle abnormality detection method and device thereof and sensor unit thereof
Method for experimenting engine controls parts
Method and apparatus for adjusting and stabilizing a wave generator traveling through a body of water
Inflatable, floatable, modular furniture system
Anti-theft ring assembly and method of using the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon-containing refractory composition containing no resinous binder
Method for obtaining an aminoindan mesylate derivative
Method for producing isocyanates
Catalysts comprising a combination of oxidized metals and a method for cleaving phenylalkyl hydroperoxides using the catalysts
System and process for production of fatty acids and wax alternatives from triglycerides
System and process for production of liquid product from light gas
Process for preparing (meth)acrylic esters of N-hydroxyalkylated imidazoles
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Bicyclic amides as kinase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of .epsilon.-alkoxycarbonyllysines and their analogues
Glyceryl ether compounds and their use
Macrocyclic picolinamides as fungicides
Hydrazide compounds and thrombopoietin receptor activators
1,2,3-triazole bound borane compounds, synthesis of, and use in reduction reactions
Halogen-free flame retardant compositions, thermoplastic compositions comprising the same and methods of producing the compositions
Tumor suppressor gene, p28ING5
Monocyte-derived nucleic acids and related compositions and methods
Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
Paricalcitol intermediates
Water-in-oil emulsions with ethylene oxide groups, compositions, and methods
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane based imprint materials and imprint process using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane based imprint materials
Mixed polycycloaliphatic amines (MPCA) and MPCA alkylates
Hydrophobic silica particles and methods of making same
Cyanate-based, carbon-dioxide-filled structured foams and method for their production
Two component curable compositions
Adhesive of epoxy compound, epoxy-reactive monomer and tri- and tetra-functional acrylate accelerators
Isoindoline pigments
Red-luminescent ink jet printing compositions and methods for improved waterfastness
Colloidal dispersion of calcium phosphate platelets, and its process of preparation
Continuous production process for ethyl esters (biodiesel)
Methods for rapid identification and quantitation of nucleic acid variants
Antibody modulating the differentiation and function of dendritic cells via binding intercellular adhesion molecule-1 and use thereof
Method for detection of microorganism and kit for detection of microorganism
PCR hot start by magnesium sequestration
Method of determining a chemotherapeutic regimen by assaying gene expression in primary tumors
Textiles; Paper
High-temperature and fire-resistant fabric and a method of manufacturing thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Torque delivery
Fuel supply system and method for supplying fuel
Power generation systems and methods
Integrated lamp and heater assembly
Guided fuse with variable incidence panels
Multiple beam source for a multi-beam interferometer and multi-beam interferometer
Image forming apparatus including position detector
Method and system for operating a display device
Device for transferring light signals between two elements relatively movable to one another
Spectrometric metrology of workpieces using a permanent window as a spectral reference
Superconducting source for tunable coherent terahertz radiation
Chitin-based cantilever bimorphs and readout devices
Removal of mercuric chloride crystals from fixed tissues
Protein switches incorporating cytochrome C.sub.3 in monolayers and method for producing same
Method of identifying compounds that bind BAFF-R
Protein kinase C gamma as a biomarker for neuropsychological and cognitive functions in the central nervous system
Lipid profile as a biomarker for early detection of neurological disorders
Accelerometer with enhanced DC stability
Dual tip test probe assembly
Methods and apparatus for determining a switching history time constant in an integrated circuit device
Projection lamp test device
Apparatus and method for testing a panel of interferometric modulators
Optical fiber coupled antenna current monitor
Wireless radio frequency technique design and method for testing of integrated circuits and wafers
Scalable scan system for system-on-chip design
Multi drive test system for data storage device
Magneto-resistance based topography sensing
Range and azimuth resolution enhancement for real-beam radar
Mobile radiation surveillance network
Positioning and transmitting system
Local positioning system for automated lawn mowers
Methods for positive emission tomography (PET) target image segmentation
Method of magnetizing casing string tubulars for enhanced passive ranging
Control systems for adaptive lens
Focus lens apparatus
Contact microscope using point source illumination
Optical device, optical scanner, and image forming apparatus
Slide arrangement for cable drawer
Waveguide coupling structure
Lens barrel assembly and method
Camera module
Lens module
Layout of liquid crystal display panels and size of mother substrate
Liquid crystal display panel comprising an array glass substrate and an opposing glass substrate with a liquid crystal filler
Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device with double layered reflector in pixel
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Panel for a liquid crystal display and method of forming the same
Liquid crystal display having a pixel region with a source electrode of at least a high-melting-point metal layer
Large pixel multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal display using fringe fields
Liquid crystal display panel
Thin film transistor, method of recovering performance of the same, and liquid crystal display employing the same
Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
Picture-taking lens unit
Image capture unit and image capture device having same
Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus control method, and computer program
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photosensitive resin composition and circuit substrate employing the same
Method of manufacturing wiring circuit board
Image forming apparatus and control method for printing without a margin
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus for counting images formed by the apparatus
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus including a rotary drive transmission mechanism
Image forming apparatus having a voltage change determiner
Developer supply case and image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus having a discharge port facing a section of a transport member without a screw part
Image forming apparatus and image density control method
Fixing device and image forming apparatus with improved mechanism for stably applying oil for fixing
Image forming apparatus
Low friction electrostatographic imaging member
Adaptive controller with mode tracking and parametric estimation for digital power converters
Voltage regulator and method having reduced wakeup-time and increased power efficiency
Low power and high accuracy band gap voltage reference circuit
Determining expected exceeding of maximum allowed power consumption of a mobile electronic device
Device allocation changing method
Dual-mode communication apparatus and power management method thereof
Computer attachable to an undersurface of a desk
Methods and systems for implementing shared disk array management functions
Home power management system
Structure for indicating status of an on-chip power supply system
Transmission device, encoding device and decoding device
DSL diagnosis expert system and method
Dynamically re-classifying data in a shared cache
Method and apparatus for transmitting memory pre-fetch commands on a bus
System and method of imaging a memory module while in functional operation
Providing extended memory protection
Using an index value located on a page table to index page attributes
Methods of operating a portable communications device with enhanced security
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Hardware acceleration of commonality factoring with removable media
Dynamic link width modulation
Processing of spectrometer pile-up events
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Printing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Launching a web site using a passive transponder
System and method for establishing network connection
Edge traversal service dormancy
Database event driven motion systems
Email messages
Method and apparatus for media data transmission
Managing body composition
Managing distributed computers
System and method of instant messaging between wireless devices
Optimal combination of sampled measurements
Apparatus for adjusting use resources of system and method thereof
Restoration for virtual private networks
Method and apparatus for creating a self booting operating system image backup on an external USB hard disk drive that is capable of performing a complete restore to an internal system disk
Runtime instruction decoding modification in a multi-processing array
Document merge
Method, apparatus, processor-readable media and signals for acquiring and presenting acquired multimedia content
Electric power steering device
Constructing a comprehensive summary of an event sequence
Medication recording device
Fast filtering means and filtering and decimation methods
Method and device for a source language to be understood by a listener mastering a target language
Setting checking information collecting method, setting checking information collecting device and recording medium that records setting checking information collecting program
Nodal data normalization
Method and apparatus for exchanging sub-hierarchical structures within a hierarchical file system
Time series pattern generating system and method using historical information
System and method for delivering customized advertisements within interactive communication systems
Technique for determining mask patterns and write patterns
Determining manufacturability of lithographic mask using continuous derivatives characterizing the manufacturability on a continuous scale
Interactive graphical pin assignment
Automated method and apparatus for very early validation of chip power distribution networks in semiconductor chip designs
Structure for testing an operation of integrated circuitry
Structure for data bus bandwidth scheduling in an FBDIMM memory system operating in variable latency mode
System and method for improved placement in custom VLSI circuit design with schematic-driven placement
System and method for automated placement in custom VLSI circuit design with schematic-driven placement
Non-linear, animated, interactive assembly guide and method for controlling production
Atomic layer deposition apparatus
Method for register correction of a processing machine, and a processing machine
Method and system for controlling torque during a vehicle launch condition
Apparatus for and method of establishing digital content right, and computer program product
Portrayal of human information visualization
System method and apparatus for authorizing access
Systems and methods for controlling HDA system capabilities
Executing an overall quantity of data processing within an overall processing period
Low power optical mouse including independent movement detection module
Method and system for browsing large digital multimedia object collections
Predictive algorithm for load balancing data transfers across components
System and article of manufacture for mirroring data at storage locations
Enhanced query performance using fixed length hashing of multidimensional data
Proxy authentication network
Positioning device, method of controlling positioning device, and recording medium
Simulation management within a grid infrastructure
Method and system for reducing instruction storage space for a processor integrated in a network adapter chip
Data dependent instruction decode
System and method for decision of publishing literary work based on reviewer's satisfaction demographic factors
System for atomically updating a plurality of files
Control system configurator and methods with edit selection
Control systems and methods with smart blocks
Program product providing a configuration specification language having clone latch support
Systems and methods for managing shared resources in a computer system
System and program product for porting code utilizing a portable execution environment
Method and apparatus for synchronizing processors in a hardware emulation system
Application execution apparatus and method for managing special threads to notify listeners of resource status changes
Method and system for automated invocation of device functionalities in a network
Apparatus, system, and method for persistent user-level thread
Method and scheduler for performing a scheduling algorithm with minimum resource parameter
Method and system for searching a database of graphical data
Contextual input method
Apparatus and method for optically surveying and/or examining a welding componentry
Method and apparatus for embedding auxiliary information within original data
Method for recognition between a first object and a second object each represented by images
System and method for searching a multimedia database using a pictorial language
Bitmap tracker for visual tracking under very general conditions
System and method for real-time calculating location
Carotid-artery-plaque ultrasound-imaging method and evaluating device
System for improving critical dimension uniformity
Asymmetric score normalization for handwritten word spotting system
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
System and method for image fog scene detection
Method, apparatus, and computer program for image data processing
High speed video action recognition and localization
Visual object identification by computational majority voting
Methods and apparatus for accelerating data parsing
System and method for processing mail
Custom messaging gift card system
Affiliate manipulation system and method
Postal package delivery system
Process and device for conducting electronic transactions
News induced automated electronic securities transactions
System and method for optimizing financial performance generated by marketing investments under budget constraints
Technology portfolio health assessment system and method
Fixed-income system for managing pre-trade activity
Efficient market for financial products
Method and apparatus for updating certificate information between buyers and suppliers
Patient treatment and progress monitor display
Offline optimization pipeline for 3D content in embedded devices
Numerical analysis mesh generation apparatus, numerical analysis mesh generation method, and numerical analysis generation program
Intelligent hardware for detecting color value of an image
Monitoring system
Device for controlling and monitoring sequential subsections of an installation
Method and apparatus for powering remote devices
Door bell with compact profile
Virtual push button switch
Display device
Element substrate and light-emitting device
Image display device with plural light emitting diodes
Energy sensing light emitting diode display
Display, drive circuit of display, and method of driving display
Pixels using associated dots on multiple sides of color components for multi-domain vertical alignment liquid crystal displays
Low-backlight image visibility enhancement method and system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and image pickup apparatus
Speech processing apparatus having a speech synthesis unit that performs speech synthesis while selectively changing recorded-speech-playback and text-to-speech and method
Using non-speech sounds during text-to-speech synthesis
Centralized server obtaining security intelligence knowledge by analyzing VoIP bit-stream
Information record controlling apparatus, information record controlling method, information reproduction controlling apparatus, information reproduction controlling method, information recording medium, information record controlling program, and information reproduction controlling program
Apparatus for measuring magnetic field of microwave-assisted head
Method of manufacturing a hard-disk drive using a bulk eraser
Magnetic read/write device preventing malfunction due to reversal in polarity
Magnetic head
Magnetic tape device and data recording method
Apparatus having switchable servo gains and offsets for optical disk drive and method thereof
Optical disk device and seek method in optical disk device
Optical storage medium, mastering method and apparatus for reading of respective data
Asymmetric sense amplifier
Memory device
Electrical microfilament to circuit interface
Flexible cable with structurally enhanced outer sheath
Ceramic component element and ceramic component and method for the same
Linear pressure switch apparatus and method
Ganged power circuit switches for on-board electrical system in motor vehicles
Film containing conjugated polymer chains and method of producing the same
Organic electroluminescent element and light-emitting device or display device incorporated therewith
Organic EL element array with improved aperture ratio
Lamp with a base at one end
Integrated circuit including a memory apparatus and production method
Method of fabricating semiconductor transistor devices with asymmetric extension and/or halo implants
Flip-chip module and method for the production thereof
Emitter, manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus thereof, electro-optical apparatus and electronic apparatus
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing MEMS device
Spin MOSFET and reconfigurable logic circuit
Method for producing semiconductor device
Gas mixing method realized by back diffusion in a PECVD system with showerhead
Thin film transistor and organic electroluminescence display using the same
Separation method of semiconductor device
Film forming method, plasma film forming apparatus and storage medium
Patterning method for high density pillar structures
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming a single-layer metal conductors with multiple thicknesses
Method of forming contact hole arrays using a hybrid spacer technique
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Interconnections for flip-chip using lead-free solders and having reaction barrier layers
Semiconductor device package with integrated heat spreader
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Adjustible resistor for use in a resistive divider circuit and method for manufacturing
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, electronic device, and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit having an oblique global signal wiring and semiconductor integrated circuit wiring method
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Systems and methods for forming a time-averaged line image
Thin-film transistor with channel layer formed by metal oxide film including indium, and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having hermitically sealed active area and electrodes
Semiconductor device with increased channel length and method for fabricating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuits and interconnect structure for integrated circuits
Solar concentration system
Passively cooled, high concentration photovoltaic solar cell package
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Light-emitting diode light source module
Light emitting device
Bottom emission type organic electroluminescent panel
Triphenylene compounds, method of manufacturing the same and organic electroluminescent devices employing the same
Compound and organic light emitting device
Portable electronic device
Pouch type secondary battery and fabrication method thereof
Pouch type lithium rechargeable battery
Negative active material for a non-aqueous electrolyte battery, and a non-aqueous electrolyte battery comprising the same
Battery cathode, a lithium ion battery using the same and processes for preparation thereof
High voltage methanol fuel cell assembly using proton exchange membranes and base/acid electrolytes
Shielding device for vehicular electronic components
Antenna device, antenna element and antenna module
Planar antenna and manufacturing method thereof
Broadside high-directivity microstrip patch antennas
Electrically small antenna devices, systems, apparatus, and methods
Photo-detecting apparatus and photo-detecting method
Raman amplifier and excitation light source used thereof
Semiconductor device
Power plate for driving at least one robot
Direct current system, method, and apparatus
Power supply having an auxiliary power cell
Induction charger for portable battery-powered devices
Electric machine having a rotary and a linear actuator
Electric drive
Electrical machine with an internally cooled rotor
Inverter circuit and method for operating the inverter circuit
Load drive device and vehicle equipped with the same
Switching power supply circuit
Safe electric braking device for printing presses and method of electrically braking an electric drive in a machine processing printing material
Hybrid vehicle
Wave energy converter
Power circuits for power amplifiers and communication systems using the same
Gain enhanced switched capacitor circuit and method of operation
System and method for a digitally tunable impedance matching network
Fusing apparatus for correcting process variation
Reset signal generating circuit
Low latency flop circuit
Current mode analog-to-digital converter
Apparatus and method for improving turbo code performance in a communication system
Method and system for detecting channels suitable for FM transmission in an integrated FM transmit/receive system
Method and a radio base station in a telecommunications system
Digital broadcasting receiving apparatus
Method and system for measuring IQ path mismatch
Radio frequency power monitor
Communication system and method for filtering and attenuating a signal between an antenna system and a base station
All-optical frequency upconverter and all-optical frequency upconversion method in radio-over-fiber system
Multiple channel audio system supporting data channel replacement
Diversity reception circuit
Information processing apparatus and content registration method, and program
Methods for using a detector to monitor and detect channel occupancy
Allocation of radio resource in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving selected interlace acknowledgement messages in wireless communication systems
Passive optical network system and optical line terminating apparatus
Method and apparatus for keeping track of virtual LAN topology in network of nodes
Method for implementing an open charging (OC) middleware platform and gateway system
Class-based bandwidth allocation and admission control for virtual private networks with differentiated service
Method of transmitting data in a wireless communication system
Header compression in a wireless communication network
System and method for improved data protection in PONs
Methods and arrangements employing digital content items
Secure session keys context
Method for solving high PAPR problem of MCM communication system using unitary transform
Communication system and communication apparatus
Systems and methods for implementing protocol-aware network firewall
Method of limiting bit rate in a telecommunications network
Traffic management for frame relay switched data service
Auto-configuration and discovery of portable telecommunication system
Efficient classification of network packets
System and method for visually creating, editing, manipulating, verifying, and/or animating desired topologies of a mobile ad hoc network and/or for generating mobility-pattern data
Route selection in a communications network using combined values of metrics of different characteristics
Transmission of data packets of different priority levels using pre-emption
Border gateway protocol extended community attribute for layer-2 and layer-3 virtual private networks using 802.1ah-based tunnels
Removal of a packet communication system from a communication path during a communication session
SONET multiplexer card having front panel access to electrical and optical connectors for use in compact enclosure for SONET multiplexer cards
Digital signal processing based de-serializer
Electronic document management program, electronic document management system and electronic document management method
Method and apparatus for certificate roll-over
Mobile phone for checking the presence of an integrated circuit card
Structure and method for conversation like rendering for echo reduction without loss of information
Apparatus, systems and methods for managing incoming and outgoing communication
Voice response system with live agent assisted information selection and machine playback
Method and apparatus for exchange of data objects between network nodes depending on terminal capability
System and method for wireless coupon transactions
Electronic call assistants with shared database
Trunk sparing
Security encoding unit and image forming apparatus including same
Image processing apparatus and method
Methods, systems, and media to enhance image processing in a color reprographic system
Image forming apparatus
Integrated circuit for receiving data
Solid-state image pickup apparatus having effective and non-effective pixel portions, and driving method therefor
Method of intelligently selecting a signal source and associated apparatus
Image reproducing apparatus and control method therefor
Signal compressing apparatus
Methods and systems for picture resampling
Moving picture coding apparatus utilizing a DCT coefficient for performing intra-coding
Pulldown correction for progressive display of audiovisual recordings
Audiovisual information management system
Remote control unit for activating and deactivating means for payment and for displaying payment status
Image pickup apparatus and method for controlling the same
System and computer-readable medium for automatic white balancing
Recording medium, method and apparatus for providing management information
Desense with adaptive control
Hearing device with peripheral identification units
Personal hearing control system and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Portable audio system with changeable functionality
Wireless communication device and method of restraining dispersion of propagation environment index
Method and apparatus to allow hand-off from a macrocell to a femtocell
Method of uplink packet scheduling and supporting thereof in wireless mobile communication system
Wireless methods and devices employing steganography
Dialysis machine having multiple line voltage heater
Light emitting device
High-speed cooking oven with optimized cooking efficiency
Electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Methods of performing gene trapping in bacterial and bacteriophage-derived artificial chromosomes and use thereof
Method for selective engraftment of drug-resistant hematopoietic stem cells
Methods for determining risk of developing alzheimer's disease by detecting mutations in the presenilin 2 (PS-2) gene
Brain resuscitation apparatus and method
Cell preconditioning and cryopresevation medium
Five-membered heterocycles having biphenylsulfonyl substitution, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnostic, and medicament comprising them
Agricultural chemicals formulation for rice paddy field, preparation thereof and the method for scattering the same
Variable release microcapsules
Microcapsule and process for production thereof
Agents, and methods employing them, for the prevention or reduction of tissue adhesion at a wound site
Nitrophenyl-sulphonyl-imidazoles and use thereof for controlling vegetable and animal pests
Herbicidal fatty acid and maleic hydrazide salt compositions
Herbicidal phenoxypropionic acid N-alkyl-N-2-fluorophenyl amide compounds
Method of using emamectin to treat fish parasites
Thermodynamically stable crystal form of 4"-deoxy-4"-epi-methylamino avermectin B1a/B1b benzoic acid salt and processes for its preparation
Herbicidal compositions with acylated aminophenylsulfonylureas
Use of insecticides in pest control
Botanical combinations for treating AIDS and immune-deficient patients to maintain good health and the process for preparing the same
Topical composition for the treatment of head lice and nits and method
Methods for using lactonohydrolases in baking
Coated fiber-reinforced casing based on cellulose hydrate suitable for smoked liver sausage
Food disinfection using ozone
Microfiltration of skim milk for cheese making and whey proteins
Starch-emulsifier composition and method of making
Starchy food-based fine particle fat substitute
Coffee filter pack apparatus and method
Cocoa powder rich in polyphenols, process for producing the same and modified cocoa containing the same
Stain removing chewing gum and confectionery compositions, and methods of making and using the same
Isozyme of autoclavable superoxide dismutase (SOD), a process for the identification and extraction of the SOD in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical compositions
Method of preparing frozen confections
Hydrating beverages and method
Spray chamber and system and method of spray coating solid particles
Enzyme with galactanase activity
Lactational performance of dairy cattle
Method of preparing and handling chopped plant materials
Delivery system for enhanced bioavailability of nutrients and supplements
Use of cellulose microfibrils in dry form in food formulations
Method for treatment of chronic venous insufficiencies using an extract of red vine leaves
Semen taste-enhancement dietary supplement
Method for food extrusion
Edible compositions including particulated gel
Shelf-stable, spreadable maple syrup composition
Protective apparel comprising an energy impact absorbing polymeric material and method for shaping said material
Method of making a composite material orthotic insert for enhanced control and durability
Back and foot care apparatus
Seating products with self powered dynamic massage units
Crib mounted baby soothing device
Multi-layer combination sponge
Vortex particle separator
Fluid connection system for endoscope reprocessing with controlled leakage
Combined specimen cup, lid and detachable handle
Multi-point tissue tension distribution device, a brow and face lift variation, and a method of tissue approximation using the device
Stent for treating pathological body vessels
Orthopedic implant having a porous surface and method of making same
Hard or soft tissue closure
Nested interbody spinal fusion implants
Facet screw and bone allograft intervertebral support and fusion system
Multilayer thermoset polymer matrix and structures made therefrom
Processes and compounds for magnetorelaxometric detection of analytes and their use
Apparatus for suctioning and pumping body fluid from an incision
Mixable combination for generating a suspension of stable microbubbles for ultrasonic imaging
Method for molding dental restorations and related apparatus
Knee strap
Method of stabilizing composite media and media produced thereby
Process for making a soft, strong, absorbent material for use in absorbent articles
Device with hand grip for absorbing liquids, in particular for ear cleaning
Vascular filter system with guidewire and capture mechanism
Vascular embolism prevention device employing filters
Percutaneous stent graft and method for vascular bypass
Two-stage light curable stent and delivery system
Low profile stent
Stent having variable properties and method of its use
Multi-property nitinol by heat treatment
Multi-section stent
Device with a prosthesis implantable in the body of a patient
Expandable stents and method for making same
Accommodating IO-lens eyes
Adapter for an exoprosthetic standard element
Constrained prosthetic knee with rotating bearing
Wrist prosthesis
Golf prosthesis
Apparatus and process for making prosthetic suction sleeve
Foot support device with adjustable forefoot rocker angle
Convertible arm supporting apparatus
Normothermic treatment apparatus
Hard drive vitrectomy cutter
Pacifier cover
Treatment or prevention of prostate cancer with a COX-2 selective inhibiting drug
Method of treatment for cardiovascular complications
Suppression of cyclin kinase 2 activity for prevention and treatment of DNA viral infections
Treating inflammatory diseases of the head and neck with cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Use of inhibitors of cyclooxygenase in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Use for 1,3-propanediol derivatives
Cancer accelerants and phase synchronization methods
Local delivery of therapeutic agents
Method for inhibiting increase of blood sugar level or lowering blood sugar level with a lagerstroemia extract
Mixture of primary fatty acids obtained from sugar cane wax
Compounds and methods for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder
Indole compounds useful for treating bacterial infections
Indole compounds
Process for formulation of antibiotic compounds
Quinuclidine-substituted aryl compounds for treatment of disease
Botanical drug for treatment and prevention of alzhimer's disease
2-{3-[4-(2-t-butyl-6-trifluoromethyl-4-pyrimidinyl)-1- piperazinyl] propylthio}-4-pyrimidinol fumarate
Method of inhibiting neoplastic cells with isoquinoline derivatives
Use of rifamycin derivative for treating mastitis in a domestic animal
Use of salicylic acid for regulating hyperpigmented spots
Substituted styryl benzylsulfones for treating proliferative disorders
Cell-cycle regulatory proteins, and uses related thereto
Compositions comprising D-chiro inositol and lipid lowering compounds and methods of treatment thereof
Inhibition of the carboxyltransferase component of acetyl-CoA carboxylase, and the use of such inhibition in anti-cancer and anti-lipogenic therapies
Oligosaccharide mixtures having antithrombotic activity
Antioxidant activity in SDG metabolites
Polyanhydride linkers for production of drug polymers and drug polymer compositions produced thereby
Methods of using electron active compounds for managing cancer
Hangover treatment
Enhanced submucosal tissue graft constructs
Use of adeno-associated virus (AAV) to deliver genes
Composition and method for alleviating joint pain and stiffness
Immunomodulator, immunomodulator food and immunomodulator feed
Human leukocutye 12-lipoxygenase and its role in the pathogenesis of disease states
Use of granulysin as an antimicrobial agent
Transgene expression systems
Methods for inducing localized vascular development and enhancing the repair of a wound in the mammamian dermis
Gene treatment to enhance feed efficiency and growth rate of livestock
Formulations comprising dehydrated particles of pharma-ceutical agents and process for preparing the same
Formalin-Inactivated human papillomavirus L1 protein vaccine
Receptor specific transepithelial transport of therapeutics
Neuraminidase-supplemented compositions
Composition comprising immunoglobulin
Phospholipase A2 inhibitors as mediators of gene expression
Azo compound for type I pototherapy
Use of protein kinase C inhibitors to enhance the clinical efficacy of oncolytic agents and radiation therapy
Mechanical and pharmacologic therapies to treat cardiac arrest
Kappa agonist compounds, pharmaceutical formulations and method of prevention and treatment of pruritus therewith
Methods for treatment of cognitive and menopausal disorders with D-threo methylphenidate
Combinations comprising VX478, zidovudine and/or 1592U89 for use in the treatment of HIV
Semifluorinated alkanes and the use thereof
Transdermal methotrexate preparations
Modulated release particles for aerosol delivery
Ophthalmic compositions containing galactomannan polymers and borate
Coated active tablet(s)
Method of producing a liquid enriched with plant substances, liquid formed thereby, and products formed therefrom
Prodrugs for antimicrobial amidines
Site specific ligation of proteins to synthetic particles
Biologically active substance-secreting hybrid gel
Compositions and methods for analyte detection
Products and methods for the remineralization and prevention of demineralization of teeth
Interference pigments
Stable pressurized antiperspirant compositions containing dimethylether propellant and a low polarity solvent
Cosmetic composition containing a steroid and a 2-alkylalkanol or an ester thereof
UV blocking and slimming cosmetic composition
Sunscreen compositions and methods and materials for producing the same
Topical carbamazepine formulations and methods of use
Topical composition comprising a cyclic imidocarbonate-based cosmetic bonding agent
Enzyme capable of hydorlyzing plaque, microorganism producing the same, and a composition comprising the same
Anhydrous antiperspirant and deodorant compositions containing solid, encapsulated, d-pantothenate salts
Single serving paraffin treatment system and method
Wipe for objects that are to be placed in a child's mouth
Method for improving integrity of cosmetic films
Dental bleaching gel composition, activator system and method for activating a dental bleaching gel
High efficacy liquid gel product
Heat activated durable conditioning compositions comprising C3 to C5 monosaccharides, and methods for using same
Organic toothpaste containing saponin
Appetite suppressant toothpaste
Sustained release, and comfortable opthalmic composition and method for ocular therapy
Compositions and methods for amelioration of human female sexual dysfunction
Formulations and methods for treatment of mucosal associated conditions with an immune response modifier
Ophthalmic solution comprising glycogen
Once daily pharmaceutical tablet having a unitary core
Process for producing coated preparation and its use
Stable, homogeneous natural product extracts containing polar and apolar fractions
Composition comprising a crystallographically stable, amorphous cephalosporin and processes for the preparation thereof
Granulate with high content of L-carnitine or an alkanoyl L-carnitine
Method and composition of an oral preparation of itraconazole
Stabilized cefuroxime axetil
Biodegradable terephthalate polyester-poly (phosphonate) compositions, articles and methods of using the same
Solid oral dosage forms of valsartan
Block and graft copolymers and methods relating thereto
Cyclosporin compositions and process therefor
Controlled-release sedative-hypnotic compositions and methods related thereto
Solutions for treating contact lenses
Absorbent article composition for sequestering skin irritants
Absorbable .epsilon.-Caprolactone polymers and medical devices
Purifying agent, apparatus and method for forming purifying agent, and purifying method using the agent
Electronic system for tracking and monitoring articles to be sterilized and associated method
Method of using a chemical indicator
Bone cement paste containing an antibiotic
Synthesis of soluble .beta.-sheet forming peptides
Resorbable calcium phosphate-based bio-compound particles and the manufacturing procedure thereof
Headquarter vehicles for chemical biological nuclear defense
Apparatus for deflecting a catheter or lead
Pressure-variable valve device and set-pressure adjusting device for the valve device
Emboli protection system
Sterile docking apparatus and method of use
Electrodes having a continuous, crystalline metal nitride coating and method of use
Steroid derived antibiotics
Method of treatment of liver tumors and pharmaceutical compositions for use therein
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Golf ball compositions comprising saponified polymer and polyamide blends
Performing Operations; Transporting
MIPC column cleaning system and process
Parallel folded filter
Batch-continuous countercurrent mass transfer process
Dual filter for diesel engine
Liquid filter with a drain for residual liquid
Filter, in particular for the lubricating oil of an internal combustion engine
Modular base for a filter cartridge and method of manufacturing therefor
Contaminant collector trap for ion implanter
Steam separator and valve with downward inlet
Air-conditioning air filter
Conically shaped air-oil separator
Method and apparatus for cleaning a gas
Filtering device and cartridges for fluids and gases
Arrangement for removing water vapor from pressurized gases or gas mixtures
Methods for removing sulfur containing compounds and carbon dioxide from gas mixtures
Gamma-ray stabilizer and thermoplastic polymer compound including the said stabilizer
Liquid membrane separation of enantiomers
Self-arranging coating
Quick inverting liquid flocculant
Continuous feed parallel reactor
Apparatus and method for the generation, separation, detection, and recognition of biopolymer fragments
Systems and methods for performing reactions in an unsealed environment
Integrated fuel reformation and thermal management system for solid oxide fuel cell systems
Phenothiazine in prill form and method for making the same
Simplified methods of manufacturing titanium silicate membranes
Separation of hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon containing liquid
Catalyst structure with catalyst support particles forged into substrate surface and method of manufacture
Process for making highly active and selective catalysts for the production of unsaturated nitriles
Vinyl acetate catalyst comprising metallic palladium and gold prepared with potassium aurate
Regeneration procedure for Fischer-Tropsch catalyst
Method for periodically reactivating a copper-containing catalyst material
Combination ion exchange resin bed for the synthesis of bisphenol A
Bimetallic catalyst for ethylene polymerization reactions with uniform component distribution
Stable synthetic material and method for preparing same
Activation of hydrocarbon synthesis catalysts with hydrogen and ammonia
Method for producing recombinant adenovirus
Throat and cone gas injector and gas distribution grid for slurry reactor (CJB-0004)
Method and apparatus for incubation of a liquid reagent and target spots on a microarray substrate
Multiple fluid sample processor and system
Test device and method for colored particle immunoassay
Filtration system for industrial coolants
Analytical apparatus using nebulizer
Coating film, and method and apparatus for producing the same
Method and apparatus for prewetting yarn
Flow diverter and exhaust blower for vibrating screen separator assembly
Method for removing coating bead at wafer flat edge
Method and apparatus for retaining an internal coating during article repair
Pipe pig formed of frozen product
Chemical cleaning process for removing fouling
Process for separation of heavy metals from residues by use of ethylene-diamine-disuccinic acid (edds) complexant
Method of cultivating white-rot fungi on a sugar beet pulp substrate
Honeycomb body with a cross-sectional region which is bordered in the interior, in particular for small engines
Filler material and wax composition for use in investment casting
Pouring device for metallurgic vessels and a method for controlling the quantity of discharge
Atmospheric pressure method of thermally removing binder from porous compacts and binder-free compacts produced thereby
Method for making sintered products and a metal powder composition therefor
Process for preparation of soft magnetic composites and the composites prepared
Porous metal sheet, battery electrode plate composed of porous metal sheet and battery having electrode plate
Device for producing soft solder
Curing of sealants using multiple frequencies of radiation
Wear-resistant iron base alloys
Method of reducing wear in lubricated metal cutting operation
Superabrasive wheel with active bond
Porous grinding stone and method of production thereof
Bio-oil preservatives
Methods for enhancing penetration of wood preservatives
Method for manufacturing laminated-ceramic electronic components
Post extrusion profile processing
Three-dimensional structure transfer method and apparatus
Coupled fluid injection with volume determined by pressure
Extrusion crystallization of an olefin polymer
Polyester compositions and laminates and processes for producing biaxially stretched polyester bottles
Blow molding method for producing pasteurizable containers
Blow molding method for producing pasteurizable containers
Method of manufacturing an optical disk substrate, an apparatus of manufacturing an optical disk and an optical disk substrate
Labels with delayed adhesive activation
Method for fabricating composite pressure vessels and products fabricated by the method
Reinforced composite product and apparatus and method for producing same
Method for producing sections in sandwich structures of fiber composites and sections produced accordingly
Laminate containing a layer composed of polyphenylene sulfide blended with other polymers
Method of forming a multilayer ceramic coating
Durable belt device
Adhesive sheet
Biaxially oriented polyester film and flexible disk
Melt-flowable materials and method of sealing surfaces
Resin composition comprising ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer with good interlayer adhesiveness
High OTR polyolefin films
Aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters
Resin composition, molded product thereof and electroconductive sheet
Resin-coated metal foil
Lithographic printing forms
Method for obtaining a heat sensitive element by spray-coating
Method of arraying self-scanning light-emitting element array chips
Method and device for coating sheets
Method for patterning oriented materials for organic electronic displays and devices
Reversibly thermochromic light-shielding/light-transmitting laminate member
Bis (arylsulfonylaminocarbonylaminobenzoate) compounds and thermosensitive recording materials containing same
Ink jet recording sheet and process for producing it
Ink jet printing paper incorporating amine functional poly(vinyl alcohol)
Apparatus for binding sheet media
Abrasion resistant laminate and process for producing same
Articles of composite structure having appearance of wood
Conjugated diene rubber composition for tire use and tire
Method for forming a combination door and window channel seal
Process for making an elastomer assembly
Beverage container and beverage conveyor lubricated with a coating that is thermally or radiation cured
Resilient mandrel for battery electrode assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the preparation of olivine lithium nickel phosphate composite
Methanol, olefin, and hydrocarbon synthesis process
Production process of material for lithium-ion secondary batteries, material obtained by the process, and batteries
Nanocomposites for high barrier applications
Stable colloidal silica aquasols
Process for producing free hydroxylamine aqueous solution
Manganese vanadium oxide pigments
Liquid dispenser with closed gravity filter and air breathing system
Method and device for the production of pure water
Method and device for capacitative demineralization of liquids which contain ions
Process for physico-chemical treatment of water and installation for embodiment of this process
Process for producing a fresh wiping solution and for treating a used solution and apparatus for carrying out the process
Recovery/removal of metallic elements from waste water using ozone
Method and apparatus for treating leach fields
Biological process for removing phosphorus involving a membrane filter
Process for the treatment of waste water containing ammonia
Water filter cartridge having a proportional flow feeder
Composite material and method of producing the same
Sol-gel matrices for direct colorimetric detection of analytes
Coating composition, and a coated film and glass each having a coating layer comprised thereof
Lithium ion conductive glass-ceramics and electric cells and gas sensors using the same
Cement additive, cement composition and polycarboxylic acid polymer
Low density cellular concrete with accelerators for rapid hardening
Gypsum-based construction material
Oxide magnetic material and chip part
Method of manufacturing dielectric ceramic composition and electronic device containing dielectric layer
Aluminum nitride sintered bodies and semiconductor-producing members including same
Material for ceramic ball and method of manufacturing ceramic ball
Oxide having perovskite structure, barium titanate, and manufacturing method therefor, dielectric ceramic, and ceramic electronic component
Methods of protecting concrete from freeze damage
Fibrous substrate treatment
Method for improving the performance of oxidizable ceramic materials in oxidizing environments
Coated article and method of making
Coating process for plastic bonded explosive
Autoignition material additive
Lower burning rate, reduced hazard, high temperature incendiary
Amine derivative and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Aniline derivatives, liquid-crystal composition containing the same, and liquid-crystal display element
Indane derivatives
5-Arylindane derivatives and ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture containing same
Method of manufacturing methanol
Fluorinated alcohol for manufacturing optical recording medium and optical recording medium using the same
.alpha.-acyl- and .alpha.-heteroatom-substituted benzene acetamide glucokinase activators
Inhibitors of isoprenyl transferase
3-heteroarylidene-2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
5-HT7 receptor antagonists
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Agent and method for coloring fibers
Diester prodrugs of a decahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid
Tetrahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid alkoxyguanidines as integrin antagonists
Heterocyclic cytotoxic agents
Chemical compounds
[4,5]-fused-3,6-disubstituted-pyridazines with sulfur-containing substituents in position three for the treatment of neoplasia
Agarofuan derivatives, their preparation, pharmaceutical composition containing them and their use as medicine
6-(4-arylalkylpiperazin-1-yl) benzodioxane and 6-(4-arylalkylpiperazin-1-yl) chromane derivatives: dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Spiro and dispiro 1,2,4-trioxolane antimalarials
Oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
(Hetero) aryl-sulfonamide derivatives, their preparation and their use as factor XA inhibitors
N-oxides of heterocyclic esters, amides, thioesters, and ketones
Mutual prodrugs of amlodipine and atorvastatin
5-(2-imidazolinylamino)-benzimidazole derivatives, their preparation and their use as .alpha.-adrenoceptor agonists with improved metabolic stability
Phenylindole derivatives as 5-HT2A receptor ligands
Anticancer compounds: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Thiazole compounds as cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors and method of using the same
Water soluble prodrugs of azole compounds
Piperidine compounds
Substance ft-0554 and process for producing the same
Thienopyranecarboxamide derivatives
High activity carbenium-activated polymerization catalysts
Electrolyte for electrochemical device
Phosphonic acid biaryl derivatives as inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP-1B)
Precursors for growth of heterometal-oxide films by MOCVD
Phosphonic acid derivatives as inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP-1B)
6-amino- or 6-hydrazino-sulphonyl-3-quinolynyl-phosphonic acid compounds
Meiosis regulating compounds
Methods, kits and compositions pertaining to linear beacons
Regulatory system for inducible expression of genes with lambdoid promoters
Broad spectrum infectious bursal disease virus vaccine
Nucleic acid respiratory syncytial virus vaccines
Synthetic antigen for the detection of AIDS-related disease
Recombinant constructs and techniques for delivering to eucaryotic cells bacterial proteins that are secreted via type III secretion systems
Immunogenic formulation of OSPC antigen vaccines for the prevention and treatment of lyme disease and recombinant methods for the preparation of such antigens
Method of detecting chlamydia pneumoniae gene using polynucleotides
Anti-bacterial methods and materials
DNA encoding a plasminogen activating protein
PCR-based detection of Rhizoctonia cerealis
B cell receptor associated proteins
Polycystic kidney disease 1 gene and uses thereof
Isolated human transporter cofactor proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter cofactor proteins, and uses thereof
Nucleic acid molecules that encodes human Zven1
Ras association domain containing protein
Growth factor antagonist materials and methods
Immunointeractive antibody
Heat shock transcription factor-binding protein
Methods of increasing body weight in a subject by administering TGF-.alpha.
Variants of vascular endothelial cell growth factor having altered pharmacological properties, and recombinant methods of production
Methods for inhibiting angiogenesis with leukocyte adhesion inhibitor-1 (LAI-1) polypeptides
Human neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor .alpha.6 and .beta.3 nucleic acid
Structure of the ankyrin binding domain of a .alpha.-Na, K-ATPase
Methods for detecting compounds which modulate the activity of an LPA receptor
Human metabotropic glutamate receptors, nucleic acids encoding same and uses thereof
Method for inhibiting CD95-independent apoptosis in AIDS
Ectoparasite saliva proteins and apparatus to collect such proteins
Low oxygen affinity mutant hemoglobins
Method for altering antibody light chain interactions
Room temperature storable immunoglobulin preparation for intravenous injection
Functionalized silicon surfaces
3-substituted pyrrolidines useful as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Antithrombotic compounds
Modified textile and other materials and methods for their preparation
Polysaccharide compositions and uses thereof
Hydrogen response Ziegler-Natta catalyst for narrowing MWD of polyolefin, method of making, method of using, and polyolefins made therewith
Process for preparing polyolefins
Mixed phosphinimine catalyst
Process for producing functional styrene copolymer
Thermosetting compositions containing epoxy-functional polymers prepared using atom transfer radical
High molecular weight, medium density polyethylene
Initiator/hydroxide and initiator/alkoxide complexes, systems comprising the complexes, and polymerized compositions made therewith
Method of controlling molecular weight distributions during a polymerization process
Method for producing saturated polymers and saturated or unsaturated blends
Molding material for plastic lens
Thermoplastically processable polyurethane elastomers having an improved intrinsic color
Fluorochemical composition containing a condensation product of a fluorochemical polyether and a poly-isocyanate to impart stain release properties to a substrate
Sealants containing multimodal polymer blends
Flexible deployable preform
Aqueous dispersion of transparent powder coating material
Thermosetting resin composition
Painting roadway with composition of epoxy, urethane polyacrylate and polyamine
Composition of epoxy resin, chain extender and polymeric toughener with separate base catalyst
Process for producing hydrogenated ring-opening polymerization polymer of cycloolefin
Polyester modified with polyethylene glycol and pentaerythritol
Methods for removing volatile components from polymer solutions
Block copolymers of lactone and lactam, compatabilizing agents, and compatibilized polymer blends
Curable polythiol-cyclopolyene sealant compounds
Functional fusing agent
Release composition
Polyphenylene ether resin concentrates containing organic phosphates
Manufacture of plain bearings
Composite material comprising polyurethane and at least one thermoplastic plastics material, a process for the production thereof and the use thereof in motor vehicles
Coating composition for polyolefin products and polyolefin products coated with such coating composition
Polyester film for imaging media
Method for surface modification of molded article of plastic and method for modifying polymer
Azeotrope-like composition of pentafluoropropane and a perfluorinated fluorocarbon having 5 to 7 carbon atoms or N-methylperfluoromoropholine or N-ethylperfluoromorpholine
Ebonite tape
Scorch inhibitors for bisphenol-cured fluoroelastomers
Asphalt release agent
Polymer/clay nanocomposite having improved gas barrier comprising a clay material with a mixture of two or more organic cations and a process for preparing same
Colorant composition, a polymer nanocomposite comprising the colorant composition and articles produced therefrom
Process for preparing a simulated in situ polyethylene blend
Special visual effect polycarbonate-polyester composition
Conductive polyphenylene ether-polyamide blend
Use of reactive dyes for dyeing hair
Process for the preparation of pigment granules
Liquid colorant and method
Phthalocyanine, process for producing the same and electrophotographic photoreceptor using the same
Pigment colorants for the mass-coloring of synthetic materials
Apparatus for producing carbon blacks
Ink composition for thermal ink jet printer or thermal ink permeation printer
Aqueous stain-blocking coating composition
Self priming high performance environmentally compatible protective coating
Self-sacrifice type metal corrosion inhibitor and a metal corrosion inhibiting method
Agents for unsticking paint, and sedimentation agents
Polyolefin based hot melt adhesive composition
Water based construction adhesive having improved moisture resistance useful for binding two substrates
EB and UV crosslinking of composition layers, and products produced with these layers
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape containing natural rubber latex
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet and process for producing the same
Optical compensatory sheet comprising substrate and optically anisotropic layer
Process for the demercaptanization of petroleum distillates
Process for thermal, and optionally catalytic, upgrading and hydrogenation of hydrocarbons
Nitrogen containing dispersant-viscosity improvers
Fluorinated oil-containing compositions
Oil-in-water emulsion comprising at least one lubricating additive
Apparatus and method for reclaiming waste oil for use as fuel for a diesel engine
Softener active derived from acylated triethanolamine
Apparatus for and method of producing liquid to clean and coat surfaces
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container
Rinse-added fabric conditioning composition based on specific starch and method using same
Cleaning composition useful in semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication
Fabric care method
Use of alkoxylated sugar esters in liquid aqueous softening compositions
Antibacterial cleaning compositions in the form of a tablet
Microemulsion cleaning composition
Detergent tablet
Detergent compositions
Laundry detergent compositions comprising a saccharide gum degrading enzyme
Mutant .alpha.-amylases
Growth stimulation of biological cells and tissue by electromagnetic fields and uses thereof
Oligonucleotides specific for the marORAB operon
Antisense modulation of PTPN2 expression
Compositions and methods for helper-free production of recombinant adeno-associated viruses
System for rapid generation of recombinant baculovirus-based expression vectors for silkworm larvae
Replicating or semi-replicating viral constructs, preparation and uses for gene delivery
Biomaterial derived from follicle basement membranes
Method for regenerating viable and fertile citrus plants by tissue culture from explants
WNT signalling in reproductive organs
Immortalized human keratinocyte cell line
Keratinocyte stem cells
Use of bacteriophages for control of escherichia coli O157
UBCLP and uses thereof
Quiescent cell dipeptidyl peptidase: a novel cytoplasmic serine protease
Testis-specific human SVPH1-8 proteinase
Epoxidation of carbon-carbon double bond with membrane bound peroxygenase
Mannosyl transfer with regeneration of GDP-mannose
Production of chitosan and chitin
DNA encoding the human serine protease EOS
Carbonyl reductase, method for producing said enzyme, DNA encoding said enzyme, and method for producing alcohol using said enzyme
Production of lactate using crabtree negative organisms in varying culture conditions
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase and gene encoding the same enzyme
Bio-assay device
Methods for signal enhancement in optical microorganism sensors
Method for measuring protease activity
Anthrax lethal factor is a MAPK kinase protease
Method for quantitatively determining bicarbonate ion in liquid and dry analysis device
Reagent test strip for analyte determination having hemolyzing agent
Method for synthesizing cDNA
DNA polymerase having ability to reduce innate selective discrimination against fluorescent dye-labeled dideoxynucleotides
Replica amplification of nucleic acid arrays
Preparation method of nucleic acid sample for rare expressed genes and analyzing method using the prepared nucleic acid samples thereby
Analytical element for species-specific detection of nucleic acids
Methods and reagents for combined PCR amplification and hybridization probing
Mutation within the connexin 26 gene responsible for prelingual non-syndromic deafness and method of detection
Oligonucleotides containing pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines for hybridization and mismatch discrimination
Process for pretreating colored aqueous sugar solutions to produce a low colored crystallized sugar
Method to decrease loss of aluminum and magnesium melts
Method of ALNIKO alloy melting
Process for manufacturing thin pipes
Hardened aluminum alloy for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards
Aluminium-lithium alloy
Method of manufacturing a ferritic-martensitic, oxide dispersion strengthened alloy
Method for producing powder metal materials
Bearing for main spindle of machine tool
Resulfurized austenitic stainless steel
Advanced case carburizing secondary hardening steels
Heat resistant austenitic stainless steel
Method of making metal matrix composites
Method for making sheet metal components with textured surfaces
Method for applying coatings on substrates
Method for forming metal oxide film
Method to stabilize a carbon alignment layer for liquid crystal displays
Band gap engineering of amorphous Al-Ga-N alloys
Process of depositing a coating onto a substrate by reactive sputtering
Integrated copper fill process
Sputtering method utilizing an extended plasma region
System and method for coating substrates with improved capacity and uniformity
Post-deposition treatment to enhance properties of Si-O-C low K films
Solution raw material for forming composite oxide type dielectric thin film and dielectric thin film
Thin film deposition apparatus
Method of fabricating capacitors
CVD plasma assisted lower dielectric constant sicoh film
Apparatus for forming strontium-tantalum-oxide thin film
Thin film forming method
Substrate processing apparatus
Chemical vapor deposition system
Apparatus for reduced-pressure epitaxial growth and method of controlling the apparatus
Apparatus and method for forming deposited film
Method to form zirconium oxide and hafnium oxide for high dielectric constant materials
Solution for forming ferroelectric film and method for forming ferroelectric film
Sink roll blade apparatus used in continuous molten metal plating apparatus and method for preventing occurrence of dents
Composition and process for treating surfaces or light metals and their alloys
Thermal barrier coating having a thin, high strength bond coat
Thermal barrier coating system with improved bond coat
Endurance of NiA1 coatings by controlling thermal spray processing variables
Bath for electrolytic reduction of alumina and method therefor
Device for electroplating on translating metal sheets, especially for printed circuits, by closure of an electric circuit between the sheets and a liquid reactant product
Battery container with surface treated steel sheet
Method and apparatus for electroplating
Production of material with improved infrared transmission
Method of preparing a compound semiconductor crystal
Method for preparing preferentially oriented, high temperature superconductors using solution reagents
Silicon wafers having controlled distribution of defects, and methods of preparing the same
Process and apparatus for making oriented crystal layers
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing polyurethane elastomer fibers and fibers produced according to this method
Flat synthetic fiber, method for preparing the same and non-woven fabric prepared using the same
Precursor fiber bundle for manufacture of carbon fiber, manufacturing apparatus and method of manufacturing carbon fiber bundle
Nonwoven fabric for pleated filters, and a production process therefor
Non-woven fiber webs
Method of and an arrangement for continuous thermal treatment of a textile product web, in particular for dye fixing
Agents for treating keratin fibers
Method of printing a polyamide structure, such a method based on an inkjet system and an inkset for such a system
Air press assembly for use in a paper-making machine
Method for smoothening a paper web before coating
Paper manufacturing and processing machine with closed loop control system
Method and apparatus for the treatment of a material web and for control of the behavior of a material web
Sizing composition
Fixed Constructions
Metal roofing shingle stock and method for making it
Electric powered automatic swimming pool cleaning system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Low stress to seal gasket
Multilayer insulation composite
Exhaust gas cooling system
Bottom for a metallurgical vessel with a direct current electric arc device
Method and apparatus for measuring the composition and other properties of thin films utilizing infrared radiation
Corrosion resistant gauge component
On-line sparging sampling and monitoring systems and methods
Method and apparatus for counting submicron sized particles
Multiple capillary electrophoresis devices with detection in capillary output
Method and device for forming angled wells in an electrophoresis gel slab
Gas chromatography oven heaters
Liquid chromatograph
Thin-layer chromatography apparatus
System for electrochemical quantitative analysis of analytes within a solid phase and affinity chromatographic test strip
Method for identifying inhibitors of cytokinesis
Method and apparatus for imaging and documenting fingerprints
Diagnostic marker for vascular endothelial injury
Method and apparatus for controlling a stream of liquid test packages in a capsule chemistry analysis system
Ablation enhancement layer
Spectral sensitized silver halide element for electronic filmwriter device
Photothermographic material
Emulsion composition to control film core-set
Portal imaging assembly with laminated neutral density filter and method of use
Portal imaging assembly with asymmetric films and asymmetric screens and method of use
Asymmetric contrast portal imaging assembly and method of use
Asymmetric speed portal imaging assembly and method of use
Charged-particle-beam microlithography masks and methods for manufacturing same
Method of producing phase masks in an automated layout generation for integrated circuits
Photomask frame modification to eliminate process induced critical dimension control variation
Photopolymerizable thermosetting resin compositions
Positive-working photoresist composition
Positive photoresist composition
Resist pattern forming method and film forming method
Apparatus for coating substrates with materials, particularly for lacquering si-wafers
Coating film forming method and coating apparatus
Exposure apparatus and method
Method to self-align a lithographic pattern to a workpiece
Methods of masking and etching a semiconductor substrate, and ion implant lithography methods of processing a semiconductor substrate
Methods for forming line patterns in semiconductor substrates
Method for stripping a photo resist on an aluminum alloy
Image forming method
Electrophotographic photoconductor and electrophotographic apparatus
Non-magnetic one-component developer and developing apparatus using said developer
Toner compositions comprising vinyl resin and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole)
Toner and resin composition for the toner
Magnetic particles and magnetic carrier for electrophotographic developer
3D hanging ornament
Method and apparatus for producing magnetic recording medium having a low heat shrinkage factor
Method of fabricating a memory cell for a static random access memory
Method and apparatus for preparing Bi-213 for human therapeutic use
Conductive powder and making process
Method of manufacturing a rod insulator
Electrical apparatus with dielectric fluid blend of polyalphaolefins and polyol esters or triglycerides
Ni-Fe alloy sputtering target for forming magnetic thin films, magnetic thin film, and method of manufacturing the Ni-Fe alloy sputtering target
Apparatus for forming external electrodes of electronic component, component inserting apparatus, paste coating apparatus, and component conveyer belt
Plasma processing apparatus
System and method for output track unit detection and safe storage tube removal
High temperature process chamber having improved heat endurance
Method and apparatus for conserving energy within a process chamber
Method and apparatus for application of spray adhesive to a leadframe for chip bonding
Use of pulsed grounding source in a plasma reactor
Method of making opto-electronic devices using sacrificial devices
Manufacturing method of a thin film on a substrate
Method for forming copper interconnections in semiconductor component using electroless plating system
Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Ultra-high oxide to photoresist selective etch of high-aspect-ratio openings in a low-pressure, high-density plasma
Spherical shaped semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method to facilitate removal of defects from a substrate
Method of fabricating self-aligned contacts
Method of forming nonvolatile memory device utilizing a hard mask
Method for stabilizing low dielectric constant materials
Anisotropic wet etching method
Low temperature carbon rich oxy-nitride for improved RIE selectivity
Super critical drying of low k materials
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having incorporated therein a high K capacitor dielectric
High pressure reoxidation/anneal of high dielectric constant materials
Cobalt silicide etch process and apparatus
JFET structure and manufacture method for low on-resistance and low voltage application
Gas distribution system for a CVD processing chamber
Fabricating method of semiconductor device
Method to achieve robust solder bump height
Method for improving the electrical isolation between the contact and gate in a self-aligned contact MOSFET device structure
SAC method for embedded DRAM devices
Method for forming self aligned contacts
Apparatus and method for mounting BGA devices
Semiconductor device and fabricating method therefor
Control of buried oxide quality in low dose SIMOX
Method of generating integrated circuit feature layout for improved chemical mechanical polishing
Hydrogen-free contact etch for ferroelectric capacitor formation
Low resistance semiconductor process and structures
Wiring arrangements having electrically conductive cross connections and method for producing same
Expandable interposer for a microelectronic package and method therefor
Method of forming DRAM circuitry
Multi-layered dielectric layer including insulating layer having Si-CH3 bond therein and method for fabricating the same
Method of reducing substrate coupling for chip inductors by creation of dielectric islands by selective EPI deposition
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of forming field effect transistors and integrated circuitry including TiN gate element
Methods of forming compound semiconductor layers using spaced trench arrays and semiconductor substrates formed thereby
Method for fabricating control gate and floating gate of a flash memory cell
Method of making an EEPROM cell with asymmetric thin window
Shallow junction formation
Method of fabricating a nitride read-only-memory cell vertical structure
Method of manufacturing III-nitride semiconductor devices
Selective deposition of amorphous silicon for formation of nickel silicide with smooth interface on N-doped substrate
Semiconductor device manufacturing method for a copper connection
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device using conductive oxide and metal layer to silicide source + drain
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Memory device with surface-channel peripheral transistor
Method of forming polycrystalline semiconductor film
Method of fabricating thin-film transistor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of forming LDMOS device with double N-layering
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor panel
Feed-forward control of an etch processing tool
Process chamber
Semiconductor device having field effect transistors different in thickness of gate electrodes and process of fabrication thereof
Integrated circuit trench device with a dielectric collar stack, and method of forming thereof
Methods for forming memory cell structures
Method for manufacturing fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display device
Integration of an ion implant hard mask structure into a process for fabricating high density memory cells
Field programmable logic arrays with vertical transistors
MRAM sense layer isolation
Method of forming a photoresist pattern using WASOOM
Method of forming dislocation filter in merged SOI and non-SOI chips
Method of fabricating a trench isolation structure having sidewall oxide layers with different thicknesses
Chemical mechanical polishing for forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Method for and device having STI using partial etch trench bottom liner
Process for preparing Cu damascene interconnection
Methods of electrically contacting to conductive plugs, methods of forming contact openings, and methods of forming dynamic random access memory circuitry
Method and apparatus for process control of alignment in dual damascene processes
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having regions of different conductivity types isolated by field oxide
Semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
Package having terminated plating layer and its manufacturing method
Laminated radiation member, power semiconductor apparatus, and method for producing the same
Semiconductor chip bonded to a thermal conductive sheet having a filled through hole for electrical connection
Semiconductor package and fabricating method thereof
Tape design to reduce warpage
High density thin film circuit board and method of production thereof
Method for relieving bond stress in an under-bond-pad resistor
Method of applying an adhesive material to lead fingers of a lead frame
Silicon nitride film, semiconductor device, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Dual damascene process using an oxide liner for a dielectric barrier layer
Process for making integrated circuit structure with thin dielectric between at least local interconnect level and first metal interconnect level
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices with contact studs formed without major polishing defects
Process for making wafers for ion implantation monitoring
Electro-optical transceiver system with controlled lateral leakage and method of making it
Linear pin photodiode
Thin battery and method of manufacturing
Metal-air fuel cell battery system with multiple cells and integrated apparatus for producing power signals with stepped-up voltage levels by selectively discharging the multiple cells
Battery pack, battery charger and an electronic device using a battery pack
Use of lignins in thermoplastics
LiPO3-based coating for collectors
Graphite nanofiber catalyst systems for use in fuel cell electrodes
Fuel cell hybrid flow field humidification zone
Gas-liquid separator for fuel cell system
Fuel cell system having thermally integrated, isothermal co-cleansing subsystem
Active solid polymer electrolyte membrane in solid polymer type fuel cell and process for the production thereof
Power generation in fuel cells using liquid methanol and hydrogen peroxide
Plug-holder strip for batteries and a battery including the strip
Method for manufacturing group III nitride compound semiconductor laser diodes
Method of making wafer having top and bottom emitting vertical-cavity lasers
Method for masking a hole in a substrate during plating
EMI shielding enclosures
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